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100 Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

Problem solution essay topics can be a great way to explore an issue that is affecting our society. By researching and writing about a problem, we can gain a better understanding of the causes and potential solutions. For example, if we look at the issue of poverty, we can explore the causes such as lack of education, lack of access to resources, and lack of economic opportunities. We can then explore potential solutions such as providing access to education, creating job opportunities, and providing resources to those in need. By researching and writing about a problem, we can gain a better understanding of the issue and how to address it.

problem solution essay topics

How to Select problem solution essay topics?

When selecting problem solution essay topics, it is important to consider the scope of the problem and the potential solutions. Consider the audience you are writing for and the impact the topic will have on them. It is also important to consider the resources available to you to research the problem and potential solutions. Additionally, consider the feasibility of the solutions and the potential for success. Finally, consider the relevance of the topic to the current social and political climate. By considering these factors, you can select an appropriate problem solution essay topic that will be interesting and engaging for your audience.

Selecting a topic for a problem solution essay can be challenging. It is important to choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to the audience. 

Additionally, the topic should be one that is not too broad or too narrow. It should also be something that can be researched and discussed in detail. 

When selecting a problem solution essay topic, it is important to consider the audience. What are their interests and needs? Are there any current issues that they may be facing? Knowing the audience can help narrow down the topic selection. 

It is also important to consider the scope of the topic. Is it too broad or too narrow? If the topic is too broad, it can be difficult to research and discuss in detail. On the other hand, if the topic is too narrow, it may not be interesting or relevant to the audience. 

Finally, it is important to consider the resources available for researching the topic. Are there enough sources of information available? Are the sources reliable and up-to-date? Knowing the resources available can help determine if the topic is suitable for a problem solution essay. 

By considering the audience, scope, and resources available, it is possible to select an interesting and relevant problem solution essay topic. With careful consideration and research, a suitable topic can be chosen that will engage the audience and provide an opportunity for meaningful discussion.

Education probem solution Essay Topics 

Education is an important part of our society, and it is essential that we find solutions to the problems that are hindering its progress. In this essay, we will explore the education problem solution essay topics and discuss how these solutions can help improve the quality of education. We will look at topics such as the lack of resources, inadequate teacher training, and the need for better technology in the classroom. We will also discuss how to improve student engagement and how to make sure that all students have access to quality education. 

Finally, we will explore how to make sure that all students have access to the same educational opportunities regardless of their background or financial situation. By exploring these topics, we can create a better educational system for everyone.  

  • Improving Teacher Training
  • Increasing Access to Quality Resources
  • Enhancing Technology in the Classroom
  • Improving Student Engagement
  • Reducing the Cost of Education
  • Improving Educational Outcomes for Low-Income Students
  • Increasing Access to Early Childhood Education
  • Promoting Diversity in Education
  • Improving Access to Higher Education
  • Improving Access to Vocational Training
  • Improving Access to Special Education
  • Improving Access to Mental Health Services
  • Improving School Safety
  • Improving Teacher Retention
  • Improving Parental Involvement
  • Improving Access to Quality Teachers
  • Improving Access to Quality Curriculum
  • Improving Access to Quality Facilities
  • Improving Access to Quality Technology
  • Improving Access to Quality Professional Development

Climate Change and Environmental Issues

  • Global Warming
  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Deforestation
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Soil Erosion
  • Overpopulation
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Degradation of Natural Resources
  • Melting of Polar Ice Caps
  • Spread of Invasive Species
  • Ocean Dead Zones
  • Loss of Freshwater Resources
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Habitat Destruction
  • Desertification
  • Ocean Garbage Patches
  • Climate Change Migration

Government and Politics Essay Topics 

  • The Role of the Media in Politics
  • The Impact of Social Media on Political Engagement
  • The Impact of Political Parties on the Political System
  • The Role of Money in Politics
  • The Role of the Judiciary in Government
  • The Impact of Globalization on Politics
  • The Impact of Technology on Politics
  • The Role of the Military in Politics
  • The Impact of Immigration on Politics
  • The Role of Religion in Politics
  • The Impact of Political Ideologies on Government
  • The Role of the United Nations in Global Politics
  • The Impact of Political Corruption on Government
  • The Impact of Political Campaigns on Elections
  • The Role of the Media in Shaping Public Opinion
  • The Impact of Political Lobbying on Government
  • The Role of Political Parties in the Political System
  • The Impact of Political Ideologies on Society
  • The Impact of Political Extremism on Government
  • The Role of the Supreme Court in Government

Health Issues Essay Topics 

  • Mental Health
  • Heart Disease
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoporosis
  • Nutrition and Diet

Interpersonal Relationships 

  • Family relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Professional relationships
  • Intergenerational relationships
  • Neighborly relationships
  • Teacher-student relationships
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Sibling relationships
  • Colleague relationships
  • Mentor-mentee relationships
  • Customer-business relationships
  • Caregiver-care recipient relationships
  • Peer relationships
  • Intimate relationships

Cultural Issues 

  • Immigration
  • Gender Equality
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Religious Tolerance
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Language Barriers
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Cultural Assimilation
  • Intergenerational Conflict
  • Access to Education
  • Social Media and Technology
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Poverty and Inequality


In conclusion, problem solution essay topics can be a great way to explore a variety of issues and come up with creative solutions. By researching the problem, understanding the root cause, and brainstorming potential solutions, students can develop a comprehensive plan to address the issue. Additionally, problem solution essay topics can help students develop critical thinking skills and gain a better understanding of the world around them. With careful research and thoughtful consideration, problem solution essay topics can be a great way to make a positive impact on the world.

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problem solution essay assignment

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How to Plan & Write IELTS Problem Solution Essays

IELTS problem solution essays are the most challenging essay type for many people. The way they are worded can vary hugely which can make it difficult to understand how you should answer the question.

Generally, you’ll be asked to write about both the problem, or cause, and the solution to a specific issue. Sometimes, however, you will only be required to write about possible solutions.

The 3 essay types:

  • Problem and solution
  • Cause and solution
  • Just the solution

Hence, it’s essential that you analyse the question carefully, which I’ll show you how to do in this lesson. I’m also going to demonstrate step-by-step how to plan and write IELTS problem solution essays.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Identifying IELTS problem solution essays 
  • 6 Common mistakes
  • Essay structure
  • How to plan
  • How to write an introduction
  • How to write main body paragraphs
  • How to write a conclusion

Want  to watch and listen to this lesson?

Click on this video.

Click the links to see lessons on each of these Task 2 essay writing topics. 

Once you understand the process, practice on past questions. Take your time at first and gradually speed up until you can plan and write an essay of at least 250 words in the 40 minutes allowed in the exam.

The Question

Here are two typical IELTS problem solution essay questions. They consist of a statement followed by the question or instruction.

1. One problem faced by almost every large city is traffic congestion.

What do you think the causes are? What solutions can you suggest?

2. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the number of endangered species has increased significantly and we have witnessed more mass extinctions in this period than in any other period of time.

State some reasons for this and provide possible solutions.

These are some examples of different ways in which questions can be phrased. The first half of the questions relate to the problem or cause, the second half to the solution.

What issues does this cause and how can they be addressed?

What are some resulting social problems and how can we deal with them?

What problems arise from this and how can they be tackled?

Why is this? How might it be remedied?

What are the reasons for this, and how can the situation be improved?

Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

And here are a few questions where you only have to write about the solution.

How can this situation be improved?

What solutions can you suggest to deal with this problem?

How can this problem be solved?

What measures could be taken to prevent this?

It’s important that you are able to recognise the common synonyms, words and phrases used in problem solution questions. Here are the key words and their synonyms used in the questions above.

  • Problem  – issues, resulting, situation
  • Cause  – reasons, why
  • Solution  – deal with, addressed, tackled, remedied, improved, measures taken, solved, prevent

Before we move on to some common mistakes, I want to quickly explain the difference between a problem and a cause. Read the following examples.

Problem – I've missed the last bus home after visiting my friend for the evening.

Cause – I misread the timetable and thought the bus left at 22.45 when it actually left at 22.35.

The ‘cause’ is the reason for the ‘problem’.  We’ll be looking at question analysis in more detail in a minute.

6 Common Mistakes

These six errors are common in IELTS problem solution essays.

  • Confusing problem and causes questions.
  • Having too many ideas.
  • Not developing your ideas.
  • Not developing both sides of the argument equally.
  • Not linking the problems and solutions.
  • Not being specific enough.

It is common for an essay to consist of a list of problems and solutions without any of them being expanded on or linked to each other. Sometimes, a student will focus on just the problem or only the solution which leads to an unbalanced essay. Both these issues will result in a low score for task achievement.

You must choose just one or two problems and pick solutions directly linked to them. Explain them and give examples.

Another serious error is to write generally about the topic. You need to be very specific with your ideas. Analysing the question properly is essential to avoiding this mistake. I’ll show you how to do this.

Essay Structure

Now let’s look at a simple structure you can use to write IELTS problem solution essays. It’s not the only possible structure but it’s the one I recommend because it’s easy to learn and will enable you to quickly plan and write a high-level essay.

1)  Introduction

  • Paraphrase the question
  • State 1 key problem/cause and related solution

2)  Main body paragraph 1 – Problem or Cause

  • Topic sentence – state the problem or cause
  • Explanation – give detail explaining the problem or cause
  • Example – give an example

3)  Main body paragraph 2 – Solution

  • Topic sentence – state the solution
  • Explanation – give detail explaining the solution

4)  Conclusion

  • Summarise the key points 

This structure will give us a well-balanced essay with 4 paragraphs.

One Problem/Cause & Solution or Two?

Most questions will state problems, causes and solutions in the plural, that is, more than one. However, it is acceptable to write about just one.

This will give you an essay of just over the minimum 250 words. To write about two problems/causes and solutions will require you to write between 350 and 400 words which are a lot to plan and write in the 40 minutes allowed.

It is better to fully develop one problem/cause and solution than ending up with one idea missing an explanation or an example because you run out of time.

The step-by-step essay structure I’m going to show you includes one problem and solution but you can write about two if you feel able to or more comfortable doing so.

How To Plan IELTS Problem Solution Essays

Here’s the question we’re going to be answering in our model essay followed by the 3 steps of the planning process.

One problem faced by almost every large city is traffic congestion.

What do you think the causes are? What solutions can you sugge st?

  • Analyse the question
  • Generate ideas
  • Identify vocabulary

# 1  Analyse the question

This is an essential step in the planning process and will ensure that you answer the question fully. It’s quick and easy to do. You just need to identify 3 different types of words:

1. Topic words

2.  Other keywords

3.  Instruction words

Topics words are the ones that identify the general subject of the question and will be found in the statement part of the question.

One problem faced by almost every large city is traffic congestion .

So, this question is about ‘ traffic congestion’ .

Many people will do this first step of the process and then write about the topic in general. This is a serious mistake and leads to low marks for task achievement.

What we need to do now that we know the general topic, is to understand exactly what aspect of traffic congestion we're being asked to write about.

The  other keywords  in the question tell you the specific topic you must write about. 

By highlighting these words, it’s easy to see that you are being asked to write about the problem of traffic congestion in large cities. Your essay must only include ideas relevant to these ideas.

The instruction words are the question itself. These tell you the type of IELTS problem solution essay you must write. This is a ‘causes and solutions’ question.

# 2  Generate ideas

The next task is to generate some ideas to write about.

There are several different ways to think up ideas. I cover them fully on the  IELTS Essay Planning  page.

We’re going to use the ‘friends technique’. This is the method I prefer as it allows you to take a step back from the stress of the exam situation and think more calmly.

Here’s how it works. Imagine that you are chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee and they ask you this question. What are the first thoughts to come into your head? Plan your essay around these ideas.

Doing this will help you to come up with simple answers in everyday language rather than straining your brain to think of amazing ideas using high-level language, which isn’t necessary.

You might want to try this yourself before reading on for my ideas.

Here are my ideas:

  • Too many cars on the roads – increasing numbers of people own cars, more convenient than buses & trains
  • Inadequate public transport – crowded, old & dirty
  • Poor road layout
  • Rush hour traffic – most people travel to & from work at the same times each day
  • Car sharing, park-and-ride scheme, congestion charge
  • Improve public transport – more frequent and better quality
  • Improve infrastructure – bus lanes, cycle lanes will make it safer for people to cycle
  • Flexible working hours

For each cause you think of, immediately write down a possible solution. This you will ensure that the problems and solutions you think of are linked.

You don’t need to spend long on this as you only need one or two ideas.

I’ve got more far more ideas here than I need as I spent more time thinking about it that I would in the real exam. I’m going to pick just one cause to develop in the essay and one or two solutions.

My advice on making your selection is to choose ideas you can quickly think of an example to illustrate.

Here are my choices:

Cause  – Too many cars on the roads.  Why? – increasing numbers of people own cars, more convenient than buses & trains

Solution  – Park-and-ride schemes

We’re almost ready to start writing our IELTS problem solution essay but first, we have one more task to do.

# 3  Vocabulary

During the planning stage, quickly jot down some vocabulary that comes to mind as you decide which cause and solution you are going to write about, especially synonyms of key words. This will save you having to stop and think of the right language while you’re writing. For example:

  • traffic jam
  • heavy traffic
  • private transport
  • infrastructure

With that done, we can focus on the first paragraph of the essay – the introduction.

How To Write an Introduction

Good  introductions to IELTS problem solution essays have a simple 2 part structure:

  • State 1 key problem/cause and related solution/s (outline sentence)
  • Have 2-3 sentences
  • Be 40-60 words long
  • Take 5 minutes to write

1)  Paraphrase the question

Start your introduction by paraphrasing the question.

Question: One problem faced by almost every large city is traffic congestion.

                  What do you think the causes are? What solutions can you suggest?

Paraphrased question:  

O ne of the most serious issues facing the majority of large urban areas is traffic jams.  

Note my use of synonyms to replace key words in the question statement. You don’t have to replace every key word but do so where possible whilst ensuring that your language sounds natural.

2)  Outline statement

Now we need to add an  outline statement  where we outline the two main points that we’ll cover in the rest of the essay, that is, the cause and the solution I chose earlier. Here they are again.

Cause  – Too many cars on the roads.  Why? – increasing numbers of people own cars, more convenient than buses & trains

And, this is one way to develop them into an outline sentence.

Outline statement:

The main reason for this is that there are too many private cars on the roads these days and a viable solution is to introduce more park-and-ride schemes.

So, let’s bring the two elements of our introduction together.


problem solution essay assignment

This introduction achieves three important functions:

  • It shows the examiner that you understand the question.
  • It acts as a guide to the examiner as to what your essay is about.
  • It also helps to keep you focused and on track as you write.

The two ideas in your introduction will become your two main body paragraphs.

Main body paragraph 1  –  Too many cars on the roads  

Main body paragraph 2  –  Park-and-ride schemes

How To Write Main Body Paragraphs

Main body paragraphs in IELTS problem solution essays should contain 3 things:

  • Topic sentence – outline the main idea
  • Explanation – explain it and g ive more detail

Main Body Paragraph 1

The  topic sentence  summarises the main idea of the paragraph. That’s all it needs to do so it doesn’t have to be complicated.

It plays an important role in ensuring that your ideas flow logically from one to another. It does this by acting as a signpost for what is to come next, that is, what the paragraph will be about.

If you maintain a clear development of ideas throughout your essay, you will get high marks for task achievement and cohesion and coherence.

We’ll now take the idea for our first main body paragraph and create our topic sentence.

Obviously, we’re going to write about the cause of the problem first.

Main body paragraph 1  –  Too many cars on the roads 

Topic sentence:  

The number of people owning cars increases year on year, with most families now having more than one car. 

Next, we must write an  explanation sentence  that develops the idea.

Explanation sentence: 

Most people like the convenience of travelling at the time they want to rather than being restricted to public transport timetables, so they prefer to drive themselves around rather than taking the bus or train. This is despite the fact that they frequently have to sit in long traffic queues as they near the city centre.

Finally, we add an  example  to support our main point. If you can’t think of a real example, it’s fine to make one up, as long as it’s believable. The examiner isn’t going to check your facts. Alternative, you could add another piece of information to support your idea.

Example sentence:

Whenever I have to attend a meeting in the city, I always drive because it means that I can leave home when I want to rather than getting stressed about getting to the station in time to catch the train.

That’s the 3 parts of our first main body paragraph complete. Here’s the finished paragraph.

problem solution essay assignment

We now follow the same process for our second main body paragraph.

Main Body Paragraph 2

Main idea 2  –   Park-and-ride schemes

First, we write the  topic sentence  to summarise the main idea. 

Topic sentence:

A solution that is proving successful in many areas is park-and-ride schemes.

Now for the  explanation sentence  where we expand on this idea.

Explanation sentence:

This is where you park your car for free in a large car park on the outskirts of the city and take a bus for the final part of your journey. The fee you have to pay for the bus trip is usually very small and this public transport system is generally very regular, running every ten minutes or so.

Finally, an  example  to support this point.

A survey carried out in the city of Exeter showed that the rush hour congestion decreased by 10% when the council set up a park-and-ride scheme to the north of the city. There was an additional drop of another 10% in traffic volume when a second scheme began operating to the south.

That’s the 3 parts of our second main body paragraph complete. Here’s the finished paragraph.

problem solution essay assignment

Now we need a conclusion and our IELTS problem solution essay is done.

How To Write a Conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of the main points in your essay and can generally be done in a single sentence. It should never introduce new ideas.

If you're below the minimum 250 words after you’ve written your conclusion, you can add a prediction or recommendation statement.

Our essay is already over the minimum word limit so we don’t need this extra sentence  but you can learn more about how to write a prediction or recommendation statement for IELTS problem solution essays on the Task 2 Conclusions page.

The conclusion is the easiest sentence in the essay to write but one of the most important.

A good conclusion will:

  • Neatly end the essay
  • Link all your ideas together
  • Sum up your argument or opinion
  • Answer the question

If you achieve this, you’ll improve your score for both task achievement and cohesion and coherence which together make up 50% of the overall marks. Without a conclusion, you’ll score below band 6 for task achievement.

You can start almost any final paragraph of an IELTS problem solution essay with the words:

  • In conclusion


  • To conclude

Now all you need to do is briefly summarise the main ideas into one sentence.

Here’s a top tip . Go back and read the introduction to the essay because this is also a summary of the essay. It outlines what you are going to write about.

To create a good conclusion, you simply have to paraphrase the introduction. 


Here is the same information formed into a conclusion.  I’ve also added a personal statement at the end to link back to one of my example sentences. You don’t have to do this but in this case, I think that it rounds the essay off better.

problem solution essay assignment

That’s it. We’ve completed our essay. Here it is with the 4 paragraphs put together.

Finished IELTS problem solution essay.

problem solution essay assignment

Go through this lesson as many times as you need to in order to fully understand it and put in lots of practice writing IELTS problem solution essays from past exam questions. Practice is the only way to improve your skills.

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Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Table of Contents

Assignments are part of a student’s life. You will have to write many essays, reports, and term papers during your study years – all of which will be graded. Presenting the perfect paper not only earns you better grades but also increases your status in the academic world.

The first step to writing ethical problems and solutions essay is coming up with the perfect topic. This is easier said than done, especially if it is your first time working on such an essay.

How to Select the Best Problem and Solution Essay Topic?

Problem and solution essays focus on fixing issues that plague the society or limit the efficiency of critical issues in your niche. Here are some tips to help you get the right topic to work on.

Stay Relevant to Your Niche

The right topic must be related to your field of study. This will give you the right academic grounding to make informed solution while also proving that you understand the core principles of the course

Avoid Problems That Already Have a Solution

There is no point in working on a problem that has a definitive solution – unless you are going to propose a more efficient solution. Look for problems that still plague the community because they don’t have a solid solution or the existing solution is inefficient to implement.

Choose Something You Can Cover Comprehensively

It takes time to research and write good papers. Going for a topic that you can comprehensively cover at your level of study will make things easier for you. It will also ensure that you present an acceptably comprehensive essay that will earn you high marks.

List of Problem and Solution Essay Topics You Can Work On

Looking for a topic can be time-consuming. This means you can easily miss a delivery date if you spend most of your time looking for a topic rather than writing the paper. You can buy yourself time by using the following list of essay topics in your upcoming assignment.

  • How to prevent social media bullying?
  • What is the best way to deal with depression in the workplace?
  • How can we stop racial profiling and discrimination among the minority in our community?
  • How have social media and text messaging affected face to face relationships?
  • What is the best way to deal with illegal immigration?
  • What are the best ways to deal with issues leading to divorce hence preventing it?
  • What causes teen pregnancy, and what can we do to prevent it?
  • Does college athletics push students too hard?
  • What can we do to make college more affordable?
  • How should college students decide what to major?
  • The role of parents in dealing with peer pressure and emergent behavioral disorders
  • How can parents handle video game addiction among their children better?
  • What is the best way to reduce DUI related accidents and deaths?
  • Is arresting people who violate parole always the answer?
  • How can we solve sexual abuse among students in the US?
  • What is the best solution to gun violence in America?
  • Can electric cars slow down global warming?
  • The role of individuals in controlling water and air pollution
  • Causes of obesity and possible solutions in our community
  • How to manage middle-life high blood pressure complications?
  • How to improve driver education and reduce road accidents in your state?
  • How to take care of the trade deficit and increase the number of exports?
  • Simple ways to encourage people to use public transport and reduce traffic jams
  • What can be done to increase vaccine adoption levels in low-income communities?
  • How to reduce drug and substance abuse overdose and related deaths?
  • How to help students who get pregnant in high school?
  • What can the government do to curb money laundering?
  • Do people abuse bankruptcy files, and what can we do to filter out abusers from genuine bankruptcy applications?
  • What can be done to reduce the impact of misleading fake news on social media and mainstream news platforms?
  • How to solve the sex in advertising concept from changing our youth’s perspective?

10 Interesting Problem and Solution Essay Questions to Handle

In most cases, problems are posed as questions that a scholar or the community seeks to answer. The answer to the question is, in essence, a solution to the issue at hand. If you want your essay to be purely based on questions, here are some that you can turn into topics:

  • What can society do about homeless people?
  • Can individuals help the war against global warming?
  • Can college students manage their funds better?
  • How can we use youth’s love for video games positively?
  • How can parents encourage creativity in their children?
  • Why are people eating less healthy food?
  • How can students increase their concentration in class?
  • Can social media put undue stress on fashion loving students?
  • How can students who study oversees deal with homesickness?
  • Should students pay back their student loans?

20 Easy Problem and Solution Essay Topics

  • Problem: Lack of physical exercise. Solution: Encouraging people to participate in fitness programs.
  • Problem: Poor time management. Solution: Tips for managing time effectively.
  • Problem: High levels of stress. Solution: Techniques for reducing stress.
  • Problem: Cyber harassment . Solution: Strategies for preventing and addressing Cyber harassment.
  • Problem: Inadequate sleep. Solution: Tips for improving sleep hygiene.
  • Problem: Climate change. Solution: Reducing carbon emissions and adopting sustainable practices.
  • Problem: Obesity. Solution: Promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Problem: Overuse of technology. Solution: Setting limits on technology use.
  • Problem: Unemployment. Solution: Creating job opportunities and training programs.
  • Problem: Substance abuse. Solution: Providing access to addiction treatment and support.
  • Problem: Financial debt. Solution: Developing a budget and managing finances effectively.
  • Problem: Academic stress. Solution: Developing study skills and time management strategies.
  • Problem: Bullying in schools. Solution: Implementing anti-bullying policies and educating students on respectful behavior.
  • Problem: Traffic congestion. Solution: Developing public transportation systems and carpooling initiatives.
  • Problem: Homelessness. Solution: Providing affordable housing and support services.
  • Problem: Food insecurity. Solution: Supporting food banks and programs that provide meals for those in need.
  • Problem: Mental health stigma. Solution: Promoting mental health awareness and education.
  • Problem: Lack of civic engagement. Solution: Encouraging community involvement and volunteerism.
  • Problem: Domestic violence. Solution: Providing support services and legal protections for victims.
  • Problem: Inadequate access to healthcare. Solution: Expanding healthcare coverage and improving access to medical services.

20 Problem and Solution Essay Topics for College

  • Problem: Mental health issues among college students. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive counseling and therapy services on campus.
  • Problem: Rising tuition fees. Solution: Implementing more scholarship and financial aid programs.
  • Problem: Student debt. Solution: Providing more financial literacy education and resources for students.
  • Problem: Lack of diversity and inclusion on campus. Solution: Implementing more programs and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Problem: Poor time management skills among college students. Solution: Offering time management workshops and resources for students.
  • Problem: Substance abuse among college students. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive education and support programs for students struggling with addiction.
  • Problem: Academic dishonesty. Solution: Strengthening academic integrity policies and implementing stricter consequences for violations.
  • Problem: Sexual assault on campus. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive education and prevention programs, as well as strengthening policies for reporting and handling incidents of sexual assault.
  • Problem: Lack of resources for students with disabilities. Solution: Investing in more resources and accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Problem: Limited access to healthy food options on campus. Solution: Implementing more healthy food options and education on nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  • Problem: Limited access to mental health resources for students from low-income backgrounds. Solution: Providing more financial aid and resources for low-income students to access mental health services.
  • Problem: Student burnout. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive wellness programs and resources to support students’ mental and physical health.
  • Problem: Limited access to technology and resources for students from underprivileged backgrounds. Solution: Investing in more technology and resources for low-income students to access and use.
  • Problem: Limited opportunities for career development and job placement. Solution: Offering more career counseling and job placement services for students.
  • Problem: Academic stress and anxiety. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive stress management programs and resources for students.
  • Problem: Lack of campus safety and security. Solution: Implementing more comprehensive safety measures, including increased security personnel and emergency response protocols.
  • Problem: Limited access to extracurricular activities and social events. Solution: Offering more diverse and inclusive extracurricular activities and events for students.
  • Problem: Limited access to transportation for off-campus activities. Solution: Providing more transportation options for students, including shuttle services and carpool programs.
  • Problem: Limited access to affordable housing. Solution: Offering more affordable housing options for students, including on-campus housing and partnerships with local landlords.
  • Problem: Limited access to healthcare and medical resources. Solution: Investing in more comprehensive healthcare services on campus, including a health center and partnerships with local hospitals and clinics.

Problem and Solution Essay Ideas to Turn into Topics

Chances that multiple students will land on this page and use one of the topics on our lists for their essays. With time, the topics won’t be as distinctive. You can always come up with your unique topic if you know what areas of interest to look into. If you want something matchless, you can come up with topics along with these schools of thought:

  • Gun violence affecting schools
  • Traffic jams
  • How is automation replacing human workers?
  • How social media and the internet are making parenting harder?
  • Choosing the right career path for the modern job market

Settling for the right topic is the first step to writing an excellent essay. After this, you will have to research, compile the information you get and put it down in a well-formatted paper. This could take up to weeks to finish. Sometimes, it could be impossible if you are busy preparing for exams or have other things to catch up on.

If you are not in a position to finish your essay on time, you can always enlist the services of a hand-picked team of writers. They will get a well-formatted paper ready for you in no time. Visit our pricing page to check out our affordable rates or use our order page to place your request for essay writers service today!

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List of 111 Problem and Solution Essay Topics Has Got You Covered

problem and solution essay topics

If you are struggling to pick your problem and solution essay topic , you are welcome to proceed reading this article, which will not only clarify everything you need to know about this type of essays, but will also provide a categorized list of 111 attention-grabbing and creative topics.

What Is a Problem and Solution Essay?

Writing a problem and solution essay might seem challenging at first, but once you’ve got your topic, you’re golden. The reason is that there are basically only two major things you will need to write about in your problem and solution essay, which makes it so much easier to research information and structure the paper. Problem and solution essay structure and format are quite specific and they are useful to know before you start writing. Let us cover the concepts of problem and solution at first.

Problem is a question that requires solution. Anything that demands settling is a problem, which means you have a whole lot of issues to choose from.

Solution is a process or action that settles the problem. Problem and solution go together like peas and carrots.

  Questions that contain topics for problem and solution essays usually start with “how?”

Problem and Solution Essays Topics List

In this article you will find 10 major categories of topics, which will make it quick and easy for you to decide what type of problem and solution you would like to focus on in your essay. Here is a list of these topic categories:

  • Social issues
  • Crime issues
  • Economic issues
  • Cultural issues
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Political issues
  • Health issues
  • Environment issues
  • For college students

  Below you will find 111 topics for each category that are truly topical and interesting at the moment.

Social Issues

social issues topics

  • How to improve privacy in digital society?
  • How to create a fair and ethical immigration system?
  • How can the issue of racial discrimination be solved in our society?
  • What are the ways of reducing gender pay gap?
  • How can the problem of cyberbullying be solved?
  • How can body shaming issue be solved?
  • What can our society do to reduce the impact of gender roles?
  • How can body positivity movement be prevented from going too far?
  • How to encourage people to adopt children?
  • How can domestic violence be reduced in our society?
  • What are the ways of eliminating domestic violence against elderly?
  • How is it possible to control and regulate teenage pregnancy issue?

Crime Issues

  • How can the issue of gangs be brought under control?
  • How can the increasing problem of mass shootings be solved?
  • What are the solutions to gun violence problem?
  • What are the ways to prevent white collar crime?
  • How can police brutality be eliminated?
  • How is it possible to eliminate the association between poverty and crime?
  • What are the ways to prevent large corporations from polluting the environment?
  • What are the most effective ways of reducing driving under influence (DUI) rates?
  • What are the ways to reduce racial violence?
  • How can the issue of cyber crime be solved?
  • What are the ways to solve real estate fraud problem?
  • How can wrongful imprisonment cases be minimized?

Economic Issues

economic issues topics

  • How can the problem of unemployment be settled in the long run?
  • How can monopolies be brought under control?
  • How can SMEs be promoted by the government and society?
  • How can technologies be used to reduce waste?
  • How can domestic economy be stimulated without limiting imports?
  • How can different types of unemployment be solved?
  • How can the issue of consumer debt be reduced?
  • How can domestic goods and services remain compatible in global markets?
  • What are the ways to control inflation?
  • How can tourism rate be increased?

Cultural Issues

  • How can cultural appropriation be reduced or eliminated?
  • How can cultural diversity be promoted in organizations?
  • How is it possible to increase the number of films that pass Bechdel test?
  • What are possible solutions to consumerism?
  • How can detrimental impact of fast fashion industry on consumerism be reduced?
  • How can the culture of throw-away society be eliminated?
  • How can people learn respect for other cultures?
  • How can the issue of ageism be solved in our culture?
  • What are the ways of encouraging cultural exchange?
  • What are the ways of reducing cultural impact of the ideal body image promoted in the media
  • What are the solutions to cultural issues in managing culturally diverse workforce?

Interpersonal Relationships

  • How can a person go out of abusive relationships?
  • How can trust between children and parents be built?
  • How can people fight racial discrimination on the level of interpersonal relationships in everyday life?
  • How to develop confidence?
  • How can negative effects of social media be reduced in face-to-face communication?
  • How can we as individuals increase technical literacy across all ages?
  • How can we as individuals support the elderly?
  • What are the ways to solve the issue of marital rape?
  • How can the issue of overprotective parents be solved?

Political Issues

political issues topics

  • How can piracy be stopped?
  • How can military threats in the world be reduced through diplomacy?
  • How can the government make education more affordable?
  • How can the government improve the quality of life for the disabled?
  • What are the ways of eliminating child labor?
  • What are legal ways to stop human trafficking?
  • What steps should the government take to solve the issue of immigrant assimilation?
  • How is is possible to increase the number of voters during elections?
  • How can legislation limit the sources of campaign financing for political candidates?

Health Issues

health issues topics

  • How can the issue of obesity be solved?
  • What are the ways of reducing child obesity?
  • How can people be educated about healthy food?
  • How can overconsumption of sugar be reduced?
  • What are the ways to promote physical activity and sports?
  • How can open discussion of mental health issues be encouraged in our society?
  • What are the ways of regulating the risks of increasing rates of cosmetic plastic surgery?
  • What are the ways of solving stress-related health issues?
  • How can the problem of substance abuse be solved?
  • How is it possible to minimize the issue of STDs?
  • What are the ways of reducing the number of tobacco consumption?

Environment Issues

environment issues topics

  • How can green cars solve the issue of air pollution?
  • How can the problem of greenwashing be solved?
  • What are the ways to reduce plastic pollution?
  • What are the ways we can recycle as individuals?
  • How can fracking be brought under control?
  • How can deforestation be reduced?
  • What are the ways of waste management we need to implement as a society?
  • How can reducing biodiversity be improved?
  • What are the ways of reducing population density in urban areas?
  • What are possible solutions to the issue of overpopulation and resource depletion?
  • What are the ways of transferring to alternative energy sources?
  • How can production process externalities be minimized?
  • What are the ways to solve the issue of landfills?
  • How can lack of clean drinking water be solved?
  • What are the ways of solving the issue of disruptive students?
  • How can schools improve social programs, such as art?
  • How can schools improve school security systems to ensure safety of students and teachers?
  • How can schools promote tolerance?
  • How is it possible to eliminate bullying in schools?
  • How can schools contribute to solving the issue of gender discrimination?
  • How can schools contribute to solving the issue of racial discrimination?
  • How can schools contribute to the solution of the issue of suicide?
  • What are the ways of reducing cheating?
  • How can schools encourage students to be lifelong learners?
  • How can schools adjust their education programs to the requirements of modern society (e.g. technical literacy)?

For College Students

topics for college students

  • How can the issue of student loans be solved?
  • How to increase efficiency of studying in college?
  • What are the ways college student can choose their major?
  • How to avoid procrastination in college?
  • What are the ways of avoiding cheating?
  • How to control the level of stress in college?
  • What are the ways to maintain healthy diet while studying in college?
  • How can colleges adjust their programs to the requirements of current labor market?
  • What are the ways the government can support college education?
  • How can college students avoid substance abuse?
  • How can college students avoid alcohol abuse?
  • What are the ways to make college education more affordable?

Problem and Solution Essay Structure

Now that you have selected your topic, you may proceed to learning the problem and solution essay format and structure. As soon as you read these structural elements, you will know how to write a problem and solution text:

  • Introduction of the problem

This part of the essay will uncover the issue you write about and its causes. Make sure to explain why this issue is topical and requires settlement. Also, you can review current situation with this problem and evaluate past steps made to solve it. For instance, use OECD and Greenpeace websites to research about environmental issues and World Bank resource to find out about demographics.

  • Discussion of possible solutions of the problem

  Research and discuss all possibilities available to settle the problem. This part of the essay should fully answer to the question “how to solve the problem?” and provide evidence. To research ways of problem solution, you can turn to news agency websites, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and good old Wikipedia.

Summarize your essay here and restate your thesis. Evaluate the ways of problem solution you have found.

Problem and Solution Speech

Problem and solution speech

The problem and solution topics listed above will also make great topics for your problem and solution speech.

While preparing your problem and solution speech, you will find these tips useful:

  • Form your topic as a question that will help you communicate and engage with the audience
  • Include 4 major structural elements in your speech : introduction of the problem and its causes, discussion of solution, visuals, and conclusion.
  • Make sure to prepare visual aid that will support your speech
  • Avoid reading whole passages from your speech – pick the most essential information and present it to your audience
  • Choose a problem that you personally care about – this is how you will enjoy writing problem and solution essay and perform better too!
  • Research the causes of the problem you write about to have better understanding of it
  • Any problem has multiple aspects to it and make sure to cover them all
  • Focus on the ways to reduce or eliminate the problem.  If you feel like a problem you focus on, can’t be eliminated completely, it doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

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A Quick Guide To Writing An Awesome Problem-Solution Essay

blog author name

Table of Contents

Life without problems is like a dish without the appropriate spices and seasoning. And while many believe problems to be an illusion of the mind, they ( certainly ) make our existence flavoursome and interesting. 

That said, one must never have too many problems, or their existence can become mind-numbing and even catastrophic. And, whenever a problem arises, one must have the wits and presence of mind to resolve them before it turns ugly and gets out of control.

Academic experts state, ‘The key to solving the problem at hand is to understand the problem properly. The answers or hints to solving the issue lie within the problem. One needs to pay attention and figure it out.’

Of course, problem-solving is a skill that must be honed with proper academic knowledge, general awareness and intelligenceand emotional quotient .   

Moreover, the vital steps to solving any problem are –

  • Identifying the problem
  • Analysing the problem
  • Describing the problem

The Practice of Writing Problem-Solving Essays for Improving Skills

Colleges and universities assign problem-solving essays to students to test and improve their problem-solving competence. 

Such essays comprise topics or questions pertaining to a specific or trending problem. And the goal of students is to understand and analyse the problem presented and recommend ways to solve it through their writing. 

For students who haven’t written a problem-solving essay, these writing pieces comprise 4 critical components – 

  • The situation
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • An evaluation of the problem

Typically, the situation of the problem is explained in the Introduction of the essay, while the problem’s evaluation is presented in the conclusion. The body is where the writer unveils the problem and presents solutions to resolving it. 

A problem-solving essay is similar in structure to a cause-and-effect essay. And the form of writing resembles a persuasive essay- where the writer endeavours to convince the readers to care about the problem, present a solution aptly complemented with facts, data, statistics, etc. and dismantle any arising objections or counterarguments. 

Problem Solution Essay Outline

How to write a problem solution essay step-by step explanation.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Problem-solving essays ( like any other form of descriptive write-up ) comprise a success formula. The proposed solution must be implementable without hassle and end the problem completely. 

Also, while presenting the problem’s solution, avoid all vagaries and stick to the particular issue with relevant courses of action. 

Moreover, avoid presenting farfetched or unrealistic notions when writing a problem-solving essay. Ensure the presented solution is rational and feasible. 

If you’re struggling to figure out how to write a problem-solution essay, don’t sweat it. 

Below are useful tips and insights to make your writing endeavours easy and ( even ) enjoyable.

So, pay close attention!

Step 1 – Introduce the Problem 

(As discussed)  A problem-solving essay comprises 4 crucial elements. And the Introduction is where you introduce the problem to your readers. 

Of course, before the Introduction, you must figure out what problem and solution you wish to highlight to your readers.  

So, sort many problem solution essay topics and pick one  (either on a trending problem or a rare issue having few discussions and fewer recommended solutions).

For instance, if your topic is Immigration problems, you must introduce the topic and make the readers aware of your essay’s intentions. After introducing and describing the problem ( mainly what it is ), you must write why it is important to solve the presented problem. 

Once you have expressed reasons for solving the issue as rationally as feasible, you must craft the thesis statement – describing the proposed solution to the presented problem. Of course, you don’t have to write in detail ( as you will eventually do that in the body ). So, succinctly state the solution in 1-2 sentences. 

Many students make the mistake of blandly describing the problem. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE if it’s your maiden attempt to write a problem and solution essay!

To arrest their attention and sustain it throughout the essay, you must describe the problem and the solution from the reader’s eyes. Thus, introduce the subject in a way that titillates their interests. 

You can include a heart-touching narrative, an eye-opening statistic about the problem or a compelling statement on how the problem morphed from something mundane and insignificant to something more serious. And explain how acknowledging and vesting in the proposed solution is a worthwhile cause for everyone. 

Remember that the introduction must leave the readers hungry and wanting more. If you can do that, you set the stage and mood for the audience to rummage through the entire piece. 

Step 2 – Create an Outline for the problem’s SOLUTION

Once you’ve drafted and compiled the perfect Introduction, shift to the focal part of the essay – the BODY.

Ideally, the body must comprise 3 or 4 stanzas  (depending on the topic and explanatory length for the solution). 

Always begin with clarity when writing the body. Explain the solution lucidly so that anyone can follow. Present as much information, data, numeric statistics and visual references as feasible when explaining the solution. Also, point in detail  (with substantiating evidence ) why readers must consider it important. 

However, avoid jargon and lengthy sentences when presenting your viewpoints. While you must make the body as info-rich as possible- avoid wordiness!

Another thing worth mentioning is the use of the final body stanza to justify potential counterarguments on the shared solution. Readers have a mind of their own. They like making their assumptions. Hence, some readers may respond adversely to the shared solution and present counterarguments to thwart yours. 

Anticipate counterarguments and have your cross-counter logic ready to nullify any criticisms or rebuttals from indifferent readers. 

It will make the essay multi-dimensional and enriching for the readers! However, when presenting cross-counter logic, be sure the supporting evidence is strong, persuasive and impactful. Or else it will be a wasted effort and even result in some readers discrediting your work or labelling it controversial for real-time implementation.

Step 3 – Aptly Cite Evidence as You Go Along

You must use several web sources when writing the essay. So, while you write, look to cite the evidence as you go along. You must cite research studies, relevant statistics, expert opinions and other journals and articles on the topic. 

If you are explaining a new solution that’s unexplored thus far, you must back it with hard-core facts and data. You must also write in detail why the recommended solution ( even though new ) will prove mighty effective in solving the presented problem. 

Step 4 – Conclude the Essay

After explaining the solution in the body and citing all sources correctly throughout the essay, wrap things up. Re-state the thesis statement. But don’t copy-paste it from above. Rephrase fresh without altering its meaning. 

Following the thesis statement, explain the steps necessary to solve the problem presented. Paint a clear picture of how the world would be once the proposed solution solves the existing problem. 

To persuade your readers, you can try using rhetorical questions like – 

  • Doesn’t this sound like the world we would all want to be a part of?
  • Doesn’t solving this long-sustained problem make us feel good and prideful?

Such questions invoke emotions among readers and, most times, make them want to respond or take a meaningful call to action. And so, they should for that’s the whole point!

After you trigger a response among your readers, request them to support and endorse the solution unbeknownst to others. Word of mouth has immense power and reach. So, ensure your final message is compelling enough for the audience to take your stance. 

You can also explain the  ‘what if situation’ for more impact.

Don’t add any new information in the conclusion. It only creates confusion and uncertainty in the reader’s mind. Keep sentences short and to the point. Also, suggest resources where readers can learn more about the presented problem and solution. Or give them a hint of the possibility of further future research. 

Now that you have a basic idea of how to write a problem solution essay, let’s discuss how to choose problem solution essay topics!

Here’s How to Choose the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Choose a problem that’s interesting, unique or prevalent globally.
  • Ensure the topic is not too expansive or narrow.
  • The problem must comprise loads of research data, arguments and evidence. 
  • The problem must pertain to a wide audience  (something that adversely influences their daily lives)
  • The problem must also comprise sufficient information on its solution (s) and must provide ample substantiating evidence to support the proposal.

Ideally, a problem-solution essay must emphasise real-world concerns like a national/international threat  (like climate change, global warming, animal slaughter, economic instability, income inequality, etc.)

Even if you don’t pick a world-threatening concern but rather portray a mundane concern, ensure the topic is compelling enough for the readers. The problem must make the audience care about it and that finding solutions to solving the issue would make life better for everyone. 

Let’s make things easier for you! Below, we have indexed 100 problem-solving essay topics to take ideas from.

100 Problem-Solving Essay Topics to Inspire You

  • How to solve poverty?
  • How to lessen the number of people living below the poverty line?
  • What steps must be taken to provide affordable housing to low-income individuals?
  • How does one deal with illegal immigration?
  • What steps must be taken to stop racism worldwide?
  • How to stop teenagers from using drugs?
  • How can one stop divorces?
  • How can one keep a check on the alarming increase in gun violence?
  • What steps must be adopted to improve literary rates in India?
  • How can one stop illegal human trafficking?
  • How can one help individuals who are victims of family violence?
  • Why women are susceptible to prone to sexual violence, rape and prejudice?
  • How does one prevent merciless animal experimentation worldwide?
  • How does one stop kids from being adversely influenced by porn, violent shows, movies, video games, etc.?
  • How does one exercise their civic right to speech without getting violated or insulting anyone?
  • How can one improve unemployment rates in India?
  • What steps must be adopted to prevent problems of online data mining?
  • How can one put a stop to currency terrorism?
  • How can one prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?
  • Undocumented immigration- how to resolve the issue?
  • How can one thwart mass shootings? Is technology a potential solution to this prevalent evil?
  • How must officials address the problem of police brutality?
  • What problems prevent suicidal people from getting help? What’s the solution to this prevent concern?
  • Why do students procrastinate, and how can parents prevent it from happening?
  • How do players prevent severe injuries that force them to take long gaps from competitive sporting action?
  • What policies must the governments levy to prevent the burden on learners post-graduation?
  • What is the problem of unfit and illiterate parents raising kids in this modern era? 
  • How can colleges be more affordable and accommodating to students from low-income families?
  • How do students pay for private colleges themselves?
  • How can students become better exam takers?
  • What steps should be taken to make colleges and universities safer?
  • How to prevent drug use and abuse within college and university campuses?
  • How to tackle a student who habitually cuts and harms themselves at college and university campuses?
  • How to prevent the issue of kids’ obesity?
  • What steps must schools and parents take to prevent kids from cheating in examinations?
  • How to tackle disruptive, violent and misbehaving students who are also exceptionally talented?
  • How to support and help kids failing all class tests and even term examinations?
  • How can college and university faculty prevent teasing, abuse and violence towards introverts and shy kids?
  • What steps must be taken for students getting pregnant in high school or college?
  • Role of parents to aid their children from eating ailments?
  • What steps must be taken to increase the rate of adopted children?
  • Plagiarism consequences and how can students avoid it in their assignments?
  • What steps can be taken to prevent young people from ageing out in kids’ welfare systems without having a chance to art a family of their own?
  • How can parents help their children overcome mental illness?
  • Are today’s children better liars? How can parents prevent kids from frequently lying?
  • How can newbie drivers be trained better?
  • The problem of road rage – causes and steps to prevent it?
  • Traffic violations and prevention measures
  • Why do some people drive like idiots?
  • How does one avert DUI and deaths due to drunken driving?
  • How can families help kids suffering from severe depression?
  • Forceful abortion? Should it be allowed to continue? Also, provide solutions to stopping this evil deed.
  • Medicare funding problems and Solutions for Improvement
  • Sexual abuse in the movie industry and how to prevent it?
  • Preventing sexual abuse of children
  • How can one reduce truancy?
  • Domestic violence and how to prevent it?
  • The problem of absent parents and its negative impact on children
  • The issue of parental separation and its adverse effect on kids
  • The problem of socioeconomic reality as modern slavery
  • The problem of the nuclear family and its impact on a child’s behaviour
  • The prevalent issue of African American discrimination in workplaces worldwide
  • Global warming and its ill- effects on polar regions
  • What is the problem of deforestation, and what steps to prevent it?
  • Global warming- is our planet under severe threat?
  • Illegal poaching and its impact on the economy? Suggest solutions to prevent this heinous crime.
  • Cyberterrorism – A severe threat without a face!
  • The problem of legal lumbering and what heavy penalties must be levied?
  • Narcissistic individuals- dangers of being around them and tips to tackling them?
  • The problem with Laws on environmental protection
  • Water pollution and how to prevent it from happening further
  • The adverse effects of air pollution and how can government officials take steps to prevent them
  • How can government officials reduce toxic emissions that pollute the environment?
  • Treating obesity- is using specific plant extracts a viable solution
  • Does obesity classify as a lifestyle malady?
  • What is Hypertension, and how does salt affect blood pressure?
  • What are the major causes and symptoms of Hypertension?
  • Is Atherosclerosis a stress-caused ailment? How does one prevent it from manifesting?
  • Is Iron a causal factor for Atherosclerosis?
  • Constipation and how can one overcome it?
  • Gastric ulcers and suggestions to diagnose it
  • Problems of legalising marijuana
  • How to manage conflict among workplace groups?
  • Problems and Risks of Online Dating
  • The Problem of Selfish Behaviours in Kids- What can parents do?
  • What is the problem of body shaming, and what ways to prevent it?
  • The issue of the gender wage gap and how to stop it
  • White collar crimes and how to prevent it
  • Police Brutality and its Steps for Prevention
  • Dangers of real estate fraud and steps to solve it
  • The dangers of inflation and how to stop it
  • What are the adverse effects of globalisation, and what steps to control it?
  • How to decrease the problem of consumer debt?
  • The problem of consumerism and its possible solutions
  • How to prevent ageism discrimination?
  • The risks of abusive relationships and tips to come out of it
  • How to develop confidence in students lacking thereof?
  • Marital rape and steps to prevent such unholy deeds
  • How to solve the issue of technical illiteracy in India?
  • Child labour and steps to prevent it

Problem Solution Essay Structure

For a problem-solution essay, there are 2 methods of structuring. And they share a resemblance to a cause-and-effect essay. 

The Two Methods Entail –

Block Structure

  • Block Structure (listing out all problems first in individual stanzas followed by recommended solutions to those problems)
  • Chain Structure (listing out each problem immediately followed by the solution in the same stanza. Depending on the number of problems presented and solutions, one can adjust the body stanza accordingly)

Example of Problem Solution Essay

Most students learn something best through referable examples of the task itself. 

So, here’s an example of a problem-solution essay on the topic coverage –  “Poor Fitness & Obesity.”

Also, to fill you in, the example adheres to the block structure entailing problem (s) and solution (s) to the problem (s) in separate stanzas accompanied by the Introduction ( with thesis statement of the situation ) and conclusion in the end ( featuring a brief evaluation of the essay ).

Let’s begin!

Topic – Poor Fitness & Obesity.

Obesity is a major problem for all age groups in a population. And much of that is our problem. Excessive consumption of processed and convenient foods and over-reliance on cars has decreased people’s fitness level and stamina. In some nations, obesity accounts for nearly a third of the population .  (Situation)   The increasing rate of obesity also leads to poor lifestyles and a lessening of one’s life expectancy  (Problem) , and it’s imperative that governing bodies and health experts must play a more dominant role in tackling this prevalent problem and recommend ways and mediums to help citizens better their fitness.  ( Solution ) 

(Thesis Statement will be the final line of the Introduction)

(As you can see, the stanza explains the situation, the problem, how it concerns people, and why they must look to adopt change).

Poor fitness and obesity are also the roots of many serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature expiration. Moreover, obesity and poor fitness also lessen bone strength, structure and breaking or fracturing risks in the event of any physical injuries. However, health specialists believe the best way to reduce obesity and improve fitness is via proper exercise. Doing so reduces heart disease risks like strokes.  (Problem)

  Health experts also state adopting a better nutritional diet and physical activity increases life expectancy rates. Consumption of processed foods and drinks and high sugar and fat content is a big NO. Instead, one must prepare meals featuring fresh meat, fish, eggs, etc. They must consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost their nutritional intake, cut down excessive fat and reduce obesity levels. Besides changing to a healthier diet, people must also walk, jog, and sprint in their free time. Alternatively, they can cycle to work or run errands rather than relying on their car or motorbikes. They can use the stairs frequently rather than the office or home elevator. Also, people can stop consuming excessive alcohol or drinks with artificial flavouring. Instead, they can opt for green tea, lemonade, black coffee, or water. Adopting these meaningful changes can certainly help people overcome their obesity issues and augment their overall fitness levels.  (Solution)

Other stanzas must follow the same format (Problem followed by the solution to the problem). Add data, facts and other supporting evidence to add more depth to your essay.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Problem-Solution Essay?

Making mistakes are part and parcel of the learning phase. One cannot learn what’s right if they don’t learn what’s wrong. 

For better clarity, here are some common mistakes to avoid when working on your problem solution essay.

  • Don’t make your essay merely a list of problems and solutions. Expand on them using separate stanzas complemented with accurate facts, data and research evidence. Even your professor wants you to pick a few relevant problems on the topic coverage and expand on them using examples, data and lucid explanations.
  • Don’t mismatch problems with wrong solutions. Focus on what you’re writing and avoid anything out of context. Create an essay where the readers easily identify and relate to specific problems and their appropriate solutions in individual paragraphs. 
  • Don’t mention a problem that you can’t find a proper solution. Even if the issue is unique and interesting, it does no good if you can’t present viable solutions. It will only result in wasted effort, valuable time, and energy loss.
  • Don’t forget to create a bibliography ( citation index ) at the end of your essay. Also, don’t forget to include your original research on the problem. It will add more credence to your essay.

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide!

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problem solution essay assignment

Unique Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • peachyessay
  • February 25, 2023
  • Blogs , Essay Topics , General

Are you looking to improve your writing skills this year? If so, consider exploring problem solution essay topics. These types of essays not only offer a chance to perfect your writing abilities but also allow for the expression of ideas that can have a tangible impact on society.

Problem solution essay topics are used to find issues, challenges, or problems in our society and offer realistic ways to solve them. These essays can be quite complicated to write, but they offer an excellent opportunity to make a real difference in the world. In fact, problem-solving essay topics can go beyond the academic scope and have a significant community impact.

There are numerous problem solution essay ideas to choose from, making it crucial to select a topic that can be worded persuasively and address important social challenges. As a result, in this article, we have created a list of examples of problem solution essay topics, along with ideas that can help readers make a difference in their community.

For instance, some of the topics include solutions to reducing plastic waste, addressing climate change, improving mental health access, and combating fake news. By picking these kinds of topics, readers can make a big difference in their communities and beyond.

Problem solution essay topics are a great way to improve your writing skills and make a real difference in the world. By choosing a topic that deals with a social problem, writers can make powerful essays that get people to act and bring about change.

51 Problem Solution Essay Ideas

  • Reducing plastic waste – this topic can explore solutions to the environmental impact of plastic waste.
  • Addressing climate change – this topic can explore practical solutions for mitigating the effects of climate change.
  • Improving mental health access – this topic can look at ways to make mental health services more accessible to people.
  • Combating fake news – this topic can examine strategies to counter the spread of misinformation and disinformation.
  • Reducing income inequality – this topic can examine solutions to the growing gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Improving public transportation – this topic can explore ways to improve access to affordable and reliable public transportation.
  • Addressing the opioid epidemic – this topic can examine ways to reduce opioid addiction and overdose rates.
  • Reducing food waste – this topic can explore practical solutions to reduce the amount of food waste in households and businesses.
  • Improving education outcomes – this topic can examine strategies to improve student achievement and reduce achievement gaps.
  • Addressing homelessness – this topic can explore solutions to reduce homelessness rates and improve access to housing.
  • Reducing air pollution – this topic can examine ways to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution on public health.
  • Improving workplace diversity – this topic can explore strategies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Addressing police brutality – this topic can examine ways to reduce police violence against civilians and improve police-community relations.
  • Reducing prescription drug costs – this topic can explore solutions to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and improve access to medication.
  • Improving cybersecurity – this topic can examine strategies to improve online security and protect against cyber attacks.
  • Addressing racial inequality – this topic can explore solutions to reduce racial disparities in access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.
  • Reducing gun violence – this topic can examine ways to reduce gun violence rates and improve public safety.
  • Improving renewable energy sources – this topic can explore ways to increase the use of renewable energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Addressing gender inequality – this topic can examine solutions to reduce gender disparities in access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.
  • Reducing alcohol abuse – this topic can explore ways to reduce rates of alcohol abuse and addiction.
  • Improving access to clean water – this topic can examine solutions to improve access to safe and clean drinking water.
  • Addressing income stagnation – this topic can explore ways to increase wages and improve economic opportunities for workers.
  • Reducing cyberbullying – this topic can examine ways to reduce the harmful effects of online bullying.
  • Improving healthcare access – this topic can explore solutions to improve access to healthcare services and reduce healthcare disparities.
  • Addressing discrimination in the workplace – this topic can examine strategies to reduce discrimination based on race, gender, age, or other factors.
  • Reducing obesity rates – this topic can explore ways to reduce obesity rates and improve public health.
  • Improving mental health awareness – this topic can examine strategies to increase awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  • Addressing eldercare – this topic can explore solutions to improve care for the elderly and reduce elder abuse.
  • Reducing domestic violence – this topic can examine ways to reduce domestic violence rates and improve support for victims.
  • Improving road safety – this topic can explore solutions to reduce traffic accidents and improve road safety.
  • Addressing animal cruelty – this topic can examine ways to reduce animal cruelty and improve animal welfare.
  • Reducing teenage pregnancy rates – this topic can explore ways to reduce teenage pregnancy rates and improve access to sex education and birth control.
  • Improving voting access – this topic can examine strategies to improve access to voting and reduce voter suppression.
  • continue from improving voting access – this topic can
  • explore solutions to increase voter turnout and engagement in elections.
  • Addressing income inequality in sports – this topic can examine ways to reduce the pay gap between male and female athletes.
  • Reducing cybercrime – this topic can explore solutions to reduce the risk of cybercrime and improve online security.
  • Improving rural healthcare access – this topic can examine strategies to improve access to healthcare services in rural areas.
  • Addressing police accountability – this topic can explore ways to increase police accountability and transparency in the justice system.
  • Reducing college tuition costs – this topic can examine solutions to reduce the high cost of college education and student loan debt.
  • Improving public park access – this topic can explore ways to improve access to public parks and green spaces in urban areas.
  • Addressing workplace harassment – this topic can examine strategies to reduce harassment in the workplace and improve support for victims.
  • Reducing child poverty – this topic can explore solutions to reduce child poverty rates and improve economic opportunities for families.
  • Improving renewable energy infrastructure – this topic can examine ways to improve infrastructure to support renewable energy sources.
  • Addressing food insecurity – this topic can explore solutions to reduce food insecurity rates and improve access to healthy food.
  • Reducing racial profiling – this topic can examine ways to reduce racial profiling by law enforcement and improve police-community relations.
  • Improving disaster response – this topic can explore strategies to improve disaster response efforts and reduce the impact of natural disasters.
  • Addressing the digital divide – this topic can examine solutions to reduce the gap in access to technology and digital resources.
  • Reducing child abuse – this topic can explore ways to reduce child abuse rates and improve support for victims.
  • Improving access to affordable housing – this topic can examine strategies to improve access to affordable housing and reduce homelessness rates.
  • Addressing environmental racism – this topic can explore ways to reduce the disproportionate impact of environmental issues on marginalized communities.

Choosing Problem Solution Essay Topics

Choosing a problem-solution topic can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it can be simplified. Here are some steps to follow when selecting a problem-solution topic:

Step 1: Identify an issue or problem that you are passionate about

The first step is to identify a problem or issue that you care about. This could be a social issue, a personal problem, or an issue in your community. It is essential to choose a topic that you are passionate about because that will make it easier for you to research and write about it.

Step 2: Research the issue or problem

Once you have identified a problem or issue, it is time to research it. Look for reliable sources of information, such as academic journals, government reports, and news articles, to get a deeper understanding of the issue. Find out what is causing the problem, who is affected by it, and how it affects society as a whole.

Step 3: Consider potential solutions

After researching the problem or issue , it’s time to consider potential solutions. Look for successful programs or policies that have been implemented to address similar issues. Think about how possible each solution is, including the resources needed, the people who would be affected, and any potential problems. 

Step 4: Choose a solution that aligns with your values

Once you have identified potential solutions, it’s time to choose one that aligns with your values. Think about how the solution will affect society and whether or not it fits with your own beliefs and values.

Step 5: Write a problem solution essay

Once you have chosen a solution, it’s time to write a problem-solution essay. Begin by introducing the problem, including its causes and impact on society. Then, present your chosen solution and explain how it will address the problem. Lastly, talk about the problems and problem spots that might come up during the implementation of the solution and suggest ways to get around them.

Choosing a problem-solution topic requires careful consideration and research. By following the steps above, you can find a topic that you’re interested in and make a well-researched case for the solution you’ve chosen.

20 Examples of Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Obesity in Children: Talk about what causes children to be overweight and offer ways to stop or lessen it.
  • Cyberbullying: Talk about how cyberbullying affects people and suggest ways to stop or lessen it.
  • Homelessness: Look at what causes people to be homeless and offer ways to help them get off the streets.
  • Climate change: Talk about what causes and effects it has, and offer ways to stop or lessen its effects.
  • Gun control: look at how gun laws are now in the US and suggest ways to stop gun violence.
  • Drug addiction: examine the causes and effects of drug addiction and suggest ways to stop it or treat it.
  • Police brutality: Talk about how police brutality affects society and offer ways to stop it.
  • Affordable housing: analyze the current state of affordable housing and present solutions to provide safe and affordable housing for all.
  • Mental health: Talk about how mental health affects people and offer ways to improve care for mental health.
  • Domestic violence: Talk about how domestic violence affects people and give ways to stop or lessen it.
  • Human trafficking: analyze the causes and impacts of human trafficking and present solutions to prevent or reduce it.
  • Educational inequality: discuss the impact of educational inequality on society and present solutions to provide equal educational opportunities for all.
  • Poverty: analyze the causes and impacts of poverty and present solutions to reduce poverty rates.
  • Healthcare access: discuss the impact of healthcare access on individuals and present solutions to improve access to healthcare.
  • Environmental pollution: Talk about the effects of pollution on society and offer ways to stop or lessen pollution.
  • Immigration: analyze the current state of immigration policies and present solutions to improve the immigration system.
  • Gender Inequality: Discuss the impact of gender inequality on society and present solutions to promote gender equality.
  • Access to clean water: Discuss the impact of a lack of access to clean water and present solutions to improve access to clean water.
  • Road safety: analyze the causes of road accidents and present solutions to prevent or reduce accidents.
  • Access to Technology: Discuss the impact of a lack of access to technology on society and present solutions to improve access to technology.

20 Problem Solution Speech Topics

  • Mental health stigma: Discuss the impact of stigma surrounding mental health and present solutions to reduce stigma.
  • Overcrowded prisons: Analyze the causes of overcrowded prisons and present solutions to reduce prison populations.
  • Police reform: Discuss the need for police reform and present solutions to improve policing practices.
  • Internet privacy: Analyze the current state of internet privacy and present solutions to protect individual privacy online.
  • Food waste: Discuss the impact of food waste on the environment and present solutions to reduce food waste.
  • Elder care: Discuss the impact of the aging population on elder care and present solutions to improve care for seniors.
  • Sexual assault on college campuses: Analyze the causes of sexual assault on college campuses and present solutions to prevent or reduce it.
  • Mental health in schools: Discuss the impact of mental health on students and present solutions to improve mental health resources in schools.
  • Gun violence: Analyze the causes of gun violence and present solutions to reduce gun violence rates.
  • Online harassment: Discuss the impact of online harassment on individuals and present solutions to prevent or reduce it.
  • Healthcare affordability: Analyze the current state of healthcare affordability and present solutions to improve access to affordable healthcare.
  • Energy conservation: Discuss the impact of energy consumption on the environment and present solutions to conserve energy.
  • Domestic abuse: Analyze the causes and impact of domestic abuse and present solutions to prevent or reduce it.
  • Animal cruelty: Discuss the impact of animal cruelty on animals and present solutions to prevent animal cruelty.
  • Access to education: Analyze the current state of education access and present solutions to provide equal educational opportunities for all.
  • Cybersecurity: Discuss the impact of cyber attacks and present solutions to improve cybersecurity measures.
  • Childcare: Discuss the impact of lack of access to affordable childcare and present solutions to improve access to quality childcare.
  • Immigration reform: Analyze the current state of immigration policies and present solutions to improve the immigration system.
  • Homelessness: Discuss the causes and impact of homelessness and present solutions to provide safe and affordable housing for all.
  • Teenage pregnancy: Analyze the causes and impact of teenage pregnancy and present solutions to prevent or reduce teenage pregnancy rates.

10 Problem Solution Topics for Psychology Essays

Psychology provides numerous excellent topics for problem-solution essays. Write about one of the following concepts involving how people think and interact with one another:

  • Eating disorders affect millions of people worldwide, posing a unique challenge for mental health professionals and society as a whole. What can society do to help prevent the development of eating disorders?
  • Some advertisements and propaganda exploit people’s fear to persuade them to act in a certain way or buy a product. How can consumers improve their critical thinking skills and become less susceptible to this type of messaging?
  • Many teenagers suffer from depression. What can parents and teachers do to help?
  • Memories are highly subjective and can change as a result of new information or the influence of another person. What are some ways to tell if a memory is true?
  • Some parents of special-needs children struggle to find assistance for their children. Many disorders, however, respond to early intervention. How can society assist parents in obtaining assistance for their children who require it?
  • Despite their best efforts, many students continue to face bullying at school and online. What can the rest of society do to help?
  • Senior citizens in many countries face the mental health issue of isolation and loneliness. What are some strategies for getting seniors the social contact they may require?
  • Boys and girls are exposed to stereotypical gender roles as they grow up through toys, praise, expectations, and other means. How can we change these stereotypes?
  • Some parents put a lot of pressure on their children to succeed in school and in life. When unexpected challenges arise or the children fail to meet the parents’ expectations, it can be emotionally devastating for everyone. What is the best way to prevent this from happening?
  • Birth order can influence how parents treat their children as well as how children perceive themselves. What are some ways that people can become more aware of how birth order affects development?

Bottom Line

Problem-solution topics can be a powerful tool for educating, engaging, and encouraging individuals to take action towards making a difference in society. From addressing mental health stigma and gun violence to making education and health care more accessible and affordable, these topics offer a wide range of ways to solve some of the most important problems of our time.

Peachy Essay Writing Services can help you write or give a speech about a problem and how to solve it in the best way possible. It is a team of experienced writers that can help you craft a well-researched and well-written essay that will grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to take action. So why wait? Contact Peachy Essay Writing Services today and let them help you make a difference!

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