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middle school art worksheet

Early Finishers Art Activities - 50 Pages of Fun Art Printables

middle school art worksheet

Christmas Cup Games: Christmas Music Games: Rhythm Activity Lessons Christmas

middle school art worksheet

HOLIDAY MUSIC FOR BEGINNERS: Boomwhackers® Handbells Recorder Christmas Music

middle school art worksheet

Music Sub Plans Bundle

middle school art worksheet

8th Grade ELA EVERYTHING BUNDLE - Year-Long Resources

middle school art worksheet

Reading Comprehension Passages Bell Ringers for Middle School ELA Morning Work

middle school art worksheet

Industrial Revolution Bundle - First and Second Industrial Revolutions

middle school art worksheet

Science, Nonfiction, Social Studies Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

middle school art worksheet

Renaissance Artists Reading Comprehension Worksheet Bondone Donatello Masaccio

middle school art worksheet

FREE | Sugar Skulls | Class Worksheet

middle school art worksheet

Pablo Picasso Coloring Pages - Pablo Picasso Activity - Famous Artists

middle school art worksheet

SEL Coloring Sheet 'What Fills Up Your Cup'

middle school art worksheet

  • Easel Activity

middle school art worksheet

Yayoi Kusama Coloring Pages - International Dot Day Acivities

middle school art worksheet

Elements and Principles Crossword Puzzle

middle school art worksheet

Jan van Eyck Reading Comprehension Worksheet Renaissance Artist

middle school art worksheet

Ancient Greek and Roman Art Student Handout - Art History

middle school art worksheet

The History of Crayons Activities Digital and Print Versions Back to School

middle school art worksheet

  • Google Apps™

middle school art worksheet

Manifest Destiny & American Progress Painting Analysis

middle school art worksheet

  • Word Document File

middle school art worksheet

Texture Drawing Worksheet

middle school art worksheet

Art - Pointillism Worksheet

middle school art worksheet

Value Shading Practice

middle school art worksheet

Renaissance Art Student Handout - Art History

middle school art worksheet

Visual Art Middle School Bell Ringers Freebie First Day Week Drawing Art History

middle school art worksheet

First Day of Art - Getting to Know the Artist

middle school art worksheet

Elements of Art - Line Exercises

middle school art worksheet

Ceramics - Pinch Pot Creatures: Middle School Art Lesson & Worksheets

middle school art worksheet

Renaissance Art Powerpoint- Classical vs. Middle Ages vs. Ren. Art WORKSHEETS

middle school art worksheet

Japan Artwork: Manga Lesson Activity Freebie

middle school art worksheet

Art Critique Worksheet: DAIJ

middle school art worksheet

Beginning Level Art Do Nows

middle school art worksheet

Leonardo da Vinci Biography Guided Reading

middle school art worksheet

Christmas Alphabet Dot to Dot & Coloring

middle school art worksheet

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Art Class Curator

Hands-on and Minds-curious Art Learning

Yes! Art Is About Being Whole: A Memoir , my new book, is officially live!

Art printables, worksheets, and powerpoints.

Inside: A collection of printable art worksheets, PowerPoints, and lesson plans to use in art class. (Most of them are FREE!)

middle school art worksheet

Art class should be about more than just making art! Art lessons should introduce students to a variety of works of art and allow them to explore the process, the history, and their own personal connections to the artworks they encounter.

Keeping a class full of students engaged while looking at art takes practice, confidence, inventive activities , and a variety of approaches. But most of us weren’t taught how to talk about art with kids . That’s why I’ve gathered some of my best printable art worksheets and downloads in one place! Most of these art lesson plans can be used for any grade level and there’s enough variety to keep elementary, middle, and high school students interested and intrigued.

Free Art Worksheets Bundle-FB

Free Printable Art Worksheets

My favorite go-to art lessons come from the Art Appreciation Worksheet Bundle .

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Pick an artwork 2. Print one of the Art Appreciation Worksheets 3. Watch with joy as your students connect with and interpret art

The bundle includes 25 printable art worksheets, but everyone who signs up for Your Weekly Art Break , my email newsletter full of art inspiration, gets six FREE art appreciation worksheets . Fill out the form below to receive your free art worksheets and weekly art inspiration.

middle school art worksheet

Free Worksheets!

Art Appreciation Worksheets

In this free bundle of art worksheets, you receive six ready-to-use art worksheets with looking activities designed to work with almost any work of art.

Below, you’ll find a collection of the Art Class Curator posts that include art printables and downloads. These brains-on art activities will jump-start students’ critical thinking skills and breath new life into their  art projects . All of these art lesson plans are all free unless otherwise marked. Most are printable PDFs, but the ones containing PowerPoints are marked.

Free Elements and Principles Printable Pack

middle school art worksheet

This pack of printables was designed to work in a variety of ways in your classroom when teaching the elements and principles of art. You can print and hang in your classroom as posters/anchor charts or you can cut each element and principle of art in its own individual card to use as a lesson manipulative. Click here to download the Elements and Principles Printable Pack.

middle school art worksheet

Free Resource!

Elements & Principles Printable Pack

The Elements & Principles of Art are the foundation of every artwork, but teaching them can be a bore. Wake your students up and engage them with full color artworks, easy to understand definitions, and thought-provoking higher level thinking questions. This versatile resource can be hung in the classroom or used as an art manipulative.

Art Appreciation Printables

  • Free Art Appreciation Printable Worksheet Bundle
  • Art Appreciation Worksheet Bundle 25-Pack  
  • I am… Dorothea Lange: Exploring Empathy
  • Character Analysis Art Activity: Twitter Perspectives
  • Haikus about Art
  • I See, I Think, I Wonder
  • “I Feel” Word Wheel: Learning Emotional Literacy in Art Education

Art Appreciation Activities & Art Appreciation Lessons

  • Art Description and Drawing Activity
  • Virtual Art Museum Field Trip
  • Complete the Picture: An Easy Art Appreciation Game for Kids
  • Interpreting the Power of the Kongo Nkisi N’Kondi

Artworks Printables

art class activities

Artworks Worksheets & Artworks Activities

  • Art, Horror, and The Sublime: Symbolism in Pablo Picasso’s Guernica
  • Kollwitz & Cassatt: Two Views of Motherhood in Art
  • Rosa Rolanda Jigsaw Art Learning Activity

Artworks Lessons

  • Elements of Art Examples & Definitions
  • Principles of Design Examples & Definitions
  • Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas  Art Discussion Lesson
  • Art Analysis Activity for John Gast’s American Progress
  • Art Around the World in 30 Days – China
  • Masterpiece Monday: Manifest Destiny Art

Art Criticism Printables

Art criticism worksheets.

  • SPARK: 5 Art Criticism Steps for Inspired Art Connections and Conversations
  • Art History Student Study Guide Worksheets

Art Criticism Activities

  • 82 Questions to Ask About Art
  • Photograph Analysis Learning Activities

Art Criticism Lessons

  • 4 Steps of Art Criticism Lesson
  • What is Art? – Aesthetics Lesson Bundle
  • Classical Sculpture Analysis Lesson  
  • Decoding Style: How to Teach Students to Read an Artwork  

Puzzles About Art Printables

art puzzles

Teaching students about  art and aesthetics  is a great way to make them think about art in a new way. Aesthetics puzzles ignite exciting, meaningful classroom art discussions  and flex students’ philosophical and critical thinking skills.

  • Puzzles About Art: The Chimpanzee Painter
  • Puzzles About Art: Call it Driftwood

More Art Printables

You can find more art lesson plans in the Art Class Curator store and on Teachers Pay Teachers . Sign up for  Your Weekly Art Break   to get six free art art worksheets and weekly art inspiration delivered to your inbox!

middle school art worksheet

Get Art Inspiration To Your Inbox!

*free bundle of art appreciation worksheets*.

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Art Worksheets

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12 Art Sub Lessons with Editable Binder

Create Art with ME middle school ART lesson plans and technique worksheets

Create Art with ME middle school ART lesson plans and technique worksheets

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