In both cases someone took you to your destination in their car. A lift is simply slang for a ride.

give me to lift

lift verb ( RAISE )

  • lift I can't lift my arm past this point without pain.
  • raise Raise your hand if you have a question, please.
  • elevate Put pressure on the wound and keep the injured limb elevated.
  • pick up If the baby cries, pick him up and cuddle him.
  • scoop up She scooped up the crying toddler and carried him off to his cot.
  • "Can you lift this case ?" "It depends on how heavy it is."
  • When I lifted the log , there were lots of beetles skittering about under it.
  • He lifts weights after work to let off steam .
  • I could hardly lift my head off the pillow this morning I was so tired .
  • Can you lift your arm at all, or is it too painful ?
  • hike something up
  • prick (something) up
  • put something up

lift verb ( TAKE HOLD )

  • They lifted him off the bed .
  • Can you lift the box onto the table ?
  • We lifted the vases down from the cupboard .
  • He lifted his leg painfully off the stool .
  • She lifted the cups carefully out of their boxes .

lift verb ( MAKE LOUD )

  • accumulative
  • accumulatively
  • add fuel to the fire idiom
  • ratchet something up/down
  • re-escalate
  • re-escalation

lift verb ( MAKE INTERESTING )

  • add salt to something idiom
  • alleviation
  • levelling up
  • liven (something) up
  • make a difference idiom
  • rationalize
  • restructure

lift verb ( MAKE HAPPY )

Lift verb ( go away ).

  • cloud-capped
  • cloudlessly
  • Scotch mist
  • steam (something) up
  • sub-visible
  • vapour trail

lift verb ( END )

  • abandonment
  • all good things (must) come to an end idiom
  • and have done with it idiom
  • be over the hump idiom
  • jack something in
  • kill something stone-dead idiom
  • stamp on something
  • stamp something out

lift noun ( CARRYING DEVICE )

  • The lift isn't working .
  • We got stuck in the lift.
  • Take the lift to the top floor .
  • We went up in the lift.
  • He is scared to go in lifts.
  • dumb waiter
  • fire escape
  • rope ladder

lift noun ( RAISE )

Lift noun ( journey ).

  • take I have to take my mother to the doctor today.
  • go with I offered to go with him to the police station.
  • come with Can you come to the hospital with me?
  • accompany Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • drive My husband usually drives the kids to school.
  • give someone a lift Can you give me a lift into town?
  • break-journey
  • circumnavigation


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  4. Перевод "give me a lift" на русский

    Перевод контекст "give me a lift" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: So that he could give me a lift home.

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    Перевод контекст "give me a lift to" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: can you give me a lift to the station, please? 7.


    Смотрите слова, связанные с give someone a lift ... If you take something somewhere, you move it from one place to another. If you take someone

  7. Что означает "Could you give me a lift?"?

    In UK, if you ask someone to give you a lift, you're asking a free ride. ... [News] Эй, привет! Тот, кто учит язык! Вы знаете как улучшить свои

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    переводы в контексте "TO GIVE ME A LIFT" на английский-русский. Joe had offered to give me a lift to get some shopping. - Джо предложил меня подвезти за

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    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group You Wanna Give Me A Lift · Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl: The Loretta Lynn Collection ℗ 1970 MCA

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    Give a lift - перевод на русский. Примеры - give a lift; give lift; give smb a lift; give someone a lift; to give smb a lift; to give smth a lift;

  11. В чем разница между "Gave me a lift" и "Gave me a ride" ?

    Синоним Gave me a lift In both cases someone took you to your destination in their car. A lift is simply slang for a ride.


    give me a lift — довезу тебя. Let me give you a lift, Kate. Пойдём, я довезу тебя, Кэйт. Get in, I'll give you a lift. Садись, довезу. You're supposed to be

  13. Определение LIFT в кембриджском словаре английского языка

    to move something from a lower to a higher position: Could you help me lift this table, please? Could you lift your chair a little- I've got

  14. loretta wanna give me a lift.

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