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Open Branch

Business plan, how to write a business plan for a small businesses and checklist.

It is important for you to have a Business Plan before you venture into a business or even if you are already in business. A Business Plan will help you to describe your business, the nature of your business, what differentiate your products / services better than your competitors or the state of your financial status. In short, Business Plan provides background information about the business and the owner and the teams in planning their goal and how they will achieve those goals.

A business plan refers to a written document that comprehensively outlines what your business is, where it is going, and how it will get there. The business plan outlines in specific terms the financial objectives of your business, and how it will position itself to achieve those goals in the context of the current market environment. In addition, the business plan is an indispensable tool to attract business capital.  Click to this  link to see the outline on how to create one step-by-step and please ensure relevant copies of documents are attached to the business planning to ensure that the application could be processed accordingly.

Source: SME Corp. Malaysia

“Business Plan is not only for start-up but it is also essential for existing business to identify the growth of the business or simply to update it, so that you can solicit new funding for business expansion or merely for reviewing purposes.”

branch office business plan

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Time to Expand? Tips for Opening Another Location

Table of contents.

branch office business plan

If you run a successful brick-and-mortar business, you may be considering expanding to a second location. Opening a new store can be exciting, but it does come with significant risks. Another outpost brings additional costs, and there’s no guarantee your new location will be as successful as the first. However, if you go about it the right way, expanding your business can help you find new customers and achieve more profitable growth .

Whether or not you expand to a new location, doing certain things now will make or break your business for the year.

Tips for opening another business location

Opening and operating a second location takes as much work and consideration as your initial one. The following tips can set you up for success.

1. Create a business plan.

A business launch and expansion should always include a detailed plan. Business plans can be written in two formats: a lean startup plan or a traditional plan. Both outline your goals and objectives as a way to attract the attention of investors.

Some people these days believe it’s fashionable to skip creating a business plan , but doing so may be reckless.

2. Consider the online alternative.

Creating an online store is less expensive than opening a new brick-and-mortar location. An e-commerce store doesn’t come with any rent or utility payments while still allowing you to reach a new market of customers. And unlike a physical location, you can keep an e-commerce site open and accessible 24/7.

3. Evaluate the market.

Even if you have a gut feeling about opening a location, follow it up with research. Do you have competitors in the area you’re targeting? How are they faring? Is there room for your business, or should you choose a different neighborhood? Does the site attract your target customer? Open a second location only in a market where you’re confident your business could thrive. Anything less could lead to more expenses than profits.

>>Read next: In Pursuit of Profit: Applications and Uses of Break-Even Analysis

4. Find your new location.

Finding the perfect place within your ideal market is as critical for your new location as it was for your original business. While property rent or purchase price is a vital factor to weigh, also consider safety, local ordinances, average foot or drive-by traffic, ease of access, and demographics. Be sure you are in an area that has ample demand for your product or service, with at most modest competition from similar businesses.

Also, it’s not just what’s outside your second location that matters. The building itself is just as important. Can you reasonably fit your operations there? Can you modify the space to resemble your first location and develop a unified brand? Does the landlord seem trustworthy and responsive? Make sure to answer these questions before committing to your second property.

5. Estimate inventory needs.

Inventory needs change with expansion since every location will require its own stock. If a customer visits your new site and you’re out of a certain item, you usually can’t get it quickly enough to serve that customer. Use current analytics to make projections about the inventory required at a new location. Along with stock, review current and future supply chain and warehouse needs. [Read related article: How to Cash In on Your Excess Inventory ]

6. Secure your cash flow.

When opening a second business location, it’s best to have the money on hand before you begin the process of expanding. If you don’t have ample cash flow , you can look for angel investors , Small Business Administration (SBA) loans or peer funding. Just be sure you can financially handle worst-case scenarios, like slow months while the new location gets established.

7. Evaluate the competition.

Your competition matters, and opening a second location may introduce you to competitors you don’t have at your primary site. Look at what other businesses are currently operating in the new area, and determine which ones could be competitors. From there, you can analyze their successes and setbacks and determine how these companies present different challenges at your second location when it comes to keeping your business competitive .

8. Record your processes.

A second location should operate the same as your initial location. To account for this, create training manuals for everything from how to use the point-of-sale (POS) system to how to follow up with customers. Have someone else review these to be sure they are easy to understand even when you’re not around to explain. [See which high-quality POS systems we recommend.]

9. Find a good staff.

To staff this new location, you’ll need to recruit reliable employees and leaders invested in your company’s mission and way of doing business. If you’re opening in an unfamiliar area, finding a local who knows the people there can give you a leg up when establishing connections and adapting to the local culture. Start this networking process by contacting the area’s business association and attending some events.

10. Establish your training program.

Your new employees may need more training than those in your first location, mostly because you won’t be on hand all the time to catch and correct issues. You should also have evaluation standards in place so you can catch issues before they become problems. Schedule regular check-ins with the location’s manager to assess how the employees there are performing.

11. Prepare your marketing campaigns.

Just like when you opened your first business, you’ll want some pre-opening promotion for your second location as well as a memorable grand-opening event. After that, you should plan on a year of consistent promotion to get your second location solidly established. One advantage unique to opening a second location is that you have customers at your first location who can help spread the word and may live closer to your new store. You may also be able to promote your company to other businesses in your new market.

12. Open the right way.

While a grand opening is a crucial part of marketing your new location, you can also introduce your new spot with a soft opening. This smaller start is perfect for opening a second business location since it implies an incomplete opening. From there, you can gradually move resources and employees from one location to the other. Plus, a soft opening is a great trial run for full operations, as you might notice some gaps you need to fill.

13. Alert the local media.

Even if your company offers highly specific products or services, there’s no harm in reaching out to local journalists, who can help spread the word about your business to a particular or general audience. Some local writers may report on new businesses with a focus on the company and founder’s story, so don’t be afraid to inject some personality and background into your pitches. Just be sure to avoid the PR mistakes that could kill your business .

14. Commit yourself.

You probably know from opening your first location that launching a company requires you to devote most of your time to the process. It’s no different with a second location. Keep your schedule free to tend to any needs that may arise. A second launch can move fast, and you should be prepared.

The success of a first location doesn’t guarantee the success of a second. The different demographics in each of your markets can make all the difference. However, with careful research and planning to ensure your business has the funding, procedures and staff to carry on your mission, you increase your chance of success in your new locale and those that follow.

Opening a new location could be a way to get your customers to shell out more cash.

How to know when to expand your business to a new location

Opening a new location is a big decision, and you want to make sure it’s the right step for your business. If you don’t have a solid plan in place, operating multiple locations can do more harm than good.

Here are some signs that it may be time to expand your business to a new location:

  • You can’t meet customer demand. If your business is so successful that you’re unable to meet the full demand at your current location, it may be time to grow your footprint. When you constantly find yourself turning away new customers, then a second location could be the solution.
  • You have a documented process. Can you duplicate your current business processes at your new location? Documented procedures will allow you to mirror your operations and train your staff at the new store on what works. If you don’t have these, you’re not ready to expand.
  • You’ve identified a new opportunity. If you’ve identified a new market opportunity, time could be of the essence. While you never want to rush such a major decision, a chance to attract a new customer base and grow your business may warrant expansion.
  • You have a well-developed staff. Setting up a second location is going to take a lot of your time and energy, so you want to make sure your staff can handle the logistics at your primary site. If your current team has operations down pat, you’ll have the time to focus on expansion efforts. On the flip side, staffing and operational issues at your existing spot are a sign that it’s not the right time to add another location to mix.
  • You’re running out of space. Do you constantly find yourself short on space at your current location? Is your business constantly crowded with customers? If so, a second location may be an outright necessity.

Jamie Johnson contributed to the writing and reporting in this article. 


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Human Rights & Science

Business Plan

Business model

The HR&S Country Branches operates as for profit social enterprises, thus private companies registered in their countries.

The way we establish each country Branch as social enterprises enables for the Branches to generate own income, benefiting from own skills and capacities together with the capital, network, expert advices, HQ Sweden etc. It is thus crucial to have minimum two members in the team with significant experience from running profitable businesses.

During the initial stages of the HR&S development we may work for free, both at HR&S HQ in Sweden and at the HR&S Country branches, not as volunteers, not as employees, but as members of a start-up company, where HR&S Sweden offers opportunities to earn money, also at the country level and the Country branches will develops also other income generating activities.

It is the responsibility of the Country Branch’s teams to be active with generating income and to have annual financial plans so all local costs are covered by local income. We start small and ensure to not have costs exceeding the income, also not in the beginning when income is small.

The obvious first income is the interest from the loans, which grows organically as the ActionInvest capital available to give out loans from, increases. Second source of income is the RISEmember fees, which grows organically with the number of RISEmembers and the level of support that the Country branch can offer.

unsplash - investment capital

Mutual understanding of expectations

Creating value rather than depending on hand-outs.

  • Both partners have to understand and agree on the mutual expectations from the very beginning. This is entirely crucial for achieving success. The “help-me” narrative is not accepted. It is necessary to set the expectations right from the very beginning to avoid unrealistic expectations.
  • Partners in aid prone environments, must be Change Agents. The change includes that partners are not looking for handouts and agrees with that this is not sustainable, but that creating value will bring the desired prosperity.

Opportunities for income

  • Ten percent annual interest from giving out loans to RISEmembers. Based on capital raised through ActionInvest. Six  months loans are paid back with 7% (thus 14% annual interest).
  • RISE Centre membership fee (three levels).
  • 10% of funds transferred from Action10. To be withdrawn from the capital at the time of transfer.
  • Other offers by the RISE Centre to non-members, such as computer and internet access, renting venues, back-office services and transportation.
  • Participant fee in webinars managed by HR&S Sweden and HR&S Expert Adviser.
  • A percentage of the 1st workshop deal between HR&S Sweden and  a local institution.
  • Short term loans_one month With 36% annual interest, thus 3 % monthly interest. – The loan-taker must also pay a fee that covers the bank-transfer costs if any. – Guarantee: If the loan-taker is employed by a trust-worthy employer, a deal is made with the employer and the loan is paid directly from the salary. If the loan-taker is not employed, maybe the guarantee can be arranged by two employed guarantors, and the loan is paid back directly from their salaries if not paid back by the loan-taker. – Agreement: An agreement is signed between the loan-taker and the Country Branch, stipulating all the conditions related to the loan.
  • Training by Branch team members , for example education in the English language for Francophone students. – Students (also HR&S members) pay EUR 10 for five hour training. – An HR&S Country Branch  makes the coordination and uses the HR&S network and brand to reach students.  HR&S Sweden provides a zoom-link. Half of the income stays with the coordinating HR&S Country Branch and half goes to the trainer directly.
  • Offer open webinars and charge EUR 10 per participant.
  • Other social enterprising type of offers by the RISE Centres.
  • Seeking travel grants .
  • Crowd fundraising through f ex Kwanda, through own but supported negotiations with Kwanda.
  • Branch Facebook Donate button.


  • Participant fee in webinars  managed by HR&S Sweden and HR&S Expert Adviser. -Support the coordination, make invitations, keep track of participants, support during the sessions, keep track of those managing the exam, as well as develop and distribute certificates. Expected output : – Four or more annual webinars. F ex two webinars on ROPE by Cecilia: in March (for researchers and technicians) and in September (for entrepreneurs and development stakeholders), and two webinars on Scientific topics by Dr Murthy in April and October. Expected income : 10 participants in each webinar, four webinars per year = EUR 400. Please note: If a certain team member has done all the work with invitations and participation management, developed certificates and shared, everything related to that webinar, then this team-member may be eligible for half of the amount generated. As a token of appreciation for good work.
  • Ten (and 14) percent annual interest from giving out  long term loans to RISE members. -Actively support the Action10 campaigns by interacting on the Action10 social media. -Actively support the Action10 campaigns on the Action10 website and on Global Giving, by providing programme reports, photos and videos real-time, that can be used for the campaign. -Seek funds from Kwanda directly to the Branch. – Implement accountability structures so that funds are paid pack in time and with interest (see No3). Expected income : An ActionInvest capital of EUR 20,000 would generate an income from the interest of EUR 2,000 – 2,800.
  • Liberia employees,  loan-giver is the HR&S Branch, one months loans, paying 3 % of the capital (A.31).  Expected income : A capital of EUR 2,000 = EUR 720

RISE Centre annual membership fee (three levels). Offer RISE Centre services that justifies the annual membership fee. A person can become a member without taking a loan. Just pay the membership fee and benefit from the services.

– EUR 50: Access to loans; Networking between RISE members; RISEtalks, ActionTalks, Setting up a SfC road-map; Annual SfC training by HR&S Sweden; Access to the HR&S team of expert advisers. – EUR 200: As above and in addition; Access to computer, internet, and electricity; Access to a simple co-working space; Access to back-office services; Website and social media marketing support. – EUR 500: As above and in addition; Access to  advanced co-working space; Access to venues; Access to transportation vehicles.

Expected output – Six annual RISE member events Bi-annual member networking meetings where the total capital available for loans are discussed, loans given out and loans paid back with interest in time as well as progress markers. The agenda also includes: developing and agreeing on membership contracts as well as ambitions, challenges, output, outcome and sustainable impact. Bi-annual training on accounting at each RISE Centre involving all RISE members, arranged by the accountant. Maybe two or three hours. Invite RISE members to attend. In addition to the training, will one of the participants pitch his business.  The purpose if threefold:  1. Training on accounting. 2. RISE members insight into each others businesses and thereby being able to support each other with advice. 3. Team-building and awareness of the amount available to use as loan and the sharing of this loan, and that pay-back is key for the development of also the other RISE members. Bi-annual local training on the SfC and support with setting up a SfC for each business. Maybe two-three hours. Bi-annual local training on the business management. Maybe two-three hours. Expected income:   20 x 50 = EUR 1,000 or 10 x 200 = EUR 2,000

Ten % of the first deal made between a local institution management and HR&S Sweden where the relation has been established by the branch (see No1). Expected income: 3 x 10% of EUR 10,000 = EUR 3,000

Other social enterprising type of offers by the RISE Centres, such as local training. Expected outcome: – All RISE members develop and maintain a SfC for their own businesses.  – 100 % accountability among RISE members.  – Local branches team members and auditors are fully reimbursement by the Branches’ income.  

  • Company tax .
  • Survey visits , to do TestE research.
  • RISEtalk events , travel, venua and snacks.
  • RISE Support Centres investments : internet access, computers, cell phone, venue rent, furniture etc.
  • The person who offers a RISEtalk training (one hour) and follows up with a RISEmember in person and on-site training is reimbursed EUR 30.
  • Team member reimbursement, end of year activity report.
  • Travel to visit other Branches.
  • Other. As agreed between the Country Branch and HR&S Sweden
  • Team-leaders and active members of the team of operations are not eligible for RISE Centre loans, as a result of ethics consideration, but are encouraged to generate a personal income as a share of the Branch income that can be used as start-up and scale-up capital for the businesses. They benefit from the RISE Centre services free of charge

Team member reimbursement, end of year reimbursement

From 2022 and on-wards reimbursement to team members are based on the branches own income plus 10 % of the ActionInvest transfer during the accounting year. The reimbursement can be agreed on in a RISEtalk in January, when all team members are present, in person or via zoom, and when the amount available is presented by the accountant. The amount available is shared evenly between team members if everyone has contributed equally much, or the amount is distributed unevenly and against individual activity reports. The amount is measured against measurable results that we take note of as output in our ROPE management strategy and present in the ROPEtrello board. The reimbursement decision shall be approved by HR&S Sweden, and forms be filled for the end of year auditing, before the accountant makes the transfers.

Lessons learned & informed decisions

When HR&S launched the concept of Branches in 2019 active team members were  reimbursed EUR 300 per year directly from the ActionInvest transfer. Lesson learned  i) This did not work as certain individuals seemed to join just for the sake of money but without contributing with work. This caused tension and a waste of time, effort and resources. ii) Also, it was found that  loan takers did not pay interest as agreed on why this opportunity for income was restricted.

HR&S Branch & RISE Support Centre investments

Investments are withdrawn form the amount generated through branches own income plus 10 % of the ActionInvest transfer during the accounting year, after a reasonable amount of direct team members reimbursements have been paid, usually around 50 %. Investment can also be made through direct sources of income.

Zambia, March 2023

SIER Human Rights and Science – Zambia



SIER Human Rights and Science is a subsidiary of Human Rights & Science (HR&S), a social enterprise registered in Sweden. Human Rights & Science has 20 years of experience from supporting scientific research, advanced laboratories, social enterprising and sustainable development in Sub-Sahara Africa, and have developed management strategies which we have translated into training and coaching.

SIER Human Rights and Science was registered in 2022 in Zambia. We aim to empower local researchers, innovators and social entrepreneurs to implement poverty reduction programmes.

A world without extreme poverty.

Our Mission

To empower scientific research, innovation and enterprising in Zambia through equal partnership. Within our mission lies transparency, accountability, truth, trust, harmony, equity and resilience, as well as sustainable economies and institutional capacity.

2.HR&S Business Profile

SIER Human Rights and Science Business Profile

3. SIER HR&S Team

SIER Human Rights and Science Team

4. Market Analysis

  • Service Offering / Proposed Interventions and Activities

SIER Human Rights and Science Centre Zambia operates under the umbrella of HR&S Sweden and share the goal to create conditions for social enterprises to develop their operations at locations where other support is difficult to obtain. Support/Activities will be in the form of entrepreneurship training, coaching and investment capital from social investors.

SIER will adopt a product development strategy because the existing products cannot adequately meet the needs of the identified market.  As such, the Centre will focus its activities on the following pillars:

Pillar One: Business Capital

Individuals running micro businesses are faced with lots of challenges in their operation and a lack or inadequate access to finance is a major constraint. They are perceived as high risk, lack track record and collateral.

The centre currently offers small loans to micro businesses as working capital to increase their stock volumes.   The service offering of investment capital in the form of unsecured loans facilitates social enterprising start-up and scale-up. SIER members who benefit from the loans will be individuals who are not in an economic position to secure funding from traditional financial institutions like banks and microfinance institutions.

Unsecured loans are a great funding option for micro businesses that have no assets, or do not want to put up any collateral, or are growing quickly and need money instantly. These loans are based on factors such ability to pay, income levels, profession and personal guaranteees.

There is high demand for unsecured loans because of the unnecessity of collateral requirements and short-term loan application due to low income levels, rapid lending & approval processes. Loan uptake will increase because technology offers various advantages in terms of managing, assessing and disbursing electronic loans.  It assures faster loan approval and repayment, lowers service costs, and regulatory enforcement.

Hence, the Centre intends this pillar to be the anchor of the RISE programmes, as the other pillars support the enterprise development.

Pillar Two:   Mentoring Programs

Currently the Centre has not yet effected this pillar. SIER intends to offer some mentorship to its members. Mentoring programs create a natural environment of learning and can hence produce incredible learning outcomes. With mentoring programs in place, members can learn as they work on projects with their mentors. All in all, the learning engagement in their business will be much higher. Would-be successful business owners need assistance from others who have an intimate knowledge of how business works.

Pillar Three:   Training Programs

SIER understands that in today’s competitive business environment, the capabilities and skills of SMEs are fundamental requirements for continuous productivity, innovation and success in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It is understandable that when budding entrepreneurs follow their dreams of starting a business, they get swept along with excitement of it all and are consumed by the amount of work that is needed just to get the business up and running. They do not have the resources to recruit experienced personnel to cover key business operations and therefore, take everything onboard themselves, learning as they go along.

The main purpose of training is to upskill an individual and provides a raft of generic advantages and transferable skills.

4.2 Market Demand

Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Zambia play an important role in production, employment, and income. They represent 97% of all businesses in the country, with 70% of gross domestic product (GDP) and 88% of employment. In addition, SMEs also fill a key role in society, as they tend to employ a large share of the most vulnerable segments of the workforce.

Raising the competitiveness of these enterprises would help reduce the youth unemployment rate and increase the number of women in employment. This would also contribute to progress towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of reducing social exclusion and enhancing productive capacities. Spread across all economic sectors, MSMEs have the potential to help the Zambian economy diversify.

SIER recognizes the high demand levels for access to low-cost finance, access to information, access to markets as well as access to capacity development interventions that support the growth of the MSMEs and sees its programme implementation as reducing some of these challenges.

It is intended that the centre will supply the following interventions to the MSME members identified:

  • Low-cost financing with flexible payment terms.
  • Mentorship and coaching at both entrepreneur and enterprise level.
  • Capacity Building interventions – demand driven tailor made training in financial literacy and business management skills.
  • Research & Innovation.

5.Competition and Comparative Advantage

5.1 Competition

Below are some institutions that are currently offering similar products as SIER Zambia:


CEEC is a government initiative under the ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Development responsible in giving loans to marketers and other institutions or cooperatives. The minimum amount a group can get is k50, 000.00 to k3,000, 000.00 for just a year with an interest of 12 % no matter the amount. The mode of paying back depends on the loan takers. It is collateral based such as Accounts Receivables, Equipment, Purchase Orders and so on. The given group must also possess NRCs as well as ZRA Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN).  

  • Zamcash – A Chinese Micro lending Institution

loan interest for 2 weeks is 20% and for 1 month is 35% and an amount of k25.00 is constantly subtracted from the loan amount one requests. According to the company k25.00 acts as collateral since it is done online. Exceeding the given period attracts a penalty fee of 1% interest per day.

  • Micro Lending Institutions (MFIs)

These micro lending institutions are both at formal and informal level with some offering loans that are sector specific, eg to teachers only, while others are open only to those in formal employment.  Some MFIs though are geographical and may only supply services to a certain sector of society, example, farmers in select provinces.  Some formal MFIs tie their loans to capacity building/training activities as well.

MFIs have interest rates of between 10 – 30%, with amounts ranging from between K1,000 to K200,000 and repayments are dependent on the amounts, but will usually have a maximum period of 12 months.  Despite their high cost, MFIs are quite popular in Zambia

  • Village Banks / Savings group

These savings groups have become very popular in Zambia, especially among the micro and small enterprises.  Unfortunately, most do not offer capacity development interventions.

5.2 Comparative Advantage of SIER

The Centre’s comparative advantage includes the following:

  • Low and affordable interest rates of 3% per month
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Additional support by way of trainings, mentorship and access to information.
  • Provision of research and innovation.

6.Financial Projections and Analysis

6.1 analysis and recommendations.

From the projected cashflow statement, it remains evident that the Centre is not sustainable.  It is recommended that the Centre may apply the following:

  • Increase the interest rate per loan amount
  • Incorporate some income generating activities that may not align to the direct MSME support
  • Mobilize external resources to cover all administrative costs including a fee to be paid to the SIER Team members
  • For greater visibility and proper management and administration of duties, the SIER Centre must operate from a physical office, which will also help in the administering of member trainings and effective member support.

Opening New Offices: Tips for Successful Branch Expansion

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branch office business plan

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Should Your Law Firm Open a Branch Office? Questions Law Firms Should Ask Before Opening Branch Offices

Setting Up a Branch Office

What you should consider, structural considerations, long-term benefits.

branch office business plan

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I appreciated how I felt my legal placement professional was really personable and friendly. She wanted to get in touch .... Read more >

branch office business plan

Taeva Shefler

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Hi Harrison, I am gainfully employed at the moment. I am not looking for a new job. Thank you and I enjoyed working with.... Read more >

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[My favorite thing about working with BCG Attorney Search was] that there was a level of contact every week. I have work.... Read more >

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I love that I had to put in little to no effort to get this job, to be honest with you besides the actual interview I ha.... Read more >

branch office business plan

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I got your gift in the mail. Thank you so much! That's very thoughtful of you.Things at Vedder are great. I am learning .... Read more >

branch office business plan

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branch office business plan

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branch office business plan

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Six Battle-Tested Strategies to Establishing a Branch Office

PSMJ Resources, Inc.

In most cases they walk, ill-equipped, into battle against something new and unexpected, like a two-headed blood thirsty battle cat that hurls spears at your armor while whisking your legs out from under them with its lethal tail. Some adapt and conquer the beast while others are cut off at the knees and impaled in the throat.

Expanding your business, into more locations, is much like stepping into battle with an adversary that you are not prepared to defeat. There are A/E firms that have conquered these beasts. Every experience is unique, challenging, and rewarding. Here are six strategies learned along the way that have helped firms like yours be successful and grow in new locations :

Be true to your Core Values, Vision, and Strategic Plan.  Assuming your opportunity and location is recognized, you must question your motives. For us this was a regular conversation. Revisit your values and mission, and make sure the new office is staying in line with the company culture and goals.

Expect battle wounds while establishing a new location.  Battle wounds may come in the form of big costs, unexpected  costs,and lost projects. We dodged and took several unexpected  lashings while we established and grew our business. Keep your  eyes open, press forward, and remember, from your current  business experience, you can take a punch.

Know your battle plan and teammates.  Progress and success will  hinge on a well-executed revenue forecast and business development plan…without sacrificing profits! Inasmuch, your current financial and  organizational business needs to be well organized and capitalized.  Find a new financial teammate if your current group or institution is unwilling to grow with you.

Be different. Define success and growth on your own terms. You are successful, so act like it. You are good at what you do, so keep doing it. Who cares what your competition is doing!

Choose your weapon wisely . The person, or Champion, you identify for leading this new location may be one of the most important decisions you make. Our company invested quite a bit of time into this decision. Please don’t mess this up.

Appeal to everyone in the firm for this new endeavor. Tell your friends and close clients. Create positive commotion and chanting in the arena. This noise is a huge motivator and creates momentum for your Champion and the principals of the firm. This is an endeavor of the entire firm, not merely the leading individual.

AEC Branch Office Optimization E-Book_2018_WEB IMAGE.jpg

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My Assignment Help : Samples & Case Study Review Sample

Assignment Samples & Case Study Review Sample: The biggest assignment sample database – Chat with Experts to get your own custom made paper!


This Result Slip must be attached to the assignment or assessment event being forwarded.  Ensure that you complete all the fields of this result slip. Version 10.2 checked in at Feb 13 2008 09:35:14 RESULT SLIP BSBRES401A Analyse and present research info *LA011202* LA011202 OFFICE USE ONLY THIS PART TO BE COMPLETED BY TEACHER Mark: Yes No Teacher’s Record (Please cut off this section for your records) Student name label: Subject No: LA No: THIS PART TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT Course no. Please complete the following information: Subject No: BSBRES401A Subject Name: Analyse and present research informatio LA No: Name SAM ID

Student Signature: LA011202 LA Name: BSBRES401A – Assignment 1 Stick your student barcode label here, or print your name and SAM ID below. If you have recently changed your postal address, check that your details are correct on the OLS or contact your teacher.  This information needs to be correct so that we can return your assignment. PLAGIARISM DECLARATION I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this assignment/assessment is my own work.  All sources have been acknowledged and the assignment/assessment contains no plagiarism. Date of signing: 51 Wentworth Road Strathfield NSW 2135 Tick (    ) to confirm that you have a copy (hard copy or electronic) of this assignment. BSBRES401A Subject Name: Analyse and present research information LA011202 LA Name: BSBRES401A – Assignment 1 I am claiming payment for this assignment/assessment. Details checked and processed: Date: or Result: P Request for Resubmit: (Tick) Resubmit Approved: Yes No Date submitted % ass, F ail, S atisfactory, U nsatisfactory)( (Faculty Director’s signature or delegate) I am claiming payment for this assignment/assessment. Result Slip label: % Mark: or (Teachers Signature) Result:

Assignment 1 LA011202, Assn 1, BSBRES401A Ed 1 1 © NSW DET 2010

What you have to do Read the following case study and complete the plan. You should break the plan into recognisable sections by way of ‘Headings’ and wherever possible use report format or point form. Your “Plan” should not exceed 800 words in length. If you are not clear on any aspect of this task you will need to review your unit notes. To gain maximum marks you will need to have read the additional readings as set out in the Overview of this unit and use additional references.

Case study You are an Area Manager for a large national bank. Five years ago a housing development was opened in your area (pick a real suburb). With new housing and commerce coming to the area over the intervening years you can now see that there is an opportunity to open a new branch office of the bank.

To do this you have to gain approval from your General Manager (GM). You know that your GM requires a great deal of convincing on the viability of opening new branches.

The GM will want to see research undertaken on matters that include the following:

1. Population growth over the last five years and growth projection for the next five years 2. The demographics of the local population including average income 3. Current and potential growth in business 4. Current banking associations for both potential private and business customers 5. Indications of the number of potential customers

6. The availability of suitable premises in the area 7. The overall cost of establishing the branch.

Because of this you must undertake rigorous research to develop a business case to convince him that the bank will make a short term profit from the proposed branch. You will engage your Personal Assistant (PA) in undertaking the research and developing the report for the General Manager. Your PA has not studied this research subject so with this Plan you will ensure that they are clear on what is required as you develop a Project Plan which clearly defines the purpose and limits of the task at hand. They need to know what the different kinds of research are, where to find them, and how they will be used.

Draw up a “Plan” setting out the purpose and limits of the task set out above. In your Plan you need to clearly define for your PA, at the start the Objective of the research, and then clearly explain the following:

• Process by which research will be undertaken • Procedures for collecting, recording and processing data • Ways in which findings will be analysed • Methods of presentation of the overall findings • Budget and timeline for the overall research project • Any other matters which you consider important for your PA to know before she/he commences the research. Use these dot points as headings in your Plan.

Rem ember your Plan should be concise but with enough detail to ensure that your PA is clear on what is required when he/she commences the project.

Purpose of the Business Plan

We need to tap the potential of housing development which came up in the Bayview Heights, Queensland five years ago by opening new bank branch. The housing development has enhanced the commercial and new housing prospects in this area so we need to reasr4ech and collect relevant data to propose the opening of new branch office of the bank to utilise this commercialisation in the suburban area.

Limitations of the Tasks

All the findings and conclusions would be based on the sample collected from the working area and there is a time limit too. So the major limitations are:

  • No physical contact with the potential customer’s just telephonic conversation with the sample representative of the whole group is possible.
  • There is time constraint too because a delay in research and collection of data might give chance to the competitor to launch and be the first one to tap the market potential.
  • No extra budget allocated for conducting research.

Objective of the Research

The main objective of the research is to collect the relevant data related to:

  • Population Growth over the past five years and the projected growth for the coming five years in Bayview Heights, Queensland Suburb.
  • Find the demographics of local population along with the average income.
  • Current Growth in the business in Bayview Heights and potential growth also in business.
  • Current banking associations for both private and potential customers in that area.
  • Estimation of the number of Potential Customers
  • Availability of suitable premises in Bayview Heights, Queensland.
  • Overall costing of establishing the new branch.

Process by which research will be undertaken

  • Preliminary Investigation to gather data regarding the demographics of population of the suburb.
  • To understand the environment of the people residing in the suburb.
  • The research process which should be followed is by collecting the secondary data to gain real-time insight into the potential and gather correct information.
  • Population demographics can be collected from the Australian Governments website for the past five years and then projection for coming five years can be done.
  • Analysis of secondary data will help in finding the shortcomings of primary data and help in improving the shortcomings existing in the analysis of secondary data.
  • Self administration would be the best way to collect authentic data as there is time constraint and several other limitations too.

Procedure for collecting, recording and processing data

The method which will be used for collecting information and data is direct personal interview through tele-calling. A structured questionnaire needs to be developed which carries questions which help in generating specific as well as to the point information. The questionnaire is less time taking and easy to interpret and tabulate also.

The respondents are telephonically contacted and we collect direct answers. Open –ended as well as closed ended questions are being used.

Data Collection:

Secondary data: On the basis of information available from news papers, organisational files, official records, magazines and management journals and books secondary data is collected from internal sources. Websites and eth internet sources of organisations are also very useful.

Primary Data:  the main source of primary data is selecting randomly people from various professions and contacting them telephonically and conducting direct personal interview based upon the questionnaire.

Methods of Analysis of Data

Since it is difficult to contact each and every person from the whole population of Bayveiw Heights, we need to do Sampling to know about the potential and the characteristics of potential customers.

  • Sampling Units : Various Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, chartered accountants, Business man, Housewives, Lawyers etc.
  • Sampling Technique : Random Sampling
  • Research Instrument : Structured Questionnaire
  • Method of Contact : Personal Interview

Sample Size

The sample size chosen over here is 500 people or respondents.

Data Collection Instrument

The method of analysis of data is based on the Survey method and Field Activity.

Budget and Timeline for the Overall Project

The Budget for opening the new Branch will include the start-up costs like (Angeles, 2004):

  • Down payment for the building premises
  • Refurbishing the building like painting, retiling etc.
  • Fixed Assets like:

– Main Vault installation cost

– ATM construction cost

– Safety Deposit Boxes cost

  • Office Furniture costs
  • Monthly Expenses for Branch Operations
  • Advertising and marketing of new Branch

Timeline for Overall Project

Other important considerable points for research.

  • Since the research is Sample-based the outcomes cannot be generalised.
  • No extra budget allocated for research so cost should be kept minimum.
  •  Try to collect authentic data.


Angeles, V. (2004) Proposal For Opening New Columbia Bank Branch , 19 October, [Online], Available: [11 April 2012].

But you can order it from our service and receive complete high-quality custom paper.  Our service offers Business essay sample that was written by professional writer. If you like one, you have an opportunity to buy a similar paper. Any of the academic papers will be written from scratch, according to all customers’ specifications, expectations and highest standards.”

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Research Plan For A New Bank Branch Business Plan Example

Type of paper: Business Plan

Topic: Banking , Business , Bible , Study , Information , Economics , Development , Population

Words: 1250

Published: 12/07/2019


Summary The purpose of the report is to carry out a research on feasibility of opening a new branch office of the Westernpac Bank in the area called Southbankwhich is a suburb of Melbourne. Exploring such a possibility and planning has become imperative in the light of the area’s population growth, economic and infrastructure development, and business establishment. The scope of this research is limited to the Southbank region by collecting data inputs from different governmental and private agencies. In addition, a survey has been also conducted to get feedbacks from individuals to ensure a quality in this research and analysis. Further, the results and findings of the analysis report suggest that there is a possibility of substantial growth in every walks of life and any decision to establish a new branch in this area will be in the good interests of the bank and its strategic growth. So, I will recommend a case of considering these facts and establishing our own branch at the earliest so as to build a strategic network of our branches. Introduction This is based on the increase in population growth over the last five years and there is further possibility of sustaining a projection of such a growth in the next five years. With the increase in population growth, there has been corresponding increase not only in infrastructure development and money flow but also in the establishment of business and commercial activities. Such a current and potential growth in business is a clear indicator for possible growth in the numbers of customers. This positive trend of economic, business, infrastructure, and population growth raises a need to establish a new bank to tap the financial, commercial, and economic resources of the industry, private business houses and people and improve the market position. Methodology In order to execute the analysis and arrive at conclusion, a process-based method is being applied to ensure the quality of survey and interpretation of data. A plan has been drawn to explore some of the ways in which data needs to collected, analyzed and concluded. These are as follows: a) The process of research will be based on collection of data from governmental and non-governmental resources which are reliable, transparent, and verifiable. b) Our team members will go to the indicated regions personally, and collect, record, and process data from the people, government offices, and business establishment. c) After collection, recording and processing of data, the rate of economic development, population growth, and business boom will be analysed. d) After this analysis of data, it will be presented to a high level committee for quality review and management of the overall findings. e) If there is a positive signal and feedback from the quality management team, an outline of the budget and the time required to complete this research will be finalized and presented for approval. f) Finally, it will be also advised to the research and analysis team to submit their findings and conclusions with supporting evidences within the defined timeline. g) At the time of submitting report, the anticipted budget required to eastablish this new branch will be also covered. In addition, it will also include the anticipated strength of workin people who could open their account and become our customers. Study A study has been carried out and its details are presented for comprehensive interpretation and analysis. This study is as follows: The WesternpacBank is one of the leading four banks in Australia, andit is alsothe second largest Australian bank operating in New Zealand. Since there is plan to initiate a number of projects to improve its market position in both the continents,there is need to focus on spreading out branches of the bank innot only major cities, but also in the suburban areas. Now, the prime focus is to explore the possibility of opening a branch in Southbank which is a suburb of Melbourne. This area has experienced sea change in the population and economic growth in the recent years. Some of the salient features of this study are: a) It is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the city. b) In past five years, it has encompassed five more areas which are quite large andadjacent to the main suburb. c) The population of this area has gone up to 79,000. It has beenincreasing at a rate of 8%for the last few years. d) The people residing in this area are mostlypeoplewho are employed in the companies and industries. e) Its population primarily comprises middle class to high income group people and it could be around 55000. f) The number of working and earning class people could be not less than 15000 whose monthly income will be around $50 million. g) The overall cost of establishing the branch could be around $2 million. This includes the cost of building construction, technology development, infrastructure development, and process management. h) The time required to accomplish this survey and analysis will be around three month in order to understand the nuances of physical infrastructure, financial implication, and strategic planning. Analysis Based on the collection of data and its interpretation, time has come to analyze the issues in a rational and pragmatic manner. Some of the encouraging trends of analyses that can be made are: a) There is a possibility of future growth in population, economy and commercial activities. b) The population growth has resulted in economic growth of the people in this area. c) The economic potential of the area is quite high and healthy. d) Poverty level has gone down for this area. e) The residents range from middle class to wealthy lot. f) Buying potential for thispopulation is on the rise. g) Not less than 1000 people will open their accounts. h) The monthly turnover or transaction will not be less than $35 million. i) After deducting payment of employees and all the allied expenditure, the monthly income for this new branch is anticipated at around $5 million. j) The time anticipated should be good enough to complete the research and survey for establishing a new bank branch. Conclusions and Recommendations Based on the aforesaid facts, data interpretation, and analysis, it can be concluded that the entire city is experiencing economic growth. Such an economic and commercial boom in the region will really boost the prospect of the Westpac bank doing better. And, it will undoubtedly benefit more if it sets up new branches in thisdeveloping region. So, I will recommend to the higher authorities to look into the facts and figures of our analysis and research, and consider the case of opening a new branch of our bank in this potential market for financial services. I am of the firm conviction that such a proactive initiative of spreading our wings in this region will tap the earning of the working class,prosper our prospect of earning more in this area, and enahnce the economic and financial health of the bank by venturing first into this developing locality.

Dingle, T &O'Hanlon, S, 2009, “From manufacturing zone to lifestyle precinct: economic restructuring and social change in inner Melbourne, 1971–2001”. Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 49, No.1, pp. 52–69,


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15 Advantages and disadvantages of opening a new branch office

Expanding a business is an exciting endeavor for any business owner.

It provides the opportunity to reach new customers, offer new products and services, and explore new markets.

However, like any business decision, opening a new branch office comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of opening a new branch office and how it can affect your business growth and expansion.

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a new branch office

  • Redaction Team
  • September 25, 2023
  • Business Planning , Entrepreneurship

Advantages of Opening a New Branch Office

  • Market Expansion : Opening a new branch office allows you to tap into new markets for business expansion and reach a wider customer base. This can lead to increased sales and revenue.
  • Geographic Diversity : Branch offices in different locations can provide geographic diversity, reducing your exposure to regional economic downturns or market fluctuations.
  • Brand Presence : Expanding with new branches can enhance your brand's visibility and recognition in different regions or markets.
  • Customer Convenience : New branches can make it more convenient for customers to access your products or services, potentially increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Local Expertise : Branches in different areas can benefit from local expertise, knowledge, and insights into the unique needs and preferences of customers in those regions.
  • Economies of Scale : Multiple branches can lead to economies of scale in areas like procurement, marketing, and administration, potentially reducing per-unit costs.
  • Competitive Advantage : Expanding your physical presence can give you a competitive advantage over competitors who may have a more limited geographic reach.

Disadvantages of Opening a New Branch Office

  • High Initial Costs : Setting up a new branch can be expensive, involving costs such as leasing or purchasing real estate, hiring staff, and outfitting the office.
  • Operational Complexities : Managing multiple branches can be operationally complex, requiring effective communication, coordination, and supervision.
  • Market Risk : Entering new markets carries inherent risks, including uncertainty about customer demand, competition, and regulatory challenges.
  • Management Challenges : Expanding with new branches may strain your management resources, as you'll need to oversee operations in multiple locations.
  • Financial Risk : New branches may take time to become profitable, and there's a risk of financial strain if they don't generate sufficient revenue to cover their costs.
  • Cannibalization : New branches may compete with existing ones for the same customer base, potentially leading to cannibalization of sales.
  • Dilution of Focus : Managing multiple branches can divert your attention and resources away from your core business and strategic objectives.
  • Legal and Compliance Issues : Expanding into new areas may require compliance with different local regulations, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Advantages of opening a new branch office

Opening a new branch office can bring several advantages to your business. One of the main advantages is the ability to expand your customer base. By opening a new branch office, you can reach customers in a different location who may not have been aware of your business before. This can lead to an increase in sales and revenue, as well as the potential for new income streams.

Another advantage is the ability to diversify your business. By opening a new branch office, you can offer new products and services to your customers. This not only expands your customer base but also allows you to tap into new markets. This diversification can help protect your business from downturns in specific industries and provide stability to your income streams.

Opening a new branch office can also help improve your productivity. By delegating some of the workload to the employees at the new branch, you can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. This can lead to increased efficiency and allow you to take advantage of economies of scale, which can result in cost savings and improved cash flow, for this you can read tips about financial management for entrepreneurs .

Disadvantages of opening a new branch office

While there are advantages to opening a new branch office, there are also several disadvantages that business owners should consider. One of the main disadvantages is the capital requirements. Opening a new branch office can be costly, as it requires investment in infrastructure, equipment, and hiring new staff. It is important to carefully assess your financial situation and ensure that you have enough capital to support the expansion.

Another disadvantage is the potential for compromised quality. As your business expands and you add new products and services, it can be challenging to maintain the same level of quality across all branches. This can negatively impact your reputation and customer satisfaction. It is important to have systems in place to ensure consistency and quality control across all branches.

Opening a new branch office also means dealing with the complexities of managing multiple locations. This can increase the workload for business owners, as they need to oversee and coordinate operations across different branches. It requires effective communication and management skills to ensure smooth business transactions and operations.

Conclusion of Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Expansion

Opening a new branch office can be a strategic move to expand your business and tap into new markets. However, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision. It requires careful planning, adequate capital, and effective management to ensure the success of the new branch. By weighing the pros and cons and assessing the potential impact on your business, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your growth objectives.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Money in the Bank

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    The business plan outlines in specific terms the financial objectives of your business, and how it will position itself to achieve those goals in the context of

  5. business plan for the creation of a branch office

    1. Know the company, the project to develop and the objectives to work. 2. Segment the market to cover and determine the products that are will handle for sale.

  6. 10 Steps To Open a Second Business Location

    Your business plan for opening a new branch should ... Yes, small businesses can have multiple locations, stores, offices or even branches.

  7. Tips for Opening Another Business Location

    A business launch and expansion should always include a detailed plan. Business plans can be written in two formats: a lean startup plan or a

  8. Branch business plan

    Business Plan Business modelThe HR&S Country Branches operates as for profit social enterprises, thus private companies registered in their countries.

  9. Branch Office Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template 2020

    Branch Offices must create and maintain a written business continuity plan identifying procedures relating to an emergency or significant business disruption.

  10. Opening New Offices: Tips for Successful Branch Expansion

    From there, businesses will need to develop a business plan and budget to ensure the office meets their goals. This should include outlining the specific

  11. Six Battle-Tested Strategies to Establishing a Branch Office

    Know your battle plan and teammates. Progress and success will hinge on a well-executed revenue forecast and business development plan…


    BUSINESS PLAN FOR NEW BANK BRANCH · Purpose of the Business Plan · Limitations of the Tasks · Objective of the Research · Process by which research

  13. Research Plan For A New Bank Branch Business Plan Example

    ... branch office of the Westernpac Bank in the area called Southbankwhich is a suburb of Melbourne. Exploring such a possibility and planning

  14. 15 Advantages and disadvantages of opening a new branch office

    Explore the pros and cons of opening a new branch office for business expansion ... Business Planning, Entrepreneurship. Table of Contents