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Free 11+ Practice Papers

These free practice papers contain realistic 11+ questions at the same level as the ones children will answer in the final tests. There are two sets of papers to choose from — one for the CEM tests and one for GL and other 11+ test providers.

Free Practice Papers for GL and other 11+ test providers

Simply find the subject you're after and click below to download the resources you need.

CGP 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers

Verbal Reasoning

Answer Sheet

CGP 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers

Non-Verbal Reasoning

CGP 11+ Maths Practice Papers

Free Practice Papers for CEM

CGP 11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning Free Practice Papers

Verbal Reasoning — CEM

CGP 11+ CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers

Non-Verbal Reasoning — CEM

CGP 11+ CEM Maths Practice Papers

Maths — CEM

Please note these practice papers do not include any official questions and are not endorsed by GL Assessment or CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring).

Find everything you need for 11+ success with CGP!

For more in-depth test preparation, you'll find top-quality Study Books, 10-Minute Tests, Practice Question Cards and Practice Test Papers in the CGP 11+ range. It offers complete coverage of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English for every major test provider.

The CGP 11+ Range

11+ GL English Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 - Pack 1 (with Parents' Guide & Online Edition)

  • £10.99

We love giving free samples to UK schools — they'll be on your desk before you know it.

If you'd like to take a look at any of CGP's products just click the 'Free Sample' button and it'll appear in your basket. There's no catch — you won't be charged for it, and we'll never ask for it back!

MHTE2 - 11+ GL Maths Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 - Pack 1 (with Parents' Guide & Online Edition)

11+ GL Maths Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 - Pack 1 (with Parents' Guide & Online Edition)

VHTE2 - 11+ GL Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 - Pack 1 (with Parents' Guide & Online E

11+ GL Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 - Pack 1 (with Parents' Guide & Online Ed)

NHTE2 - 11+ GL Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 Pack 1 (inc Parents' Guide & Online

11+ GL Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers: Ages 10-11 Pack 1 (inc Parents' Guide & Online Ed)

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Year 5 Maths Assessments

  • 2000+ Topicwise Questions with Solutions Included
  • Covers Complete Year 5 Maths Curriculum
  • Suitable for Grammar & Independent School 11+ Exam preparation
  • Improve Speed, Accuracy & Time Management

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Free Year 5 Assessments & Solutions ✍️

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It is an exam conducted in Year 5 to test a kid's ability in Maths. You can prepare for the Year 5 Maths Assessment using the Year 5 Maths Assessment practice papers . Regular practice and hard work will help you score good marks in Year 5 Maths Assessments.

Year 5 students should be proficient in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and know when to apply which operation. They must feel confident when using these four operations on 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. You can prepare for the year 5 Maths Exam using the Year 5 Maths Assessment Practice Papers .

The best way to prepare for Year 5 Maths is to spend 2-3 hours daily practicing maths problems. Regular practice can help improve your speed. You can use the Year 5 Maths Assessment practice papers to get the best result.

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Everything you need to succeed at the 11 Plus More about our Services

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Year 5 is clearly the most important year for preparation for the 11 Plus. In areas where the test consists of only one or two types of test – Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for example – it may only be necessary to begin tuition in the January of Year 5. As the 11 Plus tests are taken in the autumn term in almost every area, this gives you at least eight months to prepare your child.

Where the tests consist of more papers – especially an English essay – it may be necessary to start formal tuition at the beginning of Year 5 because of the sheer volume of material and practice that is needed to cover the ground.

Unless you are employing a tutor you need to be disciplined and prepare well for tutoring your child for the Eleven Plus. On this page you will find information to help you through that, divided in to the following areas:

Planning for tutoring

Selecting tutoring materials and creating the foundations, practice papers.

  • Holidays: To Work or Not To Work?
  • The Run Up to the Tests
  • Once It’s All Over
  • Research, research, research! Find out as much as you can about the content of the 11+ tests in your area. There is plenty of helpful information on this website to help you get started, but it is also absolutely crucial that you check the websites of both the Local Authority and the schools that you are interested in for detailed information about the tests.
  • Do not rely on information from the rumour mill at the school gates. At least 50 percent of what you are told will be incorrect and, as the saying goes, you will have no idea which 50 percent. Past parents may seem knowledgeable, but the format of 11+ tests can and does change from year to year. Always check everything you hear, and if necessary call the Admissions department at the Local Authority or the school’s own Admissions Secretary to ensure that you know what the tests will consist of in the coming year.
  • Once you have established the content of the tests, research carefully which practice materials are appropriate for them. You will find advice on this on our  regional webpages , or on our  11+ Forum , and appropriate materials for every area can be bought from our  11 Plus Bookshop . There is further advice on  selecting materials  below.
  • In some areas there is considerable secrecy over the content of the tests, but you can still use many published materials to help your child learn relevant techniques for the content that is known to have appeared on past papers.
  • Decide on how much tutoring you are going to do with your child, and when to start. Be realistic about how much time you can spare to dedicate to tutoring your child, and how much time your child can reasonably be asked to spend on preparation for the tests. Even in areas where there are several different types of test, more than two hours each week is likely to be excessive. Always remember that your child should be of grammar school standard to take these tests, and tutoring them to death simply to get through the tests will be counter-productive in the long run. If they need large amounts of tuition, should they really be going to a grammar school at all?
  • Set a specific time of the week for your preparation sessions and stick to it as firmly as possible. Try to find a time when the household is generally quite peaceful and your other children are being looked after by someone else, so that you can focus wholly on your 11+ child.
  • Agree with your child how much homework they will do beyond the tutoring session each week.
  • If you wish to provide incentives for your child to undertake preparation for the 11+, agree those with them now. The views of past parents on our 11+ Forum on this topic vary somewhat:That your child’s reward should be gaining a place at a grammar school and no other reward or incentive is necessary.
  • That either regular weekly rewards, or one larger reward prior to taking the tests, can be effective in motivating a child to work.
  • The one thing that virtually all parents agree upon is that giving large incentives for a child to  pass  the tests is neither effective, because it increases the pressure and stress for them, and nor is it reasonable. In the event that your child is not successful, do you really want to have to tell them that they have not qualified, they are not going to a grammar school and they will not be receiving that shiny new toy either?

The first item on your shopping list should be a “How To” guide for Verbal Reasoning and/or Non-Verbal Reasoning, depending on the tests in your area. There are tried and tested methods for solving VR and NVR problems quickly and methodically, and you should follow those when tutoring your child. You or your child may both invent preferred ways of solving questions, but you should at least start with a proven technique. There are also “How To” books for improving your child’s technique for 11+ English (both comprehension and story writing) and similar books for Maths.

Next on the list should be the basic tools for the job. A dictionary and thesaurus are essential – the ones with both the dictionary and thesaurus on the same page are particularly useful. Electronic dictionaries can be bought for under £15.00 and children find them more fun to use than a book, but the paper version is still an essential tool for any parent undertaking home tutoring.

Vocabulary (needed for English & Verbal Reasoning) and Mental Maths (needed for Maths and Verbal Reasoning, also Non-Verbal Reasoning) must be practiced continuously during Year 5. Cheaper, but rather harder work, is making up flashcards, although you can save some time by downloading our  Important Words for Verbal Reasoning  and using word processing software to print out flashcards. You can also make up maths flashcards and use those for practicing times tables, addition, subtraction and division.

The last basic tools are a clock that can be seen from where you and your child will be working so that they begin to understand that they need to check the amount of time they have left in the real tests and if the clock does not have a second hand, a countdown kitchen timer or stopwatch can be handy to time your child’s speed on sets of questions.

Next on the shopping list are some workbooks or CDs that allow repeated practice of the same question types (as opposed to practice papers that cover a mixture of questions). You are aiming to ensure that your child has solid foundations on each type of question before you start giving them practice papers and working on their speed. These are some suggestions for each 11+ topic, but there is a very wide range of materials in our bookshop that are equally as good:

  • Verbal Reasoning: IPS 11 plus Verbal Reasoning – Additional Practice Questions
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: Tuition Workbooks 1 & 2
  • English (comprehension): Bond Comprehension papers, either 9 – 10 years
  • English (story-writing):  Tutor Master Helps You Write Stories, Book One  ; depending on your child’s strengths and weaknesses, there are books by Susan Daughtrey that focus specifically on  punctuation ,  grammar  or  spelling
  • Maths:  Bond Get Ready for Secondary School Mathematics ;  Maths on Target Year 5  or  Year 6

Try to use both practice papers and workbooks to add variety and keep your child’s interest alive.

These are the staple materials that you will need for the first 2 – 3 months while you put the building blocks in place. Once you have done that, it is time to move on to practice papers.

year 5 11 assessment

Your ultimate objective may be 80 Verbal Reasoning questions answered in 50 minutes, but it is not going to happen immediately. Obviously the material will still be somewhat alien to your child, but more importantly, very few 9 or 10 year old children have ever had to concentrate continuously for a period of 50 minutes. They have to learn the focus and application that is required, and also develop a sense of how long 50 minutes actually is and therefore how fast they really need to work. (And that gazing out of the window is not an option!)

For every 11+ topic there are short practice papers that are specifically designed to ease your child into this process, or you can use full length practice papers but divide them into several parts to create shorter practice sessions at the beginning. Do make sure that you reserve the GL Assessment (formerly NFER) papers for last because they are generally the most similar to the real tests, and you will need those for practice in the last few weeks.

Initially you can start by allowing your child to work on practice papers at their own pace, and you can simply let them finish, but time how long it takes them to do 10 or 20 questions. By around May you should be aiming to develop real speed and you should be timing the practice papers more ruthlessly.

Holidays: “To Work or Not to Work”

Most parents hold the view that children should enjoy their holidays and the break from the educational grind. The exception to that is, rather sadly, the summer holiday when the 11+ tests are just around the corner. The 11+ tests in the majority of areas take place in the early autumn and a six week break is likely to leave your child’s head “nice and empty” (as Professor Dumbledore put it to the pupils of Hogwarts). Although it seems heartless, most tutors agree that continuing to do some work on 11+ practice during the holidays is essential when the test is looming.

There is no need to set extreme amounts of work – a practice paper a day is simply unnecessary (see the remarks about excessive tutoring above), and one or two a week should be ample.

You can also change the pace of the tutoring, for example by asking your child to make up stories out loud, rather than writing them down. It still keeps them thinking, but takes the grind out of regular practice. For Maths, make the exercise part of everyday life by asking your child questions: “If this box of ice lollies costs £1.00 and there are 5 lollies in it, how much is each lolly?”

Practice using CDs is also going to seem light relief to your child at this stage, and you can allow them to pick and choose the topics they cover as a (relative) treat.

The Run up to the Tests

As the tests approach you must obviously get back to regular practice and rigid timekeeping, but there are two things to look out for:

  • A dip in your child’s performance

Many children suddenly have a “dip” in their scores just before the tests, which can be very disheartening for them and their parents, but there are tried and tested ways of dealing with it. The first is to give the child a paper that is significantly easier than the standard of the real tests, and hopefully that will deliver a good score. It if does not, you have to resort to the second, rather sneakier method, which is simply to be “economical with the truth”! If your child has been scoring 90 percent regularly during the summer and suddenly their scores have dropped to 75 percent, and the easier paper produces the same result, tell them that they have scored 85 percent anyway. Go through the questions with them that you feel were mistakes caused by gaps in their knowledge, but leave out the ones that you know were simply errors or slips caused by tension. Although tension and nerves will be a factor on the day of the real test, your child will also be driven by adrenalin, and that heightens concentration. The silly mistakes tend to disappear on the day.

“Burn-out” is a lot more worrying, and can be a real threat to your child performing at their best on the day. The child may simply refuse to do any more practice tests, they may become very upset at any talk of the 11+ or they may constantly talk about how they are going to fail.

If the amount of preparation you have done has been kept within reasonable bounds you will hopefully not see your child get into this state, but if they do you must take prompt action.

Firstly, it is likely to be counter-productive to force more practice on them and you may need to accept that the tutoring and practice is now over.

If your child’s confidence is the problem, make strenuous efforts to praise them in other areas, such as their schoolwork, or being helpful at home.

If they seem to have developed a real fear of failure, reassure them that you will still love them whatever happens in the 11+ and reassure them constantly about the alternative school they will attend if they do not qualify.

If you sense that your child’s attitude is stabilising, try some gentle practice of the type suggested for the summer holiday. Having had a break, they might even be willing to do a few practice papers just before the test. If not, don’t despair. If you have taught them the techniques that they need and already spent most of a year preparing for the test, they may yet give you a very pleasant surprise, despite the last minute “wobble”.

Once It’s All Over

Praise your child to the hilt! Tell them how proud you are of all their hard work, and once again reassure them that you love them unreservedly regardless of the result. Deliver on any incentives that you agreed at the start and even if you didn’t promise an incentive, treat them to something anyway even if all you can afford is a packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate. If you can manage something a little more special, do so. They have worked hard and they have endured being taught by their mum or dad for nearly a year. They deserve something for that at the very least. (And so do you!)

11 Plus Mocks - Practise the real exam experience - Book Now

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11+ essentials - Non-verbal Reasoning - Practice papers book

11+ Essentials – Non-Verbal Reasoning GL Practice Papers: Multiple Choice Book 1 (First Past the Post®)

This 11 plus non-verbal reasoning test book provides essential real exam practice for 11 plus exams and Common Entrance exams, comprising four multiple-choice papers, each containing 72 questions split between six sections. The questions consist of nearly two dozen styles of non-verbal reasoning questions covering the most commonly found types.

11+ essentials - Verbal Reasoning - Practice papers book

Eleven Plus Exams GL Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers (Multiple Choice) Book 1 (First Past The Post®)

This 11 plus verbal reasoning test book provides essential real exam practice for 11 plus and Common Entrance exams. These papers are best used to benchmark children’s performance in readiness for the actual 11 plus exams. The format of this book provides the opportunity for children to become familiar with the question and answer layouts of the actual exams.

GL Assessment 11+ exams: all you need to know

By Atom | May 31, 2024, 2:50 PM

Primary school girl wearing green and white checked summer dress, working studiously at a desk with papers in front of her

If your child is taking the 11 plus in 2024, you're probably wondering what kind of test they will be taking. GL Assessment provides 11+ exams for over 80% of grammar schools in England . We've collated all the information you need to know here, including free resources to help your child prepare.

What is GL Assessment?

GL Assessment is a test provider that creates 11 plus exams. Their exams are used by most UK grammar schools , and some independent schools, to decide which children will be offered a place.

GL Assessment exams used by grammar schools tend to be paper-based and non-adaptive. This means that the difficulty does not adjust depending on the answers your child gives.

The eleven plus is designed to be a challenging exam. It looks to see which children will thrive in a selective school environment. It's intended to challenge the top 25% of the year group, with some questions covering content not yet taught in the classroom.

What subjects are on GL Assessment 11+ papers?

GL papers assess four subjects:

Verbal reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning.

Not all schools and regions choose to use all four subjects and they can combine any of the papers with their own test content.

The test covers all Key Stage 2 national curriculum objectives in English and maths. This includes Year 6 objectives that children have not yet encountered at school, as they sit the 11 plus at the very start of Year 6.

The GL Assessment English paper structure varies, but the most common arrangement is:

A reading comprehension text with 25 questions, followed by

Three spelling, punctuation and grammar sections with 8–10 questions each

Reading comprehension

In the reading comprehension section, your child will see a text of around two sides of A4 in length. They are asked questions about the text to assess their inference , deduction , and understanding of vocabulary in context. The text may be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, traditional or contemporary, so familiarity with vocabulary across many genres is helpful.

Depending on the format of answers chosen by your school, your child will be given multiple choice options (most common), or standard format answer boxes for written answers.

A reading comprehension question on a GL Assessment 11+ English mock test on Atom

All example questions shown in this article are from GL Assessment 11+ practice papers on Atom. They show the level of challenge and common question formats.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

There are two types of spelling, punctuation and grammar questions on the GL test:

Complete the sentence

Spot the mistake

This can be a combination of 24 spot the mistake and 12 complete the sentence questions, or vice versa.

An example spelling question on a GL Assessment 11+ English mock test on Atom

Almost all GL 11 plus tests contain a maths paper comprised of 50 questions in 50 minutes. Rapid recall of number facts will help your child to excel in this section. Learn how to prepare for 11 plus maths here .

GL Assessment 11 plus maths questions are aligned with Key Stage 2 national curriculum content. They cover:


The ‘number’ questions come up most often – there tends to be about five number questions for every question on the other topics.

The maths questions are in a multiple-choice format. They occasionally have a small standard format box for a written answer, but this is uncommon as most are marked by computer.

An example maths question on a GL Assessment 11+ mock test on Atom

Some worded problems are included, for example:

An example worded maths question on a GL Assessment 11+ mock test on Atom

Is your child taking the 11+? Help them prepare with Atom's free 4-week 11+ course .

Includes 11+ practice papers for English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning – just like the ones set by GL Assessment. You'll also get marking guidance and a video lesson every week!

11 plus maths practice paper

The GL Assessment 11+ verbal reasoning paper assesses a child’s ability to connect, spot patterns with, and manipulate verbal information . There are typically 80 questions.

Verbal reasoning relies on a broad vocabulary base and understanding of word meanings both in and out of context. It can identify pupils whose strengths lie in English, history, languages and the arts.

Verbal reasoning question structures can be confusing and time-consuming for children who aren’t used to them. It’s a good idea to familiarise your child with the different types of verbal reasoning questions early on.

An example verbal reasoning question on a GL Assessment 11+ mock test on Atom

Strong knowledge of synonyms and antonyms is helpful in this section – find free worksheets to support this here .

An example antonyms question on a GL Assessment 11+ verbal reasoning mock test on Atom

Non-verbal reasoning tests children's ability to problem-solve using visual information . Children need to use logical thinking to solve puzzles and identify rules. Non-verbal reasoning is a useful skill in STEM subjects (such as maths and science).

GL non-verbal reasoning papers often contain 80 questions, split into four sections of 20 questions each. These four sections are separately timed. This means that your child will need to stop when they are told to do so, and all children will move onto the next section together.

Get top tips for non-verbal reasoning here .

A non-verbal reasoning question on a GL Assessment 11+ mock test on Atom

How is the GL Assessment 11+ scored?

Your child's marks in each paper will be combined to give a total score. Each subject might be weighted differently. The total score is then age-standardised so that children born later in the school year aren't disadvantaged by being younger.

There is no single pass mark for the eleven plus. The cut-off score, or qualifying score, depends on the admissions criteria of the school. Grammar school entry is more competitive in some areas than others. Find out more about grammar schools in your area .

Atom's 11 plus practice papers give you an indication of your child's standardised age score. We recommend that your child aims for a score of at least 120 when practising for entry to grammar school.

How many questions are on GL Assessment 11+ tests?

The number of questions and the timing of the test differs between consortiums and individual schools. Some schools choose to combine multiple subjects into a single paper.

Aside from school-specific variations, 'standard' GL Assessment formats are:

English: 49–56 questions in 50 minutes

Maths: 50 questions in 50 minutes

Verbal reasoning: 80 questions in 60 minutes

Non-verbal reasoning: 80 questions in 60 minutes

What's the difference between GL Assessment and CEM?

Until recently, another provider often used for 11 plus exams was CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). In late 2022, CEM announced they were switching to online exams and no longer providing standard 11 plus papers. GL has once again become the main provider of admissions testing for UK grammar schools.

Both exam providers assessed similar skills, but the key differences were:

GL publishes practice materials, while CEM did not.

Timings and structure – GL papers are separated by subject, while CEM integrated all subjects in shorter timed sections.

GL content is less closely mapped to the national curriculum and places more emphasis on logical reasoning and spelling.

How to prepare for GL Assessment 11+ exams

The ideal time to start preparing for the 11 plus is in the summer term of Year 4 or early autumn term of Year 5 . Starting early and practising often in bitesize chunks will minimise stress and pressure.

Build curriculum knowledge

When preparing for an exam it can be tempting to jump straight into using past papers. However, this is not an effective way to learn, and can cause children to feel demotivated. Learners should build a secure understanding of the 11 plus content before being tested under exam conditions.

Build exam technique

Once your child is confident with the 11 plus curriculum, begin to introduce 11 plus test papers to help them get used to GL question formats and timings. They will develop essential time management skills, and become familiar with what to expect on exam day.

Celebrate progress

To keep motivation high , be sure to celebrate each milestone in your child's revision, no matter how minor! Small rewards and plenty of breaks help young learners to stay engaged.

Support wellbeing

Preparing for exams can feel overwhelming for young people. Here's how to prepare mentally and emotionally , and how to help your child manage test anxiety should it arise.

Free resources

Reading comprehension guide.

Get free worksheets to improve your child's comprehension skills.

Verbal reasoning guide

All you need to know about verbal reasoning, plus a free question pack.

Maths worksheets

Free downloadable maths worksheets on challenging Key Stage 2 topics.

Non-verbal reasoning guide

Video lessons, questions, and tips for the 11+ non-verbal reasoning paper.

Exam prep email list

Sign up for tips and resources direct to your inbox.

Parent webinars

Specialist advice on exam preparation and admissions.

Award-winning exam preparation for GL 11+ exams

Wondering how to make sure your child covers the depth and breadth of the entire 11 plus curriculum, stays on track with their progress, and gets help when they're stuck? Online learning is a particularly efficient, cost-effective (and fun) way to do this!

Atom Home is an 11 plus online course that gives your child everything they need to prepare for grammar school exams.

Children work independently through over 90,000 interactive practice questions in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Teacher-created helpsheets and videos help them discover new concepts and consolidate their learning.

Atom's algorithm keeps children on their ideal learning path, tailored to their unique learning style and pace to keep them challenged and motivated.

GL Assessment 11+ practice papers

Unlock unlimited online 11 plus mock tests and downloadable paper tests tailored to your target school. Atom's practice tests mirror the format and style of real 11+ tests, so your child will go into the exam knowing exactly what to expect.

Know they're on track for 11+ success

Atom’s Parent Portal gives you at-a-glance progress reports and detailed transcripts.

You can see how your child is performing in each subtopic compared to their peers, making it easy to celebrate those milestones together.

Progress tracking on Atom's parent dashboard

Get ready to shine in the 11+

Begin your child's journey to grammar school today. Use the full features of Atom Home free for 5 days – cancel anytime.

Ask us anything

We understand how important this next step is for them, and for you. Our Education Experts are on hand to support you over email or Live Chat.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have about the 11+ or your target schools.

year 5 11 assessment

Begin your journey with Atom

Free Resources

Atom Learning Ltd. is registered and incorporated in England and Wales. Company Registration Number: 10867907 VAT number: 316903508 Copyright Atom Learning Ltd. All rights reserved.

11+ exam prep and revision resources

Including cem-style and gl-style practice papers overview resources advice smash the 11+ exams with edplace we’re revolutionising 11+ preparation for your child. with an edplace account, you’ll have access to non-verbal, spatial and verbal reasoning resources for ages 8-11 tailored to cem or gl exam boards; plus 11+ specific english and maths practice. track and measure your child's exam readiness and build their confidence so they're more than ready to show their skills come test day 11+ spatial and non-verbal reasoning view 11+ verbal reasoning view 11+ maths and numerical reasoning view 11+ english view 11+ practice papers view 11+ gl-style revision view 11+ cem-style revision view 11+ assessments view get ahead of the game with edplace's holistic approach tailored resources relevant to exam boards cem and gl from abcs - gcses, edplace is here for the 11+ and beyond with a learn, practice and test method proven to improve scores and speed discreetly progressing your child from year 3 onward to remove 11+ pressures; making learning enjoyable so they feel confident we're here to help your child smash whatever comes their way our students progress 150% across english, maths and science over a school year - now that's genius 11+ activities, exam-style questions and practice papers.

Our resources are designed to teach skills through our teacher-guided activities and then discreetly test your child with exam-style questions and practice papers. Giving you visibility to their progress.

11+ Practice Paper in the style of CEM English and Verbal Reasoning

11+ Practice Paper in the style of CEM Numerical and Non-Verbal Reasoning

11+ Practice Paper in the style of CEM Numerical Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning

11+ Practice Paper in the style of GL English

11+ Practice Paper in the style of GL Maths

11+ Practice Paper in the style of GL Non-Verbal Reasoning

11+ Practice Paper in the style of GL Verbal Reasoning

How to use our resources to achieve results

Here at EdPlace, we believe that helping your child achieve their best on the 11+ exam doesn’t start in year 5. It’s important to understand your child’s full potential and help them develop the skills needed as early as year 3. This will also help you gauge your child’s prospects, ensuring they really shine at grammar school. Our aim is to help take away the exam pressure for your child whilst building their skills and confidence so they can achieve their best. Our revision resources are designed to help students aged 8 to 11 build up to the skills and levels needed to pass the 11+. We’re confident our non-verbal, spatial and verbal reasoning, maths/numerical reasoning and English resources tailored to CEM and GL will help your child soar; and whatever the outcome, we’ll be here to support them on the other side of the 11+ exam too, right up to GCSE!

Learn the skills using our resources, practice what you’ve learnt with our exam-style questions and test for exam readiness with our practice papers - success!

year 5 11 assessment

Download our FREE 11+ sample activities and preparation guides

year 5 11 assessment

11+ advice and support

We’re here to help you support your child’s 11+ preparation. Here you’ll find valuable advice about your region, schools, exam boards, preparation and more.


7 top tips for 11 Plus Exam Preparation (2024)

7 top tips for 11 Plus Exam Preparation (2024) Every year, approximately 100,000 children take …


What to expect in the 11+ exam

An article about the main features of the 11+ exam.


The 11+ and Grammar schools in Birmingham

This article will give information about the eight Grammar School choices in Birmingham and the 11+ …


How to prepare for the 11+ (CEM)

Everything you need to know about how, when and where to prepare your child for their 11+.


What are my options if my child doesn't get offered a grammar school place?

This article aims to outline the reasons why children don't get offered places at Grammar Schools an…


The CEM assessment Exam Board for the 11+

This article outlines the content of the 11+ exam written by CEM and which regions sit the CEM exam.


11+ for Grammar School Entry in Surrey

This article will explain the process for registering for and sitting the selective tests required f…


11+ for Grammar School Entry in Kent

This article will explain the process for sitting the Kent Test and making applications to Kent gram…

11+ for Grammar School Entry in Essex

This article outlines the process for making applications for selective grammar schools and selectiv…


How to prepare for GL 11+ exam

This post will summarise what you can do to prepare your child for the 11+ from as early as year 3.


The GL assessment Exam Board for the 11+

This article outlines the content of the 11+ exam written by GL assessment and which regions sit the…

11+ for Grammar School Entry in Buckinghamshire

This article explains how the 11+ process works in Buckinghamshire and outlines the thirteen grammar…


Is your child due to sit the Eleven Plus this year? Are you looking to find some more information on…

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Choose one of our fantastic Year 5 Online Courses!

When you choose one of our renowned online 11+ courses, you can trust that your child’s education is in capable hands. Our award-winning TargetTeach® system provides each child with a personalised programme and our qualified teachers are committed to delivering an unparalleled educational experience, enabling your child to reach their full potential and ultimately succeed in their 11+ exam!

Online Graduate Course 

Direct tutor support over the phone or email personalised daily tests in maths, english, verbal & nvr interactive revision videos - exclusive to ksol  , £50*per month .


Masterclass Online Course

Homework marked by our qualified tutors weekly guided teaching sessions daily personalised tests & videos, £125* per month, our programmes have been instrumental in assisting thousands of children in securing admission to some of the country's most prestigious grammar schools..

Alcester Grammar

What do our parents say?

"My daughter used KSOL and passed her 11+ exam with a fantastic score! KSOL's online courses are personalised so my daughter was always challenged which was great, and the weekly videos build up essential knowledge. I found the process very helpful because parents are constantly updated with their child's progress and the areas they needed to focus on. Thank you again KSOL!" - (qzBowers390 - Previous KSOL Year 5 Parent)

Suitable for GL Assessment

Personalised, targeted online courses for Year 5 students preparing for the 11+ exam September 2024!

Your child's allocated tutor is available to contact directly and will be with you every step of the way.

Receive challenging daily revision tests (Mon-Fri) targeting key subjects including Maths, English, Verbal, and NVR (including Spatial Reasoning).

Each week your child will receive an EXCLUSIVE interactive video lesson covering fundamental 11+ topic areas and featuring downloadable worksheets.

We understand that children are motivated by many different things, which is why we offer them an opportunity to earn points to cash in for fantastic real prizes!

Flexible and easy to manage, you can cancel your subscription at any time with just 1 month's notice.

A History of Successful Results

Explore the effectiveness of our proven teaching methods through thousands of success stories. Find out how KSOL can make a difference for your child.

Personalised Quizzes Delivered and Counting!

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Suitable for the 11+ GL Assessment Exam

This personalised online home-based course is designed specifically for children sitting the 11+ GL Assessment exam format.

Qualified Teachers

There to guide you every step of the way, your child's allocated tutor will be available to contact directly to discuss their programme and will email you with details on your child's progress every week.

Personalised 11+ Online Tests

Receive challenging daily tests (Mon-Fri) covering Maths, English (inc. Technical), Verbal and NVR (including Spatial Reasoning). Tests will be personalised to target your child's individual areas for improvement.

Exclusive Interactive Video Lessons

Prize and reward scheme.

We understand that children are motivated by many different things, which is why we offer children an opportunity to earn points to cash in for real prizes!

How KSOL can help your child

Listen to Amy and discover how your child can benefit from personalised tuition using TargetTeach Technology

A whole team behind your child

Interaction with an experienced teacher is essential to success, so we ensure that every child is allocated their own specific tutor.

11+ Tutor - Josh

As each child progresses at different speeds with individual goals, we understand how difficult choosing the right tuition provider can be.

You need to find a tuition provider with plenty of experience in the 11+ exam, format and content, but most importantly, one that approaches every single child as an individual.

KSOL's award-winning experience of over 20 years helps children all over the country to prepare for the 11+ GL Assessment entrance exams. Our unique TargetTeach® system allows us to create a personalised course that is designed to target and tackle your child’s weak areas.

Our qualified team of tutors are passionate about helping children fulfil their potential. Tutors are dedicated to ensuring that each child receives a personalised experience when preparing for the 11+ exam in your area. Rest assured that wherever you are, you child's course will reflect the most up-to-date format and content.

Back in 2002, co-founders Aron and Anita were going through the 11 plus preparations with their own child. Recognising a real loophole for tailored online tuition, KSOL was created, offering each student a completely unique revision programme.

Over 20 years later, we are proud to offer an award-winning online 11 plus package which features tailored online tests, exclusive interactive video lessons and direct tutor support.

KSOL allocate each child a qualified 11 plus online tutor who will monitor their progress and send a report out each week via email. Any incorrect questions will appear as re-sits in future tests and depending on their individual progress, the level of difficulty will be altered. Tutors are there to offer support and guidance throughout your 11 plus journey and will be available to speak to directly over the phone during office hours or via email.

Our Year 5 Online Courses will also feature a weekly interactive video lesson, exclusive to KSOL, and covering a fundamental 11 plus topic area each week. Each video lesson can last up to 30 minutes in length and features a corresponding downloadable worksheet. Fun and engaging, your child will be revising without even realising! When enrolling onto our Masterclass Online Course, children can access our renowned centre-based teaching material from home!

At KSOL we are proud to acknowledge the effort we go to, to ensure that our courses reflect the most up-to-date content. So you can rest assured that wherever you are, your child's course will be covering the most authentic material, tailored to suit their needs.

Our Year 5 11 plus course will cover challenging questions across the core the four core subjects: 11 plus Maths, 11 plus English, 11 plus Verbal and 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning (inc. Spatial Reasoning).

Daily tests will be set at a level beyond what is expected of children on the national curriculum. Therefore, it is completely normal that your child may not have covered certain 11 plus questions and topics covered on this course.

For additional support alongside your child’s daily 11 plus tests, why not take a look at our 11 plus revision products? Our 11 plus products cover the entire 11 plus curriculum, including 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning topics.

As the 11 plus exam often requires children to work at a level beyond the national curriculum, we understand how important it is that your child receives the right support at the right time. Your allocated online tutor will be available to contact directly over the phone during office hours and will send you an email every week with your child's progress report. This will include a summary of how your child is progressing on the programme and any useful tips, relevant at each stage in the year.

They will also be on hand to guide parents throughout the entire process, giving individual advice whenever necessary.

The GL Assessment 11+ exam from past years has included 2 x 50 minute papers. The exam may cover individually timed sections in Comprehension, Technical English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning).

All 11+ questions are of multiple-choice style and children will be required to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. Children will have space on the question booklet to complete any workings out. There will be a short break in between the two papers.

The 11+ GL Assessment entrance exam is audio administered and includes full instructions regarding timings, example questions and how to fill out the separate answer sheet.

Please note that this information was correct at the time of publication. Please speak directly to your local area authority for any further information and/or updates to exam format.

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Year 5 Assessment Checklists for Writing, Maths, Reading and Science

Year 5 Assessment Checklists for Writing, Maths, Reading and Science

Subject: Primary science

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Assessment and revision

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Last updated

2 February 2024

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year 5 11 assessment

Do you want to assess your year 5 pupils’ skills in writing, maths, reading and science? Do you want to see how they are progressing towards the expected standards or beyond? If so, you will love these handy and comprehensive checklists!

These checklists are based on the KS2 writing, maths, reading and science frameworks, and are a great way of tracking your children’s achievements and areas for improvement. They cover all the key objectives and skills for each subject, and use clear and simple language to describe the levels of attainment: emerging, secure, or exceeding.

With one page per child, an easy tick-box system, and a summary section, these checklists make assessment quick and easy. You can use them to inform your planning, feedback, and reporting, as well as to identify gaps and strengths in your children’s learning.

These checklists are ideal for teachers, teaching assistants, and parents who want to support their children’s learning and development at home. They will help you to provide effective and personalised teaching and learning for your year 5 pupils, as well as to celebrate and showcase their amazing progress.

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City of Philadelphia

  • An official website of the City of Philadelphia government
  • Here's how you know
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  • Press releases

City of Philadelphia Highlights Capacity Building and Innovation Programs at Innovation Showcase

Philadelphia, PA — The City of Philadelphia’s Innovation Team is pleased to host the Innovation Showcase, an event highlighting the City’s commitment to enabling creativity and efficiency in municipal governance. The City is announcing a new initiative at the event, the Idea Accelerator, a program made possible by the generosity of Verizon. The Idea Accelerator will launch with a cohort model in January 2025 and provide support for small project teams to refine ideas and solutions. The Idea Accelerator will supplement and connect the City’s current innovation programs, the Innovation Fund, the Academy for Municipal Innovation, and Innovation Consulting.  

“The City of Philadelphia has steadily built the innovation team and its work over the last decade,” said Andrew Buss, Deputy Chief Information Officer. “We’re eager to use this capacity we’ve developed to contribute to Mayor Parker’s initiatives to improve our public service delivery and look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with both the Office of the Chief Administrator as well as the Mayor’s Office of Policy Planning and Delivery.”  

“Through the Idea Accelerator and other initiatives that will further the success of the Innovation Fund, Verizon is enhancing the City’s capacity to deliver powerful and innovative solutions that benefit all Philadelphia residents,” said Eric Fitzgerald Reed, Vice President of Verizon’s Public Policy and State Government Affairs, PA & DE Region . “Verizon is proud and excited to support the City’s work towards a more creative and accessible municipal government.”  

The Innovation Showcase event will feature information about all of the City’s innovation programs, including demonstrations of design thinking tools taught in the Academy, a partnership with Thomas Jefferson University. Innovation Fund grantees will also showcase their projects, highlighting the diverse range of pilot initiatives supported by the City.  

About the Innovation team: The team provides cross departmental support for greater efficiency, equity, and quality. It works to develop a public sector culture that encourages employees to think and work differently and establishes relationships with academia and the corporate sector to support workforce needs, research and development, and awareness.  

Press Releases

The city of philadelphia extends phlconnected and shares the program’s digital skill-building work, city of philadelphia releases 5-year digital equity plan and establishes executive order to overcome digital divide, philadelphia household internet assessment survey demonstrates significant increase in internet access.

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4 warnings in effect for 10 counties in the area

Nba agrees to terms on a record 11-year, $76 billion media rights deal, ap source says.

Tim Reynolds And Joe Reedy

Associated Press

Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved

FILE - Philadelphia 76ers' Tobias Harris, center, goes up for a shot between Cleveland Cavaliers' Dean Wade, left, and Georges Niang during the first half of an NBA basketball in-season tournament game, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023, in Philadelphia. The NBA has agreed to terms on its new media deal, an 11-year agreement worth $76 billion that assures player salaries will continue rising for the foreseeable future and one that will surely change how some viewers access the game for years to come. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)

The NBA has agreed to terms on its new media deals, a record 11-year agreement worth $76 billion that would assure player salaries will continue rising for the foreseeable future and one that will surely change how some viewers access the game for years to come.

A person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press that the networks have the terms sheets, with the next step being for the league's board of governors to approve the contracts.

Recommended Videos

The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity Wednesday because they weren’t at liberty to discuss such impending matters.

There is a board of governors meeting in Las Vegas next week, coinciding with NBA Summer League, and it would seem logical that the deals — if they get through various committees and obtain other approvals — may be finalized around that time.

The NBA did not comment Wednesday.

The deal, which set NBA records for both its length and total value, goes into effect for the 2025-26 season. Games will continue being aired on ESPN and ABC, and now some will be going to NBC and Amazon Prime. TNT Sports, which has been part of the league’s broadcasting family since the 1980s, could be on its way out, but has five days to match one of the deals.

The five-day clock would begin once the league sends the finished contracts to TNT.

The Athletic was the first to report on the contracts.

ESPN and ABC will continue to have the league's top package, which includes the NBA Finals and one of the conference finals series. ABC has aired the NBA Finals since 2003. ABC would continue to air games on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons when the NFL's regular season ends.

ESPN’s main nights would continue to be Wednesday with some Friday and Sunday games.

Exclusivity of the Finals comes with a big price increase. Walt Disney Company, which owns ESPN and ABC, will pay $2.6 billion per year under the new contract compared to $1.4 billion in its current deal.

The return of NBC, which carried NBA games from 1990 through 2002, gives the league two broadcast network partners for the first time.

NBC — whose deal is expected to be $2.5 billion per season — would showcase games on Sunday night once the NFL season has ended. It will air games on Tuesdays throughout the regular season while a Monday night package of games would be exclusively streamed on Peacock.

Prime Video would have games on Thursday night after it is done carrying NFL games. Its other nights would be Friday and Saturday.

NBC and Prime Video would alternate who carries the other conference final. Prime Video's rights would average $1.8 billion per year.

TNT Sports is paying $1.4 billion per season. Considering the amounts of the three proposed packages, that would make the Prime Video rights the ones it would be likely to try and match.

The length of the deals — he did not confirm the 11-year agreement specifically — are “good for the stability of the league,” Silver said during the NBA Finals last month.

“But it means to a certain extent you’re trying to predict the future, which is of course impossible,” Silver said in June. “So part of it is a bet on the partners that we will ultimately align with and their ability also to adjust with the times and their willingness to continue to invest in media and also become global, which to my earlier point is very important to the league, as well.”

In the short term, the deal almost certainly means the league’s salary cap will rise 10% annually — the maximum allowed by the terms of the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and its players. That means players like Oklahoma City’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dallas’ Luka Doncic could be making around $80 million in the 2030-31 season and raises at least some possibility that top players may be earning somewhere near $100 million per season by the mid-2030s.

It also clears the way for the next major item on the NBA’s to-do list: Expansion.

Silver was very clear on the order of his top agenda items in recent seasons, those being preserving labor peace (which was achieved with the new CBA), getting a new media deal (now essentially completed) and then and only then would the league turn its attention toward adding new franchises. Las Vegas and Seattle are typically among the cities most prominently mentioned as top expansion candidates, with others such as Montreal, Vancouver and Kansas City expected to have groups with interest as well.

As the broadcast rights packages have grown in total value over the last 25 years, so, too, have salaries because of how much that revenue stream ends up fueling the salary cap.

When NBC and Turner agreed to a $2.6 billion, four-year deal that started with the 1998-99 season, the salary cap was $30 million per team and the average salary was around $2.5 million. The average salary this season exceeded $10 million per player — and it’s only going to keep going up from here.

When that NBC-Turner deal that started a quarter-century ago expired, the next deal — covering six seasons — cost ABC, ESPN and Turner about $4.6 billion. The next was a seven-year deal, costing those networks $7.4 billion.

The current deal, the one that will expire next season, smashed those records — nine years, nearly $24 billion.

And now, that seems like pocket change.


Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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11 Plus Assessments

Most tutors will do assessments before a child starts with them, equally most parents will be familiar with assessments as most state schools give feedback on progress based on assessed achievement.

Assessments though remain quite an area of some mystery for parents. What we’ll try and do here is demystify some aspects of it for you.

Tutor Assessments

Most tutors do their own assessments. Some of these are mere sales tools (once you have gone to the time and effort of doing an assessment you are less likely to walk away). Most are decent attempts to in some way gauge the current performance level of the child.

In our view most assessment results relating to Maths and English are worth listening to and it is interesting to see where your child is compared to other children. However where assessments stray into VR and NVR we’d caution against reading too much into them. VR and NVR performance tends to change rapidly with even a little extra teaching and we don’t think initial assessment tests in this area are ever a good indicator of how a child may perform once they have received some coaching.

Where tutor assessments are most interesting is where the tutor is honest enough to group initial assessment results with historic performance….. so for instance they might be able say that children in the top 5% have succeeded in 100% of cases, Children in the next  15% have succeeded in 70% of cases, children in the next 15% have succeeded in 40% of cases etc. The reason many tutors don’t expose parents to this information is that sometimes the news that even after spending thousands and very many hours of work their child’s chances may only be 40% is sometimes hard to hear. Where tutors are able to give parents a view that there are bands of potential and are able to say that some bands are more successful than others we think that’s an approach to be applauded.

11 Plus Exam Maths Assessment

Most of the very good tutors when they do a Maths assessment will look not only at the core concepts but also at the basics (times tables and four operations). Where children have a weakness in four operations or times tables it tends to always hold them back unless it is properly addressed. It is quite common to find a child who is dealing with some quite advanced maths topics but when they are asked to work through simple calculations quickly (which is a core part of 11 Plus Tests) their basic skills weaknesses come through, they can’t work quickly enough or accurately enough.

The best tutor assessments identify this and the best tutors focus on this like a laser beam to ensure their children are highly competent in this area.

We have developed a section of a typical tutor assessment which does exactly the job we have described above, it tests a child’s score skills. We have added this to the website to help parents see where there may be a weakness and to understand how important it is to put that right before moving on. For many parents the moment they see how their child struggles with this test is a telling moment… don’t worry problems are easy to fix if identified early, the trick is to identify the problems.

Download FREE 11 Plus maths exam core skills assessment

Maths National Curriculum Level Assessments

The Education Department used to ask schools to rank pupils on a level system ( eg 3a, 3b, 3c). This system was somewhat clunky to deliver in schools and has been changed now so that each school can do their own thing. We don’t think this is a good development as different schools will have different systems and some are bound to be better than others. Equally it leaves the assessment system open to abuse.

We’d suggest that the levels system remains valid and useful for seeing where a child sits compared to their peers. We have therefore made national curriculum level based Maths assessment freely available for parents to use. The assessments start in year 1 and cover every term through to the end of year six. We have also included lots of help and guidance to ensure parents properly understand the levels based system and what the results actually mean. It has been common for parents to approach us with questions about how the school have done assessments and where they might be able to double check results. We hope our free maths assessment levels resource goes some way to helping parents in this area.

Download FREE national curriculum Maths level based assessments


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The 11 plus forum - answers to common questions about the 11 plus exam, favourites links, independent school past papers.

year 5 11 assessment

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year 5 11 assessment

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year 5 11 assessment

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Top ten tips, 11 plus guided courses, which books to use, 11 plus mock exams.

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    year 5 11 assessment

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    year 5 11 assessment


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    Free 11 Plus exams core skills Maths assessment for children in year 5.

  2. Year 5: 11 Plus Exam Preparation Tips and Complete Guide

    Complete guidance on how to prepare for the 11 Plus exams in Year 5. Excel in 11 plus exams with the best preparation tips, tricks, and exam resources

  3. Year 5 11 Plus Exam Preparation Guide

    How to start 11 Plus exam preparation in year 5.

  4. Free 11+ Practice Papers

    Free 11+ Practice Papers. These free practice papers contain realistic 11+ questions at the same level as the ones children will answer in the final tests. There are two sets of papers to choose from — one for the CEM tests and one for GL and other 11+ test providers.

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    Free 11 Plus Maths exam preparation guide and recommended resources for year 5.

  6. Year 5 Maths Asssessments

    2000+ Topicwise Questions, 85+ Assessments and Times Tables Tests. Free Year 5 Maths Assessments Sample PDFs with Step by Step Solution.

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    Preparing your child for the 11 plus exam in Year 5, advice on home-tutoring, practice materials and more

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    Here is an outline of what you can do to help prepare your child for the GL assessment 11+ and build foundational knowledge, based on each year group and section:

  9. Year 5: 11+ Practice and guide

    Practise and prepare for the 11+ with our free sample non-verbal and verbal reasoning activities, and learn all there is to know about CEM and GL; including a year by year breakdown of how to prepare for each 11+ exam. EdPlace are here to help your child succeed!

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    Your complete guide to GL Assessment 11 plus exams for 2023-24. Learn about the test structure, question styles, practice papers & how to prepare.

  11. 11+ Practice Papers

    Download our FREE 11+ sample activities and preparation guides. Year 3: 11+ Practice and guide. Download. Year 4: 11+ Practice and guide. Download. Year 5: 11+ Practice and guide. Download. 11+ practice papers by exam board. Practice non-verbal and verbal reasoning skills, plus English and maths.

  12. 11+ Baseline Assessment Papers (teacher made)

    Use our 11+ Baseline Assessment Pack tohelp your child or student get ready for the exam and feel confident in their knowledge of the content, as well as the format of the assessment. From spelling, grammar and punctuation, to maths and non-verbal reasoning, this 11+ Baseline Assessment Pack is the perfect tool for preparing for the exams.

  13. Year 5 Maths Questions Assessment Pack

    This year 5 maths end-of-autumn term assessment is designed to match the aims taught in Twinkl's PlanIt scheme of learning and complements the order of objectives taught in the White Rose Maths autumn term. This assessment has been carefully designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of each child, through a range of questions which cover both the year 5 National Curriculum and Ready ...

  14. Year 5

    Twinkl has lots of lovely year 5 baseline assessments resources for your KS2 Maths students.

  15. 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Exam Preparation Year 5

    Free 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning exam preparation guide for Year 5 children.

  16. Maths resources for teachers

    Find the free maths schemes and all related teaching resources for each of the year groups. View our Maths resources from White Rose Maths.

  17. Award-Winning Online 11+ Tuition Courses

    Choose one of our fantastic Year 5 Online Courses! When you choose one of our renowned online 11+ courses, you can trust that your child's education is in capable hands. Our award-winning TargetTeach® system provides each child with a personalised programme and our qualified teachers are committed to delivering an unparalleled educational ...

  18. Free Maths Assessments for Children in Years 1-6

    How to relate assessment scores to earlier years. To be 'on track' for a sound 11 Plus Performance then children should be at the following levels in earlier years: Year 2- Level 3a - top 10%, 3b - top 15%, 3c - top 25%. Level 4 (exceptional) Year 3- Level 3a - top 25%, 4c - top 15%, 4b - top 10%. Level 4a and above would be ...

  19. Year 5 Assessment Checklists for Writing, Maths, Reading and Science

    Do you want to assess your year 5 pupils' skills in writing, maths, reading and science? Do you want to see how they are progressing towards the expected standards or beyond? If so, you will love these handy and comprehensive checklists!

  20. 11 Plus Preparation Test Pack

    Use our 11 Plus test online to help your learners get ready for the exam, and feel confident in their knowledge of the content, as well as the format of the assessment. This fantastic 11 Plus Assessment Preparation Pack contains everything you need to help your class get ready for the 11 plus. Included in the pack is a selection of spelling and grammar practice papers, which could also be used ...

  21. Key takeaways from Fed Chair Powell's testimony on Capitol Hill

    Inflation has come a long way since reaching a four-decade peak two years ago, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday. However, central bank officials still want to see more progress ...

  22. City of Philadelphia Highlights Capacity Building and Innovation

    City of Philadelphia Releases 5-Year Digital Equity Plan and Establishes Executive Order to Overcome Digital Divide. February 15, 2022. Press Release Philadelphia Household Internet Assessment Survey Demonstrates Significant Increase in Internet Access. October 19, 2021. ... This content was last updated on July 11, 2024, ...

  23. 11 Plus English Exam Preparation

    Free 11 Plus English Exam preparation guide and recommended exam papers and books for year 5.

  24. NBA agrees to terms on a new 11-year, $76 billion media ...

    The NBA has agreed to terms on its new media deal, an 11-year agreement worth $76 billion that assures player salaries will continue rising for the foreseeable future and one that will surely ...

  25. Free Assessment Tests

    We hope our free maths assessment levels resource goes some way to helping parents in this area. Download FREE national curriculum Maths level based assessments. 11 Plus Assessments Most tutors will do assessments before a child starts with them, equally most parents will be familiar with assessments as most state.

  26. 11+ Assessments

    11+ Assessments. Use these eleven plus resources to help your child prepare for their 11+ exams on verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths. A range of 11 plus revision worksheets, eleven plus practice papers and 11+ revision quizzes to help pupils prepare for their transfer test.