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Site search, 28 easy summer weekend projects.

Looking for something to preoccupy your time this summer? Take a look at this roundup of our summer projects.


What’s the use of balmy weather and long summer days if you can’t hang out in your yard and have some fun? But if there’s nowhere good to sit and nothing fun to do at your house, don’t fret.

DIY Summer Projects

These 28 fun summer projects, culled from the TOH archives of great weekend upgrades, will enhance your yard, beautify your exterior, and give everyone in the family something exciting to do. Pick and choose from our DIY weekend projects that are right for your home, and soon you’ll have the most attractive and entertaining yard on the block.

Make a Herb Planter From a Wagon

summer projects house

Looking to spice up your container garden? Dig out Junior’s rusty old Radio Flyer and turn it into a mobile planter that can go from a sun-steeped corner right to your kitchen door. Here’s how to get rolling: How to Make an Herb Planter From a Wagon .

Build a Tree Bench

summer projects house

This comfy, stay-cool spot has room for the entire family and practically looks like it’s a part of the tree itself. Put your bench together, and you’ll enjoy lounging on it with a favorite book all summer long.

Check out How to Build a Tree Bench .

Cook Up a Great Outdoor Kitchen

summer projects house

If you’ve been hankering for an open-air cooking area, check out our guide to the ingredients it takes to make a five-star space. Incorporate as many as you like—and as your budget allows—then save the rest for summers to come.

Read This Before You Put In an Outdoor Kitchen

Sell Lemonade with the Kids

summer projects house

When the sun is hot and kids are bored, there’s nothing better to get them motivated than a project that comes with a built-in reward. Building this old-fashioned lemonade stand is sure to spark some creative interest, along with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

See How to Build a Lemonade Stand .

Create a Backyard for Playing Games

summer projects house

If you build it, they will come. But to effect this kind of leisure-time loyalty, you need some sophisticated games, games of skill and strategy, games once played by warriors and kings—games like bocce, horseshoes, and croquet. See how to get your backyard ready for the next big tournament !

Grow Fruits and Vegetables Anywhere

summer projects house

You don’t need a backyard farm to enjoy the tangy flavor of just-picked blueberries or the juicy sweetness of vine-ripened tomatoes still warm from the sun. Strategize right, and you can grow a lot of food in a tiny space, even in full view of your neighbors. See these 10 tips to get started!

Build a Potting Bench

summer projects house

Even if you love gardening, repotting plants or dividing flats can feel like a real chore if you have to scavenge for supplies in the dark corners of the garage. Park them on a dedicated workstation, however, and you’ll never waste time hunting them down again. Construct our simple, three-tier potting bench and keep your favorite hand tools right at your fingertips.

Put Landscape Lighting on Your Front Walkway

summer projects house

Enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home—and add a measure of safety and security—with low-voltage landscape lighting. Install these exterior-grade fixtures along walkways and driveways, or illuminate steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other prominent landscape features.

Add a Simple Deck to your Backyard

summer projects house

Always dreamed of building your own deck, but were hesitant to tackle such a large, complicated construction project? We’ve got some good news: All you need are some basic carpentry tools and the desire to invest a little sweat equity. See demonstration of the proper techniques for building a small, simple on-grade deck.

Get Grilling

summer projects house

If your grilling skills are in high demand all summer, you need a proper cart that will store all the necessary tools and platters. See how to assemble this master grill station , assembled from wood planters and metal-wrapped plywood.

Take the Bar Al Fresco

summer projects house

If your usual method of serving beverages at a barbecue involves a Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice, it’s time to think about an upgrade. This mobile cart is tough enough to withstand sun, rain, and spills of your libation of choice. Check out how easy it is to build !

Add a Sitting Wall

summer projects house

Add a little taste of New England to your landscape by marking off your patios and flower beds with a border that doubles as a place to sit down and relax. Using cast concrete blocks made to look like stone is makes this landscape feature much easier to build.

See How to Build a Sitting Wall .

Hang Exterior Shutters

summer projects house

Studded with hammered-iron hardware and a bright coat of paint, shutters will dress up the front of your house and add to its curb appeal. You’ll get relief from the summer heat as well as a barrier against strong storm winds. It is easier than you think: see how to put up several pairs of shutters in just one weekend!

Give the Garden a Pretty Arbor

summer projects house

A well-placed arbor is your garden’s ultimate multitasker: It can serve as an entryway to an outdoor spot; frame a focal point, like a flowering shrub or garden shed; and, of course, take your beloved climbers to new heights. Whether left unfinished or given a coat of paint, you’ll love how this piece adds personality to your outdoor space.

Check out How to Build a Garden Arbor .

Get Comfy in an Adirondack Chair

summer projects house

Anyone who’s ever sat in the low-slung seat of an Adirondack chair and sunk into the curve of the fanned back knows there’s no cushion-free seat like it. The beauty of the Adirondack chair is its simplicity, as some of the parts do double duty. See our easy how-to guide to build one .

Gather Around a Fire Pit

summer projects house

Outdoor fires are so hot right now. Seriously. Mankind has called the hearth home for the centuries, it’s true, but these days people are going ultra-retro and getting their heat from stone-walled pits set into the earth. If you really want to light upright, do it in style. Take a few days to build your very own ring of fire.

Build a Branch Trellis

summer projects house

Get your climbers to climb in a more organic setting by entwining them around branches in big containers. You can grow sweet peas, morning glories, black-eyed susans, and more colorful vines. See how to make this charming addition to your garden .

Grow Vegetables in a Raised Garden Bed

summer projects house

Here’s a great project for the budding gardener in your family: a raised vegetable garden. This simple frame of rot-resistant lumber will hold soil in place and brings it to a height that’s easy for everyone to reach without stepping onto precious plants—plus no more dirty knees (or at least fewer dirty knees). See how to get started step-by-step .

Plant flowers in a Weather-Resistant Box

summer projects house

Whether big or small, used in pairs or on their own, planter boxes are a cheery way to flank an entry, break up an expansive patio, or simply add a splash of color to a small yard. Learn how to make this roomy rectangular version from rot-resistant cellular PVC .

Incorporate Landscape Furniture

summer projects house

There is lawn furniture, and then there is what you might call landscape furniture—custom seating built right into the terrain. Done right, it can create a little oasis in your yard or even on your deck. This bench with planters for piers is a great piece to add to your yard. See how to build it to add an interesting element to your yard .

Make a Pebble Mosaic

summer projects house

If you’re looking for an outdoor project that’s a bit off the beaten path, a pebble mosaic will give your yard, garden, or walkway a unique and unexpected focal point. Though the materials to build it are pretty basic—flat pebbles or cobbles, concrete mix, gravel, and stone dust—your design can be anything but. Check out how to create this spiral-pattern mosaic .

Lay a Bluestone Patio

summer projects house

For a rustic landscape, nothing looks more natural than “snapped” or “broken” bluestone, terms used to denote an irregular edge on the slabs. With a little digging endurance and the patience to piece together a rock puzzle, you too can create this gathering spot in your own yard.

Install a Beadboard Porch Ceiling

summer projects house

Paneling the underside of your porch roof with wood is strictly an aesthetic endeavor. But with a little know-how and a lot of patience, it’s a way to add a touch of tradition and charm to a covered entryway. Learn the 2-day step-by-step method .

Screen-In the Porch

summer projects house

The traditional method of installing screens in labor-intensive and the screens do not hold up well. There is a much better and easier way to install screens, and it doesn’t require a lot of experience. This project will show you how to rescreen an existing porch . You can use the same techniques detailed here for new and remodeled porches, deck enclosures, breezeways, and gazebos.

Start Composting

summer projects house

If you love to garden, nothing feeds your plants better than compost from your very own backyard, and its price (free!) is impossible to beat. Though you can buy a compost bin made from budget-friendly plastic or even chicken wire, assembling a cedar bin is easy. It will conceal those yard clippings and kitchen leftovers without sticking out like a sore thumb on your landscape.

Check out How to Build a Compost Bin .

Give Your Garden Tools a Shed

summer projects house

All the rust-resistant coating in the world won’t save your garden tools if you leave them outside all the time. To create a clean, dry, and accessible locale for your pruners and shovels, plant a handsome wood lean-to shed against the house near the patio or garden. You can make one in a weekend out of off-the-shelf lumber or buy a panelized kit that screws together in under an hour.

Dine at Own Picnic Table

summer projects house

Building a classic picnic table with attached benches is the perfect solution to crowded family barbecues on the deck or patio. This staple of backyards and parks—with its elbow-to-elbow dining and climb-over seating—works in all terrains, so you can move off the deck and onto the grass.

Hang a Tree Swing

summer projects house

All kids want to fly, and every time they ride on a swing they get closer to that Peter Pan moment. But you don’t need a whole playground to feel the spring breezes swoosh by. All you need is a seat, a rope, and a sturdy tree. Making this tree swing requires few tools, and all the hardware needed to hang it can be found at your local home center.

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The 8 Best Summer Home-Improvement Projects to Cross Off Your List

Make the most of the long days and warm weather by adding these easy, affordable home maintenance projects to your list this summer.

1. Pressure-wash outdoor areas.

2. refinish your deck., 3. build a shed., 4. declutter your home., 5. refresh your house with paint., 6. check gutters., 7. spruce up landscaping., 8. clean or replace ac filters..

Summer is a great time for home improvement projects and DIY updates around the house. Set some time (and money) aside this summer to give your home some TLC. Not only will it increase the overall value of your home, but little upgrades here and there can also save you a lot of money down the line.

Some home improvements can be expensive, such as adding central air conditioning or remodeling an entire room of your house. But some lower-cost projects can add value for less money. Here are some simple, affordable home improvement projects to try this summer that won't break the bank.

Winter weather can leave all sorts of dirt and grime on your home's exterior and other outdoor areas. Take advantage of the warmer weather to give your home a high-powered cleaning. A pressure washer can quickly remove buildup on siding, driveways, decks, patios, and walkways. 

If you don't own a pressure washer,  you can often rent one  at your local home center or hardware store. As you clean your home's exterior, direct the spray downward to avoid forcing water into cracks or seams. Use a lower-pressure setting on surfaces that could easily be damaged, such as painted siding or wood decks.

Sprucing up your deck with fresh paint or stain in anticipation of summer entertaining is a summer home improvement project that will really pay off. Not only will  refinishing your deck give it a clean look , but it will also help reduce cracks and splinters, making the surface friendlier for bare feet. Proper prep is key to a beautiful finish, so take the time to clean the surface and strip off the old finish before you begin. 

While you're at it,  consider painting your patio furniture  to make it look good as new.  Then hang some outdoor string lights  to make your space a dreamy oasis perfect for  hosting a backyard event .

Add value to your home and a spot to park your lawn equipment by  building a shed in your backyard . Before starting this project, check with your local authorities, as building codes and ordinances vary by location.  Once you've gotten the go-ahead , choose a spot in your yard that offers convenient access and prepare a solid, even foundation. You can purchase shed kits at home centers and online or find building plans that can easily be customized with different materials.

A summer home improvement project that can make a big difference in your living space is decluttering. Air out and organize those sometimes-forgotten areas that tend to be used less in colder months, like the garage, an outdoor shed, or a basement. It doesn't usually cost anything to declutter, and you can earn money by  selling items you no longer use . Plus, you can use your earnings toward other home repairs. 

"It costs nothing except a week or two of your time, and the ability to let go and part ways with unneeded clutter that no longer brings you or your home joy," says Emilie Dulles, lifestyle design expert and founder of  Dulles Designs . Your  clutter can cost you money , and getting rid of things you don't use will make room in your house and even give you ideas for other improvements.

Summer is the perfect season for more significant paint projects. If you have areas in your home that you've been meaning to repaint, such as entire rooms or the exterior, summer is the time to do it—and a little paint could go a long way in transforming your space. The warm weather lets the paint cure properly and ensures that it will last longer. 

"I think painting is one of the best DIY projects because it can be easily corrected if you make any mistakes," says Chicago-based real estate developer Bill Samuel. "It really has a huge impact on the overall space when you take your time to repair any blemishes and do a quality job." Samuel says you can expect to pay between $15 to $50 per gallon; more expensive paints will usually cover the walls better and last longer. Dulles recommends  painting parts of your home (or all of it) white  to make it look bigger and brighter.

This might not be the most fun or creative home improvement project, but it's an important one for protecting your home against summer storms and  preparing for the colder months ahead . 

"Winter, followed by a rainy spring, can take a toll on your gutters and downspouts," says Bailey Carson, home expert at  Angi , a digital company that helps people find local professionals for home projects. "If they're ignored, you could end up needing to replace them altogether, or worse, dealing with foundation damage, interior flooding, driveway cracks, or landscape erosion." The damage would cost you way more than cleaning your gutters, which averages $160, ranging from $118 to $225. 

All you need (if you don't have this equipment) is a gutter cleaning attachment for your garden hose, a ladder, a bucket, a gutter scoop, and heavy-duty gloves. You could also  buy a gutter guard  to protect your gutters and prevent leaves from gathering in them in the first place.

Give your yard some attention, too—you're probably spending a lot more time in it enjoying the beautiful summer weather. While the  cost of renovating your outdoor space  varies depending on the project, there are simple DIY improvements to elevate your backyard or front yard for a lot less. 

Commercial real estate investor and founder of  Property Cashin  Marina Vaamonde says  landscape your front yard . "Gardens make homes more aesthetically pleasing, and they also can add to the property value. Summertime is the perfect time to plant perennials, a variety of beautiful-looking flowers that are low maintenance," says Vaamonde. She also suggests lupines and hydrangeas as other beautiful (and low-maintenance) additions to your garden.

Adding plants or flowers up the walkway to your front door can give you instant curb appeal and liven up your front yard, says money-saving expert  Andrea Woroch . You can do the same sprucing up in your backyard to eliminate overgrown or dead plants, trees, or shrubs, and add some  patio furniture .

Another not-so-fun but critical summer home-improvement project:  cleaning or replacing the filters on your HVAC unit . Don't worry: this one is quick and won't take as much time as cleaning your gutters. 

"Filters get dirty, especially if they haven't been changed in six months," says Rick Hoskins, home DIY expert and founder of  FilterKing . Dirty filters can cause allergies by circulating dust, mold, and other allergens throughout your home when the AC is on during the summer. All you have to do is find your AC and furnace vents, unscrew them, and clean or replace the filters. Hoskins suggests looking for filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 13 for optimal protection.

Jessica Bennett is an editor, writer, and former digital assistant home editor at BHG.

summer projects house

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Long Island Estate

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Swedish Island Cottage

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Long Island Farmhouse

In the bathroom of a 19th-century Bridgehampton home, the ceiling lights are by Remains Lighting , the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray and the window frame is painted in Genteel Gray by Pratt & Lambert ; the wooden ship artwork was found in Europe.

Long Island Summer House

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34 Simple Summer Home Improvement Projects

Cover image for 34 DIY summer projects for home improvement

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Summer is the perfect season to dive into home improvement projects. The sun is out, the weather is warm, and the days are long. There can be so many things to tackle that it can be tough to prioritize. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite summer projects to do around your home.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Front Yard

Mulch open yard areas, install a sprinkler system, add solar lighting to your walkway, put an arbor in your yard, build a fire pit, add a stone path, build a shed, make an outdoor table, build a planter box, build an outdoor bar, pressure wash your exterior, upgrade your fences, fix loose deck boards, seal your wood deck, hang shutters, clean your gutters, clean your air conditioner and vents, install ceiling fans, install a whole house fan, add energy efficient windows, replace your window screens, seal windows with caulk, add an accent wall in a room, repaint a room, add shelving to a room, add baseboard and crown molding, clean the dryer vent, drain the water heater, insulate water pipes, upgrade to a smart thermostat, get new drapes and blinds, replace kitchen cabinet knobs, paint your kitchen cabinets, ​conclusion, summer upgrade projects for the yard.

With long days, working on your yard over summer offers a great return on your time. Here are a few summer projects for your yard that give you serious return.

You don’t need to open any walls or build anything new to add value to your home. In fact,  curb appeal can add up to a 20% increase on someone’s first impression on your home . And, in many cases, it’s really simple to do.

Clear out anything that is dead by ripping the plant out, down to its roots. Focus on the walkway and areas by the windows – these areas attract the most attention. Consider replacing your vinyl sidings ​for newer ones. Add a few colorful plants or shrubs, and make sure you don’t have anything overgrown on the path.

Give your front door or even your basement door a bit of pop by painting it, and make sure your mailbox looks fresh. A new porch light goes a long way doesn’t cost very much!

Beautiful house exterior

Speaking of curb appeal, nothing kills first impressions like a bunch of weeds or overgrown areas. Rather than re-doing all of the landscaping, just drop a bunch of mulch onto the areas.

You can buy mulch in a variety of colors, which allows you to mix-and-match to suit your home’s exterior decor. The mulch will act as a natural weed barrier, and is a simple and quick fix to up your home’s impression.

You can also make your own mulch – its very similar to  ma k ing a DIY compost bin for your yard .

If you feel like you can never keep up on watering your lawn, installing a sprinkler system is a great way to offload and automate that talk. While you’ll have some upfront work, once done the yard literally waters itself.

This has several values for you. First off, once you dial in the correct watering settings, you’ll have a good looking yard each and every day. No more dead patches, or concerns when you go on vacation – the yard keeps itself dialed in. The only drawback to this is that  you have to maintain your yard with ​a good electric lawn mower regularly.

Second, sprinkler systems actually save you water in the long run. Nowadays, you can pick up a smart sprinkler box that syncs with your phone and the local weather. It can automatically stop your watering when it’s going to rain.

Sprinkler in action

Adding lighting to your walkways in the front and back yard used to be a huge pain. You would have to run wiring underground and deal with electric work to get everything hooked up. Nowadays, solar lighting is the perfect solution to lighting your walkway, and only takes minutes to install.

Lighting is a huge contributor to the look and feel of your yard . In your front yard, you can add a lot of curb appeal with simple lights on the walkway. And, in the backyard, you can line walkways  in addition to hanging string lighting to up the ambiance .

Arbors are statement pieces, allowing you to create a space out of nothing. If you have a dead corner of your yard, or an area that you don’t know what to do with, adding an arbor is a quick fix to make it look good.

Arbors are functional as well. Plant some crawling jasmine and put a sitting bench underneath it. Put a couple of stone steps leading to it, and you’ve created a little oasis. This  quick DIY backyard project is a great upgrade  and incredibly simple to execute.

For so many, warm summer evenings are best spent outdoors, sitting around a fire talking with friends and family. If this sounds great but you don’t have a fire pit, you can solve that problem easily.

Believe it or not,  building your own custom DIY fire pit  is relatively easy. It will add a lot of value to your outdoor space, along with giving you hours of entertainment.

Add some amazing outdoor lighting to your fire pit to increase the ambiance.

Stone and rock are plentiful, and adding a stone path is an incredibly simple way to upgrade your home’s yard. Whether you have a large expanse of yard that needs something to break it up, or a side yard area that doesn’t have much of a purpose, a stone path is a nice upgrade.

You can buy stones made for this at your local home improvement store. Or, you can get creative and recycle some rocks you have lying around. Extra travertine from a kitchen or  bathroom tile upgrade  can also make for a great option.

Close up of a white shed

Storage is a huge problem for most Americans , and building an outdoor shed is a great way to provide some more storage space. Just ready some wood,  a pin nailer for attaching , and your paint or sealant.

Sheds don’t have to be overly complicated. You can buy basic versions and set them up yourself. A  pocket door would be a great addition to this shed  for a sleek, smooth look.

Just make sure you’re  wearing a good quality dust mask  to prevent yourself from inhaling allergens.

Focus on a  good, sturdy design with a solid roof,  and make sure the one you pick up (or build) is waterproof.

If you have any aspirations of entertaining over the summer holidays, building a table to wine and dine outside is a great project that will add value to your patio.

Nowadays, it is  pretty easy to build your own DIY table . Whether you opt for a beautiful, handcrafted wood table or a simpler pallet-wood option, you’ll get to enjoy summer evenings eating outside in the good weather.

A flower vase on top of a wet table

Bonus:  Upcycle some mason jars for table decor on your new outdoor table .

Adding a simple wooden planter box to your porch or under a window is a great addition that ups curb appear. A  simple DIY project that you can even do with your kids , you can build one quickly on a weekend afternoon, or pick one up already built.

Plant some colorful flowers to add a bright pop to your exterior, or use it to grow herbs or vegetables. Either way, a planter box is a classy and quick way to improve the look and feel of your exterior.

A planter box with some plants

If you already have an outdoor space on your patio or in your backyard, consider adding an outdoor bar. This classy upgrade doesn’t have to break the bank, and will add value to a space you are already utilizing.

Again, you can either buy or build here. If you’re more of the rustic, weathered wood type,  consider building your own wine rack  to sit outside. Or, recycle some old kitchen countertops and scrap wood to build an entire bar.

Bonus:  Build your own bar stools to complete the outdoor experience .

Warm Weather Home Exterior Improvement Ideas

While outside, it’s now time to turn your attention to working on your home’s exterior appearance.

Incredibly quick and easy, pressure washing your home’s exterior will take off years of dirt, mud, grime, and other toxic agents. Depending on how long its been, this could have the same appearance as giving your entire home a new paint job.

You can also pressure wash your driveway and walkways at the same time. Easy to use, if you don’t want to purchase a pressure washer, you can rent one from most home improvement stores.

Bonus:  Use the pressure washer to tackle another improvement project in your driveway .

Your fences endure all of the effects of long winters and rainy springtime showers, so focus on giving them some TLC over summertime. Check all of the boards to ensure that none have rotted, and replace any that don’t look like they’ll make it another year.

It might be the summer to repaint or add another coat of stain to the wood fence. Or, perhaps you need to  add a fence to a new area of your yard . Either way, cutting and installing fencing is a great way to improve the exterior of your home, and summer is the right time to tackle it.

If you have a deck, then you’re not secret to the punishment it goes through on a yearly basis. Rain, snow, and sun beat down on its surface, which means that this portion of your home has a tendency to wear quicker.

Make it a yearly habit to check all of your deck boards, and repair or replace any that are weathered or broken. Cut down long ones with a table saw​, and if you don’t have one there are ​ a lot of affordable options on the market . Loose deck boards can turn into a bigger problem, and can also be very dangerous.

While you’re at it, here are some under deck ideas and inspiration to maximize that area.

Speaking of wood decks, prevent some of the problems that come with them by adding a seal to your deck’s surface. A sealer will help preserve and protect your deck from all of the harsh elements.

Adding a sealer is really simple and cost effective. Depending on how large your deck is, it might only take an afternoon. Make sure to power wash the surface first to get all of the dirt off​.

Shutters are a wonderful addition to a home’s exterior, and add a touch of charm to what can otherwise be a very boring and boxy house appearance.

Shutters range from simple to ornate, cheap to expensive, so pick an option that fits your decor and budget. As always, you can DIY it by building your own from some unfinished wood.

Another simple project, keeping your gutters clean saves your home from unnecessary long term wear. Clogged gutters allow water to pool up in bad areas during winter and spring storms. This water can create a lot of problems for your home.

Hop on a ladder  and clean out your gutters from all the dirt and leaves that build up. Focus on the down spout areas, and make sure to test that each one works properly. If you find any broken sections, repair during the warm summer months before you’ll need them again in the winter.

Interior Home Upgrades for Summertime

Shifting gears, head inside and get your DIY hat on for my favorite interior home improvement projects for summertime. While you’re at it, look into  my recommendations for the best sockets and organizers for your DIY projects  as you never know when you might need it.

Top view of a beautiful home interior

For many families across the country, their air conditioner runs for much of the summer. Make sure you cooler is  running at peak performance by quickly cleaning the coils of your AC unit .

Your AC coils build up dirt and debris, which has adverse effects on the performance of your unit. Cleaning them off allows the machine to run efficiently, which saves you energy and extends the life of your AC unit.

While you’re at it, make sure to also check the filter inside you home where the AC unit pulls in the air. If this is dirty, it will block air flow, thus requiring your unit to work harder.

An outdoor airconditioning vent

Ceiling fans are fantastic way to keep a home cool, and often are really easy to install. If you already have electricity running to the center of the room’s ceiling, then adding a ceiling fan usually only take an hour or two.

Fans not only help keep the home cool in summer, but their direction can be switched to also help move heated air throughout the room in the winter.

Close up of a ceiling fan

Installing a whole house fan takes efficiency to a whole new level. A whole house fan typically sits in your attic, and is a large unit that pulls air throughout the home and out through your roof. Rather than spend money on air conditioning to cool your home, a whole house fan can often do it for a fraction of the cost.

These fans usually end up costing around $1,000 including labor and materials. But, depending on your climate, they can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Adding new windows to your home have a lot of benefits. You’ll immediately upgrade the look and feel of your home, both inside and out. Newer windows provide added security as well. However, the biggest upgrade is the efficiency in energy savings.

New windows are  made double paned, with a layer of Argon gas in between the panes . All of this adds up to energy savings in all seasons. Your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

A quick task, replacing your window screens is an easy home repair task that you’ll make use of in the summer. Over the winter, your screens might have gotten damaged or torn in different areas.

New screens look a lot nicer, and also allow you to open your windows up on cooler summer evenings to let the house air out.

One of the biggest areas where windows lose their energy efficiency is around the seals. Over time, the caulk or sealant that has been used cracks and wears, resulting in holes to the exterior.

Quickly go around your house with a tube of window caulk and touch up any cracks you see. Not only will you increase your energy efficiency, but you’ll also help prevent water from spreading into these openings and turning into a bigger problem.

If painting an entire room in your home sounds like too much, try dialing it down a notch and just  painting an accent wall in a room . Perfect for making a statement, adding a different color to one wall in a room is a huge fashion upgrade. You can even paint the side with  your own DIY pallet bed  on it so ​the wall highlights it further.

Accent walls are nice when you have a neutral colored room that needs a pop of color. Rather than having to change the entire room’s decor, a simple paint job on one wall can take care of it for you.

Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to find something that has a bigger impact than fresh paint. Painting a room is simple and easy, and doesn’t require any knowledge or experience. Its quick as well – it normally doesn’t take more than a few hours to repaint a room in your home.

The finished result covers any dings and damages that the old paint had. It  provides a fresh, clean look , along with upping your style at the same time.

Pouring a bucket of pink paint

If you plan on painting several rooms in your home, it might make sense to pick up a well-priced paint sprayer for interior walls. This will allow you to make short work of the task.

If you’ve just finished painting a room in your home, it’s a great time to keep working on those walls by adding some shelves. There are a variety of different ways you can go with shelving, but the addition will give you more storage space, or can be used to feature different home decor.

Standard shelving can be picked up at a local home improvement store and installed quickly with a cordless drill. Or, you can opt for a trendier design, such as this DIY hexagon shelving project .

If your home doesn’t have baseboard or crown molding, this cosmetic project is a huge win for the look and feel of your home. Not a quick project, the process of adding baseboard is not very complicated . Crown molding is a lot harder , but has a big impact, especially in rooms with high ceilings.

You can tackle this project yourself  with not a lot more than a miter saw  and some nails.  Make your life a lot easier by splurging for a decent nail gun , which will allow you to fly through the install.

Also see: A  full-on comparison between the brad nailer and a crown stapler .

Cleaning your dryer’s lint trap is probably something you do frequently, but it’s good to do a thorough clean of all of the vents at least once per year. Summer is the perfect opportunity to tackle this project.

Remove the dryer lint trap and clean in and around the area as much as possible. Ensure that the exhaust tube that the dryer sends air out through is clear and doesn’t have anything lodged in it.

Most people are unaware that you actually  should drain your water heater once in a while . You’ll probably be surprised at how much sludge and dirt has settled at the bottom of your tank. While a bit nasty, it also causes inefficiencies and early breakdown in your water heater.

Every water heater has a drain at the bottom of the tank, so it isn’t a difficult process.

Depending on where you live and the climate that you endure, you might be losing valuable money by sending hot water through exposed pipes. Any pipe that carries hot water should be insulated wherever you can.

It’s extremely simple to do – you can pick up foam sleeves to slip over your piping. You’ll notice the energy savings most in the winter, when temperatures drop and cool the uninsulated pipes down, causing you to have to pay more to heat the water that goes through them.

You might think that adding a smart thermostat only provides cosmetic and convenience benefits to you. And yes – being able to control the temperature of your home from your phone is ultra-convenient. But, you can also realize a lot of savings in the process as well.

Smart thermostats learn your habits, such as when you’re home and when you’re gone. They take this information and use it set up a smart schedule for your air and heat, which results in a reduction of costs.

In addition, if you’re storing guns and other firearms within your home through your  DIY gun storage cabinet , then maintaining a consistent temperature will work well.

View of a white kitchen

Tired of nothing having any window treatment, or just sick of what you have? New blinds and/or window treatment can add a touch of elegance and style to a room that needs an update, but saves you the cost of having to buy new furniture.

Bonus:  Add additional touches of color by painting your lampshade .

Redoing an entire kitchen is expensive, but looking at ways to upgrade your kitchen for a fractional cost can have a big impact. The easiest (and cheapest) way to do that is by upgrading the knobs that are on your cabinets and drawers.

Knobs are cheap to pick up at your local home improvement store, and require nothing more than a screwdriver to replace. For a few dollars and a couple of hours of your time, this is a great summer project to add value to your home.

Bonus: add the best soft close drawer slides , which will give your kitchen drawers a high end feel!

If you’ve opted to paint a room or two in your home, and replace the knobs in your kitchen, then this is a perfect combo project. While it takes a little while to pull your kitchen cabinets off of the hinges and repaint or stain them , the results are stunning. You can literally transform a kitchen with this one action.

Bonus:  While you’re working on the cabinets, paint your tile backsplash with a pop of color.

How To Use a Jigsaw For Your DIY Home Improvement Projects

Summer is a perfect time to tackle a few home improvement projects. You’ll be adding value to your home while simultaneously upgrading your daily enjoyment of your home.

' src=

Jared Bauman

Raised with a fix-it and improvement mindset, my wife and I completely restored our Craftsman-style home. Learning how to DIY a variety of home improvement projects, I started SawsHub with my father. He's the fine woodworker, I'm the DIYer!

Summer house ideas: 12 beautiful designs for relaxing garden rooms

Want a stunning retreat at the bottom of your plot? Our summer house ideas have lots of lovely styles to get you inspired

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summer house ideas: malvern garden buildings summer house on decking

Summer house ideas are a fabulous way to make the most of the warmer months. A pretty garden structure that's personalised to your style and needs – what's not to love?

When it comes to garden buildings, we often think of sheds. True,  shed ideas  can be stylish, but they're predominantly functional spaces for keeping tools safe. Summer houses, on the other hand, are all about relaxation as opposed to garden chores.

Of course, they're still versatile when it comes to how you use them. From a trendy retreat for socialising to a cosy reading corner, they can be transformed into whatever takes your fancy. Often designed with wide windows and doors, they create an outdoor room in your plot that offers shelter and comfort as well as the joys of a warm summer's breeze. And of course, regardless of the name, a good summer house can be used all year round.

Keep scrolling to discover some of our favourite designs. You'll want one of your own before you know it.

1. Opt for a pretty porch

summer house ideas: building on deck with porch

A white picket fence, porch and pizza oven makes for a picture-perfect scene

A porch and picket fence combo adds an extra dose of charm to any summer house scene. Here, a wide decking expands the space further, which will come in handy when entertaining guests.

Of course, any summer set-up wouldn't be complete without some top-quality alfresco dining, which is where the best pizza ovens come in. Pop one nearby – this brickwork design nestled to the left of the building adds a rustic edge.

Notice the small chimney on the summer house too, which suggests there's a wood-burner inside. This will keep evenings cosy and encourage use even when the weather turns cooler.

2. Pair multi-pane windows with a blue-grey hue

summer house ideas: Malvern Garden Buildings pale blue building

The Kew Victoria , a summer house developed in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, from Malvern Garden Buildings

We love this blueish-grey color. It's both pretty yet contemporary and makes a wonderful hue for your summer house ideas. Paint both indoors and out for a sense of cohesion, and pair with a hipped, cedar-shingled roof for an eye-catching contrast.

Multi-pane windows add a flowing feel and will let in tons of daylight even when the double french doors are closed. To finish the look, simply fill with potted plants, some of the best outdoor rugs , and a comfy sofa for sitting back to take in the view.

3. Use your levels to create a destination point

summer house ideas: white summer house at top of steps from Malvern Garden Buildings

The Ashton summer house from Malvern Garden Buildings

Summer house ideas are a fabulous way to create a focal point in a plot. But, when you bring levels into the mix, the look is elevated further (both literally and figuratively).

This design with its cream hue and traditional arched windows offers an elegant style. Surrounded by summer blooms such as peonies and irises, it makes for a gorgeous destination point when placed on higher ground. 

What's more, there's likely to be a better view of the rest of your garden from a loftier retreat. Those steps will be well worth the climb. After more inspiration for a hilly plot? Take a look at our sloping garden ideas .

4. Try a wooden gazebo style

summer house ideas: open-sided gazebo from Malvern Garden Buildings

Oval Safari from Breeze House

If you love summer house ideas that have an open and airy feel, then this may be the design for you. Hand-built from sturdy wood, this relaxing retreat would work well in a modern garden or near a pool, if you're lucky enough to have one. 

And don't think that the lack of windows means it's any less comfortable. Pull-down screens can be used for extra shelter when needed, and inside, you can find a curved bench at one end and a plush sofa section at the other. What's more, the incorporated storage adds a homely touch (and is perfect if you want to keep favourite tipples nearby, without trudging back to the house first).

As well as providing cover from the hot summer sun (or the odd bout of drizzle), the roof could be used to string up pretty festoon lights to boost the evening ambience. It's an ideal spot for entertaining guests, whatever the weather.

5. Soften a corner of your plot

summer house ideas: Malvern Garden Buildings blue summer house in corner of plot

The Hopton summer house from Malvern Garden Buldings

An octagonal design can enhance the visual interest of summer house ideas. What's more, it can make them more versatile when it comes to their placement.

Painted in a pale sage-green, this summer house brightens up what could be a rather gloomy garden corner. Plus, it's been used to block off the corner's point, softening the angles and widening the space.

Simply surround with one of two of the best sun loungers and flower-filled raised garden beds for a gorgeously summery set-up.

6. Go modern for your summer house ideas

summer house ideas: modern build with covered hot tub

TG01 summer house from Green Retreats

If you love our modern garden ideas then perhaps you're looking for a summer house with a more contemporary edge. Well, how about a design like this?

Clean lines offer a fuss-free style whilst a deep graphite hue works beautifully against the natural wood. Large sliding doors and full-length windows offer easy access and clear views of the garden.

Finish the look with one of our hot tub ideas nearby, or even a miniature golf course – that way you'll be set for tons of summer fun.

7. Paint it a vibrant color

summer house ideas: deep blue building with stained glass windows on lawn

Try bolder colors for your summer house

You don't have to stick to neutrals when it comes to summer house ideas. For a vibrant feature, why not opt for something a little more exciting?

A bold turquoise is a gorgeous option and will jolly up any plot. We adore how the interior of this design is painted in a crisp white to provide a clean contrast. Check out the stained-glass windows too – a wonderful finishing touch for a slightly more bohemian-themed retreat.

8. Go for ornate details

summer house ideas: building with gothic roof detail

Adorn your summer house ideas in beautiful details

Give your summer house ideas some extra pizzazz with architectural features. For example, this dramatically sloping roof adds a lovely sense of character, as does the pair of ornate finials that adorn it.

A chaise loungue is a fantastic choice for reclining in style. And if you look closer, you might be able to spy a large mirror propped along the back wall – a great way to expand the feeling of space. Check out our garden mirror ideas for more on-trend ways to use them.

9. Opt for sleek shapes

summer house ideas: modern building in plot

TGO4 summer house from Green Retreats

A distinctive curved roof offers a modern look to any summer house or garden building. Meanwhile, a slice of deck at the front (this one is built into the design) is perfect for placing potted plants for an extra dose of foliage or flowers. 

Double sliding doors are all that's needed for uninterrupted views of the garden, and can be easily opened and closed depending on the temperatures. This isn't just a relaxing retreat for summer – it'll provide a chic extension to your home all year round.

10. Blend it into the background

summer house ideas: green summer house from Malvern Garden Buildings

Summer house from Malvern Garden Buildings

Not everyone wants to make summer house ideas the main focal point in a plot – and that's perfectly fine, especially if your garden isn't the largest. In fact, if you opt for darker colors, it can help the structure recede into a space. This can actually make a plot feel bigger.

So, for an understated yet classic look, opt for green or deep brown hues inspired by nature, such as this khaki shade. If you fancy a bit of DIY action, our guide on how to paint a shed will help you get started.

Surround with lush flowerbeds for a pretty scene, and why not place a water feature nearby? That way, you can listen to its soothing sounds as you relax in your garden retreat.

11. Deck out indoors with cosy accessories

summer house ideas: interior with cushions and lanterns

A welcoming set-up featuring lights from Lights4fun

One of the best parts of a new summer house is deciding how to decorate it inside. It's a fabulous opportunity to channel your personality and really create a retreat that's perfectly tailored to you.

Whether you're using your garden building for relaxing, socialising, or a bit of both, you'll want it to feel cosy and welcoming. String up fairy lights, pile on the cushions, add LED candles in lanterns, or consider adorning the walls with pictures or a totally-on-trend macrame wall hanging. Head over to our she shed ideas for more inspiration.

Clever storage solutions are also good additions for tidying away extra blankets, books, or outdoor toys. Try slimline shelving or benches with concealed storage space.

12. Incorporate a shed

summer house ideas: cream building with tiled roof from Malvern Garden Buildings

The Clifton summer house with side shed from Malvern Garden Buildings

If you love the idea of a summer house but need a shed as well, why not combine the two? 

This design offers a quiet retreat for whiling away a sunny afternoon. But, it also has the added bonus of a clever built-in shed tucked around the side. This will give you a safe place to pop your tools and other garden bits and bobs, whilst maintaining a cohesive style for your space.

Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

summer house ideas: Malvern Garden Buildings summer house with double doors

The Bloomsbury writing retreat, inspired by Virginia Woolf's writing lodge at Monk's House, from Malvern Garden Buildings

Jason Preece, General Manager at Malvern Garden Buildings ' says, 'You don’t usually need planning permission for a summer house in the UK, as long as the height is 2.5 metres or under and it is positioned 2 metres from your boundary.' 

'However, it's always best to check with your planning office,' he adds. 'There are some exceptions, for example if you live in a conservation area, a listed property or in a national park.'

How do you stop damp in a summer house?

pretty she shed opening onto an outdoor seating area with cushions, a coffee table, and festoon lights

When it comes to summer house ideas, there are a few worthwhile tips you can follow to prevent damp. Set-up from Lights4fun

There are a few ways to help stop damp in a summer house. Generally, it's caused by trapped moisture, often as a result of condensation. So, try to keep your garden building well-ventilated. On dry days, open the windows often to encourage air circulation, and look for designs with ventilation grates installed. It's also a good idea to periodically check your roof and windows, and repair any damage when it occurs.

Another tip: when you're giving your summer house furniture a freshen up (perhaps by following our guide on how to clean outdoor furniture ) be sure to let it dry thoroughly before putting it back inside.

You can also consider insulation. Malvern Garden Buildings' summer houses are lined with 'Ufoil', explains General Manager Jason Preece. This insulates the building for comfortable year-round use but also acts as a really effective moisture barrier, he says.

'The other option is to have "Tyvek" as a roof underlay. This is a breathable membrane that lets moisture out but prevents damp from coming into your summer house,' he adds. 

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bird on a coconut bird feeder

Gardens Watching garden visitors for just one hour in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2023 could help provide vital data to protect birds from the effects of climate change

By Jayne Dowle Published 7 January 23

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Grow Your Own Learn how to chit potatoes before planting them in the ground and you’ll be on your way to getting an earlier and bigger harvest

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Decorating & Design

June 27, 2022

50+ Of House & Home’s Best Summer Decorating Ideas

summer projects house

Make the most of summer with a home that celebrates living indoors and out — and maybe even blurs the line between the two! Here are some of our best summer decorating ideas to get your home into an easy, breezy state of mind.

Scroll down and get inspired!

summer projects house

Accessorize your foyer with summery details. Switch into summer mode by displaying summer hats, pretty cushions, and woven baskets with fresh blooms in your foyer. The result? A light and airy ambience the moment you walk through the door.

summer projects house

Channel the West Coast. This Toronto foyer has a Cali-cool feel thanks to stone floors, eclectic objets and woven rattan chairs.

summer projects house

Go tropical.  Design a space that will make you feel like you’re on summer vacation all year. In this bold Vancouver dressing room, tropical banana leaf wallpaper creates a resort-inspired feel.

summer projects house

Install board-and-batten wall panelling. And paint it in an immersive hue! In this screened porch makeover designed by Cynthia Ferguson, wall and ceiling panels in varying patterns create a rustic ambience.“Using the same color on the walls, ceiling and bar cabinet created a streamlined backdrop for the soft brown and blond tones we added in the space,” says Cynthia.

summer projects house

Decorate with watery hues.  Blue and white is one of summer’s most iconic color combos, and this lakeside banquette masters the look with textiles and furniture in watery hues. A live edge wood table is another great way to bring summer style home.

summer projects house

Go mod with sleek, black furniture.  Summer decorating can range in style from boho chic to nautical, but sometimes sleek and sophisticated patio furniture is the perfect contrast to lush greenery and hardscaping. Here, black aluminum chairs and contemporary table lanterns elevate the space.

summer projects house

Bring the beach to you. You don’t need to live in East Hampton to create a beachy vibe. Design cottage bedrooms or bunkies with simple details like painted white walls and floors, hanging straw hats and photographs of the ocean.

summer projects house

Bring in freshly cut blooms from your garden. Spring favorites like lilacs and peonies don’t last long, so skip the flower shop and take advantage of the gorgeous growth in your own garden. Pro tip: Shake them out for ants and dirt before bringing them inside!

summer projects house

Install a hammock. There’s no doubt that patio loungers and Adirondack chairs are popular summer seating solutions, but nothing is as satisfying as lying in a hammock with a good book. If you don’t have an outbuilding or tree to flank a hanging hammock, consider a freestanding one that will achieve the same look and feel.

summer projects house

Create a built-in bar in your backyard. Give your outdoor space the illusion of a restaurant patio with a built-in bar that can double as a buffet or drink station when you entertain.

summer projects house

Add greenery to your windowsill.  A pair of mini potted trees freshen up this  Victorian farmhouse ‘s living room.

summer projects house

Display family heirlooms.  Create a cottage feel by hanging antique objets,  like designer Emily Griffin did here at her summer getaway in the Kawarthas.

summer projects house

Layer your florals. Vintage green glass vases are filled with a variety of blooms, while a floral cabinet skirt contrasts beautifully without stealing the show.

summer projects house

Add a botanical wallpaper.  Teal bed accessories and colourful wallpaper create a cohesive color scheme in this principal bedroom .

summer projects house

Bring in a summer chintz.  Les Ensembliers dressed their pool house with layers of fun patterns to create the ultimate summer hangout.

summer projects house

Make it personal.  In Toronto-based artist Virginia Johnson’s creative studio, the kitchenette is decorated with artful dishware and colourful art.

summer projects house

Move dinner outside. Homeowner Stephanie Nerlich opted for a wooden table and airy white chairs for a fresh summer look. Layering the table with clear vessels creates a pretty tablescape and puts the focus on the turquoise pool and lush greenery beyond.

summer projects house

Incorporate natural materials. Designer Sam Sacks wanted her boho cottage kitchen to feel like it was on “island time.” Pair natural wicker, rattan and wood to achieve this laid-back mood.

summer projects house

Dress up a porch.  With its patterned outdoor rug, fresh foliage and breezy chairs,   Jeff Stober ‘s PEC porch is the perfect place to while away a Canadian summer.

summer projects house

Paint a chair.  Spruce up an old chair with a coat of paint in a fun, summery color.

summer projects house

Contrast with dark hues.  If standout summer colors aren’t your vibe, simple black outdoor furniture adds a dynamic look to your backyard set-up.

summer projects house

Add a pop of color. Designer Robyn Rider opted for a classic Kelly green hue to freshen up the entryway of her 1,400-square-foot Toronto home .

summer projects house

Use a fun wallpaper.  Wrap a powder room with California-cool tie-dye wallpaper to create an unexpected summer retreat.

summer projects house

Bring some texture to your foyer. Designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski turned revamping her cottage ‘s inviting entryway into a fun family project: her father built the bench and her mother sewed the throw pillows.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Go nautical.  A sculptural rope lamp is complemented by nautical objets and a kitschy poster.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Hang a paddle on the wall. Add some fun Canadiana by hanging canoe paddles on a wall.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Bring indoor accessories outside . To make an outdoor seating or living area feel even more welcoming, bring out accessories you’d usually keep inside. Here, blue and white pottery, candles and even a rug make this Palm Beach, Florida, backyard an extension of the inside.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Paint the floor white. Make a space feel instantly fresh and summery by painting out the floor and walls in a crisp white.

House & Home Best Summer Decorating Ideas

Add driftwood to a grouping. Nothing says summertime on a beach quite like driftwood. Here a driftwood coffee table base and mirror frame bring a casual yet luxe vibe to an outdoor seating area.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Slipcover your chairs.  White chairs look perfectly breezy in this screened-in porch, and the removable slipcovers are easy to remove and throw in the laundry.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Play with natural materials.  Seagrass, rattan, bamboo and sisal, among others, bring warmth and depth to any room and liven up a mod black and white scheme.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Use rattan and caning . French Country style has the timeworn charm of southern France. Open weave materials like caning and rattan help keep a room feeling breezy.

summer projects house

Use rich colors. To bring in a Mediterranean or South American feel, use terracotta to add warmth and depth.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Elevate the fire pit. Bring a little bit of Palm Springs home with a retro enamel drop fireplace. It creates a focal point in the backyard and is usable year round.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Decorate with feathery motifs.  Feathery decorations, such as those on these DIY window treatments , give a light as air feel.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Choose iconic summer pieces . Pillows in a classic, thick-striped blue and white pattern are a go-to for a reason — they scream seaside escape. Paired with iconic Muskoka chairs (or Adirondack chairs), this deck has timeless appeal.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Layer on stripes. Stripes scream summer — so why not go all out? Here stripes in all colors and weights play off each other in the rug, poufs, pillows and even in the wall panelling. The mixture adds depth to the room.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Keep it simple. In this cottage sunroom, the windows have no glass — just screens with flip-up storm shutters — which give the space a classic boathouse feel. The simple furnishings add to the rustic charm.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Whitewash the room. A clean, bright backdrop sets the stage and lets brass accents pop. The whitewash unifies disparate elements, bringing a cohesive look to the space.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Bring in blond woods.  The pale tones of blond woods impart the summery, light feel of Scandinavian interiors, especially when set against light walls and floors.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Use a canoe as sculpture. A vintage cedar canoe is the main event in this cottage living room. Small canoe sculptures and waterscape photos add to the theme without being too kitschy.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Embrace a South Beach vibe. Colors and tropical patterns bring a Miami feel to a Toronto backyard patio.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Pair blue and white.  Dive into the deep end of style and bring this classic summer palette to your space.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Go for open-frame furniture. A breezy canopy bed left bare has a tropical feel, which is enhanced by lightweight white curtains and whitewashed walls.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Incorporate sea-inspired accents.  Here an ethereal chandelier that looks like a large piece of coral brings an exotic vibe to a lakefront cottage.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Bring in vintage details. Authentic or retro-style fans make a fun design statement while also helping to keep the room cool.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Set up camp. In this Upstate New York living room, a settee is covered in vintage tents, giving an intrepid spirit to the space.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Say yes to gingham.  Cotton gingham is summer’s answer to winter’s heavy, knitted plaids. A daybed dressed up with this punchy fabric has bold pillows to finish the look.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Make seasonal accessories a focal point. Why not put your collection of straw hats on display? This DIY hat rack project makes a statement and is practical, too.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Embrace flea market finds.  In this garage-cum-workshop, the whitewashed shell is brought to life with a mod safari-style chair. Folding teak chairs or wooden campaign chairs are also great options for injecting a bit of vintage flair.

Learn how to shop for vintage like a pro.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Dress up an outdoor dining area. Layering up a simple picnic table and benches with sparkly and colorful throws or tablecloths adds a touch of glamor and softness.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Decorate with watery scenes. A vintage picture of designer Jennifer Scott’s grandfather sailing anchors the design of her Vancouver home’s bathroom.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Switch up your linens. Swapping out heavy winter knits and velvets for lighter cotton and linen pieces is a simple way to invite summer into your home.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Play with tonal colors. In this screened-in porch, shades of sandy beiges and bright whites set the scene for relaxation and calm.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Create a beachy vignette. A vintage sailboat sets the stage for a beachy scene. Elevate the look with pieces of coral and shells.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Use durable fabrics. The family-friendly dining area here is dressed up with washable linen slipcovers — perfect for busy, and sometimes messy, cottage life.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Light the way with lanterns. In an indoor-outdoor space, a lantern light fixture is a casual take on the classic chandelier.

House & Home Best Summer Style

Do away with curtains.  Eschew blinds or window treatments in favor of letting the sun shine in for a breezy, summery look.

Runway To Room: These Are The Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

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12 modern summer house ideas – how to create a serene escape in your own garden

Be inspired to add an extra space to relax in, work from or even host guests in with these gorgeous summer house ideas...

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Summer house with colorful furniture

It's the dream, isn't it? Having a summer house that you can saunter down the garden to, dashing barefoot across the lawn, to a secluded spot you can relax with a book and a G&T. Or maybe you would use it as a place to work, or turn it into a gym, or even a guest bedroom – a summer house can be all manner of things and can fit into all styles and sizes of garden too. 

So whether you are after a traditional timber clad, whitewashed, country garden room, or something more extensive that can add lots of extra living space, we have plenty of lovely summer house designs and garden ideas to get you inspired to start a new project... 

1. Find the perfect position for a summer house

Summer house with French doors

Before we get into lots of lovely summer house ideas, let's talk practicalities. The positioning of a summer house is the first step, and it can determine the size and design you go for.

The best place to position a summer house generally tends to be at the end of a garden. This way it won't break up the space or make it feel smaller. Plus, having a summer house tucked away, far from the main house gives it a more separate feel, making it seem like even more of an escape. Create that almost hidden, secret house feeling by surrounding your summer house with trees and billowing climbers as you can see here. 

And if space isn't an issue in your garden, think instead about what time of day you'll mostly use the space and position it in an area that will get the nicest light. For example, if you will be using it in the mornings, east-facing will get the best morning sun. If you want to be sipping cocktails in there of an evening then pick the positioning based on where you will see the sun set. 

2. Create a stylish at home bar 

marble clad garden room with home bar

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that a well-stocked home bar is an essential. Why not upgrade your crammed drinks trolley and build a summer house that can double up as a garden bar ? Pinch ideas from this gorgeous marble-clad design and add bi-fold windows with a bar underneath so you can sit inside and yet feel like you are still in the garden.

3. Add a stylish industrial vibe with corrugated cladding

corrugated iron summer house on upper level of a small garden

As this super cool corrugated metal design proves, not all summer houses have to be traditional and timber clad. If you like a more contemporary style to your garden, opt for a summer house that uses more unusual materials and then you can soften it up with a wooden patio as you see here or lots of greenery around the edges.

Also, this small garden doesn't have acres of space, and yet still manages to fit in a summer house. Using levels can be a great way to zone the space, making it feel larger and more functional. 

4. Create a light filled summer house 

Summer house with colorful furniture

Really maximize light in a summer house with large windows and French doors. You want a summer house to feel open and airy and almost like you are still in the garden, just with some nice furniture and a roof over your head. 

Stick with a light color palette too – white walls, ceilings and light wooden floors make this summer house feel bright and fresh. The colorful furniture adds just the right amount of bold hues and the mix of neutral tones and bright shades of the area rug brings the scheme together. 

5. Treat the inside like an extension of the house

Garden room with blue patterned sofa, larger mirror and sky light

If you really want to make the most of a summer house, treat it like an extension of your indoor living space. It's what stops it from turning into a glorified shed. Fill it with gorgeous soft furnishings, add prints, mirrors, throw down a rug, hang drapes and pick decor that reflects the style inside the main house too, so there's cohesiveness between the two spaces. 

6. Invoke calm with a light scheme and rustic decor

If you want your summer house to be a shady spot to escape to on warmer days, opt for an interior that will invoke that cool, serene feeling. Take inspiration from this gorgeous effortlessly stylish space and cream-painted panels, keep the floor light too and adds lots of texture with wooden furniture and rustic touches. Soften up the space even more with floaty drapes in a slubby linen that pools on the floor. You essentially want to create a modern rustic living room just out in your garden. 


7. Turn a summerhouse into a guest bedroom

Blue and pink spare bedroom in a summer house

Or take it even further and copy this summer house idea by turning the space into a guest bedroom . GIve the space a modern rustic feel with darkly painted wall paneling, vintage furniture, and low lighting. Throw down some large area rugs to add softness underfoot and thick curtains to make the space feel cozy and private in the evenings. 

Feeling inspired? Check out the full tour of this gorgeous summer house . 

8. Or use it as a home office

white summer house with bold artwork used as a home office

If working from home is looking like it's going to be a more permanent set up for you, using a summer house as a home office means you can get some peace in the day and escape your workspace in the evenings. And you could always tuck the desk away in a corner so it could also double up as an extra living room if you need it.

This calming, all-white and soft wooden scheme is perfect for a home office; light, airy and stylish but not too visually stimulating.

9. Add a kitchenette 

Kitchen in a summer guest house

If you have the space, why not go all out and add a kitchenette to your summer house so you can have it as its own self-contained space for guests. It wouldn't need to take up the whole space, just a row of cabinets with a sink, some shelving, and a compact under-counter fridge would provide all you need to make a morning coffee without having to traipse back to the main house. 

9. Opt for a glass roof

A post shared by Unique Homestays (@uniquehomestays) A photo posted by on

Whatever style of summer house you are after, you want it to be filled with light, to feel like an extension of your garden and blend into the outside space. It should have a more outdoorsy feel than your indoor living room, with plenty of lovely views out into greenery. 

Choosing a glass roof is sure to bring in plenty of light no matter what the weather outside is doing, so you always have a bright room to work in or relax in. For a more classic look opt for a roof lantern, and if you want a more sleek contemporary feel choose large glass panels to create a more seamless glass roof. 

10. Blend a summer room with the surrounding garden

Summer house in roof top garden

Make a summer house sit more naturally in your garden by blending the walls with large potted plants and climbers. Add trellis up the side, or extend the space with a pergola so you can add extra greenery above too. Position potted plants in clusters around the base of the structure to add some lovely texture, and as you can see here can be used to almost disguise the dimensions of the building.

11. Paint it white for a classic look

white timber clad garden room with large lawn and potted plants

For a really classic summer house design that's going to work in any garden, modern or traditional, opt some something that's timber clad. You can then paint it whatever color suits your style, but you can't go wrong with white for creating an instant focal point. Give it a more contemporary feel by placing some simple galvanized metal pots filled with olive trees against the white wooden walls. 

12. Build out a small patio

So many summer house designs have large French doors, bi-folding doors, or sliding doors so there's that really seamless flow between indoors and out. So make the most of that indoor/outdoor living and extend a summer house by adding a patio area that you can use for extra seating,  al fresco dinners or you could be very extra and add a hot tub. 

Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

The majority of summer houses won't need planning permission. The acceptions to that are any summer houses that are taller than 3 meters or are within 2 meters of your boundary wall. 

Also, you may need planning permission if you live in a listed building or in a conservation area. Just always be safe and check with your local planning officer before you start your project. 

How much does a summer house cost?

The cost of a summer house can vary massively depending on the design and finish you are after. For example, you can have a timber pre-fab summer house installed in your garden for between £1,000 - £3,000. But if you want to go bespoke, that goes up to between £15,000 - £30,000 depending on the size and the design, plus any extras you might want to add like a decking or patio area or outdoor lighting. 

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Hebe is the Digital Editor of Livingetc; she has a background in lifestyle and interior journalism and a passion for renovating small spaces. You'll usually find her attempting DIY, whether it's spray painting her whole kitchen, don't try that at home, or ever changing the wallpaper in her hallway. Livingetc has been such a huge inspiration and has influenced Hebe's style since she moved into her first rental and finally had a small amount of control over the decor and now loves being able to help others make decisions when decorating their own homes. Last year she moved from renting to owning her first teeny tiny Edwardian flat in London with her whippet Willow (who yes she chose to match her interiors...) and is already on the lookout for her next project.

a kitchen with a marble island and zellige tile walls

Kristin Fine, founder of The 1818 Collective, knew exactly what it was like to live in this Connecticut home, and it helped her redesign it better for her clients

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Summer house ideas – how to create inspiring garden rooms for a dream outdoor retreat

Are you dreaming of a summer house? We have all the inspiration you need

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A garden summer house can be used as your very own special space. It can be transformed into a studio for writing, painting or other crafting activities, or can simply become a space for you to relax in and enjoy your leisure time.

On sunny days, a garden building or garden room also provides welcome shade from the midday heat. If you want to go for a country garden summer house, choose a style with a tiled roof, windows with small panes and details such as a weathervane or window boxes.

Pick a calming colour palette of neutral and pastel shades, and colour wash timber cladding with pale leafy greens. There are a lot of choices and things to think about, but our summer house ideas should give you all the inspiration you need.

See more ideas and inspiration for all your garden needs

Summer house ideas for all gardens

1. create a calming cabin to seek shade.

summer house with wooden bench cushions and lantern

Use a summer house to seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. Keep the purpose simple with a sizeable bench seating solution that can double as a day bed, filled with cushions to make it all the more comfy. Unify your summer house with the garden furniture by painting all in a calming neutral, such as white to help keep things cool and feeling serene.

2. Lay an inviting footpath

garden area with summer house and grassland

Make your summer house the main attraction in your garden with a stylish stepping-stone garden path idea that leads to the front door. Another noteworthy thing about this garden is the sizeable summer house, which has been fitted into a relatively narrow space. An eau de Nil exterior, deckchair and beach sign all give a nod to the seaside, too, creating the feel of a stylish beach hut.

3. Build the perfect home office

home office with table chair and panelled wall

If you work from home, a garden office could be just the thing for you. For a calm effect, paint the room white and set a desk near a window or door, where it can be opened for a cool breath of fresh air. Create a stylish spot to study with a mix of modern furniture and traditional accessories, such as the phone and wooden filing unit.

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4. Find a secluded spot at the end of the garden

summer house with grassland and potted plants

The position of your summer house is really important. Generally at the far end of the garden is a good place - in the middle will make your garden seem smaller than it is and break up the lawn space you have. Plus, if you're looking to create a beautiful retreat, the further you are away from everyday life, the better. We love how this spacious summer house is surrounded by trees, giving it a truly secluded, middle-of-the-countryside feel.

5. Create an outdoor living room

garden cabin with macrame swing footstool and wooden table

Use a summer house to extend your indoor living space. Perhaps you have a growing family and need the extra space or simply want another area to socialise. By decorating the garden structure in the same fashion as your interior decor helps to unify the individual living spaces, making them feel more at one.

Lay down rugs, hang pictures and use familiar furniture that echoes your main living room – creating an outdoor living room of sorts.

6. Set up an outdoor studio

garden studio with wooden table and armchair

A garden studio is the perfect place to isolate a hobby, away from the main house – not to mention being surrounded nature to inspire. Whether it's an art room or a yoga studio, the dedicated space will encourage you to nurture your hobbies to flourish, allowing you to feel more connected and in the 'zone' because there are no other distractions in sight.

7. Plant around the plot

summer house with potted plants and dark exteriors

Use the plot immediately outside the summer house to plant to immerse the room into the surrounding garden. This black summer house is a fine example with the raised beds creating an entryway path, a climbing rose on a mounted trellis, hanging baskets and statement pots flagging either side of the doors. As the plants establish they will engulf the garden room in lush greenery, which will be offset beautifully against the rich black paint finish.

8. Mix and match your furniture

summer house with sofa and french door

Give your garden summer house a relaxed look with a mix of furniture styles, from the kind of comfy sofa you might find in your living room to painted wicker pieces in a hot-pink hue. Junk-shop finds are great for outhouses, as you don't need to have your best furniture in here - and remember that upcycling can turn even the most unloved piece into something great.

9. Make space on a deck to dine

garden area with wooden table and chairs

Provide your garden summer house with a decked area and you’'ll have the perfect spot for lazy summer lunches. Pretty bunting and folding directors’ chairs dress up the typical English clubhouse look. You can't go wrong with fold-up furniture in the UK - if it starts raining, you can easily and quickly take it inside to use under the comfort of your summer house roof.

10. Paint it blue

garden area with blue painted summer house

Decorate the exterior of your garden summer house in a fetching blue. If you have a hilly garden, this arrangement shows you what can be done. It's all about creating different levels in your garden so you have a flat enough surface for your summer house to sit on. In the absence of a lawn, there's still lots of scope to have flower beds and pots dotted about for a lush, green effect.

11. Fill your summer house with garden prints

sofa with floral cushions and white wall

Most people like their garden room to feel entirely different and separate from their homes. It's all about having a retreat where you can get back to nature, so choose furnishings to reflect this. Natural materials and botanical prints are the way to go. Think fresh greens, bright pinks and a splash of yellow - they're all colours found in the great outdoors and will create a soothing scheme.

12. Choose floaty curtains for a country retreat

summer house with french door and sheer curtains

If you've been put off summer houses because you don't want anything too standout or dominant in your garden, you will love this super-natural structure. With its calming neutral palette, timber cladding and climbing plants, it blends in with its environment perfectly. Lemon-yellow accents add a hit of colour to the rustic scheme.

13. Turn your summer house into a spare room

bedroom with freestanding lamp and rug

Got no room for guests when they come to stay? Then turn your summer house into a chic spare bedroom that will be the talking point of their visit. A rustic scheme always looks stylish for a summer house - go for white walls for a neutral base and layer the look with warming earthy tones. Don't be afraid to mix plains with patterns, from geometrics to stripes - in moderation, they can't help but look sophisticated.

14. Pick a quiet corner to position a peaceful retreat

summer house with sofa cushions and bunting flag

Tucked away at the end of your lawn, a garden summer house provides a picturesque focal point and shelter from the midday sun. This octagonal room has small-paned windows, a tiled roof and weathervane, creating the perfect country look.

15. Choose serene green

summer house with sofa set and tea table

Lloyd Loom furniture is the classic choice for a country-style summer house or conservatory. A leafy green paint colour on walls provides a fresh backdrop to the furniture, and a natural flooring rug draws the scheme together.

16. Go for plantation style

summer house with french window and relaxing chair

The curvy dark wood frame and cane seat of a plantation-style chair emphasise a summery scheme. Keep the theme light and airy with sheer curtains and furnishings in neutral tones and soft, pastel colours.

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below.

Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

'If your building is shorter than 2.5m, doesn't take up more than 50% of your garden and isn't going to be placed in your front garden, you shouldn't require planning permission' advises Charles Walton, CEO of BillyOh.com .

'However, this will largely depend on local councils and neighbourhood policies. As well as the response of your immediate neighbours. Planning permission rules can vary by area, so we strongly recommend checking with your local council.'

summer house with artificial plant and wooden table

What do you put in a summer house?

What you put in a summer house very much depends on the purpose you are using the extra space for. If you wish to create an extra living room for the garden you can dress the decor with all the elements you would have indoors – a sofa, coffee table, rugs, paintings on walls etc. If you have mains power to your summer house lighting is a must, for being able to use the space all year round and at all times of the day.

If you're using the summer house for hobbies and activities you will might choose to keep the contents minimal. Avoid it feeling cluttered. For a fitness studio keep it free from bulky furniture, use wall storage to elevate any items off the floor to keep the space safer - avoiding accidents from trip hazards.

Jennifer is the Deputy Editor (Digital) for Homes & Gardens online. Prior to her current position, she completed various short courses a KLC Design School, and wrote across sister brands Ideal Home, LivingEtc, 25 Beautiful Homes, Country Homes & Interiors, and Style at Home. 

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How to build a summer house: How a DIY savvy couple built their own garden oasis for under £1200

A DIY savvy couple built a summer house from scratch in the back garden of their 1950s detached semi. Here's how they did it

DIY summer house Jo Lemos

In a recent blog I shared how I created DIY scaffolding board decking . What I didn't share was that half of that decking was allocated to be the floor of our new summer house. 

I will be completely honest with you, my partner and I didn’t initially set out to build a summer house, but our designs escalated very quickly and I am so glad we did. We are experienced DIYers at this stage, having renovated two houses, but we were a little apprehensive about the task of building our own summer house from scratch. That being said, we found it quite straight forward! If you're thinking about creating your own summer house, here is how we did it, plus some useful tips we learned along the way. 

  • Keep reading: 25 summer house ideas  

DIY summer house design

DIY summer house Jo Lemos

The design of your summer house can vary wildly, and depending on what you want to do it may be subject to local planning permission. As a general rule in England ‘outbuildings’ are subject to the following; they must be single story and the height of the roof must not exceed 2.5 metres if it's less that 2 metres away from your boundary. Please do make sure what your local regulations are as neighbours have the right to complain.   Tip: I found a Facebook group called “build your own summer house” which I found really useful where people share their designs and give each other tips. 

As always YouTube and online forums are great ways to learn new building methods if you are unsure. There are many ways to construct a summerhouse using a variety of materials so it really comes down to what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

For our own summerhouse I wanted something simple with a cabin in the woods feel about it. I had a look at designs on Pinterest and decided to go with a square cabin with a pitched roof. I wanted it to have double doors and some glazing on each side that wasn’t facing our boundary. Our design was very fluid, we did each step and then figured out what materials we needed to prevent us from making mistakes or over ordering. All the wood we used for construction was 2.4 metres or less as that could fit into our car. This also meant that the walls would be a 2.4m x 2.4m box.

How to build a summer house: The foundation

laying scaffolding decking

A strong foundation is important for any building. In my blog post about the scaffolding board decking I go into detail how I built the foundations that would be used for the decking and summerhouse. Basically, I used four 100mm x 100mm pressure treated wooden posts that were 2.4 metres tall. I dug a hole 400mm deep and positioned each post into it. The post was secured in place using a bag of premixed concrete bad that just needed water adding to it and no mixing and sets within 30 minutes. I took care to make sure each post was buried the same depth, vertically level and square with each other. The floor, wall and roof will all be supported off the 4 posts.

Our floor is a decking supported off the foundational posts but we also chose to insulate the area beneath the decking to make it more comfortable to stay in

This isn’t the only way to create a foundation for a summerhouse. The reason I decided to do it this way is it is cost effective and within our skill sets. Many prefer to make a more solid concrete foundation similar to buildings with a concrete slab to increase longevity. Whatever you decide is the best foundation for you. It is really important to take time at this stage to get it right or the entire build will be compromised

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How to build a summer house: Studwork

scaffolding decking in a back garden

We built the walls and supporting structures out of pressure treated timber struts similar to how a stud wall in a house would be done. The roof and walls are made out of light weight materials and so we didn’t need anything too heavy weight and so used 2.4 metre lengths of C16 38mm x 68mm studs. 

To slightly increase the height for doorways and windows I also placed another 100mm x 100mm post on top of the foundations posts which greatly increased rigidity. I cut each stud made to measure to between the floor and the top interconnecting timber. Make sure you leave space for your doors and windows in the desired location.

DIY summer house Jo Lemos

To improve rigidity for the structure we added supports between the vertical and horizontals sections of the studwork. With each piece added to get tell the structure is getting stronger, the more you can add the stronger the structure will be. As an extra step we also treated the timber with a wood preserver that gives it added water protection but not always necessary.

How to build a summer house: Doors & windows

how to build a summer house windows

This was an opportunity for us to save some money by sourcing our doors & windows from second hand sites. We managed to get double doors and 2 large windows for £90. There are a lot out there to grab for free, we did get one of our windows for free but as we were after something specific we spend where we felt we had to. Studwork frames were build with the specific dimensions for each window centres to each wall.

how to build a summer house windows

We decided to remove the glazing from the upvc frame for atheistic reasons but certainly not necessary. This is pretty simple to do by removing the beading on the frames using a flat tool to free up the glass. This mean we ha to make our own frames which we did using plywood. To do this, the opening on the stud work was made 20mm larger on each side than the size of the glazing. 

The studwork frame was lined using 18mm plywood which the glazing was placed into. Smaller strips of plywood beading was added to secure the window in place, I screwed the lining and beading together to ensure strength but this could be glued also. To make sure it is watertight I applied silicone where the beading meets the window and waterproofing treatment was applied to the beading.

How to build a summer house: Walls

how to build a summer house walls

When the studwork, windows and doors were complete we added the external wall. Again, there is an abundance of choice for method and materials to do this. We chose to use a tongue & grove wooden cladding to go with the cabin in the woods aesthetic. This for us was the single biggest expense but we got a good price from a local timber yard. To calculate the amount you need measure the area of each wall (width x height) and remove the area of any windows and doors. Tip: We ordered 10 percent extra for cutting and wastage.

When the cladding was delivered it was slightly wet so we left it out to dry in some good weather. This is really important to do as timber will expand when wet. We unfortunately learnt this the hard way as we eagerly put up some cladding while it was still damp which eventually contracted leaving gaps. Having to remove all said cladding and refit it was not the most fun job so please avoid. To secure the cladding we used outdoor decking screws, nails can be used which are cheaper but in the end we were glad of the screws when we had to refit the shrunken boards. To finish the external walls we have painted them black and added uPVC angles on the edges.

How to build a summer house: The roof

how to build a summer house roof

This for us was the trickiest part. The walls are pretty straightforward as they are at right angle to each other but the roof meets at an apex. We wanted a peaked roof which meant having to calculate the correct angle so not to go over the 2.5 metre rule next to our boundary. 

There are a lot of guides that can be found online but we decided to go with a 20-degree pitch. I cut the C16 timber at 20-degree angles using a table saw. The roof trusts have been sized to extend past the walls on each side which will help make the walls watertight. Each roof thrust connects to a central column, and my recommendation is to do one first to check you are happy with the angles you have cut before starting on the others.

When all the roof thrusts where installed we put osb board on top and screwed in place. To keep costs low we used rolls of felt glued to the osb board and used felt nails to wrap around the edges and secure to the underside. We used some wooden facia boards that we treated with preserver to tidy up the edges of the roof. For a simpler roof you could choose to a sloped or flat roof but this is down to preference and the span of your room.

You will need two people to build the roof safely. Please don’t underestimate the danger in working at height , I learned the hard way by having to take a trip to A&E after a scary fall from a ladder. Luckily a couple of weeks rest was enough for me to recover so please stay safe.

Costs to build a summer house

black summer house DIY

For the decking (with veranda) has come to £1200 for the structure and exterior. We are so happy with the end result and it was a fun project for us. We do have plans to insulate the walls and line the inner walls with plywood so we can use it throughout the year but for now we will just enjoy the summer.

About the expert

 Jo Lemos is a DIYer and decorator who chronicles his projects on the popular Instagram account @ two.men.and.a.semi . His DIY obsession began in childhood, when he used to help his parents redecorate the family house. Since then, he’s been developing his DIY skills for two decades, culminating in a full renovation of his current house alongside his partner, Chris. Currently the duo is restoring a 1930s semi-detached house in Manchester that had been badly renovated throughout the years. For Jo, sustainable and budget friendly design is the best way to renovate your house, and he considers his renovation motto to be: “Why pay someone when I can do it myself?!” 

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 Jo Lemos is a DIYer and decorator who chronicles his projects on the popular Instagram account @two.men.and.a.semi. His DIY obsession began in childhood, when he used to help his parents redecorate the family house. Since then, he’s been developing his DIY skills for two decades, culminating in a full renovation of his current house alongside his partner, Chris. Currently the duo is restoring a 1930s semi-detached house in Manchester that had been badly renovated throughout the years. For Jo, sustainable and budget friendly design is the best way to renovate your house, and he considers his renovation motto to be: “Why pay someone when I can do it myself?!” 

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30 Spectacular Summer House Ideas for Your Home (2023)

Table of contents.

spectacular summer house ideas

Installing a summerhouse in your outdoor space is both a functional and stylish way of utilising your garden, but deciding on a style isn’t something you want to rush. 

Summer houses are a garden investment that, once you’ve committed to, can be hard to turn back on. But don’t fret, because we’ve taken the time to put this inspiration guide together for you, to ensure that whatever summer house you choose, it’s the right one for you.

From rustic cabins to sleek, futuristic fun houses, we’ve compiled 30 of the most spectacular summer house ideas to help you create a beautiful (yet functional) outdoor living space for both you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

Comfortable, stylish and functional, these ideas will make you the talk of the neighbourhood, so don’t delay! Read on to find your dream summer house today.

Our Top Picks:

1. for the nature lover.

garden summer house

2. For the Keen Gardener

greenhouse getaway summer house

3. For the Picturesque Garden

chic and shabby summer house

How to Choose the Best Summer House Idea for You?

First and foremost, when it comes to deciding on ideas for a summerhouse, you’ll want to consider the size of your garden and what will best suit the style of your outdoor space. 

You’ll also need to think about the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake, so be sure to choose durable materials that are weather-resistant and easy to maintain. Take into account what you plan to use the summer house for as this will determine how much natural light you will need (and whether it requires insulating).

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a style of summerhouse that meets both your practical and aesthetic requirements, leaving you with an outdoor space that offers relaxation and enjoyment when you spend time outside.

30 Garden Summer House Ideas

1. rustic retreat summer house.

rustic summer house

Create the ultimate rustic-style summer house using wood panelling and natural materials; you could even use recycled materials, like pallets or logs, for an eco-touch. Keep your cabin comfortable and cosy, and take inspiration from the great outdoors, by incorporating greenery and fresh flowers inside for an inviting aesthetic.

Shop the Look:

outdoor globe string light

Outdoor LED Solar Powered 10 - Bulb Globe String Light (Wayfair - $39.99)

  • Can look tired and dishevelled

2. Mediterranean Oasis Summer House

mediterranean summer house

Make the most of your garden sun trap with a Mediterranean-style summer house. Use pink and orange colour pops on your soft furnishings combined with terracotta accents through tiles and plant pots. Paint your exterior in a fresh blue shade for a holiday escape in your back garden.

coral throw pillow covers

Brawarm Pack of 2 Living Coral Throw Pillow Covers (Amazon - $14.99)

  • Adds a colour pop
  • Holiday feel
  • Won’t suit more traditional gardens

3. Coastal Cottage Summer House

cottage summer house

For a relaxing and tranquil environment, give your summer house a nautical feel using natural materials such as wood and wicker, as well as seaside accents like shells and driftwood, inside. This calming style of summer house gives you the perfect place to escape, and offers a peaceful haven just outside your back door.

colorful bunting flag

Multicolor Cotton Triangle Banners Colorful Bunting Flag (Amazon - $6.99)

  • Evokes feelings of nature and the seaside
  • Nautical feel won’t suit all garden styles

4. Industrial Chic Summer House

industrial summer house

Add a modern rustic style to your outdoor space with an industrial aesthetic. This contemporary summer house will require plenty of light because of the dark tones (such as grey and black) that you’re going to be using to paint it with. For decorative touches, use concrete planters and flashes of metal to add to the unpolished, utilitarian look. This look is perfect for a design studio summer house.

Budget: £££

wall light

Covelo Wall Light (Wayfair - $92.99)

  • Wouldn’t suit cottage style gardens
  • Expensive style to create

5. Treehouse


Take to the sky with a treehouse style summer house; perfect if you don’t want large summer house ideas due to limited garden floor space. Use LED string lights to create an inviting ambience and use plenty of soft furnishings, such as cushions and a rug, to create a cosy, welcoming feel.

Some would even argue that treehouses are the ultimate summer house, and whilst some will agree (and others disagree) with this idea, there’s no doubting that these elevated structures certainly make an impact on any garden space.

rustic rose pot

HomArt Rustic Terra Cotta Rose Pot (Amazon - $19.79)

  • Time consuming to install

6. Minimalist, Modern Summer House Idea

minimalist modern summer house

For the minimalists among us, keep things sleek with clean lines, plenty of natural light and a palette of white, grey and black for the ultimate in sophisticated simplicity. Use simple furniture and clever storage solutions inside to maintain an uncluttered look that lends itself perfectly to minimalistic style.

polyethylene seating group with cushions

Polyethylene (PE) Wicker 2 - Person Seating Group with Cushions (Wayfair - $599.99)

  • Won’t detract from the garden
  • Sophisticated
  • Can look boring

7. Bohemian Bliss Summer House

bohemian summer house

Keep things laid back and relaxed with a bohemian-style summer house; rules are limited with this theme, so feel free to compile an eclectic mix of accessories, patterns and colours to create the ultimate hippy hideaway. Add natural wood furniture, string lights, macrame hangings and windchimes to complete this carefree, calm look.

garden party trellis area rug

Nourison Garden Party Trellis Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug (Overstock - $32.99)

  • Easy to style
  • Can look cluttered

8. Tropical Paradise Summer House

tropical paradise summer house

Bring a playful paradise to your outdoor space with a touch of tropical that’ll help transform your summer house into a bright, vibrant space. Keep things energetic with bold accessories and colour, as well, of course, as the odd flamingo.

tropical orchid quilted throw

Tommy Bahama Tropical Orchid Quilted Throw (Overstock - $100.00)

  • Can be too overwhelming for some gardens
  • Runs the risk of appearing tacky

9. Country Charm Summer House

country summer house

For more traditional- or farmhouse-style homes, bring a touch of countryside charm to your summer house. Feature quaint details such as a rocking chair, linen fabrics, and apple crates for storage, and add ditsy floral prints for some flashes of delicate colour. Picturesque, bucolic and evocative, this summer house idea is perfect for rural properties.

floral arrangement in vase

Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Vase (Wayfair - $51.99)

  • Suits more traditional gardens
  • Soft, delicate design
  • Won’t suit modern styles

10. Garden Retreat Summer House

Choose a peaceful, tucked away part of your outdoor space to install a garden retreat that can allow you to escape whilst surrounded by nature. Use lush greenery and colourful flowers to add some colour to the space, and add warm, cosy fleece throws on to rustic wood furniture to maintain that inviting feel. Complete the look with some gardening coffee table books and nature-inspired artwork.

journal and log book

Garden Planner, Journal and Log Book (Amazon - $9.99)

  • Good space to admire garden
  • Lacks contemporary feel

11. Cabana Club Summer House

cabana club summer house

If you’re looking for an open summer house idea, then opting for a cabana style could be the perfect choice for you. Keep things light and airy, with lightly draped fabrics and hanging plants. Add a comfy garden sofa , well-stocked bookshelf and a mini bar, and you’ve got all you need for a day of sunbathing and relaxation.

hanging chair

Richards Outdoor/Indoor Wicker Hanging Chair (Overstock - $309.00)

  • Good shelter from sun
  • Lacks privacy

12. Pool House

pool house

If you have a large garden space complete with a pool, turning your summer house into a dedicated pool room offers the perfect solution for storage, as well as somewhere to take a break from all the water play. Incorporate stripes into your summerhouse, as these help add a touch of the nautical, as well as helping to break up large spaces for a more visually-interesting, balanced look.

cotton beach towel

Cornelia 100% Cotton Beach Towel Set (Set of 4) (Wayfair - $30.99)

  • Convenient for getting changed
  • Handy for storage
  • Will need more protection from damp

13. Safari Summer House

safari summer house

Take yourself away to the heart of the African savanna with a safari-style summer house. Use plenty of green and neutral tones and natural materials, such as canvas, woven grass and untreated wood, to create a warm, inviting space.

safari area rug

Liora Manne Marina Safari Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug (Overstock - $54.14)

  • Striking theme
  • Can use lots of natural materials for texture
  • Can look out of place in some gardens

14. Victorian Villa Summer House

victorian summer house

For period homes, create a classic Victorian-style summer house that celebrates delicate flowers and foliage. Keep colours muted with tones such as soft lavender, sage green and delicate blues, and use intricate details on woodwork to add dimension and further interest.

wrapped canvas textual art

Wrapped Canvas Textual Art (Wayfair - $52.99)

  • Good for period homes
  • Muted colours
  • Can feel dated

15. Modern Glass House

modern glass house

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with a modern glass house summer house. Perfect for making the most of natural light, keep the interior clean and clutter-free with simple fabrics and colours.

concrete modern outdoor round planter

Lightweight Concrete Modern Outdoor Round Planter (Amazon - $42.41)

  • Can get hot in summer months

16. Scandinavian Sensibility

scandinavian summer house

Scandi style continues to be popular in 2023, and it isn’t just for interiors. Incorporate pared-back, natural wood, clean lines, neutral colour and minimal style for this contemporary summer house aesthetic.

cane back and wood base

Cane Dining Chair with Cane Back & Wood Base (Amazon - $289.99)

  • Lacks depth

17. Gothic Getaway Summer House

gothic summer house

If you’re looking for a more dramatic and unusual summer house, then why not try a gothic style? Ornate furniture, stained glass windows and deep, moody tones are perfect for adding this mysterious twist to your outdoor space.

stained glass window panel

Stained Glass 26-inch Window Panel (Overstock - $149.99)

  • Statement style
  • Can be overwhelming
  • Not to everybody’s taste

18. Nature Lover’s Nest Summer House

nature lover nest summer house

Embrace nature with a naturalist-inspired summer house featuring wooden beams, stone, and earthy hues. Take some empty barrels and create wildflower beds for a further rustic touch that works well with the naturalist theme.

rectangular wooden planter box

Lucky Winner Rectangular Wooden Planter Box (Amazon - $15.95)

  • Be at one with nature
  • Can lack cosy feel

19. Rustic-Luxury Lodge Summer House

rustic luxury lodge summer house

Blend rustic charm with luxury amenities in a lodge-style summer house. Use luxurious fabrics, such as silk and feather-filled pillows, to create a sumptuous setting that feels special every time you sit in it. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, then you could even consider adding a hot tub outside for a more premium finish still.

inflatable round hot tub

Bestway Miami SaluSpa Inflatable Round Hot Tub (Wayfair - $759.99)

  • Gives the feeling of a holiday/chalet retreat
  • Luxury feel
  • Can be expensive to run hot tubs

20. Arts and Crafts Cottage Summer House

arts and crafts cottage summer house

Gardens are the perfect place to shut yourself away from the world and let your creative juices flow, and your garden summer house provides the ideal space for crafting. Keep natural light flowing with large doors, windows, and skylights, using LED lights to support tasking when the weather isn’t quite on your side. If the easel is your escape in life, then look no further than this creative summer house idea.

portable wooden folding tripod

Natural Portable Wooden Folding Tripod Easel (Wayfair - $104.99)

  • Handy space for creatively-minded individuals
  • Useful for storage
  • Sacrifices a space for in the garden you could otherwise use for planting or relaxing

21. Mid-Century Modern Summer House

mid-century modern summer house

The use of wood, stone, and glass in mid-century modern design makes it an ideal style for a summer house in your garden. Introduce geometric shapes, plenty of natural light and the occasional colour pop to create a space that’s both warm and inviting.

metal stackable chair

Patio Dining Textilene Metal Stackable Chair (Overstock - $248.99)

  • Classic style
  • Doesn’t always suit more contemporary properties

22. Futuristic Fun Summer House

futuristic fun summer house

Combine ultra-modern, sleek designs with cutting-edge technology for a futuristic style summer house. Using metal, glass and acrylic with a colour palette of silver, black and  – along with plenty of outdoor lighting – will create a contemporary feel and have all of your guests talking.

led outdoor wall lamp

Modern Linear Integrated LED Outdoor Wall Lamp (Wayfair - $109.99)

  • Contemporary
  • Can be used to showcase innovative technology
  • Won’t suit older homes

23. Japanese-Inspired Summer House

japanese inspired summer house

Incorporate Japanese design elements (like bamboo and tatami mats) into your summer house for a tranquil outdoor space. Keep colours neutral with the odd splash of pastel pink and yellow for an elegant space that maintains a peace-inducing aesthetic. Consider buying Japanese maples and cherry blossoms to plant around your summer house to continue the theme further.

japanese origami wall art

Japanese Origami Wall Art (Wayfair - $61.99)

  • Natural feel
  • Gentle colour splashes
  • Bamboo doesn’t always wear well

24. Moroccan Retreat Summer House

moroccan summer house

Get transported to Morocco with a summer house featuring bright colours, intricate patterns, and rich textiles. Use mosaic tiles and coloured glass lanterns for an even more beautiful aesthetic.

moroccan glass hanging pendant

Montmartre Moroccan Glass Hanging Pendant (Overstock - $109.49)

  • Can be hard to source decor for this style

25. Chic and Shabby Summer House

Shabby chic summer houses are popular for their relaxed and casual feel. Distressed furniture and delicately-patterned fabrics paired with neutral walls and furniture will keep this small summer house idea looking playful but pretty at the same time.

clock thermometer

Beauregard Indoor / Outdoor Clock Thermometer (Wayfair - $87.73)

  • A great way to incorporate thrift finds and antiques
  • More suited to cottage homes

26. Rustic Ranch Summer House

rustic ranch summer house

For a warm, welcoming western ranch-style summer house, use natural materials and earthy tones. Introduce some western accents such as a cowhide rug, horseshoes and a wagon wheel to provide character, texture and depth.

throw with sherpa backin

Fauxfur Southwest Throw with Sherpa Backin (Overstock - $45.98)

  • Warm and inviting
  • Adds texture
  • Can feel too rustic for some

27. A-Frame Abode Summer House

a-frame abode summer house

For a quirky summer house style, consider an A-frame design. Using this striking triangle shape summer house will help to maximise light and space, as well as being visually impactful. It also introduces the option (as shown in the image above) of planting your summer house’s roof with turf or plants for a more eco-feel.

modern sphere planter

DreamPatio Riverside Fiberstone Modern Sphere Planter (Overstock - $64.49)

  • Maximises space and light
  • Exposed, open space lacks cover

28. Provençal Paradise Summer House

paradise summer house

Use the southern French countryside to inspire your summer house. Pretty Provençal-style incorporates delicate neutrals and rustic floral prints that perfectly suit outdoor space. Use botanical elements to create a cohesive room that ties in with your garden.

plant hanger hanging plant

Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor Outdoor Hanging Plant Pots Cotton Rope (Overstock - $28.18)

  • Rustic charm
  • You can use cheap, distressed items and antiques (in fact, it’s preferable)
  • Can feel cluttered if you’re not careful

29. Urban Oasis Summer House

urban oasis summer house

Recreate this corner summer house idea that offers the perfect urban escape. The sleek furnishings and modern design are ideally suited to a city garden, helping you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Make the most of your small garden using this summer house idea that acts as an extension of your outdoor space with large open doors, plenty of greenery and lighting.

metal cage shade string lights

G40 Metal Cage Shade String Lights (Overstock - $57.49)

  • Green space in urban area
  • Urban areas can lack space for summer houses

30. Greenhouse Getaway Summer House

If you’re a green-fingered individual, use your summer house as an extension of your greenhouse where you can sit and make gardening notes, as well as sit back and enjoy a cup of tea whilst admiring your outdoor space. Add rustic wood chairs and pretty flowers for a relaxed feel.

rocking chair


  • Sit indoors with nature
  • Can get dirty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you stop damp in a summer house.

To prevent damp in a summer house, waterproof the building and keep the space properly ventilated by regularly opening doors or windows as well as installing vents. Adding insulation to the roof, walls, and floor can also help to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce condensation.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Summer House?

In most countries, planning permission for summer houses is required if they’re over a certain size as well as certain locations and uses. This will vary depending on local regulations, so it’s best to check with your local planning authority. Smaller summer houses can be exempt in some locations.

What Do You Put Inside a Summer House?

Decorate your summer house with items that will help to make the space comfortable but functional, such as chairs, tables, sofas or even a day bed if you want a summer house with a bedroom. Add accessories, such as lights, rugs and plants for added ambience and a more personal touch.

How to Decorate the Interior of a Summer House?

To decorate the interior of a summer house, start by applying a primer and then use either water-based or oil-based paint. Water-based paint is easier to clean and dries faster, but oil-based paint provides a more durable finish.

What is the Best Size Summer House?

The size you choose for your summer house will depend on your own personal preference as well as the space you have in your garden.  A commonly-selected size for smaller summer houses is 6×8 feet compared to 20×20 feet for a larger one.

Can You Put Normal Furniture in a Summer House?

Yes, you can put normal furniture in a summer house. Choose durable, weather-resistant items that also suit the overall aesthetic of the summer house. Avoid bulky furniture and opt for pieces that maximise the limited space.

Don’t commit to a summer house design that you don’t love. With our list of summer house ideas, we’ve shown you that there is a style that suits everyone. Use our inspiration to create a stylish but comfortable space that you’ll want to make the most of, whatever the weather!

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Aspect Wall Art

Summer House Interior Ideas to take it to the next level

Recommended affiliate partner.

home designs ai banner

When it comes to garden room or summer house interior ideas, many decor possibilities can be used to improve the aesthetic and feel of the space. Interior design and decoration can not only create a specific atmosphere but can also help to define the function of the space.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon, Awin and Wayfair associate, we do receive a small commission from qualifying purchases made via links within this article.

Here are my garden summer house interior ideas to get you started:

Keep The Space Open and Airy


Image credit: design-milk.com

With an open floor plan and plenty of natural light, your summer house will be the perfect sociable space for hosting parties or entertaining friends.

To keep summer house interiors feeling airy and spacious, opt for light-coloured or white walls and furniture. Whites, creams, and pale blues will reflect the natural light and make your space feel bigger. To add a pop of colour, try using accent pieces like throw pillows or rugs.

What About Small Summer Houses?

For small summer house interiors, keeping the small space open may not be an option, simply due to the limited room that you have. In this case, you just need to get the most out of every bit of space that you do have and make sure every part of your small summer house is as multi-functional and useable as possible.

Even with an open space such as this, If you want to be able to use your garden room at all times of the year, it is important to consider insulating your summer house , office space or play den.

Use Furniture That Fits Your Needs


Image credit: cuckooland.com

Shop Wicker Chairs

If you're lucky enough to have a garden room or summer house, you'll want to make the most of it by creating a relaxing and inviting space. A comfortable sofa or daybed would be the perfect addition to any summer house. You'll also want somewhere to lounge and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. I advise adding some cushions and throws in soft, natural fabrics for an extra cosy feel to the space.

summer projects house

In my opinion, a dining table is another great addition to any summer house. Whether you're enjoying breakfast al fresco or hosting a dinner party, you'll need somewhere to eat. A simple wooden table with matching chairs is a classic look that won't date.

Finally, don't forget to add some storage solutions to your garden building. Shelves are perfect for storing books, magazines and games, while baskets can be used for storing blankets and throws for when it gets a bit chilly.

Pick Lighting to Suit Your Space


Image credit: twitter.com

Shop Summer House Lighting

Before you can decide on the lighting to go for in your summer house, It is important to consider the practicalities of the space and the overall aesthetic you want to create. Do you want a bright and airy space, or something more cosy and intimate? Once you have an idea of the atmosphere you're going for, you can start to narrow down your options.

Further Considerations for Your Summer House

Some further things that I suggest that you bear in mind before taking the final decision are, how much natural light does it get currently? What are the power outlets like? And how easy is it to install new fixtures? Many types of lighting can be used to illuminate summer houses, such as candles or fairy lights, for a diffused light. Or spotlights and recessed lights for brighter overall ambient light.

If you want something more unique and quirky, why not go for some funky lighting fixtures in your summer house that will grab your visitor's attention?

Keep an Eye on The Budget

Don't forget about your budget either. There are plenty of beautiful light fixtures out there, but depending on what you go for, they can be fairly expensive. So, by setting a realistic budget before starting your search, you hopefully won't be tempted to overspend!

Taking all of these factors into account, and then of course using personal preference for the style, colour and size. You should hopefully be able to make your decision that much easier. If you are still struggling for inspiration, I have written the perfect article on summerhouse lighting ideas that will certainly help.

Add Soft Summer House Furnishings


Image credit: thewhitelighthousefurniture.co.uk

Shop Soft Furnishings

Utilise soft furnishings to add a pop of colour to your summer house decor, this can be done with vibrant pillows and throws. Add a further touch of luxury with velvety fabrics and rich textures.

If your garden room or summer house has a lot of windows, take advantage of them by hanging sheer curtains that complement the colour scheme of the space and other fabrics. Sheer curtains will let in the sunlight while still providing privacy. For a dramatic look, choose curtains with more daring patterns, a colour palette of bold shades or a sumptuous texture. Or for a more timeless look, go for neutral creams, beiges or white.

Utilise Mirrors in Your Summer House


Image credit: placeshaperinteriors.co.uk

Shop Wall Mirrors

A mirror or a few mirrors are a must-have in any room, but especially in a garden summer house where you want to make the most of any natural light that you already have. Not only will they reflect light and make the space feel brighter, but they will also create the illusion of more space.

Use Plants for Decoration


Image credit: homebuilding.co.uk

If you are considering adding some plants to your summer house, and why wouldn't you? First, consider what kind of light your summerhouse gets. If it's mostly shaded, try ferns, impatiens, or begonias. Alternatively, if it's sunny most of the time, opt for sun-loving plants like petunias, geraniums, or marigolds.

Next, think about the temperature and climate inside your summer house. If it tends to be hot and humid, look for tropical plants that can tolerate those particular conditions. If it's on the cooler side, go for plants that prefer cooler temperatures like impatiens or coleus.

Finally, don't forget to add a few personal touches with some of your favourite flowers or herbs, to create a beautiful aroma.

Fit Shelves for Practicality


Image credit: thorndown.co.uk

When it comes to furnishing a summerhouse or garden room , shelves are a great option to go for. Not only do they provide practical storage for your essentials or decorative objects, but they also help to keep the space feeling airy and light. Shelves also provide a convenient place to keep everything within reach.

Make sure that the shelves you choose are durable, can withstand the changeable elements and will also complement the overall aesthetic of your summer house. Also, pick shelves that will be functional and provide ample storage space for your needs.

Another benefit to installing shelves is that you can use the front edges to hang things from, like string lights, bunting or just attach hooks for keys etc.


So, what are the best shelves for summer houses? One option is to go with wicker shelving. Wicker is a great material for summerhouses because it is durable and resistant to moisture. Plus, it has a natural look that will complement any summerhouse decor. Another option is to use metal shelving. Metal is another very durable solution and can withstand harsh conditions.

Beautify the Walls With Artwork


Image credit: gardentimberonline.co.uk

Adding artwork to summer house interiors can give them a more homely and lived-in vibe, as it feels more like a living space than just an outbuilding.

Before looking into the choices available, consider the overall style and colour scheme of your summer house. Is it more rustic or contemporary? This will help you narrow down your options. If it's rustic, then perhaps an antique landscape painting would be a good match. If the space and interior decor are more contemporary, a bright and colourful abstract painting would be a fitting choice.

Related article...

Why is Wall Art Important?

Size is an Important Consideration

Another thing to consider is the size of the artwork. You don't want something too small or too large for the space that you have. A good rule of thumb is to choose something that takes up about two-thirds of the wall space.

Finally, think about what kind of mood you want to create in your summer house. Is it a place for relaxation? Then something like a seascape or beach scene would be appropriate. Alternatively, If you want your summerhouse to feel more lively and active, then an abstract painting or some form of 3D textured art would be a good choice.

Turn the Summer House Into a Kid's Den


Image credit: gardenaffairs.co.uk

If you rarely use your summer house for anything other than storage or the occasional retreat or just need some extra space where the kids can play (and you can get some peace and quiet!) why not consider turning it into a children's den?

Summerhouses can have various uses and are a versatile space, so with a few simple interior design ideas, you can easily turn it into a fun multi-purpose space for your kids to hang out and play. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Give the summerhouse a fresh coat of paint in bright, cheerful colours. This will not only immediately transform the space, but make it more inviting for the kids.
  • Add some comfortable seating options like bean bags or floor cushions. This way, they can lounge around and read or play video games in comfort.
  • Create a game area with a table and chairs for them to play board games or make puzzles.

Add Bunting for Decoration


Image credit: stanfairbrother.co.uk

Bunting is a great addition to creating a summer vibe in your space, and it's the perfect way to decorate summer houses on a budget. It can also be very colourful and cheerful, so is a fantastic way to brighten up the space. If you are handy at crafting, you could easily make the bunting yourself using fabric or paper, so it's the ideal decoration for adding a personal touch to your summer house.

Turn Your Summer House Into an Office


Image credit: costco.co.uk

Shop Home Office Furniture

Summer houses and garden rooms are the perfect solution for a place to set up a home office. Just imagine how much more work could be achieved with all the extra peace and quiet a garden office would give you! With a few simple ideas, you can easily create an inviting and productive space that will make working from home a pleasure and not a chore.

Start by choosing the right location for your summer house office space. If possible, pick a spot that gets plenty of natural light and is out of the way from distractions. It's then time to decide which type of summerhouse base to use that best suits the ground conditions and your budget. Once the base and garden summer house build is complete, it's time to move on to the interior.

Storage is Key

Include plenty of storage for all of your office supplies, such as a filing cabinet or shelving unit. This will help to keep your space organised and tidy. Then, set up a comfortable chair and desk where you can fully focus on your work. Finally, don’t forget to add some personal touches, like photos or artwork, to make your summer house office feel like your own.

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Bring the Outside In


Image credit: gardenpatch.co.uk

Whether there is a plethora of beautiful sunshine or the weather outside is dull and miserable, there's nothing nicer than retreating to your summer house and relaxing on a comfy sofa. But what if it looks more like a storage shed than a sanctuary?

With a few simple tweaks, you can easily turn your summer house into an oasis, that feels like a natural extension of the main house and that can also be used year-round. Bring the outdoor space in by hanging floral prints, using natural greens and earthy shades, or adding other nature-inspired colours and motifs on the walls.

Variety is The Spice of Life

Add plenty of different shapes, sizes and styles of plants to the space, and even some fresh flowers picked straight from the garden, for the ultimate delight for all the senses.

If you are willing to take on a bigger job, and you want a truly seamless indoor-outdoor experience for your summer house, install large windows and doors to let in much more natural light and fresh air. This is a much more involved change to undertake, and may not suit the budget you have to work with. But just imagine how the end result could look.

Add a Rug to the Summer House Floor


Image credit: simplylogcabins.co.uk

A rug can inject some personality and style into a summer house. It can also help to create a more defined space, which can be useful if the summer house is on the small side. Rugs also protect the flooring from dirt, damage and also keep your feet warm when the weather is on the colder side and cool in the warmer months.

Rug designs, sizes and textures are widely varied, so you're sure to find one that fits your summerhouse's aesthetic and theme.

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summer projects house

My Final Thoughts

With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, these summer house interior ideas are sure to take your space to the next level, and you'll achieve a beautiful and inviting space that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing. So what are you waiting for? Get started today so you can enjoy your new garden oasis during the summer months or colder British weather periods (if it is insulated).

summer projects house

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

Find him on: LinkedIn or Facebook

summer projects house

How to decorate a small summer house

By Charlotte McCaughan-Hawes

The summer in Britain is short, sometimes sweet and often confused so it pays to capitalise on every bit of sunshine. A small summer house is the best way to do this and can provide a multi-purpose space for reading, lounging, entertaining and even working. When it comes to decorating a summer house, it pays to be versatile and think of all the ways you might use it, not only in the summer months. 

Increasing your living space does not have to mean building an extension or undergoing a major renovation. Whether you are working from home, need somewhere to study or want an extra place to relax, a garden room or small summer house might be the ideal solution. We've gathered the best examples from the House & Garden archive below to inspire your own summer escape.

Image may contain Cottage House Building and Housing

Journalist Fiona Golfar uses her summer house as a writing room. Fiona’s writing shed is known as The Dale after its maker, local carpenter Dale Primmer, who added a sheltered porch for sitting outdoors, as well as an unusual lip in the roof. 

Image may contain Wood Hardwood Furniture Living Room Room Indoors Flooring Floor and Plywood

Inside, it is wooden clad and rustic, with much-needed warmth from sheepskin throws for the colder Cornish days. Ultimately, it's a calm and uncluttered space for Fiona to work in.

Image may contain Indoors Room Bedroom Furniture Cushion Dorm Room Living Room Human and Person

Beata Heuman's garden house is a vibrant affair, with a deep loveseat covered in a floral Le Manach fabric set against the bold red patterned panelling. On the outside, the summer house is painted green and blends in perfectly with the surrounding foliage. However, inside is a complete contrast and Beata's choice of colour across the entire small space creates a cocooning effect that makes it a wonderfully cosy spot.

Image may contain Furniture Wood Interior Design Indoors Shelf Hardwood Room Home Decor Cabinet and Flooring

In the garden of a Barnes house, interior designer Olivia Bell clad the interior and exterior of this summer house with reclaimed French boards for a relaxed and rustic look. The kitchenette was custom built to fit with the rest of the open space and not stand out as a kitchen. The island is on wheels so it can be moved to accommodate parties.

Image may contain Wood Flooring Hardwood Building Housing Floor Plywood and House

The space is multipurpose, able to work for relaxing while watching a football game or hosting parties or children's sleepovers, so Olivia chose easy-to-move furniture to accommodate all sorts of scenarios. The armchair is an antique from Lillie Road.

Image may contain Patio Porch Plant Vase Pottery Potted Plant Jar Building Grass Furniture and Housing

Located at the bottom of the garden of a Notting Hill villa designed by Amanda Hornby is this 'shed'.

Image may contain Living Room Room Indoors Furniture Couch Paul McCartney Rug John Lennon and George Harrison

Far from being a dusty toolshed, this garden room is a chic log cabin, complete with movie projector, keyboard, old records, ceiling papered with old NME magazine covers and a sofa upholstered in Linwood floral velvet . It is the dream snug hangout for teens and grown-ups alike. See inside here .

Image may contain Furniture Home Decor Table Wood Hardwood Coffee Table Rug Interior Design Indoors and Room

The screened porch is typical of traditional 'Shingle'-style houses. It is a place to sit and be cooled by cross breezes in the summer, the folding, louvred shutters acting as sunshades. Located on a plot of farmland on the Atlantic coast of Long Island, interior designer Veere Grenney masterminded this barn-style holiday house with Manhattan architects Leroy Street Studio .

Restaurateur Keith McNally tells the story of his New York apartment

By Thomas Barrie

Author Vanessa Beaumont on how an inherited house became a character she has fallen in love with

By Vanessa Beaumont

A former groom's cottage in the Cotswolds with deeply personal interiors

By Liz Elliot

Image may contain Plant Grass Housing Building Villa House Outdoors Yard Nature Cottage Vase and Pottery

Pietro Cicognani transformed a dirt-floored boathouse into this dreamy guesthouse, inspired by a boathouse that the house's owner had admired on a trip to Sweden. By adding classic loungers with striped cushions and a swing seat on the porch, he's created an idyllic place for indoor-outdoor entertaining. Inside, only the rope-handled spiral wooden staircase remains of the original structure.

Image may contain Building Water Pool Villa House Housing Hotel Swimming Pool and Resort

The pool house in Aerin Lauder's Hamptons house serves as a summer living room and office. Symmetrical doors on each side allow it to function as a garden room or be closed off in inclement weather.

Image may contain Housing Building Outdoors Nature Shelter Countryside Rural Transportation Vehicle and Truck

Based on the idea of a traditional shepherd's hut, these appealing wooden cabins provide flexible extra space and rural charm. Interior designer Katharine Pooley commissioned this shepherd’s hut to use as a bedroom for guests at her Oxfordshire home. A corrugated steel roof, wheels from an old army truck and wooden panelling painted in ‘Railings’ by Farrow & Ball belie the comfortable interior. 

Image may contain Wood Indoors Furniture Room Interior Design Bedroom Housing and Building

A custom design like this can be a big investment, but secondhand huts are less expensive. 

Image may contain Indoors Room Bedroom Furniture Dorm Room and Bed

As Katharine says, ‘The size is bijou, so it doesn’t take much to complete the decoration.

Image may contain Furniture Shelf Bookcase Living Room Indoors Room and Interior Design

The Writer’s Shed, by architects Surman Weston and Joseph Deane, is used by a writer and illustrator. The client requires plenty of natural light for his work, so a steep and asymmetric pitched roof with a large skylight was installed. Tom Surman explains, ‘We had to get planning permission due to the building’s height – you will need this for structures over 2.5 metres tall. Garden rooms can often end up being low spaces, so it was important to us that this one felt generous and voluminous.’ 

Image may contain Plant Grass Building Housing Cottage House and Lawn

The shed is clad in cedar shingles and battens, and the internal walls are finished with whitewashed pine panelling in order to ensure an even spread of light in the space.

Image may contain Grass Plant Outdoors Nature Building Shelter Countryside Rural Tree and Housing

The Escape Pod, by Gloucestershire-based Podmakers, is a distinctive elliptical room clad in Western red cedar shingles. The pod is prefabricated and is composed of eight customisable segments. All pods are made to order, with a choice of colours, materials and interior layouts: add a bench and a folding table for dining, or a built-in desk.

Image may contain Living Room Indoors Room Building Housing Interior Design Keyboard Computer Hardware and Hardware

The pods can even be equipped with a 2.1 x 2-metre raised mattress, perfect for watching the stars through the domed skylight. Podmakers’ co-founder Jeremy Fitter says, ‘It’s such an organic shape and the exterior shingles weather beautifully over time, plus the structure falls under permitted development so doesn’t usually require planning permission unless there are special circumstances in your area.’

Image may contain Furniture Bench Outdoors Patio Yard Nature and Flagstone

Landscape architect Victoria Wade brought nature into this garden room with its open entrance and cosy seating area. Treated softwood has been painted black on the exterior and the interior walls have been clad using reclaimed scaffold boards. Granite setts lead directly into the space, which is covered by a turf roof. Victoria explains that the latter aids insulation and is inspired by Scandinavian log cabins, ‘It provides a warm retreat from the wild Welsh weather.’

Image may contain Vase Plant Pottery Potted Plant Jar Patio Grass Furniture Outdoors Building Tabletop and Bush

This shed, by architects Michaelis Boyd, is a long structure that houses a music room and hangout for teenagers, with interiors by Amanda Hornby. Stairs lead up the outside of the structure to a f lat roof, with planters round the edge that complement the shiplap cladding on the exterior walls. If you wish to embark on a similar project, make sure that the space is well insulated, so it can be used all year round, and soundproofed if you plan on having parties.

Image may contain Plant Garden Arbour Outdoors and Grass

This octagonal structure by architect Ben Allen was inspired by the shape of garden follies. However, he describes this as ‘more organic – a little like a flower or perhaps an artichoke’. Constructed using spruce three-ply for the frame, Valchromat for the interior walls and floors, and waterproof fibreboard for the exterior cladding, it has been spray-painted in a green checkerboard pattern, which is mirrored inside. 

Image may contain Furniture Chair Indoors Building Lighting Clinic Interior Design and Housing

Ben says, ‘The single large window creates a strong internal axis and frames the main view down the garden.’ A central skylight brings in additional light and the large double doors along one side allow the room to be opened out fully in the summer.

What to expect from List members at Chelsea this  year

By Lucy Boulton

A practical yet playful London garden by Buchanan Studio

By Evie Delaney

Meet our new Top 100 interior designers and architects for 2024

By House & Garden

Dear Fiona: I think I want separate bedrooms, but does this mean that my marriage is over?

By Fiona McKenzie Johnston

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12 Summer Home Improvement Projects To Do This Year

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and take care of home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all winter. If you have older kids at home on summer break, why not keep them busy by putting them to work painting that old fence or clearing brush from flower beds? Exterior home improvements will add beauty and value to your property (and maybe even help you trim your winter waistline).

We break down which summer home improvement projects you can tackle on your own, and which ones you should leave to the pros. When you’re finished, you can celebrate by inviting the whole neighborhood over to admire your handiwork — and your home — at a relaxing cookout.

1.   Replace Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular home covering material in the country. In the Middle Atlantic and New England states, 80 percent and 71 percent of homes, respectively, have vinyl. As Bostonians would say, it’s “wicked popular.” If it’s been a while since you looked at vinyl, you’ll be surprised at the broad menu of options on the market today. Modern vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles, and it can even mimic expensive cedar shakes. It’s also affordable and durable, making it a great choice for any homeowner.

Summer is a great time to replace your home’s siding, but it’s definitely a job best left to the pros. Siding must be measured, cut, and installed perfectly to ensure it doesn’t allow any moisture to make its way underneath the vinyl. Its primary purpose is to protect your home from water. You also want to avoid the rippling and waves you see on poorly installed vinyl siding.

2.   Power Wash Your Home

If your siding is in good shape but could use a refresh, why not give it a bath? You can purchase or rent a power washer, but experts say to use caution. Avoid angling the spray upward , as this can direct water toward the spaces between the siding, forcing it underneath. If your home is large or particularly grimy, you may be better off calling a professional. The pros have much more powerful equipment, and they usually have a larger team who can knock out the job in less time. You may have to break out your wallet, but you won’t have to break a sweat.

3.   Restain Your Deck

Stripping and re-staining your deck is probably a job you can handle on your own, and it will definitely enhance your home’s beauty. Because it’s a job that takes place entirely outdoors, it’s also among the summer home improvement projects you should have on your list.

Rob Formisano at The Spruce warns to be careful about power washing a deck, as too much pressure can etch the wood and damage the boards. For the best results, use the lowest pressure and work your way up, but go no higher than 1500 psi. When you’re ready to stain, make sure you pick the proper stain for your type of wood.

4.   Install an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re feeling especially ambitious — and you love the outdoors — consider taking your kitchen outside. This gallery of outdoor kitchens from the DIY Network will make anyone drool. Of course, if your budget is a bit more modest, you can go with a premade outdoor grill island or a more basic structure, such as a bar made from reclaimed wood or paving stones. Incorporate natural materials like stone and brick. It’s an outdoor kitchen, after all.

5.   Replace Your Windows

Summer is the ideal time to replace your old, inefficient windows. Winter may be months away, but cold weather sneaks up fast, and the last thing you want to deal with is a chilly, drafty house and sky-high heating bills. New windows can also be a great way to kick up your home’s curb appeal. Although adding new windows isn’t generally considered a fun or exciting home upgrade, it can pay off big down the road.

According to a CNBC report , a $10,000 investment in new windows bumped up the asking price of a home by $8,500. Imagine putting an extra $8,500 in your pocket as a homeowner when you sell your house. That’s an 85 percent return on investment, not to mention the money saved on utility bills over the lifetime of your home.

6.   Reseal Your Asphalt Driveway

If you have an asphalt driveway, you can extend its lifespan by resealing it. According to Home Advisor , a few different factors dictate how often you should reseal your asphalt driveway. For example, if you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain and snow, your driveway probably takes quite a beating during the winter, and you’ll need to reseal your driveway more often. Likewise, if your area sees a lot of hot, steamy days in the summer, you may also require more frequent sealing. The average is three to 10 years.

Although you can certainly sealcoat yourself, there’s no getting around the fact that sealcoating is a stinky, messy, sticky job. It can also be dangerous, as the tar is extremely hot. The pros who do this work are experts, and they handle the materials every day. They also have the safety equipment to protect their skin and eyes. If your budget is tight, look for coupons and call around for quotes and deals. You may also have luck waiting until the fall when demand (and prices) tend to drop.

7.   Landscaping

Of all summer home improvement projects you can DIY, landscaping is probably #1. Best of all, you can do it on a dime. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, and you can even look to homes in your neighborhood for inspiration. If you have a brown thumb — or you’re short on design inspiration — even basic beds with mulch and a few hardy green shrubs will look clean and polished in front of your home.

You can add touches of annuals here and there if you want some pops of color. Lack the budget for a professional landscaping service? No problem. Contractor Danny Lipford says less is more when it comes to landscaping. He told Learnvest: “The beauty of minor landscaping is that it requires few yard tools, very little skill, and, in most cases, little time to achieve fantastic results.”

8.   Plant a Garden

To indulge in an obvious pun, gardens are a growing trend. According to the National Gardening Association , 35 percent of all American households now have a home garden, up from 17 percent five years ago. People are interested in eating healthier, saving money, and knowing exactly what’s in their food. If you take the time to do it right, a home garden can be a beautiful feature that adds to your home’s value.

Landscaping adds about 15 percent to a home’s valuation. If you like the idea of cooking with fresh ingredients you grow right in your own backyard, it’s worth making an effort to plan your garden as an attractive, eye-catching space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

9.   Build a Shed or Outbuilding

Is your garage overflowing with kids’ toys, bicycles, and boxes of old family photos? Did your last two yard sales barely put a dent in the stacks of stuff taking up space in your garage? If your car spends all of its time in your driveway because you literally can’t fit it inside your garage, maybe it’s time for a storage shed or outbuilding. Summer is an excellent time to add a little extra space to your place.

Some homeowners even convert existing storage sheds and outbuildings to home offices and guesthouses. If you’re well-acquainted with a hammer, you can find plenty of free storage shed building plans online and even DIY kits online. Otherwise, big box home improvement stores sell a wide variety of sheds in all shapes and sizes.

10. Replace Gutters

If your home’s gutters are sagging or leaking, they might need to be replaced. Gutters perform the important task of channeling water away from your roof and your home’s foundation. If your gutter system is old, repairing it might just be a matter of putting an expensive Bandaid on a problem that’s never going to get better.

Many homeowners are also pleasantly shocked at how different their house looks with modern gutters installed. Installing new gutters is similar to putting a clean, bright frame on a photo. A new gutter system can dramatically amp up a home’s curb appeal at a very affordable price.

11. Upgrade Your Garage Door

A new garage door can make a big difference in your home’s exterior appeal. Dents and dings from stray basketballs and parking mishaps take their toll. Before you know it, your garage door is looking tired and worn — and even a fresh coat of paint can’t bring back its original luster. So why not replace it? Today’s models tend to offer more security features.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report , a new garage door is also an excellent investment that provides a 91.5 percent return on investment.

12. Replace Your Roof

If it’s time for a new roof, summer is the time to replace it. Delaying your new roof makes your home vulnerable to extra water damage, which makes leaks and mold worse. Remember that water damage and rot only get worse — it never gets better. The roofing professionals at Nu Look roofing will perform a free in-home consultation and help you review the latest colors and styles that complement your home’s style and architecture.

Call Nu Look Home Design

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The 7-Day Spruce Up: Get Summer Ready

summer projects house

Welcome to the 7-Day Spruce Up: Get Summer Ready!

It's time to dust off your patio furniture and fire up your grill—the summer season is finally here. Making sure your outdoor space is primed and prepped for summer is essential to getting the most enjoyment (and use) out of your backyard or patio. But, with that comes lots of planning and organizing, so we're here to help.

From cleaning the deck or patio, to prepping the pool, to freshening up your furniture and more, this day-by-day plan will put you on the path to having a summer-ready backyard in no time.

Day 1: Hit the Deck (or Patio)

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

The first step to a summer-ready outdoor space, before setting any plants or furniture out, is to make sure your patio or deck is as clean as possible. You should also use this time to ensure that any repairs from winter damage are taken care of, and seal the deck if necessary to protect it from the elements.

  • 68 Patio Ideas That Will Make You Want to Live Outside
  • How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Patio
  • How to Clean and Refinish a Wood Deck
  • Restore Your Deck's Natural Beauty with These 8 Efficient Deck Cleaners—Starting at $17
  • Stain and Seal: 9 Affordable and Durable Paints for Your Deck

Day 2: Prepare the Pool

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

It's time to open your pool for summer! Get it ready for all those summer pool parties, or for just lounging day after day. From inspirational pool ideas to the cleaning products you need to make your pool water healthy, we've got you covered.

  • A Guide to Opening a Pool for Swimming Season
  • 75 Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas to Inspire You
  • How to Shock a Pool in 4 Easy Steps
  • 15 Pool Floats to Help You Enjoy Every Hot Day of Summer
  • Pool Cleaners You Need to Keep Your Oasis in Top Shape
  • No More Leaves in Your Pool—9 Filters to Keep It Spotless

Day 3: Freshen Up Furniture

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Is your outdoor furniture ready for the summer months? Whether you have wicker and fabric furniture or a wood dining set, keeping these items clean and in great shape will help you enjoy them for years to come.

  • How to Clean an Indoor-Outdoor Carpet
  • How to Clean Outdoor Umbrellas
  • How to Clean Outdoor Cushions and Fabric Furniture
  • How to Clean White Plastic Patio Chairs
  • Prep for Guests With These 10 Affordable Chairs, Couches, and Tables from Walmart
  • Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Furniture With These All-Season Covers

Day 4: Remember Your Roots

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Kara Riley

Your outdoor space isn't ready until your garden has received a little bit of TLC. And it doesn't matter whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner—these garden ideas and tool tips will help you create and maintain your most beautiful garden yet.

  • Your Complete Summer Yard Care To-Do List
  • How to Clean Garden Tools
  • 30 Clever Garden Trellis Ideas for Your Outdoor Space
  • 33 DIY Garden Ideas to Adorn Any Backyard
  • Small Space? A Garden Trellis Lets You Double Your Planting Area
  • We Tested 30 Hoses for Over 6 Months and These 7 Are Our Winners
  • The Only 10 Tools You Need to Garden This Summer

Day 5: Shape Your Space

Now comes the fun part: outdoor decorating. We are firm believers that your outdoor space deserves the same design attention as your interiors, and with these decorating ideas , your deck, patio, and backyard will be looking snazzy in no time. And if you're one for a good DIY project, we have several for you to try, from mini flower gardens to DIY outdoor chandeliers.

  • 5 Outdoor Decorating Trends Experts Say Will Bloom in 2023
  • 17 DIY Outdoor Decor Projects for a Crafty Makeover
  • 16 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Walls for Warm Weather
  • 6 Designer-Approved Ways to Give Your Backyard the Makeover It Needs
  • 22 Super-Stylish Outdoor Decor Pieces We Found on Amazon
  • The Perfect Patio Tables for Big and Small Spaces
  • 10 Patio Furniture Sets That Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

Day 6: Say Goodbye to Pesky Pests

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Michelle Becker

Nothing kills the mood outdoors like pesky pests. Though we share our outdoor homes with lots of beneficial insects, there are others that you likely want to eliminate—looking at you, spotted lanternflies. From mosquitos to flying ants, tackle outdoor pest control with these tips, tricks, and Spruce-approved bug repellants.

  • DIY Mosquito Traps With Yeast, Dry Ice, or Buckets
  • Do Citronella Candles Work? Repellents to Try Instead
  • Do Dryer Sheets Repel Insects?
  • The 9 Best Bug Repellents to Keep Pests Away
  • Stop Bugs Before They Bite With Bug Zappers

Day 7: Fun in the Sun

Image Treatment by The Spruce / Jacob Fox

What's a lovely, well-decorated outdoor space without guests to enjoy it with you? We break down what guests will always notice about your outdoor space and even complied some entertaining tricks that are approved by designers. Throw the best outdoor get-togethers with these helpful hacks—they're sure to keep the backyard barbeques and late-night pool parties flowing all summer long.

  • How to Throw an Outdoor Party
  • 20 Essentials for Summer Entertaining
  • 6 Things Party Guests Always Notice About Your Home
  • 7 Mistakes You Make as a Summer Party Guest
  • 6 Tips and Tricks for Entertaining Al Fresco, As Told By a Pro
  • Attending an Outdoor Soirée? We Found 10 Gifts All Hosts Will Love
  • Dine Al Fresco All Summer Long With These Patio Dining Sets

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Get Ready to Send It: Summer House Will Return for Season 9

If you're ready for more S ummer House  as Season 8 winds down, there's no need to get activated.  On May 9, it was announced that Summer House will return for Season 9 .

Season 8, which premiered on February 22, has followed the lives of returning cast members  Amanda Batula , Kyle Cooke , Paige DeSorbo , Ciara Miller ,  Lindsay Hubbard , Danielle Olivera , Gabby Prescod , and  Carl Radke , as well as newcomers  Jesse Solomon  and West Wilson,  as they live together on the weekends in a Hamptons vacation home.

The cast members have also been dishing on everything on the Summer House Season 8 After Show , which you can watch in the videos above.

Here's What You May Have Missed on Bravo:

Why Carl Radke Was Forced to Break the Fourth Wall: "Don't Want to Have Any Secrets"

This Is Why Paige Didn’t Go to Lindsay’s Bridal Shower — Even Though She Was Invited

Danielle Olivera Just Made a Dramatic Hair Change and We're Obsessed (PHOTO)

The Daily Dish

Where to Watch Summer House Season 8 and the After Show

More shows returning for new seasons on bravo.

There will also be several other fan-favorite Bravo shows returning for new seasons, including Southern Charm , Southern Hospitality , Married to Medicine , Below Deck , Top Chef , and The Valley . As for the Housewives franchise, get ready to see more from the ladies of Orange County , Atlanta , Salt Lake City , Potomac , Beverly Hills , Miami, and New York City.

New shows coming to Bravo

Get ready to add two new Bravo shows to your must-watch list.

Making it in Manhattan  (w/t) will follow "a tight-knit group of friends" in New York City as they "navigate the trials and triumphs of young adulthood."

The press release continues, "While some hail from the spotlight of well-known families, others have created a legacy of their own, but they all are looking to thrive in the city that never sleeps. Together they will challenge societal norms, redefine success, juggle personal and romantic relationships, and lean on each other for support in order to turn their skyline-high aspirations into reality."

On Safari (w/t) "is set in the heart of the South African Bush and explores the spectacular world of the most luxurious safari experiences, and the international group of guides who create once-in-a-lifetime moments for their adventure seeking clientele," reads the press release. "While five-star service is the priority and expectation, this group of guides proves that the only thing more wild and unpredictable than the animals are the dynamics amongst each other."

While we wait for Summer House Season 9, catch new episodes of Season 8 Thursdays at 9/8c and watch the Summer House Season 8 After Show  in the videos above.

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The best portable air conditioners of 2024.

With the help of an portable air conditioner, you can cool your home if you don't have a traditional AC system installed in your home.

Scammers found planting online betting ads on Indian government websites

TechCrunch discovered around four dozen "gov.in" website links associated with Indian states, including Bihar, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Mizoram and Telangana that were redirecting to online betting platforms. The scammy links were indexed by search engines, including Google, making the ads easy to find online. The redirecting websites, touted as "Asia's most popular" online betting platform and "the number one online cricket betting app in India," claim to allow betting on games, including cricket tournaments such as the Indian Premier League.

Pssst: You can save 35% on a Le Creuset Dutch oven in the brand new Peche color — just in time for summer

The soft coral-esque shade will add the happiest pop of color to your kitchen — especially at $150 off.

Kylian Mbappé announces he is leaving PSG at the end of the season

Mbappé's final game with PSG will be the French Cup final on May 25 against Lyon.

Paul Skenes has arrived, Ippei pleads guilty, Rangers weird trade & baseball pranks

Jake Mintz & Jordan Shusterman discuss Paul Skenes making his MLB debut this weekend, an update in the Ippei Mizuhara criminal scandal and the guys give their good, bad, Uggla for the week.

Northern lights could be visible across the U.S. this weekend because of a severe geomagnetic storm. Here's how you could see it.

The lights, also known as aurora borealis, might be visible as far south as Alabama, according to NOAA.

Rory McIlroy denies rift between him and Tiger Woods despite disagreements: ‘There’s no strain there’

“I think friends can have disagreements or not see eye to eye on things.”

'Ridiculous but useful': These mop slippers are less than $3 a pair, and they make cleaning my house a breeze

Walk, dance and slide your way to pristine, dust-free floors.

VC fund performance is down sharply — but it may have already hit its lowest point

Venture capital has been hit hard by souring macroeconomic conditions over the past few years and it's not yet clear how the market downturn affected VC fund performance. SFERS's venture portfolio recorded a -.9% internal rate of return last year through the third quarter, according to data from the pension fund's May 8 meeting. The data also highlighted that the venture portfolio recorded a 48.8% IRR in 2021 and -19.9% return in 2022.

The 27 best Walmart deals to shop this weekend — save more than 80% on gardening supplies, tech items and more

Some major deals on board: A lovely vertical garden for just $40, a remarkable mini movie projector for a staggering $620 off and a handy Bissell upright vacuum for under $60.

Local News | Bethlehem has kicked off its project to build…

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Daily e-Edition

Evening e-Edition

Local News | Bethlehem has kicked off its project to build more ‘alley houses’ in the city. Here’s what you need to know.

summer projects house

Construction on the very first alley house could begin as soon as this summer.

At a meeting Thursday, officials gathered feedback from around a dozen local residents on the project. Here are your questions about the proposal, answered:

What is an alley house, and why does Bethlehem want to build them?

“Alley houses,” or “accessory dwelling units,” are a type of housing built upon or attached to an existing property. These homes often face an alley, rather than a main thoroughfare, hence the name.

Bethlehem city officials identified building more alley houses as a possible strategy to combat the city’s affordable housing crisis. Average rents in Bethlehem have skyrocketed from $1,200 in 2019 to $1,800 in 2022 for a one-bedroom apartment, and the city’s housing units have a vacancy rate of only 2%.

Lehigh University, which is handling the alley house design and city approval process, has received two grants that total over $1 million from the federal government to begin the planning and construction of these homes.

Several alley houses already exist throughout Bethlehem, but their construction predates the city’s zoning code, which has made them illegal to build without a special zoning variance.

The city is targeting West Bethlehem for the alley house program, because several neighborhoods are built alongside alleys with ample space to build these homes.

How will the program work?

A participating couple have received a zoning variance for a “pilot” alley house to be constructed on their property near the intersection of Broad Street and 15th Avenue. The homeowners who volunteered their property will receive a cut of the rent once construction is complete, according to city officials.

Rent on the alley house will be designated “affordable,” meaning it will cost no more than 30% of the renter’s total income, and a prospective tenant could qualify if they make less than 80% of the area median income.

“We will be looking for someone that probably already lives in West Bethlehem, maybe in the same neighborhood, has kids in a local school and who is really struggling to stay in that home because they might be paying $1,800 in rent,” said Anna Smith, director of Community Action Bethlehem, which is helping to oversee the project.

The alley house project is a partnership between the city, Lehigh University, and two nonprofits, Community Action Lehigh Valley and New Bethany.

Community Action, which is handling construction, is looking to begin building the Broad Street alley house this summer, and if the “pilot” is successful, it could construct more in West Bethlehem. The grant provides enough funding for three to four new alley houses.

The city also is considering an amendment to the zoning code that would allow alley houses to be built “by right” in some areas, meaning a special variance would no longer be needed. If the city approved such a zoning change, which would likely take several years to take effect, around 15 to 30 new alley houses could be built throughout the city in five years.

What do neighbors think?

Bill Scheirer, a West Bethlehem resident, said he thought that alley houses could cause “conflicts” between neighbors. He suggested the city allow direct neighbors to “vote” on whether or not they would like to see a new alley house built in their neighborhood.

“There’s going to be cases where someone says, ‘I want to put up an alley house,’ but neighbors say, ‘We don’t want to lose that much space,'” Scheirer said.

Mary Toulouse, another West Bethlehem neighbor, said she thought city officials were taking a thoughtful, measured approach to building alley housing.

“It’s important as we are increasing density that people live in dignity, not tenements,” Toulouse said. “And I think that is what they are trying to do.”

Reporter Lindsay Weber can be reached at [email protected].

More in Local News

Check out photos from the Liberty High School prom, as students dress up for the big night.

Local News | Liberty High School Prom | PHOTOS

Check out photos from the Bethlehem Catholic High School prom, as students dress up for the big night.


Local news | bethlehem catholic high school prom | photos.

Check out photos from the Wilson Area High School prom, as students dress up for the big night.

Local News | Wilson Area High School Prom | PHOTOS

The rain didn't dampen the mood for Dorney Park's opening day of 2024. See photos

Entertainment | Rain doesn’t dampen Dorney Park’s opening day | PHOTOS

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Bravo’s Jesse Solomon Was Nervous to Watch Breakdown Over Cancer Scare on ‘Summer House’ (Exclusive)

Things got “super real” for Jesse Solomon as he broke down during the latest Summer House episode about a possible cancer scare.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly , Jesse, 28, said watching back his emotional moment with costar and friend West Wilson was “not as bad as I thought” it would be.

“I was really scared because West and I were outside and I was bawling for a long time,” Jesse told Us . “To see it just condensed down into a few seconds was not so bad.”

During the Summer House episode which aired on Thursday, May 9, Jesse — a testicular cancer survivor — revealed that he “felt something on my nut” causing him concern about the cancer returning.

Summer House Cast s Dating History Inside Lindsay Hubbard Kyle Cooke Paige DeSorbo and More Stars Love Lives 723

Related: ‘Summer House’ Cast’s Dating History

“Typically, it’s not in my nature to be vulnerable,” Jesse said during his confessional. “I’m trying not to let it get me down but obviously, it’s all I can think about.”

Bravo’s Jesse Solomon Was Nervous to Watch Breakdown Over Cancer Scare on ‘Summer House’

Jesse broke down in a different scene, telling West that he was “scared” about going to his yearly check-up . While the moment was shortened for the show, Jesse told Us they were outside for close to 40 minutes.

“I would’ve held it in if I could have, but I think just there was emotions. When you bottle them up, sometimes they spill over,” Jesse added, revealing that his doctor’s appointment “went well.”

“You’ll see on the show what happens, but I found something, the doctor found another thing,” Jesse teased to Us . “I really thought I was f–ked.”

Quincy Jones Released From Hospital After Medical Emergency

Related: Celebrity Health Scares Through the Years

Jesse made his Summer House debut during this season , which premiered in March, and revealed to the cast that he was a two-time cancer survivor. Along with raising awareness on the show, Jesse worked with the Movember charity to promote their Know Thy Nuts campaign last month to raise stronger awareness and knowledge of testicular cancer.

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“The messages have really been such a rewarding piece of this whole thing,” Jesse told Us of the fan reaction. “A big reason why I wanted to do the show is to spread that awareness and the message that if you are going through something similar — you’re a kid with cancer — there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You’re going to get through this and you’re going to be able to go party in the Hamptons with your friends someday.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and is available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Reporting by Christina Garibaldi

In this article

Summer House Bio

Summer House

More stories.

5 biggest metro Detroit road construction projects this summer

summer projects house

As temperatures rise around metro Detroit, so does the racket of jackhammers and bulldozers along Michigan roadways.

While some of the projects have been ongoing for years, there are numerous construction projects reconstructing, repairing and improving major metro Detroit roads, freeways and highways this summer. But, as expected, road closures and detours have the potential to create bumper-to-bumper traffic and otherwise affect residents' daily commutes.

With the help of the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, here are five major construction projects to look out for across metro Detroit this summer and beyond.

I-75 and Fisher Service Drive

In building the Gordie Howe International Bridge, a stretch of Interstate-75 and the Fisher Service Drive in southwest Detroit will continue to undergo construction throughout most of the summer and beyond.

The ongoing work focuses on pedestrian bridges over the freeway and ramps that will connect I-75 to the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which is expected to be completed next year, as well as other road improvements.

Until the project's completion, intermittent and moving single-lane closures along with total street and ramp closures are subject to change. Stay updated on changing road conditions and detours at gordiehoweinternationalbridge.com .

Southfield Freeway (M-39)

Almost 5 miles of the Southfield Freeway, from Pinecraft Drive just south of I-94 to Ford Road, will be under construction into the fall as crews work to repair the freeway, including concrete patching, milling and resurfacing, pavement markings, drainage cleaning and barrier wall repairs.

Work began on April 29 with single-lane closures on the right lanes during weekday hours and double lane closures overnight and over the weekend.

According to MDOT, crews will initially work in the right lanes, including ramps and the service drives/collector-distributor lanes near I-94 and Michigan Avenue, but when work on the right lanes is completed throughout the entire project limits, crews will move to work on the left and center lanes.

Ramp closures between I-94 and Ford Road, including the I-94 ramps, will be announced before closing.

Through late July, there will be only two lanes open on northbound M-39 from I-94 to Rotunda Drive and on southbound M-39 from Ford Road to Oakwood Boulevard.

Van Dyke Freeway (M-53)

Southbound lanes on the Van Dyke Freeway from 18 Mile Road and Hall Road (M-59), which has been under construction since early March , will remain under work through mid-summer for milling and resurfacing of M-53 and bridge work.

The eastbound and westbound M-59 ramps to M-53 will also be closed along with local closures of Utica Road, 19 Mile Road and Canal Road.

According to MDOT , traffic on southbound M-53 will continue to be detoured via westbound Hall Road to southbound Mound Road, then eastbound 18 Mile Road to southbound M-53.

After work is completed on southbound Van Dyke Freeway in mid-summer, construction and road closures will switch to the northbound portion for work through late fall.

Square Lake Road (I-75 Business Loop)

The I-75 Business Loop, otherwise known as Square Lake Road, is being rebuilt between Woodward Avenue and I-75 in Bloomfield Township, including rebuilding pavement, drainage improvements, new curb and gutter, signal upgrades and improving the Opdyke Road/Square Lake Road ramps.

Since construction began on April 15, the westbound I-75 Business Loop has been closed at Opdyke Road, but starting in June through mid-summer, the loop will be closed the whole stretch from I-75 to Woodward Avenue.

According to MDOT, westbound traffic will be detoured further north on I-75 to westbound M-59, then further west through the Woodward Loop to southbound I-75 Business Loop/US-24 Business Route/Woodward Avenue to westbound US-24 Business Route/Square Lake Road.

Once the westbound business loop is finished in mid-summer, projected for the beginning of August, eastbound I-75 Business Loop/Square Lake Road will be closed from Woodward Avenue to I-75 through the fall.

I-96 Flex Route

Michigan's second flex route along I-96 from Kent Lake Road in Lyon Township to the I-275/I-696/M-5 interchange in Novi is in its last stretch after three years of construction, installing an active traffic management system and widening shoulders to allow part-time median shoulder use during peak traffic times, as well as rebuilding lanes, shoulders and ramps, and repairing pavement.

Since mid-April, traffic has been shifted to share two lanes in each direction on the eastbound side of the highway.

Additionally, numerous ramps will be closed through early fall, according to MDOT :

  • The Beck Road ramp to eastbound I-96 is closed and detoured via eastbound Grand River Avenue and northbound Novi Road to eastbound I-96.
  • The southbound M-5 ramp to westbound I-96 will be closed and detoured via southbound M-5, eastbound Grand River Avenue, and northbound M-5 to westbound I-96.
  • The northbound and southbound Novi Road ramps to westbound I-96 will be closed and detoured via westbound Grand River Avenue and northbound Beck Road to westbound I-96.
  • The westbound I-96 ramp to Novi Road will be closed. I-696 and M-5 traffic will use northbound M-5 to westbound 12 Mile Road to reach Novi Road (this will affect westbound I-696/I-96 traffic to Novi Road, as well as northbound M-5/I-96 to Novi Road). The northbound I-275/I-96 ramp to Novi Road will be open.
  • The westbound I-96 ramp to Wixom Road will be closed through mid-May and detoured via westbound I-96, southbound Beck Road, and westbound Grand River Avenue to Wixom Road.
  • The Wixom Road ramp to westbound I-96 will be closed through mid-May and detoured via eastbound Grand River Avenue and northbound Beck Road to westbound I-96.
  • The westbound I-96 ramps to northbound and southbound Milford Road will be closed and detoured via westbound I-96, southbound Kent Lake Road, and eastbound Grand River Avenue to Milford Road.
  • The Milford Road ramp to westbound I-96 will be closed and detoured via southbound Milford Road, westbound Grand River Avenue, and northbound Kent Lake Road to westbound I-96.

MDOT: I-96 commuters will be allowed to drive on shoulder in Oakland County

Other projects to take note of:

  • The I-696 Restore the Reuther project, now in its third year out of the four-year project, is reconstructing and doing bridge and culvert work on I-696 from I-275 to Lahser Road in Oakland County.
  • From M-15 to the Oakland County Line, two lanes are maintained on southbound I-75 for reconstruction and bridge work.
  • The Diverging Diamond Intersection connecting US-24 (Telegraph Road) and M-102/8 Mile in Wayne County is finishing construction this year.
  • A milling and resurfacing pavement project on M-5 (Grand River Avenue) from 8 Mile Road to US-24 (Telegraph Road) in Wayne County is finishing up this year.
  • I-275 will undergo double-lane closures from Huron Drive to 6 Mile Road in Wayne County for bridge work in the project's last year of work.
  • The US-24 (Telegraph Road)/I-75 Connector in Wayne County will undergo bridge work and culver replacement on the northbound side of US-24 this year, followed by the southbound side next year.  
  • From Sheldon Road to Newburgh Road in Wayne County, M-14 will undergo reconstruction and bridge and shoulder work, followed by the reconstruction of eastbound M-14 in 2025 and westbound M-14 in 2026.
  • Starting in June and expected to continue through the fall, Michigan Avenue (US-12) from Belleville Road to Haggerty Road in Wayne County will have pavement milled and asphalt overlayed.
  • Reconstruction of Eight Mile Road (M-102) from Woodward Avenue to the Van Dyke Freeway (M-53) will finish up its last year of the project with work at Van Dyke intersection.
  • Milling and resurfacing pavement on M-8 (Davison Freeway) from Oakland Avenue to Joseph Campau in Detroit, a one-year project, will start mid-summer.  
  • The westbound I-96 ramp to westbound I-94 in Detroit will undergo a bridge project this summer.  
  • I-96 Local and Express, M-8 (Davison Freeway) to Schaefer, and I-96 Express from Wyoming to Fullerton in Detroit will undergo a one-year mill and fill project.
  • Milling and resurfacing pavement on the Belle Isle Outer Loop in Detroit, a one-year project, will begin in late summer.

Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

joanna gaines target summer collection 2024

Joanna Gaines Released New Summer Items at Target, Starting at $3

Okay, we're slightly obsessed with the green grill.

Starting at just $2, this affordable collection includes items like plaid napkins and melamine salad plates to elevate your tablescape. You can score a picnic blanket and matching basket to enjoy an alfresco meal in the great outdoors. And to beat the dog days of the season, you can take a dip in an adorable striped inflatable pool while playing tunes nearby on a retro radio . In typical fashion of the Fixer Upper star, this summer collection is also loaded with brand collaborations. Included in the collection is her Stanley lunch box collaboration , which is coated in warm color palettes and designed to hold foods and drinks as you enjoy fun under the sun. Plus, she partnered with Weber to debut a charcoal grill in a stunning earth tone to help you make your favorite barbecued foods. Ahead, shop our favorite items from her summer collection 2024.

Shop more Gaines-approved goodies:

  • Joanna Gaines's New Stanley Lunch Box at Target Is Going Viral
  • Joanna Gaines's KitchenAid Stand Mixer Is $100 Off at Target
  • Joanna Gaines and Loloi Just Released New Rugs and Throw Pillows for Spring

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Natural Woven Picnic Basket with Green Plaid Liner

Natural Woven Picnic Basket with Green Plaid Liner

This woven basket is just as stunning as it is practical for your picnics. It has sturdy double straps for easier toting and green plaid lining to keep food tucked away nicely inside.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 18oz Insulated Travel Mug

18oz Insulated Travel Mug

Move over Stanley . Gaines's latest travel mug will help you keep your drinks to temperature when you're out and about, thanks to its double wall, insulated design.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Retro Portable AM/FM Bluetooth Radio

Retro Portable AM/FM Bluetooth Radio

You can listen to AM/FM radio or stream your favorites from your phone to this bluetooth-compatible retro radio for nearly eight hours.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 14"x28" Outdoor Patio Fire Table

14"x28" Outdoor Patio Fire Table

Enjoy roasting marshmallows safely over an open flame with this fire table in your backyard.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Photo Album

Photo Album

After printing out your polaroids, you can store them safely in this canvas album designed to hold up to 80 photos.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 10.5" Distressed Stripe Melamine Dinner Plates

10.5" Distressed Stripe Melamine Dinner Plates

Great for outdoor dining, these plates have a gorgeous striped design to elevate your tablescape and are made from shatter-resistant melamine material. Meaning? They're great for kids who have a tendency to drop or throw their plates around.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Melamine Serving Bowl and Utensil Set

Melamine Serving Bowl and Utensil Set

Is there anything worse than battling with bugs at a picnic? You can keep them at bay with this serving bowl equipped with a matching lid.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 66" Bold Stripe Inflatable Pool

66" Bold Stripe Inflatable Pool

Designed for kids ages three and up, this inflatable pool has a fill line to add your desired amount of water inside. The vibrant striped design reminds us of watermelon stripes, which feels fitting for a summer essential.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Soft-Sided Portable Cooler

Soft-Sided Portable Cooler

Whether you're in your backyard or headed to a park outing, this cooler, portable cooler will help you carry food and drinks seamlessly.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Folding Lawn Chair

Folding Lawn Chair

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet in this folding lawn chair made of weather-resistant materials designed to outlast summer storms.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia 72"x72" Checkered Plaid Picnic Blanket

72"x72" Checkered Plaid Picnic Blanket

Made of 100 percent recycled polyester, this picnic blanket will be an eco-friendly choice to use for all your outdoor feasts.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Tri-Stripe Plaid Corn Holders

Tri-Stripe Plaid Corn Holders

Everyone knows that while grilled corn tastes delicious, eating them can become quite messy. If you don't want to wash your hands after every bite, stick these adorable holders into the ends of your corn for a mess-free way to enjoy them.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia x Weber Weber 22" Charcoal Grill

Weber 22" Charcoal Grill

This isn't your typical outdoor grill. Gaines collaborated with Weber to coat it with a porcelain-enameled forest green finish and enough surface area to grill up 13 burgers at a time.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Bundle

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Bundle

Capture memories in nostalgic style this summer with this Fujifilm camera and instant film packs that print out polaroids.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Badminton Set

Badminton Set

It's game time! Two to four players can play badminton in this set, which is complete with a net, stakes, base stabilizers, rackets, shuttlecocks, and a carrying bag.

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Outdoor Storage Pieces That Double as Decor

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75 of the Best Outdoor Living Room Ideas

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Yes, You Need a Barbie Snowmobile Sled for Winter

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Incandescent Bulbs Are Officially Now Banned

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Funboy Is Having a Big Sale (up to 40 Percent Off)

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  • Houzz x Jennifer Kizzee
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  • How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

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Interior Designers & House Decorators in Elektrostal'

Location (1).

  • Use My Current Location

Popular Locations

  • Albuquerque
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Grand Rapids
  • Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Little Rock
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New Orleans
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orange County
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland Maine
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Francisco
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Barbara
  • Washington D.C.
  • Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia

Professional Category (1)

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

Project Type

  • Space Planning
  • Floor Plans
  • Bedroom Design
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Lighting Design
  • Nursery Design
  • Design Consultation
  • Playroom Design
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Scandinavian

Credentials & Awards

  • Best of Houzz winner
  • $$$$ - I want the best results
  • $$$ - Mid-to-high price
  • $$ - Low-to-mid price

Featured Reviews for Interior Designers & House Decorators in Elektrostal'

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Interior Designer & Decorator that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.

An interior designer is a professional who helps you make your indoor spaces beautiful and functional. They can assist you with various projects, whether it’s complete home remodeling or simply refreshing the look of a room. Hiring an interior designer early in the process ensures proper planning and maximizes the potential of your project.

Here are some main things an interior designer does:

  • Designs your space to match your style and needs.
  • Makes the best use of your space for practicality and flow.
  • Selects the right colors and materials for a pleasing look.
  • Provides visualizations to see how your space will look.
  • Manages the project and works with contractors.
  • Ensures your space meets all regulations and codes.

In short, hiring an interior designer in Elektrostal' ensures your space is not only beautiful but also suits your lifestyle and functions well for your daily activities.

  • Interior design
  • Kids Bedroom Design
  • Create functional and appealing spaces, collaborating with professionals.
  • Manage projects from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process.
  • Formal education in interior design, including color schemes, materials, and CAD.
  • Handle design and decoration, offering a comprehensive approach.
  • Focus on understanding your needs and lifestyle.
  • Specialize in surface-level aesthetics like paint colors and furnishings.
  • Enhance the overall look and feel with decorative elements.
  • Can work independently or for a decorating firm.
  • Typically lack formal educational requirements in interior design.

What does an interior designer do?

Questions to ask when you meet with local elektrostal' interior designers:.

If you search for Interior Designer near me you'll be sure to find a business that knows about the trends and styles for bathroom, kitchen, or whole house remodels. Their profession involves creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces tailored to clients' preferences and needs


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summer projects house

Missouri lawmakers pass budget boosting funding for education and infrastructure

J EFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers gave final approval Friday to a roughly $51 billion state budget that boosts funding for education and infrastructure projects around the state.

The spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1 now goes to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who had originally proposed spending more but can only cut — not add — to what the GOP-led Legislature gave him.

Lawmakers completed the budget just hours ahead of a 6 p.m. Friday deadline set by the state constitution, capping a sometimes tense and divisive debate among majority-party Republicans over how much to spend.

“The end product is a good, sound, fiscally responsible, conservative and prioritized budget,” Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Lincoln Hough said.

Democrats complained that the process was abnormally secretive and asserted that lawmakers should have spent more from the state’s budget surplus on schools and public services.

The state's Medicaid health care program for lower-income residents is slated to get about $17.2 billion, a reduction of almost $2 billion, according to Senate figures. That's based partly on an assumption that post-pandemic eligibility reviews will shave thousands from the rolls.

“We left out our vulnerable Missourians from our budget,” Democratic Rep. Deb Lavender said.

The budget includes $120 million more in baseline funding for public K-12 education, plus $33 million to help schools raise the minimum teacher salary to $40,000 a year.

Higher education institutions would get a 3% increase in core funding.

Building on a plan approved last year to widen Interstate 70 across Missouri, lawmakers this year agreed to pump about $727 million into expanding Interstate 44, including widening it to six lanes near Springfield, Joplin and Rolla.

In a departure from tradition, lawmakers also earmarked millions of dollars from general funds for particular local road projects, supplementing the funding decisions typically made by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

“Our roads and bridges are going to be vastly improved across the state,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Cody Smith said.

The budget was sprinkled with funds for numerous other local projects, including improvements to the Springfield Cardinals minor league baseball stadium and development near the newly built soccer stadium for the Kansas City Current.

Also included is $17.5 million for planning and logistics for the 2026 World Cup, which is playing some of its soccer games in Kansas City.

Work on the budget had been delayed last week in the Senate amid a standoff between chamber leaders — who wanted to renew a $4.5 billion hospital tax program before tackling the rest of the budget — and the Freedom Caucus.

Members of the GOP faction spent the better part of two days last week filibustering in an attempt to pressure Parson to sign legislation defunding Planned Parenthood , which he had been expected to do and eventually did Thursday.

Meanwhile, House and Senate budget leaders had been negotiating behind closed doors to iron out a compromise rather than airing differences over spending priorities in public committee hearings.

The biggest disagreement between the House and Senate was over the total cost of the budget, with the House pushing for roughly $50 billion compared to the Senate Appropriations Committee's recommended $53 billion.

The final $51.7 million version leaves $1.5 million unspent as a surplus, according to House Republicans, and is smaller than the spending plan originally sought by Parson. The governor warned that underfunding could delay payments on inevitable bills.

“All you’re doing is just passing that on to the other legislators,” Parson told reporters Thursday.

The budget includes a 3.2% pay raise for state employees, plus larger raises for some workers at around-the-clock institutions such as prisons, mental health facilities and state veterans' homes. The budget also increases state payment rates for some health care providers, including nursing homes and those serving people with developmental disabilities.

Senators in the Freedom Caucus on Thursday sought to amend the budget to ban government spending on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. But those amendments were voted down.

Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher speaks at a press conference as majority party Republicans tout passage of a state budget, Friday, May 10, 2024, at the state Capitol in Jefferson City, Mo. (AP Photo/David A. Lieb)

The Economic Times

The Economic Times daily newspaper is available online now.

Mother's day 2024: refreshing cocktail ideas to raise a toast for your mom this summer.

Whatsapp Follow Channel

Celebrate Mother's Day 2024 with a delightful array of refreshing cocktails crafted to beat the summer heat and elevate your celebrations. From the tantalizing "Mata Hari" to the sophisticated "Royal Red," these innovative libations offer a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas, perfect for toasting to mom's joy and happiness. Sip, savor, and create cherished memories with these exquisite cocktail creations. Cheers to a memorable Mother's Day filled with love and laughter.

Refreshing cocktails

Summer Pitcher

Orange mingle, kashmiri saffron sour, read more news on.

All you need to know about Tata Electronics exporting packaged chips:Image

All you need to know about Tata Electronics exporting packaged chips

Can India’s ghost shopping malls be saved?:Image

Can India’s ghost shopping malls be saved?

Five reasons why AI Express employees are up in arms against the airline:Image

Five reasons why AI Express employees are up in arms against the airline

500 times return in 4 years: How a Mumbai solar firm found its place in the sun:Image

500 times return in 4 years: How a Mumbai solar firm found its place in the sun

Satcom in India has two puzzles to solve before taking off:Image

Satcom in India has two puzzles to solve before taking off

Tens of thousands of Indian gig workers are toiling at the frontiers of AI:Image

Tens of thousands of Indian gig workers are toiling at the frontiers of AI

The Economic Times

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summer projects house

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Carl Radke shades ex Lindsay Hubbard on ‘WWHL’, says ending engagement was ‘the right decision’

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Carl Radke stands by calling off his wedding.

The “Summer House” star doubled down on his decision to break up with Lindsay Hubbard when Andy Cohen asked him on “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday to list off five things he learned about himself while watching his Bravo reality show’s tumultuous eighth season play out on TV.

“Number one, I made the right decision,” Radke said.

Carl Radke counts down the top five things he learned about himself while watching back this season of #SummerHouse . #WWHL pic.twitter.com/lAQjZcbYWn — Watch What Happens Live! (@BravoWWHL) May 10, 2024

Carl Radke on "WWHL"

The audience and Cohen, 55, audibly reacted to the shady comment, with the host saying, “All right. Well, I mean, I’m glad you’re not together.”

“I think it’s better that [way]. It seems like she’s happy and moving along,” Radke, 39, added.

Cohen agreed that Hubbard, 37, has “moved all the way along.” He pointed out earlier in the episode that she has a new boyfriend, who recently attended the same wedding as the former couple.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard posing together

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“I honestly wish her all the best. I hope he treats her well, and I hope she’s happy. That’s all I can ask for,” Radke concluded.

The Loverboy employee dumped Hubbard on camera in August 2023, just a few months before they were set to say “I do.” The current season of “Summer House” has documented the cracks in their relationship leading up to the split.

In the most recent episode, the then-couple got into two different arguments. They first butted heads after Radke confessed to Hubbard that his stepfather, who is an ordained minister, said he would not marry them if he were officiating their wedding.

A selfie of Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Later in Thursday’s episode, Radke and Hubbard got into a heated argument after he told her that he was considering rejoining their co-star Kyle Cooke’s canned cocktail company, Loverboy, after it began producing nonalcoholic drinks. (Radke is sober .)

Their conversation quickly took a turn when Radke asked for Hubbard’s “support and positivity” and she responded by describing herself as “realistic and practical person” who was going to ask tough questions before getting too excited about her then-fiancé’s career path.

The argument ended with Hubbard walking away and telling Radke she was “going to go cry.”

A selfie of Lindsay Hubbard

Earlier in the season, the pair faced a hurdle when Hubbard accused Radke of being on drugs .

The co-stars got engaged in August 2022 and had been set to walk down the aisle in November 2023 in Mexico.

“Summer House” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo and streams the next day on Peacock.

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Carl Radke on "WWHL"


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The 2024 Summer Movies Most Likely to Be the Hit ‘Fall Guy’ Couldn’t

By Kaare Eriksen

Kaare Eriksen

Media Analyst

  • Sony vs. Skydance: Gaming Implications of a Paramount Sale 3 days ago
  • Netflix and Take-Two’s Licensing Pact Shouldn’t Stop at ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 2 weeks ago
  • Soft Start for ‘Abigail’ Another Scary Sign for Horror at Box Office? Not Necessarily 3 weeks ago

Illustration of a film reel melting into the ground

Note: This article relates to the Variety VIP+ special report “ Film Industry Hurdles 2024 ,” available to subscribers only.  

The summer movie season kicked off last weekend with Universal’s “The Fall Guy,” a big-budget action comedy pairing Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt after their respective supporting turns in “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” 

However, there was no “ Barbenheimer ” magic to be found, putting immense pressure on “ Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes ” to evolve the box office this weekend.

“The Fall Guy” opened to just under $28 million domestically, starting the summer with a whimper, despite critical embrace at SXSW. The April-May weekend cusp has historically been the launch window for summer’s biggest blockbusters — often Marvel films — and resumed that reputation by 2022 after the COVID shutdowns, making Gosling and Blunt’s outing a sobering reminder of the box office’s susceptibility to unusual breaks from routine.

This time it’s the lingering impact of last year’s dual Hollywood strikes . With production schedules backed up, fewer films have been hitting theaters, and only the “Dune 2” release weekend in March exceeded the gross of its equivalent weekend in 2023.

Likewise, every Marvel film planned for this year was pushed back to 2025 — except one.

Due in July, Marvel and 20th Century’s “Deadpool and Wolverine” is projected by Guggenheim and HSX analysts to earn $350 million in its first four weeks domestically, which would make it the film of the summer, if not the year.

Notably, the same analysts thought ”The Fall Guy” would be capable of hitting the $150 million mark over the same timeframe, leaving it with much work to do after its lackluster opening, though its diminished audience did respond positively to the film.

Before the “Deadpool” sequel hits theaters, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” will test the vitality of the 20th Century label as a hitmaker between “Avatar” films, following its 2019 move to Disney from former parent Fox Corp. Its March projection was actually slightly worse than “The Fall Guy,” likely due to the lack of A-list talent to complement the CGI apes this go-round, and it’ll be sidelined by audiences when “Furiosa,” George Miller’s follow-up to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” arrives later this month.

Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” and Illumination’s “Despicable Me 4” are better bets for summer success if “Kung Fu Panda 4” is anything to go by. It’s been eight years since the Jack Black-led animated kids franchise was in theaters, but its fourth incarnation has already passed $500 million globally.

The last “Despicable Me” doubled that amount, while the first “Inside Out” made well over $800 million and can’t be accused of overstaying anyone’s welcome when its first sequel is coming out nine years later.

Even so, nine years is nothing compared with several films getting their first follow-ups soon. A sequel to the 1996 bad-weather thriller, “Twisters” arrives in July, followed by “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice” in September and “Gladiator 2” in November. The latter two do have Tim Burton and Ridley Scott, respectively, at the helm, and “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” managed to pass the $100 million domestic mark earlier this year, so they have a shot at matching their projections.

If they don’t, the rest of the year looks bleak. A sequel to 2019’s “Joker” and another live-action “Lion King” should do well enough, but there are multiple weekends in the last quarter with no major-studio effort booked.

It’s possible smaller distributors such as Angel Studios, A24 and Neon can make good use of these gaps, but Angel’s “Cabrini” was a far cry from the success of its “ Sound of Freedom ” last year, and A24’s “ Civil War ” is falling short of matching the success of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” at more than twice that film’s budget, per Comscore data.

Until then, it’s up to Disney’s acquired apes to settle the score and get the summer swinging.

Now dig into the VIP+ subscriber report ...

Read the Report

Lip-Sync Dubbing Beta Tests Begin in Hollywood

What warner bros. discovery and disney stand to gain from streaming bundle partnership, why tiktok blinked in its umg standoff, and what happens next, more from our brands, clarence thomas complains about ‘awful’ people after his ethics scandals, this new 400-foot gigayacht has 3 pools and an underwater lounge, financial services firm broadridge boosts us rowing with job pipeline, the best loofahs and body scrubbers, according to dermatologists, the other black girl cancelled at hulu, verify it's you, please log in.



  1. 84 Beautiful Summer House Design Ideas And Makeover

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  2. How to build a summer house: A guide to constructing your own

    summer projects house

  3. 25 summer house ideas: add a garden building you love from the outside

    summer projects house

  4. How To Build A Summer House Step By Step

    summer projects house

  5. 5 Tips to Build a DIY Summer House

    summer projects house

  6. How to build a summer house: A guide to constructing your own

    summer projects house


  1. Looking back from beginning of December at some summer projects

  2. SnT Summer Projects'24

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  1. 28 Easy Summer Weekend Projects

    DIY Summer Projects. These 28 fun summer projects, culled from the TOH archives of great weekend upgrades, will enhance your yard, beautify your exterior, and give everyone in the family something exciting to do. Pick and choose from our DIY weekend projects that are right for your home, and soon you'll have the most attractive and ...

  2. The 8 Best Summer Home-Improvement Projects to Cross Off Your List

    Refresh your house with paint. 6. Check gutters. 7. Spruce up landscaping. 8. Clean or replace AC filters. Summer is a great time for home improvement projects and DIY updates around the house. Set some time (and money) aside this summer to give your home some TLC.

  3. 25 summer house ideas: add a garden building you love from the outside

    9. Modify sheds to make a summer house. You can construct a pretty summer house from utilitarian garden buildings. This one is made from two modified sheds, and blends into the garden landscape, with honeysuckle and clematis spilling over the roof and fragrant pink roses climbing up the walls.

  4. 40+ Breathtaking Summer Houses

    40+ Breathtaking Summer Houses You're Sure to Love. These well-designed spaces will satisfy your travel dreams. Summer homes are meant to be stylish and relaxing. Light color palettes, no-fuss furniture, and beachy patterns are just a few elements top designers often rely on to craft an inviting summer home.

  5. 34 Simple Summer Home Improvement Projects and Ideas

    Clean the Dryer Vent. Cleaning your dryer's lint trap is probably something you do frequently, but it's good to do a thorough clean of all of the vents at least once per year. Summer is the perfect opportunity to tackle this project. Remove the dryer lint trap and clean in and around the area as much as possible.

  6. Summer house ideas: 12 beautiful designs for relaxing garden rooms

    This will keep evenings cosy and encourage use even when the weather turns cooler. 2. Pair multi-pane windows with a blue-grey hue. The Kew Victoria, a summer house developed in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, from Malvern Garden Buildings.

  7. 50+ Of House & Home's Best Summer Decorating Ideas

    Source: House & Home May 2022. Designer: Cynthia Ferguson. Decorate with watery hues. Blue and white is one of summer's most iconic color combos, and this lakeside banquette masters the look with textiles and furniture in watery hues. A live edge wood table is another great way to bring summer style home.

  8. 12 modern summer house ideas

    10. Blend a summer room with the surrounding garden. (Image credit: James Merrell) Make a summer house sit more naturally in your garden by blending the walls with large potted plants and climbers. Add trellis up the side, or extend the space with a pergola so you can add extra greenery above too.

  9. Summer house ideas

    Summer house ideas for all gardens. 1. Create a calming cabin to seek shade. (Image credit: Lights4Fun) Use a summer house to seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. Keep the purpose simple with a sizeable bench seating solution that can double as a day bed, filled with cushions to make it all the more comfy.

  10. How to build a summer house: The foundation

    Keep reading: 25 summer house ideas ; DIY summer house design (Image credit: Jo Lemos) The design of your summer house can vary wildly, and depending on what you want to do it may be subject to local planning permission. As a general rule in England 'outbuildings' are subject to the following; they must be single story and the height of the ...

  11. 37 Awesome DIY Summer Projects

    Barbecues on warm summer evenings. Picnics in the park. Hot afternoons, lazing around at the beach. Flip flops! I love it all! And wouldn't you know, there are tons of DIY summer projects you can make for every adventure! I have waited a long time for summer to come this year, and now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, I'm just drooling over all the fun projects I want to try!

  12. 30 Spectacular Summer House Ideas for Your Home (2023)

    0203 916 5926. 45 Fitzroy Street, W1T 6EB, London . [email protected]. 0203 916 5926. [email protected]. 45 Fitzroy Street, W1T 6EB, London . Installing a summerhouse in your outdoor space is both a functional and stylish way of utilising your garden, but deciding on a style isn't something you want to rush.

  13. Summer House Interior Ideas to take it to the next level

    To keep summer house interiors feeling airy and spacious, opt for light-coloured or white walls and furniture. Whites, creams, and pale blues will reflect the natural light and make your space feel bigger. To add a pop of colour, try using accent pieces like throw pillows or rugs.

  14. 11 garden summer house ideas

    Octagonal Summerhouse. This octagonal summer house is ideal for anyone searching for small summer house ideas. Although more compact than other designs, the long windows allow plenty of light and the single opening door allows more floor space inside. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee. Price: £749.99.

  15. How to decorate a small summer house

    21/21. Ben says, 'The single large window creates a strong internal axis and frames the main view down the garden.'. A central skylight brings in additional light and the large double doors along one side allow the room to be opened out fully in the summer. The House & Garden guide to how to decorate a small summer house, pool house or ...

  16. 12 Summer Home Improvement Projects To Do This Year

    Of all summer home improvement projects you can DIY, landscaping is probably #1. Best of all, you can do it on a dime. ... Many homeowners are also pleasantly shocked at how different their house looks with modern gutters installed. Installing new gutters is similar to putting a clean, bright frame on a photo. A new gutter system can ...

  17. Summer House Interior Ideas [Hot Tub Included!]

    Garden summer house ideas. Image source: Lights4fun. If you are looking for decorating tips for a traditional summer house shed, you've come to the right place. The beauty of a garden summer house is that they come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for a large or smaller-sized outdoor area. A small summer house, a plastic summer house, or a ...

  18. The 7-Day Spruce Up: Get Summer Ready

    Day 1: Hit the Deck (or Patio) Image Treatment by The Spruce / Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images. The first step to a summer-ready outdoor space, before setting any plants or furniture out, is to make sure your patio or deck is as clean as possible. You should also use this time to ensure that any repairs from winter damage are taken care ...

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    Where to Watch Summer House Season 8 and the After Show More shows returning for new seasons on Bravo. There will also be several other fan-favorite Bravo shows returning for new seasons ...

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    Community Action, which is handling construction, is looking to begin building the Broad Street alley house this summer, and if the "pilot" is successful, it could construct more in West ...

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    Things got "super real" for Jesse Solomon as he broke down during the latest Summer House episode about a possible cancer scare. During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Jesse, 28, said ...

  22. 5 biggest metro Detroit road construction projects this summer

    The I-696 Restore the Reuther project, now in its third year out of the four-year project, is reconstructing and doing bridge and culvert work on I-696 from I-275 to Lahser Road in Oakland County.

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    Ahead, shop our favorite items from her summer collection 2024. Shop more Gaines-approved goodies: Joanna Gaines's New Stanley Lunch Box at Target Is Going Viral

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    Search 12,871 Elektrostal' interior designers & house decorators to find the best interior designer or decorator for your project. See the top reviewed local interior designers & decorators in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.

  25. Missouri lawmakers working to pass budget boosting funding for ...

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers were working to pass a roughly $51 billion state budget Friday that boosts funding for education and infrastructure projects around the state. The ...

  26. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  27. mother's day 2024: Mother's Day 2024: Refreshing cocktail ideas to

    Celebrate Mother's Day 2024 with a delightful array of refreshing cocktails crafted to beat the summer heat and elevate your celebrations. From the tantalizing "Mata Hari" to the sophisticated "Royal Red," these innovative libations offer a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas, perfect for toasting to mom's joy and happiness. Sip, savor, and create cherished memories with these exquisite ...

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    "Summer House" star Carl Radke shaded his ex-fiancée, Lindsay Hubbard, on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" by saying he "made the right decision" to call off their wedding.

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