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19 Best Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

Embarking on automobile project ideas transcends the realm of academic obligations; it serves as a gateway for engineering students to immerse themselves in the tangible applications of their acquired knowledge. Beyond the confines of textbooks and lecture halls, these projects become crucibles where theoretical understanding metamorphoses into hands-on expertise. More than fulfilling curriculum requirements, engaging in such endeavors equips students to confront the ever-evolving challenges of the automotive industry. 

However, automobile project ideas act as crucibles of innovation, propelling students into a domain where problem-solving and creativity are as essential as technical acumen. In essence, automobile projects offer a transformative journey, shaping students into adept engineers ready to navigate the complexities of the real-world automotive landscape.

Table of Contents

What is an Automobile Project?

An automobile project is a hands-on initiative where engineering students apply their theoretical knowledge to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions within the automotive domain. It goes beyond conventional classroom learning, allowing students to actively engage with the practical aspects of vehicle engineering. These automobile project ideas often involve creating prototypes, developing new technologies, or improving existing automotive systems. 

By undertaking automobile projects, students gain invaluable experience, honing their skills in problem-solving, teamwork, and technical execution. Ultimately, these endeavors serve as a bridge between academic learning and real-world application, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities within the automotive industry.

Importance of Automobile Project Ideas

The importance of automobile project ideas for engineering students extends far beyond the academic sphere, offering a myriad of benefits that contribute to their holistic development:

  • Practical Application: Automobile projects provide a tangible platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of engineering principles.
  • Skill Enhancement: Engaging in these projects hones a range of skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and hands-on technical expertise, crucial for success in the automotive industry.
  • Industry Relevance: Such projects align with current trends and needs in the automotive sector, ensuring that students are well-prepared to address contemporary challenges upon entering the workforce.
  • Bridging Theory and Practice: The projects act as a bridge between theoretical concepts learned in classrooms and the practical demands of engineering, creating a well-rounded skill set.
  • Preparation for the Workforce: By tackling real-world problems, students develop a practical mindset, making them more adaptable and ready for the dynamic nature of the automotive industry.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Automobile projects encourage innovative thinking, pushing students to devise novel solutions, fostering a spirit of creativity that is invaluable in a rapidly evolving field.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Many projects require collaboration, mirroring real-world work environments, and instilling effective teamwork and communication skills.
  • Career Advancement: Successful completion of these projects enhances students’ resumes, making them stand out to potential employers who seek candidates with practical experience.

In essence, automobile project ideas serve as a cornerstone in the education of aspiring engineers, imparting not only technical proficiency but also the holistic skill set necessary for a successful career in the automotive industry.

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List of Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

Here is a complete list of automobile project ideas for students in 2024:

1. Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit

Design a retrofit kit to convert conventional vehicles into electric ones. Include components like motors, controllers, and batteries, ensuring compatibility with various car models. Consider aspects such as range, charging infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness to promote sustainable transportation.

2. Autonomous Vehicle Prototype

Develop a small-scale self-driving car using sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms. Implement features like obstacle detection, lane following, and adaptive cruise control. This project will provide hands-on experience in robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, crucial for the future of automotive technology.

3. Smart Parking System

Create an intelligent parking system that utilizes sensors and IoT technology to detect available parking spaces. Develop a user-friendly mobile app for real-time information on parking availability, location, and even automated payment options. This project aims to address urban congestion and enhance the overall parking experience.

4. Hybrid Powertrain Optimization

Optimize the efficiency of a hybrid vehicle’s powertrain by integrating renewable energy sources like solar panels. Analyze energy harvesting and storage techniques to enhance the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

5. Gesture-Controlled Car

Design a vehicle control system based on hand gestures. Use sensors and computer vision algorithms to interpret gestures for commands like acceleration, braking, and turning. This project explores innovative human-machine interfaces and can contribute to the development of safer and more intuitive driving experiences.

6. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communication System

Develop a communication system enabling vehicles to share information with each other and with roadside infrastructure. Implement features like collision warnings, traffic updates, and emergency vehicle alerts. This project contributes to the advancement of connected and automated vehicle technologies.

7. Biometric Vehicle Access System

Create a biometric authentication system for vehicle access, replacing traditional keys or key fobs. Utilize fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition technology to enhance security. This project explores cutting-edge methods of access control in vehicles, ensuring a personalized and secure driving experience. However, this is one of the best automobile project ideas.

8. Intelligent Traffic Management System

Develop a comprehensive traffic management system using data from various sensors and cameras. Implement machine learning algorithms to analyze traffic patterns, optimize signal timings, and predict congestion. This project addresses urban traffic challenges and aims to improve overall transportation efficiency.

9. Carbon Footprint Tracker for Vehicles

Design a system to monitor and analyze the carbon footprint of vehicles. Integrate sensors and data analysis techniques to measure fuel consumption and emissions. Create a user-friendly interface for drivers to track their environmental impact and encourage eco-friendly driving habits.

10. Augmented Reality Heads-Up Display (AR HUD)

Develop an augmented reality display for vehicles, projecting essential information such as speed, navigation, and warnings onto the windshield. Utilize sensors and GPS technology to enhance the driving experience with real-time, context-aware information. This project explores the intersection of technology and automotive safety, paving the way for future advancements in vehicle displays.

11. Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Create a comprehensive system for monitoring the health of a vehicle in real-time. Utilize onboard diagnostics (OBD) data and sensors to track parameters like engine performance, tire pressure, and fluid levels. Develop a user-friendly interface to provide drivers with actionable insights and early warnings, contributing to proactive vehicle maintenance.

12. Electric Bicycle with Regenerative Braking

Design an electric bicycle incorporating regenerative braking technology. Develop a system that captures and stores energy during braking, enhancing the overall efficiency of the electric bicycle. This project focuses on sustainable transportation solutions for short-distance commuting.

13. Adaptive Cruise Control for Motorcycles

Implement adaptive cruise control for motorcycles using sensors to detect and maintain a safe following distance. This project involves integrating advanced control systems and addressing the unique challenges posed by two-wheeled vehicles, contributing to rider safety and comfort.

14. Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle

Create an autonomous off-road vehicle capable of navigating challenging terrains. Incorporate sensors for terrain mapping, obstacle detection, and adaptive navigation algorithms. This project explores the application of autonomous technology in off-road scenarios, such as agriculture, mining, or search and rescue operations.

15. Traffic Sign Recognition System

Develop a system that uses image processing and machine learning to recognize and interpret traffic signs. Implement this technology in a real-world scenario, such as in-vehicle heads-up displays, to assist drivers in adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

16. Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles

Design a wireless charging system for electric vehicles, eliminating the need for physical cables. Explore resonant inductive coupling and other wireless charging technologies to create a convenient and efficient charging solution. This project aims to simplify the charging process and promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

17. Automated Maintenance Scheduling System

Develop a predictive maintenance system for vehicles that analyzes usage patterns, environmental conditions, and diagnostic data to schedule maintenance tasks automatically. This project contributes to reducing unplanned downtime, extending the lifespan of vehicles, and optimizing maintenance costs.

18. Drone-Assisted Traffic Management

Explore the integration of drones in traffic management. Develop a system where drones assist in monitoring traffic conditions, providing real-time updates, and even assisting in emergency situations. This project combines advancements in drone technology with traffic management for improved situational awareness.

19. In-Car Health Monitoring System

Create a system that monitors the health and well-being of drivers and passengers inside a vehicle. Utilize sensors to track vital signs, stress levels, and fatigue. Integrate this information with the vehicle’s control system to enhance safety by alerting drivers to potential health-related issues.

20. Automated Parallel Parking System

Design an automated parallel parking system that utilizes sensors and computer vision to identify suitable parking spaces and execute parking maneuvers. This project aims to improve parking efficiency and reduce the stress associated with parallel parking in urban environments.

How to Choose the Right Project?

Choosing the right automobile project is a crucial decision for engineering students. Follow these steps to ensure a well-informed selection:

  • Identify Interests: Begin by assessing personal interests within the automotive field to find a project that resonates passionately.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Ensure the chosen project aligns with academic requirements and complements the current curriculum.
  • Resource Evaluation: Evaluate the availability of resources, including materials, tools, and mentorship, to guarantee feasibility.
  • Skill Consideration: Gauge personal skill levels and choose a project that both challenges and aligns with existing capabilities.
  • Relevance to Industry: Opt for a project that reflects current trends and challenges in the automotive industry for practical and industry-relevant experience.

By methodically considering these factors, students can make informed decisions, ensuring a rewarding and impactful automobile project experience.

In conclusion, the significance of automobile project ideas for engineering students cannot be overstated. These projects offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing students for success in the automotive industry. Aspiring engineers are encouraged to explore these project ideas, showcasing their skills and making a lasting impact on their academic and professional journeys.

1. What skills do I need for automobile projects?

Automobile projects require a combination of technical skills such as programming, mechanical design, and electronics.

2. Can I work on these projects individually or in a group?

Both options are possible. Working in a group allows for collaboration and diverse skill sets, while individual projects offer independence.

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Top 18 Projects Based on Automobile

Latest Projects Based on Automobile

The following projects are based on automobile. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using automobile.

1. Automatic Braking Systems for Automobiles

In today’s world, along with mobile phones, vehicles are also playing important an role in everyone’s day to day life. Most of the people who owned the automobiles either, drives by themselves or they will have a driver. Anyway 100% perfection is impossible to achieve in any domain, but we can reach maximum efficiency. Imagine that there is car with Automatic braking systems i.e. as soon other vehicle is approaching near your car or your car is approaching towards any object like Trees, Dividers, Humans etc., once safe distance is crossed immediately the brakes will be applied. Isn’t it cool?? Through this project you are going to build an Automatic Braking system for your vehicle.

2. Hybrid Drone

In conventional drone lipo batteries are used as a power source where you need to charge for every particular time period. The charging time alone will be taking more time due to which you cannot do continues flying. By adding the IC engine and DC generator with the conventional drone you can build a hybrid drone.


Whatever the drone that is available in the market, it has the endurance of maximum 30 - 40 minutes only. Once the battery got discharged, again that battery needs to be recharged completely to go for the next ride. Also it takes a lot of time to get recharged, which is a major issue in most of the UAVs that we see today.

4. Solar Powered Go Kart

Go Kart is basically an open wheel car having less ground clearance and low center of gravity as compared to normal cars. generally, these cars are used for racing and obstacle racing. Both electric motor and engine can be used as power source. petrol and diesel (two strokes or four strokes) can be used as fuel. In our project, we are going to use an electric powered go Kart having battery and solar panel as a power source.

5. Electromagnetic Shock Absorber

About the project.

Ever wondered one the important factors involved when you are traveling for 100’s to 1000’s of kilometer? Ever thought of the comfort with which you have completed the journey with body organs stayed in the same place? Ever have you compared the modern travel with bullock cart? Suspension.

Build projects on latest technologies

Want to develop practical skills on latest technologies? Checkout our latest projects and start learning for free

6. Hyper loop

Have you ever wondered the possibility of high-speed racing competitions like formula racing, a century ago? We all are well aware of advancement made in transit field. A section of Engineers is working on an agenda on increasing the value rate of distance covered on a daily note. We can also see the improvements that we have seen and experience in last century.

7. Laser Ignition System

As we all know the importance of the fuel for an automobile but have you ever wondered by we get the dark smoke out of the silencer, ever wondered why our engines make prickling sound? The reason is incomplete combustion of the fuel inside the combustion.

8. Electromagnetic Hover Car

An automobile as we all know is an integral part of mankind’s day to day needs. Automobile technology as penetrated into different categories like emergency like transporting a patient in the ambulance or a war weapon to the war field, sports racing, the business application like transportation of goods, transportation of meetings and the list goes on.

9. Maglev Trains

Maglev trains are a revolutionary development in railways systems as well as transportation engineering. The speed, the smooth operations, convenience, easy maintenance has made it is a basic need for any developing country to manage the transportation of citizens.

10. Aluminium Powered Car

Alternate power sources are rapidly spreading into research fields. Multiple sources are being experimented to replace the combustion fuels from petroleum products. One such experiement is power by aluminium

11. RC Hovercraft using Arduino

Hovercrafts are vehicles that travel over the cushion of air created with the help of motors and propellers. Hovercrafts can reach almost all the terrains on earth. The principle behind the development of air-cushion is the closed plenum effect. The high-pressure air is accumulated below the hull with the help of motors and propellers. The skirt is used to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle which helps to achieve the smooth ride over big tide waves, rocky terrains, etc. In this article, you will learn to build an RC Hovercraft using Arduino.

12. Black box for vehicles using GPS and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module

The primary purpose of this wireless black-box model is to build a black box device for automobiles which can be mounted into any vehicle worldwide. This concept is often formulated with minimal circuit area.

13. Differential Gear design using Autodesk Inventor

In this CAD project, you will learn to design and simulate a differential gear using Autodesk Inventor software. Autodesk Inventor software is widely used by design engineer professionals to create 2D and 3D models of various parts.

Earlier, manufacturers used to draw the 2D diagram of the product to be designed in different views - front view, side view, and top view. Then, they will start to manufacture and test the model. Here a lot of time is invested in manufacturing and testing. To overcome the above issue designers started using CAD software. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design which is used to design, test and analyze the model.

14. Gear train design using Autodesk Inventor

CAD (Computer Aided Designing) is the process of making a 2D or 3D design of a product using the design software which makes designing and upgrading the product design faster compared to the manual drawing.

In this CAD project, we are going to use Autodesk Inventor software to design a Gear train assembly. Autodesk Inventor is a 3D CAD software that enables the user to design, simulate, visualize and create documentation for a product.

15. Hoverbike

Recent advancement in aerospace and automobile paved the way for new gadgets. Hoverbike is one such innovation which combines the technology of helicopter and bike to make the transportation better.

In this aeronautical project, we will discuss the design consideration, applications and materials used to build the hoverbike. Also, you will learn to build a miniature hoverbike.

16. Automobile Prototyping

You can build this project at home. You can build the project using online tutorials developed by experts. 1-1 support in case of any doubts. 100% output guaranteed. Get certificate on completing.

17. Gear Train Design

18. augmented reality for beginners, latest projects based on automobile, any questions.

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11+ Innovative Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

Explore innovative automobile project ideas for engineering students and learn more interesting topics about automobile projects. 

Automobile project ideas stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a gateway to reimagine the future of transportation. In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, these ideas encompass a spectrum of possibilities, from enhancing vehicle safety and efficiency to integrating cutting-edge technologies. The pursuit of innovation continues to shape the future of transportation. From electric vehicles to smart systems that enhance safety and convenience, the possibilities for automobile projects are vast

These projects serve as catalysts for advancements in electric vehicles, autonomous driving systems, innovative infrastructure, and sustainable mobility solutions. By fostering creativity and engineering prowess, automobile project ideas not only address current challenges within the industry but also lay the groundwork for a transformative era where vehicles are safer, more intelligent, and environmentally conscious.

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Table of Contents

What Is An Automobile?

An automobile, colloquially known as a car, is a self-propelled vehicle designed for the transportation of passengers or cargo. Fueled by either internal combustion engines or electric motors, automobiles feature a chassis supporting essential components like the suspension, steering, and braking systems. Wheels and tires facilitate mobility, while the transmission system governs the transfer of power to the wheels.

The vehicle’s body design varies, encompassing diverse types such as sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Interiors boast comfort features like seating, controls, and entertainment systems. Evolving, modern automobiles integrate advanced technologies, including safety features, infotainment, and, in some cases, autonomous driving capabilities, reflecting the ongoing innovation within the automotive industry.

Importance Of Automobile Project Ideas

The importance of automobile project ideas is multifaceted and extends to various aspects of the automotive industry and our daily lives. Here are some key points highlighting the significance of automobile project ideas.

students automobile projects

1. Technological Advancements

Automobile project ideas serve as catalysts for innovation within the automotive sector. They push the boundaries of existing technologies, encouraging the development of new and advanced solutions. From electric vehicles to autonomous systems and intelligent infrastructure, these ideas contribute to the continuous evolution of automotive technology.

2. Solving Current Challenges

The automotive industry faces numerous challenges, including traffic congestion, environmental concerns, and safety issues. Automobile projects address these challenges by proposing innovative solutions. For example, projects focused on traffic management systems or electric vehicle infrastructure aim to provide practical answers to real-world problems.

3. Environmental Sustainability

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, automobile project ideas often prioritize sustainability. Projects related to electric vehicles, fuel efficiency optimization algorithms, and emissions reduction technologies contribute to creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for transportation.

4. Economic Impact

Successful automobile projects can have a significant economic impact. They stimulate growth within the automotive industry, creating opportunities for job creation, fostering innovation, and driving economic development. Additionally, projects that promote fuel efficiency or alternative fuel sources can have positive implications for energy consumption and costs.

5. Improved Efficiency and Convenience

Many automobile projects aim to enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of transportation. Intelligent parking systems, autonomous vehicles, and advanced navigation technologies contribute to a more seamless and convenient commuting experience for individuals.

6. Promoting Innovation Culture

Automobile project ideas foster an innovation culture within the automotive industry. They encourage collaboration between researchers, engineers, and industry experts and push the boundaries of what is possible in vehicle design, manufacturing, and functionality.

Automobile project ideas are vital for driving progress within the automotive industry. They address current challenges, stimulate innovation, and pave the way for a future where transportation is not only efficient and safe but also sustainable and technologically advanced.

Top Automobile Project Ideas

Here, we delve into a diverse array of cutting-edge automobile project ideas that have the potential to redefine the way we think about mobility.

1. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Management System

Develop a comprehensive system that not only monitors and manages electric vehicle charging stations but also incorporates user authentication for secure access. Real-time updates on charging station availability will be crucial for users, and an integrated billing system will streamline transactions, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

2. Smart Parking System

Utilize sensors and IoT technology to create a robust, intelligent parking solution. The system will not only guide drivers to available parking spaces but will also provide real-time data on parking occupancy, contributing to reduced traffic congestion and lower fuel consumption. Integration with mobile apps will enhance user convenience.

3. Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Design an advanced system capable of monitoring various vehicle components in real time. Users will receive detailed diagnostics and maintenance alerts, fostering proactive vehicle care and minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

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4. Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Develop a prototype of an autonomous delivery vehicle that employs cutting-edge navigation technology to navigate predetermined routes. The system will facilitate efficient and secure delivery of packages or goods to specified locations, contributing to the future of autonomous logistics.

5. Gesture Control for In-Car Systems

Implement a sophisticated in-car gesture control system that enhances driver safety and convenience. The system will recognize and respond to gestures, enabling hands-free operation of various in-car functions. Thus, it will promote a more intuitive and distraction-free driving experience.

6. Voice Recognition for Car Controls

Develop a reliable voice recognition system allowing drivers to control critical functions, such as navigation, music, and climate, hands-free. This technology aims to enhance driver focus, safety, and overall in-car experience.

7. Driver Fatigue Detection System

Implement a comprehensive system that monitors driver behavior using machine learning algorithms to detect signs of fatigue. The system will trigger timely alerts and interventions to prevent accidents, prioritizing driver safety.

8. Augmented Reality Windshield Display

Pioneer is a heads-up display (HUD) system utilizing augmented reality to project relevant information directly onto the windshield. This technology will provide drivers with crucial data without diverting their attention from the road, enhancing overall driving safety.

9. Carpooling Application

Develop a user-friendly mobile app designed to facilitate carpooling by connecting users with similar routes. The application will aim to reduce traffic, lower emissions, and promote cost-effective and sustainable transportation solutions.

10. License Plate Recognition System

Create a sophisticated system that utilizes image processing and machine learning to recognize license plates. Applications include efficient parking management and enhanced security through automatic plate identification.

11. Fuel Efficiency Optimization Algorithm

Develop an advanced algorithm capable of analyzing driving patterns and recommending strategies for optimizing fuel efficiency. This system would promote eco-friendly driving habits and reduce overall fuel consumption.

12. Autonomous Lawn Mower

Apply autonomous vehicle technology to lawn care by creating a robotic lawn mower capable of navigating yards, avoiding obstacles, and maintaining lawns automatically. This innovative solution aims to simplify and automate traditional lawn maintenance tasks.

13. Emergency Response Vehicle Locator

Design a comprehensive system that utilizes GPS and sensors to track the location and status of emergency response vehicles. This real-time information will facilitate quick and efficient dispatch, improving emergency response times.

14. Air Quality Monitoring in Vehicles

Develop an integrated system to monitor air quality within vehicles and provide real-time feedback to occupants. The system will suggest actions to improve the interior environment, promoting a healthier and more comfortable driving experience.

15. Adaptive Cruise Control System

Enhance traditional cruise control systems with adaptive features that adjust the vehicle’s speed based on real-time traffic conditions. This technology aims to improve overall safety and driving efficiency.

16. Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking System

Create a robust anti-theft system by combining GPS and cellular technology to track stolen vehicles. The system will provide law enforcement with real-time location information, increasing the chances of vehicle recovery.

Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students Pdf 

Impact of a successful automobile project in your life.

The impact of a successful automobile project on your life is profound. It touches on various aspects of your daily experiences. As automotive technology advances and innovative projects come to fruition, individuals can expect several positive changes that enhance safety, convenience, and overall quality of life. Here are key ways in which a successful automobile project can impact your life:

1. Enhanced Safety

A successful automobile project focused on safety can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Features like advanced driver assistance systems, collision avoidance technologies, and improved structural designs contribute to creating a safer driving environment for you and your passengers.

2. Improved Efficiency and Convenience

Innovative projects often aim to improve transportation efficiency and convenience. Imagine the convenience of an intelligent parking system guiding you effortlessly to an available parking spot or the efficiency of an autonomous vehicle navigating through traffic, allowing you to use your travel time more productively.

3. Cost Savings

Projects emphasizing fuel efficiency, alternative energy sources, or streamlined manufacturing processes can lead to consumer cost savings. It not only benefits consumers’ wallets but also contributes to a more sustainable and economically viable transportation ecosystem.

4. Technological Integration

Technological advancements in automobile projects often lead to seamless integration with other aspects of life. For example, intelligent vehicle systems may sync with home automation, providing a cohesive and interconnected lifestyle in which your car is an extension of your digital ecosystem.

5. Time Savings

Projects focused on traffic management, autonomous driving, or efficient navigation can save you valuable time. Reduced traffic congestion and optimized travel routes mean less time spent commuting, allowing you to allocate more time to activities that matter to you.

6. Adaptation to Changing Lifestyles

Successful automobile projects adapt to changing societal needs and lifestyles. Car-sharing platforms, electric vehicles tailored to urban living, and connectivity features that cater to a mobile lifestyle all contribute to a more flexible and personalized approach to transportation.

7. Empowerment Through Innovation

Automobile projects empower consumers by providing access to innovative features and technologies. From voice-controlled interfaces to augmented reality displays, these innovations make driving more accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual preferences.

8. Job Opportunities and Economic Growth

The success of innovative automobile projects contributes to economic growth and job creation. Industries related to electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and advanced manufacturing thrive, providing employment opportunities and supporting local economies.

9. Cultural and Social Impact

Successful automobile projects often influence cultural and social norms. Electric vehicles, for instance, have contributed to a cultural shift towards sustainability and environmental awareness, influencing societal attitudes toward transportation and the automotive industry.

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Career Opportunities For Automobile Engineers 

Below is a table outlining various career opportunities for automobile engineers:

These are just a few examples, and the field of automobile engineering offers a diverse range of career paths, each contributing to the development and evolution of the automotive industry.

In conclusion, the realm of automobile project ideas is a crucible of innovation, propelling the automotive industry into an era of unprecedented possibilities. These projects, ranging from electric vehicle infrastructure management to autonomous delivery prototypes and beyond, showcase technological prowess and hold the key to transforming our future mobility experience. 

As these ideas are nurtured and brought to fruition, they have the potential to revolutionize safety, efficiency, and sustainability in transportation. Embracing these projects is not merely a commitment to progress; it’s a collective journey towards a dynamic and interconnected automotive landscape that addresses contemporary challenges and shapes a more intelligent, eco-friendly, and enjoyable future of mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. what is automobile engineering.

Automotive engineering is one of the most sophisticated courses in engineering, which involves the design, manufacturing, modification, and maintenance of automobiles such as buses, cars, trucks, and other transportation vehicles.

Q2. How do I come up with a unique Automobile Project Idea?

Generating a unique project idea involves identifying current challenges in the automotive sector, staying updated on industry trends, and exploring emerging technologies. Consider areas such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving, or smart infrastructure for inspiration.

Q3. What role does technology play in Automobile Project Ideas?

Technology is a fundamental aspect, with projects often involving advancements in AI, IoT, robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies to improve vehicle performance, safety, and user experience.

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Project-Based Learning for Students Obsessed with Cars

Project-Based Learning for Students Obsessed with Cars

Project-based learning is hard. Oftentimes, we fall in love with the research and stories of PBL but find it incredibly hard to effectively implement in our student’s life. This is especially true if our students are interested in something less traditionally academic like cars.

You may wonder if it’s even possible to tie a love for cars to “school” work. But from our experience working with high school students at Sora Schools, anything’s possible! So, let’s jump into scaffolding learning and thinking of project ideas for students that are  obsessed  with cars.

Quick Background

PBL is effective because it follows the “ Principle of Directness”  which states, in the paraphrased words of the author of  Ultralearning  Scott Young, always try to learn in a situation that mirrors the ultimate use case of the skill. Or, in more human words, do the thing to learn the thing. This is because research shows humans are quite bad at transferring what we learn. That means if you want to learn a language, speak the language. Or, if you’re really into cars, then learn about designing, building, and even selling cars!

The first step to making your student care about “schoolwork” is showing why it’s relevant to their lives. You don’t like wasting your time and neither does your student. That means, your number one priority is tying every lesson back into how it could help them later. With that knowledge, we’re ready to start!

Identify future careers

If your student is interested in cars, they may want to work in the automotive industry in the future! When people think about careers involving cars, most people think of car mechanics. But there’s more to cars than just fixing them. Your student could be a car designer, using a mixture of advanced math and engineering with art and creativity to create the next big thing! They could learn about selling cars and running a car dealership. They could become a software engineer and work on the underlying technology integrated with cars nowadays. Your student may not even have to work with cars directly—they could write about cars as a journalist and get to see the future of the automotive industry before everyone else!

Of course, if your student is focused on a different career and doesn’t necessarily want to work with cars all day, you can still use the upcoming strategies to create your own project ideas!

Projects for Car Lovers

On average, projects about cars will skew towards math and science in terms of the subject areas covered. But they can still be enriching experiences that may get your student really excited about cars or help them figure out that going into the automotive industry in the future isn’t something they want to do. Either way, your student will be better off for it.

Project Ideas and Points of Inquiry for Car Lovers

  • How would magnetic brakes work for a car?   Could it be viable?  Almost every car nowadays uses some form of a brake pad. But how do they work? Could we have alternative types of brakes like magnetic brakes? Your student can conduct research on this topic and determine if magnetic braking for consumer vehicles is possible. The end result can be a presentation, a video, or a paper—whatever suits your students best. This allows them to really exercise their creativity in how they do their research and demonstrate what they’ve learned.
  • Build an RC car from scratch.  In this project, your student will learn about cars at a much more manageable scale. There are plenty of tutorials and guides available online about remote-controlled cars. Through this, your student will learn about propulsion, weight balancing, design, and even a little about the cost structure of vehicles. In the end, they’ll have built something fun and will feel a strong sense of accomplishment.
  • Design an ad for a car they love.  Have your student pick their favorite car and pretend they were in charge of creating an ad for it. The ad could be a flyer, a commercial, or any other medium your student can think of. It would be helpful for them to study up on ads first—why certain ads work and what the components of good ads are. They could even study existing and past ads to model their own creative thinking. Afterward, they can set out to create the ad. In this project, they’ll learn about creative writing, graphic design or videography, and marketing.
  • Have your student make a plan to buy and finance a car.  Maybe your student has been going on and on about how they want this car or that car in the future. So, put action to words and have them figure out a way to get the car they so want. First, determine the exact car they plan to purchase. Then, have them dive into research on what it takes to buy and afford a certain car. They’ll have to consider payment plans, financing, loans, and basic budgeting. The end result of this project can be a presentation or a report, depending on how they think they can best make the presentation. Who knows, their plan might be incredibly reasonable and you might end up buying a car soon…

When approaching academics using project-based learning, it’s best to give your student a choice. As we know from self-determination theory, intrinsic motivation doesn’t occur unless choice is present. So, send this list to your student, support whichever choice they make, and try to fan the fire of their new interest!

If you’re interested in learning more about our online, project-based high school, please check our website and  reach out to our team  to learn more about how Sora can work for your student!

High School Sports: Sora Approved by NCAA Thumbnail

The team at Sora Schools is proud to announce that our virtual high school has been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  “The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes.“ If your child is interested in pursuing sports in college, NCAA eligibility […]

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One of our students talks about his experience at Sora and the projects he’s working on at school right now.

Inside Expeditions: Explore Microscopic Art Thumbnail

Go inside the classroom of Amberleigh Ray’s expedition titled “Microscopic Art,” which is designed to merge art with cell biology. The expedition tasked students with visually recreating a eukaryotic cell (the type of cells found in animals), and gave students even more creative license to allow science to influence the art.

From Memorization to Mindsets Image

From Memorization to Mindsets

Transforming education: From memorization to mindsets. Empower students with critical thinking and curiosity. Make a positive impact on themselves and society at Sora.


The Purpose of Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Prepare students for the AI-driven future. Explore critical thinking, empathy, and AI's impact on education. Redefine education for critical thinkers. Read more!

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Building the car of their dreams: Ninth Škoda Student Car project launched

Building the car of their dreams: Ninth Škoda Student Car project launched

› 29 Škoda Vocational School students are designing and building their dream car › Work on the ninth Student Car project began at the start of the Škoda Vocational School’s current academic year › Student Cars have been a cornerstone of training at the Škoda Academy since 2014

Mladá Boleslav, 28 February 2023 – The Škoda Academy’s traditional Student Car project is back: This year marks the ninth time Škoda vocational students in Mladá Boleslav are designing and building their dream car. Since 2014, these spectacular one-off vehicles have demonstrated the high level of training at the Škoda Vocational School.

29 vocational students at the Škoda Academy have already started working on their Student Car. Since the 2013/14 academic year, apprentices have created their very own dream car with the expert guidance of their instructors – from a blank page to the finished one-of-a-kind vehicle. Throughout the project, they receive support from many Škoda Auto departments, including Škoda Design and Technical Development. Details on the ninth Student Car, such as the vehicle it is based on, the name and the type of conversion will be revealed within the next few months.

Maren Gräf, Škoda Auto Board Member for People & Culture , says: “The Student Car project has been an integral part of the training at the Škoda Academy for nine years now. The tremendous team spirit, the enthusiasm of our talented young apprentices and their attention to detail never fail to impress me. During the project, they acquire practical experience at every stage of development. They also gain expertise and insights into many different departments at the company. I am very much looking forward to seeing Student Car number nine and wish everyone involved lots of fun and success working on this great project.”

Maren Kabowski-Ciecior, Head of the Škoda Academy , says: “With great anticipation, I am closely following our students and the development of the ninth Student Car. This project gives our talented apprentices the opportunity to apply everything they have learned in previous years. At the same time, it lays the groundwork for a promising career at Škoda Auto and introduces students to the wide range of possible positions at our company. Our students can discover new areas of interest and make an initial decision on where they would like to work and contribute their talents.”

Early Student Car forerunners in 1975 So far, students from the Škoda Vocational School have designed and built eight Škoda Student Cars under the supervision of their instructors. More information on the previous Škoda Student Cars can be found here . The eighth Student Car, the Škoda Afriq, was supported by Škoda Motorsport for the first time. Early forerunners of the innovative project – the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic – were four units of the Škoda Buggy Type 736, hand-built in 1975 by Škoda vocational students for the emerging autocross scene in former Czechoslovakia.

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Building the car of their dreams: Ninth Škoda Student Car project launched

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  • ŠKODA Academy

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Škoda logo with the winged arrow first registered 100 years ago

Škoda logo with the winged arrow first registered 100 years ago

Škoda Auto releases exterior sketches of the fourth-generation Superb

Škoda Auto releases exterior sketches of the fourth-generation Superb

Škoda Auto reveals exterior sketches of the all-new Kodiaq

Škoda Auto reveals exterior sketches of the all-new Kodiaq

The fourth generation of the Škoda Superb will once again offer a hatchback

The fourth generation of the Škoda Superb will once again offer a hatchback

Enhancing space, comfort and control: Škoda presents interior highlights of the all-new Kodiaq and Superb generations

Enhancing space, comfort and control: Škoda presents interior highlights of the all-new Kodiaq and Superb generations

Tour de France winner accompanied to the finish line by camouflagednew Superb Combi, receives trophy by Škoda Design team

Tour de France winner accompanied to the finish line by camouflaged new Superb Combi, receives trophy by Škoda Design team

The name of Apprentice Car No. 9 is Škoda Roadiaq

The name of Apprentice Car No. 9 is Škoda Roadiaq

Celebrating each person’s uniqueness: Škoda Auto presents the Škoda Enyaq Coupé Respectline

Celebrating each person’s uniqueness: Škoda Auto presents the Škoda Enyaq Coupé Respectline

Škoda Academy celebrates its tenth anniversary

Škoda Academy celebrates its tenth anniversary

Škoda Student Car No. 9: more electrifying than ever

Škoda Student Car No. 9: more electrifying than ever

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Can you recognise Škoda models from their silhouettes?

Can you recognise Škoda models from their silhouettes?

2023: new cars and a glimpse of the future

2023: new cars and a glimpse of the future

A century of the winged arrow

A century of the winged arrow

Laurin & Klement models: cars with tradition and a touch of luxury

Laurin & Klement models: cars with tradition and a touch of luxury

A talented painter among designers

A talented painter among designers

The new Škoda Superb: space, comfort and freedom of choice

The new Škoda Superb: space, comfort and freedom of choice

Crystalline, precise and timeless – designers rate the third Superb

Crystalline, precise and timeless – designers rate the third Superb

An office on wheels designed for exploring

An office on wheels designed for exploring

A beautiful estate and a unique sedan – Superb II designers look back

A beautiful estate and a unique sedan – Superb II designers look back

The new Škoda Kodiaq is here!

The new Škoda Kodiaq is here!

Best 10 Automotive Embedded Projects for ECE Students

Author: ramya.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, the automotive industry has witnessed significant transformations through the integration of embedded systems. As Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) students, you have a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of automotive embedded projects. These projects not only provide valuable hands-on experience but also align with the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field. In this blog, we will explore the best 10 automotive embedded projects for ECE students, covering a range of applications and complexity levels.

CAN Bus Monitoring System

One of the most fundamental and informative projects in the realm of automotive embedded systems projects for ECE students is the CAN Bus Monitoring System. In modern vehicles, the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus serves as the communication backbone, connecting various electronic control units (ECUs) to facilitate data exchange. Creating a CAN Bus Monitoring System provides students with a hands-on opportunity to delve into the intricacies of automotive communication protocols.

This project involves designing a device that interfaces with the CAN bus, collects real-time data from sensors and ECUs, and presents it in a user-friendly format. ECE students gain practical experience in microcontroller programming, data acquisition, and signal processing. Moreover, they learn how to interpret critical vehicle information, such as engine performance data, fault codes, and sensor readings, which is essential for diagnostics and vehicle maintenance.

Overall, the CAN Bus Monitoring System project not only equips ECE students with valuable skills but also prepares them to tackle more complex  automotive embedded projects in the future.

Vehicle Diagnostics Tool

Among the myriad of automotive embedded projects available to Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) students, one stands out for its practicality and real-world relevance – the Vehicle Diagnostics Tool. This project bridges the gap between theory and application, offering students a hands-on experience in dealing with the intricacies of modern vehicles.

A Vehicle Diagnostics Tool is essentially a device that connects to a vehicle's On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) port to retrieve crucial information about the vehicle's health and performance. ECE students working on this project get the chance to delve into hardware design, microcontroller programming, and data interpretation. They learn to communicate with a vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) and extract valuable diagnostic data.

Furthermore, this project has practical implications as it can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot real vehicles, making it an invaluable tool for mechanics and automotive enthusiasts. In a world where automotive technology is evolving rapidly, ECE projects like the Vehicle Diagnostics Tool equip students with skills that are highly sought after in the industry, making it an excellent choice among the top 10 automotive embedded projects for ECE students.

Smart Parking System

A Smart Parking System, often hailed as a groundbreaking innovation in urban mobility, is an ideal project for ECE students seeking to make a tangible impact in the automotive industry. This innovative system leverages embedded technology to revolutionize the way we park our vehicles, making it an excellent choice among the top 10 automotive embedded projects for ECE students.

The essence of a Smart Parking System lies in its ability to detect available parking spaces and guide drivers to them, reducing the time and stress associated with finding parking in congested areas. For ECE students, this project is an opportunity to delve into sensor integration, real-time data processing, and wireless communication.

ECE enthusiasts working on a Smart Parking System will design a network of sensors that can monitor parking spaces' occupancy status. These sensors can be ultrasonic, infrared, or even camera-based, depending on the complexity of the project. They will interface these sensors with microcontrollers to process and transmit data to a central control unit.

The heart of the system is the software that processes sensor data and provides real-time information to drivers through mobile apps or display boards. This software involves algorithms for data analysis and decision-making, enhancing students' programming and problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, a Smart Parking System project not only showcases your technical prowess but also addresses a real-world problem. It's a testament to the power of embedded technology in improving our daily lives, making it a top choice among ECE projects for aspiring engineers.

Gesture-Controlled Car

Among the diverse array of automotive embedded projects for ECE students, the Gesture-Controlled Car stands out as a captivating endeavor. This project combines cutting-edge technology with the thrill of automotive innovation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a challenging yet rewarding experience.

In a Gesture-Controlled Car project, ECE students design a small-scale model car that responds to hand gestures for steering, acceleration, and braking. This involves integrating sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes with embedded systems to interpret and execute commands.

Not only does this project provide hands-on experience in sensor integration and real-time data processing, but it also delves into the fascinating realm of human-machine interaction. Students learn to create intuitive interfaces that bridge the gap between human gestures and the car's movements.

Embarking on a Gesture-Controlled Car project offers ECE students a glimpse into the future of automotive technology, making it an excellent choice among ECE projects.

Collision Avoidance System

Developing a collision avoidance system is a crucial project in the context of automotive safety. You can design a system that uses sensors such as ultrasonic or LiDAR to detect obstacles and alert the driver or automatically apply brakes to prevent collisions. This project will deepen your understanding of sensor interfacing and control algorithms.

Autonomous Vehicle (Robot Car)

Creating a small-scale autonomous vehicle, often referred to as a robot car, is a challenging yet rewarding project. It involves building a car that can navigate a predefined track or environment autonomously. This project encompasses various aspects of embedded systems, including sensor fusion, path planning, and control algorithms. It provides a glimpse into the world of self-driving cars.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

An ADAS project focuses on developing advanced features for vehicles, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and collision warning systems. ECE students can work on individual components of an ADAS system and gain expertise in computer vision, image processing, and machine learning for real-time decision-making.

Fuel Efficiency Monitoring System

In today's eco-conscious world, monitoring and improving fuel efficiency is a critical aspect of automotive design. ECE students can create a system that collects data on vehicle speed, engine performance, and driving habits to provide feedback on optimizing fuel consumption. This project combines data analysis, embedded programming, and sensor integration.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

As the automotive industry transitions towards electric vehicles, designing an EV charging station is a forward-thinking project. You can create a smart charging station that communicates with electric vehicles, manages charging sessions, and provides real-time charging status updates to users' smartphones. This project involves IoT (Internet of Things) integration and communication protocols.

Embarking on automotive embedded projects offers ECE students a unique opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world applications. These projects cover a wide range of complexity levels and applications, allowing students to choose projects that align with their interests and skill levels. Whether you are passionate about vehicle diagnostics, safety systems, autonomous driving, or green technologies, there is a captivating automotive embedded project waiting for you. So, roll up your sleeves, pick a project, and embark on a journey of innovation and learning in the exciting world of automotive embedded systems projects. These projects will not only enhance your skills but also make you a valuable asset in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

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2024 Best Automobile Engineering Project Topics, Ideas, and Reports

2024 Best Automobile Engineering Related Major Projects Topics, Ideas, And Reports | A project is very important and best pieces of work in a student’s life while studying at university so it’s very important to choose the right project topics and right company to help you with your project or thesis.

We, Mechanical Farm provides the best  BE project ideas for mechanical engineering  students and researchers to help them finish the projects. Our list consists of the finest and most innovative topics and  projects for mechanical engineering final year . We have widest ideas for  engineering project for mechanical , Automobile, Production, Thermal, etc. Here’s the latest 200+ 2024 Best Automobile Engineering Project Ideas, And Reports:

2024 Best Automobile Engineering Project Ideas And Reports

students automobile projects

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{Updated} 51+ Low Cost Mini Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students

90+ best diploma mechanical projects ideas 2024, 5 thoughts on “2024 best automobile engineering project topics, ideas, and reports”.

students automobile projects

I want thermoelectric power generation using waste-heat energy from internal combustion engines project

students automobile projects

i need an automotive project

students automobile projects

I need a project

students automobile projects

I need to make an automatic steering control how do I start

students automobile projects

– First, you need to decide what kind of vehicle you want to control and what sensors and actuators you will use – Second, you need to design a control algorithm that can take the input from the sensors and output the commands to the actuators – Third, you need to test and debug your code on a simulator or a real vehicle and make sure it works as expected – Finally, you need to document your code and explain how it works and why you chose that approach

Hands-on Activity Cars: Engineering for Efficiency

Grade Level: 4 (3-5)

(three 50-minute class periods)

Expendable Cost/Group: US $1.00

Group Size: 2

Activity Dependency: None

Subject Areas: Science and Technology

NGSS Performance Expectations:

NGSS Three Dimensional Triangle

Activities Associated with this Lesson Units serve as guides to a particular content or subject area. Nested under units are lessons (in purple) and hands-on activities (in blue). Note that not all lessons and activities will exist under a unit, and instead may exist as "standalone" curriculum.

Te newsletter, engineering connection, learning objectives, materials list, worksheets and attachments, more curriculum like this, pre-req knowledge, introduction/motivation, vocabulary/definitions, investigating questions, troubleshooting tips, user comments & tips.

Engineering… Turning your ideas into reality

The energy use and pollution associated with transportation is one of the largest issues facing society today. By building energy-efficient cars, engineers can lower the negative impacts that cars have on the environment and ultimately help improve our lives. The energy efficiency of a car is affected by a variety of factors, including size, aerodynamics, weight, and the rolling resistance of the wheels. Engineers must know all about these factors to design better cars.

After this activity, students should be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics that affect a car's energy efficiency.
  • Explain how rolling resistance affects a car's energy efficiency.
  • Describe how a car's shape and size are related to aerodynamics.
  • Explain the steps of the engineering design process .
  • Explain the difference between an independent and dependent variable.
  • Plot the results of a simple experiment on a graph.

Educational Standards Each TeachEngineering lesson or activity is correlated to one or more K-12 science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) educational standards. All 100,000+ K-12 STEM standards covered in TeachEngineering are collected, maintained and packaged by the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) , a project of D2L ( In the ASN, standards are hierarchically structured: first by source; e.g. , by state; within source by type; e.g. , science or mathematics; within type by subtype, then by grade, etc .

Ngss: next generation science standards - science, common core state standards - math.

View aligned curriculum

Do you agree with this alignment? Thanks for your feedback!

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association - Technology

State standards, colorado - math.

Each group needs:

  • 5 Popsicle® / hobby sticks
  • masking tape, ~24 inches
  • 4 Lifesavers® mint candies (Tip: Use the mint-flavored candies because they do not get as sticky as the fruit-flavored ones.)
  • 3 drinking straws (small enough diameter to fit inside the mint candy holes)
  • 3 index cards
  • Car Design Worksheet, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • play money (Monopoly® money works well)
  • rain gutter section(s), ~7 ft in length
  • duct tape (or other heavy duty tape)
  • cardboard ramp
  • electric fan
  • projector, for showing the attached PowerPoint presentations
  • stopwatch (if racing only one car at a time)

Some graphing skills.

How far can a car travel on one gallon of gas? (Answer: It depends on the car, but usually between 6 and 70 miles.) Do you think all cars are the same? (Answer: No) How about a semi-truck? (Answer: Definitely not.) What makes the difference in a vehicle's energy efficiency? A car's energy efficiency depends on many things, including its weight, its rolling resistance, and its aerodynamics. A car that is energy efficient can travel farther on the same amount of gas, which saves the driver money. Creating more energy-efficient cars also decreases air pollution and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions due to automobile emissions. Also, gasoline is made from oil, a fossil fuel. Oil is a non-renewable energy source, which means that when it is used up, no more is available. For these reasons, engineers are continually figuring out ways to make cars more energy efficient by decreasing their air resistance, rolling resistance, and weight.

The aerodynamics of a car is dependent on how much air the car has to move out of the way as it travels along a road. Engineers often design cars to resemble aerodynamic animals and shapes in nature. Can you think of any aerodynamic animals? (Possible answers: Fish, birds, sharks.) These animals move through the air (or water) easily and use little energy because they are sleek in their shapes, having no sharp corners or flat surfaces facing the wind. This causes the air to flow smoothly (efficiently) over them. A sleek car moves more easily through the air than a semi-truck does, which means the car is more energy efficient.

The amount of energy a car uses can also be affected by the resistance of a car's tires on the road surface. You need to be able to find the balance between the amount of resistance, or friction, needed to keep the vehicle on the road and the ability to move efficiently without it flying off the road or being "stuck" to the road. Engineers design tires that increase a car's energy efficiency by rolling smoothly while making sure they are "sticky" enough to stay safely on the road, especially through corners and on wet surfaces. A great example of this would be a NASCAR race. Have any of you watched racing on television? The tires they use are expertly engineered so that the cars can reach high speeds while staying on the track during the tight corners.

Finally, a car's weight affects its energy efficiency. Is it harder to push a loaded grocery cart or an empty one? (Answer: Loaded) How about if you had to push the grocery cart uphill? Would you rather do it empty or full? (Answer: Empty) A car's weight determines how much energy it takes to accelerate, or speed up, the car, and it also affects how much energy it takes to move the car up a hill. Heavier cars are less energy efficient than lighter ones. Engineers use newly created, innovative materials whenever possible to reduce the weight of cars, as well as find ways to build them smaller so fewer materials are needed, which in turn reduces the weight of the car.

All of these factors contribute to a car's energy efficiency, with some of them being more important at high speeds and others being more important at low speeds.

All of these factors are considered variables , or something that you can change in an experiment or test. Engineers perform experiments on the many different variables to design cars for different purposes. When engineers perform experiments, they test only one variable at a time, while making sure that all of the other potential variables are kept unchanged. A variable that is kept from changing during an experiment is called a control . At the end of this activity, we will conduct several experiments to see how changing the angle of the track affects the speed of a car. In this case, the angle of the track is called the independent variable because we intentionally change it to gauge its affect on our vehicles. The speed of the car is called the dependent variable because it will be affected by the changes we make to the angle of the track. Once we have chosen our variables, we need to be very careful to control all other factors so that we get really accurate results. Let's get started!

Photo shows students testing their model cars on two side-by-side tracks angled from a tabletop to the floor.

Before the Activity

  • Decide which of two ways to set up the activity: To run the activity as a series of two cars competing against each other (that is, two separate cars being raced at once), set up two rain gutter race tracks at approximately a 30-degree angle from the ground (see Figure 1). Tape the two gutters together to ensure the tracks are even. To run the activity with only one car racing at a time, use a single track and a stopwatch to record individual race times.
  • Gather materials and make copies of the Car Design Worksheet.
  • On Days 1 and 3, have the attached PowerPoint presentations ready to show.
  • Set up race brackets, depending on number of student groups.

With the Students

Day 1 (or first hour)

  • Show the Day 1 PowerPoint presentation, as part of the Introduction/Motivation.
  • Divide the class into groups of two or three students each.
  • Hand out the worksheets.
  • Give $700 of play money to each group.
  • Have students follow the steps in the worksheet (look at constraints, brainstorm ideas, draw a design, determine cost, re-design if over budget).
  • Once groups have completed detailed designs that are within budget, have them purchase materials. Encourage them to reserve some funds to make later modifications (improvements) to their original designs.
  • Have groups begin assembling their model cars.

Day 2 (or second hour)

  • Briefly remind students of the activity goals.
  • Have groups work on completing the assembly of their model cars.
  • Have students test cars and make changes to improve the designs.
  • Once all students have completed their model cars and made improvements, collect all of the cars at the front of the classroom.
  • Race cars against each other using double elimination to find the most energy efficient car (that is, cars are raced twice; after each race, the winner moves on to the next round; if a car is deemed the "slowest" car in more than two races, it is eliminated from the trials). If a single track is being used, record times and eliminated the slowest cars after two runs down the track. Have students record on their worksheets the fastest time for each car.
  • As a class, discuss why the winning car was the most energy efficient by examining its aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and size.
  • If time allows, place a ramp about 6 inches away from the bottom of the rain gutters, as shown in Figure 2. If available, place a fan flat on the ground blowing air upwards. Have students run their model cars down the gutters and jump them off the ramp. Mark where each car lands.
  • Discuss why specific cars jumped well and others did not.

Photo shows car being jumped off of a ramp and being blown by fan.

Day 3 (or third hour)

  • Using the Day 3 PowerPoint Presentation, introduce the topic of variables.
  • Select the fastest car from the previous day's races to use to collect data.
  • Race the cars at the track angles specified in the worksheet, and have students record the times.
  • Have students practice graphing by having volunteers graph each data point on a graph drawn (or projected) on the board.
  • Discuss the shape of the graph with the students.
  • Have students predict the speed of the car at an angle that is less than 10 degrees and at an angle greater than 60 degrees. Record predictions.
  • Test students' predictions by moving the track to the specified angle and timing the car.

Photo shows five cars made of Popsicle-sticks, masking tape, straws, and Lifesaver ® mint candies (wheels).

aerodynamics: The ability of an object to cut through air (or water) efficiently

control: A variable that you are careful to keep the same during an experiment.

dependent variable: A variable that changes in value when you change an independent variable. Usually this is the variable about which you collect data during an experiment.

energy efficiency: Being able to do more with less energy.

independent variable: A variable you intentionally change in an experiment. Usually, the intent of the experiment is to see how a change in this variable affects the dependent variable.

rolling resistance: The force of friction acting on a rolling object by the ground to slow it down.

variable: Something that can be changed in an experiment.

Pre-Activity Assessment

Class Discussion : As a class, discuss the definitions of energy efficiency and aerodynamics. Have groups come up with three different factors they think will affect the energy efficiency or aerodynamics of their model cars. Write these factors on the board for all students to refer to during the design phase.

Activity Embedded Assessment

Car Design Worksheet : Have students follow the steps on the worksheet. Check the groups at each step and make sure they have adequately completed the associated task. For instance, the final design should include several different viewpoints and be adequately labeled.

Post-Activity Assessment

Graphing Exercise : As a class, graph the results of the experiment together. Have volunteers graph individual points on the board while students complete the graphs on their worksheets. Discuss the shape of the graph and its meaning. See the sample worksheet for information on typical values.

Activity Extensions

Perform a second experiment, this time using the weight of the model cars as the variable. Record the speed of a car with different amounts of weight attached, and graph the data. Compare the data from the different experiments. Which variable had the greatest effect on the car's speed? How do the two graphs compare? Are they different or the same?

What characteristics do the fast cars have in common?

What is the most important characteristic that made the cars go fast?

What effect does changing the angle of the track have on the car speed?

Safety Issues

Watch that students use care when using scissors.

If students have trouble designing cars with rolling wheels, suggest that one way to do this is to use the the drinking straws as axles and the mint candies as wheels.

Make sure the fan is slightly elevated from the floor to create a good air flow.

students automobile projects

Students learn how the aerodynamics and rolling resistance of a car affect its energy efficiency through designing and constructing model cars out of simple materials. Students are encouraged to iterate on their models, designing and testing different cars to create the most efficient model vehicle....

preview of 'Creative Engineering Design: Efficient Car Design' Activity

Students take a closer look at cars and learn about some characteristics that affect their energy efficiency, including rolling resistance and the aerodynamics of shape and size. They come to see how vehicles are one example of a product in which engineers are making changes and improvements to gain...

preview of 'Form vs. Function' Lesson

High school students learn how engineers mathematically design roller coaster paths using the approach that a curved path can be approximated by a sequence of many short inclines. They apply basic calculus and the work-energy theorem for non-conservative forces to quantify the friction along a curve...

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The contents of this digital library curriculum were developed under a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education, and National Science Foundation GK-12 grant no 0338326. However, these contents do not necessarily represent the policies of the Department of Education or National Science Foundation, and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government.

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students automobile projects

Science Experiments That Teach Automotive Principles

plastic bottle balloon car science experiment learning education

Photo: The News Wheel

Hands-on experiments are fun, effective ways to teach STEM principles  — many of which apply to mechanical technology like automobiles. Here are some low-cost experiments you can do with your children or students to simulate propulsion, gravity, friction, and other scientific principles related to cars.

People Say a Car Is the Best Graduation Gift… Why Is That True?

Car-related science experiments you can do on a budget

Rough roads: Test the relationship between friction and speed by constructing a downhill ramp to roll model cars down. Buy a variety pack of sandpaper with different levels of grit and use a stopwatch to time how long it takes the cars to roll across each of the different surfaces (tested one at a time). Full directions are on All Science Fair Projects .

Balloon car: This explores wind-based propulsion and Newton’s Third Law of Motion (for every action, there’s an equal opposite reaction). You can build your own balloon-powered car in a variety of ways, from LEGO® bricks to cardboard boxes to pre-built kits. Adhere the neck of a balloon to the car, with the opening facing backward, and blow the balloon up. When you release it, the car will roll forward. Full directions are on Steve Spangler Science .

Rubber band car: Similar to the balloon car but relating to stored, potential energy through elasticity, you need to build a basic four-wheeled model to simulate car. You’ll use a combination of cardboard, CDs, skewers, paper clips and rubber bands to craft it. When you twist the rubber band and let it go, it will spin the axle and push the car forward. Full directions are on Scientific American .

Downhill races and ramps: There are a lot of simple experiments you can do to explore the physics of gravity using ramp angles. Time how fast a car rolls down a ramp based on its angle of descent, or see how far it jumps off the end of a ramp. You can measure these and calculate the data or just play around so younger kids can observe the difference themselves.

There are plenty of other creative ways to simulate the relationship between physics principles and automobiles, so search on teaching websites for more inspiration.

Seasonal Celebrations: Ideas for decorating your car for Trunk or Treat

The News Wheel logo

The News Wheel is a digital auto magazine providing readers with a fresh perspective on the latest car news. We’re located in the heart of America (Dayton, Ohio) and our goal is to deliver an entertaining and informative perspective on what’s trending in the automotive world. See more articles from The News Wheel.

Engineering Arena

Automobile Engineering Project Ideas for College Students

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Automobiles. In this post, we are going to discuss automobile engineering project ideas.

In engineering colleges, one must submit a project or thesis in order to get the degree during the final year of engineering. It is exasperating and laborious to choose the topic for the project.

Final year automobile engineering students should start looking for the project topics as early as possible. The final year automobile engineering projects should be futuristic and innovative and should give some groundbreaking results.

We can say automobile engineering is a subbranch of mechanical engineering dealing with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of automobiles.

Table of Contents

Latest Automobile Engineering Project Ideas 2022

Let us discuss some futuristic and ingenious project ideas for Automobile Engineering college students.

SI Engine Project Ideas

Project Title: Pollution control through SI Engine

Conduct a study to know pollution control techniques for SI engines. Conduct the study on any engine like a four-stroke single-cylinder SI engine using different parameters such as variable speed, variable compression ratio. Get the reading of emission of gases and suggest a pollution control method. One may suggest changes in the design of an engine.

Project Title: Design and Analysis of SI engine piston using CATIA-ANSYS

Piston temperature has a considerable influence on the efficiency, emission, and performance of the SI engine. Design a piston with the help of CATIA a cad modeling software and analyze it for the measurement of piston transient temperature at several points on the piston, from cold start to steady condition and compare them with the results of finite element analysis.

CI Engine Project Ideas

Project Title: Cottonseed oil as an alternative fuel for CI Engine

Conduct a study to use cottonseed oil as an alternative fuel for CI engines. One may mix it with other fuels and compare the result of the effects on the engine.

Project Title: Biogas purification for CI Engine

Project Title: Study on noise reduction from CI Engine

Design and fabrication Project Ideas for College Students

Project Title: Design and fabrication of automatic tire inflation system .

Driven by studies that show that a drop in tire pressure by just a few PSI can result in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance. Design an automatic tire inflation system that will monitor and maintain pressure in the tire of a vehicle.

Tyre inflation system

Project Title: Design and analysis of Automated truck cabin suspension system .

Design an automated truck cabin suspension system that can handle shocks and vibrations on terrain and irregular roads. The load coming from the floor and the chassis should be taken by the suspension system. Make a modal analysis to check hormonal frequencies, hormonal analysis to plot graphs between frequency and amplitude. Make a static analysis to study the deflection of leaf spring.

Project Title: Design and fabrication of dump truck tilting system .

Design and fabricate a simple dump truck tilting system with the help of a hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinders are used to lift the tiller and it should be enough to handle the load of the tiller. There is a scope of research to improve the efficiency of the system as it gets bulky due to the use of a hydraulic system .

  • Design and fabrication of valve lapping machine.
  • Portable water servicing the pump.
  • Electro-pneumatic clutch controlling system.
  • Gas injected spark ignition engine.
  • Designing of brake lock for the hydraulic brake system.
  • Solar electric vehicle.
  • Smart infrared proximity detector.
  • Intelligent overtaking mechanism.
  • A self-locking mechanism for reverse motion.
  • Digital rural bus stand.
  • Accident prevention mechanism in vehicles.
  • Optical valve timing encoder.
  • Design and fabrication of four seated cars.
  • Automated gear shifting mechanism.
  • Experimental setup to study Gyroscopic couple due to processional motion.
  • Brake performance electronic tester.
  • Hinged jack.
  • Automatic vehicle monitoring and control.
  • Design of an efficient Hovercraft.
  • Safety features in the automobile.
  • Solar water distiller for rural areas

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3 thoughts on “Automobile Engineering Project Ideas for College Students”

The automobile market is so competitive so if you want project ideas you can go to Google and then you have to search for them because we all know the biggest solution of our research is Google and you can also use many sites of automobiles you can get ideas from there as-well.

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I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

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students automobile projects

500 + Mechanical Engineering projects For College Students

Table of Contents

Latest Mechanical Engineering Major ,Minor ,Mini Projects 2018

Old view (500 + ) mechanical engineering projects ideas, topics ,list.

We provides latest 2010 – 2018 Mini and Main Mechanical Engineering Projects , Project Ideas, Project Topics for final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students with Abstract, and Reports on Pneumatic, Hydraulics and Fluid mechanics.

Opens in a new tab.

Industrial engineering and management Related Mechanical projects

New Updated Mechanical Engineering Project  titles ( June 2018) 

  • Design, Development and Testing of Axis Piston Pump
  • Design and Analysis of Automated Truck Cabin Suspension System
  • Design and Fabrication of frictionless energy generation using flywheel for electric vehicles
  • Design and Fabrication of Piston Operated Water Pump
  • Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine
  • Spiral binding punching machine – Diploma Mechanical Projects
  • Mechanical Project on Auto Turning Fuel Valve -Report Download
  • Design and analysis Of Crane Hook -Mechanical CAD/CAM Project
  • Paper bag making machine Latest 2019 Mechanical Project
  • Withworth Quick Return mechanism Operated Conveyor- Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Pepper thresher machine -Mechanical Project
  • Defence -military based Projects For Engineering Students
  • Advance Cam Operated Hammer -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Analysis of Two Wheel Drive Forklift for Industrial Warehouses
  • Design and Fabrication Of Beans Sheller Machine
  • Box Transfer Mechanism , Through kinematic Link -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication on Hydrogen engine (Water fuel) – Mechanical Project

Design and Fabrication Related Mechanical Engineering Projects:

  • Design and Fabrication Of Reaction Turbines-Mechanical Project
  • Modern Mirror Cutting Machine – Mechanical Project 2017
  • Design and Fabrication Of Multiple Wood Working Machine
  • Automatic Spiral Punching Machine -Mechanical Project
  • Design Of Automated Wall Plastering Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Magnet and Spring Suspension in Bicycle
  • Design and Fabrication Of Idler Gears- Mechanical Project
  • A utomatic sliding gate openers Using Rack and Pinion – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Safety lift Mechanism
  • Fabrication of vertical Bridge Lifting Mechanism
  • Design and Fabrication of Digital Hydraulic Jack
  • Design and Development Pneumatic Operated Washer Making Machine
  • Hand Operated Or Manually Operated Punching Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Stair Climbing Trolley – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Ragi Ball Machine
  • Design and Fabrication Of Motorized screw jack -Mechanical Project
  • Fixed axial Pneumatic Jack – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Typical Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of a Wear Testing Machine-Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Chain Tightener-Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Power Generating Manual Treadmill
  • Design And Fabrication Of Portable Concrete Mixture Machine
  • Fabrication Of automatic Hydraulic Bending and Bend Removing Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Square Hole Drilling Machine
  • Design and fabrication of a screw conveyor
  • Design and Manufacturing of Segway Report Download – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Hexagonal Cutting Lathe Machine
  • Sand Sieving machine | Sand Screening machine – Mechanical Project

Automobile related projects titles include projects related to new inventions in automobiles , car designing projects, Custom Bike Modifications , Automobile parts analysis and Manufacturing.

  • Design and Fabrication of a Universal Coupling (Hooke’s Joint ) Report Download
  • Design and Development of Radial air engine
  • Button Operated Electro-magnetic Gear Shifting System For Two Wheeler
  • Design and Fabrication of Shaft Drive for Bicycle | Mini Diploma project
  • 90 DEGREE TURNING STEERING MECHANISM Automobile Mechanical Project
  • Design and Analysis of Wheel Rim Using Finite Element Method
  • Magnetic Shock Absorber Mechanical Project
  • Automobile Surveillance -Mechanical Seminar , Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Magneto-Rheological Braking system
  • Design and Fabrication of Two Wheeler Hybrid Vehicle
  • Design and Fabrication Of Rotary Drum Filter Mechanical project
  • Simulation of Plume Spacecraft Interaction- Mechanical Project
  • How to Make Vending Machine – Automatic Vending machine Projects
  • Design and Fabrication of Active steering System
  • Fabrication of Hybrid (Petrol and Electric) Motorcycle Vehicle
  • Design and Fabrication of Foldable Bicycle – Mechanical Project
  • Design of Auto-Tilting Mechanism For Car – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis – Mechanical Project
  • Automatic Differential Unit Locking System – Mechanical Project
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering -Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication Of Turbocharger for two wheeler -Mechanical Project
  • 360 Degree Wheel Rotation Vehicle -Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication and Analysis Of A Continuously Variable Planetary Transmission System
  • Fabrication of Motorized Tri-Cylinder Air Compressor
  • Design and Fabrication of Aqua Silencer For IC engines
  • Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Implementation of Automatic Emergency Braking System
  • Design and Fabrication of Self Balancing Two Wheeler – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Automatic Main Stand for Two-Wheelers

Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Projects:

  • Manually Operated Biogas Filling Machine – Mechanical Engineering Project
  • Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Report Download
  • PICO HYDRO POWER GENERATION Renewable Mechanical Projects
  • Design and Fabrication of  Vegetable Cutter -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Agricultural Sprayer -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Pedigree Making Machine
  • Study and Fabrication of Solar Powered Multiple Crop Cutter

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Projects:

  • Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubrication System- Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Hydro-Pneumatic Clamping System
  • Automatic Pneumatic Glass hole Drilling Machine
  • Pneumatic Operated Double Hacksaw Mini Mechanical project
  • Single Cylinder Double acting Reciprocating pump-Mechanical project
  • Pneumatic Bearing Press -Mechanical Mini Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Conveyor System
  • Design and Fabrication Of Drum Truck Tilting System
  • Automation of Fixtures Using Hydraulic Power Pack for a Bogie Underframe
  • Fabrication Of Hydraulic Tailstock -Mechanical Project
  • Two Jaw parallel Pneumatic Gripper Mechanical Project
  • Pneumatic Dual Water pump using Pneumatic cylinders -Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication of hydraulic pipe clamp pressing machine
  • Automatic Pneumatic Sliding Door Using Sensors and Controllers
  • Design and Development of Integrated pneumatic Car Jack
  • Fabrication of High Torque Hydraulic Spanner – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Pneumafil Controller
  • Design and Fabrication Of Vertical Axis Wind mill | MECHANICAL PROJECT
  • Biogas Compression and Storage System for Cooking Applications in Rural Households
  • Design and Fabrication of Automatic Drainage Cleaning System using Solar Panel
  • Design and Fabrication Of Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle
  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Smart Security Gate -Mechanical Project
  • Power Generation by Gym pull up -Mechanical Project
  • Frictionless Wind Turbine Using Magnetic Levitation -Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication of Humidification Plant Using Single Blower
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification by Cycling Action
  • Power Saving System For Lathe Machine- Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication and Analysis of Vapour Compression System with Ellipse shaped Evaporator coil
  • Bedini wheel Using Electromagnetic Flux Generation
  • Design and Fabrication of Alternate Energy Storage Device using PCM
  • Review of Free Energy Generator using Flywheel
  • Performance Evolution of Domestic Refrigerator Using LPG Cylinder
  • Design and Fabrication of Parabolic Solar Collector – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Automated Guided Sweeping Vehicle (AGSV)
  • Design of Automated Coil Winding Machine
  • Automatically Timed Kinematic Transport System -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication of Automatic Weight Sorting Machine
  • Design and Fabrication of Staircase Climbing Robot -Mechanical Project
  • Wireless Controlled Pneumatically Operated Wall Climbing Robot
  • Design and Fabrication Automatic Pressure Control Valve
  • Design and Fabrication of Voice Activated Robotic Arm – Mechanical Project

Machine Tools/ Manufacturing Related Mechanical Projects

  • The Mechanism and Kinematics of a Pantograph Milling Machine
  • Design and fabrication of Table lifting mechanism for upright drilling machines
  • Involute Gear Profile Error Detector Mechanical project
  • Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine- Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication of Rotary Kaller- Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Concave Attachment For Shaper Machine
  • Design and Animation Of Scissor Lifitng Table Mechanical Project
  • Fabrication Of Home Flour Milling Machine – Mechanical Project
  • Design a drill jig for drilling on cylindrical surface -Mechanical Project
  • Design and Manufacturing of CNC Milling for Small scale Industries
  • Design and Fabrication of 360° Flexible Drilling Machine
  • Design and Development of Punching Die and Feeder Mechanism
  • Wood Engraving Using 3 Axis CNC Machine – Mechanical Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of CMM inspection Fixture – Mechanical project
  • Design and Analysis of Blanking and Piercing die punch
  • Design and Fabrication of Weeding Machine -Mechanical Agricultural Project
  • Design and Fabrication Of Mini Conveyor using Geneva Mechanism
  • Fabrication Of Miller Cutter with compressed air -Mechanical Project
  • Indexing Method Slotted Drilling Machine-Mechanical Project
  • Design of a Power Saving Industrial Conveyor System
  • Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Road Reflector Stud Installation Machine
  • Smart Operator Following Trolley For Material Handling Industries
  • Bevel gear operated Screw Jack for Lifting Operation
  • Quality management through six Sigma Approach – Mechanical Project
  • Manual Die Cutting Machine – Leather Cutting Machine | Mechanical Project
  • Need of Lapping Machine for Valve Component: A Case Study
  • Design and Fabrication of Mini Jet Engine-Mechanical Project
  • Heat Transfer Analysis of Engine Cylinder Fins Having Triangular Shape

This List will Update Regularly ..Keep Visiting If You Have Any Doubt Feel Free to Ask ! 

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Sachin Thorat

Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. Currently, he is working in the sheet metal industry as a designer. Additionally, he has interested in Product Design, Animation, and Project design. He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

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Refrigeration and air conditioning new projects

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DHS Informatics

IEEE 2021-2022 Automobiles Projects


For Outstation Students, we are having online project classes both technical and coding using net-meeting software

For details, call: 9886692401/9845166723.

DHS Informatics  providing  latest 2021-2022 IEEE projects  on Automobile for the final year engineering students. DHS Informatics trains all students to develop their project with good idea what they need to submit in college to get good marks. DHS Informatics offers placement training in Bangalore and the program name is  OJT  –  On Job Training , job seekers as well as final year college students can join in this placement training program and job opportunities in their dream IT companies. We are providing IEEE projects for B.E / B.TECH, M.TECH, MCA, BCA, DIPLOMA students from more than two decades.


DHS Informatics believes in students’ stratification, we first brief the students about the technologies and type of Automobile projects and other domain projects. After complete concept explanation of the IEEE Automobile projects, students are allowed to choose more than one IEEE Automobile projects for functionality details. Even students can pick one project topic from Automobile and another two from other domains like Automobile, image process, information forensic, big data, and Automobile, block chain etc. DHS Informatics is a pioneer institute in Bangalore / Bengaluru; we are supporting project works for other institute all over India. We are the leading final year project centre in Bangalore / Bengaluru and having office in five different main locations Jayanagar, Yelahanka, Vijayanagar, RT Nagar & Indiranagar.

We allow the ECE, CSE, ISE final year students to use the lab and assist them in project development work; even we encourage students to get their own idea to develop their final year projects for their college submission.

DHS Informatics first train students on project related topics then students are entering into practical sessions. We have well equipped lab set-up, experienced faculties those who are working in our client projects and friendly student coordinator to assist the students in their college project works.

We appreciated by students for our Latest IEEE projects & concepts on final year Automobile projects for ECE, CSE, and ISE departments.

Latest IEEE 2021-2022 projects on Automobile with real time concepts which are implemented using Java, MATLAB, and NS2 with innovative ideas. Final year students of computer Automobile, computer science, information science, electronics and communication can contact our corporate office located at Jayanagar, Bangalore for Automobile project details.

students automobile projects

Automobile – The term auto-means self, mobile- means transferable together – self transferable may be be passenger vehicle or goods transporter. Most definitions of the term specify that automobiles mean self-powered transporting machines, it may be passenger transporting, goods transporting or may be industrial purposes, typically have four wheels and be constructed principally for the transport of people and goods

Automobile Industry: An Overview- Scope and Growth

The Indian automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries under the ambit of Indian economy. According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM(2015), India is the seventh largest producer in the world with an average annual production of 17.5 million vehicles. The country is also the fourth largest automotive market by volume.

Automobile sector contributes seven per cent of the country’s GDP by volume. The industry is growing and evolving at a brisk pace. As per industry estimates, the sector is expected to sell 6 million plus vehicles by 2020. According to the latest reports by SIAM, April-March 2015, overall automobile exports grew by 14.89 percent over the same period last year. Thus, India is a potential emerging automobile market and jobs in the automobile industry are also increasing significantly.

The government is also coming up with automotive mission plan-2 which aims making India a global leader in two and four wheeler segment by 2020. Also the “Make in India” campaign brings a high level of confidence among the domestic as well as global investors in this vibrant sector also.

Thus, there is plethora of opportunities for the new generation of automobile engineers. The industry needs enthusiast engineers, who have fresh, distinct and innovative ideas for the production of more and more such sophisticated machines.

Fast facts about Indian Automobile Industry:

  • 7thlargest automobile producer in the world
  • Production of 17.5 million vehicles annually
  • 4th largest automotive market by volume
  • New automotive mission plan-2(2016-26)
  • ‘Make in India campaign’ – focusing on building India a ‘manufacturing hub’

What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Engineering is the sub branch of Mechanical Engineering, also known as automotive engineering or vehicle engineering. The automobile industry includes automobiles and auto components sectors.

The Automobile engineering course caters to the creation and maintenance of automobiles, right from designing the vehicles to manufacturing components, assembling them, testing them for safety, repairing and maintaining. It also enables the engineers to explore new areas, create new avenues in the fields of R&D and develop their talent in new technologies.

Types of Automobiles

  • Alternative fuel vehicle
  • Armored car
  • Battery vehicle (electric car)
  • Solar vehicle

DHS Mechanical_AutoMobile

  • school budget

University of Houston students face off against administrators over how to spend fees

Students want to reallocate funding for athletics to other student services, but university leaders rejected that recommendation.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A few weeks after the University of Houston's president rejected a recommendation on how to spend student fees, students on Wednesday tried to convince the university system's board of regents to allocate a portion of those funds to pay for student services instead of the university's athletics program.

Last fall, the university's Student Fee Advisory Committee, a state-mandated panel of students charged with recommending how student fees should be allocated each year, suggested the school reduce the approximately $8.3 million in student fees it sends to the athletic department by $1.5 million. They argued that the university's shift to the Big 12 Athletic Conference last year increased the department's revenue and the school should depend less on student fees.

"UH has finally received the invitation we have long deserved, and with it, a substantial increase in revenue has been experienced and is expected to continue," the committee's recommendation states. "In light of the revenue increases, the university's approach to the athletics subsidy, and past commitments athletics has made to wean off student service fees. The committee has elected to put athletics on a subsidy reduction plan in line with the university's."

About half of the student fees allocated toward athletics go toward repaying debt from the construction of a new football stadium and basketball arena, as approved by a 2012 student referendum. The other half goes toward the athletic department's operating budget.

According to the student fee committee, UH students who take six or more credit hours are paying $260 in student fees per semester this academic year. That funding is used to fund a variety of student services and departments on campus.

The committee recommends which departments receive funding from student fees after a semester-long review process.

Committee members said a portion of the student fee money that goes to athletics programs should now be used to fund student services on campus, particularly the campus child care center, the counseling center, and certain programs that help students dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Last year, two UH students died by suicide on campus within six weeks of each other.

"Athletics and athletics program on campus is a means to an end, not the end itself. The primary mission statement of the institution is to provide quality higher education," sophomore Yusuf Kadi, co-chair of the committee, told The Texas Tribune. "The way you do that is by having high-quality services because if students do not receive support in times of mental health troubles or other issues, that's more likely for them to drop out and not make it through the program."

The committee also recommended the school conduct an external review of how the athletics department uses student fees. Members felt the athletics department was not transparent with the committee about how it uses the money and could not adequately explain how it used it to benefit the student body.

Earlier this month, UH President Renu Khator rejected the student fee committee's recommendations, the first time she has done so in 16 years.

In two memos attached to her rejection letter, administrators argued that athletics funding from student fees has remained flat over the past 14 years, even as operating costs and university support for athletics have increased.

They also said that reducing the amount allocated toward athletics would put the university below the average amount of student fees provided to athletic departments at peer institutions within the Big 12 Athletic Conference. Administrators pointed to the University of Central Florida and the University of Cincinnati, which allocate about $23 million and $9 million, respectively, in student fees toward athletics.

"Nonetheless, I applaud your focus on Athletics and would like to work with you to find a way to help Athletics achieve the dual role of being nationally competitive and self-funded," Khator wrote in her letter to the committee.

The debate over how to allocate the funds comes as the University of Houston is trying to raise its national profile as an athletics powerhouse. Khator has also publicly set a goal to have UH ranked in the top 50 public universities in the country, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

According to a database from the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics and Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communication, nearly 40% of UH's athletic department is funded by the institution, with 11% coming from student fees. The athletics department is also funded via ticket sales, donor contributions, and television contracts.

Other public universities in the state do not depend as heavily on university funds to subsidize their athletics programs. At Texas Tech University, which is also in the Big 12 Conference, just 6% of athletics funding comes from the university, with more money coming from donors, TV contracts, and other funds distributed by the athletic conference.

Student fee committee members said they were shocked Khator rejected the recommendations.

They said their recommendations were meant to slowly reduce funding for the athletic department. The committee recommended reducing base funding by $1.5 million but providing one-time funding of $1 million for next year, so the school's athletics programs would only see a $500,00 reduction in fiscal year 2025. That one-time funding should eventually be reduced to zero, the committee said.

Student services "are needed, and they should be priority number one, and athletics should be placed lower on the scale," said Jesus Nieto, a graduate student who also serves on UH's student fee advisory committee. "Not everything is about rank. Not everything is about bringing the name of the school to a national level."

In an email, a university spokesperson said outside of student fees, the university this year reallocated $5 million from the athletic budget toward a first-year student experience pilot program partly focused on resiliency and mental health awareness. They also put funding toward enhanced safety and security measures at Agnes Arnold Hall, where the two students committed suicide last year.

On Wednesday, members of the Student Fees Advisory Committee and Khator will present their recommendations to the university system's regents, who will make a final decision.

Student groups are also holding a protest Wednesday in support of the committee's recommendations. Student government leaders have expressed support for reducing the amount toward athletics.

The debate over the use of student fees also comes as Khator is warning the university community to prepare for a tight budget next year due to flat enrollment this year. The Houston Chronicle reported last week that the university will not provide merit increases to faculty and will impose a 2% base budget reduction on departments in order to fund an earlier attempt to increase base salaries.

Texas public universities are not allowed to increase tuition for the next two academic years, an agreement that university system leaders made with state lawmakers in exchange for additional funding in the last legislative session.

The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans - and engages with them - about public policy, politics, government, and statewide issues.

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Thursday will feel very warm until Pacific cool front arrives

1 person dead at Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

HPD asks suspect to come forward after shooting injures 2 teens

Family friend charged with capital murder in Audrii Cunningham's death

Lufkin city council approves affordable housing project

Lufkin City Hall

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Lufkin City Council approved a plan at their meeting Tuesday to support the development of an affordable multi-family dwelling project to be called the Reserve at Woodland Heights on South John Redditt Drive in Lufkin.

The $25 million project will have 72 units for families with low-to-moderate incomes.

The developers intend to get 2024 competitive nine percent housing tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for the project’s development.

To get housing tax credits, the city council granted a $250 reduction in fees.

Copyright 2024 KTRE. All rights reserved.

Trenton Lee Staneart has not been seen since Jan. 20 in Palestine.

Missing man found dead in Palestine

Kale Robinson

Winnsboro High School student dies after fishing tournament weigh-in

Preliminary cause of death released for missing man found dead in palestine.

Gabby Barrett

Rising country singer name-drops East Texas city in latest song

Krystle Medeiros

Tyler woman arrested after daughter dies in car crash

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Memorial created in Livingston to honor Audrii Cunningham’s life

Memorial created in Livingston to honor Audrii Cunningham’s life

Candlelight vigil held for 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham in Livingston

Candlelight vigil held for 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham in Livingston

UT Tyler medical students call on East Texas to practice and learn

UT Tyler medical students call on East Texans to play role of patients in program

East Texas police chief urges speed limit compliance at deadly intersection

East Texas police chief urges speed limit compliance at deadly intersection

Smith County Alzheimer’s Alliance holds clergy training day

Smith County Alzheimer’s Alliance holds clergy training day

White House is distributing $5.8 billion from the infrastructure law for water projects

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Michael Regan speaks as President Joe Biden...

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration announced Tuesday that states will share $5.8 billion in federal funds for  water infrastructure projects around the country,  paid for by one of its key legislative victories.

The new round of funding will help pay for projects nationwide, bringing the total awarded to states for water infrastructure improvements to $22 billion. The money comes from the  $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law  that  President Joe Biden  signed in 2021, according to the White House.

Vice President  Kamala Harris , who traveled to Pittsburgh to make the announcement, said everyone in the U.S. should be able to have clean water.

“I shouldn’t have to say that, but it does come down to that,” Harris said. “Every person should have a right and the ability to have access to clean water, and it should not matter where you live or how much money you earn or how much money you got in your back pocket,” she said.

Harris said more than $200 million of the new federal funding will go to Pennsylvania, one of several states that will help determine whether Biden is reelected in November. The money will go toward replacing lead pipes and aging water mains and storm drains, she said.

The infrastructure law includes over $50 billion to upgrade America’s water infrastructure and is touted by the Biden administration as the largest investment in clean water in U.S. history.

The White House said Tuesday’s announcement includes $3.2 billion for what’s known as the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund that can be used for upgrades to water treatment plants, water distribution and piping systems, and lead pipe replacement. It also includes $1 billion for seven major rural water projects and $1 billion in support for Great Lakes drinking water projects.

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Shelia Williams

Mississippi town clerk arrested for embezzling water funds

The crash happened around 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 21, near the U.S. 84 intersection with...

20 vehicles involved in massive line of crashes on US 84 in Jones Co.

Active search for 3 suspects near Forest Hill High School causes ‘temporary lockdown’

Active search for 3 suspects near Forest Hill High School

Mississippi police officer arrested for shoplifting

Mississippi police officer arrested for shoplifting while in uniform

Jamarcus Brown

Deputies shoot, kill man who fatally shot K9 officer

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Adrian Kirkland says within hours of picking up his newly purchased 2017 Corvette from...

Man’s newly purchased car towed after police say it’s stolen

Carvana said in a statement the man is a victim of a "sophisticated fraud." (WJCL, WLKY,...

Man says Carvana sold him a stolen car: 'I thought I was being pranked'

An AMBER Alert was issued Tuesday afternoon, calling the case an abduction. (WBAY, TWO RIVERS...

Search for missing 3-year-old boy from Wisconsin continues

Ksenia Khavana, a 33-year-old with dual U.S.-Russian citizenship, has been arrested in Russia...

Dual U.S.-Russian citizen visiting family in Russia arrested on charges of treason

She was arrested on charges of treason. (CNN, ZVEZDANEWS, NICK STARICHENKO, SHUTTERSTOCK,...

US officials warn against travel to Russia after dual citizen arrested


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  1. 19 Best Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

    Here is a complete list of automobile project ideas for students in 2024: 1. Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit Design a retrofit kit to convert conventional vehicles into electric ones. Include components like motors, controllers, and batteries, ensuring compatibility with various car models.

  2. Top 18 Projects Based on Automobile

    4. Solar Powered Go Kart Go Kart is basically an open wheel car having less ground clearance and low center of gravity as compared to normal cars. generally, these cars are used for racing and obstacle racing. Both electric motor and engine can be used as power source. petrol and diesel (two strokes or four strokes) can be used as fuel.

  3. 11+ Innovative Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

    1. Technological Advancements Automobile project ideas serve as catalysts for innovation within the automotive sector. They push the boundaries of existing technologies, encouraging the development of new and advanced solutions.

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    List of Automobile project ideas for Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and diploma students. Top 20 Automobile Project Ideas Here is the list of Automobile Projects and Mini project topics and we keep updating the list, so keep visiting website for an updated list. 1. Interface design in an Automobile glass cockpit environment. 2.

  5. Rev Up STEM Learning with Car Science Projects

    By Amy Cowen on June 5, 2023 3:00 PM Use these free STEM lessons, experiments, and activities to teach science and engineering related to cars and to explore core science concepts with homemade cars. Rev Up STEM Learning — Car Science Experiments for Science Class and Science Fair

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    15 Fascinating Automobile Project Ideas to Explore Matlab Assignment Help · Follow 3 min read · Dec 1, 2023 The automotive industry is a hotbed of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries...

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    Your student could be a car designer, using a mixture of advanced math and engineering with art and creativity to create the next big thing! They could learn about selling cars and running a car dealership. They could become a software engineer and work on the underlying technology integrated with cars nowadays.

  8. Cars from the Future: Presenting Your Eco-Friendly Design Ideas

    They should include the eco-friendly features of their vehicle and any other cool design features they want to show off. Give the students 30 minutes to come up with ideas for their sales pitch and to work on their presentations or posters. Day 2: Give the students 10-20 minutes to finalize their presentations.

  9. Building the car of their dreams: Ninth Škoda Student Car project

    Mladá Boleslav, 28 February 2023 - The Škoda Academy's traditional Student Car project is back: This year marks the ninth time Škoda vocational students in Mladá Boleslav are designing and building their dream car. Since 2014, these spectacular one-off vehicles have demonstrated the high level of training at the Škoda Vocational School.

  10. Student Car Competitions: The Lifeblood of the Automotive Design

    100. 1. Innovation. Engineering information and connections for the global community of engineers. Find engineering games, videos, jobs, disciplines, calculators and articles….

  11. Build a Miniature Self-Driving Car

    Pin 4 to 5 V through a 10 Ω resistor and to Arduino analog input pin A1. Connect an LED with a 220 Ω current-limiting resistor between Arduino pin 8 and ground. Connect an LED with a 220 Ω current-limiting resistor between Arduino pin 6 and ground. Finally, connect the 4xAA battery pack to your circuit.

  12. Best 10 Automotive Embedded Projects for ECE Students

    January 9, 2024 author: Ramya Introduction: In the ever-evolving world of technology, the automotive industry has witnessed significant transformations through the integration of embedded systems. As Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) students, you have a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of automotive embedded projects.

  13. Popping the hood on electrical vehicles, these high school students

    California projects nearly 32,000 auto ... of the high-voltage cables from the high-voltage battery in front of the car to the drive motor at the rear of the car. Eighth-grade students outside ...


    Contact Data. Megan Mesack College for Creative Studies 3136647666 [email protected]. Contact. Through two semester-long projects in collaboration with Ford Motor Company ...

  15. 2024 Best Automobile Engineering Project Topics, Ideas, and Reports

    2024 Best Automobile Engineering Project Ideas And Reports 200+ Automobile Engineering Project Ideas, And Reports Remote Controlled Scrap Collecting Vehicle Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Chainless Bicycle Green Nanotechnology In Automobiles Automatic Built-In Hydraulic Jack System In Automobiles

  16. High School, Self-Driving Cars Projects, Lessons, Activities

    By using machine learning. In this project, you will train your own machine learning model for an autonomous vehicle, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) DeepRacer. You can run your car's machine learning model on a simulated racetrack (Figure 1), or you can purchase a 1/18 scale model vehicle that can race on a physical track (Figure 2). Figure 1.

  17. Cars: Engineering for Efficiency

    Students learn how the aerodynamics and rolling resistance of a car affect its energy efficiency through designing and constructing model cars out of simple materials. As the little cars are raced down a tilted track (powered by gravity) and propelled off a ramp, students come to understand the need to maximize the energy efficiency of their cars. The most energy-efficient cars roll down the ...

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    221K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 566 Share 34K views 2 years ago #nevonprojects #automobileengineering #automotivetech A compilation of top 14 Automobile Engineering Projects and Automotive...

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    Photo: The News Wheel. Hands-on experiments are fun, effective ways to teach STEM principles — many of which apply to mechanical technology like automobiles. Here are some low-cost experiments ...

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    Automobile Engineering Project Ideas for College Students by Editorial Staff Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Automobiles. In this post, we are going to discuss automobile engineering project ideas.

  21. Automobile Engineering Related Mechanical Engineering Projects

    We provides latest 2010 - 2018 Mini and Main Mechanical Engineering Projects , Project Ideas, Project Topics for final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students with Abstract, and Reports on automobile related mechanical Projects

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    Paper bag making machine Latest 2019 Mechanical Project. Withworth Quick Return mechanism Operated Conveyor- Mechanical Project. Design and Fabrication Of Pepper thresher machine -Mechanical Project. Defence -military based Projects For Engineering Students. Advance Cam Operated Hammer -Mechanical Project.

  23. Nine student projects that are represented by intricate 3D models

    Battle of the Tenses by Georgia Keeble. The adaptive reuse of a 15th-century flint church in Norwich was the focus of this project by interior design student Georgia Keeble. Within the ...

  24. IEEE 2021-2022 Automobiles Projects

    For details, Call: 9886692401/9845166723. DHS Informatics providing latest 2021-2022 IEEE projects on Automobile for the final year engineering students. DHS Informatics trains all students to develop their project with good idea what they need to submit in college to get good marks. DHS Informatics offers placement training in Bangalore and ...

  25. University of Houston student fees: Undergrads push UH to reallocate

    Students argued that UH's shift to the Big 12 Athletic Conference increased the department's revenue, and the school should depend less on student fees to repay debt from the construction of a new ...

  26. 19 Best Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

    Main Menu. Home; Blog Menu Toggle. Project Ideas; Project Topics; Web Stories; About Us; 19 Best Automobile Project Ideas For Engineering Students

  27. Lufkin city council approves affordable housing project

    The $25 million project will have 72 units for families with low-to-moderate incomes. The developers intend to get 2024 competitive nine percent housing tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for the project's development. To get housing tax credits, the city council granted a $250 reduction in fees.

  28. White House is distributing $5.8 billion from the infrastructure law

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration announced Tuesday that it is distributing another $5.8 billion for water infrastructure projects around the country, paid for by one of its key legislative victories. The new allocations will go to projects in all 50 states, bringing the total awarded to states for water infrastructure projects to ...