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    small business health insurance virginia

  3. Small Businesses’ Guide to 2020 Open Enrollment

    small business health insurance virginia

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    small business health insurance virginia

  5. How to Get Health Insurance in Virginia: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    small business health insurance virginia

  6. Health Insurance for Small Business Owners: What Are The Best Options

    small business health insurance virginia


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  1. Small Business Employers

    Enrolling in a SHOP plan is the only way a small business or nonprofit can claim the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. This tax credit can be worth up to 50% of the costs you pay for your employees' premiums. SHOP plans are options for small employers to provide health and/or dental insurance to their employees.

  2. Small Business Health Insurance in Virginia

    Anthem offers a variety of PPO, HMO, POS and high deductible health plans for groups with 2 to 50 employees. Find out how to get a quote, access online tools, and enjoy whole-person care and network advantage.

  3. SHOP Plans

    Discover SHOP Plans for Small Business Employers. Conveniently sort and view SHOP health insurance plans based on area offered, plan type, metal level, coverage, and estimated cost. See a list of companies and map of coverage or connect with an agent. Notation of a carrier's participation in an area does not indicate the carrier participates in ...

  4. Health insurance premiums in Virginia

    Lowest monthly SHOP health insurance premiums in Virginia. Below is a snapshot of the lowest SHOP premiums available in Virginia. Employers with between 1 and 50 full-time equivalent employees can offer insurance through SHOP. Premiums shown are total costs per employee per month. You can share the cost of these premiums with your employees, if ...

  5. Home Page

    Find health insurance options for individuals, families, and small businesses in Virginia. Get financial assistance, enrollment help, and plan recommendations from certified agents and assisters.

  6. Health insurance for small business

    UnitedHealthcare's employer-sponsored insurance plans serve groups that fall into three categories: Small Group plans refer to employers with up to 100 employees; Key Accounts is for employers with 101 to 5,000 employees; and National Accounts serves employers with more than 5,000 employees. Learn more about large business health insurance.

  7. SHOP health insurance overview

    Overview of SHOP: Health insurance for small businesses. The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is for small employers who want to provide health and/or dental insurance to their employees — affordably, flexibly, and conveniently. To purchase SHOP insurance, your business or non-profit organization generally must have 1 to 50 employees.

  8. Business Insurance in Virginia

    Virginia has nearly 745,900 small businesses currently, and its 1.5 million small business employees also need to be protected. Luckily, an independent insurance agent in Virginia can help you get equipped with the right business insurance policy.

  9. Virginia SCC

    SHOP Eligibility Form. To be eligible to purchase health insurance for employees through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) in Virginia, your small business must attest to meeting all the following criteria: Have a primary business address in Virginia. Have from 1 - 50 full-time equivalents (FTE employees).

  10. Small Business Health Options Program

    Small Business Health Options Program | Health insurance for your business and employees. Offering health benefits is a major decision for businesses. Use as a resource to learn more about health insurance products and services for your employees. SHOP coverage.

  11. Best Small Business Health Insurance Providers Of 2024

    Before covering insurance, Les was a news editor and reporter for Patch and Community Newspaper Company and also covered health care, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans for multiple ...

  12. Group Health Insurance in Virginia

    Anthem offers group health insurance solutions for small, large, and national employers in Virginia. Learn about their plans, benefits, network, and transparency tools.

  13. Small Business Health Insurance in Virginia

    Learn about the different types of health insurance plans and options for Virginia small businesses. Compare the costs, benefits, and eligibility of individual, group, COBRA, and HIPAA plans.

  14. Virginia Employer Health Insurance

    However, in order to be eligible for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, employers must contribute 50% or more of the cost of premiums for all full-time employees. Employer eligibility. Employers of any size with at least one other employer (other than their spouse). Generally, small employers with 1-50 employees are eligible for SHOP.

  15. SHOP Marketplace Healthcare for Small Businesses

    The SHOP Marketplace offers affordable and flexible health insurance options to small businesses. Find the best fit for your employees and business today. ... New Hampshire, New York (17 southeastern counties), Ohio, Virginia (excluding the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.), and Wisconsin. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross ...

  16. Virginia SCC

    The Virginia Health Benefit Exchange, a division of the SCC, operates Virginia's Insurance Marketplace with the goal to improve health coverage accessibility and affordability for Virginians. ... Health insurance coverage for small business is also available. Follow the links to see plans offering health and dental coverage for 2024. The ...

  17. PDF Health Insurance For Your Small Business

    Need help? The Marketplace has you covered. Speak to one of our representatives in person locally or by phone at 888-687-1501. For more information on Virginia's Insurance Marketplace, visit.

  18. Virginia Small Business Health Insurance

    No. Businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees are not required to offer insurance. The government definition of a full-time employee is a person who works 30 or more hours a week. However, all your employees must have health insurance in 2015 or pay a maximum fine of $900 (depending on income).

  19. Virginia Small Business Health Insurance Plans

    Sana offers high-quality, low-cost health plans for businesses with five or more employees in Virginia. Compare plans, see provider networks, get quotes and manage benefits online with Sana.

  20. Types of small business insurance

    Start by looking at your state's small business insurance requirements based on state regulations, the particular project you're working on, your business type and the number of employees ...

  21. Register a Business in Virginia

    Generally, if you have business activity in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you need to register your business with Virginia Tax.. New Businesses. Before registering with us, most new businesses will need to get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, and some will need to register with the State Corporation Commission.. If you plan to hire employees, you can register with ...

  22. Smallest businesses feel crush of health care costs

    For businesses with revenues of at least $2.4 million, that figure was 7%. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that health insurance on average was 5.8% of compensation costs for small businesses, which it defines as firms with up to 49 employees.

  23. Virginia SCC

    Health insurance coverage for small business is also available. Follow the links to see plans offering health and dental coverage for 2024. Open enrollment begins November 1, 2024 but if you are experiencing a qualifying life event, you may be eligible to enroll in a health plan under a Special Enrollment Period.


    Enjoy free public access to millions of informational documents filed by publicly traded companies and others in the SEC's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system.

  25. PDF 2024 Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Plans on Virginia's

    Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) 8 CareFirst BlueChoice, Inc. Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. Company Name OFF SHOP 1 Aetna Health Inc Aetna Life Insurance Company Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. HealthKeepers, Inc. Innovation Health Insurance Company

  26. 4 Best Instant Life Insurance Companies Of 2024

    Amy Danise is the managing editor for the insurance section at Forbes Advisor, which encompasses auto, home, renters, life, pet, travel, health and small business insurance. She is a highly ...

  27. Best small business insurance companies for July 2024

    The cost of small business insurance varies based on the insurer, the business size and industry, number of employees and other factors. A recent study by Insureon, an online insurance agent, found that its customers pay an average of $684 per year for BOP, $1,764 for commercial auto and $540 for workers' compensation coverage.

  28. SHOP Coverage for Employers

    Offer SHOP insurance to your employees. If you are a small employer (generally one with 1-50 employees), you may be able to offer them Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) coverage. Select your state to learn more. Sell health insurance to small businesses. Info for Agents & Brokers.

  29. Struggling to offer health coverage as a small business? These programs

    Enlisting the help of these advisors can make a big difference for small business owners when selecting the best health insurance solutions. 64% of employers reported using an agent or broker to ...

  30. Community Partners

    Hello, Community Partners!Thank you for visiting the community partner resources page for Virginia's Insurance Marketplace.Here, you will find materials and resources to help you reach Virginians and assist them with up-to-date information about quality, affordable health insurance.