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That’s the reason many students participate in their schools’ Student Council and Leadership programs. They want to have fun. Has that been true for you? Because it’s certainly been true for me.

Of course, planning dances, deciding  spirit dress up days , and running pep assemblies are fun, as well as necessary, responsibilities of a high school or middle school student government program, but what if your student leaders also worked to make your school more inclusive and serve other students and the community?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with fun, but I learned quickly in my first year as a student council advisor that fun was the  only  expectation several of my students had. And their definition was tightly narrowed to only things like dances, pep assemblies, and lunchtime class competitions. It got frustrating at times trying to constantly nudge students to consider a bigger mission than just fun.

Over time, I was able to develop a program with  service leadership  at its core. Simply speaking, service leadership is a mindset shift that frames everything we do under the mission of serving others. And one of the most effective ways I found to nurture this new thinking was to schedule two Kindness Projects in our calendar, one in the fall as part of our  Intro to Leadership Unit  and one again in the spring. 

Students lead the entire project, from brainstorming, to execution, to reflection. There are only two rules: it must spread positivity and it must be inclusive.

If you want to try your own Kindness Project, everything you need is included in a  FREE Service Leadership PBL Kit . This kit not only has a few foundational activities to lead students through, but it also has all the planning sheets they need to carry out a successful project!

And while it’s always best to have students generate their own original ideas for a Kindness Project that fills a specific need at your school, here are 13 awesome ideas that are doable, impactful, and still really fun! Feel free to borrow or just use them as a brainstorm starting point. 

1. “Take What You Need” Bulletin Board 

This is a popular one, but when done correctly, it never gets old. Have students brainstorm possible emotional supports their classmates may need (ex. courage, commitment, self-love), then search for a dozen or more quotes that can be meaningful mantras and reminders for that need. Grab a pack of assorted-color sticky notes and write all the quotes related to a certain need on the same colored stickies. 

Post them on a centralized bulletin board so anyone walking by can easily find a quote to fit what they need. The colors also let your student leaders more easily refill the bulletin board, especially if certain ones go faster than others. 

2. Thank You Note Station

In a high-traffic location at your school, set up a basket filled with blank cards and envelopes for students to write thank you notes to those who deserve appreciation. Have your student leaders get it started by writing a few samples to display next to it, as well as write and deliver some of their own cards to schoolmates. 

3. Staff & Community Holiday Cards 

In honor of whatever is the next upcoming holiday, have students send out handmade and handwritten cards to a specially chosen group of people (ex. support staff, teachers, parent volunteers, or community members). Send notes of gratitude at Thanksgiving to one group and then notes of appreciation at Valentine’s or Saint Patrick’s Day to another. 

  4. Kindness Hot Cocoa Cups

Pull out all your colored markers and get to doodling on white paper cups. Have students write or draw anything that sends a positive, uplifting, or goofy message. Then, serve hot cocoa in them. We love doing this one in January.

6. Stall Messages

This is perfect for sayings a little longer than a quick quote, but single quotes work great, too! Have students design signs that have powerful messages of encouragement and positivity and put them on the insides of bathroom stall doors, above sinks, or at drinking fountains. Similarly, students could post weekly or monthly calendars to encourage attendance and involvement to various school activities. 

   7. Kindness Rocks

This is another popular project seen already in many communities, but you can’t deny how exciting it is to find a painted rock. Have students find, clean, and paint small rocks with acrylic paint, then spray seal them. The best ones usually don’t have any specific kindness message at all, but rather have fun, bright images on them. Your students could either hide them around campus or throughout the community.

  8. Name Poem

This is a great surprise to do at an assembly. Get a list of your entire student body and write a silly poem incorporating everyone’s name. If your school is large, then an option could be to do one grade at a different pep assembly throughout the year, or group duplicate names together in one mention. This kind of experience has every kid leaning in, waiting to hear their name, and it makes those with unique names be stars because they get their own individual mention. Just make sure whoever reads it pronounces the names correctly! This is great to do at the beginning of the year at your Welcome Back assembly.

  9. Staff Shout Out

This one is easy to incorporate in the morning announcements. Students write their own shout outs about a staff member or solicit nominations from other students in the school and read them out for the whole school to hear. Teacher Appreciation Week in May is a perfect time to do this one.

  10. Conference Coffee Bar

If your school holds parent-teacher conferences, the entire staff will be so appreciative of your student leaders for putting together some coffee and hot water with a few creamer and mix-in options. 

  11. On-Call Help

Create request tickets and hand them out to staff members. If anyone needs simple tasks completed that aren’t super urgent, like taking empty boxes out to the recycle bin, then they can turn in a ticket and within a day or so your students leaders can come by their classroom or office and complete the task. 

  12.  Morning High Fives

This one is just what it sounds like. Your student leaders station themselves at all the entrances to your school, and for the 10 minutes prior to the start of the school day they give out high fives and welcome everyone coming in. Mondays or Fridays are great days to do this one.

13. Kindness Bingo

Have your students create boards with all sorts of small, single acts of kindness (ex. giving a compliment) then challenge others in the school to participate. Since the end goal is spreading kindness, this shouldn’t become a competition with prizes, but rather a nudge or reminder to serve others, too!

If you are ready to teach service leadership and host your own Kindness Project, then click below to get your own copy of the FREE Starter Kit. It includes three lessons and everything you need to complete a school-wide Kindness Project!

Click below for your FREE download!

Kindness project planning sheets

Image credits: Simon Ray

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20 Creative Kindness Activities for Your Classroom

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Teaching kindness and promoting positivity in the classroom can have a lasting impact on students’ well-being and success. As a teacher, you can encourage and foster these qualities by incorporating creative and engaging kindness activities for elementary students into your classroom.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, these kindness activities will surely provide your students with a meaningful and memorable learning experience ! 💗

20 Creative Kindness Activities for Your Classroom

This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, which do not cost any extra for you. Please see the  full disclosure here .

How do you teach students kindness?

Kindness is a valuable quality to instill in students. However, it must be explored every day throughout the year, not just during kindness week.

Luckily, there are many things you can implement in your classroom that will help students develop an understanding of kindness, why being kind is so important, and how they can be kind.

How do you teach students kindness?

Teaching kindness to students involves several steps:

Lead by example.

First, you need to demonstrate kindness and empathy in your interactions with students and others. Then, you can encourage students to do the same. 🤝

Encourage Empathy

Help students understand and relate to others by encouraging them to see things from different perspectives. Another important skill to teach is to consider how their actions may affect others.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Acknowledge and reinforce acts of kindness and positive behavior in individual and group settings.

Discuss the Importance of Kindness

Have open and honest discussions with students about the importance of kindness, empathy, and positivity. Additionally, you can discuss how these qualities can help build stronger relationships and communities.

Celebrate Kindness

Celebrate acts of kindness and promote a culture of positivity in the classroom. 🙌

Incorporate Kindness Activities into Lessons

Encourage kindness and positivity through kindness activities for elementary students, such as compliment circles, random acts of kindness bingo, and thank you notes.

By using these strategies, you can help your students develop the skills and attitudes necessary to be kind and empathetic individuals. In addition, by instilling kindness values in your students, they will learn about the impact of kindness and how they can make a difference in the world. 🌎

What are some kindness activities for kids?

There are so many fantastic classroom activities that help to teach and promote kindness. These kindness activities for students can help instill the value of kindness in students and encourage them to spread positivity in their classroom and community.

20 creative kindness activities

Here are some simple and creative kindness activities for elementary students:

#1 Kindness Jar: Create a jar for students to write anonymous compliments and positive notes to each other. After that, you can encourage students to read the notes and share their reactions with the class.

#2 Acts of Kindness Challenge: Challenge students to perform a set number of acts of kindness each week and have them report back to the class. In addition, you could try recording these in a bar graph during your math lessons. 📊

#3 Kindness Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt for students to complete acts of kindness around the school or in their community, such as leaving a positive note for someone or helping a peer with a task.

#4 Gratitude Wall: Set up a wall or bulletin board for students to post kind acts they have witnessed. Similarly, they can post things they are grateful for. 📌

Kindness activities for a gratitude wall or bulletin board display!

This bulletin board kit has everything you need to set up a positive classroom environment!

#5 Compliment Circle: Have students sit in a circle and take turns complimenting one another.

#6 Kindness Tree: Create a tree using paper and have students write or draw acts of kindness they have performed or witnessed on leaves. Then, students can hang the leaves on the tree. 🌳

#7 Helping Hands: Have students make a chain of paper hands. Additionally, they can write ways they can help others by being kind on each link.

#8 Kindness Read-Alouds: Students love listening to or reading stories, especially where they can relate to the characters. Stories about kindness help students see kindness in action and the effects that being unkind can have on others.

Check out these incredible kindness read-alouds:

  • Most People by Michael Leannah
  • Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson
  • The Kindness Book by Todd Parr
  • The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig
  • The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
  • Kind by Alison Green
  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud
  • How Do You Make a Rainbow? By Caroline Crowe
  • I Walk with Vanessa by Kerascoët
  • A Small Kindness by Stacy McAnulty
  • Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts
  • Kindness Makes of Strong by Sophie
  • I’ll Walk with You by Carol Lynn Pearson
  • Last Stop of Market Street by Matt de la Peña
  • Taste Your Words by Bonnie Clark

You may also enjoy these books about The Golden Rule b ecause they will a lso help create a positive classroom environment.

#9 Kindness Cards: Have students create and decorate cards to give to teachers, classmates, or someone in the community so they can spread kindness.

#10 Thank You Notes: Have students write thank you notes to teachers, support staff, or community members such as bus drivers or crossing guards.

#11 Kindness Rocks: Paint rocks with positive messages! Then, hide them around the school or community for others to find.

#12 Pay it Forward: Encourage students to do something kind for someone. Then, have that person pay it forward by doing something kind for someone else.

#13 Random Acts of Kindness Bingo: Create a bingo card with acts of kindness and have students mark off the ones they complete.

#14 Kindness Songs: Students love singing! Sing songs that discuss emotions and being kind. I like “Count on Me” and always catch my students singing this song together in the playground or at lunch.

#15 Secret Friend : Assign students a secret friend to perform acts of kindness for and keep it a secret until the end of the day.

#16 Kindness Clothes Pins: As a class, brainstorm kind words you can say to others. Then, write these on clothes pins and spend the day sharing these kind words by attaching them to chairs, bags, or desks.

#17 Caught Being Kind: Send home small notes to parents when you have spotted their child being kind to someone.

#18 Kindness Calendar: Set up a calendar with a different act of kindness for each day. Start the day by going over the act of kindness and encourage students to use it throughout the day. 📅

#19 Create a Kindness Contract: Work with your students to write a kindness contract. Then, have them sign it to be accountable for their actions.

#20 Classroom Display: Set up a bulletin board in your classroom that promotes kindness. If students are constantly reminded to be kind, they will learn to instill this value.

Kindness Activities for Elementary Students - Bulletin Board Kit

Check out my Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Bulletin Board Set !

With Random Acts of Kindness week coming up, it is an excellent time to explore kindness in your classroom. However, we must always teach and encourage kindness in our classrooms and schools every day of the year.

Incorporating these kindness activities into your classroom can foster a culture of kindness and positivity. 💕

Hopefully, with these kindness activities for kids, you will feel equipped to promote kindness in your classroom today.

Tanya G Marshall The Butterfly Teacher Transforming learning for all students

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Thank you very much love the ideas . I will using the kindness jar with my students.

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19 Activities To Help Nurture Kindness in Your Students

Easy ways to bring kindness into your classroom.

Kindness activities for kids

We all can think back to elementary school and remember a time when a classmate or friend was unkind. Times like this often stick with us—and they can negatively impact young learners. Fostering and encouraging kindness at a young age is key to building compassionate, happy, and positive kids. Instilling these behaviors at a young age will also help build future generations that are respectful, embrace diversity, and stand up for justice. This list of kindness activities for kids provides easy ideas to help foster this important characteristic in your pre-K or elementary classroom. You’re sure to find an activity your students will love while having a positive impact on their actions.

1. Talk openly about feelings.

Little girl touching the smiley emoji icon on the touch screen

Developing emotional vocabulary is essential to young learners. Having this understanding will get kids on their way to expressing and feeling their emotions in a healthy way. Help kids understand different types of emotions by asking them to use facial expressions and body language that describe different feelings. Get the full activity on page 5 of Kindness for All.

2. Give examples of kind actions to take.

school kindness projects

As you work through the Kindness for All lessons , note some kind actions to take that can be on display as examples. What kind actions can you take in the classroom? At home? When interacting with pets? When interacting with wildlife and nature? Then, hang up the poster in your classroom. Download this FREE poster to fill out with your class!

3. Spread kindness using clothespins.

Brainstorm kind words and compliments as a class. Then, they can be written on clothespins and placed throughout the school, on backpacks, on teachers’ desks, and anywhere else to spread kind words. It’ll be such a sweet surprise!

Image source: @teachwinerepeat

4. Use scenarios to talk about feelings.

feelings scenarios kindness activities and lessons

Using example scenarios is a great way to invite students into the conversation. With “How Would You Feel?” scenario cards, students will better understand the emotions of others, encouraging them to interact with kindness. Get these scenario cards on page 12 of Kindness for All.

5. Send home “Caught Being Kind” notes.

Caught being kind notes

Promote kindness in the classroom by acknowledging when it happens! This note can be filled out quickly and has such a big impact on students. They’ll be proud to take the note home and encouraged to continue kind behavior.

Image source: @mrssmithenwithteaching

6. Teach the difference between helpful and unhelpful actions explicitly.

Kind vs unkind behavior anchor chart - kindness activities for kids

Read through scenarios to decide if the action that was chosen was a positive, kind choice. Then, map out the helpful vs. unhelpful actions on an anchor chart. Help define these behaviors and get sample scenarios of helpful and unhelpful actions on page 67 of Kindness for All.

Image source: The Happy Teacher

7. Employ tactics for keeping calm.

Calm tactics kindness activities

Sometimes the most unkind behaviors surface when kids struggle to stay calm. Bring in easy ways that students can respectfully and kindly manage their emotions. Get a full set of calmness choice cards for your students on page 13 of Kindness for All.

8. Recognize and respect our differences.

Group of multiethnic diverse hands

As students grow, recognizing and respecting the differences of others is a key to kindness. Talk about similarities and differences by asking students to look at one another’s hands. They may note different lines or shapes, different games or activities they like to play with their hands, or use this as an opportunity to talk about skin color. Get questions and activities to guide this conversation on page 16 of Kindness for All.

9. Make a kindness paper chain.

colorful kindness paper chain - kindness activities for kids

Hand out strips of paper to students where they can write down ideas on how to be kind to others, the environment, or animals. The class can share why they chose these ideas and then form them into a paper chain to display as a reminder. This is one of our favorite kindness activities for kids to use in the classroom! Get full instructions on this activity on page 71 of Kindness for All.

Image source: @MsVanessaDionne

10. Use the power of stories.

Group Of Elementary School Pupils Sitting On Floor Listening To Female Teacher Read Story

Sharing stories has such an impact on young students. Ask them to talk about a time they felt left out or when someone was being unkind, or use a read-aloud book. Then, discuss ways the situation could have gone differently using kind actions. Additionally, use the ready-to-go stories on page 20 of Kindness for All to learn about being kind and respectful to different individuals.

11. Take a kindness oath.

Kindness oath activity - kindness activities for kids

Students can independently create an oath for themselves by writing out things they will strive to do in order to be kind. The class can also create a kindness pledge, listing out items each student will do to have a kind classroom.

Image source: @racheldinunzio

12. Sing about different emotions.

Song about emotions kindness activity

Normalize feelings at home or in the classroom with songs! Songs that openly discuss different emotions show kids that everyone goes through waves of feelings. Take this opportunity to discuss ways that these feelings can be displayed while remaining kind. Get this song on page 11 of Kindness for All.

13. Think about what makes each of us unique.

different colored hands cut out with paper forming a heart shape

Having students recognize their own uniqueness will make them more understanding of others’ differences. Recognizing how they may be different will lead to treating others with kindness as they see each individual’s unique characteristics. Get a take-home worksheet where students can work with their loved ones to talk about their unique cultures and traditions on page 22 of Kindness for All.

14. Brainstorm ideas for being kind.

Throw kindness like confetti door decoration with ways to be kind - kindness activities for kids

Give students stories or scenarios and allow them to decide what type of action they should take to be kind to that person. Letting students give their own answers and make their own decisions in these scenarios is a great way to check for understanding. Then, make these ideas into a bulletin board for the classroom. Get “Kindness in Action” scenarios on page 81 of Kindness for All.

Image source: @learningwithcrayons

15. Understand positive behavior through the feelings of animals.

Family taking home a dog from the animal shelter giving new home

Help students understand prosocial behaviors—behaviors that are voluntary actions intended to help others. Using students’ connections to and passion for animals as an example, discuss safe ways to approach animals and positive behavior around them to promote kind actions. Guide this discussion using the lesson beginning on page 24 of Kindness for All , which includes animal photos and discussion questions.

16. Learn about needs.

Golden Retriever and British shorthair cats are eating

Grasping needs is important to being compassionate. Use the needs of animals as a simple way to talk about what is necessary to be happy, healthy, and safe. Students can use provided cards to compare the needs of animals and humans, recognizing that both need our compassion and care. Get the “Understanding Needs” matching cards on page 44 of Kindness for All.

17. Make a collage to represent helpful behavior.

Kindness tree display with leaves as kind activites - kindness activities for kids

Place pictures or papers with actions written on them around the room for students to collect and put into two piles—one representing kind and helpful actions and the other representing unkind actions. As a class, discuss why each was put into that pile and use the kind behaviors to make a classroom display. Download “Helpful” and “Not Helpful” photo cards to print on page 72 of Kindness for All.

Image source: Tales From a Very Busy Teacher

18. Learn to respect wildlife.

kindness activities for kids HEART wildlife cards

Help students show respect for the natural world while keeping in mind ways to be kind through actions that benefit the environment. Use the animal and environment images on the Respecting Wildlife Cards on page 59 of Kindness for All to start a discussion.

19. Create kindness challenges to work toward.

classroom kindness calendar - kindness activities for kids

As a class, decide on ways you can be kind to classmates, teachers, friends, and more as a daily or weekly challenge. By choosing one action to focus on, students can really notice the difference being kind to others can truly make. Read more on page 71 of Kindness for All.

Image source: @proudtobeprimary

Plus, check out Our Favorite Kindness Quotes for Kids .

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A Kindness Passion Project for Elementary School

This project integrates technology and SEL to show students that they can add kindness to their communities.

Watercolor illustration of small people surrounded by hearts

Can acts of kindness make a difference in the lives of others? As an instructional technology coach, I have worked with fourth-grade teachers for the past seven years to transform abstract themes of empathy and compassion into concrete learning experiences. Using resources from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and the ISTE Standards for Students , we collaboratively plan social and emotional learning (SEL) experiences in the classroom.

We begin with students customizing a Kindness Journal to record their observations and reflections. Students write weekly about the kind acts they see, receive, or do and share these observations with classmates during morning meetings.

Picture books help to build background knowledge about empathy and compassion. Those Shoes , by Maribeth Boelts, is an excellent story to help readers make connections between wants versus needs. This story, along with videos created by Kid President to promote “Socktober,” inspire our students to design and implement a schoolwide sock drive benefiting those who are homeless. 

As students plan their sock drive, which includes mapping a timeline for implementation, designing marketing materials, and quantifying donations, they strengthen their skills as empowered learners, one of the seven ISTE Standards for Students.

Making connections: This experience helps our students realize the positive impact of their kindness. As we continue our focused lessons, we introduce additional concepts:

  • Kindness cultivator—someone who helps to grow kindness in another person
  • Kindness boomerang—when you do something kind and receive kindness in return, either from that person or someone else
  • Ripple effect of kindness—the invisible connection of kindness that begins with one person and continues on through multiple people 

Students listened to the story Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed , by Emily Pearson, and made sketchnotes in their Kindness Journals as they identified these concepts in the book. They were excited to visualize themselves in the book’s scenarios, realizing that they, too, could put good in the world!


Following our book discussion, we reveal exciting news: Students will create their own Kindness Passion Projects. After designing and implementing a kindness experience, students share their experiences through a digital presentation, both in person at a Kindness Share Fair and virtually with the world through a Google Sites website. 

Students glue a project planning sheet into their Kindness Journals to guide their project creation and then brainstorm recipients and actions they could complete.

In our district, we submitted a Creative Instructional Grant proposal to the Hanover Education Foundation , a local organization that creates community and business partnerships, requesting $10 for each student to design and implement their projects. Kindness Passion Projects, however, can easily be completed without cost using resources found at school or home.

Project development: Students research businesses, organizations, and other digital sites to build background knowledge about project recipients and additional resources. One student took her passion for being outdoors and researched opportunities to clean up areas around local lakes and ponds. Another student connected with Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service to accept the 50 Yard Challenge, mowing lawns for neighbors at no cost. Other students learned they could write letters to residents at a local retirement community.

For our funded projects, we had students research the cost of the items they would need to construct fruit or treat baskets. Others made lists of the supplies they would need for activities like running a free car wash. 

This time of project development encourages students to become knowledge constructors, innovative designers, and computational thinkers, using the ISTE Standards for student-driven learning and success.

We encourage students to use their project planning page to record additional details about their projects, focused on these six key elements:

Students also take part in a Kindness Conference with their teacher to discuss their projects in depth. We send home communication to families about their child’s project, which includes asking parents for help with implementation, asking them to provide permission for students’ names and images to be shown in digital projects, and asking them to take pictures of the projects.

Presentation preparation: Students create a Google Slides presentation that includes one slide for each of the six key elements. Each week, we provide mini-lessons on digital customization, such as using a theme, selecting the appropriate font type and size, and importing royalty-free images from Pixabay or our Google Drive folder containing pictures of the projects. We also emphasize the rights and responsibilities that students have as they strengthen their digital citizenship skills, another ISTE Standard of focus for our projects. One student wrote, “You could feel the kindness trifecta rolling off of me. It was probably the best day of my life!”

Kindness Share Fair: To celebrate all the kind acts completed, we host a Kindness Share Fair in our cafeteria. Using Chromebooks to display their presentations, students practice their oral communication skills, sharing their projects with families, community members, and organization representatives. 

Guests are invited to add sticky notes to our “Call to Action” board, sharing how the students’ Kindness Passion Projects inspire them to put good into the world themselves. This is a great way for students to see the ripple effect of their kindness!

Global impact: We upload the student presentations to a Google Sites website that we share in the event program and on social media sites. This allows our students’ projects to be viewed by a global audience. Some projects have a far-reaching effect, like that of the student who wanted to teach her classmates the alphabet in sign language; it bloomed into a garden of kindness, resulting in a weekly video playlist teaching common sign language phrases to others.

To date, we have 239 Kindness Passion Projects on our website, inspiring the world—we’re planting seeds of empathy, compassion, and advocacy so that students can make a positive impact on others. Implementing Kindness Passion Projects is a great way to shine a light on the good that students create.

school kindness projects

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24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

Kindness is cool! And there are lots of easy ways to spread good vibes.

by Kerri Beauchesne

school kindness projects

If there was ever a time to be kind, it’s right now. As parent group leaders, we just love that we have the chance to influence our school culture for the better, making kindness, empathy, inclusion, and acceptance an everyday thing. Below, we’ve rounded up loads of feel-good ideas to inspire your whole school! Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 11-17, 2024 and World Kindness Day is November 13, 2024, but any day is a good day to practice kindness at school!

1. Throw kindness around like confetti—as in, all over the school campus.

You might want to bring that umbrella to Doughnuts With Dudes because we’re about to make it rain kindness! Encourage students and staff to leave anonymous “kindness cards” (sticky notes scribbled with messages of hope, peace, and all-around awesomeness) on cars in the parking lot, vending machines, lockers, desks, and elsewhere.

Sticky note kindness cards

2. Invite students to write notes to school staff at an appreciation station.

It doesn’t take much to lift someone up—a few kind words can change everything. Set up an appreciation station in the school cafeteria or lobby where students can drop by to write notes. Then, collect and distribute notes to staff members during Teacher Appreciation Week, National Custodian Day, Principal Appreciation Day, School Secretary Appreciation Day, and School Bus Driver Appreciation Day—and let’s not forget the lunch monitors, either.

Appreciation station

3. Teach kids to be kind to others—and themselves—both online and offline at a Family Tech Talk event.

Kids face a lot of pressure, from perfecting that filtered pic on Instagram to fighting hours-long Fortnite battles with buddies. It’s easy to feel excluded, addicted to the screen, not good enough, not thin enough—the list goes on. Our free Family Tech Talk program offers a chance for families at your school to learn from an Internet safety expert what kids are doing online, the importance of being kind to others and yourself (both IRL and virtually) and finding a healthy balance between time spent online and offline.

Family Tech Talk event

4. Create a Kindness Rocks garden (literally).

Invite students to decorate rocks with messages of kindness, empathy, and hope during recess. Collect and place them in a designated garden, or line the walkway of an outdoor learning space with the decorated rocks. A few tips from one of our rock star PTO leaders: Prep rocks in advance with Rust-Oleum American Accents 2x Ultra Cover spray paint, then decorate with oil-based paint pens (just make sure you open and activate them in advance). Finally, seal rocks with Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer.

Kindness Rocks garden

5. This tree of kindness display is kind of hard to miss—but that’s the point.

Given students hearts to write down acts of kindness they performed. Hold a kindness challenge and tally up how many kind acts your school community performs.

Tree of kindness display

6. Start an after-school Kindness Club where kids learn how to spread kindness and encourage others to do the same.

Students at Whipple Elementary in Canton, Ohio, get together regularly to make kindness a priority at their school, from signing kindness pledges to passing out kindness notes and lollipops at football games. Nonprofit organizations like the Kind Campaign offer free resources to help schools start a Kind Club in addition to providing in-school kindness assemblies.

Kindness club at school

7. Something good is in the air! Get things rolling with a Kindness Counts Night.

Getting kids involved in bettering the world around them helps develop both perspective and empathy—and the knowledge that we can all help change the world for the better. During a Kindness Counts Night, families can make cards for local nursing homes and hospitals, assemble blessing bags for homeless shelters, and donate items like winter coats for families in need. Show kids the power of kindness by inviting them to add a heart to stick to a wall of kindness.

Kindness Counts night

8. Trade your (sort of creepy) Elf of the Shelf for Kindness Elves.

Come December, that pesky Elf on the Shelf can be found wreaking harmless holiday havoc in classrooms everywhere (he’s even been blamed for that paper jam in the office). But some schools are trading it for Kindness Elves who bring notes asking children to do one kind thing each day. For instance: “Write cards to kids at St. Jude”; “bring in canned goods for the local food pantry”; “compliment the person sitting next to you”; “pick up trash around the school property.”

Kindness elves

9. Kick that school spiritwear up a notch with some school kindwear.

Great to don during antibullying month (October) and Random Acts of Kindness Week (February), “kindwear” is the fun way to show that your students are proud to be kind. Some of our favorite shirt sayings: Kind Is Cool, Choose Kind, Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti, and Kindness Is Contagious.

School spiritwear kindness slogans

10. Rally around kindness with a schoolwide lip dub.

Come together to celebrate the fabric of your school community with an all-school lip dub video. Show kids that individually we may be different, but we each play an important part and together we can accomplish anything. Hold a kindness rally at the end of the video to celebrate all the differences that make your school great!

11. Deck the halls (and stalls) with powerful messages of kindness and positivity.

Gather parent volunteers and teachers to paint inspirational quotations on walls in the school restrooms or lobby. For all you non-painters out there, you can use vinyl, too. You can also purchase ready-made vinyl decals on sites like Etsy .

Kindness and positivity message decals

12. Source volunteer talent (mad woodworking skills a plus) to make a buddy bench.

Great for the early elementary years, a buddy bench offers an easy way for kids looking for playmates to connect during recess.

Buddy bench

13. Dedicate some of that precious PTO bulletin board space to making a kindness bulletin board.

Or fill envelopes with different acts of kindness that students can draw from anytime.

Kindness bulletin board

Help parents learn the risks kids face online with our free Family Tech Talk webinar

14. make a poster with a message for students..

The simple message on this poster made by the Conneaut Lake (Penn.) Elementary PTO reminds students of their role in spreading kindness. Hang your poster at student eye level in a highly trafficked area of the school, like a hallway near the cafeteria or the wall near the exit to the playground.

Be the I in Kind poster

15. Hold a schoolwide Kindness Challenge Week.

Challenge students to perform different acts of kindness all week (these fun “kindness challenge” pencils make it hard to pick just one!). Give each day of the week a theme to encourage kids to think about how their actions and behavior affect those around them. We love this “What-if Week” idea shared in our Facebook group for leaders :

Monday: What if we practice positivity? (wear pink or purple) Tuesday: What if we serve others? (wear camouflage or superhero cape) Wednesday: What if we don’t judge others by how they look? (wear funky glasses) Thursday: What if we stand up for one another? (school spirit shirt & jeans) Friday: What if we have no excuses? (wear college gear)

Kindness week prompts

16. Hold a disabilities awareness fair to show students what it’s like to live with different disabilities.

With nearly 13 percent of children receiving special education services (as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics), there’s good reason to help foster a kinder, more understanding, and more inclusive school community. Disabilities Awareness Month (March) is a great opportunity to give students the chance to learn, hands-on, what it’s like to live with different challenges—from spectrum disorders like autism to vision, speech, and physical impairments. Set up tables, each manned by a parent volunteer or child (or both) who can talk about what it’s like living with that specific disability. From learning to read Braille to trying out a wheelchair to meeting a service dog, kids get to be curious in a respectful way while learning and asking questions. Connect with your school’s special ed department for resources.

Disabilities awareness fair

17. Provide a moderated activity during recess for kids who tend to fly solo.

Give students who might otherwise play alone the opportunity to engage with their classmates during a structured, feel-good activity. Offer a sensory path to encourage physical movement, games like giant Jenga, or an epic Lego wall to encourage kids to build together. Roll out an arts and crafts cart to allow quieter kids to create, draw, and color, or invite students to help the PTO with a “VIP task” like gluing googly eyes to cups for the upcoming monster-theme movie night. Motivate older students to help out with this effort by recruiting “kindness ninja” ambassadors.

18. Instead of pledging laps walked or minutes read, kids pledge acts of kindness during a good deeds-athon.

From cutting their hair for Locks of Love to sending a card to a sick neighbor, kids learn that being kind is actually pretty easy. (Psst: Your group can coordinate schoolwide kindness efforts, like a Kindness Challenge Week, to help facilitate!)

Acts of kindness pledge drive

19. Chalk the walk (and you might just be the reason someone smiles today).

Greet students and staff with sidewalk notes that remind them that anything is possible, kindness is cool, and more.

Sidewalk chalk kindness messages

20. Loop a kindness chain around the hallways as a reminder that no good deed goes unnoticed.

Start a schoolwide kindness paper chain and see how far it can reach throughout the school. To start, give paper strips to teachers. When a student or teacher is the recipient of a random act of kindness, have them write it on a strip of paper and add a link to their classroom chain. On the last day, staple classroom chains together and string throughout the hallways.

Acts of kindness paper chain

21. Start each day with good vibes by having kids read a kindness quote.

Have students from each grade take turns sharing the quote of the day during morning announcements.

Kindness quotes

22. Take an aerial photo of students in the shape of a heart.

Source a drone (just ask those techie 5th graders!) and have students assemble on the blacktop in heart formation. Print the photo on thank-you cards that you can hand out when you catch kids (and adults) being kind, or share on your group’s social media channels as your school’s emblem of kindness.

Heart-shape aerial group photo

23. Got kind kids? Let them show off all the good deeds they’ve done during a kindness share fair.

A kindness share fair is an opportunity for students to celebrate all the good deeds they’ve done throughout the year, from making board games and cards for senior center residents to baking cupcakes for the local police station.

Kindness share fair

24. Invite them to a kindness cafe.

As part of an extensive school kindness program implemented through the 365Z Foundation , organizers at Chaffee Elementary in Oxford, Mass., recognize students who’ve shown kind behavior in a variety of ways. At the kindness cafe, kids who’ve demonstrated kindness have their lunch with Captain Kindness (alter ego of school principal Robert Pelczarski); after lunch, they enjoy a surprise treat. “We set some expectations on what we hope to see in regards to kindness and behavior,” Pelczarski says. “We celebrate the heck out of kids when we see kind acts and deeds...then when we find some kids that deserve even more rewards (or need them) and we celebrate even further!”

Kindness cafe

Originally posted in 2018 and updated regularly. Elizabeth S. Leaver contributed to this article.

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school kindness projects

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Kindness Activities For Middle School: Charity Events, Art Projects, Discussions, And Resources

November 6, 2023 //  by  Eisha Mohsin

In a world that is becoming increasingly harsh and unkind, it’s becoming even more important to teach empathy to children by inculcating a culture of empathy in school. Here is a list of activities for students that can be easily built into the student schedule with ease and challenge them to be a better version of themselves every day.

1. Notes of Appreciation 


Give each of your students sticky notes and give them ample opportunity to write positive messages addressed to one of their teachers and classmates. Locate an empty wall in your classroom and allow students to neatly stick their messages of appreciation onto the wall. Read out all the sticky notes and watch their faces light up!

Learn more: Teach Starter

2. Classroom Pantry 

Increase your students’ capacity for empathy by asking them to bring pantry items in on a voluntary basis, and create a system where the less privileged students in class can feel free to take whatever they want from this community pantry.

Learn more: WCS Kids

3. Clothing Drive 


This is another easy opportunity to teach middle school students the idea of empathy. Tell them that not all children are fortunate enough to be able to afford decent clothes. Ask them to donate their gently worn clothes if possible. Once the whole class has brought something, collect and donate all articles of clothing to an orphanage or charity.

Learn more: The Early Childhood Academy

4. Kindness Door Art Competition 


Grab some pieces of paper and tell your students to draw door art keeping the theme of kindness in mind. This is a great opportunity for students to exercise their creative skills and compete with fellow students. The student with the best idea gets to execute it as door art!

5. Box of Compliments


This fun activity can continue for a few days on end. Decorate a shoebox and cut own a slit in the center of it. Give students slips of paper and ask them to write anonymous compliments about their classmates. Read out a few compliments at the end of class each day.

6. Kindness in Chalk


This is an excellent activity that will allow your students to be outdoors and put everyone in a positive mood. Give everyone a few pieces of chalk, take them outside the classroom and get them to draw on the school’s sidewalks. It can be something as simple as a smiley face, a rainbow, or just a few words of motivation or encouragement!

7. Mend the Heart


This is a powerful activity that will hopefully help turn your students into more empathetic people. Give each student a separate sheet of paper, and tell them to draw a heart on it, and cut it out. Ask them to crumple it, and once they do, ask them to restore it to its original position. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to do so – a perfect representation of the fact that broken hearts are not easy to fix.

8. Kindness Checklist 


This is yet another easy way to build empathy in children . Download a kindness checklist online, print it out, and distribute it amongst the students. Give them a month to work on it. The aim is to tick off as many acts of kindness as possible. At the end of the month, the kids with the most amount of tick marks can get a “Certificate of Kindness”.

Learn more: Ripple Kindness

9. Kindness Bookmarks 


Another simple but positive, mood-boosting activity that encourages not only kindness but also reading age-appropriate books. Print out and cut a few kindness-themed bookmarks. Ask students to decorate them and laminate them and use them to read and enhance their language arts skills as well!

10. A Patchwork Quilt of Kindness


Give each student a piece of patchwork. This can either be blank for the students to fill out or have uplifting notes or an appreciation message focused around kindness. Stitch all the patches together to form a quilt and donate it to someone in need!

11. Hug Coupons 

Kindness month is the per0fect time to print, cut, and distribute these hug coupons. The positive effects of a hug are well documented across a range of people, and this activity will enhance students’ compassionate listening skills since it will challenge them to keep their eyes and ears open for people who might need a hug!

12. Surprise Janitorial Staff

Start the year off on a positive note by acquiring a list of birthdays of all the janitorial staff members. This group of people is integral to the running of any school but is often ignored or made to feel invisible. On each birthday, bake a cake and get students to sing “Happy Birthday” as they cut their cake!

Learn more: Tip Hero

13. Buddy Bench


Here is another one of the easier acts of kindness. Talk to your school principal and see if you can paint a few benches around the school and rebrand them as “buddy benches”. Anybody who needs a friend can let his or her fellow students know simply by sitting on the bench!

Learn more: TMJ4

14. Group Discussion

During your classroom lessons, talk to children about what the definition of empathy is by giving everyday examples of depictions of empathy. Challenge students to lean in and ask their friends and family how they are doing on a regular basis.  Tell them that earnest listening and paying attention to other peoples’ body language can give them a clue about how they’re feeling.

Learn more: Free Spirit

15. Read a Book

This creative activity will enhance your students’ active listening skills by getting the entire classroom to participate in a read-aloud of a book that emphasizes the importance of kindness when it comes to building healthy relationships. You can get a teaching assistant to do this while you catch up on any pending lecture notes!

16. Notes in Library Books

This is the perfect activity to teach kindness to introverted middle schoolers. Give everyone plenty of paper to write down as many positive messages as possible. Dedicate a class period to take them to the library and give them a bit of time to slip their hand-written note(s) into random books.

Learn more: Day Zero Project

17. A Moment of Praise


This activity is best for a chatty class who needs their communication skills to be redirected in a more positive direction. Start the day by giving each of your students a compliment, and tell them to think of a compliment for the partner on their right.

Learn more: Social Emotional Workshop

18. Practice Accountability

Force students to have a sense of ownership about their negative actions by calling them out on them and asking them what they should have done differently in that situation. This will help build better relationship skills over time.

Learn more: Overcoming Obstacles

19. Digital Jigsaw

This is a popular activity that children can complete with their fellow students. Find a kindness-themed digital jigsaw and watch them come together to finish it! The digital jigsaw is best projected onto a large smart board at the front of the class so that students can work on it together as a group.

Learn more: Smithsonian Libraries and Archives

20. Kindness Word Search

Make your classroom lessons more engaging and less monotonous by including this fun crossword! Print out as many copies as you need and put a timer on the board and let the students race against each other to finish.

Learn more: Worksheet Place

Ripple Kindness Project

56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Project

A Colorful Tree With Paper Hands With Acts Of Kindness Printed On Them. This Is Called A Kindness Tree And You Can See 48 Examples Of How They'Re Used In Schools.

A kindness tree activity is a fun and effective whole school project to build community!

A kindness tree bulletin board is a bea utif ul and creative way to encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness within a classroom or school. As a whole school kindness challenge , it's a heartwarming way to foster caring and supportive relationships amongst students and teachers as EVERYONE gets involved in this kindness project (principal and parents too)! 

If you're looking for February bulletin board ideas, Random Acts of Kindness Day is a great celebration and I totally recommend a tree of kindness. Students just love to watch their tree come to life as good deeds are added. Positive feelings encourage everyone to think about their words and actions to improve behavior. It's such an effective way to reinforce positive   character traits   and reduce bullying . 

Be inspired by these amazing kindness trees from schools around the world!

There are a lot of wonderful kindness projects for elementary students, but a kindness tree bulletin board is a favorite. As you'll see by the wonderful kindness tree ideas below there are many variations, some big, some small, but each one beautiful and unique.

There are no rules when it comes to creating your display . Look at the kindness tree bulletin board ideas below and encourage student involvement to come up with your own unique kindness display. 

For the tree itself, you can use paper, fabric, paint, crepe paper or real tree branches. Kindness leaves upon which good deeds are written can be made from paper or card. As well as leaves, you can also make some hearts and even trace around hands.

Kindness Trees from the United States

Kindness Tree From Goodnoe Elementary

" Kindness trees have bloomed at Goodnoe! Each hand represents our commitment to spread kindness throughout the school!"

- Michael Catalano‏, Goodnoe Elementary , Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States

From The Ripple Kindness Project Article Inspiring Kindness Trees Building Character In Schools This Kindness Tree Is From Wilson Elementary

This amazing kindness tree can be found as you enter the doors at Wilson Elementary. The staff and children are all contributing to it as it winds its way through the entryway.

From The Ripple Kindness Project Article Inspiring Kindness Trees Building Character In Schools This Kindness Tree Is From Wilson Elementary

They even have a nook where kids can snap a photo and change the text on the board to suit themselves... "my big dream is", "when I grow up".

- Wilson Elementary , Spokane, Washington, United States

Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Kit - Just Print and Assemble!

Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Kit For Primary And Elementary School Hallways By Ripple Kindness Sel Activities

This lovely kindness tree display was made by a teacher using a kit he received from us. He printed many of the elements but opted for a 3D look as we suggest in our instructions and made his trunk from brown paper.

Students were delighted to come back to school and watch the tree come to life as they added their acts of kindness on heart shaped leaves. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation, Bill from Ohio! 

A Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Made From A Kit From Ripple Kindness Project

Another gorgeous kindness tree constructed by a school support specialist using  our printable resource . KaeLene printed and cut the elements and assembled them into this colorful display that is waiting for her K-5th grade students when they come back to school. "I used this as a bulletin board outside my classroom. We are talking about being a kind school this year. This board is so cute and so powerful. I am thinking of doing it next year also!" - KaeLene

Kindness Tree At Mountain Valley School

"At Mountain Valley School, creating a positive culture and climate is at the forefront of our work. This year, staff members have been focusing on self-care while building positive relationships with each other as well as every student at our school. The adults in the building set the culture of a school, and I couldn’t be more proud of Mountain Valley staff. They are kind, caring, and compassionate while holding each other accountable for doing what is best for kids." 

- Mountain Valley School District , Saguache, Colorado, United States

Jfk Elementary Kindness Tree

"The week of February 11th happened to be “Random Acts of Kindness Week” so I challenged the staff to a Kindness Challenge — I challenged them to complete some simple, kind acts that would make our students’ and colleagues’ days just a bit brighter! To go along with this kindness challenge , I was Inspired by Bethany Hill (see her tree below) and we added a school Kindness Tree to our main hallway and challenged our STUDENTS to brainstorm ways they can be kind friends & spread kindness ." 

- Melissa Kartsimas, JFK Elementary , Schiller Park, Illinois, United States

Central Elementary Kindness Tree

"We have a tree that changes seasonally. All kids contribute to it. This one was for kindness. Staff and kids brag on others for acts of kindness ." 

- Bethany Hill, Central Elementary , Cabot, Arkansas, United States

West Memorial Elementary Peabody

"Ms. Jaracz made a kindness tree and kindness leaves and surrounded it with our caught being kind certificates. Lots of great ideas for being kind at West." 

- West Memorial Elementary School , Peabody, MA, United States

Donges Bay Elementary Kindness Tree

"It might be fall outside, but the weather is perfect indoors for our kindness tree to sprout some new leaves." 

- Chris Gray, Principal,  Donges Bay Elementary School , Mequon, WI, United States

Kindness Quilt Bulletin Board Kit - Edit or Print! @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }

A Kindness Quilt With Paper Squares With Kindness Quotes For Elementary Students.

Barbara Gruener saw kindness is in full bloom when she visited  a National School of Character in Houston, Texas. Hearts are added to this beautiful display every time someone catches a kind act making their school a better place.

Kindness Crayons John Ward Elementary Houston

Barbara also spied this kindness crayons display and couldn't resist snapping a pic!

- John Ward Elementary , Houston, Texas, United States

Upper Thames Elementary

- Laura Terpstra, Upper Thames Elementary School , Mitchell, ON, United States

Kindness Tree At Gowanda Elementary

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week from Feb. 12-16, 2018 this massive tree bloomed from students sharing kindness throughout the school. “So many are stuck in their math and English scores, we aim to help students get high character,”

- Dr. Robert Anderson, Gowanda Elementary School , New York, United States

Kindness Tree At Chadds Ford Elementary School

Submitted by  Lisa Ray Barrickman

"My son’s basketball games are at a school that just completed a kindness challenge . It has been awesome to see their kindness tree grow each week with all the goodness the students have witnessed.

Kindness Chain At Chadds Ford Elementary School

And today this incredible paper chain was hanging in the lobby!! The kids wrote their acts of kindness on links during the initiative. So cool to see the beauty they created together." 

- Chadds Ford Elementary School , Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, United States

Kindness Bookmarks - Color & Outlines @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }

Kindness Bookmarks - Color And Outlined Coloring Bookmarks With Kindness Quotes For Elementary Students.

"In recognition of World Kindness Day, our Ravens proudly shared their acts of kindness by adding leaves to our Kindness Tree !"

- Rosendale Ravens Elementary School , Niskayuna, NY, United States  

Hopewell Hawks

- Hopewell Elementary School, Niskayuna, NY, United States  

Montour High School Ark Club

"Teaching kindness and empathy in our schools is essential... Now more than ever."

- Montour High School , McKees Rocks, PA, United States  

Birchwood Intermediate

"To celebrate #AmericanEducationWeek , students at Birchwood Intermediate listened to #TomorrowIllBeKind by   @jessicahische . After, students wrote down ways they can show generosity towards others!"

-  Meghan Kaminski , Birchwood Intermediate , Melville, NY, United States  

Kindness Tree At Mesabi East School

Barbara Hinsz shared that "staff and students "planted" a kindness tree where everyone is invited to share the good deeds they have done or the good things that others have done for them. Every day more hearts show up around the tree and everyday everyone gets to see how kindness makes a difference."

- Mesabi East School , Aurora, Minnesota, United States  

White Oaks Elementary Kindness Tree

"Students August and Jonas along with third-grade teacher Taylor Wherrel show how much the school’s kindness tree is growing."

- White Oaks Elementary School , Burke, Virginia, United States

Irving Elementary Bloomington Il

Kindness tree display submitted by Maureen. 

- Irving Elementary , Bloomington, Illinois, United States

Central Elementary School

"The students and staff have been challenged to show kindness in every way possible. Whether in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria or on the playground, kindness is always appreciated. Students are recognized for displaying acts of kindness and are given a leaf to add to their Kindness Tree ."

- Central Elementary School , Van Buren,  Arkansas, United States

The Ripple Kindness Project School Curriculum Book With A Kindness Card And Resources With Copy Explaining What It Is.

- Mount Holly Township Public Schools , Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States

Kindness Tree At Alta Vista Elementary School

A kindness tree in the cafeteria is part of the Kindness Starts with Me program. Students fill out smile cards, color-coded by class, to acknowledge each other for the kind things they've done which are then attached to the kindness tree.

- Alta Vista Elementary School , Sarasota, Florida, United States

Christ The King

A "crazy" Kindness Tree created by an art teacher. It even features bugs and Disney characters!

- Christ the King Catholic School , Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Friendship Quilt Bulletin Board Kit - Edit or Print! @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }

A Friendship Quilt Bulletin Board With Paper Squares With Kindness Quotes For Elementary Students.

Character development is an important part of the school climate. Students receive “kindness leaves” to place on their Kindness Tree for acts of service, compassion, and cooperation.

- Evergreen Country Day School , Evergreen, Colorado, United States

Wilshire Park Elementary School

"All the kids had the opportunity to fill in a paper heart of a way they are going to be kind this year, and we put them all on the kindness tree ! "

- Wilshire Park Elementary School , St. Anthony, MN, United States

Yonkers School

"YECA and CHA Pre-k, Kindergarten and 1st grade students reflected on steps and actions we can take to show kindness every day! "

- Yonkers Public Schools , Yonkers, NY, United States

Kindness Tree At Fisher Elementary.

When fifth-grade students said their schoolmates needed to practice more kindness, counselor Tausha Caldarella, created a kindness tree located in a prominent hallway wall.

The tree features leaves and apples of love and kindness, created by students and staff. The paper tree is a reminder of “loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness”. 

“The tree is positioned at the highest volume traffic area in our school so that as students walk into school and head to class or to specialists upstairs, they see all the kindness shared and can gain strength and encouragement from seeing all the words on those especially hard days,” Caldarella says. 

"Students received a lesson on respect and kindness before working on the tree to help them understand the importance of their words and actions and how they impact others. 

At Fisher, we want to build a community of learners that use their words to build others up and help others become the best version of themselves,” Caldarella says.

- Fisher Elementary , Lynden, Washington, United States

Kindness Tree At Friendswood Junior High

"This beautiful tree graces the 8th-grade hallway. Students sign and attach leaves that they’ve earned. Sometimes it’s for working hard to achieve a personal best, other times it’s for mastery of a difficult concept. It can even be for showing empathy, compassion, kindness and care. Regardless, each leaf represents individual parts of an incredible whole that’s still growing as we finish strong." - Barbara Gruener

- Friendswood Junior High , Friendswood, Texas, United States

Kindness Tree At South Ridge Elementary, Ridgefield, Usa

“The Kindness Tree is a way for students to learn what kindness is, what it can look like, and what it can do,” said teacher Jackie Bergeron. “It’s a tangible way for them to recognize kindness each and every day.”

- South Ridge Elementary , Ridgefield, United States

Greenbriers School Of Kindness Tree2

The main hallway is painted with a huge Tree of Kindness that is adorned with leaves given and received by students and staff.  Names are added to leaves, which are then placed on the trees to acknowledge those who have shown kindness towards others. Signs located throughout the school ask questions like: Did You Take Time to Be Kind Today? How Do You Take Time to Be Kind? and Taking Time to Be Kind Feels Good!

- Greenbrier Elementary School , Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Pasodale Tree Story

During Valentine’s week, students celebrated "Random Acts of Kindness Week. Each day students dressed up and participated in kindness activities. Messages on how to express kindness were read during the morning announcements, students filled out "compliment hearts" which were placed under the " Tree of Kindness " and students were encouraged to use kind words and make a new friend.

- Pasodale Elementary , El Paso, Texas, United States

Dobys Mill Elementary

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week, students were encouraged to "pay it forward" and document acts of kindness on a tree. “We try to get the children to understand that doing something kind for others, you don’t necessarily need a reward or expect an award back from it. When you do something nice, it’s like a trickle effect. When someone does something nice for you, they want to do something nice for someone else. I always tell them kindness is free, you don’t have to have money to give it to someone.”

- Christa Jeter, Doby's Mill Elementary , Lugoff, South Carolina, United States

Clark Fork School Missoula Montana

When students are caught in an act of kindness, they are presented with a Kindness Heart to pin on their Kindness Tree .

- Clark Fork School , Missoula, Montana, United States

Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

"I saw Isaac give his chair to Ariel in music. We did community of kindness leaves. These leaves we will put on are community of kindness tree . It will be fun. We write something nice about someone on a leaf. Everyone is nice in our class. Everyone is complimenting someone in our class." - Moe

- Martin J. Gottlieb Day School , Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Kindness Tree At Virtual School House

Fourth graders added a colorful rainbow and flowers around their kindness tree to enhance their hallway.

- Virtual School House ,  Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Kit - Ready-to-Use Printables! @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }

Kindness Tree At Upper Greenwood Lake Elementary

Students created a kindness tree in their gym. They feel it is an important part of their school because it reinforces their Code of Conduct by being kind.

- Upper Greenwood Lake School, West Milford, New Jersey, United States

Memorial Spaulding

This Kindness Tree is a staple fixture in the entryway at the school. Students can both give and receive kindness leaves that acknowledge a helpful or inclusive act. Leaves are then displayed on the tree. Fifth-grade student council members said the kindness tree had been ongoing part of their school community since they were in Kindergarten.

- Memorial Spaulding Elementary School , Newton Centre, Massachusetts, United States

Students Sitting In Front Of Their Kindness Tree At James H Vernon School.

"Vernon’s Kindness Tree is a new addition to a wall in the cafeteria. It was painted this winter by Ms. Crowley and Ms. Rogus to help spread kindness throughout the school community." 

“I’m bursting with pride over the kind hearts of the students and how they have taken the initiative to help others.”, said Ms. Rogus about her students. “I’m so happy that Vernon’s Kindness Tree is inspiring students to spread good in the world.”  

- James H. Vernon School , East Norwich, New York, United States

Wandering Educators Kindness Tree

"At our most recent  Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering  (UWG), we had a Kindness Tree. It was a joy to see this tree leaf out and  fill with love  throughout the week.

The tree was made from pipes and duct tape and clothespins.

Over 100 leaves of wisdom were written for our kindness tree ."

- Dr. Jessie Voigts,  Wandering Educators

Kindness Bookmarks Challenge @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }

A Kindness Challenge For Elementary Students With Kindness Bookmarks By Ripple Kindness Project.

"Here is our kindness tree that I put together at VanDerveer elementary school in Somerville, New Jersey.

Every student in the school was provided with a cut out heart, and they wrote their way that they could be kind on their heart. I got one of our education classrooms to cut out all of the hearts on the Ellison machine and cut out the letters for the wording and then put the tree together with the help of my OT students.

Now all students gather in the hallways to read ideas on how to be kind to each other." NOTE: I also want to give credit to my kindness tree to “The Teacher Next Door” and Peter Springer who originally shared it in the kindness 101 Facebook site. This tree turned out amazing and students gather in halls to read ways to be kind.

- Patti Clark, OTR - VanDerveer Elementary School , New Jersey

Kindness Trees from Australia

Kindness Tree At Hambledon State School

"This a photo of my 1B student's Kindness Tree. They receive a leaf after they have done something kind. We are enjoying learning about kindness this year and have been doing daily individual, weekly whole class and big end of term acts of kindness. Some of our end of term acts of kindness include Easter colouring books for the pediatric ward at the Cairns Base Hospital, gratitude cards for the ANZAC veterans attached to our local RSL and 'Worth it' boxes for all the teachers in our school (40 teachers).

We can't wait to see how big our tree will be at the end of the year!"

- Felice, Hambledon State School , Edmonton, Queensland, Australia

Kindness Tree At Loreto Normanhurst School

The kindness tree was placed in the school foyer during mental health week. Students were invited to extend a ‘helping hand’ to those in the school community who would appreciate a small act of kindness.

- Loreto Normanhurst , Normanhurst, New South Wales, Australia

Heidelberg Primary School Kindness Tree

"To coincide with World Kindness Day (November 13) HPS has an annual Wellbeing Week. During this week students are involved in a variety of activities which promote many areas of health and well-being, including Mental, Social, Physical and Emotional aspects of their well-being.

Some activities that students Prep – Grade 6 have participated in include; making a ‘Worry Box’ so that students can write their worries on pieces of paper and place them in the box for safe keeping (in essence ‘letting go’ of their worries and not having to carry them around) and the construction of a Kindness Tree . On World Kindness Day, every student in the school participated in the Kindness Leaf Activity. This required the students to write or draw what kindness meant to them on a paper leaf to be joined together to make a Kindness Tree."

- Heidelberg Primary School , Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

Fig Pocket State School Kindness Tree

The Kindness Tree reminds us to be kind to ourselves and to others.

- Fig Pocket State School , Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland, Australia

Kindness Trees from the United Kingdom

"Oak Lodge School students and staff are united against bullying. Our kindness tree was a great introduction to a week of focused workshops."

- Oak Lodge School , Balham, London, United Kingdom  

Kindness Trees from Canada

Kindness Tree At Gateway Public School

I am a K-3 Visual Arts teacher at an elementary school of almost 1000 students. As I was planning for the new school year and looking for collaborative projects, I came across your website and was inspired by the posts about Kindness Trees . During our first week of school, my students illustrated personal acts of kindness, which were added to our tree as a visual reminder of how we should treat each other in the year ahead.

Children's Picture Book, A World Of Kindness

Affiliate link with Amazon.

We also read the book ‘ A World of Kindness ’ which gives specific examples of how children can be kind in small ways every day.

Thanks again for the inspiration!

- Gateway Public School , Toronto, Canada

Carson Elementary Angelina Gauthier

This school year our staff and students were feeling a bit disengaged with the new Covid-19 Health and Safety regulations. We are a school that participates in many whole-school activities, family groupings, monthly assemblies, multi-grade events, buddy classes, and school jobs. These create a sense of strong community and have been put aside because we cannot meet as a large group.

Carson Elementary Hand1

When browsing the internet for bulletin board ideas, I came across the Kindness Tree . This idea is not my original idea, but as with all great ideas, they are worth copying and sharing!

Just prior to World Kindness Day, I created a Kindness tree in the front entrance of the school. On World Kindness Day, November 13th, students, and staff were encouraged to colour and write kind quotes, phrases, or words on a handprint and place them on the tree.

It is very heart-warming to see students stop and take a look at the handprints, point out their own, and acknowledge another handprint that they like.

Students walk past the tree daily, so this was a way for us to collaborate as a school on creating positive messages and continue to promote a culture of kindness.  

- Submitted by   Carson Elementary School - Quesnel, BC Canada

Kindness Tree Bulletin Board By Students At Our Lady Of The Evergreens School, Calgary.

This tree was inspired by the beautiful book Kindness Grows by Britta Teckentrup. 

It teaches us that when kindness is given, something beautiful begins to grow. We brainstormed ways that we can spread kindness to others and created this tree to share with the rest of our school.

Kindness Grows Book

Created by Ms. Sleilaty’s second grade class.

- Our Lady of the Evergreens School , Calgary, Canada

Each secondary student picked a name from their peers and wrote one nice thing about him or her on the pink and red hearts. Primary students did the same about their peers. The white hearts show a goal for each student, whether short or long term. Both secondary and primary students did this activity. The students were very interested to see what others wrote about them.

- Mecatina School, Quebec, Canada

Kindness Tree At Wj Watson School

Students performed 2052 acts of kindness in 21 days.

- W.J. Watson Public School , Keswick, Canada

Carleton Heights Public School

Staff and students give each other a 'character heart' for acts of kindness which are then attached to their kindness tree .

- Carleton Heights Public School , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thompson Elementary School Canada

This Kindness Tree in the front school foyer was created to showcase good deeds during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Some examples of the kindness shown throughout the week, and pretty regularly each school day include: • Helping a little guy with his broken zipper EACH day. • Sharing a cup-cookie (a hybrid between a cookie and a cupcake) just because. • The parent volunteer who used to be a champion table tennis player, and who now comes teach this game to some of our kids twice per week. • Holding hands with your friend outside, and attaching your pocket hooks together. • Sharing your snack with your friends. • Bringing in your buddy when she has a scraped knee. • Helping someone tie their shoe. • Bringing in some special heart shaped donuts from Tim Hortons for a deserving staff.

- Thompson Elementary School, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Kindness Trees from Thailand

Kindness Tree At Phuket Academy

Students value compassion and service. Their aim is to cultivate genuine happiness and commit to treating others and the planet with respect, kindness and consideration, helping even in the smallest of ways. The Kindness Tree in the school's entrance symbolises service, compassion and kindness. 

- Phuket International Academy , Phuket, Thailand

Kindness Trees from Ireland

Aughacasla National School Kindness Tree

‘Acts of Kindness make me grow.’

"Despite the very cold weather around at the moment our kindness tree is blooming. This is because our tree grows ever so slightly every time someone does something kind here in Aughacasla National School. It is great to see everyone getting on so well with each other. The way the children are in Aughacasla the tree will be in full blossom in no time."

Ardscoil Mhuire

"Visit the Kindness Tree, which has been updated with suggested coping skills to use during tough times! Thanks to our Mental Health Committee!"

- Ardscoil Mhuire , Limerick, Ireland

Kindness Tree At Scoil Mhuire, Carlanstowns, Ireland

"Schools were invited to participate in a lesson activity that the Department of Education developed in collaboration with the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. The children worked really hard to create their Value Statement."

Made For You Kindness Tree Template

Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Kit For Primary And Elementary School Hallways By Ripple Kindness Sel Activities

If you're looking for kindness project ideas, a kindness tree is a beautiful way to nurture a caring culture within your school. If you'd like a to make your own kindness tree bulletin board but are short on time, check out my DIY kindness tree kit to make it super easy.

If your school has a Kindness Tree, we'd be thrilled to add it to this post or perhaps include it in our school newsletter . Please submit your photo  HERE .

Last updated on January, 2023

Disclaimer: This post includes some affiliate links to resources I like.  

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AUTHOR: Lisa Currie -  Ripple Kindness Project Lisa is passionate about contributing to a happier world by building emotional intelligence in kids through fun and engaging social-emotional learning resources . Her core value is kindness as she believes it to be the “mother” of all character traits. She started Ripple Kindness Project to spread kindness in schools and communities. She is also the founder and director of an outreach program that supports disadvantaged families.   

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All images are looking very nice. Very well activity done by students. It is very inspiring example for us.

This sounds like an excellent way to change the whole ethos of a school. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and pictures on the website.

Don’t you just love how they brighten up the space as well. Such a positive thing for any school.

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Proud to be Primary

Be inspired, motivate kids, and make a positive impact in your classroom.

school kindness projects

1:33 pm By Proud to be Primary 4 Comments

Kindness Activities for Every Positive Classroom

 Try these six kindness activities for the classroom, including setting goals, random acts of kindness challenges, children’s book ideas, and lesson suggestions.

kindness activities - teaching kindness in the classroom

Kindness Activities to Build a Kind K-2 Classroom

Kindness matters, and it can turn a child’s whole day around. When you have compassionate children, the day is brighter and more productive. How can we, as teachers, improve our kids’ behavior and attitudes toward each other and create a pleasant learning environment through teaching kindness?

encourage random acts of kindness for kids in the classroom - whiteboard question

These six kindness activities for the classroom are easy to implement. I know you and your classroom students are going to love them.

Table of Contents

Why include kindness activities, 1. brainstorm kindness ideas as a class, 2. random acts of kindness, 3. acts of kindness challenge, 4. read books about kindness, 5. kindness lessons, 6. positive reinforcement with kindness notes & rewards, free random acts of kindness list of ideas, free kindness calendar poster kit, kindness lessons & activities, social emotional learning curriculum, more activities that promote kindness.

Kindness activities are as important as teaching Math, Reading, and other subjects. Kids learn from a multitude of methods on how to behave and how to retain book information. The most important way to teach anything in the classroom is almost always direct instruction.

Unfortunately, some students aren’t seeing kindness in their homes and haven’t been taught by example. So, anytime you can take a moment to teach children how to treat others with kindness, you should seize the opportunity. In doing so, you’ll see an improvement in the classroom climate, student behavior, and your morale.

6 Strategies for Teaching Kindness

Anytime introducing a new concept, try to provide a basic understanding of it at the beginning. Some children may not have experience giving or receiving acts of kindness, and you will want them to feel they can quickly meet expectations. They may need you to provide clear examples of kindness in the classroom. One way is to activate prior knowledge by brainstorming ideas as a class.

Whole Group Brainstorming: Ask an open-ended question such as “What was something kind you saw someone do lately – big or small?” and jot down the responses on the whiteboard or chart paper. Two categories: Big Things and Small Things, so that the children can see that it doesn’t always have to be something big, but that small things count just as much!

school kindness projects

Independent Acknowledgement: Pass a notecard out to each child and have them write down something nice done for them lately and how it made them feel. Collect them and read them aloud for everyone to hear and understand how kindness makes the heart happy.

Bucket filling is a system that encourages students to act independently to fill each other’s invisible buckets by doing kind acts.

bucket filler hat craft from the kindness k-2 unit by proud to be primary

One of the simplest things to encourage students to do is to find opportunities to show each other kindness in random, unexpected ways.

“Complimentary” Notes: Provide sticky notes in a noticeable spot in the classroom for students to take at any time (they’re “complimentary”!). Students can use them to write a compliment or SMILE-a-GRAM to another student and stick it anonymously on someone’s desk when they’re not looking.

smile-a-gram kindness notes by proud to be primary

Thank-you Notes: Have children think of people who have done something nice for them lately. Let them pick whom they want to say “Thank you.” It could be the lady who serves them lunch at the cafeteria, the bus driver who takes them to school daily, or the older sibling who helps them with their Math homework. Give them an opportunity in class, just a few minutes a week, to write a thank-you note for someone . Encourage students by reminding them that the person they thank will be delighted at the unexpected kindness shown.

Challenge students in the class to meet the goal of doing kind things for others regularly. A challenge can motivate and excite kids into completing a task and create a positive habit. In this case, the task would be to recognize when others do something nice for them unexpectedly or to surprise others with random acts of kindness.

Give them goals: You could give them a goal to meet, perhaps 5 acts per week, and a checklist or calendar to help them keep track. When they’ve completed the list or calendar of acts of kindness, they could add a star to a classroom chart or a shape cutout to a classroom bulletin board dedicated to the challenge. The things your kids do randomly for each other might be to sharpen a friend’s dull pencils, take a classmate’s trash for them at lunchtime, or send an anonymous note of encouragement to a peer who needs it.

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - kindness goals crown hat

The Compliment Experiment: Make a point of complimenting each child during the day without the other children noticing. Tell the students that you held an experiment all day and that you complimented each child during the day to see if their attitudes improved throughout the day. Tell them you noticed a change in the classroom atmosphere for the better and that showing kindness could do that. Encourage them to show kindness to others throughout the day themselves and see what a difference THEY can make.

kindness calendar challenge

Literature units are a fun way to introduce and expand on topics meaningfully. Use a favorite book to teach your students about kindness, such as these. Add them to your list of kindness activities!

The Kindness Quilt: One of my favorite books for K-2 that teaches kindness is The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. In this delightful book, the main character, Minna, is assigned to report on an act of kindness that she does. She can’t decide what to write on, so she makes a quilt with many kind acts represented, along with the help of her friends, classmates, and eventually the whole school.

kindness activities - the kindness quilt

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? : “This heartwarming book encourages positive behavior by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love by “filling buckets.”

kindness activities - have you filled a bucket today

Sharing examples and stories with kids is an excellent way to encourage kindness. Any of these titles would make beautiful additions to your classroom bookshelf!

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - kindness children's books

Check out my list of kindness picture books on Amazon .

Lessons about kindness don’t have to take long. A short mini-lesson or discussion during your SEL morning meeting may be all you need. Or, a classroom meeting may be the perfect time to address or introduce what kindness means. If you feel a longer lesson is necessary, here are some ideas to check out.

  • Inspirational Words: Write this quote from the Dalai Lama on a thinking map: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Ask students what the passage means, and jot down their interpretations and extensions of the meaning. Give students a writing assignment to describe how we can always be kind. Teach them kindness quotes and have them color them and display them in the classroom.

kindness coloring pages and quote posters by proud to be primary

  • Literature-based lessons: Use The Kindness Quilt to teach a lesson on working together to promote kindness, and create a classroom kindness quilt of your own . Or, use the book The Cool Bean to teach a lesson about how being cool means being kind .

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - the cool bean writing prompt activity

  • Kindness Role Playing: Children need to practice being kind, especially if these examples are not evident in their lives. Give them simple scenarios to act out or play a kindness game using Kindness Cards .

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - kindness role play task cards

  • Make it an occasion worth celebrating: Make a point yearly to celebrate “National Kindness Day” (February 17th). Here is a plan to encourage acts of kindness for kids.
  • For more information and resources, check out the educator resources page at randomactsofkindness.org. There are tons of resources there for each child in your room.

kindness activities - quote - be kind whenever possible

A well-timed word of praise or a cheerful award can be all it takes to reinforce good behavior. Here are several ideas to positively reward acts of kindness in your classroom.

  • Try some of these ideas when you catch your students showing kindness to their classmates. Praise and kindness go a long way, as do simple things like coupons, a marble jar, certificates, and brag tags. Read more about these creative and cost-effective rewards .

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - kindness award for kids

  • Give your students something they can give, too! These kindness cards are the perfect way for students to announce their pride in themselves for doing good, spread the word, and motivate others to do the same.

kindness activities - kindness note cards for kids

Kindness Resources for Teachers

Download a free copy of RAOK ideas to promote kindness in your classroom. Print and post your copy as a helpful visual for kids!

Click the image below to sign up for your free copy!

Click here to subscribe

This FREE Kindness Calendar Poster Kit encourages students to complete acts all month long .

This kit gives you over a month of ideas and all the materials to create a reusable calendar. Create a kindness challenge together!

Click the image below to get a free copy!

Click here to subscribe

Are you looking for detailed lesson plans with activities, worksheets, and discussion ideas to help teach elementary students kindness and compassion?

This Kindness SEL curriculum is teacher-tested. It includes five detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach children about kindness and have them complete a kindness challenge with random acts of kindness and ways to be bucket fillers.

Proud to be Primary has many resources to help teach kindergarten to fifth-grade kids and develop a culture of kindness in your classroom. With kindness units and book companions, you can find almost everything you need to ensure your classroom is full of kindness.

Kindness Lessons and Activities Unit for K-2 by Proud to be Primary

Through various thought-provoking lessons, discussions, community-building ideas, and engaging activities, children will learn…

  • What is Kindness? This lesson teaches kids to understand what kindness is and describes what it means to be a kind kid.
  • How to Be Kind to Others : This lesson teaches children to describe and demonstrate ways of being kind to others. They will make efforts to show kindness to others each day.
  • Generosity & Giving : This lesson teaches children to describe what generosity and giving mean and demonstrate ways of being generous.
  • To perform acts during a Kindness Challenge : This lesson teaches children to understand what random acts of kindness are and to perform as many acts as possible during a kindness challenge.
  • Bucket Filler System : This lesson teaches children to understand the bucket filling system and try to be a bucket filler, which helps fill other people’s buckets.

Create meaningful learning opportunities with these additional kindness resources!

  • Kindness & Bucket Filler Lessons & Social Skills Activities
  • Social-Emotional Kindness Book Companions
  • Kindness Classroom Challenge, Calendars, & Activities
  • Digital Kindness Unit for K-2
  • Kindness Unit for Grades 3-5

Teach children in K-2 essential life lessons when they need it the most with units and activities on emotions, self-regulation, growth mindset, empathy, social awareness, friendship, kindness, respect, and responsibility.  Click here to learn more!

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom - social-emotional learning k-2 curriculum unit by proud to be primary

Promoting kindness in the classroom is a win-win situation for you and your students, especially with these kindness activities. Everyone will enjoy giving and receiving acts of kindness, and as a teacher, you’ll smile at the uplifting attitudes of your students as they do.

11 World Kindness Day Activities to Elevate Kindness in the K-2 Classroom

world kindness day activities

encourage random acts of kindness for kids in the classroom

Acts of Kindness for Kids

teaching empathy

Teaching Empathy

PIN for Later

kindness activities for the k-2 classroom

FREE Social Emotional Learning Email Series

Sign up for the social emotional learning email course filled with tips to get you started, lesson and activity ideas, PLUS tons of FREE resources you can access right away. Everything you need to teach social skills and emotional literacy in the classroom!

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Be Kind: A Heartwarming Kindness Picture Book for Kids

Reader Interactions

' src=

Hi, I am interested in the December acts of kindness calendar. How can I get a copy?

' src=

Hi Peggy. There is a free kindness calendar you can sign up for on the right sidebar. If you wish to have them for the whole year, they are available in my resource called The Kindness Classroom. It’s available in my teachers pay teachers store!

' src=

Hi, I am looking for the head band that has the bucket on it. How do i find it? i would like to purchase it so that my students can do this for themselves? Thanks

Hi Nadeen! You can find the bucket filler hat and activities in our Kindness curriculum for K-2. You can find it here: https://shop.proudtobeprimary.com/products/kindness-bucket-filling-social-emotional-learning-character-education

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school kindness projects

School of Kindness

Lesson Plans and Activities

Our Lesson Plans and Activities teach children about the importance of kindness, the science of kindness and the impact it has on our physical and mental health. They are designed by teachers, for teachers, and support many of the aims and objectives of the new statutory PSHE curriculum for relationships and health education in primary schools. They are all downloadable free of charge.

52 Lives, PO Box 3154 Reading, RG1 9AT

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school kindness projects


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13 Interactive Projects to Inspire Kindness in the Classroom

In a world often marked by division and chaos, there's one powerful force that can bridge gaps and foster unity: kindness. We firmly believe in the transformative power of kindness in shaping lives and communities. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to the 2023 Kindness Project, a year-long initiative dedicated to spreading love, compassion and positivity in the classroom.

school kindness projects

Our commitment to kindness goes beyond mere words; it's about taking action and making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Each month, we embark on a new kindness project, focusing on various aspects of our community and beyond. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through the 2023 Kindness Project and the monthly initiatives designed to make our world (and classrooms) a better place.

A Bigger Mission: Promoting Kindness and Gratitude in the Community

While our primary goal is to provide children with a fun and educational experience, the 2023 Kindness Project holds a more extensive mission. We believe that by instilling these essential values in young minds, we can contribute to building a more positive and caring society.

January: Compliment Hearts

Compliment Hearts Paper Project for Kids

In the pursuit of creating a warm and inclusive classroom environment, teachers are continually seeking creative and meaningful activities. One such endeavor we'd like to introduce is the Compliment Hearts project. This heartwarming project aims to foster kindness, friendship and togetherness among students while encouraging self-expression and positivity.

At its core, the Compliment Hearts project is a simple yet powerful activity that invites students to share compliments with their peers using heart-shaped cutouts, effortlessly created with AccuCut's heart dies .

February: Over the Rainbow: Self-Love Project

Over the Rainbow Self Love Craft Project For Kids

Teaching students the fundamental values of self-love and kindness is a cherished goal for teachers, and the Over the Rainbow: Self-Love Project offers a creative and meaningful way to achieve it. Utilizing the MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and specially designed dies, students can effortlessly craft clouds, alphabet letters, circles, and rainbow strips. The magic unfolds as students jot down ways to practice self-love and assemble these elements into a beautiful, symbolic project. This activity not only unleashes their creativity but also empowers them with the invaluable lesson of self-compassion. Infuse your classroom with a little extra love and positivity through the Over the Rainbow: Self-Love Project – an enchanting way to nurture self-esteem and kindness in your students, one rainbow at a time.

March: Kind Actions Bulletin Board

Kind Actions Bulletin Board Classroom Activity

In the quest to cultivate kindness within your classroom, the Kind Actions Bulletin Board project encourages valuable discussions. Encourage your students to jot down their ideas for acts of kindness on various die shapes, fostering empathy and meaningful discussions. As their ideas adorn your classroom's bulletin board, it becomes a visual representation of your students' intentions, sparking conversations that deepen their understanding of kindness. This project offers an engaging and meaningful approach to instill the values of kindness and empathy in your students, inspiring thoughtfulness and compassion in your classroom.

April: Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes Classroom Project for Elementary Students

Bring gratitude to your classroom with our Thank You Notes project! With the MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and one of our many card dies , you can easily create beautiful cards for each student to draw a picture and write a heartfelt note. This project helps you to foster an environment of appreciation and kindness. Encourage your students to deliver these cards by hand, providing a personal touch that goes a long way in nurturing empathy and gratitude. By embracing this project, you'll not only make a special impact on your students but also help them develop essential life skills such as empathy, communication and creativity, which are invaluable for their personal and academic growth.

May: Speak Up Book & Community Helper

Speak Up Book Project for Elementary Students

In the month of May, we have not just one but two projects, each holding particular significance during the summer months. The Speak Up Book project empowers your students to find their voices and express themselves freely. By utilizing the MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and Book-Lacing die, you can effortlessly create custom book covers and pages for every student, providing a canvas for them to articulate their thoughts and emotions. This project encourages creativity and self-expression as each student binds their book with string, fostering a sense of independence and confidence.

Community Helper Project For Students

Our Community Helper project takes a different but equally vital approach. With the MARK 5 and Person-Folding die, you can easily create unique die-cut person shapes for each student to assemble, color and decorate. This project prompts them to reflect on ways they can contribute to their communities and note down their ideas on each folded line of the person. Both projects offer invaluable opportunities for learning, personal growth and community engagement, making them perfect additions to your summer curriculum.

June: Framing Our Memories

Framing Our Memories Project for Kids

Our Framing Our Memories project is a fantastic way to nurture creativity and expression in kids. In today's educational landscape, it's essential to go beyond traditional learning methods, and this project does just that. By utilizing the user-friendly MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and Photo Mat #5 die, students can transform their personal photos into custom-decorated frames, all while sharing the stories and emotions tied to those cherished memories. This activity not only hones their artistic skills but also encourages them to express themselves and collaborate with peers as they embark on a creative journey together. It's more than just a craft; it's a means of fostering teamwork, self-expression and a deeper connection to their own experiences.

July: The Art of Making Friends

The Art of Making Friends, a Sunflower craft for kids

The Art of Making Friends project is an excellent choice for kids because it seamlessly combines creativity with a valuable life lesson. By using the MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and the Build a Flower die, students get to engage in a hands-on activity that's both enjoyable and educational. As they design their friendship flowers, writing their names in the center and exploring the qualities of a good friend on each petal, they not only exercise their artistic talents but also internalize the significance of friendship. This colorful and personalized project serves as a constant reminder of the value of positive social connections. Whether it's at the start of the school year or any time you aim to foster a sense of camaraderie and empathy in your classroom, this project provides a meaningful way to impart essential life skills to young learners.

August: This is Me Book

This is Me Book. A Craft for Kids

The This Is Me Book project is a wonderful endeavor for kids as it not only sparks their creativity but also instills a sense of community and connection within the classroom. Utilizing a die-cutting machine and the Book-Pencil die, students embark on a journey of self-expression by crafting personalized books. With their names gracing the front cover and pages filled with delightful tidbits like favorite colors, pets and foods, this activity encourages young learners to share and explore their unique identities. As each student takes the stage to introduce themselves and their facts to their peers, the bonds of friendship and understanding are strengthened, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.

September: Kindness Monsters

Kindness Monsters.  A Halloween craft project for kids

The Kindness Monsters project is a fantastic choice for kids because it combines creativity with an essential life lesson in a fun and engaging way. Using a die cutting machine and the Monsters and Hearts dies, students can craft their own Kindness Monsters. By pairing up, gluing their monsters and heart shapes together, and writing thoughtful notes to their peers on the hearts, this activity not only sparks their artistic talents but also encourages kindness and positive social interactions within the classroom. Whether it's during a Halloween party or any time you seek to cultivate a culture of kindness among your students, the Kindness Monsters project serves as a delightful and meaningful tool to promote empathy, friendship, and the importance of being kind to one another.

October: Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey. A Thanksgiving craft project for kids

The Thankful Turkey project is a wonderful addition to any classroom, offering a delightful and educational activity that aligns perfectly with the spirit of Thanksgiving. By utilizing the MARK 5™ Die-Cutting Machine and the Turkey #4 die, students can craft their own personalized turkeys, fostering a sense of creativity and ownership. More importantly, this project instills the values of gratitude and appreciation in young minds. It encourages students to reflect on the people who have made a positive impact on their lives and express their thankfulness in a meaningful and artistic way. In a world that often moves at a fast pace, the Thankful Turkey project provides a precious opportunity to pause and appreciate the good in our lives, making it an invaluable teaching tool for promoting gratitude and mindfulness among students.

November: The Giving Globe

The Giving Globe.  A Holiday and Christmas Craft Project for Kids

The Giving Globe project offers a delightful and educational experience for kids, blending creativity with essential life lessons about giving and kindness. By utilizing a die-cutting machine and Snow Globe dies, students can bring their own snow globes to life, personalized with scenes of themselves performing acts of kindness. This hands-on activity not only sparks their creative talents but also instills the values of compassion and generosity, especially important during the holiday season. It empowers students to visualize and celebrate the joy of giving, nurturing a spirit of empathy and community within the classroom. The Giving Globe project serves as a tool for teachers, offering a memorable and engaging way to teach the importance of kindness and the true meaning of the holidays.

December: New Year Reflections

New Year's Reflections: Goal setting for the new year for kids.

The New Year Reflections project is a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage in self-reflection and goal setting as they transition into the new year. Using a die-cutting machine and the Circle-Spinner die, students can craft their very own circle spinners, which they can then decorate with their thoughts, dreams and aspirations for the upcoming year. This activity encourages students to take a step back, reflect on their past experiences and envision their future. It empowers them with a sense of agency and purpose as they set goals and plan for the year ahead. The New Year Reflections project is an ideal tool for educators seeking to inspire personal growth and self-awareness among their students, instilling the importance of reflection and forward-thinking as they embark on their journey into the future.

Together, Let’s Make Kindness a Way of Life

The 2023 Kindness Project is remarkable journey, filled with moments of joy, connection, and heartfelt compassion. Each month, witness the incredible power of kindness bringing people together and making a positive impact on our community and beyond. At AccuCut, we believe that kindness is not just a fleeting emotion but a way of life. It's about taking action, showing empathy and creating a ripple effect of goodness that spreads far and wide. The Kindness Project will continue to be a part of our mission, and we invite you to join us in making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Together, we can create a brighter, more compassionate future for all.

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Tales From a Very Busy Teacher

Tales From a Very Busy Teacher

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10 Kindness Lessons and Activities for Elementary School

Whether you’re celebrating a week-long kindness themed week at your school or you’re looking for kindness activities to complete with just your class, I’ve got you covered!

It’s important that we explicitly teach empathy, kindness, and compassion to our students. We cannot assume they already know what these traits encompass. And sometimes, it’s just nice to have a reminder of what kindness entails.

1. Kindness Bulletin Board

At our school, we had a week-long celebration of kindness. We celebrated during the last week of February. Since Kindness Week fell closer to St. Patrick’s Day than Valentine’s Day (like the Great Kindness Challenge) we created a large school bulletin board to show that “Kindness is Golden.”

school kindness projects

To help us create this board, teachers had their students write about different ways they could show kindness, using the sentence frames that were provided to them. The students wrote their sentence on gold coins. We used the coins to create a display at the front of our school.

Each morning of Kindness Week, we had our 6th grade student council representatives lead announcements over the loudspeaker about Kindness Week, our kindness challenge for the day, and a kindness quote.

We also worked as a school to reach 1,000 Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs). If teachers, yard aides, custodians, office staff, librarians, aides, administrators, or anyone from our school community caught students completing a random act of kindness (RAK), students earned a blue BEST Ticket. They wrote their RAKs on the back of the ticket and turned it into the office. We held a raffle every day and the winners got to choose a prize from our Be Your BEST treasure box.  

Here’s an example of another kindness bulletin board we displayed at our school! Click here to get the titles, hearts, and coins for your school.

school kindness projects

2. How Full is Your Bucket? 

Watch the YouTube version of How Full is Your Bucket?

Or if you have the actual book you can read it instead.

Lead the class in a discussion about what it means to fill someone’s bucket.

Create a class chart of ways we can fill each other’s bucket as friends, family members, students, etc. You can have students follow along using the graphic organizer . They’ll need to use these ideas later for writing on a bucket.

school kindness projects

Students can share and discuss ideas for filling buckets.

Finally, students can write down different ways they will fill buckets onto these buckets .

3. Make Joy Happen

Start by showing this short clip to students, Make Joy Happen . Try to start it by not prefacing it with anything.

After watching the clip, gather students’ ideas about what they think the video is showing or trying to explain. There are multiple messages:

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Understand other people’s perspectives (empathy)
  • Spread kindness and get kindness in return

During the discussion, make an anchor chart of students’ ideas.

Then have students share ideas with partners and provide students with sentence frames. You can write the sentence frames on the anchor chart.

Ex. The message is __ because __

When ___ then ___

Because __ then __

The meaning of __ is __

After discussion, you can have students use this recount graphic organizer to explain what the video was about.

Have students connect the video to their own lives based on recent experiences or ways they can show kindness based on what they saw in the video.

Ex.  sentence frames:

A connection I can make is ___

Based on the __ I can ___

4. Wrinkled Heart Activity

You’ll need to cut out a giant heart from construction paper for this activity.  Or you can print this one onto pink or red paper. It has a nice rhyming phrase that can be displayed after you complete the activity.

school kindness projects

Show students the heart and ask students to share examples of unkind actions (school appropriate). If they feel comfortable enough, they can also share real-life experiences they may have had at school. As each unkind experience is shared, fold the heart. Keep folding the heart for each unkind gesture until the heart is completely folded. Then ask students to share positive experiences and kind gestures. For each positive experience or a kind gesture, unfold the heart. Complete the sharing until the heart is complete unfolded and open.

The visual of the heart is an explanation that when unkind things happen it can hurt our hearts (the folds in the heart). As we experienced kindness and forgiveness, our heart opens back up but it is still wrinkled symbolizing that even if we apologize for unkind actions, our unkind actions can still leave a negative mark on someone’s heart.

Give students a smaller heart and have them write different ways they can be kind.

With my class, I read a story (that I wrote) about a boy name Troy. He was having a bad day, and each time something unkind happened to him, I folded his heart. When we were done reading the story, we went back and thought of different things that could have happened to help his heart. You can find the story here .

5. Stand in My Shoes

Have students listen to the story Stand in My Shoes .

After listening to the story, tell students that empathy is the ability to understand and share feelings with another. Then ask students examples of empathy they saw in the video.

If you need to, go back and watch certain parts again to really understand the examples shown in the story.

Create an anchor chart to chart your ideas about empathy.

Use these shoes to have students write about what it means to walk in another’s shoes. They can write in the bottom part of the shoe and then decorate the shoe.

6. Color Your World with Kindness

Show this video, Color Your World with Kindness , and discuss the main idea and what happens throughout the video.

Explain that kindness is spread from one to another, like a domino effect.

Have students brainstorm (aloud or on paper) ideas on how they can be kind. You can have a brief class discussion on their choices.

Explain to students that being kind and showing acts of kindness is a way of living. Explain that there are different quotes that help us remember to stay kind and give us the motivation to continue the kindness chain of events. Give students the kindness quotes . Ask students to pick a quote they identify with the most. Have students write the quote on the bottom of the self-portrait page, and then they can draw themselves holding the quote. Here is an example . If you would like, you can have students type the quote, print out the paper and then draw their self-portrait. You can find the template here .

7. The Olive Branch

Show this video, Olive Branch , and discuss what it means to feel like either character.

Read the Compassionate Informational Text and annotate with the annotation bookmark .

Guide students through the annotation, and hold a discussion while annotating.

After annotating with students, ask the discussion question s. Have students answer the questions (as a whole group or with A/B partners) using their discussion frames.

8. Enemy Pie

Show students the story Enemy Pie and have them use the graphic organizer to determine the central message of the story. Pause at important moments in the story to have students discuss which important details they’re writing down.

After listening to the story, discuss the implications of kindness, compassion, and assuming best intentions.

Students can have A/B conversations using their graphic organizer to discuss the central message.

9. What Would You Do?

Read the “ What Would You Do ?” scenarios and discuss student responses in a whole group format. You can also break the students up into groups to discuss the scenario cards. These would be great cards to use during a morning meeting or during a circle time with your class.

Discuss that making kind choices and being kind is the key to all of their answers.

10.  Celebrate Diversity 

Celebrate diversity with your class by reading about different languages, cultures, and beliefs. The National Education Association has a great list of diverse stories you could read to your class. Choose one book daily and hold a read aloud. You can even take suggestions from your students about their favorite books that represent their family’s culture.

Here is a list of my favorite books that celebrate diversity. You can click the affiliate link to find it on Amazon.

Island Born

school kindness projects

Alma and How She Got Her Name

school kindness projects

Malala’s Magic Pencil

school kindness projects

Marvelous Cornelius

school kindness projects

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach 

school kindness projects

My Name is Yoon

school kindness projects

Immi’s Gift

school kindness projects

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20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives

Spread the word:

A few months ago, I did a giveaway on Instagram for a “ Kindness is Always Cool ” t-shirt. I asked the counselors who entered to share their favorite or most effective school wide kindness initiatives. Many counselors are doing RAK week but adding their own creative flair for engagement. I was blown away by the creativity and amazing impact these initiatives were making not only within the schools, but in the local and larger communities as well. With their permission, I am sharing these counselors’ amazing ideas below to spread the creativity!

school kindness projects

“My school is named Cassell, and we are building a new school building to open in August. When students are caught being kind, it is read on the announcements, and then the student can come write his name on a brick to staple to a castle going up on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. They also get a small certificate and prize. Kids love it!” -Ashley, VA @counselorstation

school kindness projects

“We did the Great Kindness Challenge for the first time this year. I also had a class be my Secret Kindness Agents this year. We started with secret missions inside of the school, and then we branched out into the community during second semester. We made May Day baskets and delivered them to the neighboring houses that surround our school. We also made care packages to donate to the pediatric floor of our local hospital. Our PTA was wonderful and donated some funds to make these projects possible.” Ainslee

“For the month of December, the Kindness Elves visit each of our classes and leave them a random act of kindness to do for someone in the school or community.” -Olivia, MO

“We did the Great Kindness Challenge but the best part was that the kids decided to do the Coins for Children drive for an orphanage they hear about in Baja, California. We are a Title I School of 517 kids, and they raised $1400 in 4 days! The awesome part was that our goal was $200! And the kids are already talking about doing it again at the beginning of the year.” -Erika, @rmkcounselor

“Our students raised money for Pennies for Patients – Change 4 Change. Our Bears raised $2,306.37 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! So fun to see how this turned out, we were floored!” -Lisa, Billings, Montana

“I did a Lighting Up the Season with Kindness [activity]. Kids would write on a lightbulb whenever they saw another student do a random act of kindness.” -Patty

school kindness projects

“[We made a] wishing well for kiddos to toss kindness coins in to receive their kindness destiny! We had a speaker at the bottom and we said things like, “Thank a teacher today,” and “Sit by someone new,” into a microphone around the corner when they threw in a coin. Such a hit!” -@simplyschoolcounseling

“Our elementary counseling team implanted the Great Kindness Challenge at all of the elementary schools in our district. It was amazing to see the children completing RAK for others and continuing past the designated week.” -Leilani, CA

“I loved the kindness boards. The students wrote kind things that were done for them on sticky notes and put them on the board. The whole school could see what people were doing so it encouraged them to be kind as well!” -Sarah, CA

“We did Random Acts of Kindness Week in February, and as a part of that, we did an assembly on kindness and each class made “Kindness Chains” to see if we could reach them all the way around the school.” -Crystal, CO

“I start the year with Have You Filled a Bucket Today? lesson for each grade level and give them a chance to make buckets (some grade levels do origami style, others I use cups to keep it simple) then they practice ‘filling buckets’ for each other with compliments for their classmates! I also love RAK week and last year did a staff shout outs bulletin board so teachers/staff could get compliments too.” – Stephanie

“This year I made the whole month of February our Random Acts of Kindness month! I think my favorite park was our kindness tree. Students wrote down on paper leaves how they showed kindness and we watched our tree bloom with kindness!” (inspired by The School Counseling Files) -Madison, NC

“I usually invite my social skills groups to be secret agents of kindness.” -Rebecca, NC

“I did Counselor’s Kindness Challenge for NCSW [National School Counseling Week]. Students had a bingo-like board with ideas for spreading kindness. Once they completed the challenge, they turned the boards back into me. I drew 5 students from each level to win lunch with me.” Kate, OH

school kindness projects

“I had a school wide kindness chain that hung in the cafeteria. Also, my Girls Empowerment Club made happy thought boxes for each 5th grade class, and Empathy Club did a donation drive for the local animal shelter. All was done in the month of February!” -@inspiringschoolcounselor

“We did a positive Post-it note campaign this year! It was awesome to see the words of advice and encouragement they gave fellow students. And even cooler to see the hallways, lockers, and bathroom mirrors covered with kindness!” -Natalie, NC

“Teachers refer students to my kindness committee to help me do kind things around the school for kids and staff each month.” -Rachel, CT

“We have the Kindness Revolution at my school! It’s a great program where kindness bracelets are passed around the school. When a student has a bracelet and sees a kind act, they give them the bracelet!” -Amanda, KS

“[When we see] the students being kind [we nominate] them for Student of the Month with written affirmations of what they have done to deserve it.” -Cait

“I have used Kindness BINGO and Kindness Tic Tac Toe to get students actively engaged and give them ideas for ways they can show kindness around the school. I use BINGO with upper elementary grades. For third and fourth grade (and sometimes second, depending on your students), they try for a regular BINGO by completing 5 kind acts in a row. For fifth grade, they go for a ‘blackout’ BINGO by completing all of the kind acts on the card! With early elementary grades, I use Kindness Tic Tac Toe and they complete 3 kind acts in a row on their cards. When the students bring a completed card to me, we have a little celebration and affirmation of their amazing kindness!” -Counselor Keri (download both of these for FREE by clicking on the pictures below)

school kindness projects

What other school wide kindness initiatives are you using to engage your students in acts of kindness? Let me know in the comments section below!

school kindness projects

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3 thoughts on “ 20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives ”

  • Pingback: Kindness Activity: The Ripple Effect School Counseling Activity

One idea I have for Spring this year is to fill plastic eggs with RAK ideas. I will hide them around the school and whoever finds them must complete that RAK. I will have a bucket by my office for them to return the empty eggs to be recycled for more RAK. I will hide about 5-7 each day for the month of March. Some will be hidden on the playground, others in the school building. During my February guidance lessons, I will explain the activity to all grades and provide them with the “rules”.

That is an AWESOME idea!! The kids will love that!

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7 Kindness Activities For High School Students

Kindness can come in many forms, from a warm smile to a thoughtful act, and it doesn’t have to be big or grandiose to make a difference! In this magical kingdom of compassion, high schoolers are the knights in shining armor, spreading love and joy wherever they go. 

And how do they do it, you ask? Well, that’s where our trusty toolkit of kindness activities comes in. Get ready to put on your capes, grab your quills and join us on a wild and whimsical adventure, where every act of kindness is a step closer to making the world a better place. Are you ready, oh brave and kind ones?”

Kindness activities: Because being good humans go a long way

“Kindness is a ray of sunshine that can brighten up even the darkest of days. It has the power to heal wounds, spread joy, and make the world a better place. And as high school students, you have the ability to create a ripple effect of kindness that will touch the lives of those around you.

When you engage in acts of kindness, you will experience a boost in your own self-esteem and happiness. Hence, it won’t be shocking if gaining this skill might be on your bucket list , as a high schooler. You will feel fulfilled knowing that you have made a positive impact on others and that you have brightened someone’s day. You will also gain valuable skills, such as communication, empathy, and teamwork, which will serve you well in all areas of life. There are many specific benefits for high school students participating in kindness activities, including:

  • Improved School Climate: Kindness activities can help to create a positive and inclusive school environment, reducing bullying and promoting respect and understanding among students.
  • Career Readiness: Kindness activities can help students to develop important soft skills, such as empathy, communication, and teamwork, that are highly valued in the workplace.
  • Preparation for Adulthood: Engaging in acts of kindness can help students to develop important life skills that will serve them well as they transition into adulthood.
  • Building a Strong Sense of Identity: Kindness activities can help high school students to explore and develop their personal values and beliefs, leading to a stronger sense of self.
  • Developing Leadership Skills: By organizing and participating in kindness activities, high school students have the opportunity to develop important leadership skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Promoting Community Involvement: Kindness activities can help students to understand and appreciate the importance of giving back to their community, promoting a lifelong commitment to service and civic engagement.
  • Enhancing College Applications: Participating in kindness activities can help students to stand out in the college application process, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Overall, kindness activities offer high school students the opportunity to grow and develop in meaningful and impactful ways, preparing them for a bright future.

Activities to encourage kindness in high schoolers

A few life skills activities can make you a kinder individual, as you step out into the real world after high school. Hence, here are a bunch of activities you can consider to help you become kinder and wiser for your life ahead:

1. Kindness Chain

Kindness Chain

Let’s start a revolution of positivity and pay it forward with our kindness chain! This activity is simple yet powerful – all it takes is a small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day and spread joy like wildfire. Picture this – a student writes a heartfelt note to a friend, who in turn offers to help a peer with their math homework. This simple act then inspires a stranger to pay for someone’s coffee in line behind them. And so on and so forth, until a chain of kindness has been created that touches the lives of countless individuals.

Now, imagine if every high schooler in your school participated in this chain. The impact would be incredible! The halls would be filled with laughter, smiles, and a sense of community. By participating in this activity, students will not only improve the well-being of those around them, but they will also learn the power of their own actions and develop important life skills such as empathy, generosity, and leadership. So, are you ready to spread some kindness and start a chain reaction of positivity? Let’s do this, high schoolers!

2. Compliment Day

Compliment Day

Spread positivity and uplift others with this heartwarming kindness activity for high schoolers! Start by declaring a “Compliment Day” and encouraging students to participate by giving genuine compliments to their peers and teachers. Whether it’s a compliment on someone’s outfit, their hard work, or their kind nature, every compliment has the power to brighten someone’s day.

Make this activity extra special by creating a “Compliment Wall” where students can post their compliments for all to see. Decorate the wall with bright colors, funky patterns, and cute sayings to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The compliments on the wall will serve as a reminder of how appreciated and loved each student is and will inspire others to continue the cycle of kindness.

This activity not only boosts self-esteem and confidence but also promotes a positive and supportive school culture. So, go ahead and spread the love with a few compliments!

3. Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar

Inspire high school students to cultivate an attitude of gratitude with the Gratitude Jar activity. This whimsical and imaginative project will encourage students to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and appreciate the little things that bring them joy.

To get started, supply each student with a glass jar and a set of colorful markers. Encourage them to decorate their jar, making it a unique and personal expression of their individuality. Next, challenge students to reflect on the things in their life they’re grateful for, no matter how big or small, and write them down on small slips of paper. Each day, have students drop their gratitude notes into their jar, slowly filling it with their positive thoughts and feelings.

As the weeks go by, students can watch as their jars overflow with gratitude, reminding them of all the good things in their lives. At the end of the semester, students can read through their gratitude notes, reflecting on the happy memories and experiences they’ve shared. This beautiful and creative activity will foster a sense of kindness and positivity in the classroom, making it a wonderful way to celebrate and promote the power of gratitude.

4. Community Service

Community Service

Unleash the power of kindness and empathy by encouraging high schoolers to give back to their local community. By participating in community service projects, students can make a positive impact on the lives of others and gain a deeper appreciation for their own blessings.

Here’s a creative way to make this activity a memorable experience for students:

Have students choose a local community project, such as a park cleanup or helping at a soup kitchen, and challenge them to complete an act of kindness for every person they help. This can be as simple as a smile, a compliment, or leaving a thoughtful note. Encourage students to track their kindness chain and see how far their ripple of kindness can go.

Not only does this activity help others, but it also provides a valuable opportunity for students to reflect on the impact they can have on their community and the world.

5. Help A Neighbour

Help A Neighbour

This simple kindness activity for high schoolers encourages students to spread kindness and positivity within their communities by lending a helping hand to their neighbors. Students can choose to do something small yet meaningful, like watering plants for an elderly neighbor, helping with grocery shopping, or simply just checking in on someone who may need a friendly face.

The idea is to make a difference in someone’s day. This activity fosters empathy, compassion, and a sense of community among high schoolers, reminding them that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a big impact on others. Let’s encourage our students to be the shining lights of their neighborhood, spreading love and happiness wherever they go!

6. Mindful Listening

Mindful Listening

Mindful Listening encourages high schoolers to practice the art of truly listening to one another. Whether it’s during class discussions, group projects, or just casual conversation, remind students to put their phones away, make eye contact, and give their full attention to the person speaking.

 By actively listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue, students can foster a culture of empathy, respect, and kindness. To make this activity more fun and interactive, you can even create a “Mindful Listening Challenge” where students can earn rewards for demonstrating exceptional listening skills. So let’s train our ears and hearts to be kind and attentive to those around us!

7. Kindness Map

Kindness Map

Picture a world where acts of kindness are etched upon a vast canvas, with each stroke representing a selfless gesture from one individual to another. That’s exactly what a Kindness Map is all about! This activity is a fun and creative way for high schoolers to bring a little extra joy into their communities.

To get started, gather a group of students and assign each a different area of the school or neighborhood. The goal is to map out the acts of kindness they witness, both big and small. These acts can be anything from someone holding the door open for another to a stranger buying a meal for someone in need.

Next, the students can take what they’ve observed and illustrate it on a giant map. This can be done with markers, paint, or even digitally! The Kindness Map will not only serve as a visual representation of the acts of kindness happening all around, but it will also inspire others to follow suit.

As the map starts to fill up, the students can hold a Kindness Map unveiling event, where they can showcase their work and highlight the different acts of kindness they’ve observed. This not only helps to spread the message of kindness, but it also helps to create a sense of community and shared purpose.

So grab a canvas, and some markers, and get ready to see the world through a lens of kindness with the Kindness Map activity!

High school surely prepares one for life . On the other hand, kindness activities are a powerful tool for high schoolers to make a positive impact in their school and community. By participating in these activities, students can learn valuable life skills, improve their well-being, and create a culture of kindness that will last a lifetime. So, let’s continue to spread kindness and make the world a better place, one act at a time. Who knows, your simple act of kindness might be the spark that ignites a chain reaction of positivity and generosity. So, keep spreading the love and keep shining bright, high schoolers!

school kindness projects

Having a 10+ years of experience in teaching little budding learners, I am now working as a soft skills and IELTS trainers. Having spent my share of time with high schoolers, I understand their fears about the future. At the same time, my experience has helped me foster plenty of strategies that can make their 4 years of high school blissful. Furthermore, I have worked intensely on helping these young adults bloom into successful adults by training them for their dream colleges. Through my blogs, I intend to help parents, educators and students in making these years joyful and prosperous.

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One-third of teens surveyed say that they have been bullied in the past year.

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Identity-based bullying accounts for over half of all bullying and cyberbullying incidents.

37% of students reported that their mental health was not good most or all of the time during the pandemic.

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Nearly 40% of teens surveyed find it challenging to talk to their parents when they’re struggling with loneliness and exclusion.

The Choose Kindness Project is an alliance of 20+ of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that champion three major issue areas affecting children and teens: bullying prevention, intentional inclusion and youth mental wellness.

The Choose Kindness Project is dedicated to inspiring a more inclusive world where all young people feel empowered to be themselves and feel safe to create the futures they imagine.

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Natural Beach Living

25+ Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

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Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Although optimally, kindness starts at home, it definitely needs to be reinforced in the school environment. Not all children see kindness modeled at home, though, which makes it all the more vital that they receive and see kindness at school or through other adults. After all, kids need to see kindness in the places they spend most of their day, and in an environment where they’ll interact with most people.

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

Kindness matters, especially with kids. A kind act or kind word can turn a child’s day around. Promoting kindness helps reduce bullying and disruptive behavior and increases social awareness and emotional well-being.

Encouraging kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

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Kindness Ideas from Natural Beach Living

25+ random acts of kindness for school.

Here you’ll find ideas for teachers, students, and parents to spread kindness at school. Since children spend so much of their time here, it’s important that the school is a kind, supportive place. Every person who does a kind act makes a difference!

25+ Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School that can help teachers, students, and parents spread kindness. Random Acts of Kindness, Free Random Acts of Kindness Printable, and acts of kindness for kids 

25+ Random Acts of Kindness for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Teaching kids to be kind and considerate starts at a young age. If you want to raise kind kids, check out this list of ideas for preschoolers and kindergarteners to get in on the kindness action.

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

200+ Best Random Acts of Kindness

This is our HUGE collection of random acts of kindness, and you don’t want to miss it! We’re on a mission to spread kindness wherever we can, and there are loads of cute, easy, and FUN ideas to try here.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Random Acts of Kindness, 200+ Ultimate Random Acts of Kindness Ideas That Will Inspire You, Kindness printables, Easy Random Acts of Kindness, Kindness ideas for Kids, Acts of Kindness Ideas, Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness, Examples of Random Acts of Kindness, Best Random Acts of Kindness, List of Random Acts of Kindness

25+ Kindness Books for Children

Practicing kindness starts by teaching kindness, and these books help you do just that. Make sure your home library or school library is stocked with a few of these books!

20 Books for Kids about Kindness, Kindness Books, Encourage Kindness with these wonderful children's books. Children's books about being nice to others, Teach your kids about being kind to others, Random acts of kindness ideas, Kindness can be taught and learned like any other life skill. Great Books like these provide children with models of kindness, children's books about being kind to friends

64+ Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

More Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

Kindness Tree from naturalbeachliving.com: Our Kindness Tree is a great way for families to express kindness to each other, but this can also be used in the classroom. Keep some hearts and markers close to the tree (as well as a hole punch and string) so that kids can add a kind message for someone whenever they’d like.

Kindness Rocks from naturalbeachliving.com: Kindness rocks are a great way to spread smiles! You can hide these on the playground at school (if permission is given), or put them around your community to bring a little cheer into your neighborhood.

Kids Kindness Challenge from naturalbeachliving.com: Use our printable to take the kindness challenge! This is a great way to get the whole school involved. It includes ideas that students can do individually, in a classroom, or as a school. Imagine the people you could help if each student donates a can of food!

Random Acts of Kindness Printable Cards from naturalbeachliving.com: Leave treats and fun surprises around the school with these beautiful printable tags attached.

Kindness Bookmarks from naturalbeachliving.com: Leave some bookmarks in the school library. You can put some at the front desk for people to grab when they check out books and insert some into popular books for people to find.

Random Acts of Kindness Lunchbox Notes from naturalbeachliving.com: Lunchtime is a great time to remind students to be kind to one another. It’s a prime time for socializing, and a genuine smile or eating with someone who’s sitting alone can make such a big difference in a child’s day. These can be handed out along with the kids’ lunch trays or given out at the lunch table.

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Basket – Delivery Driver Snack Sign : during the holiday season service workers are extra busy, so providing them with a drink and snack is such a thoughtful way to say thank you and show your appreciation.

Kindness Activities for Kids

Sunbeam Kindness Challenge: Teaching children they can be little shining lights of kindness to others is no small task, but it can be so rewarding. If you’re looking for ways to encourage generosity in your classroom or family, you’re going to love the sunbeam acts of kindness challenge.  

You’ve been Egged Challenge or Project: spread a little extra kindness and cheer to your friends, school, classrooms, and neighbors this spring season by egging people with kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Dinner Basket and Kindness Printable : Show someone you care by surprising them with a Random Acts of Kindness Meal. You can ask everyone in the class or school to donate items from the grocery store to create several Random Acts of Kindness Dinner Baskets for those in need.

Kindness Pencil Toppers from coffeeandcarpool.com: Kids can make these to share with their classmates to share some kind words, but this is a great way for teachers to do the same. Anytime a child needs a pencil, their day gets a little brighter.

Acts of Kindness

Book and a Treat from growingbookbybook.com: Donate books to the free library in your area (or to your school library), and attach a gift card for a treat at a local restaurant with a binder clip. What a nice idea! The recipient gets two gifts in one.

Kindness Clips from happinessishomemade.net: We’ve mentioned this one before, but this is such a fun idea for a school-wide kindness project. It’s so easy to discreetly clip one of these kindness clips onto someone’s backpack or jacket to give the recipient a little confidence boost during the school day.

Bucket Filler Ideas for the Classroom from proudtobeprimary.com: Have children sort sentences into “bucket fillers” or “bucket dippers” to help them learn which actions are supportive and which are negative.

Bucket Filler Snack from lessons4littleones: Add pom poms to “buckets” made by the children whenever they do something kind. When the bucket is full, the pom-poms magically turn into snacks or goodies.

Blessing Bags from wondermomwannabe: Work together as a classroom to collect items for blessing bags for the homeless in the area. This is a wonderful project for the holidays but would be welcome anytime during the year.

Simple Acts of Kindness

Paper Chain of Kindness from sugarspiceandglitter.com: Let the children add a link to the paper chain of kindness to acknowledge whenever someone is kind to them. This can be an ongoing, collaborative project that lasts for a week, a month, or the entire school year.

Pet Supplies Collection for Animal Shelter from seevanessacraft.com: Animal shelters are so often in need of extra food, blankets, and toys for the animals to play with. A school drive to collect these items would make some furry friends very happy!

Kindness Placemats for Senior Citizens from coffeecupsandcrayons.com: Partner with your local Meals on Wheels or nursing home to allow kids to create these cheerful placemats for seniors to use when eating their meals. It’s a sweet way to let them know you care.

Post Cards for Seniors from sunnydayfamily.com: Speaking of seniors in nursing homes, some of them may not have family or friends who can write to them. Why not send some happy mail as a class? These colorable postcards are sure to bring about some smiles.

Acts of Kindness Bingo from fantasticfunandlearning.com: Kids can take the “Things to Do at School” BINGO sheet with them to school and see if they can cross off items horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Challenge them to get BINGO in one day… or one week… or challenge them to fill up the entire card in a month!

Kindness Challenge

Kindness Poster from squirrellyminds.com: Put kindness posters up throughout the school as frequent reminders for the kids and staff to be kind to each other.

Kindness Tic Tac Toe from happygoluckyblog.com: Create a kindness tic tac toe like this one, but perhaps change it for items that can be completed at the school. For instance, “pick up trash at a local park” could be changed to “pick up trash on the playground.” Challenge kids to complete 3 acts of kindness in a row, and present them with a certificate or token of appreciation for their kindness when they complete it.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Craft from glitteronadime.com: This sensory activity is a great way to reinforce the concepts in the Have You Filled a Bucket Today book with young children. They can shape playdough into whatever they’d like to represent kindness—whether that’s hearts, playdough buckets, or something else. They then use the other materials that represent kindness to “fill it up.”

Kindness Ideas

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

Pin this list of kindness projects for elementary school to come back to anytime you want to start a kindness initiative!

Acts of Kindness Ideas

101 best random acts of kindness ideas.

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

Teaching Kindness to Kids – All of the Kindness Activities and Ideas You Need

Start a kindness movement in your school or community with these kindness project ideas for elementary school and kids of all ages! Random Acts of Kindness and ways to Encourage kindness and compassion are well worth it because those little acts of kindness spread quickly!

Click Here to Grab a Great Set of Random Acts of Kindness Cards to Use in Your Classroom

North Bay school students learn the power of kindness in community-wide challenge

We all need a little kindness in our lives every day and a North Bay elementary school is really taking this idea to heart with different activities this week.

school kindness projects

It is all part of 'The Kindness Project' put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association’s North Bay and District (CMHA).

Students are learning that kindness comes in all shapes and sizes.

From writing cards for their bus drivers to making treats for the puppies at the North Bay and District Humane Society and even going out in the community to spread the love as a class.

Close to 400 students at Maple View Public School have taken on a challenge to promote kindness to one another this week in as many ways as they know how.

"It’s a new school and we want to get known around the community as being a nice school,” Grade 6 student Ryanne Lamarche told CTV News.

Thursday afternoon, students were out and about on Norman Avenue delivering decorated 'kindness' rocks to homes, hand-delivering cards to people on the streets or leaving them in mailboxes, writing uplifting chalk messages on the sidewalk, cleaning up litter and singing songs to bring some cheer.

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"There’s a kid in my class named Robby. I was walking out the door and he held the door for everyone for like five minutes,” said Lamarche.

She and Grade 5 student Kieran Sargent were chosen to be the school’s honorary 'Kindness Ambassadors,' and they’ve been spreading the love by going from classroom to classroom to see how their peers are promoting compassion and goodwill.

school kindness projects

"You want to just spread that kindness because it can make someone just really feel like they belong," said Sargent.

school kindness projects

"Even if someone is being a little mean to you, maybe you can be kind to them and they’ll be kind to you back and then to someone else. It’ll start a chain reaction."

This Kindness Project is a community-wide challenge hosted by CMHA as part of its Mental Health Week.

This year’s theme 'Be Kind' is simple but mighty and centres on the idea that compassion connects us all, which school staff and students have fully embraced.

school kindness projects

"The response has been phenomenal. They’re just really taking off with ideas," said CMHA North Bay and District CEO Mary Davis.

"It’s definitely something we need to teach and continue to teach."

school kindness projects

On Friday, the school will hold an assembly to celebrate the week and recognize community partners who contribute to the school community, proving just a random act of kindness can always brighten someone’s day.

school kindness projects

"Be kind to one another," Sargent said. 

school kindness projects

Top Stories

school kindness projects

Spectacular aurora light show to be seen across Canada Friday night

school kindness projects

Dashcam video shows terrifying near-miss on two-lane northern Ontario highway

school kindness projects

Twenty defendants fined $222K for northern Ont. moose hunt violations

school kindness projects

Feds give Glencore $11M to help develop all-electric underground mine

school kindness projects

Vandalism prompts North Bay conservation authority to close trail section

school kindness projects

Radical anti-government rhetoric appears in northern Ont. court case

school kindness projects

Group needed in Greater Sudbury to clean up discarded needles

school kindness projects

Pathway in place to save Sault YMCA

Ctvnews.ca top stories.

A rare and severe solar storm is expected to bring spectacular displays of the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, across much of Canada and parts of the United States on Friday night.

Town of Fort Nelson, B.C., ordered to evacuate due to wildfire

The entire town of Fort Nelson, B.C., as well as the nearby Fort Nelson First Nation, has been ordered to evacuate due to an out-of-control wildfire.

Snowbirds in Vancouver for puck-drop flyby as Canucks face Oilers

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will be performing a flyover across downtown Vancouver at the start of tonight's Stanley Cup playoff game between the Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers.

McGill University seeks emergency injunction to dismantle pro-Palestinian encampment

McGill University has filed a request for an injunction to have the pro-Palestinian encampment removed from its campus.

Which Canadian cities have the highest and lowest grocery prices?

Where you live plays a big factor in what you pay at the grocery store. And while it's no secret the same item may have a different price depending on the store, city or province, we wanted to see just how big the differences are, and why.

Swarm of 20,000 bees gather around woman’s car west of Toronto

A swarm of roughly 20,000 bees gathered around a woman’s car in the parking lot of Burlington Centre.

Video shows naked raccoon catching B.C. family by surprise

When Marvin Henschel spotted a strange and hairless creature wandering through a front lawn in B.C.'s Lower Mainland, he could barely believe his eyes.

Barron Trump declines to serve as an RNC delegate

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump, has declined to serve as a delegate at this summer’s Republican National Convention, according to a senior Trump campaign adviser and a statement from Melania Trump's office.

Out-of-control wildfire prompts evacuation alert for Fort McMurray, Saprae Creek Estates Friday night

An evacuation alert was issued for two Wood Buffalo communities Friday night, as crews battled an out-of-control wildfire near Fort McMurray.

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school kindness projects

Barrie men charged with fraud in OPP investigation into pool installation scam

Two Barrie men have been charged with fraud in connection with a lengthy OPP investigation after several customers seeking pool installations were allegedly scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Wasaga Beach assault turns into murder investigation after victim's death

The charge against a Wasaga Beach man has been upgraded to second-degree murder after police say the victim died more than two months after an alleged assault.

Here's why your yard waste may have been sitting at the curb for days

A recent change in curbside collection has left some green-thumbed enthusiasts scratching their heads as bags of yard waste linger by the curb, awaiting pickup.

school kindness projects

Aurora Borealis could be in view in Toronto tonight. Here’s how a solar storm is making that possible

The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, are expected to illuminate the sky in Canada tonight, including in Toronto, thanks to a rare and severe solar storm.

15-year-old boy stabbed during fight at Brampton park 'fighting for his life' in hospital

A 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after an apparent stabbing during a fight at a park in Brampton Friday afternoon.

3 youth suspects arrested after police intercept smash-and-grab robbery at Square One

Peel police say they have arrested three suspects after a smash-and-grab robbery in a jewelry store at Square One mall.

school kindness projects

Ottawa's 3-container limit for curbside garbage takes effect this fall

The City of Ottawa's new three-garbage item limit for household waste will take effect on Sept. 30, with a three-month phase-in period for the limit. As of December, collection staff will only collect three garbage items from households every two weeks.

Tiny Home Show showcasing miniature spaces

In the midst of soaring living expenses and spiking interest rates, the dream of owning a traditional home seems to be slipping away for many residents in Ottawa.

Motorcycle driver in critical condition after crash in Barrhaven

Ottawa paramedics say a man in his 20s is in critical condition after a crash in Barrhaven Friday afternoon.

school kindness projects

'A total write-off': Kitchener resident asks for thousands from city, after driving over 'faulty' manhole cover

One driver wants the City of Kitchener to cover the thousands of dollars in damage to his car after he ran over a “faulty” manhole cover.

Motorcyclist airlifted to hospital in critical condition after Cambridge crash

A motorcyclist was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries after a crash in Cambridge on Friday afternoon.

Search for new K-W hospital location narrowed down to two

We’re one step closer to finding out the new location of Kitchener-Waterloo’s newest hospital.

school kindness projects

Lambton County teen dies in farm accident

OPP in Lambton County are investigating what is being described as a, “sudden death.” Police responded to the call at a farm on Churchill Line in Watford around 9:30 a.m.

Sarnia police searching for stabbing suspect

The Sarnia Police Service has issued a warrant for a 30-year-old female in connection to a stabbing incident.

'The need is immeasurable': St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank usage doubles

Officials at the St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank report a 50 per cent jump in usage over the past three years.

school kindness projects

New president elected for Unifor Local 444

On Friday, the union announced that James Stewart will fill the role of president, following the May 8-9 election.

Godfather of powerlifting celebrating half century in the sport

Jerry Marentette has broken well over 400 records through 11 different weight classes.

Carjacking suspects arrested: Windsor police

The Windsor police have arrested two suspects in connection with a carjacking.

school kindness projects

Man charged after truck strikes and kills driver changing flat tire on side of Montreal-area highway

A 43-year-old man has been charged after a driver was struck and killed while changing a tire on the side of a Highway 15 near Montreal on Thursday.

Montreal comic book artist among those honoured with Canada Post stamp

Montreal graphic novelist Michel Rabagliati is among four artists Canada Post honoured with stamps that went on sale on Friday.

school kindness projects

'Devastating': Clear Lake watercraft ban will have an impact, business owners say

Businesses in the Clear Lake area are concerned about the future following a temporary ban on watercraft from entering the lake.

Roughly 250 people forced to evacuate Winnipeg apartment building deemed unsafe

Approximately 250 residents of a St. James area apartment building will have to leave their homes immediately, as the City of Winnipeg issued a vacate order over unsafe conditions.

Solar storm could produce highly visible northern lights in Manitoba

An unusually large solar storm could produce northern light shows that may be visible across most of Canada on Friday and Saturday.

school kindness projects

Seven people charged following kidnapping, assault in Tobique First Nation: N.B. RCMP

RCMP say seven people have been arrested and charged in connection with a kidnapping and assault in Tobique First Nation, N.B.

EHS helicopters to land in new spot in Halifax

Emergency Health Services (EHS) LifeFlight helicopters will soon be landing at Canadian Forces Base Windsor Park in the Halifax's west end.

'Irate male' assaulted Newfoundland officers with block of cheese, police say

Police in Newfoundland say patrol officers were assaulted Thursday by a "very irate male" wielding a block of cheese.

school kindness projects

Whooping cough outbreak declared in Newfoundland

Health officials say there is an outbreak of whooping cough in eastern Newfoundland.

Trucker's body found in trailer in Newfoundland after failed police search in Ontario

Ontario Provincial Police are facing tough questions about their search for a missing Newfoundland trucker whose rig was found two weeks ago in Ontario, then sent back to Newfoundland, where his body was found Monday in the trailer.

school kindness projects

'We have laws': Premier Smith says police action justified in Calgary

The actions, including the decision to use non-lethal force, to disperse pro-Palestinian protesters from the University of Calgary campus were justified, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said Friday.

City of Chestermere inspection reveals ‘irregular, improper and improvident’ financial management: province

A third-party examination of the City of Chestermere revealed “significant gaps” in the financial management, the province said Friday.

Calgary says goodbye to Eau Claire Market as expropriated residents fight on

These are the final hours for Eau Claire Market, and the final days for residents of a nearby townhouse complex.

school kindness projects

'Violent, despicable and unbelievable': Family of murdered 7-year-old speak at David Moss sentencing Friday

David Moss, the man who murdered seven-year-old Bella Rose Desrosiers, broke down in court Friday as the girl's family spoke about the toll her death has taken on them.

Grande Prairie County No. 1 under evacuation due to wildfire

An evacuation order was issued for Grande Prairie County No. 1 Friday night due to an out-of-control wildfire.

school kindness projects

Healthcare divide between Alberta, Sask. persists post-pandemic: Doctor

Easier access to certain types of medical care has become more difficult for some residents in southwestern Saskatchewan, according to a Swift Current doctor.

Sask. teachers set to vote on renewed sanctions mandate

Next week, teachers in Saskatchewan will vote on a renewed mandate that would implement sanctions beyond the current school year.

Regina police charge 3, seize drugs, ammunition after 'months long investigation'

Regina police say three people have been charged after they seized more than 1,100 grams of a substance believed to be cocaine along with suspected meth and ammunition following a “months long investigation.”

school kindness projects

Dump truck heavily damaged after crash on Circle Drive North

A dump truck was heavily damaged following a crash Friday afternoon on Circle Drive North.

Nutrien CEO wants fully automated or tele-remote operations in all 6 mines

Improved mine automation helped fertilizer giant Nutrien Ltd. increase potash production in the first quarter amid strong demand for its products, the company's chief executive said.

school kindness projects

'State or state-sponsored actor' believed to be behind B.C. government hacks

The head of British Columbia’s civil service has revealed that a “state or state-sponsored actor” is behind multiple cyber-security incidents against provincial government networks.

B.C. woman's lifelong birthday wish comes true after unexpected message from elementary school classmate

Karen Harrison made the same birthday wish every year from age six to age 50. When she had given up hope, it finally came true.

Vancouver Island

school kindness projects

Police launch assault investigation at UVic protest encampment

Police in Saanich, B.C., say an assault investigation is underway following two alleged incidents at a pro-Palestinian protest encampment on the grounds of the University of Victoria.

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Letter: A barista's kindness

I’m writing to offer my deepest thanks to the coffee shop barista who helped my son replace a gift card on Monday.

For six-year-olds, having money or gift cards that are their own comes with such a great amount of pride. My son received a gift card at Christmas and has held on to it for more than four months. I regret to inform you that his mother (me) committed an atrocious sin and washed his pants without checking the pockets. I regret even further to admit that the beloved gift card was in his pants pocket and was ruined in the wash.

The tears! The heartbreak! The grief that a six-year-old experiences when the thing that is theirs is damaged beyond repair.

Through tears, he agreed to go to the coffee shop and see if it could be replaced.

That’s where the barista came in. When a blotchyfaced, teary boy came to the counter in the middle of the morning rush, the barista was attentive and made my boy feel so special. He interpreted the last eight digits of the card, showed my boy the many available options for a new card, had my son pick out a replacement, and showed him on his receipt how much money remained. My boy’s fears were assuaged because of how kind and adept a stranger was at recognizing how important this slice of independence is. He happily then spent $3 of the new card on a muffin and told me all the way to school how cool it was that his card could be replaced (but he won’t keep it in his pockets anymore). Thank you to this stranger for turning a rotten morning into one with such a lovely memory for my boy. I am so grateful to you for that.

— Catherine Sullivan

Have something on your mind? Send to [email protected] or click here to submit via any web browser. Letters under 200 words have the best chance of being published. Writers should disclose any personal or professional connections with the subjects of their letters. Letters are edited for accuracy, clarity and length.


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  2. 20 Creative Kindness Activities for Your Classroom

    Here are some simple and creative kindness activities for elementary students: #1 Kindness Jar: Create a jar for students to write anonymous compliments and positive notes to each other. After that, you can encourage students to read the notes and share their reactions with the class. #2 Acts of Kindness Challenge: Challenge students to perform ...

  3. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

    We provide quality curriculum FREE of charge. Kindness in the Classroom ® is a CASEL approved, highly effective, evidence-based, social emotional learning curriculum used all over the world, with focuses on equity, teacher self-care, digital citizenship and kindness. Pre-K. Grades K-5. Grades 6-8. High School. FREE Training. Start a Kindness Club.

  4. 19 Activities To Help Nurture Kindness in Your Students

    7. Employ tactics for keeping calm. Sometimes the most unkind behaviors surface when kids struggle to stay calm. Bring in easy ways that students can respectfully and kindly manage their emotions. Get a full set of calmness choice cards for your students on page 13 of Kindness for All. 8.

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    At the School of Kindness, we believe that kind is the most important thing a child can be. We help to create a culture of kindness in the classroom and encourage children to become courageous advocates for positive change. Whether you would like to book a free Kindness Workshop, download the latest lessons plans, find a worthwhile cause for your class to fundraise for, or submit an amazing ...

  7. An Elementary School Kindness Project

    Kindness Passion Projects, however, can easily be completed without cost using resources found at school or home. Project development: Students research businesses, organizations, and other digital sites to build background knowledge about project recipients and additional resources.

  8. 24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

    Below, we've rounded up loads of feel-good ideas to inspire your whole school! Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 11-17, 2024 and World Kindness Day is November 13, 2024, but any day is a good day to practice kindness at school! 1. Throw kindness around like confetti—as in, all over the school campus.

  9. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

    Download our free K-8 kindness lesson plans and projects to help teach important kindness skills to your kids. Download our NEW K-8 Kindness in the Classroom® lesson plans today! ... 2023-24 School Kindness Calendar; Download 2023-24 Calendar; Even More Inspiration;

  10. Kindness Activities For Middle School: Charity Events, Art Projects

    Download a kindness checklist online, print it out, and distribute it amongst the students. Give them a month to work on it. The aim is to tick off as many acts of kindness as possible. At the end of the month, the kids with the most amount of tick marks can get a "Certificate of Kindness". Learn more: Ripple Kindness. 9. Kindness Bookmarks

  11. 56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Project

    A kindness tree activity is a fun and effective whole school project to build community! A kindness tree bulletin board is a bea utif ul and creative way to encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness within a classroom or school. As a whole school kindness challenge, it's a heartwarming way to foster caring and supportive relationships amongst students and teachers as EVERYONE gets involved in ...

  12. Kindness Activities for Every Positive Classroom

    2. Random Acts of Kindness. One of the simplest things to encourage students to do is to find opportunities to show each other kindness in random, unexpected ways. "Complimentary" Notes: Provide sticky notes in a noticeable spot in the classroom for students to take at any time (they're "complimentary"!).

  13. School of Kindness

    Being Kind To Yourself Activities. April Springtime Activity Sheet - by Stacie Swift. March International Day of Happiness / World Book Day Activity Sheet - by Stacie Swift. Mental Health Activity Sheet - by Stacie Swift. Emoji Match Game (KS2) Kindness Word Search (KS2) Make a Happy Jar (KS1&2) Kindness Colouring Sheet (KS1)

  14. School of Kindness

    Our Lesson Plans and Activities teach children about the importance of kindness, the science of kindness and the impact it has on our physical and mental health. They are designed by teachers, for teachers, and support many of the aims and objectives of the new statutory PSHE curriculum for relationships and health education in primary schools ...

  15. 13 Interactive Projects to Inspire Kindness in the Classroom

    Join us on a journey of compassion and positivity as we introduce the 2023 Kindness Project, a year-long initiative dedicated to inspiring kindness in the classroom. In a world often marked by division, we believe in the transformative power of kindness to bridge gaps and create unity. Explore our interactive monthly projects designed to instill values of kindness, empathy, and self-expression ...

  16. 10 Kindness Lessons and Activities for Elementary School

    It's important that we explicitly teach empathy, kindness, and compassion to our students. We cannot assume they already know what these traits encompass. And sometimes, it's just nice to have a reminder of what kindness entails. 1. Kindness Bulletin Board. At our school, we had a week-long celebration of kindness.

  17. 20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives

    20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives. October 3, 2017. Spread the word: A few months ago, I did a giveaway on Instagram for a " Kindness is Always Cool " t-shirt. I asked the counselors who entered to share their favorite or most effective school wide kindness initiatives. Many counselors are doing RAK week but adding their own creative ...

  18. 7 Kindness Activities For High School Students

    Improved School Climate: Kindness activities can help to create a positive and inclusive school environment, reducing bullying and promoting respect and understanding among students. Career Readiness: Kindness activities can help students to develop important soft skills, such as empathy, communication, and teamwork, that are highly valued in ...

  19. 10 Kindness Projects for Kindness Day and Lessons for Kids

    Random Acts of Kindness Ideas #5. Hand Out Compliment Cards. Print out these free compliment cards and then have fun decorating them. After, let your kids hand them out to neighbors, friends, family members, or even strangers at the library or grocery store. Random Acts of Kindness Ideas #6.

  20. The Choose Kindness Project

    The Choose Kindness Project is an alliance of 20+ of the nation's leading nonprofit organizations that champion three major issue areas affecting children and teens: bullying prevention, intentional inclusion and youth mental wellness. The Choose Kindness Project is dedicated to inspiring a more inclusive world where all young people feel ...

  21. 25+ Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School

    Make birdfeeders to hang outside - Modern Preschool. Make a snack for a friend - Stay at Home Educator. Find someone who needs a hug and give them one - Home Grown Friends. Paint Kindness Rocks to leave for people to find - Crafts Unleashed. Leave someone in your class a kindness postcard - Growing Book by Book.

  22. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

    2023-24 School Kindness Calendar; Download 2023-24 Calendar; Even More Inspiration; ... We love connecting people with kindness ideas and other resources. Kindness Ideas. Kindness Quotes. Daily Dose of Kindness. The Science of Kindness. Free Printables. The Kind Blog. Follow us:

  23. 25+ Kindness Project Ideas for Kids

    Kids Kindness Challenge from naturalbeachliving.com: Use our printable to take the kindness challenge! This is a great way to get the whole school involved. It includes ideas that students can do individually, in a classroom, or as a school. Imagine the people you could help if each student donates a can of food!

  24. North Bay news: Students participate in The Kindness Project

    This Kindness Project is a community-wide challenge hosted by CMHA as part of its Mental Health Week. This year's theme 'Be Kind' is simple but mighty and centres on the idea that compassion connects us all, which school staff and students have fully embraced.

  25. Letter: A barista's kindness

    I'm writing to offer my deepest thanks to the coffee shop barista who helped my son replace a gift card on Monday. For six-year-olds, having money or gift cards that are their own comes with ...