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  1. Satellite mapping reveals extensive industrial activity at sea

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  3. AICE Marine Science AS: 5.4 Sandy Shore Ecosystems


  1. Ocean sciences

    In 2023, global full-depth ocean heat content (OHC) reached a record increase of 464 ± 55 ZJ since 1960, with strong heat gain observed in the Southern and Atlantic Oceans. OHC was 16 ± 10 ZJ ...

  2. Ocean science research is key for a sustainable future

    Integrated research is needed to assess the human and environmental risks of ongoing and future types of ocean pollution, to generate new ideas to reduce the ocean pressures by promoting recycling ...

  3. Frontiers in Marine Science

    The third most-cited marine and freshwater biology journal, advancing our understanding of marine systems and addressing global challenges including overfishing, pollution, and climate change.

  4. Marine Environmental Research

    Marine Environmental Research publishes original research papers on chemical, physical, and biological interactions in the oceans and coastal waters.The journal serves as a forum for new information on biology, chemistry, and toxicology and syntheses that advance understanding of marine environmental processes. Submission of multidisciplinary studies is encouraged.

  5. ICES Journal of Marine Science

    Food for Thought - Rising Tides. Voices from the new generation of marine scientists looking at the horizon 2050. This collection of articles was jointly developed by ICES Strategic Initiative on Integration of Early Career Scientists (SIIECS) and ICES Journal of Marine Science. The collection is dedicated to and written by early career scientists.

  6. Regional Studies in Marine Science

    Regional Studies in Marine Science publishes 12 issues per year with original Research Papers, Review Articles, Short communications, Comments and Perspectives. Research papers report original research that has significant studies, with typical length of 6000 words. Details are given under the section "preparation" in Guide for Authors.

  7. Journal of Marine Sciences

    Journal of Marine Sciences publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of marine sciences including marine biology, oceanography, hydrology, coastal processes, technological developments, climate change, and policy.

  8. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

    Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. A Feature Paper should be a substantial original Article that involves several techniques or approaches, provides an outlook for future research directions and describes possible research applications. ... Journal of Marine Science and ...

  9. Study in Nature: Protecting the Ocean Delivers a Comprehensive Solution

    " This paper is an important contribution to the science on ocean protection and highlights the need for countries to work together to protect at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030. In the UK we are at the forefront of marine protection, and are leading the Global Ocean Alliance of more than forty nations supporting this 30 by 30 target.

  10. Citizen science and marine conservation: a global review

    In this paper, we focus on citizen science for the purpose of marine conservation. ... Germany, in July 2019. The survey questions built upon previous marine citizen science research (i.e. ) and were developed in the context of the Ten Principles. The survey instrument included a mix of multiple-choice (i.e. categorical), ranking (i.e. Likert ...

  11. Advanced marine technologies for ocean research

    A research vessel provides a robust and versatile platform for testing new marine technologies, ranging from robotics to sampling devices, from sub-surface to aerial. To accelerate the pace of oceanographic research and technology development, R/V Falkor was provided to scientists and engineers to test numerous prototype and early-phase ...

  12. Machine learning in marine ecology: an overview of techniques and

    After assembling this large body of potentially relevant literature, the authors screened the suitability of each paper for its inclusion in the database according to the following criteria: (i) the paper is peer-reviewed, (ii) its "Methods" section describes the ML approach used, and (iii) it applies it to a marine dataset.

  13. (PDF) A review of artificial intelligence in marine science

    Utilization and exploitation of marine resources by humans have contributed. to the growth of marine research. As technology progresses, arti cial. intelligence (AI) approaches are progressively ...

  14. Marine Biology Research

    Marine Biology Research ( MBRJ) provides a worldwide forum for key information, ideas and discussion on all areas of marine biology and biological oceanography.Founded in 2005 as a merger of two Scandinavian journals, Sarsia and Ophelia, MBRJ is based today at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. The Journal's scope encompasses basic and applied research from all oceans and ...

  15. Scientific Articles: Marine Science, Ocean Research, Aquatic

    Living Oceans Foundation publishes scientific articles related to marine science, ocean research, aquatic ecosystems, and environmental management issues. ... This paper in Coral Reefs, utilized the Living Oceans Foundation's Global Reef Expedition field dataset to build a model that can predict coral cover and other metrics of coral reef ...

  16. Aims and scope

    Marine Life Science & Technology (MLST), launched in 2019, publishes original research papers with new discoveries and theories across a broad range of life sciences and technologies, including basic biology, fisheries science and technology, medicinal bioresources, food science, biotechnology, ecology and environmental biology, especially associated with marine habitats.

  17. Marine protected areas and climate change

    New Stanford-led research offers a way to build climate resilience into the designs of ocean and coastal areas intended to protect marine species. The researchers recommend establishing numerous ...

  18. Research Topics

    Marine Ecology. We illuminate the biology of marine organisms and the varied processes that connect them. Pollution. We detect, identify, and assess the risks of marine toxins, plastics, and pollutants. Bay Grasses. We monitor and restore the underwater plants that shelter and feed many Bay organisms. Global Change

  19. Review of Underwater Anechoic Coating Technology Under ...

    The underwater anechoic coating technology, which considers pressure resistance and low-frequency broadband sound absorption, has become a research hotspot in underwater acoustics and has received wide attention to address the increasingly advanced low-frequency sonar detection technology and adapt to the working environment of underwater vehicles in deep submergence. One the one hand ...

  20. Research in Marine Sciences

    The Research in Marine Sciences is a seasonally peer-review open access journal with focus on the marine subjects. It publishes original articles, opinion essays, and critical reviews. So, it tries to contribute to our scientific understanding of marine systems and the impact of human activities on them. The open access journal has the focuse ...

  21. Research in marine accidents: A bibliometric analysis, systematic

    In order to analyse the research evolution and knowledge frontier in the research of marine accidents, 491 literatures on marine accidents in the Web of Science database from 2000 to 2022 are taken as data sources. Integrated with literature analysis of traditional method, CiteSpace and VOSviewer are then jointly used for the development of the knowledge network map and cluster analysis, and ...

  22. Plastic pollution in the marine environment

    Development of proposals/solutions on key research gaps can open a novel pathway to address this environmental issue in an effective scientific manner. In conclusion, this paper demonstrates the current status of plastic pollution in the marine ecosystem to make aware people of a plastic-free, healthy blue ocean in the near future.

  23. How Do the Microplastics in Marine Snow Impact the Ocean?

    The resulting carbon sequestration is a marine version of how trees and plants on terrestrial Earth take carbon from the atmosphere and store it in soil, he says. But research by Northeastern shows that microplastics in the ocean are slowing the process down by making the "marine snow" more buoyant, Stubbins says. "Plastics want to float.

  24. Nature and human well-being: The olfactory pathway

    Abstract. The world is undergoing massive atmospheric and ecological change, driving unprecedented challenges to human well-being. Olfaction is a key sensory system through which these impacts occur. The sense of smell influences quality of and satisfaction with life, emotion, emotion regulation, cognitive function, social interactions, dietary ...

  25. Using tools helps sea otters survive as the ocean changes and food

    The findings, published in the journal Science, reveal how this special skill set may increase their chances of survival in an uncertain world. Sea otters are large marine mammals that spend their ...

  26. Geophysical Research Letters Call for Papers

    Geophysical Research Letters is a gold open access journal that publishes high-impact, innovative, and timely communications-length articles on major advances spanning all of the major geoscience disciplines. Papers should have broad and immediate implications meriting rapid decisions and high visibility.

  27. A global horizon scan of issues impacting marine and coastal

    Soft robotics for marine research. ... All experts co-authored this paper. ... Swire Institute of Marine Science, Institute for Climate and Carbon Neutrality, Musketeers Foundation Institute of ...

  28. Managing extreme AI risks amid rapid progress

    DOI: 10.1126/science.adn0117. Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly, and companies are shifting their focus to developing generalist AI systems that can autonomously act and pursue goals. Increases in capabilities and autonomy may soon massively amplify AI's impact, with risks that include large-scale social harms, malicious ...