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Student Portfolio


What is a portfolio?  What are the characteristic features of a portfolio? What are the roles and responsibility of student and teachers? How to assess a portfolio? 

According to CBSE Internal Assessment Policy “Portfolio” consists of 5 Marks. Let’s learn: –


What is a student portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of chosen work by a student representing a selection of performances that is collected over time and describes the learner’s efforts, progress, and achievement in key areas. It is a tool for assessing a variety of skills not usually testable in a single setting of the traditional written paper and pencil tests. Assessment would include self and peer assessment among others. Its use is recommended as a support to the new instructional approaches that emphasize student’s role in constructing knowledge and understanding.

For a more simple approach, it is suggested that the portfolio take the form of a journal or notebook that would include besides classwork, students artifacts selected within a coherent framework along with their reflections.

Learner here is an active participant involved in constructing his or her journey through the portfolio building process of selecting, organizing and reflecting . Now Schools are expected to develop the portfolios as per para 4.2.2 (a) above

This portfolio can be seen both as a process and as a product (CBSE SSC)
  • As a product, it holds the performance records and documents; a student has produced during the learning course and represents a collection of their learning achievements. b. As a process, it enables learners to monitor their own learning systematically, reflect on their performance, redirect their efforts and set future goals.


What purposes does a portfolio serve?

  • A portfolio offers the possibility of assessing more complex and important aspects of a learning areas or subject matter that can’t be assessed through traditional forms of testing
  • Portfolio provides a profile of learner’s abilities – in-depth growth and progress
  • Portfolio helps to develop among students an awareness of their own learning. The focus on self-assessment and reflection helps students to identify their strengths and weaknesses thereby facilitating setting up of realistic improvement goals. The active role that students plays in self-assessment not only motivates them but also help to develop metacognitive skills which enable them to make adjustments not only in their learning in school but beyond as well
  • Portfolios provide an opportunity to share own learning with peers and review and give feedback on each other’s work. Peer Assessment thus becomes a great support that further facilitates a clear understanding and evaluation of personal goals

How to prepare a portfolio?

It is suggested that the portfolios would include classwork and homework assignments that would help evaluate learner’s progress. Besides this, portfolio should be a space for student to display his/her exemplary work in the related area. The attention should be to promote techniques such as annotation, identification of key words / topics/ themes, summarization and organization of ideas and content, photos, presentations, assignments, art integrated learning, etc.

The sample of creative work and evidences that demonstrate process skills or development of critical thinking or problem solving merit inclusion as well. A periodic review of the evidences includes in the portfolio would facilitate self-assessment by learners who would be more aware of their own learning and be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The portfolio also provides an opportunity to learners to share and comment on each other’s work. Such peer assessment facilitates understanding of criteria of good work to students. It is advised that such criteria be developed and made clear to students. Initially this self and peer assessment would be a guided endeavor.


How to Assess Portfolios ?

Students’ portfolio can be effectively evaluated using a simple scoring rubric.

The criteria – to be used in determining the quality of a particular student’s portfolio needs to be carefully developed and shared with students. They key elements of the particular criteria need to be specified as well.

Suggested are some elements to judge student’s portfolio:

  • Organization – Neatness, Creativity and Visual Appeal
  • Completion of guided work focused on specific curricular objectives
  •  Evidences of student’s growth
  • Inclusion of all relevant work (Completeness)

Teachers can include other subject relevant criteria and elements to assess portfolios

A Word of Caution: Portfolios need to be developed in an easy to manage form. They need to be meaningful but simple and accessible. Developing them should not be a burden on students- both in terms of cost and time.

 Resources and Reference:-

CBSE SECONDARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM 2022-23, (Page -30, 31, 32)

Student Portfolio Importance and Benefit for Learner Teacher and Parent

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HSC Projects

English Project On Glimpses Of India For CBSE Class 10

Table of Contents


India is a country rich in legacy, culture, and variety. India provides a wide variety of experiences that are distinctive and exciting, from the tranquil beaches of the south to the snow-capped Himalayan highlands in the north. The nation is a melting pot of civilizations because it is home to various religions, languages, traditions, and customs. India is best seen in glimpses, which highlight the nation’s diversity, history, and various cultural nuances. In this project, we’ll delve further into the various facets of India and discover its charm and distinctiveness.

India is renowned for its varied traditions and culture, which change depending on the location. There are 29 states in the nation, and each has its own distinct dialect, menu, fashion, and festivals. For instance, the south of India is renowned for its rice-based cuisines, whereas the north of India is renowned for its spicy cuisine. The west is renowned for its street cuisine, while the east is famed for its sweets. The nation as a whole celebrates holidays like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, and Guru Nanak Jayanti with similar fervour. India’s diversity is part of what makes it so beautiful, and it is amazing to observe how people from all cultures get along and honour one another’s customs.

portfolio project class 10 english

Unmatched beauty may be seen in India’s landscapes, monuments, and people. Some of the most famous places on earth are found in this nation, including the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other architectural wonders that draw visitors from all over the world are the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, and the Lotus Temple in Delhi.

India’s natural beauty is equally as captivating as its monuments. India offers a wide variety of experiences to its visitors, from the Himalayan mountains’ snow-capped peaks to Kerala’s backwaters. There are various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the nation, such as the Kaziranga National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, and Ranthambore National Park, where tourists can observe the variety of animals.

The people of India, who are friendly and hospitable and greet visitors with open hearts, are the final component of India’s beauty. People in the nation are proud of their legacy and ready to share it with others, which helps to preserve the nation’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

portfolio project class 10 english

India is a nation of festivals, and it observes a number of them throughout the year. India’s culture revolves around festivals, which provide a window into the nation’s voluminous history and customs. In India, some of the most well-known holidays are Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, and Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Diwali sometimes referred to as the “Festival of Lights,” is widely observed throughout the nation. To symbolize the triumph of good over evil, people light lights and candles and decorate their homes with rangolis, flowers, and diyas.

The “Festival of Colours,” usually referred to as Holi, is another well-known holiday in India. People celebrate the spring festival by hurling colored powders and water at one another.

To commemorate Lord Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana, Dussehra is observed. In several regions of the nation, it is observed with tremendous fervour, and plays retelling the Ramayana are performed.

Muslims around the nation celebrate Eid to commemorate the conclusion of the fasting month of Ramadan. To commemorate the event, people dress in new attire, go to mosques, and cook delectable cuisine.

Christians in India rejoice in the holiday season by singing carols, putting up Christmas trees, and giving gifts.

Sikhs commemorate Guru Nanak Jayanti, the anniversary of the founder of Sikhism, by celebrating it. People visit gurudwaras to make prayers and ask for blessings during this joyful occasion.

portfolio project class 10 english

India is renowned for its varied, regionally-specific cuisine. Indian food is distinctive and delectable due to the combination of spices, herbs, and flavours. The geography, climate, and culture of the nation have a significant impact on its cuisine.

In North India, some of the most well-known foods are butter chicken, naan, tandoori chicken, and chole bhature. South Indian food is well known for its dosas, idlis, vadas, and sambar and is primarily vegetarian. Rasgullas, sandesh, and mishti doi are just a few of the delicious sweets that are a staple of East Indian cuisine. The popular street foods in West India include vada pav, pav bhaji, and bhel puri.

The range of spices used in Indian cuisine, such as cardamom, cumin, turmeric, and coriander, is also well-known. In addition to giving food flavour, these spices have a number of health advantages.

Finally, desserts are a necessary component of Indian food. Indian desserts, from ras malai to gulab jamun, are renowned for their flavour and texture throughout the world. Desserts are a crucial component of Indian cuisine as well as the culture and customs of the nation.


India is home to numerous notable individuals who have made contributions and left their imprint on the world. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Sachin Tendulkar are a few of the most well-known people from India.

The “Father of the Nation,” Mahatma Gandhi, was an important figure in India’s war for freedom. He is remembered for his nonviolent ideology and dedication to justice and the truth.

First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru was a forward-thinking figure who helped to shape the nation’s destiny. He created a solid democratic system in India and built the groundwork for the country’s industrial and economic progress.

The Nobel Prize-winning poet, author, and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore is regarded as one of India’s greatest writers. He contributed significantly to the promotion of Indian literature and culture and wrote the national song of India.

The nation of India’s first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, was an inspiring figure who helped to determine the country’s political and economic future. She is renowned for her decisive leadership and contribution to the expansion and advancement of the nation.

Catholic nun and Nobel laureate Mother Teresa spent her entire life in India helping the needy and underprivileged. She will be remembered for her dedication to helping people and her unselfish service.

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is regarded as one of the best batsman in history. A generation of young cricketers has been motivated to achieve their aspirations by him, who serves as an inspiration to millions of cricket fans in India and around the world.

portfolio project class 10 english

One of the biggest film industries in the world is Indian cinema, or Bollywood. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali are just a few of the languages that the Indian film industry creates films in. It is also renowned for its distinctive storytelling and music.

Bollywood films are renowned for their vibrant song and dance routines, dramatic plotlines, and oversized characters. Many renowned actors, directors, and musicians who have made an impact on the world thanks to Indian cinema.

Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, and Priyanka Chopra are among the most well-known. These performers have helped Indian film develop and become more well-known thanks to their enormous fan bases in India and throughout the world.

In addition, Indian film has given the world some of the most recognisable motion pictures, including “Sholay,” “Mughal-e-Azam,” “Mother India,” and “Lagaan.” In addition to providing viewers with entertainment, these films have promoted Indian customs and culture over the world.

The expansion and improvement of the Indian economy have also been aided by Indian film. The film business employs thousands of people, including actors, directors, producers, and technicians, and brings in a sizable amount of money.

portfolio project class 10 english

The traditions and culture of India have long included music. Indian music has a rich history that encompasses classical, folk, devotional, and film music.

One of the oldest and most intricate musical traditions in the world is Indian classical music. Hindustani classical music and Carnatic classical music are its two main subgenres. These subgenres each have their own distinctive instrumentals, compositions, and singing.

Different parts of India have their own distinct folk music styles and instrumentation, which is very popular. The folk music genres Bhangra, Ghazal, Qawwali, and Baul are some of the more well-known ones.

Bhakti Sangeet, commonly referred to as devotional music, is a genre of music that is performed in churches, temples, and other places of worship as a service to God. Bhajans, kirtans, and aartis are all part of it.

Finally, Bollywood music, also referred to as cinema music, is the most well-known kind of music in India. It is a fusion of various musical styles and is well-known for its upbeat music and lyrics. Indian film music enjoys a sizable fan base both in India and abroad, which has helped Indian cinema become more well-known and famous.

Overall, Indian music is a vital component of the nation’s identity and reflects the nation’s rich cultural heritage and customs.

India has advanced significantly in a number of areas, including infrastructure, education, healthcare, and science and technology. India has become a global leader in a variety of industries and has aided in the expansion and advancement of mankind.

India has achieved major strides in the fields of biotechnology, information technology, and space technology. India has significantly aided the growth of the global IT industry by launching numerous satellites, including the Mars Orbiter Mission.

India has achieved great strides in the area of education in terms of expanding access to school and fostering literacy. To ensure that all children receive free and mandatory education, the government has implemented a number of programmes, including the Right to Education Act and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

India has achieved great strides in the healthcare sector in terms of expanding access to medical care and fostering public health. In order to provide healthcare services to millions of people who live in rural areas, the government has created a number of initiatives, including the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Last but not least, India has made enormous strides in the construction of highways, airports, and ports. The National Infrastructure Pipeline is one of the programmes the government has started to advance infrastructure growth and economic development.

Overall, India’s success in several disciplines is evidence of its development and growth as well as its dedication to being a world leader.

India is a nation with a wide range of traditions and a rich cultural history. It is a land of festivals, cuisine, music, and films that showcase the distinctive individuality and personality of the nation. India has achieved enormous strides in a variety of areas, including infrastructure, education, healthcare, and science and technology, and has become a global leader in a number of industries.

India has remained a strong and dynamic country despite its difficulties, inspiring and enthralling people all over the world. With their varied cultures, religions, and customs, its citizens have aided in the nation’s expansion and development as well as helping to define its identity and character.

In conclusion, India’s glances are a call to travel and experience a nation that is rich in diversity and beauty. India is a nation that is worth experiencing and admiring because it has something to offer everyone, whether it is its festivals, cuisine, music, movies, or advancement.


This is to certify that I, [Your Name], a student of CBSE Class 10 at [Name of School], have successfully completed the English project on “Glimpses Of India. ” This project aims to showcase the rich heritage, cultural diversity, natural beauty, festivals, cuisine, personalities, cinema, and progress of India.

During the course of this project, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore and delve into the various facets that make India such a unique and captivating country. The project allowed me to discover the vast diversity present in India, from the different cuisines, languages, and traditions in each state to the festivals that bring the entire nation together in joyous celebrations.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the breathtaking beauty of India, from its majestic monuments like the Taj Mahal to the serene landscapes of the Himalayas and the backwaters of Kerala. The warm hospitality and friendly nature of the people of India were truly heartwarming and left a lasting impression on me.

The research on famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore, and others made me admire their contributions and impact on India’s history and culture. Their achievements and ideologies continue to inspire generations.

The exploration of Indian cinema, especially Bollywood, and its influence both within India and globally, was fascinating. I learned about legendary actors and their remarkable journeys, which gave me a deeper appreciation for Indian cinema’s rich storytelling and music.

Indian music, with its classical, folk, devotional, and film genres, amazed me with its diversity and beauty. Understanding the role of music in Indian culture and its impact on society was truly enlightening.

Lastly, learning about India’s progress in various fields, such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and technology, made me proud of the nation’s achievements and its continuous strive for growth and development.

I am immensely grateful to my English teacher for guiding and supporting me throughout this project. Their encouragement and valuable feedback helped me present the information in a coherent and engaging manner.

I would also like to express my gratitude to my family and friends for their constant support and encouragement during this project.

Completing this project on “Glimpses Of India” has been a fulfilling and enriching experience. It has instilled in me a deeper appreciation for my country’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. I hope that my project will inspire others to explore and cherish the beauty of India.

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