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Common Core ELA

Common core math, math worksheet generators, printable game generators, printable physical education worksheets.

Physical Education Worksheets

Get kids and teens up and moving with our premium and free physical education worksheets. Use these worksheets covering fitness, nutrition, sports rules, and sports history, for a review or assessment of your phys ed curriculum or just for fun.

Don't see a printable you need? Use our Test Maker™ to create your own printable that fits your needs. Browse physical education questions or use our advanced search to find existing questions while filtering by grade levels and keywords. You can also create your own questions .

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Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Worksheets

Activities and games - grades k-5.

  • How Many Can You?
  • Fitness Bingo
  • Move Your Body Activity
  • Charades Cards - Animals
  • Pirate Ship Game
  • Animal Movement Activity Cards
  • Simon Says Activity Cards
  • The Clumsy Penguin (A Movement Story)
  • Little Bird's First Flight (A Movement Story)
  • Ellie's Big Day (A Movement Story)
  • Jumping Rope
  • Animal Bingo
  • Playground Games
  • Stand and Deliver!
  • Musical Feet

Fitness and Nutrition - Grades K-5

  • Nutrition - Eating Healthy
  • Bike Safety

Fitness and Nutrition - Grades 9-12

  • Principles of Fitness
  • Components of Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness - Weight Training
  • Nutrition - Vitamins & Minerals

Health - Grades 9-12

  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Conception and Pregnancy
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Peer Relationships

Sports Worksheets with Self-paced Lessons

Teachers and parents, please note: if you assign a sports lesson and worksheet to be done online rather than in print, you must give them as separate assignments . Your online students will NOT be able to see the link to the accompanying worksheet when they read the lesson. So if you want them to do the worksheet, assign it separately.

  • Archery (lesson & worksheet)
  • Auto Racing (lesson & worksheet)
  • Baseball Slang (lesson & worksheet)
  • The Object of Baseball (lesson & worksheet)
  • Basketball Scoring (lesson & worksheet)
  • Bowling (lesson & worksheet)
  • Extreme Sports (lesson & worksheet)
  • Field Hockey (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football (lesson & worksheet)
  • Golf (lesson & worksheet)
  • Gymnastics (lesson & worksheet)
  • Horses in Sports (lesson & worksheet)
  • Ice Hockey (lesson & worksheet)
  • Kickball (lesson & worksheet)
  • Marbles (lesson & worksheet)
  • Soccer (lesson & worksheet)
  • Table Tennis (lesson & worksheet)
  • Tennis (lesson & worksheet)
  • Unusual Sports (lesson & worksheet)

Grades 6-12

  • Baseball Pitches: Breaking Ball (lesson & worksheet)
  • Baseball Pitches: Fastball (lesson & worksheet)
  • Basketball Rules (lesson & worksheet)
  • Basketball Strategies (lesson & worksheet)
  • Basketball: Origins (lesson & worksheet)
  • Cricket (lesson & worksheet)
  • Eight-ball Pool (lesson & worksheet)
  • Fencing (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football: Defensive Formations (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football: Offensive Formations (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football: Offensive Backs (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football: Receivers and Tight Ends (lesson & worksheet)
  • Football Rules (lesson & worksheet)
  • Games People Played (lesson & worksheet)
  • Olympic Games Geography (lesson & worksheet)
  • Paralympic Games (lesson & worksheet)
  • Pickleball (lesson & worksheet)
  • Sports of Medieval Europe (lesson & worksheet)
  • Soccer Rules (lesson & worksheet)
  • Track and Field: Running (lesson & worksheet)
  • Track and Field: Field Events (lesson & worksheet)

Sports Worksheets

  • Auto Racing
  • Baseball Equipment
  • Baseball Positions
  • Baseball Rebus
  • Baseball Words
  • Baseball Slang
  • Baseball Geography, American League Teams
  • Baseball Geography, National League Teams
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame Bingo
  • The Object of Baseball
  • Basketball Equipment
  • Basketball Shots
  • Extreme Sports
  • Field Hockey
  • Football Equipment
  • Football Jersey Numbers
  • Football Field Words
  • Gymnastics (grade 3)
  • Gymnastics (grade 5)
  • Gymnastics Words (K-1)
  • Horses in Sports
  • Soccer Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Soccer Pitch
  • Table Tennis
  • Track and Field Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Sports Balls
  • Sports Equipment
  • Unusual Sports
  • Badminton Rules
  • Baseball Rules and Strategy
  • Baseball History
  • Baseball Pitches: Breaking Ball
  • Baseball Pitches: Fastball
  • Major League Baseball
  • Softball Rules and Game Strategy
  • Basic Softball Rules
  • Basketball Rules
  • Basketball Strategy
  • Basketball: Origins
  • Eight-ball Pool
  • Famous Animal Nicknames in Sports
  • Football: Defensive Formations
  • Football: Offensive Formations
  • Football: Offensive Backs
  • Football: Receivers and Tight Ends
  • Football Rules
  • The Superbowl
  • Golf Crossword
  • Olympic Games Geography
  • Paralympic Games
  • Soccer Rules
  • Sports of Medieval Europe
  • Track and Field: Field Events
  • Track and Field: Running
  • Games People Played

Sports Activities

Sports word searches.

  • Baseball (K-2)
  • Baseball Greats (20th Century)
  • Baseball Greats (21st Century)
  • Basketball (K-2)
  • Basketball Greats (20th century)
  • Basketball Greats (21st century)
  • Football (K-2)
  • NFL Quarterbacks Word Search
  • Gymnastics (K-2)
  • Soccer (K-2)
  • Soccer Greats
  • Tennis (K-2)
  • Tennis Greats (20th Century)
  • Tennis Greats (21st Century)
  • Track and Field

More word searches on a variety of subjects »

Reading Passages on Sports and Athletes

  • Competitive Swimming
  • Speed Skating
  • How Fast Can Humans Run?
  • How to Shoot a Free Throw
  • How to Turn a Double Play
  • Michael Jordan
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Serena Williams
  • Mariano Rivera
  • Gabby Douglas
  • The Sled Race
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Olympic Rings

© Copyright Notice: All worksheets contain copyrighted work and are designed for use by individual teachers, tutors, and parents. Worksheets and/or questions may not be replicated or redistributed in any way outside HelpTeaching.com, regardless of intended usage, without explicit permission .

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pe homework sheets

Download 101 Fun PE Worksheets To Keep Your Students Busy, Focused and Engaged!

Cryptograms, coloring sheets, word puzzles, crosswords and sports trivia for kids age 6-14.

pe homework sheets

Dear PE Teacher,

Have you ever said to yourself...

Don't worry. We have the solution!

101 PE Printables is jam-packed with cryptograms, coloring sheets, word puzzles, crosswords and sports trivia to keep your kids engaged during class.

... or buy you some time when you need it 

This is more than just "busy work!" 

Each activity is designed to challenge your students' cognitive skills, improve their physical literacy, and help them  understand the value of a healthy lifestyle.

Best of all - 101 Fun PE Games is 100% digital and ready for instant download. 

So you can get instant access, print as many copies as you need, and start using these worksheets today!

Here's What's Included

You'll get instant access to 101 printable worksheets to engage, challenge and occupy your students. Plus detailed answer sheets with all the solutions.

pe homework sheets


Solve the cipher to reveal interesting facts about health and fitness!

pe homework sheets

Emoji Puzzles

Substitute the correct emoji to reveal the secret sentence!

pe homework sheets

Use the provided words to fill in the blanks. Learn key definitions and rules about your favorite sports!

pe homework sheets

Fill in the Blanks

Complete these court and field diagrams by filling in the correct words!

pe homework sheets

Crossword Puzzles

Use the clues to solve the puzzle and learn more about living an active lifestyle!

pe homework sheets

Word Searches

Search the grid to find the hidden words!

pe homework sheets

Inspirational Coloring Sheets

Featuring motivational quotes from famous athletes and coaches

pe homework sheets

Sports Trivia

Test your sports knowledge with challenging trivia questions!

pe homework sheets

Sports Ciphers

Crack the code to discover fun facts about your favorite sports!

So Many Fun Ways To Use!

Perfect for PE professionals, parents, classroom teachers, after-school coordinators, youth group leaders, or anyone who works with kids.

Keep kids busy and occupied when you don't have a space to play.

Substitute Teachers

Quick and easy activities for subs. No prep or experience needed.

Early Arrivers & Finishers

5-15 minute puzzles to engage kids at the beginning or end of class.

Homework & Handouts

Reinforce learning of key health, fitness and sports topics.


Printable worksheets for kids who are "sitting out" of class.

Homeschool PE

Fun activities to help parents teach health and fitness.

Limited Time Bonus Gift!

Pe alphabet word wall.

If you're one of the first 500 people to order this month, we'll also give you a free copy of our best-selling PE Alphabet Word Wall  ($29.95 value). It's packed with 26 printable Alphabet Cards covering A through Z. Plus 130 Word Cards to create beautiful displays in your classroom or gym!

pe homework sheets

More than 34,392 Coaches, Parents and Educators Trust the American Coaching Academy

Ready to use.

"GREAT ready-to-use resources.  They provide a variety of themed and seasonal activities that you just need to print and/or display.  They kids love them and they are super easy for you as the teacher/coach!"

pe homework sheets

Barbara Faulkner

Elementary PE Teacher

No More Searching

"No more searching all over the internet, trying to get the material you need, you can get it all here! I would recommend these to any and EVERY coach and parent out there, whether it's for P.E., sports, or just looking for fun activities that will get your kids up and moving!"

pe homework sheets

Mike Peters

Fortitude Athletic Development and Nutrition

Easy to Set Up

"The lessons and activities are so simple and easy to set up. If you print out the papers, it makes it super easy for a substitute to follow with the step by step instructions and pictures."

pe homework sheets

Krystina Kolbe

Bradenton, Florida

No Experience? No Problem.

"An enormous selection of Physical activities for students of all ages.  As a retired secondary maths teacher often doing relief in primary schools with no experience whatsoever in teaching PE the resources I have got from them are invaluable."

pe homework sheets

Joan Manson

Waverley, New Zealand

My Students Love Everything!

"I have an entire 3 inch binder dedicated to the American Coaching Academy lessons that I use within my physical education program.  My students LOVE everything I have used.  I highly recommend checking them out to all my colleagues!"

pe homework sheets

Lorraine Meloche Giorgino

Makes My Life Less Stressed

"Thanks so much for making my life less stressed this year. I have recommended your site to other teachers because it's so easy to implement and the students enjoy the activities."

pe homework sheets

Cindy Thorne

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

How It Works

This resource is 100% printable and instantly available online. You can have your hands on these worksheets just 30 seconds from now!

pe homework sheets

Secure Instant Access

As soon as your order is securely processed, we'll direct you to the download area, where you can download the everything in PDF Format

pe homework sheets

Download and Print

Save the file directly to your computer or mobile device. Then print the pages you need in just a few minutes!

pe homework sheets

Now you're ready to go! Print out as many worksheets as you need for your own personal or classroom use.

 Quick! Before Time Runs Out

pe homework sheets

Full Package Includes

  $49  $29   $19.95.

pe homework sheets

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~ Made in the USA ~

pe homework sheets

60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked. No fine print. No wiggle clauses. You love the material or you don’t pay for it. Period .

© American Coaching Academy

pe homework sheets

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PE Homework - Active Every Day

This resource has been developed by primary teachers to bring your child’s Physical Education experience home. The PE Homework – Active Every Day activities are designed to complement the activities that your child is learning in school. How to use this resource This resource provides a selection of activities that your child can choose from, based on the strand that they are exploring in their Physical Education class. The activities in this resource are differentiated across three levels - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Level 1 is generally aligned to the infant classes,
  • Level 2 is generally aligned to 1st, 2nd or 3rd classes,
  • Level 3 is generally aligned to 4th, 5th or 6th classes.

Select the activities that best suit the needs and abilities of your child. Children can move up or down through the levels if they wish. If there is more than one child in the household, they can help each other with their PE homework! The activities outlined in this resource can be completed inside the home or outside in whatever space is available to the child. All activities can be completed individually by the child, or they can be adapted to include family members, neighbours or friends. Remember to warm-up before you start! Scroll down to find some fun warm-up and cool-down activities. Children can track their progress using the PE Homework charts below, or document their efforts in a PE journal.

This resource pack is also available in Irish.

pe homework sheets

PE Homework Activities

pe homework sheets

PE Homework Charts – Track your Progress

Click on the image to download each chart. You can print it out and display it in the home to track their progress, or you can keep a note of the activities that you have completed in your PE journal. Remember, if you have a favourite activity, you can complete it more than once!

pe homework sheets

Reflective Templates

This resource invites your child to share what they have learned at school with their family members at home. Encourage your child to show you what they have learned, and to talk about their PE experiences. Your child may have a PE journal, or copybook. Invite your child to use their PE journal to reflect on their learning by

  • writing about or drawing what they did in PE or what activity they completed for homework,
  • setting movement goals and learning targets,
  • keeping physical activity records or
  • creating new games using the skills they are developing in PE.

Download or print the following reflective templates to help your child to reflect on their progress with their PE homework. Each one is available at 3 levels, select the template that best suits your child’s needs.

pe homework sheets

Warm Up and Cool Down activities

Pdst warm up activities.

pe homework sheets

PDST Cool-Down Activities

pe homework sheets

PSSI Warm-Up Activities

pe homework sheets

PSSI Cool-Down Activities

pe homework sheets

Further Resources

Click on the following links to access further resources for Physical Education

pe homework sheets

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PE Update.com - Physical Education Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Tips

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  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - . . .

pe homework sheets

Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - The Components of Fitness

Kyle Krupa and the members of the physical education staff at Mattawoman Middle School in Waldorf, Maryland, have created a series of homework worksheets for their students that they would like to share with their colleagues through PE Update.

2. To download the pdf version of this article (members only), click here: Download Now

Reference Kyle Krupa and the physical education staff at Mattawoman Middle School in Waldorf, Maryland, 2012.

© 2012, Physical Education Update.com, www.peUpdate.com

  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - The Benefits of Flexibility
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - How to Safely Perform Flexibility Workouts
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - What is Flexibility?
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - Calculate Target Heart Rate
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - What is Cardiovascular Exercise?
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - The Benefits of Exercise
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - What is Muscular Strength?
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: PE Homework - Laziness
  • Reproducibles/Fitness: Why Fitness Homework? An Introduction to the Worksheet Series


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pe homework sheets

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  • Where s the Turkey Fitness Game
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  • Dancing with the Skeletal System
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  • Thumbs Up for Learning PE
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PE Central and S&S Worldwide Field Day

What's New Lesson Ideas Newsletter Site Updated: 6-11-15

Great PE Ideas! Superstars of PE

PE Job Center (Job Openings, Sample Interview Questions, Portfolio Guidelines

Superstars of PE

Inspirational Video! Cerebral Palsy Run--Matt Woodrum Cheered on by PE Teacher, Family and Classmates

New Blog! Physical Educators \96 You Are Making a Difference!

Physical Education teachers are truly amazing! I have believed this ever since I become one back in 1986 and I was reminded of how truly special they are the other day while reviewing 236 responses to a survey that S&S conducted on PE Central. Question number 21 of the survey reads, \93What gets you most excited about your physical education job?\94 Continue to read full blog post

Physical Education Teachers

Phys ed camp

Use LOG IT To Keep Kids Active Over the Summer

Log It pedometer walk across the usa

We have searched our site and found some fun things to encourage your kids to become physically active over the summer. Check out some of our cool summer bulletin boards and for a great professional development conference we highly recommend the National PE Institute July 27-29 in Asheville, NC.

  • LOG IT --walk virtually around the USA. Sign your kids up before they leave school!
  • Log It is a Step Towards Fitness (Education World Article)

Best Practices:

  • Leadership and Summer Fitness through "Charity Miles"

Bulletin Boards:

  • Countdown to Summer
  • Hanging Out This Summer
  • Summer Plans

Summer Plans PE Bulletin Board

New! Dancing with Math Dance Idea of the Month | More New Ideas

FREE Top 10 Field Day Activities eBook Enter $2,500 Giveaway Contest for a chance to win the "Field Day of Your Dreams!" 25% off Field Day equipment! Offer code E4213. (Expires 4/30/15)

Free Field Day Ideas eBook

Field Day just got easier! We have worked with our partner S&S Discount Sports to come up with the ultimate "Top 10 Field Day Activities" FREE eBook . You can enter their $2,500 Giveaway contest for a chance to win the "Field Day of Your Dreams!" Check it out!

Free Field Day Resources from PE Central and S&S Discount Sports

Congrats to Nicki Newman Case and her Student!

Last week, physical education teacher Nicki Newman Case, got her Kids Quote of the Week published. She sent us the picture (below) of the young man who was responsible for the quote! By getting the quote published on PE Central, she has earned a $50 eGift card from our sponsor, S&S Worldwide! Here is her Facebook post on PEC. Thanks for sharing Nicki and congrats to both of you!

Nicki Newman Case, PEC Facebook Post " I wanted to thank PE Central for sending me an email that said I won $50 for a published kid quote. I am going to let the kid who wrote the Valentine help me pick out what he wants from the S&S catalog to use in our gym. I am also going to buy him the "I got Published" t-shirt. THANK YOU! I presented the winner of the Kids Quote of the Week with his T-shirt this morning at assembly! He LOVED it! "

Kids quote of the week

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Physical education worksheets for students are valuable tools in promoting active and healthy lifestyles. these worksheets engage students in various physical activities and reinforce essential concepts related to fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. by incorporating these worksheets into the curriculum, educators can empower students to make informed choices about their health while enhancing their physical prowess..

Comprehension: Iditarod (elem)

Comprehension: Iditarod (elem)

Physical Education / Winter

Media Type PDF

Biography: Jackie Robinson (upper elem/ middle)

Biography: Jackie Robinson (upper elem/ middle)

Physical Education / U.S. History

Biography: Michael Jordan (elem/upper elem)

Biography: Michael Jordan (elem/upper elem)

Physical Education / People

Fiction: I Love Gymnastics (primary/elem)

Fiction: I Love Gymnastics (primary/elem)

Physical Education / Summer Olympics

Fiction: I Love Soccer (primary/elem)

Fiction: I Love Soccer (primary/elem)

Physical Education / Soccer

List: Action Words in Sports

List: Action Words in Sports

Physical Education / Action Word Walls

Signs: Action Words in Locomotion

Signs: Action Words in Locomotion

Comprehension: Iditarod (upper elem/middle)

Comprehension: Iditarod (upper elem/middle)

Biography: Deng Yaping Chinese Champion (primary)

Biography: Deng Yaping Chinese Champion (primary)

Physical Education / Tennis

Comprehension: Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony

Comprehension: Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony

Comprehension: Physics and Soccer (upper elementary)

Comprehension: Physics and Soccer (upper elementary)

PowerPoint: PowerPoint Presentations with Audio: Ice Skating

PowerPoint: PowerPoint Presentations with Audio: Ice Skating

Physical Education / PowerPoint: Holiday/Seasonal

Media Type PPTX

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Subject: Physical education

Age range: 14-16

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity


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12 December 2014

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    Unlike the first book the worksheets can be printed from the website after you click on the link. Note: There is dated material in book #1 as the assessments are original homework assessment sheets published in the Teaching Elementary Physical Education Journal, which was published from 1990-2006 by Human Kinetics. We invite you to modify these ...

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    This is a homework assignment that gives students a health related topic with questions about that reading. Along with the reading the students must complete a 30 minute workout. If they get a family member to complete the workout with them they get extra credit. This is done to attempt to get the community involved in fitness as well.

  5. 101 Fun PE Printables

    Full Package Includes. 101 Fun PE Printables: Cryptograms, Coloring Sheets, Puzzles, Crosswords & Sports Trivia for Ages 6-14 ($49.00 value) Detailed answer sheets with all the solutions. BONUS: School Wide License - Share With Up To 10 Teachers At One School ($99.00 Value)

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    Twinkl Move Sports Day at Home - Agility Challenge Pack. Twinkl Move Sports Day at Home - Relay Race Pack. Twinkl Move Sports Day at Home Pack. 5.0 (1 review) Christmas Fitness Bingo. 5.0 (2 reviews) Festive Fitness Fortune Teller. Elevate your child's PE home learning with these fun and easy to use ideas and PE activities at home. Includes PE ...

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    Educake is the easiest way to set engaging, high-quality, auto-marked PE homework. It helps identify students' strengths and weaknesses and provides lots of opportunities for retrieval practice. Educake PE now covers GCSE Edexcel, OCR and AQA, BTEC Tech Award in sport, Cambridge Nationals in Sport Science and Sport Studies. Try a sample quiz.

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  15. Physical Education Worksheet

    30 Warm-Up Ideas for PE Cards - This handy pack contains 30 teacher-made ideas for PE warm-ups. Fun, varied and stimulating, these games and activities are the perfect way of getting your kids ready for physical activities like gymnastics. Gross Motor Skills: Match and Move Game - This match and move game offers so much fun to help children ...

  16. PDF KS3 PE Home Learning Booklet 2

    There are 4 lessons within this booklet, this alongside your practical elements of PE should take you a couple of weeks. The first two lessons revolve around learning about your chosen sport, the other two lessons are for you to plan to improve your skills in that chosen sport. Section 1 - Sports Education Section 2 - Personal Training Plan


    GCSE PE EDEXCEL WORKSHEETS. End of unit worksheets to help with pupil revision. Let me know if these are useful or if anything needs changing.I have also recently added a front cover sheet and a homework checklist sheet and have printed it off and used it as a homework booklet for the pupils. It saves me planning homework each week and makes ...

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  21. PDF PE Homework: Session 1

    Rationale for PE - Page 2. Treatment will help you face your feelings and thoughts. In this treatment program, you will begin to approach those trauma-related thoughts, feelings, activities, and situations instead of avoiding them. You will learn two new strategies to help you. The first is called in vivo exposure.

  22. PE Cover Lesson Teaching Ideas (teacher made)

    Twinkl added Editable Version 1 year ago. Twinkl added Super Eco Black and White 6 years ago. Twinkl KS3 / KS4 Physical Education General P.E. Resources. A series of PE worksheets suitable for PE staff absence or when facilities/weather conditions are unsuitable for a practical lesson.

  23. PDF KS3 Physical Education Work booklet

    KS3 Physical Education Work booklet . Netball Rules and Regulations The origination of netball began in England in the 1890s when the game was derived from an early version of basketball. A set of standard rules for international play was devised by the 1960s and the International