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How to Assign Tasks in Microsoft Word

People working on a shared Word document can now assign tasks ‘To Do’ within the document, then mark a task as resolved or even reassign it.  Here’s how Assign Tasks works and who gets it.

Assigning Tasks is an extension of the existing Comments feature for shared documents. When you use an @mention for someone else in your team or group, a new ‘Assign to:’ option appears like this.

microsoft word assign tasks

Check that box and the comment becomes a task as well, listed above the comment.

microsoft word assign tasks

The person assigned the task gets an automatic email to notify:

microsoft word assign tasks

Assign a task to yourself by @mentioning your own name then assigning the task.

Task is separate from the comment thread

Keep in mind that the task is separate from the comment thread, even though it doesn’t seem that way.

A Task can be marked as ‘Resolved’ while the comment messages continues.

Resolve or Complete a Task

Each Task can be marked as ‘resolved’ separately from the thread itself by clicking on the circle “Assigned to”.

microsoft word assign tasks

The task then shows as completed with a comment added showing who tagged ‘completed’.

microsoft word assign tasks

Reopen or resume a Task

If the task still needs work, click the Undo button to Reopen the task.

microsoft word assign tasks

Or click the Trash Can icon to delete the task entirely.

Reassign a Task

A task can be reassigned to someone else. Add another comment with a new @mention, that will create an optional ‘Reassign to’ prompt.

microsoft word assign tasks

More to come?

Tasks in Word docs seems like just the start of another extension of Microsoft 365 integrations.

There are already plans for Assign Tasks in upcoming Excel.  PowerPoint can’t be far behind.

We were surprised that assigned tasks aren’t added to the person’s Microsoft To Do app.  Or even just a link in the email to add the task to To Do.  Surely that’s on Microsoft’s own development To Do list?

A summary list of assigned tasks should appear in the document. Perhaps a list of comments that can be filtered to show tasks, completed or not.

With better ‘in document’ task displays, there should be room for solo users to make their own ‘To Do’ list within a document.  A great way to manage content in a long or complex doc.

Who gets it?

The Word document has to be saved on OneDrive or Sharepoint, according to Microsoft. We could only get Assign Tasks working on SharePoint, at the time of testing.

Assign Tasks is currently in Word on the web plus two beta releases

  • Word 365 for Windows  v2206 build 15321.10000 and later
  • Word 365 for Mac, v16.66 build 22090700 and later

As usual, it’ll spread to preview and public releases in coming months.

The same feature is also in development for Excel 365 on the web plus for Windows and Mac.

One person Comments in Word Dictate your comments into a Word document Like👍button now in Word Comments

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Two coworkers speak to each other while sitting on a couch.

Sep 21, 2022

Facilitate collaboration by assigning tasks in Word

Rubba Ashwas

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Hi, Office Insiders! My name is Rubba Ashwas and I’m a Product Manager on the Word team. I’m excited to share that you can now assign tasks with @mentions in documents in Word for Windows and Word for Mac!

Assign tasks

This feature allows you and your team to conveniently create and assign tasks directly from within your Word document using @mentions in comments. The people you assign the tasks to will receive email notifications, letting them know they need to take action.

Many of you have enjoyed using the feature in Word for the web. We’re thrilled to now be bringing it to Word for Windows and Word for Mac.

How it works

  • Open an existing document saved to OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • Highlight the text that contains the information you want to comment on and select the New Comment button,

New Comment button

  • Write your comment and type @ followed by the name of the team member you want to tag.
  • Select the  Assign to check box to convert your comment into a task.
  • Click the blue arrow or press  Ctrl + Enter to post your comment.

Scenarios to try

  • Reassign a task: Type  @ followed by the name of the team member you want to reassign the task to in the response field, select the  Reassign to  check box, and then click the blue arrow or press Ctrl + Enter . The person to whom you reassigned the task will be notified via email that they’ve been assigned the task.

Task with the Reassign to check box selected

  • Resolve a task: Hover over the circle at the top of the comment and click the  Resolve task button.

Resolved task

  • Reopen a resolved task: In the right-hand margin or in Comments pane, click the comment that was closed, and then click the Reopen button.

Comment with a Task completed flag


This feature is available in Word for the Web, and to Insiders running the following Beta Channel builds:

  • Windows: Version 2206 (Build 15321.10000) or later
  • Mac: Version 16.66 (Build 22090700) or later  

Don’t have it yet? It’s probably us, not you. 

Features are released over some time to ensure things are working smoothly. We highlight features that you may not have because they’re slowly releasing to larger numbers of Insiders. Sometimes we remove elements to further improve them based on your feedback. Though this is rare, we also reserve the option to pull a feature entirely out of the product, even if you, as an Insider, have had the opportunity to try it. 

We are actively working on this feature, and your feedback is key to guiding future improvements. You can submit comments by clicking  Help  >  Feedback. Please tag your feedback with  #AssignTasks so that we can easily find input about the feature.

Learn what  other information you should include in your feedback  to ensure its actionable and reaches the right people. We are excited to hear from you!  

Sorry, JavaScript must be enabled to use this app.


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Microsoft now allows you to assign tasks using comment @mentions in Word and Excel

published on July 28, 2020

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Microsoft To Do

Along with the new Tasks experience in Teams , Microsoft today announced a new tasks experience in Microsoft 365 apps. You can now assign tasks using comment @mentions directly in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This feature is now rolling out in Word and Excel for the web, with PowerPoint for the web availability coming soon. These assigned tasks will also show up in Planner and To Do in the future.

  • @mention task assignments trigger email notifications with a link to the comment in the document.
  • The email notification shows your comment alongside the associated Word sentence, Excel cell, or PowerPoint slide.
  • The person you @mentioned can also respond to the comment directly from their email notification without opening the associated doc.

By Q121, @mentions task support will be available to all Excel, Word, and PowerPoint users.

Source: Microsoft

More about the topics: Excel , microsoft , Microsoft To-Do , powerpoint , word

Pradeep Viswav

Software and Services Expert

Pradeep is a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate. He was also a Microsoft Student Partner. He is currently working in a leading IT company.

microsoft word assign tasks

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microsoft word assign tasks

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How to work more productively with Word’s new comment options

Your email has been sent

Image of Susan Harkins

Whether you work alone or collaborate with others in your organization, you probably rely on comments when working in Microsoft Word documents. In Word, you can leave reminders about something you need to research or ask questions of others. Thanks to collaboration, Microsoft Word comments have seen a lot of improvements. In this Word tutorial, I’ll show you how to use these new options.

I’m using Microsoft 365 and comment improvements are available only in Microsoft 365 and Word Online. There’s no demonstration file; you won’t need one. I’m using Word, but comments are also available in Excel and PowerPoint.

SEE: Microsoft 365: A cheat sheet (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

How to comment in Microsoft Word

If you don’t use comments in Microsoft Word, you might want to consider adding them to your toolbox – comments are easy to use and allow you, the author, to continue working while “in the groove.” Simply add a comment as a reminder that you can resolve later.

To enter a comment in Word, place the insertion point into the text or content you want to annotate. Then, do one of the following:

  • Click the Review tab and then click New Comment in the Comments group.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + M.
  • Right-click in the content and choose New Comment from the resulting submenu.
  • If you’re working in the contextual Comments pane, click New ( Figure A ).

Word comments feature.

Once you’ve entered the Word comment’s text, press Ctrl + Enter or click the Post Comment button to commit the comment (so collaborators can see it).

How to view comments in Microsoft Word

It’s easy to view Word comments when working alone. Comments appear at the right margin on the same line as the insertion point. All active comments are visible. If you select a comment, Word displays a border around it and moves the comment closer to the page ( Figure B ). Notice that I’m not working in the Comments pane (more about that later).

Word comments figure B.

The Post Comment button (circled in Figure B) is new. Collaborators won’t see comments until you click this button or press Ctrl + Enter. Direct feedback to Microsoft suggested that users found seeing comments live was confusing. Now, commenters can review and edit a comment before committing it, and collaborators aren’t distracted by the live-action commenting.

How to assign tasks in Microsoft Word

Collaborators using Word Online with an Enterprise license can assign tasks by prefacing the person’s name with the @ symbol ( Figure C ). Simply enter the @ character and the first few letters of the person’s name, and Word will provide an AutoComplete list. Once you commit the task, the assignee will receive an email with a link to the task. If that person doesn’t have permission to view the document, you will receive an email asking to provide permission for the assignee. The assignee can even reassign the task. Unfortunately, if you add a task in Word Online, you won’t see it when you open the document in the desktop.

Word comments figure c.

How to resolve a comment in Microsoft Word

Each comment is visible in the contextual pane (Figure B) until you resolve it. That means you have dealt with the comment, and it is no longer needed. In a short document that only you are working on, you might not bother, but when collaborating, resolving comments is important, especially when assigning a task. First, you’ll declutter things a bit. Second, collaborators won’t be confused by issues they know have been resolved. To resolve a comment, simply click the three-button icon in the top-right corner and choose Resolve Thread ( Figure D ).

Word comments figure d.

How to use the Comments pane in Microsoft Word

Earlier, I mentioned Word’s Comments pane, which shows all comments, including those previously resolved. To see this pane, click Comments in the top-right corner of the Word window. For the most part, you want to work in the contextual pane because it displays only the active comments. However, the Comments pane lets you access resolved comments and reopen them.

SEE: 83 Excel tips every user should master (TechRepublic)

How to add formatting to comments in Microsoft Word

Comments now support limited formatting: bold, italics, underline, font colors, highlight and strikethrough. For now, not every format is supported in the contextual pane. Apply formats in the Reviewing pane ( Figure E ) and the other panes will display them. The Reviewing pane isn’t available online yet. Nor is the formatting displayed in the online version.

Word comments figure E.

How to add graphics to comments in Microsoft Word

You can now add a graphic file to a comment, but it won’t be displayed online. You may see a notice that mentions content can’t be displayed or an empty comment — you’ll know something’s there, but you won’t see the graphic. Insert a graphic file into a comment the same way you would anywhere else. Create a new comment and click inside the comment control. Then, click the Insert tab and continue as you normally would. Figure F shows a sticker from the stock images. You can’t insert graphics in the online version.

Word comments figure f.

Additional notes about using comments in Microsoft Word

If you have collaborators using older versions of Microsoft Word, everyone can still see comments. Features not currently available in comments are:

  • AutoFormat or Math AutoCorrect
  • AutoText or Quick Parts
  • You can edit other’s comments only in the Reviewing pane.

The author and all participants in a particular thread will receive notifications when that comment is changed. If you’re working on a complex document with lots of commenting, you can temporarily turn off notifications as follows:

  • In OneDrive (where you’re collaborating), click App Launcher (the square consisting of dots to the left) and choose OneDrive.
  • Click Settings — the gear icon in the top-right — and click Options.
  • In the left pane, choose Notifications.
  • Disable the People Make Changes To Files We Are Sharing option ( Figure G ) and click Save.

Word comments figure g.

The one problem I see with turning notifications off is that it’s all or nothing. You might have other documents for which you still want to receive notifications, and if you disable this option, you won’t get them.

If security is a concern, note that comments are stored only on your end. Microsoft doesn’t have access to comments.

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microsoft word assign tasks

Manage your work, tasks, and projects

In a busy, work-from-anywhere world, it’s essential to keep your work and projects on track. Learn how to stay on top of your individual and team tasks—from beginning to end.

What is work tracking?

Work tracking is the process of tracking and managing your tasks, projects, and hours. You can do this manually, or through an app, software, or online tool.

Microsoft To Do

Stay on top of your individual to-do items and work tasks.

Microsoft Lists

Track information, organize work, and collaborate across your business.

Microsoft Planner

View and manage team tasks and plans in information-rich cards on a Kanban board.

Microsoft Project

Manage projects of all sizes that require flexibility, dynamic scheduling, sub-tasks, dependent tasks, and reporting.

Work tracking empowers your entire organization

Keep your project on schedule and your hybrid workforce organized with Microsoft 365 .

See your tasks across platforms

Keep tabs on your work items, assign tasks in the apps you use daily, stay on top of it all, prioritize what’s important.

A person working at their desk.

View tasks and projects as you move between devices, keeping you focused and productive.

A person working at a plant store using a tablet.

Access all your tasks along with the associated details, due dates, files, and people.

Three people working on laptops and having a meeting.

Use @mentions within comments in Microsoft Teams, Word , Excel , and PowerPoint to create and assign tasks. 1 Receive an email notification when you’re assigned a task.

Three people in an office looking at plans spread out on a table.

Track information, tasks, and plans so nothing gets missed.

Two people working together on a Whiteboard on a tablet.

Organize individual tasks in Microsoft To Do using intelligent features to highlight which ones are high priority.

Benefits of task tracking

Work and task tracking software helps your team stay on target, together. Increase efficiency, improve teamwork, and create better project outcomes.

A person presenting data being displayed on a large screen behind them.

Organize your day from start to finish with task management

A person working from home with a laptop and notebook.

Collaborate seamlessly in a hybrid workplace

A person sitting outdoors, smiling and looking at a tablet.

Track your team’s progress—anywhere, on any device

Ready for microsoft 365.

Learn how a work tracking system can help make your team more effective.

Frequently asked questions

The work tracking apps included in Microsoft 365 can help you stay on top of tasks and projects and allow you to collaborate in real-time with co-workers. Learn more about managing tasks across Microsoft 365 .

Microsoft Lists, Planner, To Do, and the Task app in Teams are included with Microsoft 365 business subscriptions.

Lists is for information tracking and has ready-made templates and lots of customization options; Planner is for task management and features Kanban boards so you can visually organize your team's tasks; and with Project, your team can take charge of projects (big or small), work with different views, and see project insights.

Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based work tracking tools can help you monitor tasks through your PC, smartphone, or mobile device. Download the app, and then manage your tasks and projects on the go.

With Microsoft Planner, you can create Kanban boards with content-rich tasks and features such as files, checklists, and color-coded labels. Easily spotlight due dates, your project status, and other essential information.

Consider the Microsoft To Do app when planning your day. Map out daily and weekly to-do lists, set reminders, and share your checklist with friends, family, and colleagues.

In a remote work environment, it’s important to stay on top of team projects. Microsoft offers several cloud-based productivity, information tracking, and task management software solutions: Collaborate and view visual status charts in Planner and Microsoft Teams; compile and track information in Lists; tackle small or large projects and initiatives in Project; and more.

1 Available now on Word for the web and Excel for the web.

microsoft word assign tasks

microsoft word assign tasks

Assign and track tasks in Teams

You can use the Tasks app in Teams to manage your team's work, either creating task lists yourself in Shared lists, or using task lists published to you by upper management to pass on to your frontline workers. 

Task sources in Teams

You can assign all these tasks in Teams, and people who are assigned tasks can indicate in the Tasks app when they start and complete a task. The whole team can view team progress on completing the list of tasks, and managers who send you published task lists can track progress of those tasks—both whether they've been assigned and how close to complete they are. 

For an overview of the full task list publishing process, see Publish task lists to create and track work in your organization .

For help creating plans, see  Create a plan in Microsoft Planner and  Add tasks to a plan .

When you sign in to Teams and select the Tasks app, you'll get notification if your team received a new task list, in your  Activity  feed.

Assign tasks to people  

On the  All your lists  page, select  Tasks  under  Shared plans  on the left.  

Note:  Tasks that are part of shared plans, not published lists, aren't listed in the general Tasks list. Instead, each plan is listed under Shared plans—just select a plan to see its tasks, assign them, and so on.

The Tasks (General) task list

You can assign up to 11 people to a task. They will all see the task in their  Assigned to you  list when they open Tasks.

   When any team member marks a task “Complete”, it is marked complete for all team members. 

Track your team’s progress 

In addition to the list, your team’s tasks can be viewed as a board, chart, or schedule on a calendar. All these views include all of your team’s tasks, whether published or not. 

The  Board  shows your team’s task by bucket.

Board view of Tasks in Teams

The  Charts  provide a visual summary of the plan and its progress.

Charts view of Tasks in Teams

The  Schedule  presents the tasks by due date, in a weekly or monthly view.

Schedule view of Tasks in Teams

Select  List ,  Board ,  Charts , or  Schedule at the top of the Planner window to switch between them. 

Customize your views in a flash 

Do you want to see only the tasks due next week on the schedule calendar? Or just menswear and womenswear department tasks on the board? Or tasks with the word “Inventory” in the title? Filters offer a handy way to see exactly what you want to, on any of the available views. 

Select  Filter  in the top right of the page and select as many options as you need. Or type a keyword. Or do both!    

The options remain selected when you switch from  List  to  Charts  to  Board  and back again.   

To de-select a filter, select the option again. Or select  Clear  to start over. 


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

microsoft word assign tasks

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

microsoft word assign tasks

Microsoft 365 training

microsoft word assign tasks

Microsoft security

microsoft word assign tasks

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

microsoft word assign tasks

Ask the Microsoft Community

microsoft word assign tasks

Microsoft Tech Community

microsoft word assign tasks

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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Free Microsoft Word Project Plan Templates With a How-To Guide

By Kate Eby | July 13, 2023

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Link copied

We’ve assembled the most useful Microsoft Word project plan templates to help you manage project tasks, timelines, and statuses. Use the project plan template to outline, track, and manage projects, thus promoting consistency and clarity. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a simple project plan template , a streamlined one-page project plan template , a printable project plan template , and more. Plus, learn how to create a project plan in Microsoft Word .

Microsoft Word Project Plan Template

Project Plan Template Microsoft Word

Download the Sample Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word Download the Blank Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

This comprehensive project plan template provides a detailed structure for planning any type of project. Use this template to list project deliverables, scope, start and end dates, assignees, durations, and additional comments for each project task. Then share status updates for project tasks and comments with your project team and stakeholders to ensure that your project stays on track and meets its objectives.

Learn more about project planning and how to chart project tasks and resources with this collection of top project plan templates .

Simple Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

Simple Project Plan Template Microsoft Word

Download the Simple Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

Use this simple project plan template to streamline your project planning process. Enter your project’s name, manager, deliverables, and scope statement at the top of the template, and then list project tasks, work breakdown structure (WBS) numbers, personnel assignments, dates, and task status updates below. Set the project start and end dates, and share the overall progress percentage with your team as the project evolves.

One-Page Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

One-Page Project Plan Template Microsoft Word

Download the One-Page Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

This complete one-page project plan template provides the structure for successful project planning. The template provides space for you to list and track team member assignments, WBS numbers, dates, statuses, and comments for each project task. Use this project plan template to set the project deliverables, scope, and start and end dates. By doing so, you can keep your project organized and ensure that your team makes consistent progress toward its goal.

For a variety of helpful templates to structure your project plan, see this collection of Google Docs project plan templates .

Printable Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

Printable Project Plan Template Microsoft Word

Download the Printable Project Plan Template for Microsoft Word

Take advantage of this comprehensive, printable project plan template to streamline communication with your team and stakeholders. The template is specifically formatted for optimal printing, ensuring that every detail, from task prioritization to assignment distribution, is clearly visible in hard copy. With the work breakdown structure (WBS) number column, you can effortlessly prioritize and schedule project tasks, ensuring a clear, concise roadmap to project completion.

Why Should You Use a Project Plan Template?

Project plan templates save time by providing a pre-structured format, which eliminates the need to design a layout from scratch. They also guarantee consistency across project documents, easing communication and understanding among team members and stakeholders.

How Do You Create a Project Plan in Microsoft Word?

Download a Microsoft Word project plan template from this page to manage and track your project. After downloading the template, you can chart your project plan using the unique features available in Microsoft Word.

 Use the following step-by-step guide to download, open, and complete the project plan template: 

  • Download the project plan template for Microsoft Word.
  • Open the downloaded template file.

Project Plan  name and manager

Find more helpful tips, download a template starter kit, and more in this guide to writing a winning project plan .

Tips for Using a Microsoft Word Project Plan Template

A project plan template helps you document and define the objectives, tasks, and resources needed to deliver a successful outcome on time and within budget. Use a template to write, organize, and update your project plan.

Follow these tips for help using a Microsoft Word project plan template:

  • Include Your Project Team: Work with your team when writing your project plan and using a template. The team works to complete project tasks to ensure success, so their input and investment are valuable.
  • Be Specific and Clear: Use the template to accurately document your project plan. Detailed and precise information helps eliminate ambiguity, streamlines communication, and ensures that all team members and stakeholders understand their responsibilities, project goals, and the pathway to achieve them. 
  • Update Your Project Plan Often: A project plan is a living document. Use the template to update your team on project work progress and unexpected changes to the plan. Your updated plan will guide your team through the execution phase to successful project closure.

When Do You Create a Project Plan?

Create your project plan during the planning or design phase of a project. The project plan is essential at this stage for outlining basic project information and preparing your team for the launch or execution phase. 

It is important to remember, however, that a project plan is a living document and should be updated and refined throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Who Will Use a Project Plan Template?

Project managers, team leaders, and team members will all use the project plan template regularly. Stakeholders such as clients, senior management, and investors might also use the project plan template to better understand the project's scope, timeline, objectives, and progress.

The Advantages of Using Smartsheet for a Project Plan

Smartsheet makes it easy to create a detailed project plan using a fully customizable template. With Smartsheet, your up-to-date project plan will be accessible the moment you revise it, from anywhere, by anyone who has access.

project plan advantages

This is an example of a simple project plan template found in the Smartsheet Template Gallery . It comes preformatted with example project information and includes everything you need to get your project off the ground. 

Change the Task information to the tasks that are required to complete your project. Assign each task to a member of your team, mark its status, and enter a start and end date. The template will automatically create a Gantt chart representing a timeline of your project and color-code it based on the status of each task. This template also allows you to mark tasks as At Risk and highlights them red on the Gantt chart.


If you prefer, you can switch to Card View to view tasks by their status. Each card shows the task description, assignee, and start and end date. As your team completes their tasks, click and drag on each card to move them through the status columns. The status of these tasks will update on the Grid View of the template as well and can be seen by everyone with access, in real time.

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover a better way to streamline workflows and eliminate silos for good.

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10 Free Microsoft Word Project Management Templates to Deliver Projects Flawlessly

ClickUp Contributor

February 15, 2024

Managing projects is a handful with a lot of moving parts. Staying on top of tasks, deadlines, and resources is a constant struggle. 

A project management template can help prevent the project from descending into chaos. It provides standardized layouts, outlines, and formatting, making project documentation easier and simpler.

Many project managers swear by Microsoft Word’s project management templates. These templates allow you to track tasks, manage schedules and budgets, and keep all your project information in one place. 

While these templates are a good option for the basic project planning process, you’ll quickly find yourself wanting more advanced features like Gantt charts, workload management, time tracking, and deeper integrations with other productivity apps.

We’ll review the strengths and limitations of Microsoft Word project management templates for you and share alternative templates to enable smoother and superior project management.

What Is a Microsoft Word Template?

5 microsoft word project management templates, limitations of using microsoft word project management templates, 1. clickup project management review template, 2. clickup software project management advanced template, 3. clickup software project management simplified template, 4. clickup simple project management template, 5. clickup high-level project plan template, 6. clickup seo project management template, 7. clickup project management dashboard template, 8. clickup home renovation project management template, 9. clickup real estate project management template, 10. clickup budgeted project management template.

A Microsoft Word template is a customizable, pre-designed document that serves as a blueprint for creating consistent files. It includes predefined styles, formatting, layouts, and placeholders for content. It enables quick document creation by saving time on repetitive formatting and setup.

A Microsoft Word project management template is a type of template that specifically outlines critical project elements. It helps organize tasks, timelines, and team responsibilities to execute a project efficiently. You can tailor it for each project to standardize planning and tracking.

Some of the most frequently used Microsoft Word project management templates include:

microsoft word assign tasks

It’s clear that MS Word project management templates are versatile and span several use cases. However, they’re not a fool-proof project management solution.

Managing projects with Microsoft Word templates can sometimes take work, no matter how convenient they are. Here are some of their common limitations:

  • Limited collaboration: Word templates lack real-time collaboration tools, which prevents teams from working on documents simultaneously. This delay in sharing and editing slows down your project and makes teamwork difficult
  • Poor scalability and security: These templates can get clunky as your projects expand, hampering scalability. Also, these templates lack solid security measures, risking unauthorized access to your sensitive project details
  • Zero automation: Word templates lack the automation capabilities you easily find even in free project management tools . This forces you to make manual updates and waste time on repetitive tasks like status reporting and task tracking  

10 Alternatives to Microsoft Word Project Management Templates

Given so many limitations of MS Word’s project plan templates, you’ll be better off with alternative templates with built-in collaboration, advanced security features, scalability, and automation for mundane tasks. 

This is where ClickUp will help you.

Unlike Microsoft Word, ClickUp is dedicated project management software built to streamline how teams manage projects from start to finish. While Word offers basic project plan templates for tracking tasks and schedules, ClickUp provides a robust set of features and templates tailored for project and workflow management.

With ClickUp, you get customizable task lists with dependencies, assignees, statuses, priorities, and tags to organize work. Interactive dashboards, calendars, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards allow you to visualize projects and tasks from multiple angles. 

ClickUp also centralizes document sharing and collaboration to keep teams aligned. Capabilities like real-time commenting, chat, and @mentions make it easy to discuss projects as you work. 

Finally, ClickUp templates for agile development, creative teams, product launches, event planning, and more provide ready-made frameworks optimized for several project management use cases. 

Let’s check out the top 10 project management templates by ClickUp:

microsoft word assign tasks

ClickUp Project Management Review Template allows project managers to determine if continuing a project is worthwhile. Unlike Word templates, it effortlessly collects stakeholder feedback, pinpoints improvement areas, and streamlines project reviews—all in one place.

It also lets you create custom fields to automatically and precisely track every crucial data point. On the contrary, monitoring project metrics is a manual and error-prone process in Microsoft Word. You can further use features such as collaborative editing, timeline views, subtasks, and Custom Views in ClickUp to ensure thorough, consistent, and practical project assessments.

microsoft word assign tasks

Mastering software project management is quite simple with ClickUp’s advanced templates.

While the MS Word Advanced Project Timeline template only helps outline project scope and structure, ClickUp’s Software Project Management Advanced Template lets you easily handle multiple milestones, tasks, resources, and dependencies. 

It’s your all-in-one hub with ten Custom Statuses for tracking project progress and Custom Fields such as complexity level, duration, and task effort for visualizing tasks easily. You can also switch among the seven Custom Views, including Gantt charts and timelines, to assess your project status. 

The template also includes project management essentials like tagging, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priority labels to streamline your software projects. It simplifies addressing budget, resources, time, quality, and customer satisfaction issues.

The Word template is user-friendly but basic. While it allows you to create a visual timeline layout with intervals or milestones, task descriptions, and project durations, its customization is limited to colors, fonts, and styles. 

microsoft word assign tasks

If technology isn’t your forte and you’re handling complex software projects, try the ClickUp Software Project Management Simplified Template .

An elementary version of the advanced template, it provides a clear view of project phases , including issue tracking, risk management, time tracking, project budgeting, and resource planning. 

It’s a great tool to create project roadmaps without hassle, irrespective of your company size. The steps are simple: Start with a ClickUp Doc where you define the project scope. Then, break the project down into tasks and assign the respective roles to the right team members. Next, use the Calendar view in ClickUp to visualize the project timeline and set deadlines for each task. Finally, start tracking progress and monitor results using ClickUp Dashboards . 

In comparison to ClickUp’s comprehensive features, Microsoft Word’s simple project fall short when dealing with the nuances of software project management, especially ones associated with bigger teams in large companies.

microsoft word assign tasks

ClickUp’s Simple Project Management Template makes it easy to create tasks and declutter your to-dos using the tried and tested waterfall method which is popular for software project management.

Like a waterfall, you start at the beginning and move through conception, planning, design, building, testing, and finally deployment in a fixed sequence. This method emphasizes completing each stage 100% before moving on to the next.

MS Word’s simple project plan template may be enough to describe project goals and objectives. It’s a solid foundation for identifying key milestones, assigning tasks, and incorporating budget information. But it can’t help you organize tasks, teammates, and timelines in one place as the project progresses from one phase to the next.

MS Word also lacks the flexibility that ClickUp offers in visualizing and managing projects, with its Gantt, List, Board, and Doc views.

This ClickUp template makes it simpler than ever to streamline tasks, teammates, and timelines, and filter them by status and priority at any time.

microsoft word assign tasks

Planning a high-level project is a complicated process. But you get to skip the learning curve and dive into efficient project planning with ClickUp’s High-Level Project Plan Template .

While MS Word’s Advanced Project Plan template includes a project overview, timeline, and task organizer, ClickUp goes the extra mile by offering a clearDeliverables List View to keep track of all the tasks, task statuses to keep stakeholders updated on project progress, and even a Getting Started Guide View that gives you a comprehensive project roadmap to stay on track. 

Helpful especially for marketing projects, this ClickUp template has five Custom Attributes—Copy Stage, Approver, Project Team, Completion, and Design Stage—to keep essential project information in one place. 

In addition to Custom Views and Attributes, this template also has tracking capabilities, dependency warnings, and more.

microsoft word assign tasks

If you manage complex SEO projects daily, ClickUp’s SEO Project Management Template is the sidekick you need.

It manages your entire SEO workflow—from assigning tasks to tracking progress and organizing research, keywords, and data. 

To make the most of it, follow these six steps:

  • Establish your SEO goals with Clickup Goals
  • Conduct an SEO audit using a ClickUp Doc or ClickUp Whiteboard
  • Develop your SEO strategy and split it into tasks and subtasks
  • Track progress with Dashboards in ClickUp
  • Use ClickUp Automations to adjust goals and tasks as needed
  • Use Milestones in ClickUp to monitor and analyze results

Why settle for basic project proposal templates in MS Word when you can nail your SEO projects with ClickUp’s advanced suite of features? 

microsoft word assign tasks

ClickUp’s Project Management Dashboard Template is your project’s command center.

While MS Word has a similar project overview template , ClickUp’s template provides everything MS Word doesn’t: real-time insights into development, budget, team workload, and project status that help you understand projects’ inner workings and glean critical data to make business decisions.

Besides the Custom Statuses, this template also offers eight Custom Attributes, from Planned Cost to Project Phase, providing powerful data visualization. 

Its seven views, including Activities and Team Performance, let you easily access data, gain a deeper understanding, and make informed decisions for project success. 

In comparison, MS Word’s project overview template gives only a quick rundown of the project and highlights the key players involved. It allows you to throw in a timeline so everyone knows what to expect and touch on the budget briefly.

microsoft word assign tasks

Renovating a house is a monumental project. You need all the help you can get.  So allow ClickUp’s Home Renovation Project Management Template to lend you a hand.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, this template will offer you a centralized hub for planning, visualizing, and managing every step of the renovation process. Use it to assign tasks, set deadlines, and effortlessly track progress, ensuring your renovation journey stays on course.

Unlike MS Word, this project management template by ClickUp is packed with advanced features including file attachments (like the color palette to pick the right shade for your wall), task dependencies (to ensure the terrace is painted before the ground floor, for example), and comment reactions (for instance, to laud a job well done!).

microsoft word assign tasks

In real estate, juggling timelines, budgets, and resources gets extremely hectic. That’s why you need impeccable organization, and ClickUp’s Real Estate Project Management Template is tailor-made for the challenge.

Whether managing single-family homes or sprawling complexes, the template allows for effortless visualization and monitoring of your entire real estate portfolio. 

Like all of its templates, you’ll find features like Custom Statuses, Custom Fields, and Custom Views to personalize your projects from pre-sales to delivery. Categorize tasks with custom fields—think Estimated Cost and Duration—to visualize project progress. 

As a project manager, you can choose from four available views, including the Activity Gantt and the Getting Started Guide, for a comprehensive overview of your project at all times.

While MS Word barely scratches the project’s surface, ClickUp’s template delves deep, offering a dynamic, collaborative, and efficient real estate project management experience.

microsoft word assign tasks

Equipped with extensive features, ClickUp’s Budgeted Project Management Template ensures projects run smoothly and stay within prescribed financial limits.

From efficient task organization to budget-centric prioritization and real-time progress tracking, this template understands your need for structured workflows, as well as visibility and control over your finances.

It gives you the tools to forecast budgetary needs better, estimate potential risks, and identify areas where you can save money throughout the project lifecycle.

In contrast, MS Word’s Project Budget template is only a starting point, lacking advanced features like real-time collaboration, automated calculations, and in-depth financial analysis. 

By letting you track actual costs against the budgeted costs, this template also helps you measure performance at the end of each project.

Choose Efficient Project Management with ClickUp

Templates can show the way when project management feels like an overwhelming maze of tangled tasks, convoluted timelines, and scarce resources.

Sure, you may be accustomed to MS Word templates, but their limited capabilities falter as projects grow complex and more specialized. Here, ClickUp emerges as not just a solution but a revelation.

ClickUp delivers robust features—customizable statuses, insightful analytics, real time collaboration—that make its templates infinitely more capable and dynamic. With tailored templates for agile project management, creative teams, marketing campaigns, and more in the ClickUp template library, you’ll find options suitable for diverse projects and needs.

So, when you need to navigate the labyrinth of project management, let ClickUp be your Ariadne’s thread. Explore the template library, unlock powerful features like 100MB storage, unlimited members and tasks, and access over 1,000 integrations—all free, forever.

With ClickUp as your guide, you can master projects of any scale and complexity. 

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microsoft word assign tasks

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