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How wCard .io works?

App screen

Create Digital Business Card Online

Make digital business card and make it more informative by adding the following items:

  • Main Action & WhatsApp Button
  • Payment & Social Profile Links
  • Photo, Banners, Portfolio, Videos, Podcast, etc
  • PDF Attachments & more...

Once you have completed creating your card, you can easily share it using any of these options:

  • Add your unique URL to all the platforms and places you find your audience.
  • Use your QR code to drive your offline traffic online
  • Share your card effortlessly with just a tap on your phone using the NFC card feature.
  • Share on WhatsApp, Email, SMS, etc

There are several ways in which your card viewers can connect with you:

  • Downloading your contact information as a VCF file.
  • Sending your contact information to their email.
  • Exchanging contact information directly with you.
  • You can find their contact details in your contact book.


Multiple Pages and Sections

On your digital business card, you have the flexibility to include various pages and sections.

  • Add Unlimited Pages & Sections
  • Drag-n-drop Sections
  • Move Sections between pages
  • Mini-Website Experience
  • Easy Navigation
  • Embed Anything
  • ...and more

Advanced Features

Offering Custom Digital Business card For You

We have developed a set of impressive features aimed at creating, the best digital business card.

Custom Domain

Connect custom domains with your digital business card.

Showcase your creativity with multiple photos on your digital business card.

Enhance your digital business card by adding or embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Make your digital business card stand out by adding or embedding Soundcloud or Spotify audio.

Education & Experience

Craft a comprehensive digital resume with education and work experience.


Easily share PDF documents and business brochures on your card.

Embed Twitter

With this feature, you have the ability to directly embed either your latest Tweets or a single Tweet onto your Digital Business Card.

Get Started

Make your card now to present yourself in better way.


Integrate Any CRM

Send leads directly to your CRM and marketing tools so you can follow up easily. We can work with more than 5,000 apps and have set up many special connections.

Talk to our sales team to find out how you can save time for your team and keep your lead management current.

  • ...and 5,000 more apps

wCard .io is used by people across all industries

Clients who have become our friends for many years

Customer Reviews

Karen Parr

As a real estate professional in Virginia Beach, providing immediate and effective communication channels for my clients is paramount. has significantly enhanced my ability to connect with both buyers and sellers in a dynamic and environmentally friendly way. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for quick updates and sharing of my business card, ensuring my contact information is always accessible and up-to-date.

Carla Van Heel

As a co-founder of Buenavilla Vacation Rental, creating lasting relationships with our guests and partners is at the heart of what we do. has been a revolutionary tool in our efforts to connect and network. Its simplicity and efficiency in sharing contact information have allowed us to elevate our customer service experience to new heights.

Sara Smith

As a freelancer, has been a game-changer for me. The ease of sharing my portfolio and contact information with potential clients is fantastic. Although I wish there were more customization options, it's still an excellent tool for professionals looking to make their mark.

Carl Ambrose

The NFC Business Card from has been a game-changer for our company. The ability to instantly transmit contact information with a simple tap has not only streamlined our engagement process but has also sparked conversations about innovation and technology, perfectly complementing our brand image. The durability and sleek design of the NFC card have further impressed our clients and partners. Investing in's NFC Business Card has been one of our best decisions, offering a seamless blend of functionality and futuristic appeal.'

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that suits your business needs.

For individuals with basic customizations.       

No Credit Card Required!

  • Digital Business Card for yourself
  • Basic customizations
  • wCard Branding
  • Include a profile image
  • Include a cover image
  • Add Education and Experience Tabs
  • Add Contact Form
  • Share your card with QR Code, mail, text, whatsapp, etc
  • Unlimited Social Links
  • Limited Mobile Numbers and Emails
  • Click to Action Button
  • Direct WhatsApp Button
  • Choose Theme Color from our palette
  • 3 Uploads in Portfolio
  • Basic Analytics

For individuals with fully customizations & advanced features.

Everything included in Free, plus:

  • Personalized Link (
  • Custom Domain with SSL (
  • Hide wCard Branding
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 5000+ CRM Integrations
  • Multiple Themes
  • Unlimited Social Profile & Website Links
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Payment Links (Paypal, UPI, etc)
  • AI Magic Text
  • Premium Fonts
  • Dark/Light Theme
  • Embed Musics & Videos (Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube etc)
  • Upload Unlimited Photos
  • Connect YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Chat Integration
  • Calendly Integration
  • Virtual Background for meetings
  • Email Signature
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Add Custom Javascript Code
  • Change Copyright Text
  • SEO Optimizations
  • All Future Updates

For businesses and teams with custom branding.

Everything included in Premium, plus:

  • Premium for all team members
  • Custom Profile & Dashboard Branding
  • NFC Products Management
  • Centralized Leads Storage
  • Teams and Sub-Teams
  • Advanced Team Analytics
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Export Data
  • Business-level support

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Any questions? Check out the FAQ

How many digital business cards can i create.

With a free account, you can create a single digital business card. If you require more than one, upgrading to an Enterprise plan is necessary. For additional details, feel free to explore our Pricing page .

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card (also known as virtual business cards, electronic business cards, smart business cards, and digital visiting cards) is an online means of sharing contact information.

You can create a digital business card on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer, and they’re often more affordable than their paper counterparts. Like typical business cards, electronic business cards can be customized, designed, and shared with anyone.

There are no space constraints with digital cards—you can add as much or as little information to your card as you’d like. In addition to your standard contact information (like your name, company, email, and phone number), you can enrich your card with a photo or video, a logo, social media profiles, badges, PDFs, and more.

Do I need any coding knowledge to create my card?

No. There is absolutely no need to put yourself through programming courses to use wCard. And you certainly won’t need to hire a web developer either.

wCard uses a drag-and-drop editor and requires no prior skills or knowledge to use. We’ve made sure that even a complete beginner will be comfortable using all of wCard's features.

All of the extensions and tools that are offered on our business card-building platform are designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible.

Unlike other card builders, you won’t need any technical knowledge or technical skills to create a new card with wCard. In fact, you can get online with just a few clicks.

Our drag and drop interface has all the features you need as a small business owner or professional to get yourself online.

Can I use custom domain?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Although you can publish your business card under a subdomain that we will provide each card for free, having a website with a bespoke domain adds layers of trust and identity to your brand.

You can connect your own unique domain with wCard.

Connecting a domain to your business card is easy. Follow the on-screen instructions on wCard’s dashboard and visitors will be able to access your site via your domain in just a few hours.

Is my digital business card SEO friendly?

You might have heard that SEO is extremely important when it comes to ranking your website high up on search engine results. And it’s true.

Every card created with wCard will be search engine optimized (SEO) by default. Yet, if you want more control over your card, e.g. changing meta titles and descriptions we allows you to do that too.

Plus, our page speeds are lightning-fast, ensuring that your website or store always reaches peak performance and doesn’t scare away potential clients.

wCard is designed to increase your online presence on search engines with a combination of SEO tools and templates designed for search engine optimization right out of the box.

Will my digital business card be mobile friendly?

Each and every card that you create using the wCard will be mobile responsive by default, but more than that, it will function on any device, not just on a mobile device.

We know it’s essential to all small business owners to be where their visitors are – and they’re increasingly on mobile devices – so we’ve focused on making sure our digital cards are mobile optimized to give the best experience to your card visitors.

Although most of the mobile responsiveness will be taken care of by our platform automatically, you can also see the preview of your card on mobile screen while editing to make sure that your card looks the way you want it to.

It’s one of the design features that will help you build a beautiful card, generate leads, and drive traffic.

How do I create a digital business card on

Creating a digital business card on is simple. Sign up here for an account, customize the design, add your contact information, social media links, and other relevant details. Once done, you can save and share your digital business card instantly.

Does required a subscription?

No! is free to use. We do offer advanced features through Premium, you can check our Prices Here , but it is a completely optional upgrade.

Do I need a Mobile App to use

No, you do not need a mobile app to use The platform is accessible through web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. You can create, customize, and update your digital business card directly from your web browser without the need to download or install any mobile app. This provides you with the convenience of managing your digital business card from any device with internet access.

Is Active of Social Media?

YES! We frequently share updates on our social media channels. Follow us to stay informed about the latest product developments.

Make free business cards online in minutes.

Use the Adobe Express business card designer to create your own personalized business cards. Customize with trending fonts, backgrounds, and more.

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Business Cards with QR Code

Make your business card for free on the Adobe Express app.

Connect and network with this free business card maker..

Despite the increasing dominance of online business tools, the humble business card still has an important role to play. Whether you’re a business professional, self-employed, or in charge of a nonprofit venture, a professional business card is a great ice-breaker. Not only that, it’s a simple and effective way of giving people your contact details. With the free Adobe Express app on your side, designing your business cards is quick and easy.

Discover even more.

Cover Letter

Social Graphic


How to make business cards.

make a virtual business card

Create free business cards for your brand or business.

The customization options available give you the power to create business cards that set you apart from the competition. Be as creative as you like or use one of the ready-made templates to accelerate the design process. Play around with different images, color schemes, fonts, and text layouts. The customization options are limitless.

make a virtual business card

Design standout business cards for free.

Design and printing services can be very expensive, but the Adobe Express business card creator lets you design your own cards for free. In just a few minutes, you can create something that will resonate with new and prospective customers. The huge range of design options available ensures your cards can be unique — which is essential when you’re trying to differentiate your business from competition.

Make custom business cards quickly with Adobe Express.

Business cards are a quick and easy way to convey important business and contact information. If you’re at a networking event, passing out your own custom business cards are an effective way to connect with others while leaving a lasting impression. When you create your own business card, you have the freedom to include all the relevant details you want, helping you make a good first impression. Drive further engagement and keep your business on top of your audience’s mind with custom business cards made with the help of the Adobe Express business card maker. With the Adobe Express free business card maker, making a custom business card design has never been easier.

A quick, free, and easy-to-use business card maker.

A business card not only displays your professionalism, it also keeps you top of mind for those you network with. Use the Adobe Express business card maker to create your very own business card that conveys your personal brand and aesthetic to others at a glance. Remember to include your own logo, favorite color schemes, and contact info to make things easier for people to connect with you. Consider adding a QR code to your socials, too, to streamline the process.

Create easier with the Adobe Express business card maker.

With the Adobe Express business card maker, it's a walk in the park to make a business card that fits your personal style or brand. Whatever vision, style, or aesthetic you imagine, you can easily bring it to life with tons of free business card templates by your side. Use our drag and drop editing features to add icons, graphics, shapes, to showcase your personality and liven up the details of your custom business card. To make your personal or business brand shine, upload your own branded assets and fonts, add a unique color scheme, and so much more. From print to a digital business card, Adobe Express lets you make everything you need for your brand, business, or personal projects.

Frequently asked questions.

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How to Make a Digital Business Card

Digital cards are much easier to create, share, and carry around with you

make a virtual business card

  • College for Creative Studies

make a virtual business card

In This Article

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  • How to Make a Card
  • Make a Card With Google
  • Make a Card in Word
  • Make a Card on iPhone
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know

  • Business card creation tools and apps such as HiHello are the fastest and easiest options.
  • You can also create and export your digital business card directly through Gmail.
  • Microsoft Word also has business card templates you can use.

This article explains how to create digital business cards with Microsoft Word, Google, on your iPhone, and free online.

How Can I Make a Digital Business Card Online for Free?

There are many websites and services to create digital business cards, but we’re going to focus on HiHello.

Go to the HiHello website and select Create a Card to make a new account, or select Log In if you already have an account.

Click Add Card to begin creating a new digital business card.

You can change the card’s accent color by clicking the colored dot you want.

Enter the information you want your digital business card to display (name, email, etc).

Scroll down and click other categories you would like to add, such as social media account names.

Click Logo to upload an image or video clip you want to use for your card’s logo.

Click Upload a photo or video to select the image or video you would like to be the primary visual for your card.

Your new digital business card has been created and can now be shared.

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card With Google?

You can also create a digital business card with Google using Gmail.

You will need to log into or create a Gmail account for this process.

Click the grid menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select Contacts .

From the Contacts page, click Create contact .

From the drop down menu, click Create a contact .

Enter in the information you want your card to display. Click Show more for additional fields you can fill out. Click on the placeholder profile icon at the top of the form to add your own profile picture.

Click Save to save your new contact creation.

You can now look over your new contact and click Edit if you want to make any changes.

To turn this new contact into a shareable digital card, click the three dots to the left of Edit and select Export from the drop-down menu.

From the new pop-up menu, choose vCard to create a shareable file, then select Export .

The new card will also be added to your Contacts .

You can share the newly created digital business card by sending it as an attachment in Gmail .

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card in Word?

You may also use Microsoft Word to create digital business cards or a sheet of cards to print out.

Creating a business card in Word is more rigid than all of the other methods listed here. If you’re in a rush or want to keep things simple, consider one of the alternatives instead.

Open Microsoft Word, select New , and search for “business card.”

Choose a business card template you like most.

In the pop-up window, click Create to import and load the new template.

The template should automatically fill in some of your information (name, phone number, etc), but you can also enter it manually if needed. Click LOGO HERE to attach your personal or company logo. You can also move and resize the image to better fit the card layout.

Once your card is finished you can save and export it as a new file and share the file via email attachment.

How Do I Create a Digital Business Card on My iPhone?

One of the simplest ways to create digital business cards on your iPhone is through business card creation apps. In this example, we’re using the HiHello app.

There are many business card creation apps available, so if you don’t like using HiHello you can always download something else.

Download and install HiHello on your iPhone.

Tap CREATE MY CARDS if you’re a new user or SIGN IN if you already have an account.

To start creating a new card, first enter your name and tap NEXT .

If relevant, add your job title and company name then tap NEXT .

You will be prompted to choose a photo for your card. Select the image you want to use from your phone’s Camera Roll , adjust the size and cropping, then tap Choose .

When you’re happy with the way your chosen image looks, tap NEXT .

If necessary, enter your phone number. If not necessary, tap Skip in the top-right corner.

Enter your email address and tap NEXT .

If this is your first time using HiHello you will need to create an account password. Tap DONE when you’re finished.

You may tap TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS or TURN ON LOCATION to give HiHello access to those features, or tap Skip in the top-right corner.

If this is your first time using HiHello , the app will generate both a Work and a Personal business card for you using the information provided during setup.

Your digital business card has been created and added to your card library. To edit a card, begin by tapping the card you want to change, then tap Edit .

Tap LOGO to attach a logo to your card.

Type in the name of the logo you want to search for and select the one you want from the results, then tap USE LOGO to add it to your card. Or you can tap UPLOAD to add your own custom logo.

Scroll down to see additional information you can add, such as LinkedIn profile.

Tap Save when you're finished editing.

Scan documents to Microsoft Word  using a scanner or the Office Lens app on your phone, or use Image Capture to  scan documents on Mac . If you order business cards through a company like Vistaprint, they might offer a digital card option.

Since digital business cards don't have strict size restraints, you can include as much information as you want. You can even customize business cards for your work contacts, clients, or customers without having to worry about extra printing costs.

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  • Digital Business Cards

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Business Cards

Cardtapp - The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Business Cards

In This Article

In today’s digital era, traditional business cards are gradually being left behind, making way for a more versatile and dynamic alternative — virtual business cards. Understanding the concept and benefits of virtual business cards is the first step to grasping their full potential for networking and marketing. This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about virtual business cards and how to make the most of them.

Understanding Virtual Business Cards

In today’s digital age, it is essential to adapt to new technologies and trends. One such trend that has gained popularity among professionals is the use of virtual business cards. These digital representations of contact information and professional details serve the same purpose as traditional paper business cards, but with added convenience and functionality.

What are Virtual Business Cards?

A virtual business card is a digital representation of your contact information and professional details. It serves the same purpose as traditional paper business cards, but with added convenience and functionality. Virtual business cards can be easily shared and accessed on mobile devices, making them more flexible and readily available to clients, colleagues, and potential business partners.

Imagine attending a networking event where you meet numerous individuals who are interested in your work. Instead of fumbling through a stack of paper business cards, you can simply share your virtual business card with a quick tap on your smartphone. This not only saves time but also leaves a lasting impression on the recipients, as they can easily access your information whenever they need it.

Benefits of Using Virtual Business Cards

As the world becomes increasingly digital, virtual business cards offer several advantages over their paper counterparts. One of the most significant benefits is that virtual business cards are environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste. In a time when sustainability is a growing concern, opting for a digital alternative can contribute to a greener future.

Moreover, virtual business cards allow for greater customization options , enabling you to showcase your brand identity and personality. With traditional paper cards, you are limited to a small space for your contact details and a generic design. However, with virtual business cards, you can include your logo, choose from various templates, and even add interactive elements such as links to your website or social media profiles.

Additionally, virtual business cards eliminate the risk of running out or losing physical cards . How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you desperately needed a business card but realized you had run out? With virtual business cards, this problem becomes a thing of the past. You can easily share your contact details with anyone, anytime, without worrying about running out of cards or misplacing them.

Furthermore, virtual business cards offer a seamless integration with your digital lifestyle . In today’s fast-paced world, where most communication happens through smartphones and other mobile devices, having your contact information readily available on these platforms is crucial. Virtual business cards can be easily saved to a recipient’s phone contacts or added to their email signature, ensuring that your details are just a few taps away.

Lastly, virtual business cards provide valuable insights into their effectiveness. With traditional paper cards, it is challenging to track how many people actually engage with your contact information. However, with virtual business cards, you can gather data on how many times your card has been viewed, shared, or clicked on. This information can help you gauge the effectiveness of your networking efforts and make necessary adjustments to improve your professional connections.

In conclusion, virtual business cards offer a modern and efficient way to share your contact information and professional details. They are environmentally friendly, customizable, and eliminate the risk of running out or losing physical cards. Embracing this digital alternative can enhance your networking efforts and leave a lasting impression on potential clients, colleagues, and business partners.

Creating Your Virtual Business Card

When it comes to creating your virtual business card , there are several essential elements that you should include to facilitate effective communication and make a lasting impression. These elements will not only provide recipients with the necessary information to contact you but also help bolster your online presence and provide additional avenues for engagement.

Essential Elements to Include

Start by including your full name and position. This will help establish your professional identity and make it easier for recipients to remember who you are. Additionally, including your contact details, such as your phone number and email address, is crucial. These details will enable potential clients or collaborators to reach out to you easily.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to include your website or social media handles on your virtual business card. This will not only provide recipients with more information about your work but also allow them to connect with you on different platforms. It’s important to remember that having a strong online presence can greatly enhance your professional reputation.

When designing your virtual business card, it’s essential to keep the overall look clean and professional. This will ensure that the card is visually appealing and easy to read across different devices and screen sizes. A cluttered or overly complex design can distract recipients from your core message and may even discourage them from reaching out to you.

Choosing the Right Design and Layout

The design and layout of your virtual business card play a crucial role in making a lasting impression. It’s important to opt for a design that aligns with your personal brand or business identity. This means choosing appropriate colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect your style and values.

Remember, simplicity and clarity are key when it comes to designing your virtual business card. A clean and uncluttered design will ensure that recipients can easily find the information they need without any confusion. Avoid overcrowding the card with excessive graphics or text, as this can overwhelm the recipient and dilute the impact of your message.

It’s also important to prioritize functionality when designing your virtual business card. With a significant portion of interactions happening on smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial to ensure that your card is mobile-friendly. This means optimizing the layout and design to ensure a seamless user experience on smaller screens.

By considering these essential elements and choosing the right design and layout, you can create a virtual business card that effectively communicates your professional identity and makes a lasting impression on recipients. Remember to regularly update your card with any changes to your contact information or online presence to ensure that it remains current and relevant.

Distributing Your Virtual Business Card

Via email and social media.

Email and social media platforms are effective channels for sharing virtual business cards. When emailing your card, consider including a brief introduction along with a link to your card’s online location. This introduction can provide recipients with a glimpse into your professional background and expertise, making them more inclined to click on the link and view your virtual business card. Additionally, including a personalized message can help establish a connection and make your email stand out among others in their inbox.

When it comes to social media platforms, there are various ways to distribute your virtual business card. One approach is to incorporate your virtual business card into your profile, making it easily accessible to anyone who visits your page. This can be done by adding a link to your virtual business card in the “About” or “Contact” section of your profile. Another option is to share your virtual business card directly with your connections or followers. This can be done by creating a post or sending a direct message with a link to your virtual business card, accompanied by a brief explanation of its purpose and the benefits it offers.

In addition to sharing your virtual business card on your own social media profiles, it can also be beneficial to engage with relevant professional groups or communities. By actively participating in discussions and providing valuable insights, you can establish yourself as an industry expert. When the opportunity arises, you can introduce yourself and provide your virtual business card as a convenient means of contact. This can help you expand your network and connect with individuals who may be interested in your products or services.

Through Networking Platforms

Networking platforms such as LinkedIn provide dedicated spaces to upload and share your virtual business card. These platforms offer a professional environment where you can showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments. By uploading your virtual business card to your LinkedIn profile, you can ensure that it is easily accessible to your connections and potential employers or clients who visit your profile. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to personalize your virtual business card by adding a background image, customizing the layout, and including additional contact information.

While LinkedIn is a popular networking platform, it is worth exploring emerging networking platforms that specifically cater to virtual business cards. These platforms are designed to connect individuals who are interested in utilizing this modern approach to networking. By joining these platforms, you can connect with a broader audience and potentially discover new opportunities for collaboration or business partnerships.

Overall, distributing your virtual business card through email, social media, and networking platforms can significantly enhance your professional presence and increase your chances of making meaningful connections. By utilizing these channels effectively and engaging with your target audience, you can maximize the impact of your virtual business card and open doors to new opportunities.

Virtual Business Card Etiquette

In the digital landscape, it’s crucial to be mindful of proper etiquette when sharing your virtual business card. Avoid overwhelming individuals with your card and prioritize relevant interactions. Share your card after establishing a meaningful connection or when explicitly requested. Personalize your message when sharing your virtual business card to demonstrate your interest and create a stronger impression.

When it comes to virtual business card etiquette, timing is everything. You don’t want to come across as pushy or intrusive by sharing your card too soon. Instead, take the time to engage in a conversation and build a rapport with the person you’re interacting with. This will not only make the exchange of business cards more natural but also increase the chances of your card being well-received and remembered.

Furthermore, consider the context in which you’re sharing your virtual business card. Is it a networking event where exchanging contact information is expected? Or is it a casual conversation where the focus is on building a personal connection? Understanding the appropriate timing and context will help you navigate the virtual business card exchange with finesse.

Following Up After Sharing Your Card

After sharing your virtual business card, it’s essential to follow up to nurture your new connections. Sending a personalized email or LinkedIn message expressing your appreciation for the interaction and mentioning specific points of discussion can help solidify your connection. Be genuine and consider offering value, whether it’s sharing relevant industry insights or connecting them with someone in your network who might benefit them.

Following up is not just a formality; it’s an opportunity to continue building a relationship. Take the time to reflect on your initial conversation and find ways to add value to your new connection’s professional journey. Maybe you came across an article that aligns with their interests, or perhaps you attended a webinar that touched on a topic you discussed. Sharing these resources shows that you’re invested in their success and reinforces the positive impression you made during your initial interaction.

Remember, networking is a two-way street. While it’s important to nurture your connections, it’s equally important to be open to receiving support and assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your new connections when you need advice or guidance. Building a strong network is about fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and being proactive in seeking help when needed is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Making the Most of Your Virtual Business Card

Tracking and analyzing card usage.

Incorporating analytics and tracking tools into your virtual business card strategy is invaluable for understanding its impact and effectiveness. Monitor the number of times your card is viewed or shared to gauge its reach and adjust your approach accordingly. By analyzing data such as click-through rates and engagement levels, you can optimize your virtual business card’s content and design to attract more meaningful connections.

Updating and Maintaining Your Card

To ensure your virtual business card remains accurate and up to date, conduct regular audits to align it with any changes to your contact details, professional achievements, or branding. A stale or inconsistent virtual business card can lead to missed opportunities or confusion. By dedicating time to review and update your virtual business card periodically, you can maintain an impression of professionalism and keep your connections informed.

Virtual business cards offer a dynamic and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, enabling streamlined networking and effective marketing. As technology continues to shape the professional landscape, embracing virtual business cards is essential for staying ahead in a digitized world. By following the insights and best practices outlined in this guide, you can create, distribute, and leverage your virtual business card to maximize your networking potential and build meaningful connections.

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What is a Virtual Business Card and How to Create One?

What Is a Virtual Business Card and How to Create One?

It’s time to upgrade your networking, and the best way to do it is by using virtual business cards. A virtual business card streamlines your networking process and helps you build meaningful connections. 

If it’s your first time hearing about virtual business cards, you’re at the right place. Here’s all you need to know about virtual business cards and how to create one for free. 

What is a Virtual Business Card?

A virtual business card, also known as a digital business card or electronic business card, allows you to share your contact information in a flash and effectively build your network. It’s an online profile page that contains all your information, including:

Virtual business cards by QR Code Chimp

  • Name : Include your full name on your digital business card. This includes your first and last name and also the middle name if you use it regularly. 
  • Profile and background image : Set a good profile image and a relevant background image to create a fantastic first impression. 
  • Occupational details : Clearly mention your job title or designation and the company name. If you’re a business owner, include your business name. 
  • Contact information : Include all your contact details, including your email, phone number, address, SMS, and others that your consumers may need to connect with you. 
  • Social media profiles : Include your social media profiles to allow people to connect with you on social media. 
  • Web links : Mention your website URL to enable connections to visit your website and learn about your brand.
  • Images and videos : Include your images and videos to share more information and better educate your connections. 

Additionally, it has buttons to allow your connections to save and share your contact information with a single click. 

How to create a Virtual Business Card?

QRCodeChimp allows you to make a professional virtual business card quickly and easily. Here’s how to create a digital business card :

Your virtual business card will be saved in your QRCodeChimp dashboard. You can also edit your virtual business card from the dashboard without changing the page URL or reprinting the QR code. 

Benefits of a Virtual Business Card

Virtual business cards are a powerful networking tool. If you want to network more effectively and build meaningful connections for both job and marketing, virtual business cards are essential for you. 

Let’s look at some benefits of virtual business cards. 

Fast and hassle-free contact sharing

You can share your contact information in a flash with a virtual business card. Your connections can visit your profile page and take actions (like saving your information and calling you) with a few clicks without manually entering your details. Hence, sharing your contact info becomes effortless. 

Hassle free contact saving in digital business card

Seamless information editing

You can change your information in real-time, which means the new info will display on your virtual business card as soon as you update it. Thus, you can keep your information up to date and share accurate details with your connections. 

More design options

A virtual business card offers higher design and customization potential. You can choose from various page templates to design a virtual business card that aligns with your profession. Other customization options like font styles, colors, and page styles allow you to design your virtual business card to perfection. And that too without any design skills. 

Virtual business card designs

No space limitations

A physical business card has limited space; a virtual business card resolves that hurdle. You can share your in-depth information, including text, multimedia, social media profiles, and web links. As a result, you can give all the details to your connections and help them know you better. 

Reduced card printing costs and environmental impact

Since you can edit the contents of your virtual business card, you don’t have to reprint your business cards every time your information changes. You can edit your virtual business card and continue using the same business card. 

Therefore, you can save card printing and reprinting costs. Additionally, you can reduce your environmental impact by alleviating your use of paper cards. 

Omnichannel sharing capabilities

You can share a virtual business card across online and offline channels. By printing the QR code on your physical business card, you can share your virtual business card with your offline connections. And for online channels, you can simply share your page URL through email, chat, social media, and more. 

More effective networking

A virtual business card positively impacts your bottom line by helping you network more effectively. You can build more connections in less time, which will positively impact your career and business. Whether you want to get a good job or more clients/consumers, a virtual business card will expedite it.

More effective networking with virtual business card

Final thoughts

If you’re serious about networking, a virtual business card is essential for you. In this digital era, when people prefer social media and digital channels to connect with each other, relying solely on a physical business card isn’t the best idea. 

So, create a virtual business card today to add digital capabilities to your networking efforts. 

Create a Virtual Business Card

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Small Business Trends

Digital business card: 11 of the best options.

digital business card

Building new connections with prospective clients is not just a necessary activity, but it can be pivotal for the success and longevity of a small business.  Traditionally, handing out physical business cards during networking events has been an effective strategy, but digital business card technology is revolutionizing networking and client engagement for small businesses.

However, in today’s digital era, the trend is shifting towards using digital business cards, which are proving to be an even more effective and versatile tool for networking and client engagement.

After rigorous research and meticulous comparisons, we’ve compiled a list of the best digital business card apps. These resources can assist you in crafting a unique and representative digital electronic card that encapsulates the essence of your business and presents it in a compelling manner.

Table of Contents

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card, also known as a virtual business card, is a modern take on the traditional business card. It’s essentially a digital file, usually a cloud-based record, that houses crucial contact details, a direct link to your business website, and social media accounts, serving as a one-stop access point for your business’s digital presence.

The content of a electronic business card is highly customizable according to the business’s needs and owner’s preference. Some opt for a simple layout with basic contact details, while others prefer a more comprehensive approach, incorporating elements like user biographies, professional photographs, geo-location, and other relevant information. This flexibility allows the business card to provide a broader view of the business.

Sharing a virtual business card offers flexibility with several easy-to-use options. You can integrate it in your email through attachments or signatures. Another option is to share the URL of your digital business card via text messages for easy access. You can also generate a QR code for your card that allows prospects to save it directly to their devices with a simple scan.

Some digital business card apps even offer the option of sharing cards through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This feature can be incredibly convenient, allowing contactless sharing of your digital business card whenever both devices are NFC-enabled and in close proximity.

digital business card connecting

Our Methodology: The Best Digital Business Card Options

In our search for the most effective digital business card solutions for small businesses, we have carefully considered a range of factors. These criteria are rated on a scale from 10 (most important) to 1 (least important), ensuring that our recommendations align with the modern networking and professional needs of entrepreneurs.

  • Simplicity in creating and customizing digital cards.
  • User-friendly interface for both creators and recipients.
  • Accessibility on various devices and platforms.
  • Variety of templates and design choices.
  • Flexibility to incorporate brand elements like logos and colors.
  • Options for adding multimedia elements (videos, links).
  • Ease of sharing across multiple channels (email, social media, QR codes).
  • Integration with networking platforms and contact management systems.
  • Ability to update shared cards remotely.
  • Features to facilitate networking and follow-ups.
  • Integration with CRM systems and other business tools.
  • Analytics and tracking of card interactions.
  • Measures to protect user data and privacy.
  • Compliance with data protection laws and regulations.
  • User control over shared information and privacy settings.
  • Affordability and value for money.
  • Clarity and transparency in pricing structures.
  • Availability of free versions or trial periods.
  • Availability of customer support for troubleshooting.
  • Access to resources like tutorials and FAQs.
  • Community support and user forums.
  • Suitability for businesses of different sizes.
  • Adaptability to evolving business needs.
  • Options for bulk creation and management for teams.

By taking these crucial factors into account, we strive to provide you with insights into the most efficient and effective digital business card services available, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern entrepreneurs.

What is the Best Digital Business Card Maker Today?

If you’re seeking the premier digital business card maker today, consider Popl, Linq, and QRcard. Popl offers an assortment of NFC products, Linq excels as a networking tool, and QRcard creates efficient QR-code-based cards.

However, the best choice will depend on your specific business networking goals. Whether you require versatile NFC products, a powerful networking platform, or swift QR Code access, each platform has unique offerings.

By exploring these options in-depth, you ensure an informed decision aligning with your business needs, boosting your networking capabilities effectively.

digital business card networking

The 11 Best Digital Business Card Makers

We have listed leading digital business card creators below to help you pick the best option to create a digital business card for your business.

make a virtual business card

A leading digital business card creator,  Popl  helps individuals and teams make beautiful digital business cards that can be shared in multiple ways.

The company offers many NFC products to make digital card sharing easier. You can get a card, wristband, badge, and other options.

Key Features:

  • You can instantly share information (contact info, social media accounts, payment apps, videos, and files) by tapping, scanning, or sending.
  • Popl enables you to capture leads from your profile. Then, you can favorite, group, sort, and manage all those leads in Popl itself.
  • You can easily export captured leads to your favorite CRM. Popl can be directly integrated with Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, and many other CRMs.
  • Popl solutions can help you grow faster by allowing you to easily make more connections, capture more leads, and generate more sales.

Popl offers 24/7 one-on-one customer support to help business owners design perfect digital business cards.

  • Popl offers mobile business cards with excellent NFC capabilities.
  • The company also allows you to have both physical business cards and digital business cards.
  • You can easily update information on your digital business cards.

Popl offers various digital business card solutions with many advanced features. But these features come at a cost. So you should be ready to buy a subscription plan to use advanced features.

Popl offers a free plan that allows you to create one free digital business card. Its paid plans start from $6.49 per month, billed annually.

Popl also offers a 14-day free trial to try its various paid plans.

make a virtual business card

If you want to leave a lasting impression on people you meet in a networking event, sharing a Blinq electronic business card can do the trick.

Used by leading companies such as Google and Uber,  Blinq  digital business cards are easy-to-create. And you will have multiple ways to share your digital business card.

From the Apple Watch app to smartphone widgets to NFC cards, you have various ways to let people grab your contact details and other related information.

Key Features: 

  • There is no need to take your phone out of your pocket to share your digital visiting card. You can share your card right from your Apple Watch.
  • You can easily customize your business card with your company logo and color scheme to maximize the success of your marketing efforts.
  • You can add your business card to the virtual background of Zoom and MS Teams.
  • Blinq focuses on the privacy and security of its client’s data. So you will have secure sharing of contact information and other related details.
  • There is no cap on card sharing. So you can share an unlimited number of cards to grow your network.
  • It comes Apple Watch app to share QR codes with prospective customers.
  • You can add notes to your contacts’ cards to make them more memorable.
  • You can create dynamic email signatures.
  • Blinq doesn’t have the option to print paper business cards with dynamic QR codes on them. But you can download Blinq dynamic QR code and print it on a paper card with a provider of your choice.
  • You may feel Blinq lacks color customization options.
  • You cannot add videos to your business cards.

Blinq plan for business starts from $5.99 per card per month (three card minimum). All plans come with a 30-Day free trial. For individuals, Blinq also offers a free plan.

make a virtual business card

3. Beaconstac

make a virtual business card

If you are looking for digital business cards with easy QR code functionality, Beaconstac is the right company for you. And the best part is you don’t need an app to share Beaconstac digital business cards. You can share these cards via Apple or Google Wallet.

  • The company emphasizes the security of its clients. Its solutions are SOC-2 Type 2 & GDPR compliant and support multi-factor authentication.
  • You can centrally manage your cards as an admin and enforce brand templates.
  • You can integrate it with your favorite CRM software. Beaconstac’s digital business cards can be integrated with 5000+ CRMs and HR tools.
  • Beaconstac business cards allow you to track how often your prospects have checked out your business cards.
  • The bulk creation feature enables you to create digital business cards in bulk in just two clicks.
  • The company offers world-classed customer support to its clients. So you will not have difficulty creating powerful business cards to make an excellent first impression on your prospects.
  • You can easily update your company information with the help of dynamic QR codes. And you can easily add custom colors, logos, backgrounds, and more to your digital business cards’ QR code.
  • You can get a custom domain for higher plans.
  • The starting plan doesn’t support the bulk creation feature and many other useful features
  • Some small businesses can find it expensive.

Subscription plans start from $6 per user per month. You can contact the company for custom pricing if you are running an enterprise. Beaconstac offers a 14-day free trial.

make a virtual business card

V1CE  is known to offer classy digital business cards. The company offers NFC-enabled cards with worldwide shipping. Moreover, you can order an iPhone NFC smart case with a message. This digital business card solution puts the power of a business card in the convenience of your phone.

  • The best thing about V1CE cards is you don’t have to buy any subscription or use an app to start using a V1CE digital business card.
  • You can choose a base material of your choice for your NFC card. The company currently makes physical cards in metal, bamboo, or plastic.
  • You can take the help of inhouse-designers of the company to design your NFC cards.
  • You can easily add, edit, and delete the information in your profile to share updated information on your NFC card.
  • V1CE offers stylish digital business cards that allow business owners to change their contact details in just a few clicks.
  • You don’t have to pay any monthly fee to use a V1CE digital business card.
  • NFC cards will also have a QR code printed on the back, allowing people with older phones that don’t support NFC to capture your contact details.
  • As the company offers physical cards, there is no free option. So you have to spend money even to try the V1CE product.
  • Sometimes, the product you want to buy might not be available.

V1CE offers NFC cards made of plastic, metal, and bamboo. So the price can vary, depending on the type of material your pick for your digital business card. Black PVC One card costs $70 (without discount). And the price of the Android NFC case is $51, while the iPhone NFC case costs $70.

make a virtual business card

Mobilo  offers multiple NFC options. You can pick an NFC card, NFC key fob, or NFC smart button to stick on the back of your smartphone. Its user-friendly interface allows you to customize your business card easily.

  • Your Mobilo digital business card comes with four powerful modes—business card, landing page, lead generation, and link to any URL.
  • It allows you to track tangible results from your networking efforts. And leads you to generate will automatically be added to follow-up sequences.
  • You can connect it to your HR system to automate on and off-boarding. Doing so will save you time and money.
  • You can create unique email signatures of your team members with interactive QR codes included.
  • You don’t have to pay any subscription fee for using a digital business card for personal use. Buy an NFC product, and you are all set to start using your virtual business card.
  • You can customize your digital business card’s QR code to match your branding.
  • You can update all your contact information on your card easily. And the changes are applied to your card in real-time.
  • There is no free option available. If you want to try this digital business card solution, you have to buy an NFC card.
  • Some business owners may find the landing page minimalistic, and adding a video is impossible.

Mobilo offers NFC cards made of various materials. So the pricing for a Mobilo business card depends on the type of card your pick. Mobilo digital card pricing starts from $4.99 (one-time cost) for personal use. And for a team of employees, the pricing depends on the number of team members.

make a virtual business card

If you are a networking professional,  Linq  can be an ideal digital business card for you. Linq allows you to share information with prospects using a customizable page.

  • You can create multiple profiles for different settings under one account.
  • You can set up reminders to follow up with new contacts. This feature will help you convert leads into customers.
  • You can fully customize your digital business card to leave a lasting impression on your prospects.
  • You can attach one or more profiles to multiple products.
  • With LinqPro, you can embed videos into your card.
  • Linq offers a wide range of products to choose from, including tags, custom cards, badges, bracelets, and product bundles for networking and events.
  • You can integrate Linq with 380+ CRMs.
  • Linq offers real-time analytics to gauge the success of your networking efforts.
  • It offers flexible subscription plans for teams.
  • Some users may find Linq virtual business card app is not as intuitive as other solutions are.
  • You have to pay a monthly fee to use advanced features, such as embedding videos, music, forms, calendar integration, etc.

The price of a Linq product depends on the solution you decide to buy. Linq card pricing starts from $11.99. The networking bundle costs $44.99.

make a virtual business card

7. Haystack

make a virtual business card

Haystack offers beautiful virtual business cards to make a great first impression. It is one of the world’s largest digital business card providers. With  Haystack , you can drive traffic to your company website, social media, or other links.

  • Your Haystack card will have a unique QR code and a Unique URL. So you can share your Haystack card easily with anyone.
  • Once your prospects have saved your business card in their phones, your name will display when they call you. This means your number will not come up as an unknown number.
  • Your Haystack digital business card lets you add an email signature to any email client.
  • Haystack emphasizes privacy and security. So you don’t have to worry about data security.
  • A free plan allows you to create unlimited cards and save unlimited contacts.
  • A paid plan enables you to create a vanity URL for your business card.
  • You can integrate the Haystack card with all leading CRMs.
  • Haystack offers you analytics to understand how effective your marketing efforts are.
  • There is no NFC option available presently.
  • Only premium plans offer access to analytics.

The free plan of Haystack will meet your basic needs, and its business plan starts at $4,95 per month. For enterprise pricing, you can contact the company.

make a virtual business card

8. KADO Network

make a virtual business card

KADO, as it claims, is an all-in-one networking and relationship science tool. It allows you to share digital business cards, receive business cards, and organize cards.  KADO  can help you capture leads and centralize your contacts.

  • With a KADO digital business card, you can edit colors to complement your branding.
  • A KADO digital business card allows you to include the address of your office location, social media links, videos, and personalized buttons.
  • KADO offers multiple options to share your digital business card. In addition to the mobile app, you can share your e-business card via QR code, widget, wallet, or email signature.
  • KADO comes with an admin control feature that lets you fully control how your employees use their e-business cards. This feature will enable you to oversee analytics, privacy management, integration control, and more.
  • It is easy to navigate through its user-friendly interface. So it will reduce the time your team would otherwise spend managing your contacts.
  • The best thing about KADO is you can sync all your contacts to one place.
  • You can integrate KADO with 1000+ CRMs.
  • vCard feature allows you to share your contact details with your prospects even when your Internet is not working.
  • A free plan lacks advanced features like personalized buttons, call-to-action, customized privacy settings, etc.
  • Some small businesses may find KADO business cards costlier than other solutions.

KADO has a free plan with limited features. Its paid plan starts from $4.95 per month. The company also offers a free trial.

make a virtual business card

If you have just started your business and don’t have money to spend on marketing and networking,  HiHello  digital business card is your best bet. HiHello free app is available on Android and iOS devices.

  • You can share your HiHello digital business card with your prospects in multiple ways, including QR code, Link sharing, Airdrop, NFC tag, Apple Watch, and many more.
  • The business card scanner feature enables you to scan physical business cards and have the contact details added to your address book. And the best thing is human verification is done when you scan physical business cards to ensure you have the correct information.
  • You can share your virtual business card by displaying a QR code on a virtual background during an e-meeting on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet.
  • Its professional email signature generator helps you create a professional-looking email signature that links to your digital business card.
  • HiHello offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard to create and update digital business cards.
  • You can include your photo, live photo or video, social media accounts, company logo, Yelp page, chat apps, and much more in your digital business card.
  • HiHello app is the top-rated app on Google Play and App Store. So you can rest assured that you’re using a trusted app.
  • You can easily convert an NFC tag into a digital business card with the help of the HiHello app.
  • It doesn’t offer a bulk digital business card creation feature.
  • Some small business owners can find analytics too basic.

A free plan allows you to create four digital business cards. For a business team of 5+ users, the pricing is $5 per user. And the Professional plan costs $6 per user.

make a virtual business card

10. Switchit

make a virtual business card

Switchit is one of the best virtual business card providers. And the best thing about  Switchit  is that you can create one of the best digital business cards for your teams in just a few minutes.

It also allows you to create reminders and set alerts based on day and time. This will help you better manage follow-up meetings with your prospects.

  • Switchit allows you to add a video/image, third-party content, and custom branding to your digital business card.
  • With Switchit’s business card scanner, you can click a photograph of any business card and save the contact details digitally in Swtichit and your CRM.
  • Switchit works with Salesforce and HubSpot. Also, you can add up to 18 social media platforms.
  • You can add multiple contact numbers and URLs to your digital business card. This feature is helpful if you want to promote some products or services aggressively.
  • You will have multiple ways to share your digital business cards, including QR code, Email, text, link sharing, etc.
  • You will have the option to include branded themes in digital business cards.
  • Switchit offers powerful analytics to track the success of your networking efforts.
  • You can create professional custom Zoom background for virtual meetings.
  • A free plan has limited customization options.
  • Though Switchit offers good analytics to assess the success of networking efforts, this feature is available only in the business plan (topmost plan).
  • There is no option to create an NFC card.
  • A free plan doesn’t have a business card scanner feature.

A free plan of Switchit doesn’t offer features you will typically expect in a digital business card. So you will need to go for a paid plan to design a powerful business card. The premium plan of Swtichit costs $6.99 per month.

make a virtual business card

If you are looking for a digital business card based on a QR code, a QR card can be the right solution. With QRcard, you can create a lock screen image having your personal QR code. This will help you quickly share your digital business card without unlocking your smartphone.

  • You can share your business card without an internet connection. Just show your personal QR code to your prospects.
  • All data is encrypted and stored locally on your device. ‘
  • QRcard comes with an easy-to-use interface. So you can create your digital business card in just a few minutes.
  • You can use any photo as a background image for your personal QR code.
  • You cannot integrate QRcard with any CRM.
  • There is no powerful analytics available, so you cannot track the success of your networking efforts.
  • You cannot create an NFC card.

A free plan allows you to add up to three contact details. But with a paid plan, you can add unlimited contact details. You will require to make a one-time payment of $2.99 for the premium plan of QRcard.

make a virtual business card

Digital Business Cards Today

The use of digital business cards is growing rapidly. According to a  report from Market Research Future , the global digital business card market is predicted to touch USD 242.3 Million at an 11.2% CAGR by 2027.

So you can expect more small business owners to use digital business cards in the future.

Key Benefits of Sharing Digital Business Cards

Here are the key benefits of sharing digital business cards:

  • They are cheaper than paper business cards.
  • You can easily distribute them.
  • Digital business card creation takes just a few minutes.
  • You can easily update information on digital cards.

As an added bonus, digital business cards contribute positively towards environmental sustainability. Unlike their paper counterparts, they leave no physical waste, making them a greener alternative in our pursuit of more eco-friendly business practices.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Business Card

If you’re looking to choose the ideal digital business card app to create captivating virtual business cards, it’s crucial to consider several points:

Know Your Goals

Initiate your search for a digital business card maker by clearly defining your goals. Are you aiming to create an electronic business card just to disseminate your contact information, or do you aspire to utilize it as a strategic tool to bolster your networking efforts? Understanding your objectives will aid you in pinpointing the essential features you require.

Check Different Digital Business Card Apps

After formulating a feature list predicated on your objectives, start examining the various digital business card apps. Analyze their functionalities to ascertain which solutions are aligned with your specific needs and preferences.

Compare Pricing

Electronic business cards could come with monthly/yearly subscription fees or might entail one-time costs. Interestingly, some digital business card apps offer a free plan to create these business cards.

Therefore, it’s crucial to contrast the pricing plans of various virtual business card apps, particularly those that provide the features you necessitate, ensuring you obtain the best value for your money.

Read about Privacy and Security

Always select an electronic business card maker that emphasizes protecting your privacy and ensuring security. Opt for an e-business card maker that employs encryption methods for your data and stores it locally for maximum security.

Consider Reviews and Testimonials

Never solely depend on the claims made by digital business card solution providers. Instead, make it a point to peruse reviews and testimonials on unbiased third-party sites to evaluate the actual performance and credibility of the e-business card company.

Check Customer Support Options

Digital business card

How to Make a Digital Business Card

Even though not all digital business card apps are created with the same features, the fundamental process tends to remain the same for most digital business card makers.

Begin by installing your chosen app and logging into your account. Once inside, select an appealing digital business card template that you wish to utilize in crafting your unique virtual business card.

Your next step is to set up your personal profile by providing basic information about yourself. Usually, this includes entering your name, uploading a profile picture, adding a company logo, describing your professional journey, among other details.

Once you’ve completed your profile setup, you should input your contact details. These might encompass a contact number, website address, Google Maps location, and other pertinent information.

Subsequently, you can add in your social media links, a captivating video, an attractive image, or any other data that your digital business card maker supports. Additionally, you can customize the font and color to align with your branding.

After populating the essential data fields, you can select the specific features you want to activate, which could include URL domain, QR code template, lead collection, etc.

Just follow the onscreen instructions to finalize your digital business card. And voila! Your professional and personalized card will be ready in no time.

Digital business card

The Role of The Digital Business Card in Networking and Branding

The evolution of networking and client engagement.

Digital business ca</p>

rds are not just a technological advancement; they represent a shift in how businesses approach networking and client engagement. In the past, networking was often limited to face-to-face interactions, where physical business cards played a crucial role. However, as the business world becomes increasingly digital, the ways we connect and engage with clients and partners are also evolving.

Integrating Digital Business Cards into Modern Marketing Strategies</h3>

ses can now integrate digital business cards into their comprehensive marketing strategies. For instance, they can be used in email marketing campaigns as a signature add-on, providing recipients with immediate access to contact details and social media links. Additionally, businesses can embed digital business cards in digital brochures, presentations, and websites, enhancing their reach and accessibility.

Personalization and Branding

<p>One significant advantage of digital business cards is the ability to personalize them extensively. Unlike traditional cards, which are limited by space and design constraints, digital versions can be dynamically updated to reflect the latest branding, including logos, color schemes, and even promotional videos. This adaptability ensures that the business card always aligns with the company’s current branding and marketing strategies.

Networking in Virtual Events

In the age of virtual conferences and webinars, digital business cards offer a seamless way to network. Attendees can share their digital cards via chat functions or dedicated networking platforms, making it easier to forge new connections in a virtual environment.

Enhancing User Experience with Interactive Elements</h3>

Modern digital

business cards can include interactive elements like clickable links, embedded maps for location sharing, and even augmented reality features. These interactive components can significantly enhance the user experience, making your digital business card not just a means of sharing contact information but an engaging tool for showcasing your business.

Leveraging analytics for better engagement.

Another benefit of digital business cards is the ability to track how they are used. Analytics can provide insights into how many times your card has been viewed, shared, or which links are clicked most often. This data can be invaluable for refining your networking strategies and understanding what resonates with your audience.

Future Trends in Digital Business Cards

As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate further advancements in digital business card technology. Features like integration with virtual and augmented reality, enhanced security measures for private information, and even AI-driven personalization could become standard. These advancements will further cement the role of digital business cards in modern business practices.

Physical Business Cards Vs. Electronic Business Cards

Electronic business cards – final words.

Electronic business cards are swiftly gaining momentum in the contemporary business landscape, due to their numerous advantages over the traditional paper options. These electronic cards serve as a more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient mode of disseminating contact details.

With a wide array of customization options and the ability to incorporate an extensive variety of information, digital business cards have the potential to drastically enhance your professional networking experiences.

Furthermore, these cards provide you with multiple avenues for sharing, thereby ensuring your prospects can access your details effortlessly.

digital business card connections

What is included when you send an electronic business card?

When you dispatch an electronic business card, it encapsulates all the contact details and relevant information you’ve incorporated during its creation.

Typically, an online business card creator app allows for the inclusion of your photo, contact details, website links, social media links, videos, and more. However, it’s important to note that the extent of data you can include on your digital card can fluctuate depending on the service provider’s guidelines and features.

What should be on a digital business card?

A well-crafted digital business card should encompass vital contact details such as your name, business name, logo, phone number, email address, and website URL, as well as social media profiles.

Additionally, it can be advantageous to include a call-to-action button to motivate recipients to take a specific action, such as scheduling a consultation, visiting your website, or even following your social media profiles.

digital business card socials

Are electronic business cards worth it?

Absolutely! Electronic business cards are completely worth the investment. They are an exceptional medium for exchanging contact information and cultivating valuable business relationships.

In addition to being significantly more affordable than physical business cards, digital cards champion environmental sustainability. They also offer versatile sharing options, including email, QR codes, text messages, link shares, and more. Importantly, they can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM system, thus facilitating the conversion of leads into customers in a streamlined manner.

The increasing use of digital business cards presents an exciting and efficient alternative to traditional paper-based business cards. The shift towards digital cards is driven by their cost-effectiveness, ease of distribution, and the ability to update information swiftly. As we look ahead, the global digital business card market is expected to continue its growth, indicating a rising trend among small business owners and professionals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Business Cards in 2023 (Summer Update)

Thinking about digital business cards? Learn about the pros and cons, sustainability impact, cost, and more about going digital.

make a virtual business card

Business cards have a long history that dates back to as early as the 15th century. While the primary purpose of a business card—to share contact information—has stayed relatively consistent, business cards have taken a new form over the past few years. 

Digital business cards started gaining traction in 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the expansion of remote work . Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed because of the increased value they offer both individuals and companies. Digital business cards—like the ones provided by HiHello —enable you to create a personal brand, share your card with anyone, and leverage your network to grow your business. Unlike traditional business cards, HiHello’s digital business cards have better functionality, are more cost-effective, and are better for the environment.

So, what exactly is a digital business card? This guide will cover everything you need to know, including how to make and share digital business cards, the benefits of going digital , how to set your entire team up with virtual cards, and more.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card (also known as a virtual business card, electronic business card, smart business card, and digital visiting card ) replaces the traditional business card and is a way to safely and securely share contact information. A digital business card contains all the information on a paper card but does much more. You can embed your picture, make multiple versions with different contact information, and customize it with different calls to action, effectively using the card as a sales, marketing, and customer service tool. Digital business cards often come in the format of mobile and web applications.

Examples of digital business cards for realtors, doctors, and salespeople.

You’re probably wondering, “Really, another app?” Yes—and for a good reason! Digital business cards are more customizable, sustainable, and wallet-friendly than their paper counterparts. (In fact, many business card apps are free.) If you want to start using a digital card, we recommend HiHello . With over one million cards received monthly , HiHello is the top-rated digital business card app on the App Store and Google Play Store. With HiHello, you can create and share your card with anyone and leverage your network to grow your business.

Understanding the pros & cons of digital business cards

Everything has pros and cons, and business cards are no different. Going digital may feel like a burdensome undertaking if you’ve used a traditional paper business card for most of your career. If you make the switch, it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of going digital.

Digital business card pros:

  • More affordable
  • Easily shared
  • Always on hand
  • Highly customizable
  • Easier and quicker follow-ups
  • Editable in real-time
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
  • Less wasteful
  • Tech-forward

Digital business card cons:

  • Slight learning curve
  • Mobile phone, tablet, computer, or Apple Watch required to share and receive

In general, the pros of digital business cards greatly outweigh the cons. While there is a slight learning curve, digital cards offer more flexibility, are more effective, and are better for your wallet and the environment.

Price comparison: Paper business cards vs. digital business cards

As we head into a possible recession, making informed decisions is crucial for buyers. Business cards are a necessary investment for anyone looking to grow their business or brand. Most business card apps offer a free version and subscription option (for people who want more customization and advanced features). By going digital, you can eliminate your business card budget or at least get even more bang for your buck.

HiHello conducted a business card price analysis and found that, on average, traditional paper business cards will set you back $64.23 each year. (If you order more than 250 cards per year or opt for cards with premium materials or finishes, expect that number to skyrocket). Comparing this cost to a digital business card, an average 100-person company pays 26% more by continuing to use paper cards. Because HiHello has tiered pricing, larger organizations can save over 50% of their business card budget!

The environmental impact of digital business cards

Did you know that nearly 90% of business cards are thrown away within one week? If everyone switched from paper to digital cards, we could save over seven million trees annually. 

Last year, HiHello published a report about digital business card usage. In this report, HiHello shares the environmental impact that its users made by switching to digital. In 2022, HiHello users helped save:

  • 166,000 gallons of water
  • 25,000 pounds of carbon emissions, and 
  • 25,000 pounds of waste

If you and your organization want a more positive impact on the environment, digital business cards will eliminate this waste immediately. Read HiHello’s Digital Business Card Usage & Statistics 2022 report to learn more.

Environmental impact of business cards infographic with sustainability statistics

The ROI of a digital business card

Digital business cards add ROI-generating features that maximize sales efficiency, create compelling marketing and advertising, support event outreach, and more. In addition to being a more cost-effective solution than traditional cards, digital business cards can have an elevated ROI because they:

  • Are easy to use and distribute
  • Have flexible and unlimited sharing
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Increase lead generation
  • Drive direct traffic to the pages and content that matter most
  • Offer tracking and analytics

HiHello published a report on how going digital can maximize business card ROI . If your organization is considering adopting digital business cards, you’ll want to take a look at the findings—they make for a compelling case!

Infographic of the ROI of a digital business card

How do I make a digital business card?

Choosing the app you want to use is the first step to making a digital business card. While several options are available, HiHello is a solid choice for most individuals and businesses. HiHello is one of the first digital business cards to hit the market and focuses on innovation, user delight, and security. 

If you choose HiHello, you can make a digital business card on your mobile device or a computer. These guides will help you get started:

  • How to Make a Digital Business Card on iOS
  • How to Make a Digital Business Card on Android
  • How to Make a Digital Business Card on a Computer

Because of space limitations, deciding what information to include on a business card is often difficult. Not so with digital business cards—one of the great things about going digital is that you can include anything and everything on your card without running out of space.

Custom digital business card with profile photo, logo, and about me section

These are the following fields HiHello recommends including on your card:

  • Title, department, and company
  • Basic contact information
  • Picture, Live Photo, or video
  • Badges and awards

If you want to enhance your business card even more, consider adding the following fields:

  • Any link in general
  • Social media
  • Payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle
  • Chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, and Line
  • Streaming platforms like Twitch and Discord
  • Friend codes and gamer tags on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Live, and PlayStation
  • Creative platforms like Patreon, Behance, and Dribbble

How do I share a digital business card?

Sharing a digital business card is simple and can be accomplished in several ways, like using a QR code, text, email, social media, Apple Watch, Siri, and more. What’s even better is that anyone can receive a digital business card, no app is required. Here are a few guides that HiHello published that cover card sharing:

  • How to Share Your HiHello Card
  • How to Receive a Digital Business Card
  • How to Exchange Digital Business Cards

HiHello digital business card send screen with QR code, email, and text sharing options.

In general, we found that HiHello is the most versatile business card app for card sharing and offers several sharing methods, including:

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Wallet
  • iMessage app
  • Widget (iOS and Android)
  • Virtual background
  • Email signature

Can I get my entire team set up with digital business cards?

Absolutely! While digital business cards are becoming a standard replacement for paper business cards, you should evaluate what’s important to you and your business before signing a contract with a business card provider. Depending on the size of your organization, these are a few factors you should consider:

  • Functionality
  • Additional features
  • Administrative controls
  • Integrations
  • Ability to scale

Enterprise digital business card for marketing professional

There are a few companies that offer digital business cards for teams, but our top pick is HiHello. Not only do their cards have the best customization and functionality, but they also have the most versatile sharing options, offer real-time analytics, and have native CRM, SSO, and Active Directory integrations.

HiHello offers two team plans: HiHello Business and HiHello Enterprise . Both platforms were built to meet large companies' security, scale, and administrative requirements, making HiHello the best digital business card platform for enterprises . You can contact HiHello’s sales team if you are interested in signing up for a company plan.

About HiHello

HiHello is changing how you manage your business. It starts with a digital business card built from the ground up to be delightful, customizable, and secure. HiHello’s digital business cards unlock new opportunities, cut the costs of traditional cards, and have a positive environmental impact. Hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide trust HiHello to grow their network.

This article includes modifications and was originally published on July 21, 2020.

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make a virtual business card

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Beautifully designed business cards in different colors for an interior design business.

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How to Make Business Cards in Just 6 Steps

Open the Wix Business Card Maker

Select the template that works best for your business

Add your name, business and contact details

Customize the font, colors and images to make it yours

Decide on your paper and order quantity

Enter your shipping and payment information

Customizing a business card for a personal trainer in the Wix Business Card Maker.

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Get a complete branding package for your business with a Wix Logo Maker Plan, including:

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Wix Business Card Maker FAQ

Do you provide other branding services.

Yes. You can create a professional website for your business, design a logo for your brand and produce personalized merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and stickers.

Do I only get a design or the actual printed business cards?

You will receive the printed business cards of the design you order.

What types of paper can I have for my business cards?

With the Wix Business Card Marker, you can choose from different weights and finishes of paper to find the right one for your needs.

Do you ship business cards worldwide?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. 

How long will it take my business cards to arrive?

Orders usually arrive within 12 business days. 

Who prints and ships the business cards?

Orders are fulfilled by Order a Print .

Can I edit my order? 

After submitting an order, you have 24 hours to directly contact Order a Print and request changes.

How do I track my business cards order?

Once the order is shipped you’ll get an email with the tracking details.

Can I cancel or return my business cards order?

Yes, by contacting Order a Print directly. You can cancel an order within the first 24 hours. Damaged or defective orders need to be reported within seven days of the delivery date. Order a Print will investigate and send a replacement at their discretion. 

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Your Blinq Digital Business Card

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Designed for networking

Great business begins with a great first impression.

Instantly connect and impress prospects with your QR code-powered business card.

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Business cards that are as dynamic as you are

Personalize your own digital business cards with your headshot, your logo and slick design templates. New job title? New logo? No problem. Update your card instantly in the Blinq mobile app.

Share your card with anyone, anyway

Even if they don’t have the app, you can share by QR Code, via your LinkedIn or email.

Used and loved by businesses across the world

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iPhone showing Blinq's Apple Wallet feature.

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Create icon

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Share icon

Open your Blinq app and get your prospects to scan the QR code. This will share your details instantly, without the need for your recipient to have the Blinq app.

When your prospect opens your card, they’ll be given the option to save your contact details quickly and directly to their phone. No need for a messy stack of business cards and no manual data entry!

Your questions, answered

How much does a blinq digital business card cost.

Your first 2 digital business cards are free. If you want more cards or premium customisation features, check out our pricing page . Subscription prices start at $2.99 a month.

Can I still share my Blinq card with someone who doesn’t have the app?

Yes - Blinq recipients don’t need the app to see your contact details. Simply get them to scan your Blinq QR code and they’ll be given the option to save your details. If you’d like to see it in action, watch this video tutorial of a Blinq Digital Business card being shared.  

Can I get someone's contact details back even if they don’t have the Blinq app?

You sure can. Once you’ve shared your contact details with a contact, they’ll be given the option to share those back to you. You can access all these received contact details in the “Contacts” section of the Blinq mobile app.

How do I share my digital business card?

The easiest way to share your digital business card is by getting your prospects to scan the digital business card in your Blinq Mobile app. You can also share your card by text or email if you prefer.

Is there a limit to how many scans I can have?

There isn’t! Blinq free, premium and business users have unlimited scans. 

How many cards can I have in my account?

Blinq’s free membership allows you to have 2 cards. Premium members can have up to 5 cards and business members can have unlimited cards. Find out more about our pricing and subscription options.

Can we have a QR code that we can put on printed cards?

You can. The easiest way to get QR codes printed is by buying a Blinq NFC Card. You can also download your dynamic Blinq QR code and print it onto a business card with a provider of your choice. Learn how to download your dynamic QR code in this guide .

Can I get multiple employees set up with digital business cards?

You can get multiple employees set up with Blinq Business cards with our Blinq Business subscription option.

Does the Blinq Card contacts connect with my CRM software?

CRM integrations are only available with the Blinq Business subscription.

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Customer reviews.

Gone are the days where I used to provide a business card to a client who then lost it and never called me again. Since using blinq the amount of callbacks I’ve gotten from clients has at least doubled. Customer service has also been fantastic as they helped me set up an enterprise account for my entire business and employees!

I’ve had Blinq now for 4 months and LOVE how easy it is to use and effective it is!! This is the RIGHT app for sharing my info and with the photo option it’s super easy for anyone to grab my information! I couldn’t be happier!

A great app. Easy to set up and easy to use.

Really easy to use. So much better than carrying around business cards and with lots of additional features. I use in everyday business and it’s a must for networking events. Very professional organisational support. Highly recommend.

Everyone loves when I send them my info from the app. And the UI is the best out there.

Ready when you are

Blinq is trusted by thousands of users to share their professional identity every day. Now it’s your turn.

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Apple Wallet integration

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Elementor » Academy » Design / Layout » Create a Virtual Digital Business Card

Create a Virtual Digital Business Card

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a shareable digital (virtual) business card to promote your business on your own website. Your card will look great on desktop and mobile devices, and you can share it in a variety of ways.

Prerequisites: This intermediate level tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Elementor widgets and styling. We’ll leave relevant links in the description, if you’d like to review.

The tutorial will cover: ✔︎ Creating a digital business card ✔︎ Using share buttons and social icons ✔︎ Showcase your portfolio ✔︎ Adding and connecting a popup ✔︎ How to share your card ✔︎ And much more!

See Also: Icon List widget Social Icons Media Carousel   Share Buttons   QR Code Monkey

Remember paper business cards? We had to carry them everywhere we went. We’d print a few thousand at a time, only to toss and reprint them for every small change. Good times!

Hey there, I’m Aviva from Elementor. These days, digital business cards are a must-have for networking professionals.

And while there’s no shortage of websites offering this service, today we’ll learn how we can create and fully customize our own digital card landing page, in Elementor.

Creating your own card comes with lots of benefits.

  • First of all, it’s free! Use any feature on your Elementor plan to create your business card, at no additional cost.
  • You’ll bring more traffic to your own website and can use your existing analytics to monitor specific stats about your audience.
  • It showcases your web creation skills to potential clients, right off the bat.
  • Creating cards as a service can be an extra source of revenue.
  • It’s earth friendly. No more wasted paper.
  • And finally, it can easily be shared with anyone, anywhere.

In this video we’ll create a shareable digital card for Jenna Saunders, a New York City based web creator. We’ll begin by creating the business card landing page, complete with all her contact information and a preview of her work.

Next we’ll create a Popup, which will display a QR code and share buttons, so visitors can share her card with others. And finally, we’ll connect the Popup to her card. Let’s see how it’s done.

In a new page, we’ll start by setting up the page structure. Click the Plus icon to add a Container with one column.

We’ll leave it on Boxed, and set the width to 540 pixels. For Min Height, change the unit to VH or viewport height, and set it to 100, so it takes up the full height of the visible screen..

In style, we’ll choose a dark color for the background color.

Then, in Advanced, unlink and add some padding to the top and bottom.

From the widget panel, we’ll drag in a Container, and head straight to the Style tab. For the background, we’ll add a portrait-style image. Then set the position and size.

Great. Now back to the Layout tab, and adjust the Min Height a bit .

Next, we’ll grab a heading widget, and drag it into our container. Update the text, and switch the HTML Tag to H1. Now style it.

Ok, let’s duplicate it, and change the text. Switch the HTML Tag back to H2 for this one. Style it as well.

Next, we’ll align the Headings. Select the Container, and back in Layout, expand “Items.” Justify Content to Flex End, and increase the Elements Gap.

Looking good. Next, in Style, we’ll use a Gradient Background overlay to add even more contrast between the text and photo. For the first color, we’ll select full transparency.

For the Second Color, we’ll choose a solid dark color. Drag the First color’s location slider to the right. In Advanced, add some padding.

Great, let’s drag in a new Container, where we’ll place Jenna’s contact info and showcase a few pieces of her work. In Style, give it a Gradient background, and select two colors. In Advanced, set the same padding as before. Drag in an icon list widget. Update the items. And style them.

Next, we’ll drag in a Text Editor widget, and add our text.

Select the Container, and in Layout, increase the Items Elements Gap.

Let’s show off some of Jenna’s work, using the Pro media carousel widget to draw in potential clients.

We’ll go ahead and update the items with images and links to Jenna’s work. Remove any unneeded items.

Next we’ll Style it by changing the border size, and border color. In Advanced, unlink the margin and give the right and left sides a negative margin.

Whoa. That’s looking kind of weird, but don’t worry, we’ll fix it right up in a jiffy.

Go back to Content and adjust the Height.

Ok, now we’ll go ahead and hide that bit outside the Container. Select the Container again, and set the Overflow to Hidden. Voila! Time to add the social icons.

For our first item, We’ll select the Whatsapp icon, and create an Action link, which is a Pro feature. It allows visitors to click and go directly to Whatsapp to send a message.

Click the Dynamic tags icon and select Contact URL. Choose Whatsapp for the Type, and add the contact phone number.

We’ll duplicate this icon and set it up with Action links for email and phone, using the same method as we did for Whatsapp. Great.

Edit the next icon, and feel free to add as many as needed.

Change Shape to Circle.

Ok, time to style our icons and make them look great.

Now we could stop here, and have a perfectly fine and functioning digital card. But let’s make it even better, and add an option for visitors to share our card, for maximum reach.

But before we do, Hit that Like button if you’re enjoying the video so far!

We’ll click Command or Control E to open the Finder, begin typing in “Popups,” and open it in a new tab by holding down Control or Command, while clicking. Click to Add a new popup, and give it a name.

We’ll close out of the Library, to design our Popup from scratch. Click Settings, and align the Vertical Position to Bottom.

Next we’ll add sleek animations by setting the Entrance Animation to Slide In Up and Exit Animation to Slide Out Down.

To save time on setting up the structure here, we’ll hop back into our business card page, copy the container, and paste it into our popup. Then open the Navigator, and select and delete the unneeded elements.

Drag in a Heading widget. Type in the share text, and align it.

Next we’ll drag in the Share Buttons. Share buttons are a Pro feature and differ from social icons. Instead of directing your visitors to your social pages, share buttons prompt visitors to share your content directly from their profiles.

This is a great way to gather social proof, and encourage your happy clients to recommend your services.

Edit the settings for each button, and as well as layout options. Now, over to Style, and well, you know the drill, style it! Looking good!

Next we’ll add a QR code with a link to Jenna’s card, so it can be scanned by anyone from their phone. There are several great resources for generating QR codes. We’ll use the website QR Code Monkey for this tutorial, but feel free to use your favorite. You’ll find the link in the description.

We’ll paste in our page’s URL. Feel free to check out the other options, as well. Click Create QR Code and then Download PNG.

Drag the file directly into the Editor. Set the size unit to pixels, and adjust the size. We’re ready to Publish our Popup!

Time to set the Popup display conditions. Add a condition, choose singular, Pages. Then begin typing the name of your business card page, and select it.

And Save and Close. Ok, back to editing our business card. Last time, I promise!

Drag in an Icon widget and select an icon. We’ll set it to open the popup, by clicking Link > Dynamic Tags > Popup. Click the wrench, begin typing in the popup name, and select it.

Set the View to Framed.

Next we’ll style the icon to match Jenna’s branding.

And finally, we’ll position it by going to Advanced > Position: Absolute. Set the Horizontal Orientation to Right and adjust the offset. Adjust the Vertical Orientation offset as well.

Ok, the card is all set for Desktop view. But as we know, most of our visitors will likely be arriving at this page from smaller devices. So let’s switch to responsive mode, and make sure everything is optimized. We’ll begin in Tablet. That looks great already, so no need to make any changes here.

Moving on to Mobile, we see it could use a few tweaks. Select the main container, and in Advanced, set the Padding to zero.

We’ll select the first heading, and modify the typography. We’ll do the same for the other text elements on the page.

Next we’ll fix up the media carousel. Set the Slides Per View to 3, and adjust the Height.

Last, we’ll take care of the social icons. Adjust the columns, spacing, and rows gap, till we have a result we’re happy with.

Ok, ready to check it out? Click Update and Preview. Amazing! All of Jenna’s information is right there, at a glance, and she can easily share her card QR code. For even further reach, Jenna can also share the link on her social profiles.

Yet another way for Jenna to share her card is by saving a shortcut to her business card landing page on her mobile home screen.

We can do this from Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone.

Now you know how to design a digital business card with Elementor and include handy sharing options. So toss…I mean recycle! those paper cards.

Next time you unexpectedly need a card, you’ll be prepared.

Do you use a digital business card? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for watching! For more tutorials, check out the Elementor Academy, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to hit that notification bell.

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Edit the layout, colors and font on your business card. With unlimited edits you can create as many variations as you want.

24/7 support from our team of design experts means you're always looked after. Help with customization, download and print.

Royalty free logos

Get a worldwide, irrevocable license to use your logo for any commercial and non-commercial purpose.

Beyond business cards

Branding image

Get your brand message right with stunning business cards

Get a customised business card from to complete your brand identity. A beautiful business card is just what your brand needs to level up and grow your network. Tell your brand story - make sure it's engaging and captivating with a high-impact business card using the business card maker.

Create an business card perfect for you

Creating an business card that works for you and your business is a breeze at Get the perfect design in minutes by using the business card maker - simply start editing the fonts, colors and layout until you've got a truly personalised design. Grow your brand identity with an business card today.

More than just business cards

Want to get all your marketing assets looking schmick? Easy! There's more than just an awesome business cards at Get access to all the tools you need to create a truly memorable brand - whether that's your website, social media or flyers and posters!'s social media and print design tools are free to try - you'll find everything you need to launch your business at

Make your perfect business card

Why should you use to create your business card?

Branding image

Unique business card designs

Our 20,000+ designs have all been handcrafted by a community of top designers. Get a stunning business card - always!

Free to use’s Business Card Maker is free to try. Browse thousands of different business cards, edit and save as many as you like.

It’s fast - create a business card in minutes!

Pick a design you like and start editing it. In minutes you can make a business card you will love.


These businesses loved using provided an excellent selection of high-quality images for viewing which allowed creative ideas to spawn. The logo design that I selected fit my theme perfectly. Joel Eady Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon's selection of logos is vast and they make it very easy to customize fonts, colors and layouts. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to create a great looking logo. Paul Carlino Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon is a great site to obtain a logo and brand. There are so many styles to choose from and it's extremely easy to navigate. I'm not a big techie person so I appreciated the simplicity of the site. Lisa Ahumada Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon Star Filled Star Filled Icon
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How do I make a business card with

Creating the perfect business card is easy with Follow these steps an you'll have a business card ready to share with the world in no time.

Search for a business card

To find business card designs for your business simply enter your business name - we'll generate relevant business cards in seconds. You can browse the business cards and choose the best.

Refine your search

Can't see the right business card? No problem, you can refine your search by entering related keywords.

Next, customize the colors, fonts and even the layout of your business card with our easy to use editing tools. Add depth and a personal touch with shapes and gradient colors.

Download your business card

Once you're done editing your business card, you can download instantly. You'll get all the files you need to use your business card immediately.

Frequently asked questions is super easy to use - but if you've still got questions here's a few FAQs to help out.

What is the business card maker?

Can i create just one business card, can i edit my business card once i've finished, does my business card come with a logo.

Get a customized list of steps to take to get your business up and running.

make a virtual business card

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    Learn how to customize business cards to fit your vision with our free online business card maker. Create a new project and choose from our business card templates. Insert your logo, name, title, company name, phone number, email, and address in the provided areas. Customize the fonts, colors, and shapes to match your brand.

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    Click Add Card to begin creating a new digital business card. You can change the card's accent color by clicking the colored dot you want. Enter the information you want your digital business card to display (name, email, etc). Scroll down and click other categories you would like to add, such as social media account names.

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    For a business team of 5+ users, the pricing is $5 per user. And the Professional plan costs $6 per user. 10. Switchit. Switchit is one of the best virtual business card providers. And the best thing about Switchit is that you can create one of the best digital business cards for your teams in just a few minutes.

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    How to Make Business Cards in Just 6 Steps. Open the Wix Business Card Maker. Select the template that works best for your business. Add your name, business and contact details. Customize the font, colors and images to make it yours. Decide on your paper and order quantity. Enter your shipping and payment information.


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    Blinq's digital business cards let you share your details with a QR code and make a great first impression. Easy to personalize and easy to update. Digital Business Cards For Businesses & Teams NFC Business Cards. Solutions. Digital Business Card NFC Cards Apple Watch Wallet Widgets Email Signature. Pricing.

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    Free. Digital business card with long-lasting impressions. Free. Unique digital business card. Unlimited links and files. Share by QR code, web link, virtual background and email signature. Add to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Customer support (Chat & Email) Get started for free.

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    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a shareable digital (virtual) business card to promote your business on your own website. Your card will look great on desktop and mobile devices, and you can share it in a variety of ways. Prerequisites: This intermediate level tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Elementor widgets and styling. We ...

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    Business cards meet the digital age. Design your business card in 2 minutes - it's easy, elegant and free. DIBIZ is always in your pocket, never tears and never runs out. Your DIBIZ can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won't need to re-print a business card again.

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    One last push: Doula bootcamp founder wins PHKC's $10K pitch after setting due date for success. May 02, 2024. James Hogue gave himself a deadline: score a big win for his fledgling nonprofit by May 1 or pursue another career. On April 30, he earned the validation he needed — winning The Porter House KC's Pitch Night and a $10,000 cash prize.

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