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LivePlan Review.

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Last Updated: January 23, 2024 By TRUiC Team

If you're an entrepreneur, one of the most important parts of starting a business is  writing a business plan ; however, you may need a step-by-step process to help lead your small business to success. That’s where  LivePlan  comes in.

Created by Palo Alto Software, LivePlan is a cloud-based  business plan software that walks you through the entire planning process. With video tutorials and examples at each section, it helps you write a solid business plan in half the time.

Read our LivePlan review to discover the pricing and features that set the tool apart, compare customer reviews, and more. By the end, you’ll know if it is the best business planning software for you.

Recommended: Transform your idea into an investor-ready business plan—Try LivePlan today and save 40% on an annual subscription!

Pros & Cons of LivePlan

Pros of liveplan.

  • You don’t need prior experience with professional business planning because the LivePlan software is designed for startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or budget for collegiate-style planning.
  • According to many positive online LivePlan reviews, customers are incredibly satisfied with the business plan software.
  • LivePlan’s user-friendly website makes it easy to focus and build presentation-ready plans. Also because it’s cloud-based, you can trust LivePlan to keep your data safe and 100% accessible.
  • LivePlan provides elegant and fully-customizable template themes you can brand so your business plan looks amazing in presentations with investors, potential partners, lending institutions, etc.
  • LivePlan allows you to easily import financial data from other platforms like QuickBooks and Xero…a big time-saver that gives you the peace of mind everything is importing correctly.
  • With an annual subscription to LivePlan, you get access to tons of legal forms, fantastic educational e-books, and even an employee handbook template. Their system is set up so the more LivePlan features you add, the less it costs, which is awesome.
  • LivePlan sports a great suite of collaboration tools for you and your small business team members. For example, LivePlan locks any section a team member is working on to prevent two users from editing the same section at the same time.

Cons of LivePlan

  • You have to be connected to the Internet to use LivePlan. Cloud-based computing does still have its downsides.
  • While you can develop more than one business plan using LivePlan, there is no way to copy an existing plan.

Should You Use LivePlan?

If it feels like LivePlan is the right choice, start to plan, pitch, and track your business with it today! And if you end up not liking LivePlan as much as we do, just ask for a refund within 35 days.

Get Started

LivePlan Pricing

It would be tough for LivePlan pricing to get any more straightforward, and you don't have to worry about any hidden fees. Here are the following LivePlan pricing packages that entrepreneurs and small businesses can choose from:

  • Standard Monthly Subscription: Pay as you go for $15/month for first 3 months, then $20/month after
  • Premium Monthly Subscription: Pay as you go for $30/month for first 3 months, then $40/month after
  • Purchase a Standard annual subscription for $12/month 
  • Purchase a Premium annual subscription for $24/month 

You can save 40% if you choose an annual plan. Go with whichever package you feel most comfortable with. Either way, you have 35 days to try the business planning software and explore everything it’s capable of.

With every pricing package, you'll gain access to a variety of LivePlan features, such as over 500 sample business plans, automatic financials, and more.

A Quick Look at LivePlan's Features

There are a multitude of helpful LivePlan features that guide entrepreneurs through structuring and writing a business plan. In addition to very good technical support, sample plans, and automatic financials, LivePlan offers the following features:

  • Online dashboard for tracking information and creating progress reports. Simply use your LivePlan login.
  • Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials
  • Advice and tips from business plan experts
  • Templates for financial information
  • Professional business plan themes
  • Tools for team collaboration
  • QuickBooks and Xero integration

Granted this is just a tip of the iceberg of LivePlan features, but our favorites for getting a clean and effective business plan built as quick as possible.

LivePlan Reviews

What LivePlan review would be complete without customer testimonials? Below is a sampling of the huge growing reservoir of feedback from happy users. We didn’t cherry-pick either, as you’ll see on Shopper Approved , a third-party customer review site where LivePlan scores a 4.8/5. As of 2023, LivePlan now has over 1,500 customer reviews on Shopper Approved.

According to many LivePlan reviews, there’s some serious value in the business plan software. Customers often mention how LivePlan helps entrepreneurs and small businesses better manage, prioritize, and present a successful business plan. In regard to the non-5 star reviews, the main issue people are having is the overall LivePlan pricing, which is understandable if you’re starting a business on a budget.

"This was a wonderful tool for creating my business plan. I was overwhelmed by all of the online templates that offered no real guidelines for completing my plan. Liveplan was simple to navigate and offered “real life” examples in each section of the plan builder. I completed my plan quickly and now have a professional document that I am thrilled with! ”
"LivePlan was a great tool to use for building a Business Plan. It helped me, as a first-time business plan writer – because it outlined all the sections of the plan and gave detailed instructions and examples for each part. The financials part was great because it automatically generated graphs and charts for the financial planning of my company. ”
"LivePlan was a life-saver for me. I work for a non-profit whose potential funders require a business plan. I had no idea what a business plan looked like or even where to start, when I found LivePlan, I knew I hit the jackpot. With the examples, samples, and easy plug-in information areas, we wrote a plan that not only looks professional but meets all of the needs of the organization and our funders. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything LivePlan did for me/us. I will use LivePlan again for any other business plans I write and will certainly recommend them. Thank you LivePlan! ”
"It’s by far one of the best business plan software products that I’ve come to find. It’s very self-explanatory and user friendly. I would recommend Liveplan to anyone looking for a comprehensive business plan maker which needs to impress and get the results you are looking to achieve. ”

LivePlan also features several verified customer reviews on its website. Here are a couple more examples:

"LivePlan has reinvented business planning. It's the only tool that helps entrepreneurs track their progress with a unique dashboard specifically designed for small business."
"I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan! The financials were so easy to use and I liked knowing the calculations were all correct."
"I didn't only get value for the money paid but also got the best customer service experience as well. And of course, I'm sticking to LivePlan forever."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liveplan.

LivePlan is business management software created by Palo Alto Software to help entrepreneurs and small business owners develop business plans, financial projections, and performance tracking.

How does LivePlan work?

LivePlan works through a step by step process, guiding users through customizable templates to create professional business plans. Users input their business's financial data, product plans, marketing strategies etc. and LivePlan uses the data to create a structured business plan document with projections, graphs, financial models and performance analytics.

What businesses does LivePlan work with?

LivePlan boasts over 500 sample plans, covering just about every business model imaginable. From mom-and-pops to larger corporations, from freelancers to nonprofit entities, LivePlan really does cover every possible base.

Does LivePlan have any hidden fees?

There are up-charges for premium features like the ability to simultaneously edit multiple business plans. But, LivePlan clearly communicates these from the get-go. Also, most people probably won’t need them because they’re working on one plan at a time.

How do I cancel my LivePlan subscription?

Within the first 35 days, if you decide you’d rather not use LivePlan after all contact them via their app, by email or by phone. They’ll cancel your account and refund your money, no questions asked.

How is LivePlan customer support?

LivePlan customer support is surprisingly responsive. Use the site’s live-chat option or give them a call on their toll-free line.

Is LivePlan secure?

LivePlan is about as secure as it gets. Your business plan — and all of the information within — is entirely confidential. All credit card transactions get bank-level encryption treatment. Also, your account and plan are both backed up to the cloud every few seconds, so there’s no chance you’ll ever lose any work.

How much does LivePlan cost?

Here are the LivePlan pricing plans:

  • Standard monthly: $15/month for first 3 months, then $20/month after
  • Premium monthly: $30/month for first 3 months, then $40/month after
  • Standard annual subscription for $12/month 
  • Premium annual subscription for $24/month 

We've chosen LivePlan as the best business plan software – it helped us get Startup Savant off the ground. Being able to take our core data and translate it into a beautiful presentation-ready business plan that’s refined and customizable was a lifesaver in so many ways.

If it feels like LivePlan is the right choice, start to plan, pitch and track your business growth with it today. And if you end up not liking LivePlan as much as we do, just ask for a refund within 35 days.

Showcase your startup with confidence — Try LivePlan and create an investor-ready business plan today.

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LivePlan Software Review

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Written by: Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

Edited by: David Lepeska

David has been writing and learning about business, finance and globalization for a quarter-century, starting with a small New York consulting firm in the 1990s.

Published on September 15, 2023 Updated on December 13, 2023

LivePlan Software Review

When you’re starting a business , a business plan is essential whether you’re going to obtain financing or not. Creating a business plan helps you to research and analyze every aspect of your business and create a strategy for success. But for most entrepreneurs, a business plan is not easy to create from scratch without guidance. 

Many online services offer tools to help you create your business plan, but it can be hard to decide which one to choose. In this review, we’ll delve deep into the workings of LivePlan, unpacking its features, analyzing user feedback, and determining whether it’s the go-to tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners.

  • Service Overview
  • Our Verdict on LivePlan

LivePlan, created by Palo Alto Software, is a highly regarded cloud-based business plan software designed primarily for startups and entrepreneurs without prior business planning experience.

Its intuitive interface, coupled with video tutorials and comprehensive templates, allows users to craft a professional business plan efficiently.

While the cost of LivePlan’s packages can be prohibitive for some potential users, the overwhelmingly positive reviews, transparent pricing, and extensive feature set make LivePlan an optimal choice for business planning needs.

For those uncertain, the 35-day refund policy offers an added layer of confidence in trying out the software.

liveplan business plan review

Plans and Pricing

Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

Site Usability

Overall Score: 4.3/5

  • Pros and Cons 
  • Intuitive step-by-step instructions, simplifying the business planning process
  • Comprehensive financial planning features including budgeting and forecasting
  • Transparent pricing with 35-day refund policy
  • The software contains built-in, customizable templates
  • Collaboration capabilities allow partners to concurrently input and revise data
  • The subscription model of LivePlan can be prohibitive for some potential users
  • Transfering documents to common formats like Word or PDF can be challenging
  • What is LivePlan?

LivePlan (product of Palo Alto Software ) is an online business planning app that offers tools, guidance, and resources to help you create a business plan. They provide full guidance through the planning process and help you to develop strategies to grow your business. It’s more than just a template – the LivePlan app guides you through the process of creating your plan and strategy.

  • LivePlan Features and Pricing 

LivePlan offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify and enhance the business planning process. It provides step-by-step guidance coupled with expert advice throughout each phase of creating a business plan.

The software supports automatic generation of financials, charts, and graphs, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets or intricate formulas. With visually compelling performance dashboards, it brings data to life, offering a clear perspective of the business’s standing.

Furthermore, LivePlan enables the use of real accounting data, allowing users to compare their forecasts against actuals through seamless integrations with Quickbooks & Xero. Users also benefit from industry benchmarks, facilitating a comparison of actual performance against industry competitors of similar size.

To cap it off, the platform supports planning for both best-case and worst-case scenarios, ensuring that businesses can use data to create a strategic roadmap, preparing them for various eventualities.

LivePlan’s Standard package costs $20 per month and includes step-by-step planning, lender-ready financial statements, a full financial forecast, and a one-page pitch builder. You’ll also have access to more than 500 sample business plans. 

Their Premium package costs $40 per month ($20 in the first month) and includes everything above plus industry benchmark data and “what if” guides to help you prepare for the unexpected. 

It also includes performance dashboards, real-time profit and cash forecasting, an automatic forecast builder, the ability to export sheets to Excel, and syncing with Quickbooks or Xero. 

LivePlan offers a 25% discount on both plans if you pay annually instead of monthly (Standard Plan is $15/month and Premium Plan is $30/month if billed annualy), as well as a 35-day money-back guarantee, which in effect acts as a free trial. 

  • Site Navigation

When you first go to the site, you have to click Start Your Plan to see their plans and pricing.


Then you can sign in with Google or email and you’ll go immediately to checkout.

From the home page you can instead choose to watch a video tour to see how it works.

You’ll see that the business planning page is well laid out so that you can click on any section to start writing.


The site will provide instructions to give you some guidance.


You can elect to have AI rewrite what you wrote.


The site also gives much guidance in the financials section of the plan.


The guidance even includes suggested revenue streams based on your business type.


LivePlan does the calculations for you.


The tutorial is a great way to see what you’re getting for your money, and entering your information to create the plan seems incredibly easy. I was also impressed with the financial guidance that it offers, since that’s an area that many entrepreneurs struggle with. 

Overall, the site is quite easy to use and is loaded with information.

  • Customer Support

I started a chat and after going through a few prompts I was connected to an agent, Lindsay, in a few minutes. I asked about their cancellation policy and procedure.

I received this message almost immediately. 

Chat Support Rating:

liveplan business plan review

Response time:


The answer was clear – that you can cancel through your LivePlan account and you don’t have to call or email, which is convenient.

I sent an email to ask a slightly different cancellation question and received an immediate auto reply.

liveplan business plan review

Support Rating:


I received an actual response within an hour, which is impressive! The answer was clear and professional.


I called customer service to ask a similar question, but I got a recording that told me that they offered their support through LiveChat and directed me there. I don’t particularly mind this, since I prefer chat, but I’m sure that many customers would prefer to have the phone option. 

liveplan business plan review

  • LivePlan Reviews

Palo Alto Software is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and has a D-rating. They have no customer reviews on the BBB website, but they do have a few complaints. The complaints revolved around issues with cancellation and getting a refund, as well as unauthorized re-activation of an account and getting un-authorized charges.

Here are some positive reviews from LivePlan users:

LivePlan is my primary financial forecasting and issue raising tool. I build out annual Pro-forma in Q4 with detailed revenue and expense category forecasts. The ability to build revenue and expense forecasts by category and the appropriate level of detail is highly useful. Monthly, and especially quarterly, we can see if and where we are off track relative to original goals and make necessary adjustments in the business. In my opinion, this is the best tool of its kind for business owners/operators. Well done. – Jason Ogden, President

LivePlan has been a key product in our company when dealing with planning of our company business. It makes it easy for us to keep our entire business enterprise organized for better productivity. More to planning, it offers us an outstanding platform for budgeting, keeping a track of our business progress a d performance as well as doing accurate forecasts on the future of our business. It has made it possible for us to simplify the planning and funding various business projects aimed at promoting the agility and the productivity of our business. – Mariana Jones, National Key Account Manager- Fleet Sales

I started my startup consultancy in 1997. Soon after, I bought my first Palo Alto Business Plan Pro disc and spent quality time chatting with Tim about how helpful the financial section was. Since then, I have recommended this program MANY times and am thrilled to be able to recommend it again to whoever reads this review. Live Plan is wonderful, convenient, and worth every penny! – Victoria D.

Live Plan was perfect for my needs – it helped me shape my strategic plan and think through my start-up capital requirements and revenue projections. I loved that it gave me some industry benchmarks and suggested budget items (like employee payroll liabilities) I hadn’t thought of. The templates were also very helpful to show me what a plan should look like. – Laurie S.

Here’s a selection of constructive feedback from LivePlan users:

Where the product really falls down is when you want to compare with Actuals. It only connects to Xero and Quick Books and you have no control over the data or time period that it syncs at all – current year plus last two years, which is rubbish if your business has pivoted and you only want the last six months data for example. Whats worse is you cant roll back the sync – you have to manually delete all sync’d data. Further if you dont use Xero or QBooks, there is no option to import from a spreadsheet – so again you need a data entry person to manually enter actual data unless you want to spend ages doing it yourself… Very disappointed as up to this point had liked the platform. – Lucy B.

Generally going out 5 years is more than fine with projections. However, we did have a situation where we brought a new division in 2 years later and we need to combine it with the original plan and would have liked it going 6 or even 7 years. – Reid J.

  • LivePlan Alternatives 

BizPlan offers monthly ($29), annual ($249), and lifetime access ($349) payment options. Their business plan software offers full guidance as you write your plan and calculates financial statements.

Their crowdfunding platform, Fundable, can help promote your plan and raise funding from the public and investors. In addition, you can access self-guided courses and educational videos and talk with expert mentors. Visit Bizplan.com here .

Founded in 2010, Enloop stands out with an automatically generated text tool that users can edit as they wish. Enloop offers a seven-day free trial and two paid plans. 

The seven-day trial and the two paid plans (Detailed and Performance) all include a host of features. The Detailed plan costs $19.95 per month, while the Performance plan runs $39.95 monthly.  Visit Enloop.com here .


PlanGuru is not business plan software, but rather a sophisticated financial planning tool that can help prepare your company’s budget and financial plan. It’s available as either a cloud-based or desktop app. Both apps cost $99 per month or $899 annually. Visit PlanGuru.com here .

Conclusion – Is LivePlan Worth it?

LivePlan offers robust business planning tools for quite a reasonable price. You can get a professional looking business plan for funding, or just to create your strategy. Their phone support can be a bit better, but live chat and email support are great.

Overall, we would highly recommend LivePlan to new and existing entrepreneurs.

You can cancel your LivePlan subscription at any time through your LivePlan account on the site.

LivePlan’s pricing is quite transparent, with no hidden fees.

LivePlan claims to have bank-level security so you should have no security concerns.

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  • Conclusion - Is LivePlan Worth it?

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LivePlan Review: How It Transforms Business Planning for Entrepreneurs

seriosity featured image

So, you’re thinking about taking your business plan from a napkin sketch to something a bit more professional? Enter LivePlan, the tool that’s been buzzing in entrepreneur circles. It promises to simplify the daunting task of business planning, but does it deliver? Let’s dive in.

LivePlan boasts features that aim to streamline the planning process, whether you’re a startup wizard or looking to expand your empire. But with so many tools out there, you’re probably wondering if it’s the right fit for you. Stick around as we break down what LivePlan offers, its ease of use, and whether it’s worth the investment for your business.

Key Takeaways

  • LivePlan is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the business planning process, from initial ideation to financial forecasting and performance tracking.
  • With its user-friendly interface, LivePlan guides entrepreneurs through creating a business plan, making the process accessible even to those without a background in business or finance.
  • The software offers valuable features such as Pitch Creation for crafting compelling business overviews, Financial Forecasts to handle complex data with ease, and Performance Tracking to monitor real-time progress against goals.
  • LivePlan’s adaptability makes it a suitable option for both startups and established businesses looking to pivot or expand, thanks to its dynamic planning capabilities.
  • Given its cost-effective pricing and the range of features it offers, LivePlan is a worthy investment for entrepreneurs seeking a reliable and efficient way to develop and manage their business plans.

What is LivePlan?

As an entrepreneur and business enthusiast who’s ventured through the labyrinth of startups, side hustles, and the quest for success, I’ve found that one of the keystones to a flourishing business is a solid plan. That’s where LivePlan comes into play. Picture this as your behind-the-scenes partner, meticulously designed to guide you through the intricacies of crafting a business plan that resonates with your vision.

LivePlan simplifies the process, breaking down the daunting task of business plan writing into manageable pieces. It’s not just about putting your ideas on paper; it’s about shaping them in a way that speaks volumes to investors, team members, and even yourself. With an intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance, LivePlan transforms your rough ideas into a polished and professional plan.

But it’s not all about the initial setup. LivePlan is dynamic, acknowledging that businesses evolve. It allows you to adjust your strategy on the fly, making it a tool not just for startups but for established businesses looking to pivot or expand. This adaptability is crucial in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Here are a few highlights of what LivePlan offers:

  • Pitch Creation : Summarize your business plan into a compelling pitch that grabs attention.
  • Financial Forecasts : With built-in formulas, generate financial projections that make sense.
  • Performance Tracking : Compare your actual performance against your plan in real time.

Leveraging LivePlan means you’re not just planning for today but preparing for success tomorrow. It’s a blend of simplicity and depth, making it ideal whether you’re sketching out your very first business model or refining an existing one.

In exploring LivePlan, you’ll uncover its potential to streamline your planning process, making room for what you do best: innovating, strategizing, and growing your business.

Features of LivePlan

When you’re diving into the world of entrepreneurship, tools like LivePlan are goldmines. This software stands out not just for its ability to help you draft up a stellar business plan but also due to its rich features tailored for businesses at any stage; whether you’re brainstorming your initial idea or scaling an established entity. Let’s unpack some of these features that make LivePlan a go-to for entrepreneurs like us.

First up, Pitch Creation . This is essentially your business’s first impression, a concise overview capturing the essence of what you’re all about. LivePlan simplifies this process, guiding you through creating an elevator pitch that’s not only persuasive but also crystal clear to potential investors. Imagine having your business’s mission, vision, and value proposition neatly wrapped up in a package that speaks volumes in a few seconds. That’s what LivePlan’s pitch creation feature does for you.

Then, there’s the Financial Forecasts feature. Numbers can be daunting, but they’re the backbone of any solid business plan. LivePlan comes equipped with built-in formulas, making financial projections less of a headache. You don’t need to be a finance whiz to forecast your cash flow, profit, and loss or balance sheet accurately. LivePlan turns complex data into understandable metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions. This feature ensures that your financial health is always in check, preparing you to sway investors with hard-hitting stats.

Lastly, the Performance Tracking feature. It’s not just about setting goals but keeping an eye on them. LivePlan allows you to track your business’s performance against your plan in real-time. This constant monitoring helps in identifying areas needing improvement and celebrating milestones achieved. It’s like having a roadmap where you can trace your journey and tweak your strategies as you go.

In the entrepreneurial journey, being equipped with the right tools can make a difference. LivePlan’s comprehensive features offer more than just business plan creation; they equip you with a suite of resources to pilot your business idea towards success.

Ease of Use: Is it user-friendly?

When you’re diving into the world of business planning, especially if you’re balancing the demands of running your startup or side hustle, the last thing you need is a complex tool that’s hard to navigate. You’re in luck with LivePlan. Here’s the real scoop on its ease of use from someone who’s been in your shoes.

First thing’s first, LivePlan greets you with a clean, intuitive interface. Think of it as the friendly handshake that kickstarts a meaningful conversation. This platform knows you’re not here to waste time. Whether you’re crafting your very first business plan or refining the strategy for your current venture, finding your way around the tool is a breeze. Navigation is straightforward , with clear labels and a well-organized layout that ensures you don’t get lost in a maze of features.

For the entrepreneurs who’ve faced the dread of a blank page, LivePlan’s step-by-step approach acts as your personal guide through the business planning wilderness. It asks you simple, yet profound questions about your business and neatly slots your answers into the right sections of your plan. This not only builds your business plan piece by piece but also educates you about the critical components of a successful blueprint along the way.

Moreover, for those who dread numbers and forecasts, LivePlan turns the daunting task of financial projections into child’s play. Built-in formulas and drag-and-drop tables mean you don’t need to be a wizard with spreadsheets to predict your business’s financial future.

Getting your business plan to resonate with potential investors or partners is essential. That’s why LivePlan’s pitch creation feature is a game-changer. It helps you distill your vision into a clear, concise, and compelling pitch, ensuring you make a strong impression right out of the gate.

To sum up, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, LivePlan is designed with your needs in mind. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features simplify the business planning process, letting you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Is LivePlan Worth the Investment?

When you’re diving into the world of startups and side-hustles, every dime counts. You’re looking for tools that not only simplify your life but also give you a solid return on your investment. Let’s talk about LivePlan from that angle—because, let’s face it, even the most promising tools need to prove their worth.

First off, it’s important to acknowledge LivePlan’s intuitive interface and its direct approach to business planning. It’s like having a mentor that guides you through the complex process with ease. This kind of streamlined planning tool is invaluable, especially when you’re juggling business operations and maybe a side hustle or two.

Financial projections can often feel like you’re trying to decode an ancient language. Here’s where LivePlan really shines. It simplifies this daunting task with built-in formulas and user-friendly drag-and-drop tables . Imagine the hours you’d save, hours that could be invested back into refining your product or marketing strategy.

Let’s not forget the pitch creation feature. Crafting a compelling pitch is art and science combined, and LivePlan equips you with the right tools to make your pitch resonate with potential investors or partners. This could be the difference between a nod and a handshake or a pass.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s a quick rundown of LivePlan’s cost versus benefits:

Considering the costs, which typically range from a monthly subscription that’s less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee to an annual plan that provides even more savings, it’s hard not to see the value.

For entrepreneurs embarking on various ventures, being efficient and effective is key. What LivePlan offers is a pathway to not just articulate your vision but to do so with confidence and precision, without breaking the bank.

Wrapping up, LivePlan stands out as a beacon for entrepreneurs navigating the often turbulent waters of business planning. It’s not just about the sleek interface or the step-by-step guidance. It’s about how it transforms complex financial projections into a walk in the park and turns your pitch into a compelling story that resonates with investors and partners alike. With LivePlan, you’re not just saving time and sidestepping errors; you’re setting the stage for your business’s success. So whether you’re sketching out your first business plan or fine-tuning your pitch, LivePlan is your go-to tool for articulating your vision with clarity and confidence. And the best part? It does all this without stretching your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

LivePlan is a business planning tool designed to help entrepreneurs create comprehensive business plans. It offers a clean and intuitive interface, step-by-step guidance, financial projection capabilities with built-in formulas, and a pitch creation feature for articulating business visions effectively.

How does LivePlan simplify the business planning process?

LivePlan simplifies the business planning process by providing a step-by-step guided journey, making it easy for entrepreneurs to navigate and complete their business plan. Its drag-and-drop tables and built-in financial formulas make financial forecasting straightforward and error-free.

Can LivePlan help in creating pitches for investors?

Yes, LivePlan includes a pitch creation feature specifically designed to help entrepreneurs create clear and compelling pitches. This tool is aimed at securing potential investors or partners by succinctly articulating the business vision and plan.

What are the main benefits of using LivePlan?

The main benefits of using LivePlan include its ease of use, the time saved in drafting plans, accuracy in financial projections, and its efficacy in assisting in securing funding and partnerships. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features streamline the planning process, making it an efficient tool for entrepreneurs.

Is LivePlan cost-effective?

The article suggests that LivePlan is cost-effective, emphasizing its value by highlighting the efficiency, effectiveness, and potential for error reduction in business planning. The benefits of time-saving, simplification, and improved chances of securing funding significantly outweigh the cost, making it a smart investment for entrepreneurs.

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Computer Software , 11-50 employees

Used daily for less than 12 months






Reviewed November 2018

The best software for making business plan

It has been a great experience to create business plans on the fly and also to track the actual results against your plan

- Very easy and flexible software - Its an excellent software for making business plan without the hassles of learning excel formula - Very easy depiction of balance sheet and P&L statement and auto generation

- There is absolutely nothing I don't like about this software

User Profile

11-50 employees

Used monthly for more than 2 years

Reviewed March 2018

Good for planning and forecasting, rubbish at Actuals to compare performance against plan

Checked my business plan was viable, helped me clarify my thought processes. Gave me something to measure performance against. Unfortunately doesnt integrate to Zoho Books (as of March 2018), nor is there any opton to import from a CSV or other spreadsheet format. If you are a Xero or QB user you can link to get your actuals for comparison against plan, BUT proceed with caution. You cant undo the data import - everything needs deleting manually, and you cant choose which timeframe you import data for. Its last 2 years plus current year and thats that. So if your business has changed significantly and you only want say last six months dat you cant achieve this

Cloud based, easy step by step process for planning for novices. Once you have put in the basics of revenue streams and costs its very easy to play "what if" type questions and see the impact on your forecast. You can get into enormous detail if you want or build this up over time as you develop your thought process.

Where the product really falls down is when you want to compare with Actuals. It only connects to Xero and Quick Books and you have no control over the data or time period that it syncs at all - current year plus last two years, which is rubbish if your business has pivoted and you only want the last six months data for example. Whats worse is you cant roll back the sync - you have to manually delete all sync'd data. Further if you dont use Xero or QBooks, there is no option to import from a spreadsheet - so again you need a data entry person to manually enter actual data unless you want to spend ages doing it yourself... Very disappointed as up to this point had liked the platform.

Accounting , 2-10 employees

Used weekly for less than 12 months

Reviewed April 2020

Decent enough for SMEs

Overall a good starting point to assist a small business entrepreneur with little or no business planning experience,should consider more options to integrate with accounting apps and visually biased analytical tools to enable better tracking of post planning perfomance on more devices as well.

I like the ease and simplicity of building the projections and adjusting them with different scenarios.

The write up section is a bit limiting in certain aspects for example there are no font selection options if one wants to change to their company document preferred font style ( Century Gothic) as well as set my paragraphs as justified as opposed to left indented.I cannot import tables and adjust them within the plan document, The graphical representations of the projections are a bit visually limited in color and info graphic presentation options .particularly if one wants a more visual document.It would also be nice to have a quick preview option for the document as u build it without necessarily having to export or down load a pdf to get and idea of how it look in print.

User Profile

E-Learning , 1 employee

Used more than 2 years

Reviewed February 2020

Too expensive

Ok to use but when done with the plan, there is not really a reason to keep paying.

Easy to use and good help for creating a Business plan

When you have done the plan it is just there and I have been paying a lot of money for just storing my Business plan for 2 years. Now I have to prioritize what I spend my money on and this is one thing I dont need at the moment.

Vendor Response

Thanks for your feedback Jeanette, we appreciate you taking the time to leave it! Many people keep their subscription long term, because they use the Dashboard feature to track their progress, compare their actual results to their plan, and continually update their plan based on what they've learned from experience. LivePlan is a great tool in this regard to manage your business if it is already running, or when you begin operations. LivePlan is also non-contract, so you can use the software for as long as you like, and cancel when you need. So if you need it just to make one plan quickly, you are welcome to cancel when you are finished with no risk. You can also switch a monthly plan to annual billing later to take advantage of the savings offered there if you plan on using it for longer.

Replied February 2020

Wine and Spirits , 11-50 employees

Used less than 6 months

Reviewed December 2015

Absolutely the stand-out business plan writing / sales forcasting / start-up tool available.

I've checked out no fewer than 10 other options. This is by far the most simple, the most user friendly, and the most feature-rich option out there. It's not only the cleanest and best-working (no bugs!), but it actually gives you the tools you need to cover a wide variety of business planning needs. Given the range of functionality (for example, you can do month-by-month sales forecasting for 36 months at the basic price level - something that most other services charge you an arm and a leg to upgrade tiers to gain access to), no other software comes close to this. And the final output of the business plan is SO CLEAN. A nice variety of example plans are available, and the "guided" element of going step-by-step is really actually helpful (instead of prohibitive, as I've found some guided software just takes you too far away from what you should really be focusing your time on).

Price is very affordable Extremely rich feature set Very flexible Easiest and cleanest user interface Fantastic examples Rich and clean output

This software really only seems to lack a timeline option - you can't custom map a gantt chart for your project timeline. I had to go to another piece of software to get this element in place. But I used LivePlan for the rest of the business plan.

User Profile

Reviewed June 2018

My Go To Software For My Clients

The ability to provide a workable and successful business plan.

I can produce a business plan for my clients extremely quick using LivePlan. I have used it on startups and other business types, in different industries.

The template choices and overall look and feel of the templates I would like to see improved much more.

User Profile

Environmental Services , 2-10 employees

Used weekly for more than 2 years

Reviewed January 2020

Very easy to put together a professional business plan and slide deck for investor presentations.

Monthly fee. Expensive during times we weren't actually using it

Thanks for taking the time to review LivePlan, we really appreciate it Trevor!

Replied January 2020

User Profile

Farming , 2-10 employees

Used weekly for less than 2 years


Farm setup business plan

I like the reviews form the pitch and the task reminders some days before it is to happen. It is simple t use if one just follows every direction and guide provided.

You can only work online. If it can be designed in such a way that you work offline and then upload online, that would be nice. Anyway that's my thought.

Thanks for leaving feedback Seyi!

Replied March 2020

User Profile

Information Technology and Services , 11-50 employees

Reviewed May 2023

Great product

It's been a great run with Liveplan for over 5years now

Product way of use and how it makes my financial planning easy

The new price upgrade does not make subscribing easy anymore

User Profile

Best software in financial management

I can change the structure and model of our business much easier and accurate

The price set to pay for in order to use the software is friendly There is training on site afforded by the developer There is online support available to help new users

It is not easy to integrate this software with other business plan software that were available for use by the company before moving into this one

Internet , 1 employee

Reviewed June 2020

The only business planning software that gets the job done

It took a few attempts to put together a business plan, but it worked out.

This is all-in-one software that helps you organize thoughts, data, expectations and organize everything in a meaningful way that helps you plan, budget and forecast.

It’s needed at the beginning, but not later.

Reason for choosing LivePlan

LivePlan is the only product for business plan creation that is worth considering. I tried many different products and they all sucked. I remember that it was difficult to distinguish liveplan from other products at the beginning, at least its advantages were not obvious upfront.

Reasons for switching to LivePlan

Because no other products are even close to liveplan in terms of usability and sensibility.

Food & Beverages , 2-10 employees

Used daily for more than 2 years

Reviewed December 2017

LivePlan is an excellent business planning solution

I love the output of LivePlan. The business plans and one-pagers look clean, modern, and professional. It's very simple to enter information about our business into LivePlan, and the software asks great questions.

If you already have a separate financial model or set of financial projections for your company, it can be difficult to enter them into LivePlan.

Reviewed March 2023

This as a complete scam

Service seemed generic and automated. No personalization or attention to care.

I did the 35 day trial...thinking it was just a trial. The catch is that they will charge you $180.00 and if you contest it, they will not refund you. This product was not easy to use and it's interface wasn't clear so I didn't use it at all. I'm out $180.00 because they care more about money than the quality of services or customer care.

I dislike that they seem more concerned about money than service.

Financial Services , 1 employee

Excellent Business Plan Writing and Easy Forecast Models

Overall the software excellent. I wish I could get my customers to utilize it more on a consistent basis.

LivePlan takes you through the process of writing a business plan and putting together financial forecasts in an easy, step-by-step manner. Built in benchmarks are great for planning and analysis. The Pitch is excellent for summarizing the focus of any business. QuickBooks integration and Financial Dashboards are outstanding tools for tracking actual vs. budgeted income and expenses. The milestones are perfect for keeping everyone on task.

Could have better interface and step-by-step instructions for the assets and liabilities - how the items in QBO relate to LivePlan. The financial portion of the plan could be better formatted when printing.

Consumer Services , 2-10 employees

Used less than 2 years

Reviewed December 2019

Cash flow Companion

The cash flow report showed me how much funding we would need, and when, in order to keep the doors open.

LivePlan gave me the answer I needed to make that go, no go decision to even start a new business by showing me the cash flow I needed, not only to start up but also to operate the business month after month.

LivePlan totally met all our needs. The bank loan officer said it was one of the best business plans they have seen, and wished every applicant could submit such a professional document.

Thanks so much Rosario, we really appreciate you taking the time to review LivePlan!

Medical Devices , 2-10 employees

Reviewed September 2022

Live plan review EE , not to short

Error free budgetting

User friendly, structured, easy to deploy

Inflexibel, not exportable to Excel, output too rigid structured

Excel is error sensitive

Information Technology and Services , 1 employee

Used less than 12 months

Easy to use and professional software

LivePlan was excellent for writing a business plan, it helped to guide the actual planning for the business by allowing us to change variables and see the results. The end product is very detailed and professional looking. The best part of the software was the easy walk-through process, it made it very easy to enter data and return to revise it later. Being able to collaborate with peers on the process and have a partner enter data at the same time was also very useful.

I can't think of any significant issues with the software, it worked very well.

Thanks for you review Michael!

Construction , 2-10 employees

Reviewed August 2019

Helps you set the scene!...

Brilliant! I just keep renewing, checking and playing with my business financials and have used it to collaborate too!

I love the intuitive nature of this product, it literally takes you through the steps of a business plan, and to really think about all the little elements within your business. It also Synchronises with XERO with is a bonus, so you can see forecast vs actual etc..

Some of the settings for tax and other, for a layperson, are hard to get your head around, I think some videos or other resources would help here?

Reviewed January 2017

Business Helper

Cheap, easy to use and provided us with a plan that made sense. I don't know how else our business would survive without it.

Perfect for budgeting and our financials.

Farming , 1 employee

Used daily for less than 6 months

Business plan

Excellent. Very easy to use and details

It provides details in planning with example

Some examples use is very hard to understand in the business that I Have

Insurance , 2-10 employees

Didn't help me

I purchased this to help create a business plan and it may work for other businesses but the help given was mostly for retail companies. Not much help for an insurance agency.

Customer service is excellent, I was able to reach someone immediately when calling.

It is a little difficult to try and figure out even after watching the tutorials.

Thanks for your feedback Nancy - greatly appreciated.

Replied December 2019

Used weekly for less than 6 months

Easy way to keep track of a constantly changing business structure

When we found LivePlan we were looking for an easy way to record our business structure so that we could show it to stakeholders. This application turned out to be a great tool for that task. We enjoyed it enough to where we keep our account going and now we regularly update our structure to make it easier to have conversations with potential investors, our banker, and other stakeholders.

The ability to collaborate sounds nice but the price associated with doing this makes it slightly prohibitive to us at this point. Perhaps in the future when we expand our business and the potential for a spin off becomes viable we might use this feature.

User Profile

Marketing and Advertising , 11-50 employees

Used monthly for less than 12 months

Reviewed September 2018

I Loved this software to get my ideas off the ground

Positive. Once we wrote out a business plan for a project that never got off the ground. I was grateful. Had we not developed the business plan - we would have gone into a very unprofitable venture.

I think this is a great guide to get you in the planning aspect of any business. It forces you to go through the process and make sure you have clarity in your ideas, so that it all fits together nicely and aligns well.

I had a hard time going back to the plan - and comparing how i was doing in the forecast. I think that in any project one is extremely positive at getting the right results easily, but that is not the case in reality. That is not the plans fault though.

Automotive , 2-10 employees

Reviewed September 2019

Ease of usec

Helped to establish the base ability to understand running costs in good detail.

Found it to be simple easy and suitable yet very profound covering all aspects

I suppose the only negative i think of is the price and even that is not bad for what you get.

Simple and ease of use

Construction , 11-50 employees

Reviewed June 2023

Summary of Live Plan

My experience has been very good and I have appreciated their

Although we use excel to initiate the process - we always end up placing things within Live Plan

Generally going out 5 years is more than fine with projections. However, we did have a situation where we brought a new division in 2 years later and we need to combine it with the original plan and would have liked it going 6 or even 7 years.

the number crunching and financial tables are what is needed for quality of the presentation.

LivePlan Review: The Best Software Out There?

By Max Zabairatskii, Updated July 25, 2023

liveplan business plan review

Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here .

  • Easily consumable, clear, and customizable business plan.
  • Easy online publishing with a private link.
  • Exporting into various formats and templates.
  • Amazing forecasting with easy-to-add data points.
  • Zero calculation is required – the software handles everything else.
  • 60-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Only the most basic template can be exported into a Word document.
  • Difficult to integrate with QuickBooks desktop.
  • Zero control throughout synchronization when comparing with Actuals.
  • Unable to roll back synchronization.
  • Customers without Xero or QuickBooks have to resolve to manual inputting.
  • No font selection option when creating a business plan.
  • LivePlan is an online platform that makes it easy to create business plans.
  • Users no longer have to worry about calculating never-ending figures; the software does all of that. It is merely inputting the figures, and every other end is taken care of.
  • Not only do small business owners have access to budgeting and forecasting features, consultants and educators also use the platform to deliver their services better.
  • The expert guidance and simplicity of features make LivePlan the go-to software for many professionals.

EduReviewer is a comprehensive resource for online education and writing service evaluations. When you’re a professional document in need of accurate reviews and you want to avoid landing on untrustworthy platforms, EduReviewer has got your back.

We’ve conducted in-depth analysis of popular platforms, ranging from QuickBooks online business planning, online accounting software, to premier resume writing services. If you’re keen on learning math, music, or languages online, you can find reviews of the top providers here.

Often, cost influences the choice of platform. However, it’s crucial to note that a steep price tag does not necessarily equate to superior service or delivery.

In your quest for a service provider that suits your specific needs, your budget is an important consideration.

It’s equally vital to look for a platform that ensures secure transactions and protects your data. Rest assured, all platforms featured on EduReviewer provide secure payment gateways and never disclose any details without your permission. In short, you are in good hands.

A wide array of online lessons are accessible these days, from business plan and CV crafting, resume and cover letter writing, to personalized tutoring lessons.

In today’s climate, funding opportunities are relatively scarce, while there’s an abundance of investors ready to back projects. This fuels competition.

Standing out with a well-crafted business plan is a strategy that many entrepreneurs adopt. Hence, the surge in popularity of business plan samples and services.

liveplan tour

Various online lessons are available today, from business organizations, CV, resume, and cover letter writing to tutoring lessons.

Today, there are limited funding opportunities compared to the available cash flow of investors willing to fund enterprises, promoting competition.

One way that many are using to stand out from the crowd is their business strategies. And so, the reason why these sample plans and services are popular.

Writing services continue to be high thanks to the internet and the need always to stay relevant and different from the crowd.

Reports have shown that many employers consider excellent writing skills a major requirement when hiring. No wonder many are learning another langue and acquiring one digital skill or the other.

It is not enough to realize you need help; you should consider a few things before going forward. Please make sure they are qualified and have experience in the field.

Aside from these, ensure they have a great attitude and willingness to collaborate. When they are not open to feedback and constructive criticism, you should consider not going forward with such a service.

Ultimately, you want a company that can take you from your position to the height you want to achieve.

Looking for a comprehensive platform to connect with potential investors, and raise capital for your business?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your company and your vision to life – check out EquityNet review today and see how crowdfunding can help you achieve your business goals.

LivePlan Overview

What is liveplan.

LivePlan is a cloud-based business plan software that works entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size business owners through the entire business planning process.

It was created in step by step process using Palo Alto Software and in sections with various video tutorials to help write solid business schemes in record time.

The software also now has unique dashboard that helps entrepreneurs track how to track businesses’ performances against their goals and industry benchmarks. It also simplifies budgeting, business planning, and forecasting.

It is predominantly designed with small business owners in mind, but there are other interfaces for accountants, consultants, educators, and incubator operations.

Users have to input their business details, including company size, descriptions, business model, personnel plans, financial plans, and standard accounting statements.

LivePlan intro

How does LivePlan work?

LivePlan has a simplified method of helping small businesses actualize their goals and meet their target.

Below is the full step by step process-by-step process of how LivePlan works;

live plan promo

Setting up your business on LivePlan is the first step. Here, you will be asked a few details about you and your own business model.

After that, you will set the goal you have in mind for your business, and then a starting point and other software will be recommended for you — all on your easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Get started with business strategy.

After setting up, the next step by step process is to get started on your business strategy. You will have access to a one-page summary of your business strategy.

LivePlan allows you to document and publish this pitch on the web and eventually share it on social media.

  • Create a full business plan.

Next, you can easily create your business plan in simple steps by following instructions and creating examples.

The plan is also fully customizable, so you can add or remove chapters and sections as you want.

  • Create a budget and forecast.

You also get to create your business budget and make educated forecasting. You don’t need math or complex spreadsheets to get it done.

Enter the sales you think you can make, and LivePlan takes it up from there.

  • Compare with competitors.

You can also check your numbers with your competitors to know how you are doing.

You get to use real data from small businesses like yours in your region or country to compare. This helps you to come up with budgets and forecasts that make sense.

  • Enhance your business growth with the dashboard.

With your customizable platform and dedicated dashboard, you get to connect to QuickBooks, Xero, and other platforms to track your progress against your plan quickly and easily.

LivePlan success

Does LivePlan help at all?

LivePlan reviews guarantee that your professional business plan is twice as likely to succeed. And the reason is simple; their experts work you through all the professional business plan set up and budget creation.

Through video tutorials, you can gain access to their professional experts and ask questions when you are not clear of a process.

The downside, however, is that there is no means of direct communication with the expert. You don’t also get to determine the type of expert that attends to you or your business.

Still, their experts have proved to be up to the task and are always willing to see your business succeed.

LivePlan customers

Is LivePlan good?

Without any iota of doubt, LivePlan online services are effective. The last liveplan pricing plan review from over 850,000 small business customers they have attended to over the years proved that.

LivePlan also features several verified customer reviews on its website. Here are a couple more examples: “LivePlan has reinvented business planning . It’s the only tool that helps entrepreneurs track their progress with a unique dashboard specifically designed for small business.” “I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan!”

#LivePlan helps entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals like accountants and educators to reach their goals and build sustainable businesses that grow 30% faster than their counterparts.

Business owners have access to a robust system and customizable dashboard system that lets them see in real-time how they are doing. They can track their progress concerning their goals and also compare with their competitors.

LivePlan experts

Is LivePlan safe or a scam?

LivePlan is a robust business plan software that is published by Palo Alto Software Inc. It is a software organization with headquarters in the United States and an office in the United Kingdom.

Customers reviews on LivePlan propose you can either visit their physical location for inquiries, live chat through their website or send an email to them. With many customers worldwide and operating for years, the scam cannot be used in the same sentence as LivePlan.

Is LivePlan the best business plan software out there?

With thousands of customers in several world countries, it is safe to say that LivePlan is doing something right. Not only has entrepreneurs, other small businesses, entrepreneurs, accountants, and educators benefited from LivePlan’s financial data and solutions, individual customers all over the world also testify.

Users of found liveplan software tool and plan reviews have access to over 500 sample plans, fast expert guidance, and able to build complete and accurate company and financial data and reports quickly. A review of LivePlan also reports that its customers record 30% fast business growth.

Story of LivePlan

If your business needs a professional business software to plan with ease, then you have to consider LivePlan. Several SMEs have chosen the platform as their go-to business planning online accounting software already, and the reason is apparent.

And when you are done, you can easily share it on different platforms. You can host your plan online with a unique and customizable URL link that you can share in another case.

LivePlan help

Forecasting is not only a great tool but another opportunity that users of LivePlan have to get a better financial picture of their business.

Users can see sample plans, build budgets, create charts and forecasts, track business goals, and create visual reports. So, let’s proceed with the LivePlan business plan review.

LivePlan offers diverse services to different professionals, such as entrepreneurs, accountants, educators, enterprises, and incubators.

These services include:

  • Business plan:

LivePlan uses cloud-based business planning software to help professionals, investors and business and company owners create complete business strategies that help them break processes into simple steps.

LivePlan info

  • Budgeting and forecasting:

It is not enough to only tool it to create a business plan; businesses and other enterprises should plan for the future through adequate forecasting.

They should also be able to plan the budget and track expenditure.

When we analyzed the liveplan review.com reviews online from different platforms, we found that not many liveplan review and clients have used this liveplan review service. But those who did had a good impression of liveplan review and it.

LivePlan Pricing

As at the time of this LivePlan review, users are charged based on a monthly subscription model. There are Standard and Premium monthly subscription plans. Users can either pay annually or by monthly subscription.

When charged annually, you pay $15 for a Standard plan and $30 for a Premium one plan. When you pay monthly, you pay $20 per month for the Standard plan and $40 for a Premium annual plan.

But the Standard plan has a discount for the first 3 months, so you’ll be charged only $15.

LivePlan Pricing

owever, access to the software is risk-free for 60 days. That means you get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied within the first 60 days of signing up.

The quality of all the sections and services offered by LivePlan cannot be questioned. The business plan you make with LivePlan is solid and industry-compliant.

When you sign up, you get access to automatic financials that erase the need to use formulas. You also get automated charts, tables, and reports – just the way you would expect.

The next step by step-by-step instructions also ensure that you do things right once and for all, alongside expert advice whenever you are unsure of a process.

There are also over 500 sample plans you can choose from with benchmark data that you can use to compare with competitors.

And when you are no longer interested in LivePlan, you can easily export your plan in the format you desire.

liveplan promo

LivePlan Customer Service / Support

LivePlan consumer review shows that their’ customer support service is top-notch. When in doubt, you can easily chat live with their customer service representative or send an email.

Renowned business plan experts also give free tutorials on how to go about writing your business plan. All of which add up to the only tool to ensure you achieve your goal.

LivePlan growth planning

Their physical office is also opened from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, with their expert, customer support and advocacy team on the ground to help.

Website and Mobile App Usability

LivePlan does not have a mobile app at the time of this professional review of the features of the LivePlan software. However, it features of the website it features is robust yet easy to navigate.

It can also be easily used on iPhone or Android phones. We also featured LivePlan for our best business plan app  list.

Upon visiting the website, you are welcomed to a simple website with a welcoming blue background. Right at the top of the page, you can view a video of the website tour.

LivePlan contacts

The website is user friendly and built with users in mind. Each of their offerings is segregated into different interfaces, making it easy to navigate.

LivePlan Competitors

When it comes to quality, LivePlan has excellent value for money. But there are still a few alternatives to consider. Check these other liveplan reviews if you want to consider an alternative service:

  • Palo Alto Business Plan Pro review (this is another Palo Alto software, check our comparison here );
  • WiseBusinessPlans.com review (this option would be great for those who are looking for the best business plan writers );
  • Bizplan (but comparing Bizplan vs LivePlan we would definitely pick the latter).

Who owns Liveplan?

Our name is Palo Alto Software.

Are business plans worth it?

The most important step in the development of a business plan is to focus on what is necessary to succeed in achieving its objectives. Benjamin Franklin once told a man that when you don’t plan, you’re not prepared.

What do business plan software packages do?

The software for planning a business can be used for a variety of financial purposes. Some software can generate an automatic financial statement for you so your audience understands the figures.

What is a perfect business plan?

Business plans require examples of an executive summary, examples of product and service offerings and a section on marketing and analytical tools, financial plans and budgets.

How long does it take to work on a business plan?

Researching and designing your business proposal will take from 1-2 months, depending on the complexity of your business plan software used. Expert advises that business plans may vary between 35 and 60 pages depending on specific business needs and specific business requirements.

LivePlan Alternatives

liveplan business plan review

LivePlan Reviews 6

LivePlan is committed to ensuring businesses actualise their goals and meet their target. It offers various services that help in the growth of the business. The prices are affordable and vary depending on the package. It focuses on quality; hence, you are assured of getting maximum satisfaction. Besides, in cases of complaints, their customer service is top-notch.

The dashboard of the platform allowed me to customize in real time. I found ease in tracking the progress of my business vis a vis other competitors.

A friend asked me what my business strategy was and I couldn’t fully articulate myself. Thanks To Live Plan, I was able to document and pitch it on the web as well as social media.

I really needed a firm business plan to seek more investors for my small retail shop. Live Plan was able to deliver a functional and thorough plan that landed me three solid investors that I approached.

I had a hard time creating a budget for my business and it was not until Live Plan that I managed to compile my expenses. I no longer have to do complex spreadsheets anymore.

I am not good at writing formidable business plans so when my colleague told me to check Live Plan I was eager. I can say with confidence that my business has grown exponentially. I am truly grateful.

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Starting a Business | Buyer's Guide

6 Best Business Plan Software

Published June 10, 2020

Published Jun 10, 2020

Blake Stockton

WRITTEN BY: Blake Stockton

This article is part of a larger series on Starting a Business .

Business plan software gives you the tools to create financial projection tables, charts, and other documents you need to plan your business. Software is often better than using a free template because it gives you step-by-step directions and educational materials to help you complete a clear business plan. We review the best business plan software below so you can determine which software is right for your business.

The six best business plan software for 2020 are:

  • LivePlan : Best overall business plan software for small and medium sized businesses
  • BizPlan : Best for tech startups that need a business plan that appeals to investors
  • Enloop : Best for entrepreneurs short on time and need recommended biz plan content
  • GoSmallBiz.com : Best for a new small business that also needs marketing and operation tools
  • Business Sorter : Best for visual thinkers who want to try an innovative approach to creating a plan
  • PlanGuru : Best for businesses that need to create in-depth financial projections

How We Evaluated Business Plan Software

To evaluate the various business plan software, we reviewed factors we believe are essential no matter what type of business plan you’re creating. Primarily, we reviewed pricing and the availability of a trial or money-back guarantee. We also researched the business plan software overall quality and ease of use. Additionally, we reviewed customer service availability, additional services offered, and the quality of educational materials.

LivePlan: Best Overall Business Plan Software for Small Businesses

liveplan logo

LivePlan is a well-designed software for business owners looking to create either a one-page plan or a lender-ready plan. What separates LivePlan from competitors is the extended money-back guarantee and quality of educational materials. The software has financial projections that are easy to complete and looks great as a finished product.

Visit LivePlan

LivePlan Pricing

  • Pay As You Go : $20 per month
  • Six-month Plan : $108 every six months
  • 12-month Plan : $180 every 12 months

LivePlan Features

  • One-page business plan: If you’d like to create a simple plan, LivePlan provides a fill-in-the-blank template to get your ideas down quickly.
  • Educational materials: LivePlan walks users step-by-step through the business planning process with several video tutorials and examples.
  • Financial data: As you answer financial questions, LivePlan populates easy-to-read financial charts and graphs.
  • Customer service: Phone, email, and online chat support is available for customers Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Why We Like LivePlan

LivePlan provides the necessary tools to get your biz plan created. If you’re creating your first business plan, the educational materials serve as a mini online course to help you complete your plan. LivePlan leads in its 60-day money-back guarantee—most guarantees are one to two weeks. Additionally, if you find that you cannot finish your business plan, LivePlan has a network of writers who can assist.

Bizplan: Best Business Plan Software for Tech Startups

bizplan logo

BizPlan is a software aimed for high-growth startups. Typically, these types of businesses are looking to raise funding from an investor, not a bank. BizPlan provides several unique features including a drag-and-drop builder, startup educational materials, and access to a fundraising platform.

Visit Bizplan

Bizplan Pricing

  • Monthly : $29 per month
  • Annual : $20.75 per month ($249 per year)
  • Lifetime Access : $349 one-time

Bizplan Features

  • Drag-and-drop user interface: Create a business plan with the elements needed for your type of business.
  • Online fundraising platform: Included with the business plan software is access to Fundable.com, an online fundraising platform that connects you to potential investors.
  • Lifetime pricing: Bizplan is the only company that provides lifetime access for a one-time $349 fee.
  • Startup courses: In addition to the biz plan software, receive access to over 650 videos and 1,000 how-to guides for creating a successful high-growth startup.
  • Customer service : Phone, chat, and email availability Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Why We Like Bizplan

BizPlan is perfect for the business looking to raise funds from an investor. One unique feature it provides is the “pitch” document. This doc outlines the most important aspects of your business. It’s easy to share with investors who want a snapshot of your business. We also like the positive online reviews regarding Bizplan’s customer service: fast response, and pleasant to work with.

Enloop: Best for Completing a Business Plan Fast

enloop logo

Enloop is an easy-to-navigate business plan software that focuses on helping customers get their plan completed quickly. It does this through its automated text and performance score that acts as a digital mentor. For an additional monthly fee, Enloop provides an analysis of your financial ratios, which help determine your company’s potential financial health.

Visit Enloop

Enloop Pricing

  • Seven-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Detailed plan : $19.95 per month or $11 per month with annual payment
  • Performance plan : $39.95 per month or $24 per month with annual payment

Enloop Features

  • Automated text: The plan comes with standard business plan text that you can customize and any financial text gets updated automatically from the financial data.
  • Financial ratios: Enloop does a great job explaining 16 different financial ratios that indicate the financial health of your business.
  • Performance score: As you complete your business plan and enter your financial information, Enloop calculates a completion score from 0-100, which serves as motivation to complete the plan.
  • Customer service: Enloop’s service is limited to messages and a help database.

Why We Like Enloop

Enloop provides several features that makes it an appealing business plan software. Users can complete their business plan quickly with their templated text. Enloop also saves time by having financial numbers discussed in the text updated automatically when changed in the financial data and tables section. We also like the one-week free trial that requires no credit card information to start.

GoSmallBiz.com: Best for Additional Small Business Tools

GoSmallBiz Logo

GoSmallBiz.com provides a comprehensive toolkit that those starting a new business will find helpful. In addition to the biz plan software, it provides a website, customer relationship management (CRM), text-based business consultations, and legal business documents. No other biz plan software offers this suite of tools—all for one cost.

Visit GoSmallBiz.com

GoSmallBiz.com Pricing

  • Suite of business products : $39 per month

GoSmallBiz.com Features

  • Business plan: Save time by choosing a business plan template specifically for your industry and then use a step-by-step wizard to complete it.
  • Educational materials: As you create your business plan, you’ll find video tutorials teaching you about different sections of a biz plan.
  • Unlimited business consultations: Submit your specific business questions to knowledgeable business consultants and receive an answer within two days.
  • Other tools: In addition to the business plan, use GoSmallBiz.com’s software to do additional tasks such as building a website, tracking basic accounting, writing corporate minutes, and creating legal documents.
  • Customer service : Available by phone Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time.

Why We Like GoSmallBiz.com

GoSmallBiz.com is perfect for the new small business owner looking to save on software needed for their business. We particularly like the ability to get answers specific to your business questions from business consultants. GoSmallBiz.com also has high-quality videos and educational materials throughout. For those new to entrepreneurship, learn best-practices through its downloadable app, videos, and blog.

Business Sorter: Best Business Plan For Visual Learners

business sorter logo

Business Sorter uses an innovative card sorting system to help users determine what information needs to go in their business plan. If you’d like the plan to be a team effort, you can assign certain sections to individual employees. Business Sorter provides a test drive with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required to start.

Visit Business Sorter

Business Sorter Pricing

  • Small Team : $10 per month or $80 per year (three users)
  • Medium Team : $30 per month or $240 per year (10 users)
  • Large Team : $80 per month or $640 per year (30 users)
  • Enterprise : Customer (unlimited users)

Business Sorter Features

  • Card sorter planning system: When first starting the business plan, you’ll be presented with 273 digital cards to sort through and prioritize what’s essential in your plan.
  • Team-oriented: Assign certain portions of the business plan to specific employees via email.
  • Multiple plans: Create up to 40 plans for your business or other businesses you own at no additional cost.
  • Guidance: Business Sorter provides advice every step of the way so you can complete the fundamentals of your business plan in under two hours.
  • Customer service : No phone support, but it does have email support, frequently asked questions, and a detailed biz plan guide.

Why We Like Business Sorter

We really like the innovative biz plan creation process behind Business Sorter. Instead of you trying to determine the most critical aspects of your business on your own, Business Sorter walks you through specifics for each section in 273 different digital cards. The desired cards— which indicate sections—then get added to your plan. We also like the overall ease of use and modern design of the software.

PlanGuru: Best for In-depth Financial Forecasting

planguru logo

PlanGuru is a software specially designed for financial analysis and forecasting. You may want to use this software if financial projections and budgeting is essential to your business philosophy and your type of business. With PlanGuru you can use over 20 different forecasting methods to better understand how your business may perform financially in the future.

Visit PlanGuru

PlanGuru Pricing

  • Monthly : $99 per month
  • Annual : $299 per year
  • PlanGuru Launch : $250 an hour

PlanGuru Features

  • Detailed financial analysis: Integrate the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement into one comprehensive financial model.
  • PlanGuru Launch: Hire PlanGuru to formulate a financial plan for your business and then learn from its experts about how to track and manage the plan.
  • PlanGuru Analyst: This product is when PlanGuru sets up your financial plan, then tracks it for you, and sends updates—for a fixed monthly fee.
  • PlanGuru University: This is a seven hour online class that teaches you how to understand and track the finances in your business.
  • Customer service: A ticket submission service is available for customers.

Why We Like PlanGuru

For the financially-minded small business owner, PlanGuru has all the tools to implement and track your financial plan. The projections are typically the most challenging part of any business plan. Still, if you will ever need funding for your business, you must have the projections. Use PlanGuru University to learn more about your financials, and then “wow” investors with a detailed financial forecasting model.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve read through the best business plan software available in 2020, it’s time to decide: which plan is best for you? For the typical small business, LivePlan will provide all the tools they need to write a funding-ready plan. A tech startup may want to consider BizPlan. If you want to write your plan quickly, choose Enloop. PlanGuru is best to complete detailed financial projections. Whichever software you choose, remember, business planning is an exercise to chart your business’s bright and exciting future!

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Blake Stockton

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Blake Stockton

Blake Stockton is a staff writer at Fit Small Business focusing on how to start brick-and-mortar and online businesses. He is a frequent guest lecturer at several undergraduate business and MBA classes at University of North Florida . Prior to joining Fit Small Business, Blake consulted with over 700 small biz owners and assisted with starting and growing their businesses.

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Our review-only service just includes feedback, but if you decide you'd like to engage in our full plan writing service after participating in a review, we'll give you a discount.

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Yes, we do market research. We have access to industry reports for most industries and we will use them to lend more credibility to your plan and validate the assumptions we are making in your financials.

What is included with the full plan writing service?

When it's all said and done, you'll have a full, lender or investor ready business plan, a one page pitch, and a free year of LivePlan so you can make changes to your plan as well as use our cash flow and business management tools to stay on track.

Can you guarantee that my business will get funded?

There are a lot of factors that go into the decision making process for lending that are beyond our control, like your personal credit. What we can say is that it is very difficult to get funding without a solid business plan and we make solid business plans.

Will you share my information?

We take your privacy very seriously and will not share your information.

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The average business plan completes in 3-6 weeks, depending on your responsiveness to your writer and our work load. We offer expedited services if you are in a rush.

Yes, we can deliver an expedited plan in as little as two weeks for an additional $1,000.

Does my business plan include financials?

What formats do you deliver in.

We deliver in PDF format, Word and we also give you access to edit your plan in a free LivePlan account.

How many pages is the average business plan?

We subscribe to the lean business planning method so we try to keep your plan short and to the point. Depending on the complexity of your business, your finished plan can end up being anywhere from 25-50 pages.

Pricing and Options

How much does this service cost.

The full plan writing service cost can vary depending on your needs. Book a call with us to request a quote. We also offer a lower cost business plan review service and a forecasting service.

Do you offer a la carte services?

We offer a review service (feedback only, no edits), forecast only service or full business plan writing service. If you have a partially completed plan, we can work with that, but you'll want to choose the full business plan writing service.

Do you offer a review service?

Yes. One of our business planning experts can review your plan and financials line by line and give you critical and constructive feedback to help improve your plan and increase your confidence when it comes time to deliver.

Do you offer an expedited service?

What if i don't like my plan.

You'll have the opportunity to review and leave feedback after each draft. We recommend taking the time to be thorough and thoughtful in your feedback as that is your chance to help mold your plan into something that really resonates with you.

Expert Plan Writers and Consultants

Who writes my business plan.

You will be paired with one dedicated individual from our small team of highly trained and experienced business planning professionals. Each one is a uniquely qualified business planning expert who can translate your ideas into a business plan that will appeal to your audience.

Is my plan writer an expert in my industry?

Our business plan writers are experts specifically in business plan writing. We've worked with every industry imaginable so the likelihood that they have some familiarity with your industry is high, but if you are looking for a business consultant this may not be a good fit.

What kind of background will my writer have? Are they outsourced from other countries? Have they been writing business plans for very long?

We are a small team of well educated business planning experts. Each writer's background varies but they all have financial or business education as well as years, small business management or consulting and business plan writing experience. They are all well vetted and really good at what they do, which is write plans that help you get funded.

Small Business Definitions

What is a business plan.

In its simplest form, a business plan is a guide—a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. At its heart, a business plan is just a plan for how your business is going to work, and how you're going to make it succeed. Read our full article on "What is a business plan" here.

What is in a business plan?

The executive summary is an overview of your business and your plans. It comes first in your plan and is ideally only one to two pages. Most people write it last, though.

The opportunity section answers these questions: What are you actually selling and how are you solving a problem (or "need") for your market? Who is your target market and competition?

In the execution chapter of your business plan, you'll answer the question: how are you going to take your opportunity and turn it into a business? This section will cover your marketing and sales plan, operations, and your milestones and metrics for success.

Investors look for great teams in addition to great ideas. Use the company and management chapter to describe your current team and who you need to hire. You will also provide a quick overview of your legal structure, location, and history if you're already up and running.

Your business plan isn't complete without a financial forecast . We'll tell you what to include in your financial plan, but you'll definitely want to start with a sales forecast, cash flow statement, income statement (also called profit and loss), and your balance sheet.

If you need more space for product images or additional information, use the appendix for those details.

Read our full article "How to Write a Business Plan — the Comprehensive Guide" for more information, here.

Why is a business plan important?

There are many reasons why it is important to have a business plan. A business plan is essential if you're seeking a loan or investment, can help you make big spending decisions with confidence and is a solid foundation for ongoing strategic planning and prioritization. Read our full article on "8 Reasons Having a Business Plan is Important" here.

What is a business plan writer/consultant?

A business plan writer/consultant is a business and financial expert who can help guide you through the process of creating a business plan and do much of the labor involved in creating it. They will work with you to understand your business model, do market research, create financial projections and offer guidance as all of those pieces are brought together in a full business plan document.

How to pick a business plan writer/consultant?

Picking a business plan writer or business plan consultant is an important decision — you'll want to find someone dedicated to your success, with experience in your industry or field and that is in it for the long haul. Read our full article on "Things to Look for When Hiring a Business Plan Writer" here.

Why should you pay someone to write your business plan?

You don't have time. Starting a business is time consuming. Oftentimes people have to juggle a regular 9-5 job while working on starting their business. That doesn't leave a lot of time for a big writing project. Hiring a professional to write your business plan can help you give you time to focus on the tasks that are critical to getting your business off the ground.

You want to make sure it is done right, the first time. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Hiring a professional to write your plan for you can give you the peace of mind that your plan is the best it can be when you present it to potential lenders or investors.


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