1. Jurisprudence of Law, Poverty and Development

    As peace and development are interrelated; ultimate purpose of jurisprudence is to establish peace, justice, equality and rule of law in society. Finally, UN has coined Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate all form of poverty across the globe by 2030 AD. So, sustainable development is also the agenda of Nepal as it is the member of many ...

  2. PDF General Theory of Law and Development

    Law has become the framework and vocabulary for constructing and debating development policies,1 but law and development, an area of schol-arship that explores the relationship between law and economic and social progress,2 is relatively unknown and underdeveloped as an academic field. 1.

  3. Full article: Defining the characteristics of poverty and their

    1. Introduction. Poverty "is one of the defining challenges of the 21st Century facing the world" (Gweshengwe et al., Citation 2020, p. 1).In 2019, about 1.3 billion people in 101 countries were living in poverty (United Nations Development Programme and Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, Citation 2019).For this reason, the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals ...

  4. Poverty, Policy and the Poor

    The era of millennium of development goals (MDGs), 2000-2015, particularly, the goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (MDG 1) and the declaration of the sustainable development goals on 25 September 2015, unanimously endorsed and adopted by 193 countries, suggest the global consensus to 'end poverty in all its forms everywhere' (SDG 1) and to 'end hunger, achieve food security ...

  5. The Role of Law in Addressing Poverty and Inequality in High Income

    Agenda 2030 on sustainable development promotes a holistic approach to development and emphasizes the need to leave no one behind. Regarding the rule of law, sustainable development goal (SDG) 16.3 focuses on (promoting the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all by 2030) and the related goals and targets on justice. Changing economic ...

  6. From Poverty and Development to People's International Law

    Abstract. Poverty is the direct consequence of property accumulation masked by the rhetoric of growth, development, and shared prosperity. International law has played a decisive role in the design of this schema, as a powerful engine for the transformation of commons into capital.

  7. PDF Legal Intervention in Poverty Alleviation: Enriching the Poor Through Law

    With the emergence of the concept of the 'Human Development Index' and 'Human Poverty Index', a composite measure reflecting health, education and economic attainment for the country, came to the fore, in an attempt to portray poverty in its various dimensions, including access to minimum services.16.

  8. Global Poverty and the Right to Development in International Law

    Abstract. This Article advances an account of the right to development as a legal instrument that holds the international legal order accountable for its role in the production and reproduction of global poverty. It first distinguishes moral conceptions of human rights, as instruments that protect universal features of humanity, from legal ...

  9. PDF BOOK REVIEW: Poverty Law, Policy, and Practice

    LAW, POLICY, AND PRACTICE. The first three chapters of the book-Introduction to Poverty, Social Welfare Policy, and Poverty and the Constitution-deal with some of the basic and overriding questions about poverty, social policy, and law and poverty.1o A broad theme that emerges in these chapters-and throughout the book-is whether the. 6.

  10. Law and Poverty: The Legal System and Poverty Reduction Lucy Williams

    Law and Poverty: The Legal System and Poverty Reduction Lucy Williams, Asbjorn Kjonstad and Peter Robson, eds, CROP International Studies in Poverty Research/Zed Books, London, 2003, pp xii + 303 Milind S. Bokil

  11. Poverty Research and its Discontents: Review and Discussion of Issues

    Edited volumes have low prestige in economics. Fortunately, the anthology Dimensions of Poverty.Measurement, Epistemic Injustices and Social Activism, compiled by Valentin Beck, Henning Hahn, and Robert Lepenies (), proves that edited volumes can be more than a loose collection of chapters unworthy of becoming journal articles.The editors have produced an important collection of 20 chapters ...

  12. PDF Poverty and Human Rights- ver 18 May 2017 corr

    A powerful justification for human rights in the anti-poverty agenda relates to the proposition that human rights define the same objective as pro-poor development, for which human development is a convenient proxy. From the capability perspective, both human development and human rights increase freedom.

  13. Jurisprudence of Law, Poverty and Development

    Poverty is the dearth of economic assets, which incapacitates to fulfill their basic needs. It is ultimately the shortage of the rights received from the law of nature along with the birth of human being. Global poverty is determined based on absolute income threshold equal to one or two dollar a day for World Bank Group. Although the measurement of poverty is difficult task, Kuznet Ratio ...

  14. PDF The official website of the Nobel Prize

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

  15. Law and poverty: the legal system and poverty reduction

    Much of this work is still cutting-edge but a start was made at a workshop held in Onati, Spain in 1999 which aimed to explore the theme of "Law and Poverty". The twelve papers presented at the workshop are now reproduced in a book brought out by the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) of the International Social Science Council.

  16. PDF Population, Poverty, and Sustainable Development

    The author may be contacted at [email protected], or [email protected]. The Policy Research Working Paper Series disseminates the findings of work in progress to encourage the exchange of ideas about development issues. An objective of the series is to get the findings out quickly, even if the presentations are less than fully polished.

  17. (PDF) Economic Growth, Economic Development, and Poverty: A

    Bibliometric units are researched from the Scopus database using keywords "economic development", "economic growth" and "poverty". The main contribution of this analysis is the review of existing ...

  18. Links Between Growth, Inequality, and Poverty: A Survey1

    Is there a tradeoff between raising growth and reducing inequality and poverty? This paper reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on the complex links between growth, inequality, and poverty, with causation going in both directions. The evidence suggests that growth can be effective in reducing poverty, but its impact on inequality is ambiguous and depends on the underlying sources ...

  19. Research Guides: Poverty and the Law Research Guide: Home

    Guide to Legal Research and Writing from the Transnational Perspective by Francis A. Gabor (Editor) Call Number: Law Stacks K85 .G33 2008. ISBN: 1600420400. Publication Date: 2008-06-01. Making Law Review: The Expert's Guide to Mastering the Write-On Competition by Wes Henricksen. Call Number: Law Stacks KF250 .H46 2008.

  20. PDF Economic growth: the impact on poverty reduction, inequality, human

    A typical estimate from these cross-country studies is that a 10 per cent increase in a country's average income will reduce the poverty rate by between 20 and 30 per cent.1. The central role of growth in driving the speed at which poverty declines is confirmed by research on individual countries and groups of countries.

  21. PDF Disability, poverty and development

    Children are often disabled as a result of malnutrition. In turn, disability exacerbates poverty, by increasing isolation and economic strain, not just for the individual but often for the affected family as well. Children with disabilities are more likely to die young, or be neglected, malnourished and poor.