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  1. Printable Activities Archives

    Monday February 27, 2023. March 2nd is celebrated as Read Across America Day in the United States. This day aims to encourage the habit of reading amongst children. This activity sheet is a fun way to celebrate Read Across America and the classic books that have made reading fun for children through out the years! READ MORE >.

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    KUMON. Name: Interpreting Text 7. 106 Time. -90% -80% -70% 69 / 100% mistakes O Read the sentences. Then choose a word from each sentence to match the definition. Write in the dictionary form of the word. - Many writers place emphasis on the thoughts of their characters.

  3. Kumon Reading Level 7A

    Kumon Reading Level 7A Students begin building the pre-reading skills necessary to becoming emergent readers. Students connect words to familiar objects by pointing to and repeating words after hearing them read aloud. When completing the Kumon worksheets at home, please follow these steps: Do's Don'ts Write the name of your child, date and ...

  4. Free Educational Digital Resources

    We help millions of parents get a great education for their children. Kumon Studies offers thousands of printable and interactive worksheets for free for the lower grades. Our mission is to provide free worksheets to educate young children across the world. To access the entire library of, please subscribe to one of the ...

  5. Reading & Writing

    Download. Three letter word puzzles 8. Download. Three letter word puzzles 9. Download. Three letter word puzzles 10. Social Media Share. Free Educational Resources related to Reading & Writing. For full access become a Kumon Studies member & reap the benefits.

  6. Grade 1 Reading (Kumon Reading Workbooks)

    Grade 1 Reading (Kumon Reading Workbooks) - Workbooks - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Read Grade 1 Reading (Kumon Reading Workbooks) PDF by Workbooks, Download Workbooks ebook Grade 1 Reading (Kumon Reading Workbooks), Kumon Publishing North America Workbooks

  7. The Kumon English Recommended Reading List

    Download the RRL Download the Complete RRL Click here to download the latest edition of the complete, 30-page RRL booklet in PDF format. It contains: level-by-level guides to each book; an introduction to the Recommended Reading List; information for parents on how to get the most out of the Recommended Reading List. (Click here to download the 2017 edition of the RRL booklet.)

  8. Kumon Reading Level 4A

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  9. Reading : Kumon Publishing : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming

    Language. English. "This workbook will introduce your child to grade one vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises in a step-by-step manner"--Cover [p. 1] "Based on the Kumon Method"--Cover [p. 2] "Aligned to state reading standards"--Cover [p. 1] Includes answer key. Access-restricted-item.

  10. Reading Study Guide

    Reading Study Guide - Level 5A. Objectives. • Know all beginning letter sounds • Read 1-syllable (3-letter) words independently • Know short vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) • Increase knowledge of sight words. Worksheet Details. Please use I Say/ We Say/ You Sayto read the worksheets if needed. 5A 1-100 a side Saying the Sounds of Letters. 1.

  11. At Home Learning Activities

    2. Kumon Worksheets. Kumon is a worksheet-based math and reading enrichment program that offers services beyond tutoring. The Kumon Method emphasizes self-learning, and individualized instruction is carefully planned to help student's reach their next academic level. During this time of school closures, speak to a Kumon Instructor about ...

  12. Downloads: Worksheets, Reading List & Magazines

    The Kumon Recommended Reading List (RRL) is a list of 380 books intended to help Kumon students find books that they will enjoy reading from wide range of genres. DOWNLOAD NOW. ... Kumon is a worksheet-based program that helps students advance from pre-k through high school. At Kumon, students build strong work habits that are essential to ...

  13. The Kumon Programs

    The Kumon foreign language programs set out to enable learners to develop an advanced level of reading comprehension ability. Using audio players, students begin by listening to and repeating basic words and sentences. They then move on to practicing oral reading and systematically learn about English grammar. After students have mastered basic ...

  14. PDF 2A. English

    students how to estimate their reading times and use the 'time box' on the reading pages. 161-170 171-180 181-190 191-200 The Importance of Reading Reading aloud from the worksheets is an essential part of Kumon English. Please ask your instructor how much oral reading should be completed at home. Kumon recommends that all students read as

  15. Grade 1 Reading

    Help your child develop strong reading skills. Kumon's Grade 1 Reading Workbook introduces important fundamentals such as vowels, consonants, adjectives, and rhyming words. Short reading comprehension activities give your child the opportunity to apply his or her new skills. Topics Covered in this Book: Rhyming Words Short Vowels Consonant Combinations Long Vowels Vocabulary Building ...

  16. Kumon Reading

    The aim of the Kumon Reading program is to develop students' reading comprehension abilities to a point where they will easily be able to read, understand, summarize and analyze advanced forms of writing from a diversity of fields. Though the main focus of the program is the development of reading comprehension skills, grammar lessons are also ...

  17. Kumon Reading Workbooks

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  18. The Kumon English Recommended Reading List

    Like the Kumon worksheets, the RRL is designed so that each student can start reading books at a comfortable level and progress, step by step, to those that are more difficult. Each title includes a short blurb to help students choose books. Read Together. This section was created for children who haven't started reading independently yet.

  19. Grade 2 Reading

    Grade 2 Reading. In Grade 2 Reading your child will build on the basics to acquire vocabulary. Answering who/what/where/when/why questions and charting passages will strengthen your child's critical reading skills. Topics Covered in this Book: Watch a short video about our Reading Workbook series>. 8 ½ x 11 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full ...

  20. Home

    Kumon [koo-mon] began over sixty years ago with a father and son in Japan. High-school math teacher Toru Kumon created a step-by-step, individualized approach to help his son, Takeshi, improve in math. This approach, known as the Kumon Method, established the basis for what would become the world's largest supplemental education program….

  21. PDF Table of Kumon Worksheets English Levels 7a-2a and Pencil Skills Levels

    R TABLE OF KUMON WORKSHEETS ENGLISH LEVELS 7A-2A AND PENCIL SKILLS LEVELS ZI-ZII SCT: Standard Completion Time (min./sheet) ZI ZII AIMS AIMS 7A 6A 5A 4A Colouring 1-10 11-20 ... oral reading fluency, comprehension and writing ability. Sentence Copying Students learn the function of nouns, verbs and adjectives while increasing

  22. Download Top 26 kumon Books PDF

    My Book Of Rhyming Words And Phrases (Kumon Workbooks) Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris. · 81 Pages. · 2004. · 8.762 MB. Kumon Publishing. My Book Of Numbers Game 1-70. 81 Pages. · 9.183 MB.

  23. Kumon Reading Levels

    SCT. TABLE OF LEARNING MATERIALS • READING (7A~2A) SCT: Standard Completion Time (Min./Sheet). This is the set time in which the student should complete and correct the worksheet. SCT is not used in Levels 7A-3A. SCT SCT SCT SCT SCT7A 6A 5A 4A 3A 2A. Word Building Block. PUTTING WORDS TOGETHER. GUESSING "WHO IS THERE?".