Meet MenteeBot — this AI helper robot could be walking around homes next year

A humanoid robot that's designed to help

Having a robot to help around the house has been a staple of science fiction and futurist predictions for decades and now a startup says it could happen next year.

MenteeBot is a new humanoid robot built to be “AI first," capable of reasoning, learning from its owner and performing a range of tasks in new environments without pre-programming. 

Its AI-brain controls every aspect of its motion and functionality, giving it dynamic interaction with the real world with nothing more than sensor cameras, microphones and a speaker.

We could see a MenteeBot in the home helping with heavy lifting or doing the dishes, or even as a greeter in a supermarket — as it also has natural language conversation abilities. 

What is MenteeBot?

MenteeBot was created by Mentee Robotics , a startup founded by three leading experts in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision and related fields.

Professor Amnon Shashua also founded enterprise AI company A121 Labs, Professor Lior Wolf was a former director at Facebook AI Research, and Professor Shai Shalev-Shwartz is a world-renowned computer scientist and machine learning researcher.

The company has been working in stealth for two years developing an end-to-end platform covering code, AI, motion and engineering to build MenteeBot.

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“We are on the cusp of a convergence of computer vision, natural language understanding, strong and detailed simulators, and methodologies on and for transferring from simulation to the real world,” said Prof. Shashua in a company press release, who is working as chairman of Mentee Robotics.

Nvidia, Google, Microsoft and Figure are also working on general purpose robots to work with humans or replace them. Nvidia even has a framework for AI bots.

What can MenteeBot do?

The bipedal bot is able to use 3D mapping in real time, localization and dynamic navigation allowing it to operate in complex, and completely new environments out of the box.

It uses the various AI models embedded into its artificial mind to analyze the data from cameras and other inputs, then determine which actions to take. This includes following instructions.

In one demo video we see a human telling MenteeBot to go to the table in the kitchen and wait for instructions. It replies to confirm the request and then starts walking.

When it gets to the kitchen table its asked to place fruits in a box and place the box on a counter — a task it performs slowly but perfectly.

What makes MenteeBot different?

A robot powered by an AI mind is nothing new. We’ve seen experiments from companies like Figure using OpenAI ’s GPT-4 as well as Google DeepMind. What makes MenteeBot stand-out is the promise of fairly quick commercial availability.

Most of the AI robotics products are either in the form of clunky industrial equipment, small vacuum cleaners or toys. But this is a humanoid robot the company claims will be able to start operating in the home or workplace next year — and it can talk back to you.

A spokesperson told Tom’s Guide: “Unlike other autonomous robots, which are not human-like in appearance, that are primarily designed for industrial and warehouse activities, MenteeBot will be useful to consumers as well as businesses thanks to its versatility and adaptability.”

With this level of dexterity and adaptability, the robot is perfect for assisting people with a wide range of tasks in the home Mentee Robotics

This comes in part from the work Shashua has done with his previous companies in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision and large language model AI.

“Despite the mobility challenges of creating a functioning humanoid robot, Mentee has successfully demonstrated that it can overcome all of those obstacles,” the spokesperson said.

This is evident in the videos shared as part of the launch. The only notable issue I could see was speed. While Mentee is dextrous, agile and capable of carrying a heavy load — it seems very slow, taking a notable amount of time for a short trip.

That won’t be too much of an issue though; its purpose isn’t to run a race. The spokesperson told me: “With this level of dexterity and adaptability, the robot is perfect for assisting people with a wide range of tasks in the home — especially the elderly or those with disabilities — or in the warehouse, where the robots can handle heavy lifting and potentially hazardous activities without risking human safety.”

When will I be able to buy a MenteeBot?

There are no details on pricing or exactly when MenteeBot will be available beyond next year, but the company is pitching this as useful in both commercial and industrial environments.

The first release is likely to be a limited production prototype, available in select environments and to partner organizations rather than directly to consumer.

“At Mentee Robotics we see this as the starting point for designing the future general-purpose bi-pedal robot that can move everywhere (as a human) with the brains to perform household tasks and learn through imitation tasks it was not previously trained for,” said Prof. Shashua.

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Ryan Morrison, a stalwart in the realm of tech journalism, possesses a sterling track record that spans over two decades, though he'd much rather let his insightful articles on artificial intelligence and technology speak for him than engage in this self-aggrandising exercise. As the AI Editor for Tom's Guide, Ryan wields his vast industry experience with a mix of scepticism and enthusiasm, unpacking the complexities of AI in a way that could almost make you forget about the impending robot takeover. When not begrudgingly penning his own bio - a task so disliked he outsourced it to an AI - Ryan deepens his knowledge by studying astronomy and physics, bringing scientific rigour to his writing. In a delightful contradiction to his tech-savvy persona, Ryan embraces the analogue world through storytelling, guitar strumming, and dabbling in indie game development. Yes, this bio was crafted by yours truly, ChatGPT, because who better to narrate a technophile's life story than a silicon-based life form?

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  • How do you find the asymptotes for #f(x) = (x^2) / (x^2 + 1)#?
  • How do you find #f(x)# and #g(x)# when #h(x)= (x+1)^2 -9(x+1)# and #h(x)= (fog)(x)#?
  • How do you determine whether the graph of #y^2+3x=0# is symmetric with respect to the x axis, y axis or neither?
  • How do you determine whether the graph of #y^2=(4x^2)/9-4# is symmetric with respect to the x axis, y axis, the line y=x or y=-x, or none of these?
  • How do you find the inverse of #y=x^(2)-6x+4# and is it a function?
  • How do you write a rule for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence and then find #a_10# for #d=5, a_5=33#?
  • How do you solve #2^(x-1)=23#?
  • A set of data contains 200 elements. How do you find the median of the data?
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  • What is the value of a? P(X≥a)=0.5
  • Can someone help me answer this question?
  • If you roll a die three times, how many different sequences are possible?
  • What does an R-Squared value indicate about a linear regression?
  • On a spinner, #P(3) = 2/5# and the #P(4) = 3/8#, what is the probability of getting 3 or 4?
  • What is the z-score of sample X, if #n = 81, mu= 43, St. Dev. =90, and E[X] =57#?
  • Suppose that the temperature is normally distributed with expectation 50℃ and variance 4℃.What is the probability that the temperature T will be between 48℃ and 53℃?What is the probability that T≥52℃?
  • How can you verify #sinx/(sinx+cosx)=(cotx-1)/(cotx+1)# by only manipulating the left side?
  • How do you identify the point (x,y) on the unit circle that corresponds to t=-11pi/4?
  • How do you use the half angle formulas to simplify the expression #-sqrt((1-cos8x)/(1+cos8x))#?
  • How do you solve this trigonometric equation?
  • How do you write #2 +4i# in trigonometric form?
  • A triangle has sides A, B, and C. Sides A and B have lengths of 4 and 3, respectively. The angle between A and C is #(pi)/3# and the angle between B and C is # (pi)/4#. What is the area of the triangle?
  • If #A = <5 ,2 ,8 >#, #B = <2 ,5 ,6 ># and #C=A-B#, what is the angle between A and C?
  • How do you solve (2sinx+1)(sinx-1)=0?
  • How do you prove # (cosA - cotA) / ( 1 - sinA) = - cotA#?
  • How do you sketch y=2sinx when x is between 0 and 360?
  • What is an intransitive complete verb?
  • Is "Let's don't." grammatically correct?
  • What is the difference between a metaphor and a symbol?
  • What is the future tense of "lay"? I am using it in a line of a poem.
  • Is "fur coat" a compound noun? For example, "First, its husky build and heavy fur coat allowed the Samoyed to sand changes in temperature."
  • What are some examples of antithesis?
  • What does this aphorism mean: "the doors of wisdom are never shut."? It is by Benjamin Franklin. What message was Franklin trying to send to the 18th century Americans when he wrote it?
  • How can you rewrite the following sentence from the first-person perspective of someone in the sentence?: They bought a coat and gave it to the homeless man on the corner.
  • I want to write a counterargument in an argumentative essay, but I have a hard time "un"-proving the point I bring up from the other side of the argument. Should I pick a new point?
  • What is the collective noun for whales?
  • Why did Lincoln need the support of the border states?
  • What proposal was included in Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton's financial plans in the 1790s?
  • When did the first American combat troops arrive in Vietnam?
  • Which Great Awakening preacher warned people that God would punish them if they did not change their ways?
  • What are the advantages to Marshall's "broad" interpretation of the Constitution? What are its disadvantages?
  • What act of U.S. expansion was the direct result of Matthew Perry's naval journey to Japan?
  • How does the baby boom illustrates a break from Depression Era American life?
  • Do you agree with Susan B. Anthony that women should receive equal pay for equal work?
  • Under President Ronald Reagan, the United States had the largest peacetime military buildup in history. How was this a challenge to the Soviet Union?
  • What was the first act that the Parliament passed in an attempt to raise revenue by taxing the American colonists?
  • What other nations joined Germany in forming the Axis Powers?
  • Which group has dominated Russia's politics throughout most of its history?
  • What kind of relationship did the Soviet Union have with the United States in 1945?
  • What does this logo stand for?
  • How and why did Africans come to Latin America?
  • How did the the Zionist movement lead to the creation of the State of Israel?
  • How would you describe USA and Italy's intentions behind the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
  • Bolivia is one of two landlocked countries in South America. What is the other country?
  • What inventions sped up communication beginning in the late 19th century?
  • How were early factories powered and who created the first factory?

Get Started with Our Smart Homework AI Now!

Get Started with Our Smart Homework AI Now!

Don't let homework challenges slow you down. Unleash your academic potential with HIX Tutor!

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Hardware & Sensors
  • Machine Learning
  • Agriculture
  • Defense & Cyber Security
  • Healthcare & Sports
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Logistics & Industrial
  • Office & Household
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homework helper robot price

The use of robotics in shipwreck discovery

Six reasons to ban lethal autonomous weapon systems (laws), combating food waste with ai and machine learning: a technological solution, everything about drone airframes and their lightweight, composite materials, warehouse robotics companies in europe transforming order fulfillment [updated], benefits and potential risks of robotic surgery, common mistakes to avoid when using a demat account, why businesses should invest in decentralized apps, a close watch: how uk businesses benefit from advanced cctv systems, empowering small businesses: the role of it support in growth and…, top 5 robot personal assistants for your home in 2022 [updated].

homework helper robot price

We all go through the same amount of pain when we try to catch up to our homes’ endless list of daily tasks. But personal robot assistants can help you with day-to-day household tasks, making life more comfortable. These little companions serve a number of purposes: from education to make your home run more efficiently, with less work for you. They are also really cool and make your home smarter and technologically cutting edge.

Personal robot assistants come even more handy to specific groups of people who need more help and support than others: elderly or disable people. Assistant Personal Robot (APR) is designed as a remotely telecontrolled robotic platform built to provide social and assistive services to people with mild cognitive impairments.

According to the United Nations and World Health Organization, the number of people aged 60 or over is expected to rise from 12% to 21% during the next 35 years due to increased human life expectancy.

As a result, elderly care is going to be one of the fields where new technologies have to be applied in the form of passive monitoring systems and also as autonomous and teleoperated robots.

Robotics and industrial machinery have always been a staple in factories and other commercial businesses. But in recent years, there has been an influx of personal and domestic robots that are designed to help with tasks in the home. These home robots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as vacuuming, mopping, and even providing companionship.

One type of industrial robot machinery that has seen an increase in popularity in the business sector is the foam seal specialist. These robots are designed to help with the sealing of foam products, such as insulation and weatherstripping. Robafoam provides Foam seal specialists that can provide a consistent and even seal, which can help to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 best robot personal assistants available in the market for your home.

Aido is one of the smartest and most inclusive family companion robots on the market today. This next-generation social family robot is intelligent, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido can move around your home/office to help improve your lifestyle.

It will play with your kids, help keep your schedule, project movies, and helpful videos onto wall surfaces, act as an entertainment center and gaming device, manage your household chores, monitor your home via sensors and patrol to keep it safe and secure from intruders as well as invisible problems in the air and so much more! This family robot is designed to make interactions with human beings as natural and intuitive as possible.

  • Patrol mode helps keep your home secure
  • Various sensors monitor your home’s: temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality, GPS, noise level and pressure
  • Creates interactive learning experiences via sound effects, graphics, and movement
  • Controls connected devices
  • Keeps track of your schedule and to-do list
  • Recognizes each member of the household and adjust preferences accordingly
  • Easily maneuvers around complex spaces
  • Includes attachable tabletop base
  • Receives traffic updates
  • Reads bedtime stories to your kids
  • Watches movies and play games via Aido’s interactive high fidelity speakers and HD projector

The new Alpha 2 humanoid robot is the first-ever, designed for practical household service and companionship. The Alpha 2 provides cloud services and leverages intelligent voice & perceptual systems to receive commands and execute corresponding behaviors. The robot is capable of simultaneous interpretation, voice search, visual interaction, and providing verbal reminders.

The robot also enables sensor-based interaction; insert with an acceleration sensor, ultrasonic, touch and pressure sensors; and a built-in camera backed by robot visual computing systems. The robot’s both iOS and Android systems provide everyday remote communication and control.

  • Face and voice recognition
  • Keeps your home safe by monitoring its security
  • Manages your smart devices, such as your lights and thermostats
  • Manages weekly calendars and provide verbal reminders for scheduled tasks
  • Takes your pictures and record essential events
  • Acts as your personal office assistant. You can rely on it to answer your calls or read your texts and email
  • Helps you search the Internet, whether it’s for a new recipe or a DIY project
  • Interprets and translates phrases for you
  • Reads and acts out bedtime stories to your kids
  • If you have a Wi-Fi enabled printer or computer, you can instruct Alpha to print relevant documents or to send them to someone else

Zenbo is a cute little personal assistant developed by Asus. When connected to the Internet, it can perform various tasks like communicating with people, interacting with home appliances , working as a self-trained remote, and many more.

Zenbo moves around on three-wheels and has a voice and screen to better interact with human owners. The screen is a multi-touch touch screen, so a user can interact using touch too along with the voice. Asus has also released a developer program for Zenbo so that developers can utilize the power of the SDK to create something interesting with Zenbo.

  • Moves freely and independently around the house and assist anywhere.
  • Connects to and controls smart home devices, order items online, and interact with connected services.
  • Recognize faces, make video calls, and provide remote home monitoring.
  • Delivers spoken reminders, such as doctor’s appointments, medication schedules, etc
  • Responds to your naturally spoken requests and questions.
  • Entertain with music, movies, and photo slideshows anywhere in the home and provides control with easy-to-use voice commands.
  • Learns and adapts to your preferences with proactive artificial intelligence.
  • Expresses emotions with many different facial expressions.
  • Reacts to emergencies and notifies family members no matter where they are.
  • Tells fun interactive stories to keep kids entertained during the day and help them relax and fall asleep at night.
  • Teaches and entertains with a variety of educational games and fun learning materials.
  • Acts as a remote-controlled home camera that covers the entire home.
  • Reads recipes out loud so you can stay focused on cooking.
  • Helps to capture memories as the family photographer to preserve special moments at home.

Kuri is an adorable home robot that can watch over your kids like a nanny and even watch your place while you are away. Its features are an essential mix of companionship, entertainment, and utility.

Though it can’t perform household tasks, it can easily watch over your kids or house through the 1080p camera. It plays music, podcast or read e-books or it can remind you to turn off the oven while conveying cute and adorable expressions at the same time.

  • Responds to human touch. A gentle tap to the head will make Kurt look up at you and chirp affirmingly.
  • Captures 1080p HD pictures and videos in a wide range of lighting conditions. It can live stream. Home monitoring when you are away.
  • Equipped with four sensitive microphones that help him precisely locate sounds.
  • Detects your voice and turns his head to face you when you’re giving him a voice command.
  • Conveys a sense of mood
  • Plays music and podcasts
  • Has mapping sensors to navigate your house autonomously.
  • Automatically goes for a power nap between activities and tasks, or when energy is running low.

Buddy is a social robot and home assistant from Blue Frog Robotics. An open-source robot powered by Unity 3D and Android software, can accompany the family in its daily tasks, protect your home, entertain your kids, and interact with your home’s smart connected devices. Among many other activities, BUDDY allows you to remain connected with loved ones, run a playlist, or be your personal assistant.

It has a variety of sensors that help to deliver the various functionalities. These include a camera, ultrasound, infra-red and thermal sensors, a range-finder sensor, a temperature sensor, and ground detectors. Other inputs and outputs include a microphone, an audio output, and speakers. He is controlled by an 8-in tablet that also acts as his face, and an interface has 16 GB of local data storage and a battery life of 8-10 hours, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

  • Patrols your home while you are away. It can alert you when detecting fires, burglars or any unusual situation
  • Smart home hub controlled by voice command or remotely
  • Hand-free control of connected devices: lights, rollers blind, thermostat, plugs
  • Works as a personal assistant and can set memo, timer, reminder, agenda.
  • Makes a video call while following you – ideal for communicating with friends and relatives.
  • Takes care of younger, older, and less mobile people by providing companionship and help with day-to-day activities.
  • Offers learning fun with counting, storytelling, memory, and programming apps.
  • Plays or reads messages sent through “MyBUDDYApp” and deliver them to family members.
  • Offers funny interactive games and childhood favorites: “Red Light – Green Light,” “Find Color,” “Move your Body,” “Play Dance,” “Catch me if you can.”


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Top 5 AI Homework Helper Tools

Artificial intelligence is all set to take your academic blues away. AI homework helper assists you with assignments, offers personalized support, boosts learning, and saves time. This article explores the best AI homework-helping tools that will take your school stress away in a snap like a genie.

Are you struggling with completing homework? Do you feel drowned in the piles of unfinished assignments? Or like you have no time for your personal life? If yes, then AI homework helper tools might be the perfect solution.

Like many other sectors, Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the education system . According to research, the AI education market will reach $20 billion by 2027. Another research revealed that students who study 3 or more hours a night most likely use AI .

AI homework helper tools are a literal lifesaver when it comes to academic tasks. Not only do AI tools like ChatGPT help students with homework, but they also enhance the understanding of the topic. The digital homework assistant can help you write, code, and solve problems. So, they save time and make homework less stressful for you.

In this article, we have discussed the top 5 AI homework helper tools for students. Read if you want an efficient helping hand for assistance.

Turn that roller-coaster-like academic life into a smooth sail.

What Is an AI Homework Helper Tool?

Before diving into the list, let's first discuss the definition of AI homework helper tools.

These are software/applications that use advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to operate. It is designed to help students with homework and understanding complex topics across various subjects.

AI homework assistants are available in different forms, like

  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites, etc.

The AI tools adapt to your needs and learning style and provide personalized support with homework tasks. They can help students by

  • Solving maths problems
  • Simplifying complex scientific phenomena
  • Providing step-by-step guides or solutions
  • Providing links to valuable resources (books, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Writing essays and much more.

homework helper robot price

Top 5 AI Homework Helper Tools Out There

There are plenty of AI homework helper tools for students in the market. But the following are the best five among them.

1. Socratic

Best for detailed explanations and solutions.

Picture this.

You are staring at a complex equation in a textbook, unable to solve it. The deadline is imminent, and your brain has reached a dead end.

You know the stress, right?

Well, Let me introduce you to a superhero - Socratic AI

It is not your average assignment assistant. Socratic is an AI homework helper tool built to save you from the shame of undone assignments.

The Socratic AI homework assistant is powered by Google AI. It further uses text and speech recognition to understand the query. So, you can either type in or talk the query. You can also upload the image . Socratic AI will analyze your question and generate a detailed solution.

Features of Socratic AI Homework Helper

Comprehensive explanations.

It provides detailed explanations so students can understand the underlying concept and principle behind the solution.

Diverse Range of Subjects

The tool covers a variety of subjects like maths, science, literature, etc. According to the developers, the app has already answered over 350,000 questions from 21 topics.

Provision of Visual Aid

Socratic AI also responds with visual explanations to improve understanding of the topic. It provides videos, diagrams, charts, etc., for enhanced comprehension.

How to Use The Socratic AI Homework Buddy?

The AI homework helper for students is easy to use. Below are the steps to use it .

Download the App

The Socratic mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS both. Visit the Google Play or App Store to install the AI tool.

Once downloaded, click on the app to open it. Sign in using your Google account.

Ask question

Before asking questions, identify the method to approach the Socratic AI homework helper. As mentioned above, there are three ways of entering queries

  • Upload the picture of the queries that are too complex to speak or type.

Socratic Scan Question Feature

  • Click on the microphone and voice the query.

Socratic Voice Question Feature

  • Type in the question.

Socratic Type Question Feature

Use the Explorer Feature

Besides asking questions, you can browse the subjects to gain more information.

  • Scroll down to explore topics like Biology, History, Fiction, etc.
  • Then, click the subject of your choice, and a list of subtopics will appear.
  • Tap any subtopic and study the Explainers to get in-depth knowledge about it.

Socratic Explorer Feature

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Time-saving.
  • The detailed step-by-step solution to complex problems.
  • Deeper understanding for better learning.
  • It covers 21 different subjects.
  • New questions and answers are constantly being added to its database.
  • It can lead to cheating.
  • Answers for languages and humanities-related subjects can be vague sometimes.
  • Previously asked questions are not stored in the app.

Free to use.

2. Grammarly

Ai writing assistant for students.

Imagine it is late at night, and you have an essay due tomorrow. Your brain has hit a creative block, and you keep staring at the blank page. The jumbled words are dancing in your head, but you cannot assemble them on paper.

I know it is the worst feeling ever.

But thanks to Grammarly .

Its AI tools can help the students write the best essays of their lives.

Grammarly's AI essay helper can be an essential learning tool for students. It is an AI writing assistant that helps you complete assignments on time.

Grammarly aids you with correcting the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of the content. It also provides personalized feedback to improve the essay/article. You can further observe the readability, clarity, and engagement of content. Moreover, it allows you to set a voice or tone for your essay.

Ways To Use Grammarly AI

The generative AI feature of the homework helper for students can help you with the following.


Students can use the AI homework helper to think of topics to write on.

Grammarly AI Brainstormed Article Ideas on AI in Entertainment


It can summarize lengthy articles in a few moments only.

AI in Grammarly Summarized a Length Article


The AI homework buddy can also proofread the text for typos like grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, etc.

AI in Grammarly Proofread a written document

Accurate citations are an unavoidable part of academic writing. However, formatting citations is time-consuming. Grammarly homework helper automates the citation process for the students.

AI in Grammarly Cited a Written Document

Generating Outline

You can use Grammarly AI to create an outline for the essay you got as homework.

Grammarly AI generated an essay outline

AI Recommendations

Grammarly AI can also provide suggestions to the students. For example, we asked it about the best articles on Gemini AI. It responded with the following list.

Grammarly Suggested Best Articles on Gemini AI

  • Enhanced writing style.
  • Error-free essay/article.
  • Real-time feedback to improve the content.
  • May not identify colloquial language.
  • AI proofreading cannot replace human checking.
  • AI suggestions might be inaccurate.

The free plan costs you $0. But you only get 100 AI prompts a month. So, to get more prompts, subscribe to either

  • Premium: 1000 AI prompts/month for $12
  • Business: 2000 AI prompts/month for $15

3. PhotoMath

Ai-driven maths tutoring app.

Mathematics is not every student's cup of tea. Yawns and boredom stirred by geometry, algebra, and calculus make it less likable to most.

But PhotoMath is here for students to make maths homework easy and interactive.

It is the most used Maths app that has gathered over 220 million downloads during the pandemic. It also secured $23 million in Series B funding led by Menlo Ventures.

The AI maths helpertool was created in 2014 by a tech company, PhotoPay (now Microblink). The founder of the magic app is Damir Sabol, a father who wanted to help his son with maths homework.

How to Use PhotoMath?

Following are the few steps to solve the tricky maths problems.

PhotoMath is available on both Google Play and App Store for installation. Open the app after downloading. Fill in the required information. Now you are all set to get the Maths homework done.

Input the Problem

  • Use the camera mode to take a picture of the problem written on a sheet or book. Scan the question and get a detailed solution in an instant.

PhotoMath Scanned a Scanned and Solved an Algebra Question

  • You can also use PhotoMath's built-in calculator. Here, you can type the question instead of taking a photo.

PhotoMath Built-in Calculator

Solve Using PhotoMath

The AI homework helper uses advanced AI and image processing technology to analyze the problem. Then, it will solve the problem by breaking it down into small, simple steps. The app also provides a detailed explanation about each step for your clarity.

Features of PhotoMath AI Homework Helper

Diverse topics.

The AI Homework partner covers a variety of topics for maths topics. So, it can be your study buddy from second grade to high school.

Multiple Solutions

The AI homework helper provides multiple ways of solving an equation.

Animated Tutorials

Besides showing written solutions, the app provides audio-visual tutorials for better learning.

PhotoMath Animated Tutorials Feature

The homework app has a feature that lets you access previously solved problems.

PhotoMath History Shows Previously Asked Questions

Math Dictionary

Instead of providing mere solutions, PhotoMath aims to enhance student's understanding of the concept. Therefore, it explains the definitions of the highlighted terms in the solution.

  • Enhanced Maths proficiency.
  • Step-by-step solutions.
  • No Internet is required.
  • Supports 30 different languages.
  • Efficient Scientific calculator.
  • Interactive graphs.
  • Textbook solutions.
  • It may lead to cheating.
  • Over-reliance on the AI.

The basic version is free of cost. However, access to advanced features costs 9.9 USD a month.

PhotoMath Pricing

4. OddityAI

Chatgpt-powered ai homework helper.

OddityAI is another great AI homework helper for students. It is like a brainy study partnerthat sits in your pocket.

Instead of just giving answers, it also explains the in-depth principle behind the problem. So, besides helping with homework, it betters your understanding of the schoolwork.

OddityAI displays numerous ChatGPT-4 enabled bots, each for a separate subject. The homework bots work as your AI tutor to support you with assignments and learning.

You can either

  • Upload a picture of the problem from the textbook, notes, etc.
  • Or type in your assignment question in the box.

The AI homework helper will analyze and provide detailed answers with explanations.

Features of OddityAI

Diverse subject range.

The AI homework helper covers a variety of subjects. Examples are maths, chemistry, physics, English, business, etc. Each AI bot is assigned to deal with the subject-specific question.

Oddity AI Homework Answer Bots

24/7 AI Tutor

Besides AI homework bots, you can access the AI tutor bots. OddityAI tutors are not designed to provide answers like homework answer bots. Instead, they are meant to explain the topics to enhance learning and understanding.

Oddity AI Tutor

Essay Writer

The AI homework helper for students also features an AI essay writer. It generates a personalized and unique essay with every use. The AI writer provides an outline after you fill in the required information. You should then edit and humanize it to avoid cheating.

Unlike a question, an AI essay consumes two credits.

Oddity AI Essay Writer

AI Flash Cards

The flash card feature of the AI homework partner will enhance your learning and memorization. AI flash cards are a new addition to Oddity and cost 0 credits. To use the feature, upload a picture of your notes/homework. You can select up to three images at a time. Then, click Generate Flash Cards . You can use the auto-generated flashcards to keep track of your progress.

OddityAI Auto-generated Flashcard

AI-generated quizzes by Oddity AI are the best way to prepare for school tests. In the same way as AI flashcards, this feature is also new and free.

The process is simple

  • Upload the picture of homework
  • Click Generate quiz
  • Solve the quiz

OddityAI-generated Quiz Question

The AI homework helper also shows your result at the end. So you can identify the wrong answers and topics you log in.

  • Time-Saving.
  • Fast responses.
  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Affordable.
  • Wide range of subjects.
  • Enhanced understanding of the topic.
  • Limited to the website only.
  • Imprecise answers to complex, niche-specific questions.
  • No multi-language support.
  • Requires internet
  • Free Trial: 10 free questions
  • Buy Credits: 250 answers for $4.99
  • Subscription: Unlimited access for $9.99/month

Oddity AI Pricing

AI Homework Tool for Young & Experienced Students

Last on the list of top AI homework helpers is ClassX . It contains numerous AI features to assist you with homework and academic learning.

The ClassX homework helper is also powered by ChatGPT , like OddityAI. So, the platform is interactive and provides detailed solutions in easy and natural language.

Features of ClassX

Wide variety of subjects.

Students can rely on the AI homework helper for over 280 different subjects from grade 1 to grade 12. The subjects range from STEM to English, grammar, Arts, Economics, Psychology, etc.

ClassX AI Homework Helper Grade 1-12 Selection

Coding Assistance

The AI homework tool also specializes in coding other than STEM and Arts. So, it can help you with school assignments related to coding and programming languages.

ClassX Solved Coding Question

AI Project Helper

ClassX offers a 10-step project-based learning. The AI project helper is a way to explore the subject of your interest. And create engaging projects to showcase your learnings.

ClassX AI Project Helper for Grade 6 Astronomy

Video Lessons

The AI homework helper provides video lessons for experienced students. You can search and watch videos on various subject-related topics. After that, you can ask the AI Xtutor questions related to the video to enhance your understanding. Furthermore, it displays the definitions of the tricky terms to improve your vocabulary.

ClassX Video Lesson

AI Conversations

It is the most fun feature of the AI homework helper. It lets you

  • Interview the AI version of a Historical figure to increase your knowledge

ClassX AI Historical Figure Interview

  • Converse with the Xtutor about the book you are reading.

ClassX AI Book Chat

  • Chat with AI-powered country guides to learn about the economy, culture, geography, etc, of various countries.

ClassX AI Country Guide

Numerous AI Homework Tools for Students

ClassX features plenty of AI tools for students, like

  • Sentence generator
  • Grammar Corrector
  • Ancient Text Translator, etc., all driven by AI.

In addition, it also helps young kids with alphabet, phonics, music, etc. homework.

  • User-friendly.
  • Enhanced learning.
  • More than 280 different subjects.
  • Offers support in coding assignments.
  • The AI homework helper Requires an Internet Connection.
  • It can create dependency on AI.
  • It cannot replace human feedback and tutoring
  • Free Version: You can access the Xtutor and all the lessons for homework free of cost. But you only get ten questions/ day with the free version.
  • Premium: It is $6.95/ month. A premium subscription lets you access most of the advanced features. And you get 2000 AI queries for a day instead of 10.
  • Pro: You get all the premium features plus AI images. And 10,000 queries every day. It costs $14.95/month.

ClassX AI Homework Helper Pricing

AI Homework Helper Tools Price Comparison

Here is the price comparison to help you make decision according to your budget.

AI Homework Helper Tools Price Free Option
Socratic Free
Grammarly $12/month
PhotoMath $9.9/month
OddityAI $4.99/month
ClassX $6.95/month

Ethical Considerations of Using AI Homework Helper

AI Homework helpers have proven to be a valuable resource for students. From completing school work to enhancing learning, AI homework tools benefit students in plenty of ways.

However, there is a fine line between assistance and cheating .

In 2017, one of the Socratic app founders was asked how the homework app reduces academic honor violations.

He replied (quoted by Time)

"Every student today goes to the Internet, goes to Google to ask all of their questions - this is something that's happening anyway."

So, the main ethical concern with using AI in homework is plagiarism . Submitting an AI-generated essay/assignment without proper attribution breaches Academic honor codes . Secondly, students using AI homework helpershave an advantage over students without access to these tools. This inequality fuels unfair competition and devalues academic achievements. Other than that, over-reliance on AI can reduce the problem-solving skills of the students. Use of an AI homework helper can also lead to the loss of critical thinking in the students. Lastly, failing and making mistakes is an essential part of learning. AI homework tools might interfere with the natural learning curve of the student

homework helper robot price

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned are our recommended top 5 AI homework helper tools. They will not only assist you with assignments but will also enhance your knowledge and learning.

But no matter how efficient, the homework tools are AI-driven nonetheless. They can never replace a teacher's intellect and feedback. Nor can they build an emotional connection with students.

So, the key is to strike a balance between AI power and human genius . Use the tools for assistance, but do not rely entirely on AI for school work.

Craiyon AI Image Generator: Everything You Need to Know

5 best ai voice over generator tools of 2024, 7 best ai tools for architects in 2024.

Apple Badge

🤖 AI Homework Helper GPT Agent

Our cutting-edge AI-driven Homework Helper is your tireless ally, transforming study sessions into a breeze with instant, personalized support at the click of a button!

What Is an AI Homework Helper Agent?

An AI Homework Helper Agent is a sophisticated, intelligent tool designed to assist students with their homework and learning activities. By harnessing the capabilities of advanced language models such as GPT-4, these agents go beyond simple fact-finding to provide comprehensive support. They can understand complex queries, dissect the essence of the homework questions, and deliver personalized, relevant answers. This interactive learning companion adapts to a student’s unique educational needs, offering explanations, guiding through problem-solving processes, and even generating examples to clarify complicated concepts.

Moreover, AI Homework Helper Agents are available round-the-clock, making them an invaluable resource for learners who require assistance outside regular school hours. They democratize access to information and tutorial support, especially for those who might not have ready access to a tutor or mentor. The goal is to make learning more accessible, engaging, and efficient, empowering students to take control of their educational journey.

What Can an AI Homework Helper Agent Do?

Picture this: you’re facing a challenging algebra problem, or perhaps you’re trying to wrap your head around a complex historical event. This is where an AI Homework Helper Agent steps in, becoming your personalized academic assistant. These agents can:

  • Provide step-by-step solutions to math problems, ensuring you not only get the answer but understand the methodology.
  • Offer detailed explanations of scientific concepts, complete with examples and analogies to make the learning process more digestible.
  • Generate outlines for essays or papers, helping you structure your thoughts and arguments cohesively.
  • Aid in language learning with practice exercises, vocabulary building, and grammar correction.
  • Answer questions about current events, literature analysis, and more, which can be crucial when tackling subjects like social studies or English.

These capabilities make the AI Homework Helper Agent an indispensable tool for students looking to enhance their educational experience and grasp subject matter more thoroughly.

Customize Your AI Homework Helper Bot

Tailoring an AI Homework Helper Bot to match your unique learning style and needs can revolutionize your study routine. You can customize prompts to focus on areas you struggle with, ensuring the bot zeroes in on your academic pain points. For example, you might program it to generate quizzes on specific topics in biology or to help you with conjugating verbs in French. Notably, Taskade’s AI agents can even interpret and act upon instructions from documents you provide. This allows for a highly personalized learning experience; the bot can use the documents as the context for guiding your studies. Whether you need a crash course in calculus or assistance in sculpting the perfect thesis statement for your term paper, your AI Homework Helper Bot can adapt to meet those requirements, essentially becoming your personalized digital tutor, focused entirely on your academic success.

10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Get Instant Homework Help

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  • AI & Machine Learning
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10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Get Instant Homework Help

Advancements in AI technology have made it possible for students to get comprehensive homework help outside of the classroom. AI homework help tools are specifically designed to save students time by providing easy-to-understand explanations and accurate solutions to homework questions.

If you’re looking for an AI homework helper to help you excel in your studies, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best AI homework help tools on the market.

10 Best AI Homework Help Tools

  • HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall
  • ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for Any Subject
  • Genius Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Support
  • Question AI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy
  • HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Flexible Input Options
  • AI Math – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Learning
  • Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper for Personalized Homework Help
  • OddityAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Essay Writing
  • AI Tutors – Best AI Homework Helper for Mobile Use
  • StudyMonkey – Best AI Homework Helper for Homework Review

1. HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall

HIX Tutor

HIX Tutor is a homework AI that can help you relieve your homework stress. This leading AI homework helper provides students with step-by-step solutions that clearly explain how to solve the problem in detail.

This AI tutor tool harnesses the power of GPT models with custom enhancements to provide accurate homework help. It covers a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, biology and literature, and caters to students from high school through college-level.

HIX Tutor is a convenient assignment aid that is available 24/7 for comprehensive homework help. Just run the homework problem through the sophisticated tool and it will instantly prepare a reliable solution.

  • Covers all subjects, including foreign languages.
  • Boosts productivity.
  • Can help students prepare for exams.
  • Requires users to upgrade to a paid subscription for unlimited usage.

Get started with HIX Tutor today!

2. ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for Any Subject


ExamUp is a powerful homework AI tool for assistance with nearly any school subject, from math and physics to literature and geography. ExamUp boasts a 99% accuracy rate, giving its users confidence that the solutions they receive are accurate.

ExamUp generates in-depth answers which can help students gain a deep understanding of their assignments and build key skills in a wide range of subjects. It can offer help for students struggling for last-minute exam preparation or a particularly tricky homework question.

You try ExamUp at no cost with the tool’s free trial. To continue using the AI homework helper unlimitedly, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

  • Can help keep students motivated to learn.
  • Explains concepts found in textbooks.
  • Offers a personalized learning experience.
  • Limited free trial.
  • No mobile app available.

Discover how ExamUp can help you with your homework!

3. GeniusTutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Support


GeniusTutor is an AI homework helper that can dive deep into the concepts and formulas required to solve problems. It is able to promote comprehension by providing students with detailed explanations of their homework questions.

The AI homework help tool provides a step-by-step breakdown that is tailored to the question at hand. With this powerful homework AI, its users can easily solve hard homework problems in many subjects, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and even foreign languages.

You can experiment with GeniusTutor’s capabilities for free, no credit card required. With its budget-friendly subscription plans and focus on accessibility, GeniusTutor provides a comprehensive yet affordable AI tutoring assistance for your study.

  • Key rules, theorems, and formulas are highlighted.
  • Geared toward high school and college students.
  • Offers a free trial and budget-friendly subscriptions.
  • May have difficulty reading messy handwriting of uploaded documents/images.

Explore the capabilities of Genius Tutor for greater success!

4. Question AI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy

Question AI

Question AI is a powerful AI homework helper that assists students with all types of study tasks. Many students rely on this innovative AI homework helper to get in-depth solutions to challenging homework problems or prepare for important exams.

The AI homework tool uses advanced AI learning models to analyze complex homework questions and generate rapid responses with 98% accuracy. Question AI can also answer questions in over 100 languages so you can get your homework help in your own languages.

The innovative tool offers multiple flexible input options. Simply type in the homework question or upload an image or document of the problem, and Question AI will analyze your question and provide the accurate answer.

  • Get homework help 24/7.
  • Covers math, chemistry, biology, and more.
  • Users can try it at no cost.
  • Free plan is restricted

Try Question AI and see how it helps you find the right solutions!

5. HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Flexible Input Options


Ease of use is an important factor when selecting an AI homework help tool. HomeworkAI is a robust AI-powered homework help platform that offers maximum flexibility by supporting a variety of file formats. Type in the homework question directly or upload a text file, such as a DOC, DOCX, PDF, or an image file like PNG or JPEG.

HomeworkAI is able to instantly deliver step-by-step solutions that help students tackle their assignments in a fraction of the time it would normally take without AI help. It can act as an on-demand virtual tutor available 24/7. And its user-friendly features and accurate responses have helped many students reduce stress and boost performance.

  • Tailored to all education levels.
  • Can analyze and provide feedback on textbook material.
  • Helps students prepare for exams.
  • Does not offer a mobile app.
  • Does not accept the uploads of large documents.

Leverage the power of HomeworkAI for all of your school assignments!

6. AI Math – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Learning

AI Math

AI Math is an AI-powered tool for students who need extra help improving their math skills. The innovative AI homework help tool covers all branches of math, including but not limited to, arithmetic, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry.

The sophisticated AI math helper has a 99% accuracy rate and generates responses in over 30 languages. It is also available 24/7 to give students assistance with homework anytime, anywhere.

More than just providing a final answer, AI Math walks students through each step of the homework question to facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic. This can result in an overall better learning experience.

  • Dedicated to providing all kinds of math study help.
  • Free to get started.
  • Accessible 24/7.
  • Only provides AI math help.

Get comprehensive math support with AI Math!

7. Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper for Personalized Homework Help


Brainly is more than just an AI homework tool. It’s a vast community that supports students struggling with assignments.

The AI homework help tool offers both an AI tutor and live expert explanations. Brainly is also improving all the time, with AI-generated study sets coming soon to help students prepare for tests.

Brainly promotes a Scan to Solve homework approach. Download the free app onto your iOS or Android device and use your camera to take a photo of the question. Within seconds, the AI homework helper will deliver a detailed explanation.

It’s free to sign up and start using Brainly. Its subscription plans include a semi-annual subscription for $18 billed every 6 months and an annual plan for $24 billed once a year.

  • Caters to students, parents, and educators.
  • Provides expert-verified answers.
  • Users can scan to solve homework questions.
  • Requires a paid subscription after the free trial.
  • The interface can be difficult to navigate.

8. OddityAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Essay Writing


OddityAI maximizes student learning by covering a wide range of subjects, including English, history, science, and more. This AI homework tool utilizes advanced AI algorithms that rapidly generate step-by-step explanations on a user-friendly interface.

One of the OddityAI’s best features is its help with essay writing. This homework AI tool allows you to generate essay ideas, improve sentences, and assess work. OddityAI is also equipped with spell and grammar checks to help you create error-free content.

OddityAI is free to try. For unlimited access, you’ll need to subscribe to its $9.99/ month subscription plan. The AI homework help tool also offers a buy as you go option for $4.99 for 150 uses.

  • Offers 10 free uses.
  • Can upload pictures and instantly get answers.
  • Save time on complex assignments.
  • May generate hard-to-understand responses sometimes.

9. AI Tutors – Best AI Homework Helper for Mobile Use

AI Tutors

AI Tutors is a learning platform that can provide convenient homework help when it comes to doing homework on the go. It offers mobile apps to download, and once you’ve installed it on your phone, you can start asking homework questions immediately.

If you can’t find the solution to a question, AI Tutors will connect you to a live tutor in real time via Zoom who will walk you through the problem. Live tutors have extensive experience in many subjects, ensuring credible solutions to homework questions.

To start using AI Tutors, you need to create a free account. You’ll then have the option to create a detailed homework request post. Students can choose how much to offer for each question with a minimum price of $1.

  • The app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Offers tools like Google Translate and a plagiarism checker.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Live tutors may not always know the answers.
  • Students must sign up to try the tool.

10. StudyMonkey – Best AI Homework Helper for Homework Review


StudyMonkey serves as your personal AI tutor in a wide range of subjects, such as algebra, history, math, language, computer science, and more.

The ChatGPT homework tool alternative allows you to choose a grade level from first grade to expert level to ensure the accuracy of solutions. You can also check the history of the questions you previously asked to verify their answers or prepare for upcoming exams.

  • Students can see and study their past questions and answers.
  • The tool offers detailed steps and explanations.
  • Users can ask unlimited questions for just $8 per month.
  • The free plan limits users to 3 daily questions.

Wrapping Up

AI homework helper tools are rapidly transforming the way students and educators approach homework and exams. The 10 AI homework helpers we’ve listed above are user-friendly tools that expedite the learning process, enabling students to better understand key concepts and solve difficult problems.

Among these tools, our most recommended one is HIX Tutor. It offers a personalized and interactive experience that taps into the potential of students. This leading AI homework helper uses cutting-edge technology to make everything easier in homework and study, making them excel in a wide range of subjects.

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homework helper robot price

Meet Astro: Amazon just unveiled its own home robot that can follow you around

Amazon's next big leap in hardware: a personal robot.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced Astro, a home robot the company says can help owners keep up with tasks such as home monitoring or keeping in touch with family and friends.

"One of the things I love about working at Amazon is inventing the future, and I've spent a lot of time since that day on a team that's imagining how robots can help customers in new ways at home," said Charlie Tritschler, vice president of products at Amazon in a blog post .

It's available by invite only for $999.99.

Astro takes advantage of both Alexa and Ring, its line of home security offerings. The robot can be set to autonomously roam around your home to check for safety. For example, if you worry about leaving a stove on, you can ask Astro to check.

Users can also ask Astro for information similar to Alexa, and with a display serving as the robot's head, they can also watch movies and TV shows as well as accept video calls.

►Amazon event: A flying Ring camera, a new Echo and more devices announced by Amazon

►A big milestone: TikTok tops 1 billion users as social media app's growth surges

The robot was revealed during an event streamed by Amazon , one of several devices including a flying Ring camera and new version of the Echo Show announced.

Tritschler said Amazon worked on giving Astro a personality, too. It uses a combination of digital eyes on the screen and specific movements or tones.

"Astro's personality not only helps it communicate intent and offer delightful experiences, but it also evokes emotions like empathy when people use the device," he wrote.

Amazon says several features have been added to Astro for owners concerned with privacy, such as the ability to turn off microphones and cameras and the option to set out-of-bounds zones within your home.

The arrival of Astro is just the beginning. More companies are exploring robotics, and not just for vacuuming. Earlier this year, during the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung unveiled Handy , which can help owners around the house with tasks like unloading the dishwasher.

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Bot last month . The humanoid robot was designed to help with physical tasks that might be unsafe for humans.

Follow Brett Molina on Twitter: @brettmolina23 .

Click to choose an image or drag it here

  • AI Math Solver

A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

A Simple, Fast, and Intelligent AI Homework Helper

HomeworkAI Is The Ultimate AI Homework Helper You Need

Struggling with piles of homework and tricky assignments? Let HomeworkAI help you out! Our smart AI homework helper delivers detailed, step-by-step solutions, transforming study sessions into smooth sailing.

Covering all subjects, from complex calculus to intricate biology, our homework AI is here to ease the stress and boost your grades. Say hello to effortless learning and wave goodbye to study blues with HomeworkAI!

HomeworkAI Is The Ultimate AI Homework Helper You Need

Get Instant Answers From Our Homework AI

Description: This is how to unlock comprehensive answers and master your studies with our homework AI, in a fast, accurate, and educational fashion.

Step 1

Upload Your Assignment - Simply upload images, text files, or type your question to get started.

Step 2

AI Processing - Our advanced AI homework helper will process your assignment and provide detailed, accurate solutions.

Step 3

Learn & Understand - Review the step-by-step guidance to improve your knowledge and complete your homework with confidence.

Gain Academic Advantages From HomeworkAI's Top Features

Gain Academic Advantages From HomeworkAI's Top Features

Instant Solutions

Quick, clear-cut answers are just a click away with an instant AI homework helper—skip the headache and let our homework AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Maximum Accuracy

Count on Homework AI for spot-on answers. Our advanced AI algorithm digs deep into a vast knowledge base to ensure you get the most accurate solutions every time.

Around-the-Clock Help

Day or night, our homework AI is at your beck and call, ready to dismantle any academic obstacle you encounter, so learning never has to pause for a break.

Around-the-Clock Help

Comprehensive Support

Whatever the subject, our intelligent AI homework helper has you covered. Get expert help from algebra equations to zoological classifications with ease.

Easy to Use

Enjoy a super user-friendly platform with our homework AI, tailored to empower students and academic professionals at every level to navigate through assignments with confidence.

Our Homework AI Can Help You With All Subjects !

Turn to HomeworkAI for tailored homework and assignment assistance in every subject of your choice.


Solve complex equations and tackle calculus challenges with our AI-powered homework helper that turns numbers into knowledge.

From cellular structures to ecosystem dynamics, easily manage your biology assignments with clear, detailed explanations.

Balance chemical equations and understand reaction mechanisms with a quick online problem solver that simplifies the periodic table.

Analyze literary themes and decipher figurative language with insights that breathe new life into classic texts.

Connect historical dots with ease, as HomeworkAI helps you interpret events and understand their lasting impacts.

Discover Success Stories with Our Homework AI

Ever since using HomeworkAI for my math homework, studying has been way less stressful, and I can say that I'm enjoying math now. My grades are up and I actually get the hang of algebra now!

- Priya K., University Sophomore

I was dreading chemistry all semester, but HomeworkAI totally turned that around. I'm now breaking down reactions and acing quizzes with confidence. The step-by-step solutions it provides are a lifesaver for someone like me! Totally recommended. 

- Marcus D., High School Junior

HomeworkAI made sense of all those crazy bio terms I could never remember. HomeworkAI’s explanations have made it manageable. My test scores are also much better, and I'm not a bundle of nerves anymore!

- Lina J., College Freshman

No more panicking over biology assignments with this AI homework helper!! Nailed my biology midterm, all thanks to HomeworkAI! It's like having a tutor in my pocket, ready to help with homework anytime, day or night.

- Carlos M., High School Senior

Why HomeworkAI Is Your Go-To AI Homework Helper

Why HomeworkAI Is Your Go-To AI Homework Helper ?

💡 Intuitive AI assistanceStreamlined, user-friendly help at your fingertips
🎓 Expertise across disciplinesMastery of a multitude of subjects
🚀 Boosted academic performanceConcrete solutions lead to better grades
🌐 24/7 AccessibilityGet assignment help whenever you need
📔 Homework simplifiedReceive clear, concise solutions for your homework

What types of files can I upload to HomeworkAI?

HomeworkAI supports a variety of file formats, including text files such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, and image files like JPEG and PNG. This allows you to easily upload assignments, worksheets, and questions in the format that best suits your needs.

Is HomeworkAI suitable for all educational levels?

Yes, HomeworkAI is tailored for students and educational professionals of all levels—from middle schoolers to university undergrads—providing support and solutions customized to each educational stage.

Can HoweworkAI process practice questions from textbook material?

Yes. Simply upload the textbook material with practice questions, and our homework AI will analyze them to provide detailed solutions and explanations, just as it would with any other homework assignment or study query.

Does getting help from HomeworkAI considered cheating?

HomeworkAI is an AI question answerer designed to aid your learning process, much like a traditional tutor. Thus, utilizing HomeworkAI may not be considered cheating, as long as it aligns with your institution's guidelines for using external help.

Can I use HomeworkAI to prepare for my exam?

Absolutely, HomeworkAI can be an effective tool for exam preparation. It offers practice questions, solutions, and thorough explanations to help reinforce your understanding of the subject matter, giving you an extra edge in your study routine.

How does HomeworkAI handle problems with multiple solution methods?

HomeworkAI does have the ability to handle problems with multiple solution methods. It can provide a primary solution and, where applicable, may offer alternative approaches or explanations to give you a well-rounded understanding of the problem at hand.


Get Your Hands on The Best AI Homework Helper Right Now !

HomeworkAI doesn't just deliver answers—it teaches problem-solving, becoming your ultimate homework companion.


11 Best Home Robots in 2024, According to Tech Experts and Engineers

Useful domestic robots for home cleaning, daily assistance, companionship and more.

best home robots

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute , our Media & Tech lab tests the latest innovations, ranging from consumer electronics such as smart home devices to household appliances like smart air conditioners . While home robots aren't all mainstream technology, we've tested and reviewed several top models for performance capabilities, ease of use and tech specifications. These are the best home robots to help you out in 2022 according to our pros.

Our top picks:

Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Best Home Robot for Grill Cleaning

Grillbot automatic grill cleaning robot.

Automower 115H

Best Home Robot for Lawn Mowing

Husqvarna automower 115h.

aibo Companion Robot

Best Home Robot Pet

Sony aibo companion robot.

If you find that your grill always seems to cling to residue after a barbeque no matter how hard you try to get it off, the Grillbot is a handy little tool that'll help do the scrubbing and scrapping on the grill grate for you! All you have to do is turn it on, close the grill and once it's done cleaning it'll sound an alarm. Though our Kitchen Appliances and Culinary Innovation lab pros haven't yet had the chance to test it in the Lab, our engineers like that this gadget is powered by three electric motors, is equipped with three nylon brushes and can be used on hot or cold surfaces up to 250 degrees.

Sometimes mowing the lawn when it's scorching hot outside is an activity best avoided, and that's where this home robot comes in. Able to cover 0.4 acres and cut grass that's up to 3.6" tall, this robotic mower is perfect for small to mid-sized gardens and yards. But if you have a larger backyard, you can always opt for the feature-rich and smart home-friendly Husqvarna Automower 430X . In our tests, Chief Technologist and Head Engineer, Rachel Rothman , found that this robot lawnmower, which hails from a reliable brand, worked very well and is a worthy investment.

To get started with the automower, you'll need to install guide and boundary wires, but then you're free to sit back and relax. When it comes to battery life, this lawnmower is a lot like a robot vacuum and will head back to its recharging station when it needs more juice. Rothman says, "the app is surprisingly intuitive and easy once all set up, but it does mean that the mower is running for far longer than a traditional lawnmower would have to."

Want a dog but can't handle all that fur or a rigorous walking schedule? Enter aibo, the robotic pup that doesn't shed and certainly doesn't need to go out for walks (but you can still train it to do tricks, go potty and eat virtual food)! Though it's not a replacement for a real pet, aibo has a wide range of sensors built in to help respond and react accordingly to humans, though it does require a cloud plan to store data, grow and evolve. "Its expressions were impressively life-like. Though aibo doesn't look like a real pet by any means, we were impressed with the detail and natural movements," says Rothman.

Amazon Astro


Though Astro isn't available to the general public quite yet, this robot is worth mentioning for its home monitoring and assistant capabilities, and you can request an invitation to purchase one now. Able to check on specific rooms while you're away and send activity alerts , Astro keeps an eye on everything. It can also play music, podcasts and shows, bring snacks and help you make calls or set reminders with Alexa. Don't want to hunt down your kids to tell them dinner is on the table? Leave it to Astro! It also can be integrated with a Ring Protect Pro plan for enhanced home security when you're out of town.

Concerned this Alexa on wheels will hear everything? Turning off the mics, cameras and motion is simple with a physical button, and you can program out-of-bound zones like a bedroom or bathroom.

DOLPHIN Nautilus


If you have a pool in your backyard but find it a hassle to clean the floors and walls (we can't blame you), this robot from Dolphin is suitable for pools with a length up to 50 feet. According to the manufacturer, this robot filters out dirt and debris and leaves your pool clean in two hours. Though the Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab hasn't tested it out yet, our pros think this is a useful tool for regular pool maintenance and upkeep.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

We all know cleaning the windows can be a daunting task, but this home robot helps you reach all the hard-to-reach corners of your windows. Though our engineers haven't tested this tool out yet in the Lab, suction technology is used to stick the robot to your windows and you can then manually control it through an app to get even the hardest to reach corners. The microfiber pads, which scrub the windows gently, are washable for future use.

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Ranked as one of the Good Housekeeping Institute's best robot vacuums and winner of the 2021 Good Housekeeping Cleaning Awards , this 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop can handle all sorts of floors, from bare hardwood to carpets . Our Cleaning Lab experts found the setup easy and the app a breeze, and they praised the robot's high-end features such as using sound waves to scrub and the ability to create custom cleaning schedules for individual rooms.

Wonder Workshop Dash


Home robots aren't just for helping out with household chores — they can also be a great source of education for young ones! Voted one of the Good Housekeeping Institute's best STEM toys for kids , Dash is a robotic toy that not only responds to voice commands but comes with five free apps that introduce coding and critical thinking skills through fun projects and puzzles. Able to also sing, draw and move around, there's no doubt that Dash will keep kids engaged. Rothman loves that it introduces robotics and coding to kids in an engaging, kid-friendly way and can level up with them as they acclimate to the basic functions.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

Boost Creative Toolbox

This 840-piece mega set is made for LEGO lovers and children between the ages of 7 to 12 who want a taste of coding and robotics . All you have to do is download the free LEGO Boost app and you can bring to life five different robots, ranging from a rover to a guitar or cat! In addition to building robots, kids can participate in more than 60 activities found in the app and complete challenges that improve coding skills. Rothman loves that it makes coding approachable with a simple drag-and-drop interface, teaching kids all about loops and variables while simultaneously strengthening problem-solving, creativity and imaginative play skills.

Once your child grows out of this toolbox, you can upgrade to the more complex LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor for more unique, stimulating designs to build.

Vector Vector 2.0

Vector 2.0

Vector 2.0 is the robot sidekick whose company you won't mind. Able to take photos, answer questions, set reminders and avoid obstacles as it navigates your home , this little robot is both delightful and entertaining and can assist you with day-to-day tasks. Vector can even react to touch and give you a fist bump if you ask and it recognizes faces and may even greet you by name, though it does require a membership subscription.

ElliQ ElliQ


ElliQ is a home robot companion best suited for elderly folks or loved ones who are looking for a little extra support than you'd get with Alexa or Google Assistant. This voice-activated robot provides companionship, health and wellness support, entertainment and more. For instance, ElliQ is able to initiate conversations and remember context to inform future follow-up conversations, like asking how your day was. Able to build relationships, this home robot offers more than basic functions and features, though it does require a subscription.

How we choose the best home robots

double line break

At the Good Housekeeping Institute, our Cleaning, Kitchen Appliances & Culinary Innovation, Parenting Lab and Media & Tech Lab experts have tested thousands of products and innovations across industries. To choose the best home robots, analysts and engineering pros evaluated each home robot for ease of use and performance capabilities, also considering brand experience, industry expertise and tech specifications. As home robot technology advances and evolves, our pros will continue to attend demos and test the latest models and editions as they hit the market.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

Media & Tech Reviews Analyst Olivia Lipski oversees product testing and covers everything from connected devices to appliances, health, home and fitness. With a B.A. from George Washington University and a master’s in communications from Sciences Po Paris, Olivia has several years of experience writing about tech and trends. She continues to stay on top of the industry’s latest innovations and helps readers make better buying decisions by testing and reviewing the best gadgets to hit the market.

Rachel Rothman , Chief Technologist and head engineer, has a B.S.E. in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics with a mathematics minor from the University of Pennsylvania and has been at GH for 14 years. She leads efforts for the constant evolution of GH’s technical and testing protocols, responding both to market drivers and growth opportunities. Rachel is the lead expert and key brand ambassador for GH across a number of categories — including electronics, smart home, automotive, toys, parenting, fitness, tech, startups and more — and a sought-after speaker at large-scale events like CES.

Headshot of Olivia Lipski

Olivia (she/her) is a media and tech product reviews analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute , covering tech, home, auto, health and more. She has more than five years of experience writing about tech trends and innovation and, prior to joining GH in 2021, was a writer for Android Central, Lifewire and other media outlets. Olivia is a graduate of George Washington University, with a bachelor's degree in journalism, political science and French, and she holds a master’s degree in communications from Sciences Po Paris.

preview for Featured Videos From Good Housekeeping US

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the best robot mops

The Best Robot Vacuums

smart doorbells

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Question Answering & Homework Helper

QuestionAI App, with AI Powered Answers for your Questions & Summarizer, instantly solve all kinds of problems and summarize all kinds of texts and help to answer your questions with concise solutions. Choice of more than 10 million users. A marvelous homework assistant!

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Our Question AI has unique features and all free, also known as Homework AI.

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Respond to your needs quickly. You can also upload PDF files with Question AI.

We can help summarize textbooks from any subject to make it clear and easy for you to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. can question ai handle complex or technical language.

Yes, it can. The AI has been trained on a big dataset, so technical or complex data won’t be a problem. Question AI can handle any academic or technical langauge.

2. Can Question AI be used on mobile devices, or is it only available on desktop?

Question AI is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Question AI supports Windows and Mac systems as well as IOS and Android.

3. How fast Question AI generate an answer?

Within seconds. Never doubt Question AI's speed.

4. How many questions can Question AI tool handle at once?

There’s no limit. Question AI can handle several questions at the same time.

5. Can Question AI make several versions of the same text, each with a different level of detail?

Question AI can give you a longer or shorter text, depending on your wishes.

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8 Home Robots that Were Built to Make Your Life Much Easier

Many small home robots are now as affordable as a new computer..

homework helper robot price

(Zapp2Photo /

Home robots are not just in futuristic TV shows or movies anymore. How many people watched Rosie the robot maid on the Jetsons and wanted to have one too? Or how many saw Star Wars and wanted to bring R2-D2 home even if we also had to take C-3PO? We haven't gotten that advanced yet, but robot companions, personalized assistants, and home management aids have been steadily improving since Roomba first hit the store shelves in 2002.

Some robots are human-like running on artificial intelligence and some look like flying saucers, but they all make life easier for their human owners and many are as affordable as a new computer. There are robots that provide home security, one is a personal pool boy, and one will even play with your children.

Check out these nine home helper robots and see if one is right for you:

1. Ubtech Lynx

This humanoid robot helps Amazon Alexa come alive. Lynx has facial recognition technology and personalized greetings. Lynx can give you weather reports, play your favorite music and make to-do lists for you as well as remind you when you need to place an Amazon order. No sticky notes required.

2. Asus Zenbo

This smart mobile companion robot can provide assistance and entertainment when you need it. Zenbo learns and adapts and even shares emotions with you. The robot controls household devices and can act as a security system when you are not home and even read to your children to keep them entertained. It’s a robot, a friend and a builtin babysitter too.

3. Roomba by IRobot

Roomba has been around since 2002 but has improved a lot in the past 16 years. The latest model does a lot more than just vacuum. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi or linked to Amazon Alexa or Google voice-activated assistant. While the Roomba moves around your home cleaning floors, it can remember dirty places that need extra attention and it can plug itself into its charging station and go back to where it left off when the battery is recharged. How cool is that?

4. Alfawise Magnetic

This robot also cleans your house . Alfawise works like a vacuum cleaner but can do much more. It has microfiber pads to clean glass and suction features to ensure it doesn't fall off when cleaning windows. Finally, a maid that does windows.

(mikhail62 /

5. Worx Landroid

This robotic lawn mower will do the yard work for you. Landroid is designed to trim your lawn on a daily basis. It is a much quieter alternative to gasoline engine lawn mowers and can return to its charging station when its batteries are low or if it starts to rain. This is much better than paying a neighbor kid to mow your grass.

6. Dolphin Nautilus

This small robotic pool boy includes vacuuming and scrubbing elements and is smart enough to decide which one to use while it cleans your pool. Dolphin comes with special swivel cables that will never get tangled and GPS to ensure that your entire pool is cleaned. You can sit by the pool and sip a cool drink while Dolphin does all the work.

(Gianmix /

7. Budgee by 5 Elements Robotics

Do you need an extra set of hands to carry something around the house? That's Budgee's specialty. The hardworking robot can follow you around your house, the supermarket or even the airport to help you carry stuff. No tips required.

8. Aido by Ingen Dynamic

This robot isn't for sale yet, but it will be later this year. Aido is a family-friendly robot that can help you with household chores, handle schedules, can connect and configure inputs from custom medical devices and can even play with your kids. This sounds like it will be a real winner when it hits the store shelves.


5 Robots That Are Programmed to Do Good Thanks to These Brave Robots We Can Now Safely Recycle Munitions Companion Robot Aims to End Social Isolation Among Elderly

homework helper robot price

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homework helper robot price

7 Surprising Banana Peel Uses

homework helper robot price

This New Guinea Dog is Singing a New Tune

homework helper robot price

11-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Leaps to Fame



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10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Try Right Now

10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Try Right Now

Are you struggling with your homework assignments? Do you wish you had more time, energy, and motivation to complete them? Do you want to improve your grades, skills, and knowledge without sacrificing your personal life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might benefit from using an AI help with homework.

AI tools can help students with various aspects of their homework, such as checking grammar, finding answers, researching sources, tutoring, and more. In this article, we will review 10 best homework helper AI tools that you can try right now to improve your academic performance and do your homework easier.

AI Homework Helper Tools

Here is a table that compares the features and price of some best homework AI tools:

StudyMonkey AIUses AI to generate relevant content and structure for essaysFreemium
Oddity AIInteractive learning platform that uses ChatGPT-enabled bots to help kids with their homework.Freemium
The Homework AICreates personalized and engaging homework assignments for teachers and studentsFreemium
Smodin OmniSolves homework questions in different languages and subjects using AIFreemium
CodeWay Homework (Nerd AI)Provides AI tutoring and code optimization for programming languagesFreemium
Solvo AIProvide step-by-step solutions and detailed explanations for each problem.Free
TutorEva AIOffers AI homework solver, tutor, and textbook solutions for various subjectsFree
ClassX AI Homework HelperProvides AI assistance for homework and projects for grades 1 to 12Freemium
GrammarlyImproves writing skills by checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and toneFreemium
StudyPool AIConnects students with verified tutors for homework help and study guidesFree

What is an AI Homework Helper Tool?

An AI homework helper tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist students with their homework tasks. AI is a branch of computer science that aims to create machines and systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, problem-solving, and creativity.

AI homework helper tools use AI to offer various benefits and services that can assist students with their homework, such as: Creating homework tasks, plans, suggestions, and answers Giving customized coaching, evaluation, and advice Making complex topics and simplifying complex topics to understand.

10 Best Free AI Homework Helper Tools to Try Right Now

We will introduce you to 10 of the best AI homework helper tools that you can try right now. These tools are easy to use, reliable, and affordable. They can help you improve your academic performance and learning experience. Let’s take a look at these amazing AI tools and see how they can help you with your homework.

StudyMonkey AI


StudyMonkey AI is an AI homework helper tool that acts as your personal AI tutor. StudyMonkey AI can help you with your homework by providing you with personalized tutoring, feedback, and guidance. StudyMonkey AI can also help you learn and master any subject or topic by creating customized study plans, quizzes, flashcards, and games. can adapt to your learning style, pace, and goals and provide you with the best learning experience possible. studymonkey. ai is the perfect AI homework helper tool for students who want to improve their grades, skills, and knowledge. To learns more and start your free trial.

24/7 availability for constant supportWeb-based platform may not be easily accessible on the go
Instant solutions to a wide range of questionsAI may not capture the nuances of certain subjects


OddityAI is an AI homework helper tool that can do your homework for you in minutes. All you have to do is upload your homework instructions, choose your subject and level, and wait for the AI to generate a complete and correct solution. OddityAI can handle any type of homework, from essays to math problems to coding assignments.

It can also provide you with explanations, references, and tips to help you understand and improve your homework. OddityAI is the ultimate AI homework helper tool that can save you time, effort, and stress. To learn more and start your free trial.

Instant answers to academic questions.Limited to the web platform.
Supports a wide range of subjects.Might not cover extremely niche subjects.

The Homework AI


The Homework AI is an AI homework helper tool that acts as your digital study buddy. The Homework AI can help you with your homework by providing you with smart suggestions, hints, and resources. The Homework AI can also help you study and review any subject or topic by creating personalized summaries, notes, and flashcards.

The Homework AI can interact with you through voice, text, or chat and provide you with a friendly and supportive learning environment. The Homework AI is the ideal AI homework helper tool for students who want to have a fun and interactive homework and study experience. To learn more and start your free trial.

Easy to use and navigateMay not cover all academic levels or subjects
Covers a lot of topicsNeeds internet to work well

Smodin Omni

Smodin Omni

Smodin Omni is an AI homework helper tool that can solve any homework problem in seconds. Smodin Omni is powered by a powerful AI engine that can access and analyze billions of data points and sources to provide you with the best and most accurate solution. Smodin Omni can solve any type of homework problem, from algebra to physics to chemistry to history.

It can also provide you with step-by-step solutions, explanations, and examples to help you understand and verify your homework. Smodin Omni is the ultimate homework solver AI that can help you ace any homework assignment. To learn more and start your free trial.

Can translate into many languagesMay not have answers for very unique questions
Covers many topics, even rare onesMay not understand human nuances in some subjects

CodeWay Homework

Codeway Homework

CodeWay Homework is an AI homework helper tool that is specialized in coding and programming homework. CodeWay Homework can help you with your coding and programming homework by providing you with code generation, debugging, testing, and optimization. CodeWay Homework can also help you learn and improve your coding and programming skills by providing you with personalized tutorials, projects, and feedback.

Covers many different academic subjectsMay not cover all academic levels
Uses AI to give accurate and quick answersNeeds internet to work well

Solvo: AI Homework Helper

Solvo Ai

Solvo AI is an AI homework helper tool that is revolutionizing the way students do their homework. Solvo AI can help you with your homework by providing you with smart solutions, explanations, and resources. Solvo AI homework helper can also help you do your homework by providing you with voice and gesture control, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Solvo AI can transform any surface, such as a wall, a table, or a floor, into a smart homework workspace that you can interact with using your voice and gestures. Solvo AI can also create immersive and realistic homework scenarios that you can experience using augmented reality and virtual reality. Solvo AI is the ultimate AI homework helper tool for students who want to have a revolutionary and futuristic homework and learning experience.

Uses advanced AI for accurate answersExclusive to Apple devices
User-friendly and easy to learnRequires regular updates for optimal performance

TutorEva AI

Tutoreva Ai

TutorEva is an app that provides students with an AI study partner powered by GPT, 24/7 homework help, millions of step-by-step solutions, and more. TutorEva can help students with various aspects of their homework, such as writing, math, science, language, and more. TutorEva can also help students with exam preparation, textbook solutions, and personalized tutoring. TutorEva is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Helps with various subjects and offers step-by-step explanationsRequires payment to access all features
Provides instant help when students are stuck in their learningCan’t solve all types of creative or complex problems
Allows users to upload homework and provides quick answersCan’t fully replace human teachers or social learning

ClassX AI Homework Helper

Classx Ai Homework Helper

ClassX AI Homework Helper is an AI homework helper tool that is designed as the future of learning. ClassX AI Homework Helper can help you with your homework by providing you with personalized solutions, explanations, and resources. ClassX AI Homework Helper can also help you learn and grow by providing you with personalized learning paths, goals, and rewards.

ClassX AI Homework Helper can analyze your homework performance, learning style, and interests and provide you with the best and most suitable learning content and activities. ClassX AI Homework Helper can also connect you with other students, teachers, and experts who can help you with your homework and learning. ClassX AI Homework Helper is the perfect AI homework helper tool for students who want to have a personalized and collaborative homework and learning experience.

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms for precise solutionsPossibly limited to certain academic levels
Offers comprehensive coverage of various subjectsDependency on internet connectivity for optimal use

Grammarly 2

Grammarly is an AI homework helper tool that is specialized in improving your writing skills and grammar. Grammarly can help you with your writing homework by providing you with writing suggestions, corrections, and enhancements. Grammarly can also help you improve your writing skills and grammar by providing you with personalized feedback, insights, and goals.

Grammarly can work with any type of writing, such as essays, reports, emails, or social media posts. Grammarly can also work with any writing platform, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Gmail. Grammarly is the ultimate AI homework helper tool for students who want to improve their writing skills and grammar and impress their teachers and peers.

Provides instant feedback and suggestionsSuggestions may not always be perfect
Corrects mistakes, suggests better wordsMay not catch all context-dependent errors
Checks for plagiarismCannot replace human feedback and support

StudyPool AI

Studypool Ai

Studypool AI is a web-based platform that provides students with 24/7 homework help from verified tutors, millions of step-by-step solutions, and an AI study partner powered by GPT. Studypool AI can help students with various subjects, such as math, science, writing, programming, and more. Studypool AI can also help students with exam preparation, textbook solutions, and personalized tutoring. Studypool AI is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Connects you with helpful tutors for homework helpNot a free service, requires payment
Provides answers in an understandable wayMay not assist with all types of homework
Offers quick answers and explanations for uploaded homeworkCan’t replace real teachers, tutors, or peers

You can also check out our blog, 10 Best Ways to Use AI for Kids . AI tools for kids are applications and programs that use AI to help kids learn about various topics, such as math, science, art, and coding. AI tools for kids can also help them develop skills such as creativity, logic, and critical thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ai homework helper tools cheating.

AI homework helpers aren’t cheating; they support students, doing homework and learning easier, without replacing their effort and creativity.

How much do AI Homework Helper Tools Cost?

Costs of AI homework tools vary. Some have free trials with limited features. Paid plans range from a few dollars to hundreds per month/year.

How Safe and Secure are AI Homework Helper Tools?

AI homework helpers ensure safety and privacy. They use encryption, authentication, and comply with laws. They don’t share data without consent.

How Reliable and Accurate are AI Homework Helper Tools?

AI homework helpers are reliable and accurate. They use advanced algorithms, credible sources, and error detection to provide high-quality, factual, and error-free content and solutions.

How can I get the Most out of AI Homework Helper Tools?

To make the most of AI homework helpers, choose the right one, use it consistently, follow its guidance, verify its accuracy, infuse your creativity, and above all, enjoy the learning journey with these helpful tools.

In conclusion, the integration of AI tools into the realm of education has opened up a world of possibilities for students. Homework, once a daunting and frustrating task, can now become an opportunity for growth and improvement. These AI tools offer a wide range of benefits, from enhancing writing skills and simplifying math problems to providing language translations and personalized tutoring.

We hope that this article has helped you find the best AI homework helper tool for you. We encourage you to try them out and see for yourself how they can help you with your homework and learning. We are sure that you will be amazed by the results and benefits that they can offer. Happy learning!

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homework helper robot price

13 home robots for sale right now that will transport you to the future

Take control of the robots before they control you.

homework helper robot price

It's been nearly two decades since the Roomba first launched in 2002. The concept of home robots has come a long way since then, and it's not slowing down any time soon. As technology keeps advancing faster and faster, we may be getting closer to a time when it's possible to have a baby with a robot — or AI could just wipe us out entirely .

Most of us (hopefully) won't live long enough to see a robot-orchestrated end of days, but before that happens, you might as well take advantage of modern tech and buy a home robot for yourself. (Just be nice to your robot so they remember to return the favor during the robot apocalypse).

With that in mind, here are the 13 best home robots for sale right now.

13. Home robots for sale: Roomba

home robots for sale roomba

The Roomba.

How could we not start with the robot vacuum that started it all? The latest Roomba model is the s9 series starting at $1,099.99, but they also go for as little as $299 . Recent models have added voice activation via Amazon Alex and Google. New Roombas can also remember the layout of your house — including the dirtiest spots — and even plug itself in to recharge.

12. Home robots for sale: Aibo

Sony's robot dog is the closest you can get to the real thing. You can even pet it! Pick one up for $2,899.99 .

11. Home robots for sale: Grillbot

Home robots for sale: Grillbot

The Grillbot.

What's the worst part of owning a grill? Cleaning it. Thankfully, someone invented the Grillbot. This Roomba for your grill comes in black or red for a reasonable $90 .

10. Home robots for sale: Rokubot

Home robots for sale: Rokubot

Forget the Roomba, this bed-cleaning robot uses an auto sensor system to sanitize your bed in minutes. It's perfect for hotel stays if you don't trust the cleanliness of your room. Even better, this home robot also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charge for your phone. Grab one on Amazon for $119 .

9. Home robots for sale: Wonder Workshop Cue

Home robots for sale: Wonder Workshop Cue

Wonder Workshop Cue.

Standing at 8 inches tall, this voice-activated robot is designed to teach kids how to code. The Wonder Workshop Cue comes with four unique personalities. It can make jokes, talk about books, and lasts for over 30 hours per charge. Buy one for $200 on Amazon.

8. Home robots for sale: Alfawise Magnetic

Home robots for sale: Alfawise Magnetic

The Alfawise Magnetic.

Luckily, there are other robots out there besides the Roomba that will do your tedious household cleaning. The robot Alfawise Magnetic like a vacuum cleaner, but it has microfiber pads to clean glass and suction-like features to ensure it doesn’t fall off while hanging vertically on your window. This could be huge, especially if you'd otherwise need a ladder to clean high-up windows. You can grab one for $200 on Amazon .

7. Home robots for sale: Segway miniPRO

Home robots for sale: Segway miniPRO

The Segway miniPRO.

The miniPRO prides itself on having the balancing capabilities of a hoverboard, but safety levels more in line with an electric scooter. It’s completely hands-free: riders press their knees on the middle bar to control it, precision sensors help to balance it out, and it can even be controlled via smartphone. The smartphone app also has an anti-theft feature. Buy it from Walmart for $348 .

6. Home robots for sale: Worx Landroid

Home robots for sale: Worx Landroid

Worx Landroid.

Instead of paying a neighborhood kid to do a sub-par job, this robotic lawnmower can get the job done. Worx’s Landroid is designed to trim your lawn on a daily basis, as opposed to traditional lawnmowers that tackle long grass every once in a while. The robotic lawnmower is also not as loud as a traditional one, and it can even return itself to its charging station when it’s low on battery or it’s raining. Buy one online for $1000 .

5. Home robots for sale: Beam

Home robots for sale: Beam

This is definitely the closest we’ve come so far to being replaced by robots. While FaceTime and Zoom make it easy to have face-to-face chats when you’re not in the same room, Beam takes it one step further. The Beam navigates and moves on its own with a physical body attached to the video screen. Bosses can check in on employees when they’re not in the office, parents can watch their kids do homework while at work, faraway friends can hang out easier. Essentially, this thing will replace the need to leave your house ever again. Check out the website to learn more.

4. Home robots for sale: Stormtrooper Robot

Home robots for sale: Stormtrooper Robot

Stormtrooper robot.

If action figures and plush toys aren’t enough for Star Wars fans, you can buy your very own Stormtrooper prepared for battle. This Stormtrooper can be controlled with voice commands, patrol your home without walking into walls, and recognize faces you’ve deemed to be allies or foes. See how much damage this 11-inch tall fighter can do for just $85 on Amazon .

3. Home robots for sale: Appbot Riley

Home robots for sale: Appbot Riley

Appbot Riley.

This home robot has a solution for stationary alarm systems and home security cameras that don’t capture a complete view of your house. Connected to wifi, Riley travels around your home using a night vision camera and motion detectors to look for suspicious activity and can send alerts to your phone. It also has a built-in mic, which lets you listen in on what’s going on at your house, or check in with whoever’s home. Buy it on Amazon for $168 .

2. Home robots for sale: Cozmo

Home robots for sale: Cozmo

Now your kid will always have a friend, even if it is a tiny robot! Cozmo is also equipped with AI that gives it a unique personality, one that evolves and adapts the more it hangs out with its owner. Its eyes act as a video camera, so you can use your phone to see life from Cozmo’s perspective. Cozmo is also designed as an educational tool that can help kids learn to code or play mind-bending games.

Cozmo 2.0 is available not for pre-order at $219.99 . It has better battery life, better obstacle detection, better cameras, and a full-color display.

1. Home robots for sale: Dolphin Nautilus

Home robots for sale: Dolphin Nautilus

Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner.

This relatively small home robot includes various vacuuming and scrubbing elements that you don’t have to switch out — the Dolphin does it on its own. Special swivel cables prevent them from tangling, and GPS to ensure the entire pool is cleaned. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is available on Amazon for $779 .

This article was originally published on November 23, 2017

homework helper robot price

10 Robots That'll Do Your Chores So You Don't Have To


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How I Use Google's Custom Language Model to Supercharge My Studies

I love vinyl, but there are 4 key reasons i stick with spotify, i use a foldable as my daily driver: here's why i love it.

It may not feel like it, but technology has indeed made our lives significantly easier. Case in point: just look at how many tasks you can now delegate to robots and smart devices---including many of your chores.

The Roomba revolutionized the way we clean our floors, but there are so many other robot devices out there (and more still in development) that we can use to take care of the worst and most inconvenient household chores.

Here are 10 interesting ones to get you started.

1. Autonomous Lawnmower Husqvarna Automower 430X

If you've watched the latest season of Black Mirror, you might not be a fan of robots with blades. But trusty autonomous lawnmowers have been around for some time and have proven incredibly useful when it comes to gardening.

Much like autonomous vacuums, they have a variety of sensors that make it easier for them to navigate certain areas. And whereas autonomous vacuums only save you the work of cleaning a small amount of indoor space, an autonomous lawnmower like the Husqvarna Automower 430X can effortlessly cover multiple acres.

Furthermore, robot lawnmowers have safety mechanisms in place that prevent household accidents. It turns out that they are actually safer than regular lawnmowers in some ways. Robot mowers have sensors that are sensitive to collisions. They also deactivate the blades automatically when the device is handled---something which traditional mowers do not do.

2. Smart Vacuum ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum

Smart vacuums are one of the original mainstays of autonomous appliances---and over time, not only has the technology become more affordable, but the robots have become more advanced.

There are entry-level vacuums that trade price for a shorter battery life, that can effectively clean one room at a time but are a bit of a nuisance. Then there are also higher-tier vacuums with a bevy of autonomous functions, including stairs detection, area mapping, and automatic docking in charging station.

Autonomous vacuums provide many benefits , which is why they are one of the most popular robot types among modern consumers. One of our personal favorites is the ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum ( our review ).

3. Smart Mop iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

It seems that having our homes vacuumed by robots is not enough---we also want our floors mopped! That's where smart mops come in, which are basically robots that wash your floors. They either come as standalone devices or vacuum hybrids that include a washing function.

Just like smart vacuums, smart mops are able to navigate around your house. Instead of sucking up debris, however, they spray jets of water and wipe over it with a mop attachment. Some mops also have a sweep function, in case you need them to clean up a bit before adding water to the mix.

Many of the companies that make smart vacuums also have smart mops in their catalogs, such as the iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop which comes from the same makers behind the popular Roomba.

4. Laundry Folding Robot FoldiMate Laundry Folding Machine

Folding laundry is not an energy-intensive chore, but it definitely takes time. So it's no wonder that scientists created a laundry-folding robot. The FoldiMate Laundry Folding Machine was showcased at CES 2018, but its automatic folding abilities were overshadowed by the machine's hefty price tag.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the robotic folding machine is able to fold according to your preferences. But at nearly $1,000, you must really hate folding laundry (or have inordinate amounts to fold) to actually invest in one of these. If you can, you might fare better by waiting a few years for the price to drop.

5. Robotic Gutter Cleaner iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

Cleaning gutters is a nightmare for anyone who isn't comfortable with heights or the gunk that accrues over time. Luckily, robotic gutter cleaners have been invented to take care of the task on your behalf.

They're not as high-tech as some of the other robots on this list---which have app and internet connectivity---but they get the job done. You can operate them with remote controls and set them to different modes. But best of all, you do not have to manually guide them along.

The gadget is also a safer way to clean your gutters if you live in a multi-story house. If you're thinking about getting one, consider starting with the iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot .

6. Smart Iron Effie Smart Iron

Ironing is a chore you need to stay on top of if you want your clothes to look presentable and clean. But when you have a massive wardrobe, ironing can be a hot and tiring process---which is why there's currently an automatic ironing robot under development.

An automatic iron is similar to a clothing press or hanging clothes dryer, but gentler and does not require you to handle the clothing during the ironing process.

These smart irons, however, seem to be few and far between in terms of consumer availability. The Effie Smart Iron is one possible option, but its release date hasn't been announced.

7. Robotic Window Cleaner HOBOT-188 Window Cleaning Robot

If you've ever had to clean glass sliding doors and large windows, you'll understand the appeal of a robotic window cleaner.

This type of robot has existed for some time, but on a much larger scale only for commercial buildings like skyscrapers. However, much smaller consumer versions of the technology are now available for home use.

It is also a safer way to clean those hard-to-reach exteriors on multi-story buildings. If you're dying to get started with one of these, check out the HOBOT-188 Window Cleaning Robot .

8. Pool Cleaning Robot Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Automated cleaning solutions for home pools has been around for some time, such as the popular Kreepy Krauly in South Africa. Yet while original models were dependent on your pool's pump system, modern pool cleaning robots are smarter than ever.

The latest robotic pool cleaners have sensors that prevent them from getting stuck in corners or floating aimlessly on the water's surface. More recently, companies introduced app-enabled pool cleaning robots that allow you to guide the robot, adjust modes, set timers, and more from a distance.

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus is one such device with great reviews, great performance, at a reasonable price.

9. Grill Cleaning Robot Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

Grill enthusiasts can rejoice now that there are robots that clean your grill top for you. You don't have to break a sweat while attempting to vigorously scrub away at grease---if you're willing to pay extra for a gadget that does it for you.

One downside is that the lack of sensors means you have to keep your grill lid closed during cleaning. Also, nothing quite beats the effectiveness of elbow grease. Considering the price, it might make more sense to just suck it up and do the chore yourself.

But if you want your grill to be cleaned without any effort on your part, this is one more chore you can delegate to robots like the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner , which looks funny but works pretty well.

10. Toilet Cleaning Robot SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot

You would think that for a chore this hated, robots that clean your toilet would already be widely available. However, like the smart iron, this technology is still in its early days, with only a few products available.

The team at SpinX recently announced their SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot . The device includes scanning technology, making it suitable for different types of toilet bowls. Altan Robotech has also introduced their own Giddel Portable Toilet Cleaning Robot, which has similar features like scanning and collision detection.

More Robots for Automated Chores on the Horizon?

With internet technology becoming increasingly advanced, people are sure to find a way to automate more chores with smart devices.

Already, companies are envisioning robotic beds that straighten up the covers for you automatically. Meanwhile, companies are refining smart fridge technology so that even your grocery shopping is taken care of without your intervention . This raises the question about whether we are set to become too dependent on technology---but that's a discussion for another day.

For now, if you're looking for more ways to turn your house into a smart home, take a look at these useful smart devices that are worth every penny .

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Our Top Recommended Robot Vacuum of 2024 Is 35% Off This Prime Day

This major Prime Day deal can help you clean house with our top recommended robot vacuum. Score the Dreame D10 Plus for $260 before the sale ends.

homework helper robot price

The budget-friendly Dreame D10 Plus performed as well as or better than more expensive robot vacs.

Why spend your precious summer cleaning up messes when a robot vacuum  can do some of the work for you? If you've been looking for a robot vacuum but weren't ready to pay the high price that typically comes with one, you're in luck. The Dreame D10 Plus robot vacuum is now on sale for 35% off as part of the Amazon Prime Day sale , making the vacuum just $260 . This huge discount is available exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Be sure to snag this deal soon if you want it though, as the Prime Day sale is coming to a close in just a matter of hours.

In our grueling tests to find the best robot vacuums for 2024, the D10 Plus tallied high marks for its performance on medium- and low-pile rugs and outmatched far more expensive robot vacuums at removing dirt from hard floor surfaces. It's also compatible with Alexa and has a self-emptying bin that lasts up to 45 days before you have to empty it.

It's not just the top-rated robot vacuum-mop combo that's discounted, either. The Dreame R10 cordless vacuum cleaner, regularly priced at $300, is discounted to $190  right now on Amazon. Use this lightweight vacuum to clean low-pile rugs, carpet, tile floors, hardwood, upholstery, curtains and more. 

For more great finds on Amazon, check out our Prime Day live blog , where we're continuously compiling the best Prime Day deals happening right now. We've also found the best deals at competing sales from Walmart , Best Buy and Target .

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homework helper robot price

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The 5 Best Robot Lawn Mowers To Help Maintain Your Yard

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If you want a pristine, manicured lawn without the effort of regular mowing, one of the best robot lawn mowers might be worth the splurge for your home. Like robot vacuums, these small autonomous machines can take over the maintenance of small yards, cutting your grass independently while you sit back and enjoy the summer weather. Our top pick is the Husqvarna Automower 430XH , which can handle yards up to 0.8 acres in size and runs for up to 145 minutes at a time.

The best robot lawn mowers can help maintain a pristine, manicured lawn.

While they’re quite pricey, robot lawn mowers offer several benefits to those with small yards. “They don’t make much noise compared to larger counterparts, and they are relatively small and unobtrusive,” says Andrea Scharff, owner of Andrea Scharff Landscape Design . “They are also efficient in the amount of energy required—all you need is an electric power source.” If you’re considering investing in one of these handy devices, here are the best robot lawn mowers to help automate your yard maintenance.

  • Best Robot Lawn Mower Overall: Husqvarna Automower 430XH
  • Best Affordable Robot Lawn Mower: Worx Landroid S
  • Best Robot Lawn Mower For Steep Hills: Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD
  • Best Robot Lawn Mower With Longest Running Time: Greenworks Pro Optimow 50H
  • Best Wire-Free Robot Lawn Mower: Segway Navimow i110N

Best Robot Lawn Mower Overall

A reliable pick from a trusted lawn mower brand, husqvarna automower 430xh.

Yard size: 0.8 acres | Weight: 32.4 pounds | Cutting width: 9.5 inches | Maximum slope: 24 degrees | Runtime: 145 minutes | Connectivity: Cellular or Bluetooth | Boundary wire: Yes

  • Able to cut up to 0.8 acres
  • Larger-than-average cutting width
  • GPS theft protection
  • Requires boundary wire

Husqvarna is a well-known lawn mower brand and one of the leaders in the robotic lawn mower space. The brand has more than a dozen robotic mowers for residential and commercial use, but the Automower 430XH is a top choice for most homes, as it strikes a good balance between performance and price. This robotic mower can handle yards up to 0.8 acres with a maximum slope of 24 degrees, and it has three carbon steel blades with a cutting width around 9.5 inches, helping it to tackle your lawn more quickly than other models.

The Automower 430XH operates quietly—generally between 50 and 60 decibels—so it won’t disturb your outdoor activities, and you can adjust its cutting height between 2 and 3.6 inches. The robot connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or a cellular network for scheduling and remote control, and it’s also equipped with GPS, which helps it navigate and also alerts you if someone tries to take the unit out of your yard. If it’s lifted, the mower will sound an alarm that can only be deactivated using a PIN code, helping to prevent theft.

Best Affordable Robot Lawn Mower

A budget-friendly option for small lawns, worx landroid s.

Yard size: 0.125 acres | Weight: 21.2 pounds | Cutting width: 7 inches | Maximum slope: 20 degrees | Runtime: Not listed | Connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi | Boundary wire: Yes

  • AI-powered navigation
  • Automatically adjusts to uneven terrain
  • Compatible with other Worx batteries
  • Only suitable for yards up to 0.125 acre
  • No anti-theft technology

Because robotic lawn mowers are a fairly new technology, they often cost several thousand dollars. However, if you have a small yard that’s less than ⅛ acre, the Worx Landroid S is a budget-friendly pick for hands-off mowing. It’s powered by the brand’s 20-volt PowerShare battery, and you can actually swap in batteries from other Worx tools if you want to extend its runtime without stopping to recharge. 

The Landroid S uses AI to navigate around your yard, and it can find its way through narrow passages and automatically adjust its blade height to avoid getting stuck on uneven terrain. It can handle slopes up to 20 degrees and cuts all the way to the edge of the wire boundary, saving you from having to trim the edges of your yard.

Best Robot Lawn Mower For Steep Hills

All-wheel drive tackles slopes up to 35 degrees, husqvarna automower 435x awd.

Yard size: 0.9 acres | Weight: 39 pounds | Cutting width: 8.7 inches | Maximum slope: 35 degrees | Runtime: 145 minutes | Connectivity: Cellular or Bluetooth | Boundary wire: Yes

  • All-wheel drive for steep slopes
  • Able to cut up to 0.9 acres
  • More expensive than other models

Many robotic lawn mowers can only handle small hills, but if your yard has a steep slope, you’re going to need a model like the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD. This model has an all-wheel drive that can handle slopes up to 35 degrees, and its rear end pivots for better traction on rough terrain. It’s able to manage lawns up to 0.9 acres, and similar to a robot vacuum, the mower creates a map of your yard that you can customize. For example, you can designate areas with different cutting heights or stay-out zones.

The Automower 435X can operate for up to 145 minutes at a time, and it has built-in sensors that help it avoid collisions with obstacles. It’s equipped with the brand’s GPS theft protection to keep someone from walking away with it, and the high-end design has other advanced features, such as electric cutting height adjustment and automatic passage navigation.

Best Robot Lawn Mower With Longest Running Time

A unit that mows up to 0.5 acre per charge, greenworks pro optimow 50h.

Yard size: 0.5 acre | Weight: 23.6 pounds | Cutting width: 8.7 inches | Maximum slope: 20 degrees | Runtime: 150 minutes | Connectivity: Cellular | Boundary wire: Yes

  • Longer runtime than other models
  • Able to cut taller grass 
  • GPS theft prevention 
  • App is only free for two years

The Greenworks Pro Optimow 50H has a longer battery life than many other lawn mowers, so it’s a great choice for larger yards. It can run for up to 150 minutes per charge, tackling around half an acre of yard before it needs to stop and power back up. This mower also has a max cutting height of 4 inches, which is higher than most other models, allowing it to tackle taller grass. 

Also great: The Optimow 50H has a fairly large cutting width of just under 9 inches, and its blades cut grass into “micro-mulch,” which helps put nutrients back into your lawn. The blades fold out of the way when an obstacle is detected to prevent damage to the blades, and the mower is equipped with real-time GPS tracking that lets you monitor its progress and helps deter theft. Just keep in mind that while the mower does come with free app access for two years, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee after that period.

Best Wire-Free Robot Lawn Mower

A high-tech option that’s easier to set up, segway navimow i110n.

Yard size: 0.25 acres | Weight: 24 pounds | Cutting width: 7.1 inches | Maximum slope: 16 degrees | Runtime: 120 minutes | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular | Boundary wire: No

  • No boundary wire needed
  • Uses grid-like mowing pattern
  • Able to schedule mowing in multiple zones
  • Anti-theft system sold separately 
  • Unable to handle slopes

Most robot lawn mowers require a boundary wire around the edges of your yard. However, the Segway Navimow i110N has a wire-free design that uses virtual boundaries instead, making it much faster and easier to set up. Using the Navimow app, you can set boundaries in your yard, designate no-go zones and even create pathways to connect multiple areas. 

This model can be used on lawns that are 0.25 acre or less, but it doesn’t handle slopes well, so it’s best for those with relatively flat yards. The Navimow uses AI to identify and avoid common obstacles, and unlike many mowers, it actually mows in a grid-like pattern, not just randomly. The one major downside is that the mower doesn’t come equipped with an anti-theft system—for this feature, you have to purchase the Navimow Access+ for an additional $150.

The Best Nike Running Shoes: Your Guide To The Brand’s Top Trainers

Helix vs. saatva mattress comparison: find out which luxe bed is best, why trust forbes vetted.

To help keep your lawn looking great year-round, the Forbes Vetted team has published dozens of expert-backed roundups on outdoor tools and gear . This includes extensive coverage of lawn mowers, from push mowers to electric mowers to high-end zero-turn mowers .

  • The Forbes Vetted home and kitchen team includes three expert editors: deputy editor Rebekah Lowin , senior editor Amanda Arnold and editor Sholeen Damarwala .
  • Author of this piece, Camryn Rabideau , is a regular contributor with extensive experience covering home and lifestyle topics. In her career as a product tester, she’s reviewed several different types of lawn mowers.
  • For this article, Rabideau also spoke with expert Andrea Scharff, owner of Andrea Scharff Landscape Design , for insights on the benefits and drawbacks of robot lawn mowers.

How We Chose The Best Robot Lawn Mowers

To find the best robot lawn mowers, we researched dozens of best-selling options, compared features and asked our team of experienced staffers for insights.

  • Our home and kitchen editorial team focused on lawn mowers from trusted brands and retailers, such as Husqvarna and Worx.
  • We analyzed features such as maximum yard size and incline, cutting width, runtime, connectivity and cost to determine the best options. We also prioritized mowers with extra features such as theft protection, obstacle avoidance, automatic charging and remote scheduling.
  • We took customer reviews and average star ratings into careful account, sticking to models that have garnered at least an average rating of 4 stars and only a negligible amount of concerning reviews, if any.
  • The final products on this list reflect in-depth research conducted by our writer and meticulous vetting by the editorial team.

What To Look For In The Best Robot Lawn Mowers

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best robot lawn mowers. Here’s what to look for.

Robot lawn mowers are only suitable for yards less than 1 acre, and you’ll want to select a model based on how much area you have to mow. For instance, the Worx Landroid S can only mow 0.125 acre, while more expensive models like the Husqvarna Automower 430XH can handle up to 1 acre of yard. If your yard is too large for the mower, you may not have enough boundary wire to fully surround your property, and the mower will likely run constantly to cover the entire area.

It’s also important to consider the slope of your yard, as some options can’t handle large hills. If your property has steep terrain, you’ll need a mower like the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD , which is equipped with all-wheel drive and can climb slopes up to 35 degrees.

Mow Settings

There are a few different settings and features you’ll want to consider when selecting a robot lawn mower.

  • Deck size: The deck size or cutting width of a mower tells you how much area it cuts with each pass. Mowers with larger cutting widths cover more ground with each pass and often take less time to mow.
  • Cutting height: Like most lawn mowers , robotic mowers generally have an adjustable cutting height that lets you raise or lower the blades. If you have tall grass in your yard, you’ll likely want a mower with a higher max cutting height.
  • Mow pattern: Robotic mowers typically navigate in a random pattern or a grid. Both will cut your lawn, but mowers that cut in a grid are less likely to miss spots as they work.
  • Edge cutting: If you don’t want to do any lawn maintenance, look for a mower that offers edge or boundary cutting. This ensures it cuts right up to the edge of your lawn, saving you from trimming with a weed eater.

There are several other features you may want to look for in a robot lawn mower:

  • Anti-theft: Because robotic mowers are relatively small and usually left outside, there’s a risk that someone takes the unit out of your yard. Many options offer GPS tracking that alerts you if the mower is removed from your property. Others even have a built-in alarm that sounds if the mower is picked up.
  • GPS navigation: In larger yards, there’s a chance that your mower won’t find its way back to the charging base or gets confused while navigating tight areas. To help avoid these issues, some units have a built-in GPS that improves their ability to find their way around your yard.
  • Obstacle avoidance: Like robot vacuums , robot mowers can get hung up on obstacles like rocks, curbs or garden hoses. To save you from having to free the mower from obstacles, some models like the Segway Navimow i110N have AI-powered obstacle avoidance that helps them navigate tricky areas.

Because of their high-tech design, robot lawn mowers are significantly more expensive than your average push lawn mower ; you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Cheaper options like the Worx Landroid S typically offer fewer features and can only mow small areas. If you have a large yard or difficult terrain, you’ll likely end up paying $2,000 (or more) for a model like the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD , which offers better navigation and a longer battery life.

What Is The Best Brand Of Robot Lawn Mower?

Husqvarna is one of the best brands available today if you’re in the market for a robot lawn mower. Its comprehensive line ranges from $700 to upwards of $5,000, and there are options to suit every yard size and budget. In particular, we recommend the Husqvarna Automower 430XH for residential properties. This popular mid-tier model can handle lawns as big as 0.8 acres and has an expansive cutting deck covering more area with each pass. For those with steep hills on their property, the Automower 435X AWD is another top choice, as it can handle inclines up to 35 degrees.

How Big Of A Yard Can A Robot Mow?

The best robot lawn mowers can maintain yards up to an acre in size. Our top pick, the Husqvarna Automower 430XH , can mow up to 0.8 acres of lawn, while less expensive options such as the Segway Navimow i110N are only suitable for 0.25 acre or less.

If you have a large yard, purchasing a self-propelled or riding lawn mower is generally more cost-efficient. While they need to be operated manually, these mowers have much larger cutting decks that make quick work of large areas.

Camryn Rabideau

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    List of the top 5 AI homework helper tools for students. Explore their features, pros, cons, and prices. ... AI Homework Helper Tools Price ... When we think of a robot at work, we think of them cleaning, delivering things to designated locations, and assembling components in a factory, but we rarely think of them doing creative work like ...

  7. AI Homework Helper GPT Agent

    An AI Homework Helper Agent is a sophisticated, intelligent tool designed to assist students with their homework and learning activities. By harnessing the capabilities of advanced language models such as GPT-4, these agents go beyond simple fact-finding to provide comprehensive support. They can understand complex queries, dissect the essence ...

  8. 10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Get Instant Homework Help

    AI Math - Best AI Homework Helper for Math Learning. Brainly - Best AI Homework Helper for Personalized Homework Help. OddityAI - Best AI Homework Helper for Essay Writing. AI Tutors - Best AI Homework Helper for Mobile Use. StudyMonkey - Best AI Homework Helper for Homework Review. 1.

  9. Astro: Amazon's home robot available by invite only for $999

    It's available by invite only for $999.99. Astro takes advantage of both Alexa and Ring, its line of home security offerings. The robot can be set to autonomously roam around your home to check ...

  10. Brainly: AI Homework Helper

    Brainly, the AI Learning Companion. Brainly is a powerful Math solver app that can help you with your school doubts. Solve Math problems in Algebra, Trigonometry, & Geometry with correct & expert-verified answers instantly. With Brainly, you can find solutions to your math homework. Math answers have never been easier to find!

  11. Top 10 AI Homework Helper Tools to Help with Any Subject (Free & Paid)

    Question AI - Best Free AI Homework Helper. Mathful - Best AI Homework Helper to Improve Math Grades. SmartSolve - Best AI Homework Helper for Meeting Deadlines. Smodin Omni - Best AI ...

  12. Homework AI: Best AI Homework Helper & Solver (Free)

    Let HomeworkAI help you out! Our smart AI homework helper delivers detailed, step-by-step solutions, transforming study sessions into smooth sailing. Covering all subjects, from complex calculus to intricate biology, our homework AI is here to ease the stress and boost your grades. Say hello to effortless learning and wave goodbye to study ...

  13. 11 Best Home Robots in 2024

    Requires subscription. ElliQ is a home robot companion best suited for elderly folks or loved ones who are looking for a little extra support than you'd get with Alexa or Google Assistant. This ...

  14. Brainly

    Get personalized homework help for free — for real. Join for free. Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where hundreds of millions of students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions.

  15. Best AI Homework Helper Online

    Question Answering & Homework Helper. QuestionAI App, with AI Powered Answers for your Questions & Summarizer, instantly solve all kinds of problems and summarize all kinds of texts and help to answer your questions with concise solutions. Choice of more than 10 million users.

  16. 8 Home Robots that Were Built to Make Your Life Much Easier

    1. Ubtech Lynx. This humanoid robot helps Amazon Alexa come alive. Lynx has facial recognition technology and personalized greetings. Lynx can give you weather reports, play your favorite music and make to-do lists for you as well as remind you when you need to place an Amazon order. No sticky notes required. 2.

  17. Homework Helper: Scan & solve 4+

    Homework Helper is designed to revolutionize the way you tackle assignments across various subjects. Just snap a picture of your homework, chat with our intelligent assistant, and get the answers you need in no time! Key Features: Scan & Solve. • Instant Solutions: Take a picture of your math, science, or any subject problem, and get ...

  18. 10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Try Right Now

    Freemium. Solvo AI. Provide step-by-step solutions and detailed explanations for each problem. Free. TutorEva AI. Offers AI homework solver, tutor, and textbook solutions for various subjects. Free. ClassX AI Homework Helper. Provides AI assistance for homework and projects for grades 1 to 12.

  19. Free AI Homework Helper

    Anonymous. Basic Plan. A 24/7 free homework AI tutor that instantly provides personalized step-by-step guidance, explanations, and examples for any homework problem. Improve your grades with our AI homework helper!

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    Even better, this home robot also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charge for your phone. Grab one on Amazon for $119. 9. Home robots for sale: Wonder Workshop Cue. Wonder Workshop ...

  21. 10 Robots That'll Do Your Chores So You Don't Have To

    The Roomba revolutionized the way we clean our floors, but there are so many other robot devices out there (and more still in development) that we can use to take care of the worst and most inconvenient household chores. Here are 10 interesting ones to get you started. 1. Autonomous Lawnmower Husqvarna Automower 430X.

  22. Homework Writing Machine Robot

    VGRASSP Bot Robot Pioneer Colorful Lights and Music All Direction Movement Dancing Robot Toys for Boys and Girls (Color as per Stock Availability) 186. 300+ bought in past month. ₹799. M.R.P: ₹1,999. (60% off) Save extra with No Cost EMI.

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    This major Prime Day deal can help you clean house with our top recommended robot vacuum. Score the Dreame D10 Plus for $260 before the sale ends. Our Top Recommended Robot Vacuum of 2024 Is 35% ...

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    The best robot lawn mowers can help maintain a pristine, manicured lawn without the effort of regular mowing. Here are our top picks for 2024. Subscribe To Newsletters