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  1. 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Business Plan . Business Plan - Page 1 of 8 - Updated September 2023. Business plans are an effective tool for evaluating, organizing, and selling a new business concept. A well -developed business plan can be a key component of a successful business start-up. Business Plan provides members with the opportunity to prepare a business plan.

  2. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Future Business Leader . Future Business Leader - Page 1 of 6 - Updated September 2023. Future Business Leader is the premier competitive event where outstanding FBLA members who have demonstrated leadership qualities, participation in FBLA, and evidence of knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in business are recognized. This

  3. PDF 2023 Competitive Events 101

    FBLA's competitive events allow students to explore different careers, build critical skills, and earn awards and recognition! This guide will cover various competitive event categories, with specialized tips to help you ace your event. Additionally, we have organized the events into various skill clusters.

  4. PDF FBLA High School Competitive Events Guidelines

    1 Changes for 2022-2023 Membership Year New Event • Introduction to Marketing Concepts-objective test, individual event, 9th/10th grade only


    Business Financial Plan Business Law Business Management - NAME CHANGE Business Plan Client Service Coding & Programming - MODIFIED Community Service Project ... Speech A business speech based on FBLA-PBL goals, current events, and/or relevant business topics created and articulated by competitors. OVERVIEW OF FBLA COMPETITIVE

  6. fbla-rubric-bplan

    Contact. Board of Directors. Advisory Council. fbla-rubric-bplan. Posted on November 29, 2022by Jacqui Garrison. Nebraska FBLA. Future Business Leaders of America. PO Box 95072 Lincoln, NE 68509. 531-530-7648 | [email protected].

  7. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Business Management - Page 6 of 9 - Updated September 2023. 1. Identify, interpret, analyze, and synthesize information used in decision making in the business environment. 2. Develop and manage quality -control processes to minimize errors, maximize operational effectiveness, and to expedite wor kflow. 3.

  8. PDF High School

    HIGH SCHOOL - PARTNERSHIP WITH BUSINESS PROJECT Performance Rating Sheet Preliminary Round Final Round (Mark one score per row AND write score in the Points Earned column. Use Tie Breaker column to add or subtract points to break ties.) Expectation Item

  9. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Introduction to Business Presentation. Introduction to Business Presentation - Page 2 of 5 - Updated September 2023 • Each competitor can only compete in one individual/team event and one chapter event (American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, Partnership with Business Project).

  10. PDF FBLA BUSINESS FINANCIAL PLAN Performance Rating Sheet

    Description of. outlined. Detailed. Financial plan is clearly No evidence of financial Financial plan is explained Financial plan is clearly outlined. Strategies are plan or strategies briefly; very limited outlined. More than one chronological and clearly strategies are utilized strategy is outlined explained.

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    Nebraska FBLA Future Business Leaders of America. PO Box 95072 Lincoln, NE 68509 531-530-7648 | [email protected]

  12. Business Plan

    A PDF of the Business Plan must be submitted to Blue Panda by the deadline. Save the file as BP_chaptername_year.pdf; Eligibility: ... Rubrics fbla-rubric-bplan. Nebraska FBLA - 05/10/2024 Nebraska FBLA Future Business Leaders of America. PO Box 95072 Lincoln, NE 68509


    Description of business, assumptions, and strategies to obtain the loan are provided and Description of business, assumptions, and strategies to obtain loan serves as a strong introduction and transitions into the remainder of the report 0 1-10 11-20 21-30 Describe Company: All components are • Legal form of business

  14. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    10. Prepare a management plan that incorporates legal requirements, business protection, quality control, and operations. B. Financial Management 1. Select accounting system to apply good accounting practices. 2. Plan and maintain a budget. 3. Record business transactions to track business activities and manage cash and banking procedures. 4.

  15. PDF Table of Contents 1

    281 Family Pharmacy will establish funds from the owners and a loan from Bute State Bank. For the company's start-up, both of the individual owners will invest $50,000 into the business. A business loan of $151,000 will be taken from Bute State Bank to account for the cost of inventory and business expenses.

  16. PDF Competitive Events Rating Sheets

    Business Financial Plan (Report) Business Financial Plan (Performance) Business Management Business Plan (Report) Business Plan (Performance) Client Service ... please visit and click on Divisions, and then High School Competitive Events. H. IGH . S. CHOOL - A. MERICAN . E. NTERPRISE . P. ROJECT.

  17. Business Financial Plan

    Create a business financial plan to start a new food truck business in your community. ... Rubrics fbla-rubric-BFP. Nebraska FBLA - 04/07/2024 Nebraska FBLA Future Business Leaders of America. PO Box 95072 Lincoln, NE 68509 531-530-7648 | [email protected]

  18. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Partnership with Business Project . Partnership with Business Project- Page 3 of 8 - Updated September 2023. o Pre-judged materials will not be returned. Reports submitted for competition become the property of FBLA. These reports may be used for publication and/or reproduced for sale by FBLA. • Preliminary Presentation

  19. PDF 2023-24 Competitive Events Guidelines

    Manual, found on the Competitive Events page on Eligibility • FBLA membership dues are paid by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on March 1 of the current school year. • Members may compete in an event at NLC more than once if they have not previously placed in the top ten of that event at NLC. If a member places in the top ten of an